Whose Line in 15 minutes! ^______^
Small preview dialogue from BSS5:

Firefly: "Hey, I don't think we've ever been in this part of town before..."
Cam: "I live in this city and I've never seen this part of town before!"
Dora: "Looks kinda dark and ominous."
Meg: "Then that's where our bad guys are!"
Meg-chan needs help. She's a sick, twisted little girl. Just thought I'd share.

BSS5 is a little under half done!
(Really Late) Morning Blog!!!

Seems I'm heading towards breaking a record even for me. Been off school since 5th period on monday. My teachers are going to slaughter me.
Anyway, I guess this throws me out of the running for my weekly Thursday trip to the mall. And I want to see Quinn-chan! >.<

*laughs like a loon* OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! Lieko-chan, the deal's on! I know how to save the Messiah! And you better prepare the payment! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!

Wheeeee, I'm working my way through my 4th mug of tea this morning. I'm turning into Mark-niichan! If I start talking with a London accent, you all know why.... *makes mental note to ask John how to define a London accent anyway*

I should work on BSS5.... I think I'll do it all in marker this time around. ^__^ (I try to use a different art medium each time, in case no one's noticed).

Okay, I'll shut up and run along to write episode 5.... ja!

My computer moniter seems to be nearing the end of its lifespan....

Stupid Rangers Club better get us a new one or else!!!!
You know, I just completely forgot that I'm a pro artist. -_-;;;;;
Now that was embarrassing. *turns red and hides*
Sempai, your dad's in the hospital?! o.O
Ohmigod, I hope he's okay!!!!! O_O
To further illustrate my Cam/c3 thing from last post, here's Cam's latest dream sequence. It's short!

"You've won. I give up, you can have your world; your miserable little life."
Cameron stared in disbelief at the man who stood, defeated, in front of him. A mirror image, broken of itself-- but a mirror image none the less. Since when was he strong enough to break the War Lord like this?
The third incarnation of Cadence looked thoughtfully up into the clear blue sky. This was a dream, yes, but the setting was that of Hell--- flawless representation of the past realm, now crumbled to nothing. But here it was, in its breaktaking full, with only two occupants. Cameron and his loathed future self. The breeze swirled around them, pulling gently at the golden hair of both men. The silence from Cadence was almost painful. What had brought this submission? This defeat?
Cadence slid his hands into his pockets, an almost human gesture if it weren't for the eerie fluidness of the motion. He kept his gaze up, but he directed his words to Cam. "There's nothing to win. I fight you, I fight myself, I fight the other one of us. It took me near eight and a half millenia to figure it out. The struggle alone isn't worth it, and I don't see the point in continuing a futile battle that I'm destined to lose or come only so close to triumph."
Cam couldn't believe this. He stared.
Cadence averted his eyes to Cameron now, and smiled. It was a smile, an honest to goodness smile. "You have new obsticles in your path. I don't plan on getting in your way any longer, child."
Feeling numb, stupid, blank, Cam found his voice. "I-I don't u-understand..."
With an easy stride, Cadence approached Cam and stopped less than an arm's length away. Cam's first instinct was to back up, but he couldn't will himself to move. He waited for some sort of gruesome end, the signature of a trick. Instead, Cadence reached forward, gently took Cam's shoulders, and kissed him on the forehead. He then leaned forwards slightly and whispered softly in Cam's ear. "I wish you luck, innocent one. Whether you'll need it or not, I wish you luck none the less." He released Cam's shoulders, stepped back, and before he disappeared, did something that nearly made Cameron have a heart attack on the spot.Cadence bowed low, one hand extended slightly forward; a gesture of sheer respect in the times of the Demon alliances.
And then he was gone, leaving Cam confused even after he had woken up.

Meg-chan's in a demented, twisted, and gory frame of mind right now. My brain is in Bennett-mode, and it's not fun (considering the latest developments). So, I drew some TWISTED artwork of Cam. One made it to the CG stage so far... it's disturbing. And nicely metaphorical. Behold, Cam wired up and EEEEEVIL! Click here.

Okay, the picture requires an explanation (or so I'm told). Here goes.

If Cam were to go corrupt and still avoid being taken over by c3, chances are pretty good that he'd be more manicial than he. Cam would be the ultimate bad guy; he wants something that c3 doesn't understand--- revenge. Cadence 3 just wants to destroy things. It'd be fast. He'd have his way and move along (really, the only thing he's got a thing for torturing is Cam) . Cam, on the other hand, would take his sweet time and torture away, getting his revenge on life, the universe, and everything (not the book...). He's more knowlagable, more aware, and a hell of a lot more vicious when angered than c3 could hope to be--- but it's in check because of c3 and Mark. Sounds weird, huh? Well, c3 is like venting frustration. If c3 gave up and died away, we'd have a problem. If anything more happened to Mark, we'd have a killing machine on our hands. Isn't that fun? This pic is Cam; how he may turn out to be.
I suddenly miss my Shinji. A lot. ;_;
Sempai, where is he? My Wasureta? *sniffles*
Oh, wait... there we go....
Geocities won't let me upload the new title image....
Again, I mess with the template. ^_^;
Another late morning blog! (yes, minna, I'm still sick!)

Quinn-chan updated the ALL NEW RIOT INK SITE!!! It kicks ASS! Go here! NOW!

Okay, Meg-chan's art news.
I can't DRAW! I suck! There you go.

Someone asked me the other day about the weapons I'm designing for use in AH. Everyone who knows my writing well enough knows that all the swords I think up have names and "personalities", such as the Elemental, the Bringer of Shadows, the Doppleganger, the Soul's Lament, the Saber of Infinity, and the Wisdom's Virtue. Well, I decided to actually draw the final form of Cadence's sword. Allow me to explain this straaaaange weapon 'afore going on.
Cadence's sword, named the Apostle, is very weird. It allows itself to be wielded only be certain people, and so far, Cadence/Cam and in certain occasions, Lucas. It is called the Apostle because it has 12 forms. Count 'em-- 12. Up until last night's RP, I'd only ever mentioned forms 1 and 11. (Sempai, when Cadence's sword morphed last night, that was the 12th form). Each form has a use or an emotion attached to it, and the mindframe of the person wielding it determines its shape. Each form varies in strength, 1 being standard, and 12 being ultimate. So, in other words, last night Cam wasn't too stable; the sword adjusted to his mood, being one that wanted to take out whatever may threaten Mark. Cadence 1 never used the sword at anything higher than its 5th form--- C3 prefers the 11th or 12th of it.
And here's my very rough pen sketch and notes for the 12th form.

Song of the moment: "Black Hole Sun" by soundgarden. Cadence's song. ^__^ I'm gonna end up posting the lyrics to this some day.

Okay, I'll shut up now. ^_^;

To everyone else:... please don't ask.

John got a MUSTANG! HAPPY DAY!! <----- abusing sarcasm
Neeeeee, Dani, you don't understand.... Dad would KILL me if he found out I'm a witch. He would also have a fit if he actually met some of my friends. ^_^;;;

*kicks Excite Inbox* Damn mail server! FIX ALREADY!!!
Morning blog, a tad late!

I'm sick! SICK! It's not fair! Why do I have to catch every goddamed virus tha goes around?! I'm SO getting a flu shot next week at school. I can't take this anymore. I'm tired of being sick all the time.

Song of the moment: "Ave Maria" played by Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin. So what if it's Hail Mary? Jeez, Dad. *shakes her head mutters* If only you knew that I'm a pagan.... 9.9

Morning blog!

