I actually found enough online time to write a nighttime blog! YAY!

T'was Halloween today. I dressed up in my medieval maiden costume and went to school. It was lots of fun! Here's the layout of my day (get comfy, this'll be long):

I got into science class late (5 minutes late, exactly), which is an extremely rare event, as I HATE being late for anything. I thought Ms Giles was gonna have a heart attack. Eeeenyway, she was kind enough to let me go to the washroom and get changed into my costume. I was the only person in my science class to dress up, and considering that the class consists of mainly guys, it was stressful. You have no idea how many times Scott, Colby, and Brandon bugged me for wearing a dress (for those that don't know, I am fatally allergic to dresses).
Then it was off to espanol, where I got cincuenta pesetas for dressing up! I have a nice total of trescientos cincuenta y dos pesetas! *cheers* More marks for me! Yeaaaaah! A few more people dressed up... Melissa as a cheerleader, Christine as a hippie, and another girl whose name I can never remember as a cat. Then we did annoying work on conjugated forms of the verb "ir".
Off to english. English, which is my major subject, is my least favourite class this year. My teacher (namely, Mrs. Walker) is boring and talks like a donkey from Liverpool with a headcold and a chest infection with a clothespin on her nose. Fortunately, though, we actually got to read "The Taming of the Shrew" out loud, and I got to be Kate. Again. *cheers* My pal Ashley was dressed up as Mother Nature... and a nice costume that was. A long green dress with silk flowers pinned on it and ivy vines in her hair. She looked really pretty. But since both our dresses were green (and the same shade of such), we became known as the Green Twins. Dad will kill me if he finds out about that... green is the colour of evil (aka Glasgow Celtic [scottish premier league soccer team]) in my house, which rivals the holy colour of blue (aka Glasgow Rangers [scottish premier as well]). Anyway.
Lunchtime was the best! Ashley and I went to get our lunches from the servery, and we met James there. I was more or less lunchless, and James was sweet enough as to give me two dollars (it took a lot of arguing though, because I refused to take the money from him). Then off we went to our ritual eating place at the stairs, where we met up with Candace, Kate the Fairy Princess, Dan/Hazel the Devil, and Amy-chan [who was wearing a glasses-attached-to-a-fake-nose dealie and fake frontal fangs]. I took a LOT of photos, and James nearly fell off the stairwell landing two storeys above the floor. I nearly went into cardiac arrest since looking out a window any higher than six feet above the ground makes me dizzy. Lizanne joined our lunch group dressed as Pippi Longstocking, and more photos were taken!
Then it was band class. Yet more people dressed up! Sarah as a baby, Heidi as a witch (one of the cutest witches I've ever seen in my life), Matt as a wrestler (this was VERY well done), Jess as a weirdo (I can't remember what it was she was supposed to be, but she had neon purple hair and a dress and mask to match), Ashley W. as herself in a robe, and Miss Todd as a student (which she pulled off so well that whenever anyone wanted to talk to her it was hard to find her due to the fact that she blended in to well). I did my blues improv presentation, which I'm sure I flunked since I busted my Rico and I left off the first note in the scale, and I also got lots of candy from Miss Todd!
I then walked home with Chris and was rather glad to change clothes because I was getting emotional hives from my dress, which by that time I was wearing my black bomberjacket over. ^_^;

And that was my day! Now you know--- even though I'm willing to bet that you didn't WANT to know! Ha HA!
School starts late tomorrow! WOOOOO!

Note to James: Cute boxers. Gotta love that "I AM CANADIAN" logo. ^_^

Note to Sempai: Wrote a story... if I don't send it to you, remind me and I shall.

Note to Lieko: Cam loves you forever since you gave him back the 'Varius. Keep up with the puppy-eyes and you'll be a Demon in no time.

Note to Dora: Gave Lieko-chan the design I came up with for Baneswold. Dunno if you changed it or not, but at least she's got something to go on.

Note to Lian-niichan: You draw better than me! WOW! Ohmigod! *fangirling*

Okay, enough of that. Ja! ^__^
Morning blog!

My 'puter has taken to crashing when I'm into RPing at night... sorry, guys. (Sempai, Alex, Dora, Speller)

Today is halloween! I'm not going trick-or-treating, but I'm dressing up for school and bringing my CAMERA! You know what? I think I'll save about 3 exposures on the film so I can take some pics of me in my Bell-chan costume.

Okay, I'm a procrastinator. I was going to finish my pic of ethereal Cam, but I botched that job. So there you go. You'll all have to wait! NYAAAAAA!

I am counting down the days until next tuesday. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, that is the day that my beloved Simon and his straaaange pal Milo release their second CD! That's right--- Prozzak's new album is "Saturday People" and will be realeased next week! *fangirling*

Oh, and Sempai! There is NOTHING wrong with the maple leaf. Canadian literature is not evil---- no, scratch that.... most of it is not evil! *burns Eric Wilson books*
But there are some really cool canadian books out there, Sempai. Really! They're good!
And think of it this way, my dear, you shall be in Canada next summer, ne? So why resist?
That's right! I'm in on the conspiracy to turn you into a Canuck! I STOLE ALL YOUR 'U'S!!!! *laughs evil-like*

Okay, I'll stop now.
Ja, all!

=and you though I had stopped doing those, didn't you? Poor you...=

This shall be a quicker entry than I'd hoped, but here it goes.

