Wow, I only posted ONCE yesterday! *shock*

Anyway, went to Amy-chan's house today, where we watched movies, played Sony, sang songs, and played full contact scrabble (in which I insisted on putting 'Kiih' down as a word). And, might I add, because it was Amy I was with, there was a LOT of Mark-niichan bashing. ^_^;

I have discovered a SCARY thing today! I LOOK LIKE A CARTOON KYARA! *shrieks* See, there are mirror-walls in the lobby of Amy's apartment. I looked at myself and said "Oh my god, I look like something out of a cartoon!" and my friend Speller said the same thing. ^_^;; I think it was her comment on how I have very big eyes that messed me up....

I'm going anime! ARUGH! O_O

Anyway, finally watched the second Lain tape. ^_^ Trippy. Very, VERY trippy.

Ah, I don't have too much to say at the moment. Screw this. ^_^

Hey, it's time for the morning blog!

Cam: Heaven forbid...

Meg: Hey, shut up, you. Just because you're driving me crazy in every other possible way doesn't mean you can bug me here!

Cam: *cute smile* Try to stop me.

*grrrr* Anyway, RPing is getting fun. Sempai brought Keirn back *Cam glowers at this*, and I brought back Sybandial. *Cam smiles cutely again* *Meg smacks Cam and makes him leave*

Today is friday! And I'm watching this totally kick-ass movie in Spanish class. It's called "Mi Familla", and it's really good. I actually want to go to school just to watch it. And the fact that my spanish teacher is really nice doesn't help this fact. Spanish is fast becoming my favourite subject, and also the only reason that I love Cam (he helps me with my homework). English is long and boring, and if it weren't for "To Kill a Mockingbird", I'd die of boredom. That class is SO SO SO SO boring! And my science teacher has disappeared for the past two days...

A short message to Sempai: You do realize that once Cam gets a chance, he's going to kill you. And he's probably also going to find Keirn and torture him slowly. And Cam.... well, he really knows how to torture things... scary thing is, that he LIKES to torture things, but his logic keeps him from doing so... ^_^;;;;;

I'm going to the mall tonight, and Dad's working the bar at the Rangers Club, so I should be able to come online for a while tonight. Mind you, dad was really mad that I was on so late yesterday, but what can he do to keep me from going online at 9 pm when he's not even home? Nothing, I tell you. I'm SO asking for my own 'puter for christmas. Better yet, my own phoneline.

anyway, enough talk from me for one morning. I better be off. Ja matta, minna!
Hee, new title image and weekly midi! ^_^ Image is Magnus-kun and myself in our semi-neko forms. Midi is "Real Folk Blues"!

Tomorrow I'm gettin a new coat! I'm so happy! It's hopefully gonna be a black trenchcoat. ^_^ I love trenchcoats. And buckles. And black. Black. Black. Silver. ^__^

Anyway, I'm so proud! I've finished writing a Cadence story, which can be downloaded here in rtf format.

Not much to say today, really. I'm dying to RP with Sempai, as Cam and Mark are in an interesting situation (to put it lightly). I'm also still sick! Whee!

*counts money to see if she has enough to get the second Lain tape* YAY!!! ^___^

For those that don't understand Meg talking with her mouth full of german food- Translation:

Time for the morning blog!

Not much to say, as I'm running late. But I have been eating my breakfast for 45 minutes straight now! *points at a half-eaten slice of german plum cake*