*hee* RPing sick kyara is fun. Cam's got pnuemonia, and Mark's sick too. The entertainment value is quite high.... and when Mark halluncinates, it's kinda scary. o.O
But the reason that Cam's sick is--- someone close to him died, which in effect, whacked him into a physical state of weak immunity. And this is what happened. Can you imagine what would happen if he became human? He'd be dead in a week. Anyway, the question remains-- who died? Steve, Sybandial, or Jesse? Tune in next time (or whenever I feel like I need to post the answer) to find out! *duh-nuh!!*

Speaking of sick, I'm sick again. I'm goin' to school and all, but I dunno if it's gonna last too long. I have a looming headache, my throat is killing me (I think my tonsils are swollen), and I feel sluggish. Neechan, I hope I didn't catch the flu from you. o.o

Imouto... I got the worst feeling last night, and I immediately thought of you. I dunno why. I don't like it. Are you okay?? Please lemme know when you get online, and if I'm not on when you are, blog a response or e-mail me or something. I'm probably being paranoid, but that's my nature.

I imagine I've fallen dangerously behind in Spanish class. I have to talk to Fiona--- maybe I'll ask her to e-mail me on days I'm not there and tell me what I missed so's I know what to ask the teacher about when I come back.

Excite Inbox is screwed. All that know my STN e-mail, feel free to contact me there. Those that don't know it.... well, too bad. ^_^;

Last night I noticed that most of my kyara have foreign accents. Why is that? Here's a list.
Lucas - dutch accent
Jesse - manchester accent
Steve - vaguely aussie accent
Sy - weird lilt to her voice (Latin)
Angelique - chinese accent
Cam - spanish accent (which get stronger when he's upset or hurt)

Isn't that weird?

Anyway, I should pro'lly go get my stuff together for school. Let's hope I can tough out the day. Ja!

It has come to my attention that my excite inbox account is messed up. Appearently, no one is getting my e-mails....
Amy-neechan does a scary Ricky Martin impression. o_O
Wheeee, it's past noon, and I'm not feeling very good. I think I've caught a cold from my dad. ;_;
But what's new? I'm always sick!

Other than that, I'm okay. I'm in a pretty good mood. Last night was a lot of fun! Art fests and Quinn's place are great. Not only is the atmosphere very artistic, but the company is better than good by far. Chris is a nice dude, and I adore Quinn. ^_^

Song of the moment: "Three Little Pigs" by Green Jelly. Fuuuuuunny song. ^__^

Okay, small social commentary below inspired by conversation with my mom.
A person doesn't fall in love with a gender. Never. A person can have a preference for a gender, but it's not gender you fall in love with. I'm a firm believer in falling in love with a person and not what is or isn't between their legs. I mean, c'mon-- I know it happens. No one says that love has to be romantic, either. So if you think about it, a guy whose best friend is also another guy, he's in love with that dude to an extent. Right? So who's to say that being homosexual or bisexual is wrong? I think it's just as normal and just as right as being heterosexual. If it's what you prefer, go for it. If it's not, that's fine too. It's your choice. And you know what else? You can say you're straight, but it's also very possible that you fall in love with another of the same sex. Maybe not for their body, but for their mind or their personality. I know it's cliché, but it's what inside that counts.

Commentary complete.

Meg-chan's long day!

Around 1:00 in the afternoon, Amy-neechan and I went to the mall. It was FUN! We ran around and went to a LOT of stores. We also got icecream and went to the arcade, where I whupped some major fighting-game ass playing "Dead or Alive". Mind, neechan beat me 3 times. ^_^;;
We also had fun singing the Caillou song and getting people to look at us FUNNY LIKE!
Then I met Quinn and Chris at Comic World. Quinn and I went shopping for pretty underwear at La Senza. Poor Chris looked like he was gonna fall over and die. Anyway, the Dragon Lady drove us all to the house, and we drew 'til 11ish. Lots of yuri art was created. And lots of strange conversation was had. I think Chris has come to realize how H Quinn and I really are! Poor boy.

Some of the 1.5 Stars art I did today:
Maaya and some butterflies. ^_^
SD Yuuki-tora!

YAY! Amy-neechan got the sick joke I put in my parody poem! So it's not as subtle as I thought. ^__^
Song of the moment: "Cruel to be Kind" by Letters to Cleo.
More quotes from my straaaange conversations with Amy-neechan.

Amy:"But the study says you shouldn't get off the phone."
Amy:"Yeah, it was conducted while you were asleep. Appearently your mom doesn't know about it yet."

I ended up sleeping all day. I think I needed the rest--- and it'll make life a lot easier tomorrow since I'll be out from before noon 'til after midnight. ^_^;

Anyway, I started writing a "Night Before Christmas" parody. It's gonna be cute, mind, it's about Mark. Kinda a goofy little thing... but I already have a good idea with what's gonna happen in it.

Song of the moment: "Unpretty" by TLC. I used to HATE this song, but I've grown attached to it now that the radio stations aren't blaring it every 20 minutes. It's got a good message to it.

Meg's art corner:

I got really bored waiting for my mom to let me on the computer, so pulled out my new markers and I drew a really cute picture of Rukura when he was 8 years old and living in Heaven. I also have a good mind to draw his mother, but I just didn't feel like it at the moment. Marron, this pic is also for you. ^_^

Quotes of the Day:

During my phone conversation(s) today with Amy-neechan, I made some REALLY dumb bloopers while talking. I was hyper and feeling really light-headed... and neechan found these very amusing, so here they are.

"Oh, I like your mom. She's got good taste in kids."
Re: Amy's mom wanting to adopt me. This came out really wrong, so I corrected myself by saying that she's a really good judge of charater.

"Yeah, well, I'm staying until the store's finished."
Re: Staying late at the comic store to wait for Quinn tomorrow. I meant to say 'until the store's closed'.

"Blame it on the drugs."
I said this a LOT throughout the conversation.

"I once had a fish named WeeWee. Let's not get into that."
Re: Please don't ask. ^_^;

"....and I'll be there, wearing alien antennae on my head, with a neon orange jacket, bright blue pants,
and platforms. Just you wait 'til she gets off that plane."

Re: How I plan on meeting Sempai at the airport in May (j/k).

Added Meagen's blog link to the bottom of the page. Yay, Meagen-san! You have joined the ranks of our evil blogging empire! Your soul is now OURS! *laughs like a loon*
Morning blog!!

Wow, do I feel bad. My throat hurts, my lungs are killing me, and I have an earache. Not my day. Off school again, and I'm gonna be SO bored. ;_;

*glomps a plushie of Chip* I told you so, imouto! Isn't he funky?? The only people on that show I don't like are Drew (he may be good at writing scripts, but his improv lacks), and the chicks that are sometimes on the show (like Karen). They're not half as funny. Ryan/Colin/Brad/Chip/Wayne/Greg/Jeff FOREVER! *glomps plushies of said improv dudes* Colin looks weird with his (remaining) hair dyed darker....

Thank you, imouto, for thinking my sad attempt at charcoal is good. ^_^;;

Lian is a tad slow when it comes to the actual associtation and realization of relationships... I don't think he actually learned that I'm his friend until a few nights ago, actually. He only just found out last night that I'm part neko. He petted me neko-mimi. ^__^ And I got him to smile! And I got him to PURR!! ^____^ And I also got him to admit that Gabby bit him. Poor Lian... ;_;

List of other people's kyara that Meg's far to attached to:
Mark, Shi, Billy, Lian, Ro, Kiih, Chimi, Marron, Yuriel, Wasureta (where IS he??), Vogel.

I've been getting a scary amount of e-mail lately. My inbox is REALLY cluttered. o.O

And somehow, "Thanatos; If I Can't Be Yours" was incorperated into my dream from last night. I hate when that happens. ^_^;;;;;

Okay, I'll shut up for now. See, I'll be back later as I'll have a LOT of time on my hands today.

Another art update!
Meg-chan tries charcoal! Rukura and the Messiah Prophecy Scroll.
Whheeeeeeee, breathing is a CHORE AND A FREAKIN' HALF!!! >_<

Quinn-chan wasn't in work t'day, so I couldn't give her the new 1.5 Stars art I did for her. Ah, well, I'm going to her place on Saturday anyway for a night of art.... 5:30 pm to 12:00 am, all drawing all the time. My hand's gonna lock up on Sunday, I bet. It did last time.

I got a new sketchbook. This is #7 since May 1st. I'm really running through them, aren't I? And I've also noticed one hell of a change in art style since then.