On the school front for today, I have a project to hand in AND a test in mi clase de espanol today. Not fun, but oh well, and I imagine that I missed a lot in english class on my sick days. *agonizes that she missed reading as Katherine Minola*

Some news on my writing.... I actually started writing something *koff* worthwhile. Let's just say Cam and Mark. Meg has a nice STRONG imagination, and a sudden impulse to write lemon like it's going out of style. Maybe one day I'll write a lemon for a straight couple. Wait... do I even HAVE one of those? *looooks for a straight couple of kyara she can write about* ^___^;;;

Oh, and after a bit of careful prodding, I got some very funny info from both Cam and Lucas. I found out what their legal names are.

Cam: Found out?! You stole our driver's licenses!

*eheh* EEEeeeeeenyway, Cam's full legal name is Cameron Gregory Ryan Bennett. I find this VERY amusing, but not half as funny as Lucas' full name---- Lucas Walker Hathaway. *falls over laughing* I swear, one of these days, Lucas WILL become a Jedi! *laughing*

Lucas: ^_^;;;;;;

I just did something I thought I would never do. I turned down an opportunity to cause trouble on Devil's Night! Am I ill? I turned down Gerrad's offer to TP and burn things! *hits herself in the head*

Oh! Next art update due later today: Cam in his spirit form, as seen by Lieko-chan for the purpose of talking to ghosts.

Have a good day, everyone! Love y'all! *kawaii wink, disappears in a flourish of art paper*


Attention world! Meg-chan has gained back some of her artistic ability! YAY! Two new AH pics to be seen by all, so, by all means....

Picture #1, a CG of Cadence, nailed to a nice white cross and bleeding a fair bit. Not for the squeemish. Click here.

Picture #2, an acrylic painting I did of Cam. I had some spare canvas kicking around, and I was in an artistic mood. The eye turned out REALLY good, and almost clamp-ish. Go on, have a look!

I watched "Bram Stoker's Dracula" last night. I totally forgot that I read the book once upon a time, and it all came rushing back! I read that book when I was 8. ^_^;;

Oh! "The Vampire Armand"! Wonderful yaoi scene I just read. *drools so much that she slips on her own slobber* ITAI! o.o

Ummm, what else is there to say? OH! Yeah! I'm working on a puuuurdy pic of Cam's ethreal form (complete with blue wings). After that comes a pic of Lokistrant gnawing on Cam's wrist while Lieko and I look sick. @_o
I must comment on this. Pronto. It's scaring me, and I HAVE to say something.

"The Vampire Armand" by Anne Rice. I just got it. It's good. VERY good. And very yaoi-y. See, there's this big whole relationship between Marius and Armand (well, Amadeo). It's reminding me almost scarily of Cadence and Lexiel. o.o

Just thought I'd share.

Buenas noches!!! ^___^

I'm actually online! *gasp* Dad's not home, you see, so no one is here to yell at me for being on! YAY!
Regardless, I'm gonna make this a short entry. I don't really have much to say, but here it goes.

Doctor update! Meg-chan needs to take more flovent. I hate flovent. It's steriods, and it really mucks up my nerves and makes my throat hurt. I have to up the dosage to keep from dropping dead due to asphyxiation. ;_;

I finished a CG from Cam's most recent dream sequence. It's taken me forever, as Adobe liked to crash before I could save it every time I tried to colour it. But here it is. Chibi-kiddie Cam, and Cadence 1! If only I could write this scene. ;_;

Now, here's my new thing. Every week, I'm not only going to change the midi theme, but also a shakespearian quote to ponder. Myself and my beloved Bennett are shakespeare addicts, so you must suffer to accomodate our taste in literature! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

that's all for now. Hasta luego!

Sorry about my lack of blog entries lately. Net time is scarce, as my dad is a total jerk.


I'm very sick. Asthma. Bleeeeek. My art really sucks. I can't write. And I have this really bad urge to scream at the cats for yowling so damn much!

I'm going to the doctors office today. Yippee. You know what that means? I either get new meds, OR I get called a raving hypochondriac (spelling?). Sorry to Dan, Amy, Ashley, James, Kate, and Candace... I don't wanna be home sick! I'd rather be hanging around laughing at the seagulls with you guys. *sniffle*

On a lighter note, I did recently finish a puuuuurdy CG.
Cam and Mark, at the park! (yes, Sempai! IT DOES RHYME!!)

Happy link to Dan's blog! Go here!

That's it for me. JA!
Hooooooboy. No morning blog happened today, as I was VERY late for school. Allow me to explain.

I woke up at 7:30. Forgot to do some stuff until about 8:00, then I rushed and got ready. Got out of the house at 8:20. Half way to school (about 7 minutes walk from my house), I realized I forgot my spanish book. Ran home. Got it. Ran back to school--- 15 minute walk crammed into 2 minutes of running. Had a really severe asthma attack, but when I looked at my watch, I thought, 'oh good! Just in time! I won't be late after all!'. I cross William's Parkway.

And I find out the whole school was dismissed due to a fire in the tech room. All that asthma and running for NOTHING! *rants* WE DIDN'T HAVE TO GO IN UNTIL LIKE 20 MINUTES AFTER I GOT THERE!

Anyway, other than that, my day was norm. Did a cute pic of Cam and Mark, got bored in science, won 200 pesetas in mi clase de espanol, slept through english, got my legs felt up by James at lunch, and had another three asthma attacks in band while playing the clarinet. What a nice day. <---sarcastic

Oh. And Amy-chan? I really hate to sound mean, but I don't find it fair that you expect me to wait for you when it a) wastes time b) saves you complaining about waiting at the servery for ages, and c) allows me to eat (considering I usually skip breakfast). I mean, what's the big deal? *piku*

There's this girl in my band class who drives me up the wall. She's a snob. I swear to god, someone should tell her she looks like a whore and bounces like one too. Does she not know the meaning of the word "bra"?? Ugh. Her name is Ashley (just to clarify, it's not Ashley W. or Ashley S., as both of those girls are my friends. This chick is a minor-niner). She plays drums, dances, and sings... and she thinks she's perfect in every way possible. Anyway, today, she pissed me off. This is how the conversation went.