And I'm also almost done writing my Cadence story. ^_^ That be all for now! JA!
Well now, today was an interesting day!
First off, it's Amy's birthday, so I had fun watching her be all happy. ^_^ I'm also really glad she liked the Tiirak/Tim shirt I made for her. ^_^
Also, I dressed like a civilized person for a change! Leather-ish flairs, a white peasent top, and a black tailored jacket. And my lace-up tight-fit docs! ^__^
We got new music in band class today. Being stuck playing two instruments in a band class is not fun; I've been moved into three different ensembles before Miss Todd found one that she wanted me to go with, and I traded in my bass clari for my regular clari half way through class. And I swear, Rico reeds taste terrible. How can pandas eat bamboo? It's so icky! *makes a face*
I survived another day of "Music Class Suvivor", where the class can vote people off the blackboard for whatever reason. Sympathies to Sarah, who, on the very first day of the game, was voted off. Thumbs up on that melodramatic speech, tho, Sarah. Nicely directed at Matt... 'cause it's all his FAULT!
Somehow I avoided being pelted in the head with a hackysac today at lunch. Mike likes to throw things at me and Ashley, as I throw them back and swear a lot. I barely escaped with my head on my shoulders today! O_O
Special thanks to James for NOT tickling or sitting on me today. Bigger thanks to Liam for not flirting with James. ^_~
Guess what, everyone? After reading Sempai's latest Mark story over and over and over and over and over and over and over ALL DAY, I'm in a writing mood! Yep, that's right! I'm actually gonna write another little AH snippet! This one being on Cadence for a change.
I am working gradually on getting my friend Chris hooked on Boa music. So far, I've let him hear Deeply, and he drooled over the guitar for a bit. Good sign, good sign. ^_^
I also drew a pretty picture of Ben and Magnus last night (after my server crashed, abruptly ending my RP with Sempai).
Anyway, I shall shut up for now. ^_^ Next time I blog, I'll try to post some images for your viewing pleasure! (Or, just so I can show 'em off!)

Hey, kids, do you know what time it is?

Chibi Rukura: Time for cookies?
Chibi Lucas: Time for a nap?
Chibi Cam: Time for me to leave and find Mark?

Noooo, it's time for....

Chibi-tachi: Awww...

*coughs* Anyway...
Happy birthday to John (my oniisan), Amy (my bestest best friend), Adam (her brother), and Lauren ('nother one of my friends). ^_^

Ah, I have a science test first thing this morning. I should have studied, but I didn't, so I'll just have to depend on my overwhelmingly good memory to bail me out of trouble! *looks around* Where did I put my glasses? I lost them.....
It's almost quarter to 8 and I'm yet to get dressed. *kicking around in her flannel Graham-tartan pjs* I'm in no rush today, and I really don't care.

You know, I can't think of anything to say, really.

Cam: Thank god.
Meg: Don't thank Lila!
Cam: It's a figure of speech, you putz!
Meg: Oh. Yeah.
Cam: Jeez. ---__---;;
Meg: Sorry if I'm dense, mister brainiac.
Cam: I am not a brainiac!
Meg: 8 phds, written HOW many stories that you could get published?
Cam: Meg.... you're just trying to get me into some sort of trouble here, aren't you?
Meg: Damn straight. You're too smart for your own good. I mean, c'mon, I can't believe that Mark hasn't figured out that you're smart enough to have figured out all his deep-dark secrets.
Cam: Can we no get into this?
Meg: You knew about Keirn.
Cam: *sighs* Drop it, Meg.
Meg: You knew.
Cam: So what.
Meg: Nothing. Never mind. *goes off to find Shi so she can glomp him*

This week's theme is "Under the Bridge" by All Saints! Why? Well, Cam's really getting to me lately, so in his honor.... his theme song. ^_^;
A new feature! Weekly midi theme. ^_^
Results are in! I am now called "that goth girl", or "Lydia"!
Okay, everyone, place your bets! Will Meg be called a goth for wearing ALL black, boots, silver chains, and leaving her hair down?
Ah, time for my morning blog. ^_^

Just heard on the news that a study was conducted on the size of a person's head as related to their ICQ. Turns out, the bigger your head is, the higher your intellect. I guess that means all the characters on South Park are super-intellects, huh?

Yesterday, I took 5th period off school. I was feeling really lousy, and not to mention I'm very depressed. Seems like I can't shake this ill feeling, either. *sighs* Oh well. Back to school for me. *dunts her head on her desk* And I have EQAO review testing today. I HATE EQAO! Not to mention it'll be during spanish class.... *sniffles*

I have taken to being online from about 7:30 am to about 8:10 am, as so my dad doesn't phone me. Yes, that's right, he calls to check up on me. I'm 15 frickin' years old! The doors are locked, I have three telephones. If something went wrong, I could handle it, dammit! Anyway, all he calls to say really is that I should do ten million little chores before I go to school. Now, I leave for school at about 8:15. He calls at about 8:00. Can we say 'lack of time-sense'? I knew we could.