Mommy bought me charcoal, too, so I'm gonna try portraiture again. I'm not very good at it, but it's worth a shot. Plus, if I don't like how something turns out, I can always tear it out of the book and BURN IT!!!

Song of the moment: "Thanatos; If I Can't Be Yours" from the End of Evangelion. Jazzy, baby.

Perhaps I should upload those pictures so's I can post 'em. They're cute. ^_^ One's of Yuuki, the other of Maaya and Takao. Takao's a hottie! Too bad he's a heroin addict. I swear, all the cute dudes (cartoon or not) are either gay, taken, or into seriously bad doodie.
Oh. Nick's not any of the above. And he's so cute working at the Santa booth in the mall! *heehee*

Art update!
An unfinished marker sketch of Cam and Mark.
I officially love Shakira.
Broken link fixed.

*huggles imouto* Aw, I'll be okay. ^_^ I've got you to talk to so's I don't die of boredom! YAY!
Neechan seems not to be coming online, but I'm not lonely. I've got my imouto to talk to! YAY! *glomps Dora* Imouto, I luuuuuuuuuuv yoooooou!

*downloads Ojos Asi*
New title image--- 'tis Rukura, myself, and Yuken. ^_^

Short little comments on how my day is going.

Neechan, where are ya?? Yeesh, you sleepin' all day? What are you, sick or somethin'?--- oh, wait, duh. ^_^;;;;
The new template is working now. It's not much, but I just wantd to change it a bit. ^_^;;;
changes: quote of the week, links, and music theme


Why the Shakespeare quote? --- It struck me as something Cadence would say. Go figure.

Why the Claire de Lune? --- Umm... I love it?

Why is the blog called Twilight, anyway? (someone asked me this last week) --- Named after a Boa song.
Almost got it right. Stupid rainbow font.... WORK!
Tinkering with HTML codes for this blog.... I hope SOMETHING works right....
Morning blog--- a bit late today. ^_^;;;;

I'm off sick! Well, not sick, so to speak, but my asthma is this close >< to killing me. It's cold, and I can't breathe well, and I'm going to hit something 'cause I'm so bored. *pokes Alistair* There. I hit something. Take that, old man! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Alistair: Prrrow? *blinks like the dopey but good natured cat he is*

I just finished one of many CGs I'm gonna do today. This one is a present for my Lieko-chan! It's sliiiightly on the yuri side, but that's just to bug sempai. ^__^ Lieko and Gem-neko pose for a pretty picture. I like how the wings turned out, even though they're pro'lly not the right colour. Gomen, Lieko-chaaaaan! I tried!

I think today I'll tinker with the layout for the blog. I may just switch all the links to one side ala invisible table. I dunno yet. Not sure... and I'll try to change the midi (yes, Dani, Whisper is not careless. She's just a marblehead). Maybe the next midi will be something Metallica. Let's see if I can find a good midi of "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

Song of the moment: "Brenda Stubbert" by Ashley McIsaac. I stand by the fact that this guy is a genius. He may be a bit of a wackjob, but he's one hell of a fiddler and composer. Hats off to him. *makes a note to get "Hi! How Are You Today" at the music store tonight*
Did I ever mention that Ashley McIsaac's playing reminds me a lot of how Bennett plays when he's in a good mood? I guess that makes him a psycho too. I mean, the genius bit goes without saying....

*roots through midis* Oooh, this rendition of "Until It Sleeps" isn't TOO bad....

Yes, I know that I use a lot of terminology that no-one but my best friends understand. So, for those that are lost (there are a few people who've complained about this), here's some of my more common phrases.

lemon = pertaining to some sort of sexual situation
lemonade = hints to the above, or mild flirting of kyara
kyara = japanese word for "character(s)", usually of the fictional persuation
yerp = spelling error made into a joke--- derived from "yep"/"yes"
no se = spanish for "I don't know"
niichan = older brother (I have a lot of these)
neechan = older sister (usually Amy)
imouto = younger sister (Dora)
azul = spanish for "blue", and the name of my future pet rat (I will get another one someday)
sempai = more or less "mentor" or person of higher rank whom you look up to.
Sempai = Firefly

Did that clear anything up? ^_^;;;;

My neechan has ordered me to blog! ALL HAIL AMY-NEECHAN!
Speaking of which, school sucks without Amy there. It's SO boring! I mean, Mike and Dan and James and Phil are all great company, but it's not right without my neechan. ;_;

I also noticed today that if Phil would stop spiking his hair, and if he shrunk a bit, he'd make for a good Mark-niichan. ^___^ He'd also need purple contacts, tho.....

Dani, e-mail me puh-leez. ^_^


Morning blog time!

Not really much to say, but let's see if I can stretch this out. ^_^;

I'm going to Quinn-chan's place again this Saturday for a Riot Ink art meeting. I just hope my hand doesn't freeze up again... that's painful. Or so I've learned from last time.
Hee, since I brought it up.... Quinn somehow managed to guess my favourite candy the last time I was there. See, she was buying snack foods for our art fest, and she got me a whoooooole bag of Fuzzy Peaches. When I asked her how she knew I loved them, she said:
"A liking for Fuzzy Peaches seems to go with having a hentai mind. Think about it. You're the right type."

Aaaaanyway. I have a test in espanol today, so I'll be spending all science class studying. Science class is a good little catch up class--- I finish at LEAST 45 minutes early every day. It's a really boing class, and if it weren't for Brandon and Scott being idiots half the time, I'd sleep through it.

Goddamn, WHY IS OTAKUWORLD NOT UPDATING!!!?!?! I want new kamis to read, darn-sarn it! >.<

RPing Situation Update!
group RPs...
After a battle with Lieko (host of Baneswold), Billy got skewered, Shi got slashed, Lian got beat around a bit, and I got kidnapped. Actually, Lieko and I both went through a window, and Baneswold teleported us away. And I'm passed out! Fun fun!

individual RPs...
Cam and Mark made a snowman, and then they went inside to--- *koff*
No further comment on Cam and his wandering hands.
Oh, wait... Cam's a cat, Mark's his mouse. ^_^

Now for something completely different (gotta love Monty Python)...

Song of the moment: "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden. I swear, I listen to this song FAR too much. I like it though.... *sings* you watch the world exploding every single night/dancing in the sun a newborn in the light/say goodbye to gravity and say goodbye death/hello to eternity and live for every breath....

Okay, I bet dad's trying to phone me, so I'm bound for trouble if I don't get offline and do the dishes (I don't understand why I have to wash the breakfast dishes when none of them are mine since I don't EAT breakfast...).

Oh, before I go.... HI, DANI!!!! I MISS YOOOOOU!!!!! I MISS YOU A LOT!!!!!
Wow, my day just blew. It sucked like HELL! School is getting increasingly boring, and Amy, James, and Candace were off sick. ;_;

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that I really like designing Cadence's really funky (and very layered) outfits. 'Tis lots of fun! Here's the latest pic I've done, Cadence in some really cool lookin' duds. ^_^

Meg's Quotes of the Day:

During Science Class:

Miss Giles:"Have you guys done any carbon dioxide experiments using sandwitch bags?"
Meg: "Nope."
Brandon: "I want a sandwitch bag. *whistful sigh* With a sandwitch in it."
Scott: "That's not science... that's lunch, man."

while discussing Shawna's constant lates and her lack of a good excuse:

Brandon: "One guy came into work one day 15 minutes late and told my dad's boss that he was late 'cause his aunt's dog died. She lived in the sticks, so her dog was eaten by coyotes and she needed him to go find the carcass. He drove out there, found the dead dog, and buried it in the garden, then went to work. That's supposedly why he was late. Couldn't he just have said that the drive-thru line at McDonalds was really long?"
Morning blog time!
*trumpet fanfare*

Gotta love those trumpets. They're part monkey, you know.