Ashley: "Hey, Megan, are you walking home?" ^_^
Meg: "It's Meg." -_-
Ashley: "Yeah. Meg. Whatever." -.o
Meg: "No, NOT whatever. Meg." ~_~;;;;;
Ashley: "Right. Meg. Anyway, wanna walk home with me?" ^_^
Meg: "I dunno." -_-;
Ashley: *stomps off*

(Matt: Meow. 0_o)

I'm working on two CGs. Hoping to have 'em done by the time I go to bed, but it's doubtful. I'll keep y'all posted (get it?).

Aw, Speller, you were sick? Get better! And may the powers of the third HP book be your guide through the turmoil of illness! *Harry Potter worship*

Today was a boring day. Science is a sleep-worthy class, as Ms Giles really needs to give us work that doesn't require colouring pictures. And Spanish! NOTES GALORE! Plus I have to make a whole big family tree. ;_; And english is boring, too. Mind you, I must say, thank you to Ashley for recommending me to Mrs Walker for shakespeare reading. I got to play KATE! *dances* THANK YOOOOU ASHLEY!!!!

My computer really hates me. I drew a REALLY cute pic of Cam and Cadence, but it crashes whenever I try to CG it. ;_;

Nice blog, Amy. ^__^ Oh, and I'm sorry about not waiting for you at lunch. ;_;

Morning blog time!
I actually have time to write this morning! You know why?? I'm waiting for my pants to dry! I washed them last night, but fergot to put 'em in the dryer. ^_^;

SD Tarzan Dan: Are your pants happy??

*flicks him away* Bugger off, baldie.


I have a spanish test on friday! Whee. I've got this terrible habit of finishing tests REALLY early and drawing all over them. The last test I did, I drew a really funny picture of Yuken (short hair version) with neko-mimi, looking all annoyed. It's a cute pic. ^_^
I didnae go awa' to band today because I have to do some stuff for my mom this morning. Band sucks anyway... I'm thinking of quitting already, because Anthony's perfectionism drives me up the wall, and I just can't hack the noise at 7 in the morning.

I wanna draw. I wanna draw something gory. FEH! I have so many unfinished pics. ;_;

School should be against the law. I hate school. I like lunch periods, tho, so I guess I'll live. Lunch is fun. see, I hang around with Amy, Cookie, Lum, Noah, the Clone, Hazel the Devil, and Cartman.

Hasta luego! *disappears in a puff of blood red smoke*
Mmmmm, I'm tired.
Know what? I can't write or draw for some reason again. Not to mention, I'm all out of books to read! I finished reading the Vampire Chronicles, and now I am bored! BORED! B-O-R-E-D! BORED!

My glasses are dirty, so everything is a blue-grey colour. It's funny looking.

I wanna suddenly draw something really angsty. Maybe one of these days I should finish up that sketch I did of Cam and the two Cadence's. It's funky.
I got really bored today and decided to come up with a cast for a live action AH movie. Just for a laugh. Here's what I've got:

Cameron Bennett -- Heath Ledger (Patrick Verona, 10 Things I Hate About You)
Why I picked him: I dunno. His over all appearence is quite a fair bit like Cam's, only, of course, Cam is blond and blue-eyed. However, same kinda hair, and same kinda attitude. Cute, too. ^_~

Lucas Hathaway -- Seth Green (Oz, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
Why I picked him: I have no idea. He looks nothing like Lucas, but I think it's just his flexibility in acting and general freaky demeanor. ^_^

Jesse Obscurci -- Johnny Depp (Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow)
Why I picked him: This dude IS Jesse. Only difference be the hair and eye colour.

Angelique -- Lucy Lui (dunno, but she's in the upcoming Charlie's Angels movie)
Why I picked her: She looks like Angelique. 'Nuff said.

Ravynn O'Brian -- Neve Campbell (Sydney Prescott, Scream)
Why I picked her: I have absolutely NO idea. Just struck me as a good choice.

Sybandial -- Lena Cardwell (Simone Russell, Passions)
Why I picked her: She's SO cute! And innocent looking! And... short.

Steve -- NO IDEA! I can't think of ANYONE! ;_;

Sempai, you have formal orders to come up with your half of the cast list!

*sniffles* Oh, Speller, I could kiss you. Such a nice song you wrote about me! *wipes at her eyes* Here be one for you! A song about Buffy for your enjoyment!

The Psycho Slayer Song *to the tune of American Psycho by Treble Charger*

What's the problem with the demon race?
(I'm a slayer, what're you?)
No matter where I turn,
I can't escape from being chased
Don't wanna listen to my mother, no,
('cause she don't know)
Lotsa vamps to dust
Giles an' his "I told you so"

I couldn't make it without Wil,
I shouldn't flux boyfriends like music trills
I thought I'd sing about it!

And now I know how far I'll go,
To hang with scooby gang
And batter up phychos
Cover up the evidence
Demons just don't exist
I wish they'd just go far awaaaay!

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the morning blog!
I am worthless, talentless, and tired.
Yes, that's me.
I can't draw. I've been trying for AGES and I can't. However, I'm on a sudden eating binge, so that hints that if I try drawing today, I'll be back to my normal art. I'm a severe binge eater, but I drink like a fish (I'm a big grape juice drinker....clear out a jug of that stuff a day).
My healthy breakfast for today is chocolate milk, pretzels, and coffee cake. I'm gonna be so sick later that's it's funny.