It's freezing. Maybe that's because my hair is wet and I'm wearing a t-shirt? That might explain it. I should grab a sweater before I forget. ^_^;

Woah, if that's not freaky.... O_O *loooooks at the tv* On CityTV's Celebrations, where they announce birthdays for people who send in photos of the birthday person, there was this guy named Mark who's turning sixteen! AND HE HAD THAT SAME NON-COLOUR HAIR, WORE THE SAME GLASSES, WORE ALL BLACK, AND WAS SKINNY AS A STICK!!!!!! *gapes at the tv*

Uhhh, I think I'll go to school now. O_O
Now to end the day with a quote from Sempai!

"kids, here's today's lesson. never threaten Mark or Cam will kick your sorry ass."
Spur of the moment poetry, brought to you by.... APPLEJACKS! (not really... I hate that stuff)

Death to my ISP
I have an evil isp
It like to crash and be mean to me
So I'll beat it up good
So it'll act how it should
And then I will go cuddle Shi!

Oh! Before I forget... must scan pretty, pretty pic of Master Shi! ^_^

Dora, whenever you're online and I forget to ask you... can you give me either a picture or a detailed description of Baneswold?

*bops to Spaceman* I hate Biff Naked, but I adore this song. ^__^ I just love the lyrics...
For all those who need a good laugh.... Cam's first line of conversation EVER to Lucas:

"Buenas noches, Lucas, y mucho gusto! Me llamo Cameron."
{English translation:"Good evening, Lucas, and nice to meet you! The name's Cameron."}

This said with a cheerful smile--- while he decapitates and disembowls a whole slew of Angels.Did I mention that he also throws in a nice handshake? *sideways looooook at Cam*

Cam: Well, okay, so I'm weird. Sue me. That was back in the 1800s. *pouts*
Lucas: It was an interesting way to make a new friend, that's for sure.... ^_^;;;
Ohayo, everyone.
*takes this wonderful opportunity to smack Cam around*
GODDAMMIT, I'M DEPRESSED! IT'S HIS FAULT! *beats on Cam* I'm gonna draw him in a nice torture situation, I swear it! *beats*
Woah. *blinks at Sempai's blog* You too, Sempai??? Jeez.... we can be depressive together! *glomp* ;_;

*waves her hand in the air* I know what Cam's problem is! It's really not too hard to figure out! There's a custody battle of sorts going on in his pretty blond head. At the current time, I don't know if you've noticed, but Cam hasn't touched Mark before Mark touches him. He's locked into self-loathing again, and he's terrible afraid of hurting Mark. But he very desperately wants to die (again). And because of this, the psycho in him wants to wager a bargain.... insanity is Cam's only escape from his concience, rememeber? *pokes Cam in the side of the head* So if he does fall asleep, he's toast... then Cadence 3 can sweet talk him into it!
Mark-niichan, I hope you read all that.

*swears loudly* I can't write! I know WHAT to write, I just have no idea how! Goddamn, this is a pain in the neck...

Speaking of neck, everyone like my purdy collar? *shows off a spiked leather collar with a gold tag on it* Master Shi had it made for me. ^__^ I'm special! *purrrrrs*

I have a strange compulsion to write how Cam and Lucas met. It's mildly funny, if not just plain weird, but I have no idea how to put it on paper. I can give it a shot when I'm at school today, but chances are slim that I'll actually be able to do it. Especially considering the fact that I feel so sick today that I'll probably be coming home at second lunch (12:30) and staying home. Stupid cramps and flu! Everything makes me feel sick. The smell of toast actually made me physically ill. TOAST! It barely has a smell. -_-; Food isn't something I desire right now; I'll probably puke it all up. *waves away the concept of breakfast*

Anyway, school starts in 45 minutes, so I best be off. Ja, all!
*glomps and huggles Sempai*

to the suprise of everyone, I have CGed a morbid picture! Isn't that just SO unlike me? *sarcastic rolling of the eyes* For all those interested in seeing Cam and Mark in a VERY weird bondage-y situation, go here.