Cadence and Lexiel officially have my vote for the most disturbed consentual relationship. They're.... weird. Feel bad for Lexi, though, as the poor dude doesn't even know what to think, and Cadence is being tortured by the fact that he wants Lexi to trust him and love him, but he can't figure out why he loves someone he doesn't really know. Isn't that just fun? Screwed up kyara.... seems there are too many of those kickin' around...-_-;

Cam and Mark come in a close second for mose disturbed couple, but that does without saying. I mean, Mark's the emotional evolution of Lexiel, and Cam is Cadence only really confused and very innocent. But at least these two know that they love each other. ^_^

Lieko-chan is now evil. Thought I'd share.

Aaaaaanyway. Why do I blog so much about my RPing sessions? 'Cause I have no life. That's why. So feh. ^_^;;

School's gonna suck again today. I have this lab report thingie due, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing with it. ^_^;; And I also have a huge assignment in English due in two weeks. I have to make a wedding album for Kate and Petruchio. It'll be fun to draw the "photos", mind, but the rest is gonna end up being really sucky. ^_^;;;
I couldn't draw worth beans yesterday (which is prob'ly good, 'cause I don't like beans). I tried during all my classes and my lunch hour, but I just really sucked at it. *sigh* Maybe today I'll be able to draw SOMETHING. Like.... I dunno.... Cadence and Lexi. ^___^
Dan got kicked in the nose yesterday by Kate. His head hit the wall REALLY hard... I coulda' sworn he split it open. But no, he says he "doesn't bleed", so I guess he's okay. It was a chore and a half trying to keep him from walking into doors and walls afterwards, though.

What I'm currently reading:
"The Mummy; or Ramses the Damned" by Anne Rice. 'Tis goooood. So far, anyway.

Currently, I've read 6 Anne Rice books. All 6 of the Vamp books (Interview with the Vampire, the Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, Tale of the Body Thief, Memnoch the Devil, and the Vampire Armand). They're so good. I can't recommend them enough. (side note to imouto, Sempai, and Lieko: the last book, The Vampire Armand, has a LOT of yaoi in it. READ IT!)

I'm a weird Meg-chan. My favourite books are the Vamp Chronicles, the Harry Potter series, and the Talisman. What a switch in genre, eh? o.O

Speaking of which, I don't think I ever posted the link to my HP site. I put it up a week and a half ago or something. Click here to go to my HP place, the Gryffindor Halls! ^___^

Mi color favorito es azul!

Cam: We gotta work on your spanish, pequena...
Meg: Shut up. You're just a messed up kyara. And a Demon, and a polarity, and a millionaire, and a multitalented freakshow, and a combat specialist, and a composer, and a writer, and a painter, and a silver smith, and everything else that's possible to be....
Cam: -_-;;
Meg: but I know your weakness, Bennett! You're terrible at math! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, enough of that. Off to get ready for school. Joooooooooy.....
New quote!

"My head is doing the achey breaky dance of PAIN!"
--Amy, re: her headache
Okay, I mentioned this poem earlier, and 'afore I post it, I best explain it.

This was written on sudden impulse when I was in what I like to call "Bennett Mood", in which I was very much in my favourite Demon's mindframe. Thus, the poem is his thoughts while he plays his 'Varius. Lo and behold.... messed up poetry!

Bow to the strings
Wrist to the sky
Let the music take wing
Forget it, deny
Lost in the harmony
Though given to pain
What is my testimony?
Am I insane?
Is there sanctuary?
Seems broken like glass
It all comes to pass
[[--broken string--]]

Trippy, eh?
Seems that blogger doesn't like anyone lately. BbB.
Well, anyway, here's the morning blog.

Man, do I feel like a wimp. Last night, for NO reason at all while I was talking to Sempai and Lieko, I got hit with a huge amount of "I-miss-my-big-sister" sorrow. By the time I got offline and locked myself in my bedroom, I was bawling like crazy. I don't get it. I'm not one to break down like that. It was almost scary. Let's blame it on the flovent. And to sempai and Lieko-chan... I'm sorry if I worried you. That came out of nowhere.

I've got two projects due today, and only one of them finished. That would be my evil spanish essay (see below entries). Maybe (just maybe) I'll get away with not doing my music project in time.

Dad's not up yet. This worries me. He's never one to be late for work... but I'm just paranoid, so let's just brush it off for now. Thank you very much.

Lian gave me a hug last night! Yes, I'm proud of this fact. He doesn't hug too many people (if any). I like Lian. I broke my leg and smashed my head and nearly fell a couple of storeys to my death for him. Who's loyal? Not me. ^_^;

It's very cold this morning, and there's snow all over the place outside. I HATE snow. I hate it. Snow is evil. EEEEEEVIL! It's cold and damp and miserable and it gives you frostbite. I don' like it. But then, welcome to winter in Canada. All that's to be expected now is blizzards and sleet.

Amy is sick. I don't want Amy to be sick! I'm gonna miss her today! I hate it when she's not there! Amy, PLEEEEASE get better soon!

I meant to post my strange poem from Friday night (which I have dubbed the "pull/slide" poem, which sounds really H but isn't at all), but I seem to have misplaced my notebook. Figures.

Is there anything else to write? I doubt it. Oh. I REALLY WANNA RP CAM AND MARK!!! Dunno why, 'cause they're REALLY sappy and usually end up in bed together by the end of a session, but oh well. They're cool. And I have an urge to torture my favourite blond Demon Lord. ^___^

Okay, I'll shut up. Let's hope BnbB (Blogger's NOT being Bitchy).

BbB. -_-;
Here's some stuff to amuse (or bore) all you people.

Meg-chan's Cheesy Spanish Essay
Hola! Me llamo Meg Graham. Naci en primero de mayo de 1985. Hablo ingles, espanol,
fraces, y japones. Yo soy artista y escritora de tebeo, pero tambien yo soy estudiante. Yo
soy comico, bueno, y inteligente. Mis papas son pelirrojos, y mis hermanos y yo son
rubios. Mis papas son muy, muy inteligente, pero ellos son raros. Mi papa le gusta mirar
al futbol mucho, y mi mama le gusta bailar. No me gusta bailar--- yo soy torpe! Me gusta
tocar el clarinete. Es divertido, y yo toco bien. Mi hermano, John, no le gusta el clarinete,
pero John es tonto. Todo mi familia es alto. Yo soy alta, pero yo soy beja en comparacion
con mi familia. Me gusta dibujar porque es divertido. Yo dibujo mucho; seguido en

Hi! My name is Meg Graham. I was born on May 1st, 1985. I speak english, spanish, french, and (some) japanese. I'm an artist and a writer for comics, but I'm also a student. I'm silly, nice, and intelligent. My parents are both redheads, but my siblings and I are all blond. My parents are very, very smart, but also very weird. My dad likes to watch soccer a lot, and my mom likes to dance. I don't like dancing ---- I'm a klutz! I like to play the clarinet. It's fun, and I'm good at it. My brother, John, doesn't like the clarinet, but John's stupid. All of my family is tall. I'm also tall, but I'm short compared to everyone else in my family. I like to draw because it's fun. I draw a lot; even in class.

Now, time for Meg-chan's art corner. For your viewing pleasure.... Meg-chan's goofy 'puter strips.

Thanks to Sempai and Lieko-chan for warping my fragile little mind with last night's RPing sessions. ^___^

Now for some nice little quotes from my daily life.

"Kill her, maim her, beat her within an inch of her life---- just DON'T TOUCH HER HANDS!!!!!"
Chris, the latest artist for Riot Ink, speaking to my mom about how to get me back for being a mouthy brat.

"A blue bunny
One ear is white
Fluffy tail
Sharp teeth dripping
Blood onto the floor
Where's little Dorothy?
She went to pick flowers
In the field
No Dorothy to be found,
But look!
Here's a red and blue bunny!
But the red is really blood
Soaking the bunny's
Fluffy white chest.
The bunny is smiling!
Where is Dorothy?"

My brother John immitating Stan Rice's poetry. Snap, everyone. Snap.

I live in a sick world.