Rushed my music project image yesterday. See, I had most of it done, but Adobe crashed and corrupted the file, so I had to do it again in a hurry. ^_^;
Chris is gonna kill me....

Can you believe that I'm actually looking forward to lunchtime? I have this nagging urge to pick on James. Or Dan. Or Mike. Whoever dares to mouth off to me first.

OOH! Sempai! Guess what I dreamt last night? Here's a hint... it was lemony, yaoi, involved chains, a feather, and Cam and Mark. Three guesses, now. First two don't count. ^__^;

Well, off I go to lug the alto sax case to school and hope I can play it in band class to escape the horror that is bass clarinet.
Hasta luego!
WOW, DORA-CHAN! On the top-ten blogs again! Way to go!
Speaking of such, I meant to tell you before. Dora is the name of a spiritual leader woman in the last book of the Vampire Chronicles ("Memnoch the Devil"). Lestat brings her Veronica's Vail, and she tries to make the world a better place for humans, lost souls, and vampires (or, 'Dark Angels of the Night'). It's a funky book series, Dora-chan. Read them! *fangirls over Lestat, Louis, David, Armand, and Maharet*

AAAAANYway. Back to the regular blogging.

Attention world! RP kyara update!

Hinkaro Rukura now has short hair! You have no idea how scary that is. He looks almost an adult now. O_O

Cameron Bennett also now falls into the catagory of insane kyara. Don't ask. It all has to do with something I was listening to today.

Lucas Hathaway is now a salt addict... *gives Lucas pretzels*

And Angelique likes to eat children for lunch. *looks ill*

That is all.

Over and out.
*dances a spastic happy dance*
Guess what? I got around to finally e-mailing Lisa, Lianu, and Deanna! HORRRRRRRRRRRRAY! I miss them!

Ooooh, guess what? I'm dying my hair tonight. But shhhhhh, it's a secret. My dad is gonna flip when he sees the colour it's gonna be...

This is a short entry. I'm writing to like 12 people, doing laundry, doing homework, AND trying to finish two huuuuge pictures. Oh, and also plotting if I should wear a hat to school tomorrow. ^___^
I forgot to blog this morning... so to compensate, here's the AFTERNOON BLOG!

Buenos tardes, everyone! How goes it? I'm doing good! Tired, tho, but we'll get to that.

I'm working on a preeeeeetty pic of Lila and Lokistrant! After playing with a million designs for it, I found one I like. It's angsty looking, but it's in good proportion. I hate drawing Lokistrant... I'm so used to drawing Lucas that it's hard. And Loki-kun usually looks either deadpan or brooding, and I think Cam does enough of that for ALL the kyara in AH...

I'm tired. Good tired, tho! See, today in le clase de espanol, we started our hispanic dance lessons. Ms Rach is so cool! And she's fun to joke around with. I got stuck being her dance parter twice in a row, because there was only 6 boys in the class, and about 13 girls. Not like I care too much, but that's okay. Anyway, I danced with pretty much everyone (we had to change partners after about 4 minutes), and to my surprise, Adrian Vernon is a very good dancer! I'm not great, but I can keep up alright. I prefer salsa dancing, but this was fun too. ^_^

Another reason I'm tired--- I'm playing a new band instrument! ALTO SAXOPHONE! *bounces* I've ALWAYS wanted to play one! And it's so easy that I already know 3 scales and I just got it two hours ago. Maybe with some luck, I can join Jazz band in a week or two! I'm up to playing 3 different woodwinds now (clarinet, bass clarinet, and sax). Maybe one day I'll try the oboe or the flute. Mind you, trumpet and guitar are next on my list. I feel SO special! ^____^

Also had great fun reading in english. My terrible stutter is gone for today, and I got to read the part for Grumio in "The Taming of the Shrew". It was just so fun! I LOVE SHAKESPEARE! The language in the plays is so flowery and beautiful to speak, and it's also fun to act. I wish there was a Shakespeare drama group at my school. There used to be one 3 years ago, but they stopped holding the meets. And if only there was an improv group. I love that too... too bad I kinda suck at it (I'm really rusty).

I'm feeling all around genki. Not to mention that I'm going to rent some movies for the weekend! *rubs her hands together and plots what horror-slashers she'll get this week*

To Lieko-chan: As soon as I finish obsessing over this Lila-chan/Loki-kun pic, I'll do that Rukura and Yuken CG for you. Oh! And thanks for reccommending the song! I'm downloading it right now! ^__^

That be all for now! Ja!
New Halloween layout! ^__^ ENJOY!
Morning blog time!

I got some sleep for a change! I slept 10 whole hours last night! Ohmigosh! Isn't that AMAZING?! I'm feeling so genki, I think I'll eat something! *bounces around*

My sympathies to Sempai, who's computer is only working on 16 colour mode. I hope it gets fixed alright, as I wanna see the piccies she's been drawing!

Anyhoo, I imagine I'll probably get into some arguments today. See, in english class, we're reading one o my favourite Shakespear plays; "the Taming of the Shrew". *enter a loud cheer from Cam in the background at the mention of said playwrite* Anyway, I REAAAAALLY wanna read the part for Katherine, because... well, I'm a bitch, just like her!.... and Fiona got the part yesterday. I'm hoping I'll argue my way into getting it for today.

Oooh, I have a new name now. I like it! I am the Lizard Queen! *evil laughter* Just ask Jaden-kun!

I think that'll be my new sig.