I am itching to read a new book. Why? Because I just finished "Tale of the Body Thief". I'm not sure if I'll get the next book in the series or not, but I gotta read something. I'm so antsy lately because I'm stressed, and sick, and very depressive, so I need to lose myself in a good book. It's like therapy for me. Maybe I'll read "Cry to Heaven"... *ponders* Or "Shadowland". Or "The Stand". Or "The Gunslinger".

Ah, I dunno.

Anyway, super thanks to Alex-chan. *waves around fanfiction, grinning evilly* This is classic! ^___^

To all my fellow blogging friends... does anyone have any ideas for some really kinky Cam and Mark pics I can draw? I'm lacking ideas, and I really need to get back into the swing of things when it comes to art. I haven't drawn much lately.

Well, it's 10 in the morning, and I've already been yelled at by my brother for being so defensive when he told me not to be online long because Dad is expecting a call. Damn straight I'm gonna be defensive if that dork talks to me like I'm two f***ing years old! *glowers* Oh, yes, he's mister goodie-goodie when mom and dad are around, but as soon as thier gone, he's mister big-boss and I'm a little girl in a pink dress with pigtails (metaphorically speaking). I feel very depressive today for some reason.
(actually, they didn't... but I need someone to blame, and they were really angsty last night....)

I think I'll watch anime. *turns on VCR* Oh. Look. First Lain ep. Not a good thing to watch when moody. Might give you ideas. -__-;; *turns off VCR*

That does it. If Cam and Mark get ANY MORE ANGST-Y, I'm going to KILL them BOTH! *gets annoyed*
Adding new links is always fun, isn't it boys and girls?

I've been doing some (painful) thinking since last night's... "frisky".... Cam and Mark RP with Sempai. I'm more tempted than ever to write either another AH lemon (yes, I've written some, read on for info) or an AH-meets-the-Jerry-Springer-Show fic. Dunno which to do....

Yes, as mentioned above, I have written AH lemons. I've written three of them, actually, but I lost them when my laptop broke. *casts evil looks at her laptop* One was very twisted, and let's just say it was more of an alternate universe kinda thing. Yeah, that's it. I decline further comment. *koffs* But the other two were nice, sappy, yaoi Cam and Mark lemons. They were fun to write (and more fun to illustrate). I wish I coulda saved those files from being annihilated by the evils of a faulty laptop. ;_;

Ah, and Quinn-chan desperately wants me to draw Cam and Mark in leather. Why? She says they'd make a yummy addition to the Riot Ink Hentai page (permanent link soon to be posted at the bottom of the blog page).

Note to Amy: Mark is super spiffy! He's cute, depressing, a wimp, skinny, has purple eyes, and is gay! It just doesn't get any better than that! I swear it. Mark's the best! I luv him! *glomps Mark-niichan*

Cam: Paws off my Mark! *smacks Meg in the head*

Anyway, I should shut up before I ramble more, ne? *blares "Dust in the Wind" and sings along*
Congrats to Alex-chan! Bittersweet Romance kicks proverbial ASS! Way to go! It's so much fun! EVERYONE, GET IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!! *plays it again*
*screams at the top of her lungs in frustration*
Why?! WHY?! Just when I thought David and Lestat were gonna get down an' funky, David refuses! DAMN YOU, DAVID TALBOT! DAMN YOU! You know you want Lestat! DAMMIT! He's human and you're too chicken! *flails around and throws her copy of "Tale of the Body Thief" across the room*

Vampire Chronicles. Addictive, and very slashy.
Newsflash! Cam is Mark's popsicle!
There is now a crazy AH blog that Sempai and I run! It can be found here. Supreme yaoi warning.
Amy-chan has a blog! YAY AMY-CHAAAAAAN! *links to it*
Html, how I hate thee so....*kicks it*
Note to Amy: You seem really oddly different tonight. What's up, girl? It's....scary. I can't put my finger on it, but you're not talking normal. o.o
Okay, now that I know that the image be workin', I best explain. That is Magnus-kun (the dude formerly known as Meg-kun). He's just so cute that Lieko-chan thought it best I use him as my title image!