I feel like such a hentai. *loooooooks at RPing sessions*
Blogger hates me tonight. o.o
Accourding to these persons, I'm as follows.

Your Existing Situation

Working to improve her image in the eyes of others in order to obtain their
compliance and agreement with her needs and wishes.

Your Stress Sources

Eager to make a good impression, but worried and doubtful about the
likelihood of succeeding. Feels that she has a right to anything she might
hope for, and becomes helpless and distressed when circumstances go
against her. Finds the mere possibility of failure most upsetting and this
can even lead to nervous prostration. Sees herself as a 'victim' who has
been misled and abused, mistakes this dramatization for reality and tries
to convince herself that her failure to achieve standing and recognition is
the fault of others.

Your Restrained Characteristics

Circumstances are such that she feels forced to compromise for the time
being if she is to avoid being cut off from affection or from full participation.

Willing to become emotionally involved as she feels rater isolated and
alone. Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense, though she tries to
avoid open conflict.

Feels trapped in a distressing or uncomfortable situation and seeking
some way of gaining relief. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual
activity providing no turmoil or emotional agitation is involved.

Circumstances force her to compromise and to forgo some pleasures for
the time being. Capable of achieving physical satisfaction through sexual

Your Desired Objective

Needs a peaceful environment. Wants release from stress, and freedom
from conflicts or disagreement. Takes pains to control the situation and its
problems by proceeding cautiously. Has sensitivity of feeling and a fine
eye for detail.

Your Actual Problem

Disappointment at the non-fulfillment of her hopes and the fear that to
formulate fresh goals will only lead to further setbacks have resulted in
considerable anxiety. She is trying to escape from this into a peaceful and
harmonious relationship, protecting her from dissatisfaction and lack of

Your Actual Problem #2

Depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation, or
demands on her resources. A feeling of powerlessness subjects her to
agitation and acute distress. Tries to escape from this by relinquishing the
struggle, and by finding peaceful and restful conditions in which to
recuperate in an atmosphere of affection and security.

new abbreviation!
hcw = Hide the Chat Window (a game to be played by Meg-chan when her parents enter the room while she's RPing lemony stuff)
Meg-chan breaks the record for most lemon RPing sessions at one time! 2! *cheers* Rukura and Marron in one RPing window, and Cam and Mark in the other! ^___^
Wheeee, I love the weekend. Lots of time to do absolutely nothing, and lots of absolute nothing to do. ^__^

I did something very disturbing last night. I wrote angsty poerty! Really weird thing is, I wrote it, and I didn't understand what I wrote until 10 minutes after I did. Go figure. Maybe I'll post it later.

Song of the moment: "Imagine" by John Lennon. This song makes me cry. ;_;

I'm feeling mighty antsy today. I have an itch to draw, but I can't decide WHAT to draw. Of course it'll end up being either Cam, Mark, or Lucas. I like drawing them.

Oh! To follow in Lieko-chan's footsteps, here's my comments on my niichans. ^_^

Mark is my personal favourite niichan. He's so cute and so very confused, and I'm drawn to him for reasons that I don't quite understand. He's in quite a sticky situation most of the time considering Lila and Cam (and his torn loyalties between both), and he usually cries a lot. But I love him. ^_^

Ro-niichan comes in for a very close second place in my favouritism. He's a sweetie! I love him lots! Not only is he a redhead, but he likes his booze. And he's overall nice and has proven to help me out of some very not-nice problems before. He was also willing to beat up Wasureta Shinji when he dumped me during our group trip to Spain (trip included Cam, Mark, myself, Kiih, Ro, Steve, Dora, Sempai, Lucas, Shinji, and Zebra.... it was a long vacation, too).

Ing-niichan is just so funky. He's a shapeshifter! That in itself is super groovy, but to make things cooler, he's got the cutest human form. Black hair and green eyes. Gotta love it. ^___^
Not to mention, he's nice! And he's smart, too. And those business cards seem to be trademark...

And then there's Lian. Though he's not really my niichan anymore, I still wuv him. ^_^ That's right, Lian! I WUV YOOOOOOU!!! I'm even suffering chest pains and refusing to leave your place 'cause I'm worried 'bout ya. So there, so HA!

Okay, I'm gonna shut riiiight up now, or I'll go on forever. -_-;

Wheeeeee, Meg-chan's getting a hassle from her dad 'cause he thinks that she stays up too frickin' long at night.You know what I think? He can go to hell.

Well, today's day at wonderful Ching Secondary blew as usual. About as interesting as watching paint dry. We got our report cards today, and to my great relief, I'm not doing half as badly as I thought I was. My grade point average is 76.4%. I'm in the clear.
Science was so boring that I finished my project on an element of my choice (silver, of course...) in about 5 minutes. Spent the rest of the class sorting my 50 odd markers into colour catagories and spectal lines.
Spanish, I had to contend with the joys of speaking aloud. I hate it. It's a large class. Hard to believe that once upon a time I used to give public speeches. -_-; Stuttering Meg-chan.
E-n-g-l-i-s-h---c-l-a-s-s---i-s---t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. How can Mrs. Walker make one of my FAVOURITE pieces of literature boring?!
Lunch. Actually less fun than usual. Lots of jokes about Mike.
Music. Boring research period on an era in music history I roll in knowlage of and know more than the teacher in.
Walk home nearly gave me frostbite.
I have a really bad reoccuring pain in the left side of my chest that refuses to go away.

Art corner:
A very CCSish Chibi Cadence. Cute. ^_^
Morning blog!

Meg's newest online abbreviation
BbB = Blogger's being Bitchy

It's friday already! Esta viernes! o.o
I have two projects to due today. I am not happy about that. Aw, well, at least I get to watch "The Taming of the Shrew" today in English. *drools over the young Elizabeth Taylor as Kate*

Current song of the moment: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Classic tune. ^_~

Last night, I think I fell in love. There was a boy (a cute blond dude) about 18 in the intrumental music store that I frequently grace (Walter's), and he was playing some classical numbers on a cherrywood piano. He was AMAZING!! He played Debussy's "Claire de Lune", and when I spoke to him, he played my personal favourite piece of music for me; Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". He played these pieces so flawlessly and with such emotion that I swear it took all my strength not to glomp him and profess undying love for him (and he had beautiful hands, too!). Then he told me something that blew me away--- he plays by ear; doesn't read a word of sheet music and doesn't know diddley about the grand staff let alone dynamics and notation. Mom had to drag me from the store.

I also met up with one of my best friends EVER at the mall last night! Nick Lee! I missed him so much. I've been hoping for months to run into him. Turns out he's working at the Mall's Santa Booth this year. I thought that was cute. ^_^

Anyway, I gotta be out of the house in 5 minutes. Better bail!

Morning blog!

Really fast entry for today, as I'm running late and my hair is still in pigtailbraids 'cause I haven't brushed it out yet....

Deduct one niichan from the list. Lian has ducked out of his title as niichan. He's now just my friend. ^_^ Poor dude has some major problems tho... so, Lian, if you're reading this, I PROMISE I WON'T HATE YOU! ^_^

Last night I posed a problem I've been brooding over... where's my Shinji?! I miss him. ;_;

Sempai, those sketches for the Deus ex page are cool! Hurry it up... I wanna see the site! Oh, and the Mark-niichan doodles are so kyooooooooot! ^__^

I had a very long day.

I think Amy is mad at me because myself and Dan left her out of the movie trip last night.


School officially blows. I'm willing to bet I'm flunking English (the class is so boring that I don't bother with the assignments, which is a BAD thing). Spanish is easy, but writing an essay on a life I'm supposed to have but don't is tricky.

Since I have nothing much else to say, here's a quote from Brandon (a dude in my science class) regarding fights in the schoolyard and how they should be stopped:

Brandon, to Miss Giles:"Miss, don't you know that all civilized men solve their problems using rock-paper-scissors?"
Lucy Lui is the BEST! *glomps SD Lucy Lui doll*

Thank you, Dan, for going to see it with me. And for getting me into the theatre free (thank Curtis and your sister for me, okay?). ^_^
*bops around to "I Want You to Want Me" (Letters to Cleo vers.)*

Short rant:
Just because Dan and I are going to the movies together doesn't mean that we're a couple! JEEZ! Stupid flippin' parents are goddamn paranoid.... Amy can't go see Charlie's Angels today, and I can't go on the weekend, so Dan and I are going together by default! SO WHAT?! *glares at parental units*
Morning blog time!