Anyway, I gotta bail. School is evil... *grumbles and curses her high school*
*kicks around everything in sight*

GRRR! I'm ticked off at one of my friends! James. He started smoking. And that's sad, because it can kill you, and I'm already having a hard time putting up with my parents and siblings smoking. I'm dead set against it, because I have asthma, I play the clarinet, and it just makes me sick. *rants*


I'm lacking artistic ability today. I hate that. I've been trying to draw all flippin' day and I can't. Not at all.

I want JJ's Vash shirt.

I'm gonna go drink grape juice.
Time for a really fast morning blog entry!

I woke up late. I'm running late. I didn't sleep more than about 3 hours. And I'm gonna make myself ill because I'm not eating lately.

Anyway, on the art front, I'm working on a really funky pic of Cam in flight. It's neat. It's got him in the air, wings out, and he's kinda peering over a landscape (which I'll add in on the 'puter). T'will be cool.

Notes to Amy:
Leave my niichan alone! He's a special, special kyara, and I looooove him soooo much, so don'tcha be dissin' him, girl! Tha's right, I don' wan' ya' dissin' my niichan! LEAVE MARK ALOOOOOONE! *flails* NO COOKIES FOR YOU EVER AGAIN! *hides her stash of chocolate chip cookies*

Notes to Sempai:
You sent the e-mail, but not the story... silly sempai! (Trix are for kids--- er, never mind that)

Notes to Lieko-chan:
HI! I wuv you! *glomppetpetpetpetpet*

Notes to Dora:
You better be online tonight. You gotta tell me 'bout Standings or whatever, ne???

Notes to the Cheese Man:
Sorry, dude, but the cheese DOES wear you!

That's all from me!
Hasta luego, mi amigos!

*grabs Cam and pulls him off to salsa*
Morning blog time aga----

Lucas: I think not, young lady.

Cam: I second that. You have band in 20 minutes! Hup-hup-hup! OUT! *ushers Meg out*

Lucas: Honestly, Meg, you'll never figure out how to play those trills if you don't go to band! Now, awa' wi' ye! *ushers also*

Meg: Arugh! It's the Band Mafia! I swear to god, I'm never having maestros for kyara AGAIN! *gets escorted away*
Morning blog!

I slept! Isn't that fun, boys and girls? Meg-chan actually got some sleep to speak of! YAY!
Anyway, other than that, not much to say. I have a tummy ache, and I can't draw worth beans. The end.
Hey, all!
I'm painfully bored! Why? Because I'm done baking (cookies are finished), and I can't think of anything to draw. Well, aside from my new little html project... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I drew a cute new picture! This one is dedicated to Niichan, as it's a picture of his one and only human/neko hybrid vibrator boy. ^__~

Now, on the subject or art... I've got a few good ideas for a series of pictures I wanna do. I'm going to attempt a series of AH pics based on Boa songs. Thus, the ones I have planned are:
Little Miss
and Deeply.

All the pics will have subtitles, as only certain lines in each song make me think of whatever scene. For example, one pic I'm gonna start soon is gonna be for "Rain", but it's gonna be called "Rain -- What Is Light is Night Without the Stars". Tada! Easy, eh? But as for the actual pics? You'll have to wait. I'll post 'em here as I complete them. See, this is how I get a lot of ideas for my pics. I listen to music and visualize scenes! It's fun, and it really works! I mean, it's just classic picturing Mark singing as Tomoyo during "Yoru no Uta" and Cam playing the piano in the background.... *giggles insanely*

My latest HTML project! An AH Adoption agency! ^___^

Anyway, I'm bored.

New title image. I'm just proud of that Asuka pic!

Behold, the Demon Generals! Stephanus, Jesse, Xan Soo, and Jyrian!

Well, hi-de-ho!
I'm a tad bored today. I've been really bored lately, actually. Everything is just... blaaaah.
Not much to say, save for the fact that I've done a few new pictures lately. And the new blog theme is "Losing My Religion" by REM. What a cool tune. ^_^

New to Meg's art gallery of sorts...

Mark drawn in blue pen during good old spanish class. ^_^
A short comic done in blue pen about Cam... and Mark, of course.
And me as Asuka Langley. ^_^
Oh, and one comment I forgot to add...

Teacher: "This is a test, Meg. I don't want you drawing on it."
Meg: "Okay."
Teacher: "And hand in that sketchbook. You can have it at the end of the period."
Meg: "Okay."
Teacher: *after the test* "Meg, could you come here?"
Meg: "Yes'm?"
Teacher: "I asked you not to draw."
Meg: "Oh. Sorry. Forgot."
Teacher: *sighs* "Artists..."
Here's something I've been filling in for a week or so now. Check it out.
Comments and responses about Meg's art:

Person: "You traced that."
Meg: "This is thick paper; can't see through it. It'd be like tracing onto a block of wood."

Person: "Is that Sailor Moon?"
Meg: "No, it's the Silver Surfer in a sailor fuku."

Person: "Hey, cool, you draw those sexy chicks with cat tails? How much do I have to pay to get one?"
Meg: "Uhhhhh..."

Person: "Can you draw me?"
Meg: "Can you stand still for about three hours so I can draw all the individual hairs on your head?"

Person: "That's so cool. You should go pro."
Meg: "I AM a pro."
Person: "Okay then..."

Person: "Who are those dudes on your backpack?"
Meg: "Guys from my comic."
Person: "Cute."
Meg: "See him? The blond guy? He's gay."

Person: "I hate you."
Meg: "That's nice."

Person: "Woah, that's freaky. Like, Pokemon meets the Crow."
Meg: "Yeah. Pikachu, Brandon Lee.... I see the connection now..."

