Attention masses! Meg is asking for help with something!

Iffen y'all have any furuba items I do NOT have that you're willing to part with, please LET ME KNOW! I will trade you for commission art, or volumes of other manga. I will even buy certain items! Here's a list of what I have. If you have something not listed here, or little things like the can badges or pins (I want multiples of those), please e-mail me at meg@[nospam]! Take out the spam filter, of course.

What I have:
volumes 1-12 of the manga
volumes 1-3 of the Funimation release DVD
lucky rat/lucky cat fans
round hana to yume fan (anime style)
round hana to yume fan (manga style)
mini shitajiki/pencilboards of yuki, shigure, tohru, and momiji
can badge of kyoh
Hana to Yume fair badges of Yuki and Kyoh
CDs (the drama CD, Memory for You, Song for Ritsuko Okazaki, and the other image album)
Two normal semi-transparent matte shitajiki/pencilboards (red one with the whole group, green one with the gang in their school uniforms)
Hana to Yume special Furuba callingcard/memo set with frosted plastic case
2004 Hana to Yume special Fruits Basket postcard puzzle calendar
Character book
Dounjinshi: "Nekojitagokoro Mo Koi No Uti"
deck of playing cards

What I am looking for specifically (but anything else is good too!):
ANY of the hana to yume furoku items!
mini shitajiki/pencilboards of: Kyoh, Hatsuharu, Hatori
Can badges of any sort
Hana to Yume fair pins with fruits basket characters
Paper portraits (there's two--- one of yuki, one of kyoh)
ANY of the acrylic key chains
ANY of the hana to yume release Furuba swing pops
the two released Zen-in hana to yume bonus plush toys of nezumi-san and neko-san
the clear postcard set
Funimation DVD release #4
ANY of the celphone straps
The shinto wishplate
any dounjinshi
any of the three cutout postcards
any of the notebooks

Yes, I know I can get them on ebay, and I'm gonna try once I see what I can get without it. So if you have anything I don't and are willing to trade for it/sell it to me, PLEASE let me know ASAP! Thank you!

Morning Blog

Oh boy. Super depression/anxiety morning. O__O There's no way I can go to school and face this, so I'm going to Deanna's house. o__O I can't deal with people today, there's no way I can deal with them.

Ummm.... wrote last night. Tony's server is back up, but I haven't bothered updating the HTML version of my story yet. I'll do that tonight.

Other than o__o Hana, if you read this, tell Zalina or Amy to explain to Mrs. Crawford that I stayed home because of psycho anxiety and depression, please? o_o Thank you.
Yo yo yo. It looks like I've been dead, when in fact---- wait. It feels like I have been dead. Yeah.

Anyway! Reading HP5, taking my sweet mofo time because I know what happens. =_= Yes. Also been doing a slew of HP fanart (mostly slash), and been spending a retarded amount of time causing unintentional injury to myself. I need a new blog layout, too. Hmm. Maybe that's what I'll do today. I don't really use this thing all that much anymore, mostly because my closer friends have got livejournals and use those a lot more.

Hmmm. I dunno what else to tell anyone. Got a ton of health issues, and the usual depression and blah blah blah. Prozac ain't doing me diddleh.

Oh! John and I are going to the Iron Maiden concert on the 3rd of August. This makes me happy. :3 I have something to look forward to! Actually, I'm kinda looking forward to going back to school, even if it's gonna be really hella hard to get along there. I need the mental stimulation, I suppose.]

Haven't heard from anyone in a while! Miss you guys. :3 *hugs to Heidi, Megan, Zalina, Katka, Matt, and the Mikes*

Anyway, to finish this up, contacting me is a matter of dropping an e-mail. Yarrrr. Okay, I go and figure out a new layout for this puppy. Jaaaaa~!
Harr, look, I'm blogging. Secretly, it's because I have nothing to do other than to colour with my new box of crayons that I got. Mmmmmbirthdaycrayons. Tony's sending me the RO client right now, so maybe (just maybe) he and Kumo and Lisa and Allichan and I will all play and be psycho and scare novices.

Uh, thank you?

So far, it's been an interesting day. Mom left me a card, some fuzzy peaches, crayons, and new sharpies. Dad went out and bought me an easel (o_O), and John's not home yet. So I chew on crayons and ponder.

HEY GERRAD, LIFE'S A BITCH IF YOU ARE! Gee, I wonder where you've heard THAT before, eh? Eh? Idiot.

I'm legal age to see restricted movies and buy porn. XDDD HAR HAR.

Still prepping for anime north, and it's turning into QUITE the task. o_O I'm compiling a reference book for commissions, and I've got pinups and prints to do. I'm prolly gonna run around half the weekend in my Kyoh outfit, and the other half as Dejiko. WHEEEEE DEJIKO. That costume is really fun, and it's comfy too.