Yeeeee, I feel like I didn't sleep at all. One of these days, I'm gonna try going to bed before 9 and see what happens... one of these days...

Thanks to a particularly lemony RPing session with Cam and Mark last night, my thoughts are on all things yaoi. Learned some interesting things about Cam and Mark's approaches to sex, though; like, Cam seems to like teasing Mark an awful lot (for Dora's sake... par example: he licks down's Mark's stomach and juuuuust above the waistband to his pants).Sempai, next time we RP this kinda thing, I think I'll just have to make it involve something edible and a feather. ^__~

Might be going to see Charlie's Angels tonight with my bestest pals Amy and Dan! YAY! Dan's funny. Appearently, he has a harem of girls, and I'm one of the concubines. Isn't that fun? ^_^;

OOooooooOOOooohhhhHHHh.... Tenchi says he dressed up as Mark. O_O
And if I'm making a Cadence outfit....
And Dora wants to cosplay Lokistrant....
*falls over, killing herself laughing due to a hentai mind*

*bops around to the Letters to Cleo version of "I Want You to Want Me"* This seems kinda like a Mark song for some reason...


Okay, I better bugger off to school... I have to meet Dan.

Dora, thanks for pointing out the tag problem in my htmling. ^_^
Warning: Rant below

What the stupid prick did was the following:
He's in my friend Sarah Manson's small chamber music exam group. Their group consists of mainly all friends of mine (Jessica, Chris, Sarah, Ashley W) and Fred. Fred has a major ego, and thinks he's the best clarinet player in the world. He refuses to play because 'no one is his level' in the class. So, out of the blue, he tells Sarah that her playing sucks, that she should quit, and that she has no talent. And she started crying. So, had I not went in the back room to hug her and try to calm her down, I woulda' kicked his sorry lard-ass all around the (bleep)ing school until someone locked me up in a closet to stop me.

Rant complete.
I got no sleep. Messed up dreams that I don't remember... all I remember is myself and a dude named Benji trying to get on an airplane 'afore it left us behind (we were trying to get away from something but I don't remember what). Benji was REALLY cute, though. He had the most gorgeous brown eyes. ^_^

What is with the dudes in my dreams and names that start with "Ben"?

Ahhh, since yesterday's big whole adoption of a new niichan, I've had "Wicker Man" stuck in my head. 'Tis a good song... lots of funky metaphors in it... which is probably why niichan was directing the lyrics to Cam.... ^_^;;
So, just for fun, and because this is now the song of the moment, here are the lyrics:

The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden
Hand of fate is moving and finger points to you
He knocks you to your feet and so what are you gonna do
Your tongue has frozen now you've got something to say
The piper at the gates of dawn is calling you his way

You watch the world exploding every single night
Dancing in the sun a new born in the light
Say goodbye to gravity and say goodbye to death
Hello to eternity and live for every breath

Your time will come
Your time will come

The ferryman wants his money you ain't going to give it back
He can push his own boat as you set up off the track
Nothing you can contemplate will ever be the same
Every second is a new spark, sets the universe aflame

You watch the world exploding every night
Dancing in the sun a new born in the light
Brothers and their fathers joining hands and make a chain
The shadow of the Wicker Man is rising up again

Your time will come
Your time will come

Next song with lyrics to be posted because my niichan likes to sing it and get it stuck in my head is "The Mercenary", also by Iron Maiden. Jeez, niichan, didn't know you liked metal... ^_^;

Cadence 3: Has a very interesting sound to it, my dear. And I like the lyrics. *venomous smile in Cam's direction*
Cam: Go away! ;_;

One of these days, I'll get around to changing the midi of the week. Until then, y'all gotta live with the current one. ^_^;

Art in the works;
CGs of 1.5 Stars kyara for Quinn-chan
niichan-tachi group pic (this would include Ro, Mark, Lian, Ing, and c3)
a really cute lemonade-esque pic of Cam I have in mind which involves feathers and lack of clothing ^__~

I'm itching to RP. Isn't that fun?

Story snippets are looking good, imouto. Keep it up! I can't wait to read the finished product! ^_^

What a healthy dinner I'm having--- Cracker Jacks! It's got sugar in it, so I really don't care about its nutritional value. If it weren't for the fact that I don't eat much, I would be the size of a freakin' house. -_-;

Wheeeee, I feel like wearing something presentable and non-gothic. Clingy blue shirt, tailored button-up jacket, and black flairs seem a plan. If only my docs fit... I'm stuck with my maryjanes until I get new ones... ;_;

I am officially one of Dan's harem girls. ^_^;; What's with this? I'm popular lately. o.O

c3: *takes the opportunity to tackle Cam and drag him off* ^___^
Cam: *dragged out, kicking and screaming*
Yes, imouto, isn't it scary when Shi-sama and c3-niichan discuss blonds? o.o

Cadence 3: There's nothing wrong with discussing preference in playthings. ^__^
Meg: *adjusts her baseball cap and koffs*
Cadence 3: Oooh, careful, that took me a long time to braid, remember? *plucks at one of the 80 or so small braids Meg's hair is in*
Meg: Yes, niichan. ^_^;;
Hola, everyone!

Last night's RP session was quite funny. Poor Sempai, Lieko and I are going to end up killing her with yuri thoughts. And I'm sure it didn't help when imouto decided to join in. *grins*
Ahh, I need to work on my spacebar usage. Lieko-chan, will you teach me? ^__~

Cam and Mark are angsty. I feel really bad for Mark-niichan (go figure, I'm Ro, Lian, and Mark's imouto yet I'm Dora's niichan). So, Mark-niichan, rest assured, Cam does love you! Totally and completely! Right, Cam?

Cam: Damn straight.

Anyway... I got a new niichan! YEP! I've got a LOT of niichans.... my niichan collection now consists of:

Ing is such a cool niichan! He's a shapeshifter! SHAPESHIFTEEEEEER!!! That's just plain FUNKY!!
I'm considering making Cadences 1 and 3 my niichans.

Cadence: I'm your kyara, isn't that cheating?
Meg: One can never have too many bizarre niichans.
Cadence: The other one surpasses bizarre... *gestures at C3*
Cadence 3: *glomps Meg* Sure, I'll be your niichan!! ^_^
Cadence (1): O.0
Meg: WAI! *glomps new niichan*
My brain hurts! I can't think! AND MY HAND IS LOCKED INTO A REALLY BAD SHAPE!!!
I've been drawing for some 5 hours straight. *cries* I'm so sore!

Good news, though... my mommy loves me to death today! Here's why!


AAaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNdddddddd..... Dora, you won't believe this.... she got me royal blue crushed velvet to make a Cadence shirt! *'kyaaaaaaa's*

Long, self-relative analysis of kyara've been warned

Just had a very enlightening conversation with Mom. 'Twas interesting; we discussed fictional characters whom we adore. I've successfully gotten Mom hooked on the Vampire Chronicles, and she's quite interested in Louis de Pointe du Lac. She says he's a deeply disturbed though compassionate character with very detailed relationships. I agree; even if I'm more a Lestat and Amadeo fan than a Louis one.