Spur of the moment poetry! I have no idea where this came from. It's been floating around my addled brain for days now, and it seems to want to be put in font. Here goes.

Innocent child, hold out small hands
Touch the heavens above
Light in thine eyes bright,
Radiant, like the stars so far above
Holy child, spirit of all naieve,
Trust in those around you
And in the dependible world
Of a never-ending makebelieve
Where happy endings await
Despite the monsters under the bed
Or in the closet dark
But innocence is fleeting, dear one,
As is the world around you
And reality comes into play.

Strange poem THAT was. *sideways look at Ben* This better not be a subliminal message to me, Benedictus, or I shall tear all that pretty black hair out strand by strand.

It's me again! This is a blog-happy Friday, so it is!
Really, though, I'm just testing a title image. Here's hoping it WORKS!
Ah, I'm cold. I think maybe this is due to the fact that I'm wearing polyester pants that look scarily like leather. They're very lightweight and NO help when you're in Canada and the temperature is like 5 degrees celcius (sorry, my imperial-drilled yankee friends ^_~).
*looks at her hands* Ooh, my pretty fingers are blue. Cold.

Well, after listening to all my MP3s, I've decided which one makes me think most of Cam and Mark. Now, WHY am I looking for such songs? I wanna draw some yaoi. So sue me. Anyway, here be my favourite one, and I shall soon post others just for fun. ^_^

"If" by Bread (yes, it's an old song)

If a picture paints a thousand words,
Then why can't I paint you?
The words will never show the you I've come to know.
If a face could launch a thousand ships,
Then where am I to go?
There's no one home but you,
You're all that's left me too.
And when my love for life is running dry,
You come and pour yourself on me.

If a man could be two places at one time,
I'd be with you.
Tomorrow and today, beside you all the way.
If the world should stop revolving spinning slowly down to die,
I'd spend the end with you.
And when the world was through,
Then one by one the stars would all go out,
Then you and I would simply fly away

*sniffles* Now, isn't that beautiful? *bawls*

Woah! IT WORKED! Check it oooooout! *cheers*
Again, I play with html. I bet this still isn't gonna show the way I want it to, but oh well. *hums Twilight*

Did I mention that this blog is named after one of me favourite Boa songs? ^_^;
Trying to put up a new colour scheme. Hope this works, as I suck at HTML. ^_^;;
Woah, every time I try to post a new entry, my 'puter does the wacky and dies on me. -_-;;

Anyway, how're y'all? I'm good. I got the first tape of "Serial Experiments Lain" last night, and let me tell ya, that show does some seriously f***ed up things to my head. It was my first expensive purchase in the anime field in a while (last time, I got two anime OSTs). I would have cost me $38, but since Quinn is such a sweetie, I got it for $30. ^_^ And I got a nice hug from her, too. I miss Quinn-chan when I don't getta' see her. ;_;

Mm, I'm starting on the rough kyara sketches for BSS5. In this episode, I shall be introducing four friends of mine to join my little entourage of Podaru-stoppers. These charming people are Alex, Shael, Jason, and Jaden. ^_^ Yes, and be sure to watch for Cam and Mark in skimpy leather outfits.

Special thanks to Meagen-san for giving me an advanced screening of "Codename: SailorM"! *grins*

I feel reeeeally weird lately. I'm very sore, and I dunno why. I seem to have gotten over my sick feeling, but my lungs are weak and I keep getting this really sharp pain in my chest. I don't like it...and I don't think that pain is coming from my lungs.

Maybe I'm just paranoid. o_+

I wanna write this freaky Cadence/Cam/Cadence thing, but I dunno how to start it. It's like...Cadence 1 vs Cadence 3 for control over Cam. It's straaaange, and it's been running through my mind for a while now. And the weird stuff that Cadence 3 does is enough to make me ill. He's one sick bastard.