Person: "Lemme see the Lesbian Book."
Meg: "It's a SKETCHBOOK."
Person: "Well, there's a lesbian picture in it, isn't there?"
Meg: "..."

Person: "What's that?"
Meg: "A pencil."
Person: "Noooo, the thing under it!"
Meg: "Paper."
Person: "NO! I mean, what're you drawing?"
Meg: "A picture."
Person: *mutters profanities and leaves*

Person: "Why do you have this thing for gay guys?"
Meg: "Why do straight guys have a thing for lesbians?"
Person: "Never mind."

Person: "Holy s***, that's cool!"
Meg: "Thanks. I think."

Person: "Why do all the goths have the weird talents?"
Meg: "Excuse me?"
Person: "Black clothes... chains...bomber... it all fits together."
Meg: "Uh, yeah."

*note: Names of certain people have been withheld to protect identity. ^_^
Flick that fly or you shall die!

Lucas: That pointless message...

Cam: ...Was brought to you by...

Sybandial: ...hyperactivity.

Cheese Guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I wear the cheese; the cheese doesn't wear me.
Speller has a blog! HORRAY FOR SPELLER! Now, all we need is for Amy to update hers. Eh, Amers? ^__~

Update on my latest purchases! I bought a new sketchbook today, and a nice quill pen for my india ink. Also got a nice new Rico reed, but since it's new, I dread having to suck on it (be nice) because it's all bamboo tasting. Speeeew. *wrinkles nose*

New to the wonderful world of Meg-chan's art....

A nice pencil crayon sketch of Cadence and Sybandial under a tree sometime in autumn. Inspired by the pretty colours of Snelgrove woods. ^_^

Lokistrant and Lucas ala splitscreen. Also done in pencil crayon, but much softer a sketch than the above. Shading turned out nice.

Hmm, so what else can I say? Oh, yeah, currently working on a nice new sig. ^___^

'nuff of that. I'm thirsty. Ja! *scours for Iron Bru*

Morning blog time again!

I'm supposed to be getting ready for school. Today is the second and final day for EQAO testing. Blek.

I was at my best friend Pat's house last night. Jeez, we don't talk for months, then he calls and we yammer like we just spoke a day ago. It's really weird. Then we eat chocolate and get hyper and run around like lunatics. Well, last night was different, because I befriended this little girl named Jodi. she's SO cute! Actually, she really reminds me of Poya... but anyway, when I had to leave she insisted on giving me a hug. I thought that was just so sweet! *loves little kids as long as their not related to her*

Some side notes to Sempai:
Let the people at the forum wonder. ^_~ They can think what they want... and who cares if they think we're a couple? Whoop-dee-doo. Mind you, Shael's getting some really odd ideas.I think we're warping the poor dear's mind more than it already is.... and Kaze thinks we'd make a cute couple....^_^;

And yes, your Cadence/Lexiel story IS good. I just don't understand how you can write my kyara so good. I have a hard time writing other people's kyara (and ESPECIALLY Mark-niichan!). I demand that you finish it! Or... or I'll... umm.... kill Lucas! YEAH!

Lucas: You will not! ;_;

Neeeeeway, off to school with me! JA! ^__^

Morning blog time again!

Elephant Quilts And Overcoats testing today (not really, it's EQAO... that's just what John calls it). *sigh* Sitting through a looooong test is gonna be hard, and not to mention annoying. Well, at least I get TWO lunch periods in a row! *dances* And a party in music class! *dances more*
Today's ultimate plan--- steal James' scooter. If all goes well, I'll be zooming around the Ching parking lot. If not, I'll either be scooterless or in Peel Memorial Hospital's traction unit.

Story Review time! ^__^
Sempai... I could kill you. I really could. It's just not FAIR that you can write so damn good and I suck royally at anything that requires putting a story on paper. *stomps her feet in envy*
I feel bad for Lexiel... poor dude had to put up with so much icky stuff.... *sniffles* I just wanna hug him and make it all better.... *sniffles more* But that's the blond hunk's job (I favour Cadence 1-- he's cute, got a nice way with words, and he's easier to figure out than Cam).
How is it possible that you can write ALL of my kyara flawlessly? I mean, ARGH! Cadence, Sy, AND Xan Soo are perfect! How DO you do that?! *shakes fist at Sempai* IT'S NOT FAAAAAAIR!
I can't even find any flaws in it. I can't critisize! Well, wait... there's a typo! AHA! YOU MADE A TYPO! YOU SAD, SAD PERSON! *laughs like a maniac*
*cough* Okay, I'll stop.

I best be off for EQAO. *sigh* Ja matta, minna! *waves, and disappears in a puff of purple smoke*

EQAO TESTING TOMORROW! *horror shriek*
This means that I will have a 2 hour lunch, in which I can steal James' scooter if he brings it. Ah, well, bed for me. OYASUMI, PEOPLE! ^__^
The morning blog!

I didn't post yesterday because I didn't really have time to. Dad was on my case all day for any little reason he could possibly bend into an excuse to yell at me, so thus, very little internet time for Meg-chan.

On a completely different note, I'm going back to school today! I'm actually happy about this, as well as being scared (what have I missed in spanish class?!). I getta see Amy and Ashley and Kate and Candice and James and Liam and Mike again! YAY! I missed our lunchtime banter. I hate being sick so much.