Anyway, this conversation led to the topic of author's relationships with their kyara. We were discussing how Anne Rice speaks of Lestat de Lioncourt as her "beloved Lestat"; and oddly enough, how I call Cam my "resident Demon Lord". Mom finds this very strange that I do. ^_^;
This got me thinking--- I actually think of Cam as a person; and the depth in his character is something I have a very hard time writing because he's so real to me. I do love him (I adore him, actually-- I don't have such a strong emotional attachment with any other kyara), and perhaps it's my own way of loving myself... something I honestly don't do. Cam has a lot of independant litte stories that all lead up to him being who he is now, and his development from a lost and emotionless killer to a tortured and emotional herald is detailed. When I write him, I tend to keep him the brainiac he is, but the emotional depth isn't there because I would get carried away and end up writing a goddamned novel. I have the reverse going for when I RP him.... he's closer personality wise when I RP than when I write, but I really have to dumb him down. Even though he has some of the depth that he should have, it's not enough. There's a lot about him that I want to write but don't know how. And there's a lot about him that no one but little old me knows; even some stuff that would throw Mark for a loop. He's VERY deep. And personally, I think that Mark is missing a lot of interesting stuff by not actually talking to him.

Kyara analysis complete. For now. ^_^
In response to Sempai re: Lucas' created situation

Yes, there's a distance between Cam and Mark now. Granted. I think Cam knows this, and just for the record, despite being elated that Lucas is back, Cam is still seriously and dangerously depressed.
However, what Lucas did can be taken either way--- if he hadn't died, Cam would have ('cause he woulda' gone psycho OR he woulda' been killed by Lila eventually), and also by initiating the powershift, he tampered with Cam's strength. This includes his psyche, so his is stronger mentally than he was 'afore. In other words, if that hadn't happened, Cam never woulda' had the nerve or the will or the drive to kill Mark at all. He's saner than he was, and he doesn't doubt things as much, so he when he killed Mark, he went into it confidant that he could bring him back (did you notice how he never once said "what if I mess up?").
Now, if worse came to worse, without Lucas and with the poweshift in place, Cam would have been able to kill Mark against the dude's will. He would have. And he still can and will if there's a threat to the world.
Another point to be made (which I wasn't going to bring up unless I had to); Lucas did have to die. Believe it or not, the dude isn't very strong, and had a very hard time controlling his powers near the end (note that he kept fluxuating from Lucas to Lokistrant). If he hadn't died, he would have gone totally looney, or he woulda' just given up. Then the balance would have been out of wack, and Cam would be shoved to the side of Evil 'cause of Lucas' power boom. Cam'd have to balance it out.
Last point to be made: Cam's hyperness is actually the result of lack of limit to power levels. FYI.

My brain hurts. Enough of the analyitical mumbo-jumbo.

Dora-chan, after last night's RPing session, you cannot say that I'm not a colour of the rainbow! I've been gypped! ^_~

Note to all RPing pals: I won't be online until 'bout midnight my time tonight, as I'm going to Quinn-chan's house to help her with some artwork for da' website. Chances are, I'll be hyper and itching to RP. So don't be surprised, alrighty?

This is Meg-chan, signing out! *boop*

Would you believe that I slept from 2 to about 8? I must be sick. I don't sleep. EVER.

Dora, that was sweet of you to say that you wish you could hug me. ^_^

OH! 'Afore I forget! Dan, thank you so much for calling me this morning. That was really nice of you. ^_^

Lots of one line entries this time around.
Dora-chan and I both have our blogs on the top most updated!!! *cheers*
Warning: Dub rant below


*gets dragged off by Jesse and Steve*
Dora, good review. ^_^

Now, I'm honestly not sure myself why Lucas killed himself (as we've been discussing). For Cam, for for the better of everyone? It remains a mystery... until we can ask him, anyway.

However, this brings about another problem-- is Cam strong enough to handle the strain in reconstructing an ulitmate physical form by himself and from very little matter? It'll no doubt knock him down to comatose for a while, but how long it will last is unknown since he's never done this before.

And a point to be made to those who don't know:
Lucas' ressurection won't effect the current standing of the Polarities. He's no longer an actual polarity, since the powershift is done and over and there's no need for a neutral since Cam is as strong as Lila (whereas Lucas was actually weaker). It's not the capturing of Lucas' power that's the problem, it's his psyche-- that itself would overload most brains in days. Just FYI. ^_^
Par request:

Meg's (biast) Review of Prozzak's Latest CD, Saturday People

In comparison, Satuday People is an amazing improvement on perfection. Hot Show is wonderful, but SP blows it out of the water with a lot more guitar and more nifty vocal meshing... and there's actually some songs with morals and serious situations!

In HS, the serious songs are "Anna Lisa" and "Sleep With Myself". "Anna Lisa" is actually about Jason Levine (Simon)'s parents getting divorced. "Sleep With Myself" is... well, about not rushing into sexual relationships. ^_^;

However, in SP, serious songs include "Be As" and "Monday Morning". The message in "Be As" is a good one, and I vote that they actually push this song in schools. It's about being yourself and not what other people want you to be. The song touches on a lot of topics, from race, to gender, to sexual preference, to demeanor.
"Monday Morning" is the one song I mentioned that made me choke. It's very sad, even if the beat is typical Prozzak (dancey). 'Tis about the murder of the lyricist's best friend in school (the song is subtitled "For Lisa"). It's about doubts on life and death, dealing with them, and loss in general.

On to the sound of the CD. SP's sound is a lot more accoustic than that of HS, with, like I said before, a fair amount more guitar/bass/piano/misc. strings. There's also a great deal of vocal in it, with shorter interludes in the songs, and guest vocalists galore! In the spirit of the grade 2 school choir that sings in "Europa", "It's Not Me It's You" comes through with adorable little kid voices! And they're taunting! And yelling! And wonderfully remixed into the music!
There's also a lot of flamenco influence in the second CD that was only just hinted at on the first. I think that's just the various chords used on the accoustic guitars (save for the muy muy espanol song "Usted Es Muy Loco"/"You're Crazy [sir]").

And a review on the Milo track. On each cd, Milo has a song that he does. On HS, it's "I Like to Watch (Milo's Night Out)", where he tries to pick up girls at a dance club. Same deal again, folks, but this time, he's sharing the catch with Simon in "Feed the Night". ^__~ Great beat for the song.

Nice rock influence in "Lonely American Nights", too. Very gritty!

Now, since my fingers are tired and my eyes are sore from staring at the white screen, I'll wrap this up by sayng that SP is a better listen than HS, as impossible as it may sound.

Dora, you better be happy now. I'm gonna get carpel tunnel now. -_-;

I'm actually having a good time at the moment. I may be sick and hungry, but I have Dora and Alex to chat with! I'm not alone! YAAAAAY! *dances*

*wait more*
*waits to read Dora's ramble*
The morning blog--- only, this time, being done by our substitute blogger, Cameron Bennett!

*spotlight on SD Cam (with his new white wings)*

SD Cam: Meg's a tad ill, so I'm filling in for today. Under protest, mind, but filling in none the less.. *coughs* Anyway.
Meg wishes me to pass on the following messages to you all. *looks at some sheets of notepaper* Now if only I could decipher her handwriting. o_0

Meg: *off screen* Jeez, you can read pretty much every language, and you can't read my writing when it's in english?!

SD Cam: I wouldn't call this writing, Meg. This is more like insane scribble...

Meg: *off screen* F*** off, Cam.

SD Cam: *sighs and tosses the paper behind him*
Whose Line was good, but I feel sicker for having laughed so hard. ;_;

Scratch the Meg-neko pic... my cat ruined it AND the original of the Cam-wings pic. Thankfully, my kawaii sketch of Cadence pulled through because it's done in pencil. *relieved sigh*

Just wait for dad to go to bed and I can start inking that sketch. ^_^
Well, I was hoping that I was over my sick bout, but I'm not. Dinner made a return performance, and I'm a tad oogy. Maybe tonight's Whose Line will make me feel better.

I got some sketches done! 3 of them! All of them shall be CGed, and one is already DONE being CGed:
Chibi Cam as he would look now. Since he's been turned 'Good', his wings are twice the size and VERY white. Now, why I put him in a Cadence outfit is beyond me, but rest assured, this is Cam.

Up next to be CGed, chibi Cadence with feathers around him, SD neko-mimi Meg-chan!
Tally of people who say I'm 'cute':
Sempai, Lieko, Dora, and Alex.