Which reminds me....BEN, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! I SWEAR that he's ducking out on me! *glowers*

Ah, well, I'll just stop now. Got mail to write, stuff to plot, Lain to watch, music to play, music to destroy *pointed glace at "Peter Gunn" theme sheet music*
Work, damn you.
Just tried putting links up. I hope it works.
Well, hi-dee-ho, neighbour. *too many "Home Improvement" reruns for Meg-chan*
I'm supposed to be grounded offa the 'puter, but me dad never has to know I'm on it! *laughs like Kodachi* I shall RULE the blog!....
...oh, wait, duh. It's mine after all. ^_^;

Well, as a side note to Dora-chan... it's official. You and your card readings are very precise. I'm siiiick. Icky poo. *sniffles* It's getting worse. I had another 4 asthma attacks today, and I feel really sick to my stomach. Kinda got a vertigo thing going, too. *looks really ill* Your cards said it all.

Whee, Alex, Dora, Sempai, and Lieko all have blogs. I shall post links to them later when my head is clear enough to allow me to edit html.

I have a spanish test tomorrow, and I'm afraid I'll flunk it. I'm really sure that I know the verbs, but I may just mix them up. They're all very alike in sound. o.o

I really can't draw today. I've only turned out one good picture, and that be of Cadence and Lexiel. It's cute and all, and I like it, but it's not good enough as far as I'm concerned. Oh well. I'll just have to keep working on it. Maybe something'll come to me.

Note to Amy: "O genki desu ka?" ^__^
Question: "Is my beloved, chaming, wonderful, amazing, spiffy, super, cool, wicked, awesome, talented Sempai ever going to get her ISP to work so she can see my cute picture of Mark-niichan?"
Question: "WHY does Black Hole Sun sound yaoi to me?"

Answer from the hentai side: "Because you're a pevert?"
Question: "Am I REALLY a mighty-electric-googoo-bug?"
Question: "do I really squeal like a girl when someone (James) tickles me?"
Hey, I just realized that last night in my dream that I was a boy. o.o
WHY didn't I realize this BEFORE, you ask? Beyond me.
For all those who don't know what I look like as a boy, here I am with my normal girl self!

This is addictive, Dora. I could kill you! -_-;
Someone asked me a really good question today, and it's still bugging me. My friend Chris asked, "if when you die you're sent to Hell, where do they tell you to go when they're mad at you?"

Cam: Earth!

Meg: Aw, go away. *waves Cam off*

....aaaaanyhoo, I'm really lost on what to draw lately. I've got some really stellar ideas for pictures (Cam being crucified with a sick little twist to it, Cam and Mark sitting in a tree, Mark feeding Cam rice with chopsticks, myself and my darling Shinji---uh, I'll stop now). Too bad I just can't draw them. My latest art attempts have been rather faulty looking, save for my SDs and a cutesy looking Mark pic I just sketched a while ago. I think I'm severely lacking in the inspiration department. *sighs* Oh well. Maybe I'll just hold a weapon on Dora-chan and Firefly-sempai until they write more things for me to fangirl over. Or better yet, I can just daydream about Shinji! *drools*


I can't believe my music class. I have to play this stupid piece of music on my clarinet that involves slurring from a high E, to a D#, then C#, the B natural! *pulls out her hair* It's not damn wonder I had an asthma attack! ARRRUGH! Stupid $%&^@ing "Red Balloon" song! *swears*

I think maybe I'll just stop ranting for the time being and try my best to get Ben to do what I say. *sighs*

I think it's finally working how I want! I'm not even gonna BOTHER with the html. I'll just leave it as it is for now and hope that it still works tomorrow.
'Neeway, hi to Dora. She's the one that held a gun to my head and---- uh, asked me nicely to start a blog. *nervous smile* Yeah, that's it.
Now all we need is to get Sempai to start one. ^_^
*tries to get the hang of htmling the posts* This is bizarre. Ah, maybe that's just me.
Okay. This is my third attempt at making a blog. Let's hope this moronic thing works!

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