I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was at a friend's house (Lizanne, I think), and I was with Amy and Quinn and a few other people. It turned out to be a sleep over thing, and I got stuck sleeping on the floor. But as luck would have it, I had a chicken in my backpack, so Lizanne let me sleep on the couch (don't look at me, I dunno either). Later, we went into the backyard, and there was this thingy that simulated flying a stunt plane. I went on it, and it was scary because I couldn't control it worth beans. Anyway, I went into the front yard, and some really cool punk kinda guys were in a really beat up car, waiting for me. The told me to hop in back, and that they were gonna drive me down to Quinn's house. So away I went with the funky dudes. I got to Quinn's place, and her and Drenn gathered up some art and we went to a convention thingy, where there were ALL these famous people....

....and then I woke up.

I have problems.

Anyway, that's all for this morning! Ja matta, minna!
Today's blog is brought to you by Meg's hyperactivity due to upcoming turkey dinner!

Weeeeeeell, Kara is very annoying. I just told her to shut up.

Other than that, I'm happy to report that I have changed the weekly midi to "Dreams Come True"! I just love that song. ^_^

Ummm, other than that, I have nothing to say.

OH! WAIT! Amy finally updated her blog! And to my suprise, she didn't insult Mark! *gasps* ^_~
Hi, everyone! ^___^ I'm finally feeling better! Save for a cough, I'm okay! *dances, happy-like*
Ah, well, I just watched one of my faaaaaaavourite movies EVER! Sleepy Hollow! I had a movie fest today. I watched the Haunting, Blade, RHPS, Sleepy Hollow, Army of Darkness, and the Crow. All these moderately frightening movies (well, okay, the Crow is actually the only one that has ANY horror value), I finished up a small dabble in black and white that I started last night. A small postery thinger for AH!
Adobe edit can be found here. It's not great, but I think Cadence turned out well (he's the one sitting down... in the bg is Cam and Mark). Also note, on this picture I actually drew the scars on Cam's arms. That's right! Charming... actually, there are more (smaller) ones, but I'm too lazy to draw them at the present time.
I went to Wal-Mart today! I like Wal-Mart. Lots of cool toys for me to oggle. *begs her mom for the Spawn series 17 "Spawn V" figure* This trip to Wal-Mart induced me to scare a bunch of little kids in Electronics while I oohed and ahhed over the horror videos and blurted out what happens in them (one kid ran away when I mentioned that in "Tales from the Darkside" the cat jumps down the dude's throat).

Sempai, thank you for the nice e-card. ^_^ And those pics you posted on your blog are cuuuuute! Neko-Mark... *hee* And Cam looks VERY Cam-ish! ^___^

Speaking of which, I best go draw! I just got an idea for a funny pic...

Attention kiddies! It's time for the morning blog!
Still sick. I'm not sore anymore, but I am shaking and cold and coughing a lot. I also have a killer headache, and I just want to go back to bed (which I'll be doing soon anyway).
I've also been dabbling with black and white art, but it's nothing major. Just playing to see how I can do AH now that it's been affimed as a black and white project. Here's a small example.
I also DID get up the nerve to draw Mark as Dr. Frank. Ah, good old RHPS. Always worth a laugh. This would be Mark if he ever got thrown into the Rockyverse.
Currently, I'm working on some Harry Potter pics to boost up my growing gallery of them. I intend to put up a fansite once I get a satisfactory amount of pics there, but until then, I just doodle. ^_^
I'm going for a hot shower. Maybe it'll help my cough... *wanders away*
Wow, morning blog time again!
I'm still sick. Very sick. It's taking me forever to type this, actually, because I'm shaking so bad that my fingers don't want to hit the right keys. And I'm coughing up goo from my lungs. That usually mean I have a chest infection and have to go on antibiotics. *feh* I'm so sick of medications....
Finished a pretty pic of Cam yesterday. I drew it while listening to one of my favourite songs, "Blue Monday" (the version by Orgy, not the other people). All CGed and pretty!
Well, being ill, I've been spending my day curled up in a fetal position on the living room couch with my favourite quilt wrapped around me and my fuzzy (black) slippers on my feet. I've been amusing myself by watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", which mom bought me last week, and debating whether or not to draw an RHPS crossover picture. The temptation to draw Mark in that purple glitter corset-and-fingerless-gloves-with-stockings-and-garters getup is really strong, and drawing Cam in a gold speedo and matching boots would be fun (and droolable).
Is it me, or is Tim Curry the only guy in the world who actually makes for a sexy transvestite? I mean, he's not much to look at, but somehow, he's very appealing in that movie. I love that evil laugh. ^___^
I'm trying very hard to decide how I'm going to make AH work as black and white manga. I have no doubts that it will turn out good, but I'm stumped on the level of detail I can go to. I can go full out (ie: Clampish detail, as in you can see the individual strands of hair on a person's head), moderate (ie: Takeuchi Naoko's detail is nice and level, but just enough that it looks elegant) or simple (ie: Takahashi Rumiko's simplicity in Ranma 1/2). I think I'll just play with black and white kyara designs and see how they turn out.
Also, I'm stuck on what kind of costume to make for halloween. I wanna make an anime costume, so I can take it to cons later in the future, but I can't think of anything. I was looking through some old Newtype issues I have lying around, and I was thinking, maybe something from either CCS, Shamanic Princess, Lain, BH, or Escaflowne. See, here be my ideas.
CCS = Sakura's really cute red-and-purple jester battle outfit OR the purple and white one with wings.
Shamanic Princess = not sure yet.
Lain = Lain's bear pjs.
BH = either Dota's costume, or Marron's costume. (I have the hair to go with both)
Esca = dunno. Maybe Merle. ^_^ She's so cute, and I want neko-mimi!
other than those, I'm stuck. I already have one anime costume (Belldandy's blue and white goddess uniform), and I'm going to be making a CCS school uniform so I can be Tomoyo. But other than that....
Long entry today. I think I'll just shut up...
OH! Sempai! Do let me know what you thought of my story so far. I know the sap is thick at the end, but it's not done yet.... either mail me, page me, message me, or post in your blog. See, I may not be online tonight. I'm not feeling good at ALL. ;_;
To Dora: I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Please get ungrounded soon. ;_;