It's the story of my life.
*hug* You still haven't gotten it??? What the hell.... >_<;;; I'd like to know what happened to it, I bet it got ruined. ;_;
Alex, yuh, we're aware. Jamie's supposed to fix it, but she hasn't. So I dunno. I don't really care, I don't have anything to do with the website. *lol*
Actually, the only one that mattered to me was Kyoh, so I didn't CARE. XD
YES. OMFG YES. O___O If you would, I would be in such debt. O__O Oh, and they've released Tokyo Mewmew in english! I saw it at the comic store. :D

Let's see. I have nothing to say, really.... I lack anything to say because I've been stuck heeeeeeeeeere.
Someone save me.
Word up homies, I be home and chillin' in mah native crib yo.

Ribby, it doesn't matter to me what I get, I love them all. X3 But I especially <3 Misha. But seriously, it doesn't matter. *glomp*

Thank you for the well-wishes. :D *hug*

Well, my stay in the hospital was brief and somewhat troublesome. I will post my commentary on it here for those who don't read my lj...

Okay, so on Thursday I went to GAD (the local hospital adolescent rehabilitation/psychological treatment/re-socializing unit). I got there, got a tour, did a million sheets of paperwork saying that I wouldn't kill/maim/destroy anyone/thing/myself. Then I got a room. The rooms are groupings of four beds split in half horizontally so that each big room is kinda semi-not-so-private. I was the only one in my room, because Liz (a patient) was going home on a weekend pass, Mary (another patient) was getting discharged, and Amanda (another patient) was away also on a pass. So I was alone. Duh nuh nuh. The bathroom was right next to my ridiculously uncomfortable (though adjustable) hospital bed, and my assigned desk had so much graffiti in the drawers I just dumped my stuff in there to block it out.

In the room next to my shared unit room was a singular bedroom which was occupied by a girl named Andrea (aged 13). Andrea took to liking me right away and made it her personal duty to inform me of all the ward policies. She also kept harrassing me to draw things for her and everyone else plus their mother. Oh well.

In the room next to Andrea's, also a single bedroom, was Alex (age 11). Alex is schitzophrenic and extremely prone to violent fits, and he has a weird obsession with cars. He also screamed all night every day that I was there and thus kinda deterred from any chances at sleep after lights-out.

The next room over was another block unit room with four beds, this one for the guys. In residence at the time I came in was Jason (14), a bisexual and passive-aggressive kid in on a rap for being violent, and Joe (16), a really big italian boy who was also in for violence and spent most of his time drooling due to the amount of heavy sedatives he's on. He also hits on anything remotely female. Then another boy came back from his day pass, Francis (15), who's korean and thinks he's god's gift to all things living and/or dead/inanimate. He took to following me around because though he insisted I was "totally unattractive", I was the most normal in the ward. That didn't last long, since I had a psychofit the following day and screamed at him and just about everyone else. He spent the rest of the weekend being a sore loser because I kept winning monopoly, survivor, jenga, and any other game we played, so he often resorted to insulting me and making me feel generally more depressed than I was.

The food sucked. Hospital food is the devil. I mean, ew. Whipped turnip with formed slabs of meat. Ew. Ew. Ew.

The nurses were all pretty nice save for Paul (who pissed me off by telling us over lunch that we were being denied our weekend passes due to SARS quarentine, thus spoiling everyone's mood and appetite). Dr. Handelman was around a lot, which was also quite nice, because he was a familiar face and I was rather grateful to see him. He decided to take me off of cytomel (which was causing my heart problems and the hyperactive thyroid problem) and put me on prozac (which I am yet to start because the weekend was spent weaning me off celexa).

Anyway, the hospital was pretty much put in gridlock despite the fact that they denied having anyone with SARS in the facility. Everyone had to wear a mask and there were no visitors allowed. our groups were cancelled save for the two educational periods, we weren't even allowed outside on the deck for fresh air, and we weren't allowed to do ANYTHING. The only reason I am home, though, is because they are running out of staff to monitor GAD and all the non-emerg cases are being discharged.

I go to the hospital tomorrow at 4 to sign in and stay at GAD. I will not be home much for the next undetermined length of time. If you want to contact me, mail me at my Saint address. Just remove the nospam.
My blog is being annoying.
This is my life and it's ending one minute at a time. -_-;

So, my heartbeat is abnormal and I'm getting palpatations. So I'm sitting here, WIRED UP TO A DAMN HEART MONITOR. It's annoying and it makes my chest itch like crazy, the adhesive doesn't agree with me.

Ribby, 1 yen is equivalent to 1 cent canadian, so the math is sooooo easy. *lol* And man, those gashapon figures are tempting. o__o Could I give you 10 bucks canadian for you to try for some for me? Like, the Pita Ten ones, anyway. Doubles are fine. o_o;;; THEY ARE SO CUTE. And the contest sounds good. O_O Give it a shot? Man, I wanna go to japan. o_0

In other news, I've been getting commissions. Joy! Money!

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