*sitting with her feet propped on a foldup chair*
Well, hasn't this been a wonderful day.
I pulled muscles in BOTH my thighs, and I'm sick! SICK! That's right! 5 asthma attacks today, boys and girls! That's new goddamned record! And I CAN'T DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE! AND I HAVE A HEADACHE! AND MY BROTHER IS PICKING ON ME! AND I WANT MY MOMMY, BUT SHE'S AWAY TO SLEEP! *cries* I feel miserable. ;_;
Well, the whole thing about not being able to draw isn't the total truth. I did draw a mildly good picture of Cam this morning. It's kinda sad looking, actually, and I'm thinking of adding Mark in it. I shall CG.
But for the time being, I'm gonna run off and watch Drew Carey. ^__^
Morning blog time again!
yes, everyone, I'm sick again. I'm always sick. Has anyone noticed that? With my kind of luck, I probably have something wrong with my immune system. So, alas, I am staying home from classes today. I'm achey and coughing like crazy, and I don't want anyone to catch my cold. Home I stay, where I shall take a hot bath, swaddle myself in blankets, and curl up into a ball on the couch until mommy comes home and gives me a hug. ;_;
Announcement to those that I haven't told! I'm redoing ALL of Angel Hunter issue one! Why? Because half way through it, I changed my art style, so it looked really awkward. Not to mention the fact that I'll now be doing it in black and white because it costs less to publish. ^_^;
I've officially succeeded in getting my friend Chris hooked on Serial Experiments Lain. I lent him the first tape ("navi"), and he's hooked. I've promised to lend him tape two once he's done watching his fill of the first.
Well, I've learned that I am still going through artist's block. Maybe if I listen to some really good music and watch really good anime, I can write instead. I need inspiration. *pointed look at Sempai*
I'm hungry.... must eat. Probably plain toast. (I swear to god that I AM Mark's imouto....)

Ja! ^_^
Morning blog is short today! I'm sick, tired, and I have to do dishes, sooo....

Weird dreams last night. Somehow involved Cam, Mark, Lucas, Sempai, Dora, Lieko, and myself at some little cat show thing.... it was really bizarre.
I have a project due today in english class. Now, if Kim ain't there, I'll just have to kill her because she's the main kyara in our drama skit!
Lots of work to do.... ;_;
Today proved to be interesting for school stuff.
See, in Science, I got my biiiig science test back, which I passed with a hearty 42/50. *proud* Anyway, then I had a test in espanol. I think I did well.
English class was hell. My group for our short-story project has to reinact a scene from the story we read. We're supposed to perform tomorrow. But, our lead character is sick! Kim, why did you have to be sick?! *cries* anyway, the rest of my group (Fiona and Jenny) and I all trooped down to the payphones and called her house, only to leave a message on her answering machine. *sigh*
Then came lunch. This was a very interesting lunch, as most of the conversation was on anatomy. *koffs* This resulted in James asking all the girls what colour their underwear was and the size of their bust. -_-; This also led to a big thing with Ashley and her bra tag... but we just won't GO there. ^_^;
I drew pictures of all my lunch time pals! Including the perverted boys. -_-; Here they are!

This is Amy, my best friend. She was sick today. I missed her. ;_;
This is Ashley. She's just so cute and funny! And she has a froggie!
This is James. He's quite the pervert, and he screams like the Pillsbury Doughboy on acid.
This is Liam. He's got beady eyes and he likes to do impressions of horny monkeys.
This is Mike. He's just... weird. He's also the only person I know who can spend 7 grand on nothing in one day. O_o

Yep, I'm officially now a goth. My mom and all my friends say so. What's wrong with having black hair, a black bomber jacket, black pants, shirt, and wearing chains? C'mon people. Does that make me goth?

Aaaaaaanyway, I'm outtie. ^_^;
Guess what! It's morning blog time!
That's right; the only time of day where I ramble and scare all my friends away from the blog because I'm so damn longwinded!
Still working on that damn Cadence story. It's actually at Cam's part now, but it's getting hard to write. Why? Because I have a horrible reluctance to write Mark. I don't know why, either. I just have a hard time writing him.
Today should be a long and boring day. I have a major spanish test today, and my knowlage for good ol' espanol is working against me. *points at Cam* HE'S my knowlage. And he's not letting me use him today. *practices the forms of the verb 'estar'*

Sempai, that line from your little Cadence-and-Lexiel story is funny. ^___^ *giggles*

Just for fun, I feel like pointing out all the jokes in my kyara's names!

Cameron Bennett - roughly means "untrustworthy though blessed"
Lucas Hathaway - I named him after Luke Skywalker.
Lokistrant - Loki. Norse god of mischief. Any questions?
Cadence - silence (in musical terminology).
Stephanus - means the same as Stephen... "crowned". There's a really sick (in the sense of violence) joke there.
Sybandial - no idea. I made this name up all by myself! (actually, I liked Eudial...)
Jesse Obscurci - can mean two things. "gift of the darkened" or "God lives in darkness". So there. ^_~

Okay, school time for me now!

OH! WAIT! 'Fore I forget! DORA-CHAN! "White Wedding" is about the dude's sister having sex with a man before she's married, and she's forced into a shotgun wedding!

Over and out.

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