I'm not cuuuuute! I SWEAR IT!
This is the song that is more or less Cam at the moment...

Introduction to a Broken Heart, by Prozzak
Forever and a day
Is all I ever wanted, baby
To figure out a way
To finish what I started

Especially the thing that started with you
You taught me to fly, you taught me to fall
But after all
You'll be teaching me the hardest lesson of all

Introduction to loving and leaving
Begging and pleading
Anything to get you to stay
Just when you found forever
Start to feel better
'Cause everything is going your way

All at once your world falls apart
You learn the art
Introduction to a broken heart

I've never been through it before
There's never any consolation
Now and then
Someone you adore
Turns happiness to desperation

Blink and when you open your eyes
It's all fallen apart

You told me to climb and to never look down
But somehow
You never told me 'bout the part where I crash to the ground

Introduction to loving and leaving
Begging and pleading
Anything to get you to stay
Just when you found forever
Start to feel better
'Cause everything is going your way

All at once your world falls apart
You learn the art
Introduction to a broken heart

Take my picture off of your wall
Drop my jacket off in the hall
Don't try to call me, I will not answer
Best laid plans of women and men
Casually crumble and fall

All at once your world falls apart
You learn the art
Introduction to a broken heart

Ba ba ba ba

Introduction to a broken heart

Guess what time it is, everyone?

Morning blog time, of course!

I'm still sick. I haven't slept, and I'm not even going to TRY eating. Ever have that sick feelin' in your tummy that is so thick and gooey feeling that it seems like if you could pull it of yor stomach, it would look like a vast amount of oogy Gak? Well, that's my tummy right now. I called mom (got through and had a laugh at the background noise in the Electronics department) and she ordered me to go back to bed. Just gotta wait for Dad to call, then I go sleepytime. No school for me. I actually miss it. ;_;

Otakuworld has updated... but only the KiSS page. *glares at Stephen Lepisto* If DOV were doing the kami page, we'd get SOME updates, at least!

Meg-chan is officially f***ed up forever. CAM IS DOING BAD THINGS TO ME! I hate having a kyara I'm so attached to. I feel REALLY bad for him right now, and I'm bordering on writing something depressing. I also feel really bad for Mark-niichan (who I'm dangerously fond of, too, and he's not even MY kyara!). I imagine that if I try to draw today, the results will be either gory, depressing, or supremely metaphoric. I'm hoping for the latter. Sempai, I hope you realize that pretty much as soon as I get to talk to you again, we're RPing. I can't leave this hanging for very long. It's torture!

Carbonated drinks are a wonder of science. I can't live without them right now... my tummy.... owww....

Book review!

The Watcher by James Howe
Not a bad story... or, stories, rather. 'Tis a very interesting combo of three people and their completely different stories, which all come together in the end. Evan is the oldest child in a seemingly perfect family. Chris is a hunky lifeguard with a sad family secret. And Margaret is a sad little girl who had a terribly abusive father (and is cursed with the world's WORST first name). Now, the pace of the book is alright, and sometime the writing style is too stilted to be comfortable, but as a reader, chances are that you'll desperately read on, hoping to find the connection between the three characters and Margaret's story of Melinda. Not a bad read, and my only complaint is in suddenly awkward scenes. The writing doesn't flow very well about halfway through the book, and it's frustrating. But an okay book none the less... give it a shot.

Now I need a new book to read... *sigh* Ah well.
I'm off for now. Hoping that I can go crawl up into bed again soon. *waits for Dad to call*

Okay, two people have said I'm cute. Am I REALLY? Seems really odd a thing to see in writing, people. I've never been considered cute. (Okay, when I was 5 with blond hair and huge eyes and a giggle to die for, maybe...)
My pals Heidi and Sarah dressed up for halloween!

My band teacher, Miss Todd, and Lizanne!

Sarah and Matt (Matt only wishes he was a pro-wrestler... nice taste in t-shirt though ^_~).

More photos por vous!

The sunrise I was ranting about earlier this week. This'll make REALLY nice for the background of a CG. ^_^

Myself and Amy on halloween. Amy IS wearing false front teeth, btw. ^_^;

My lunchtime clique! In the back row (left to right) is James, Amy, Dan, and Candace. Front row consists of Lizanne, Kate, and Ashley. ^_^
Got my halloween photos developed!

Here's myself and Ashley dressed up and posing by the school stairwell. Since we're both wearing green, I'll letcha' know that I'm the one with my hair down. ^_^;

And here's me in my Bell-chan costume sitting in my living room.

Yeesh, those pictures make me look fat. o.o <----- actually being a stereotypical teenage girl by saying that
I had the urge to write what's going on in Cam's head right now. So sue me. It's not long, but I warn you, it's depressing. Read on if you feel so inclined.

Somehow, Cameron knew that it would come down to this. It bothered him, upset him, hurt him. The agony of losing his best friend was extreme, and he wasn't sure if he could take it. But he also knew that he had to; there was no bringing Lucas back, and Lucas had died for him in a strange sort of way. Thinking about it pained him and made his heart ache, but it seemed all he could think of.
Lucas, how could you leave me like that?
It wasn't betrayal he felt. No, not that. Lucas was right in his crazy logic and resolution. He mourned the loss of his friend, his brother, his other half. That's what it felt like-- someone had torn half of his heart and soul out and fed it to the crows.
Who kept the other half where it was? Ah, the answer to that was easy. Mark, of course. But the constant doubt of any solidity in his relationship with the dark-haired boy was getting worse, and the more recent problems with Lila sure didn't make things better. He wouldn't be surprised if Mark did leave him one way or another, if he wasn't already doing so. And without Mark, what did he have to live for? To fight for? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It seemed pathetic, really, but it was the truth, and he knew for sure that if Mark left him, he was as good as dead anyway. Cam would be no more, and the final incarnation of Cadence would surface and destroy everything. And with the newly aquired powers of Good, Cadence could do some major damage. It would be a lot harder for him to resurface, but if he did, the world was doomed to go down in inferno.
Cam hugged his knees to his chest. He closed his eyes, trying to will the agony away. To his extensive dismay, it didn't budge, and held fast. His vision grew blurry with supressed tears, and he tried to blink them away. That wouldn't work either. Eventually, he gave in, allowing himself to rest his forehead on his knees and cry. It didn't make him feel better, but not worse either. The only things that made his sorrow worse was the fact that Lucas was dead, and that Mark may just be slipping away from him.
He suddenly felt very alone.
Morning blog!

Ah, another beautiful day. I won't get to enjoy it though, because I'm suddenly rather violently sick to my stomach and can't keep WATER down. No school for me today, I imagine. Now if only I could get a hold of my mom. Stupid Wal-Mart touch-tone system doesn't even let me put in the department extension. -_-;
At least I have my Prozzak cds to keep me company.... *listens to www.nevergetover you*

I'm artistically retarded today. I can't draw stick people. I hate that! I better get over this fast, because I'm going to Quinn's place this Saturday to help her with art, and I won't be of much assistance if I can't hold a pencil straight, ne? Well, I'll just keep trying.

As you may have noticed, Dora and I are debating the way (mulitverse) life works! It's fun! ^___^

Cam is getting me very depressed, since whenever I draw him now it's one of his metaphorical situations that usually have a fair amount of blood and lots of melancholy facial expression in them. Almost makes me want to hit him. Ditto goes for when I try to write him. Mark, you better get to snapping him out of this or he'll be his own downfall before he can so much as considerer overpowering Lila. -_-;

To Amy, Hazel, Noah, Lum, Cookie, and the Clone:
Sorry I won't be at school today. Unless you want me throwing up caf food on y'all, consider yourselves lucky. ^_^;

Sempai: I NEED INSPIRATION! Have you written anything lately that you can let me read? PLEEEEEASE? *puppy eyes (been taking notes from Lieko-chan on how to do this)*

*listens to "Introduction to a Broken Heart"* Why does this make me think of Abba? Must be all the strings in the background...

Current Prozzak Theme of the Moment: "Monday Morning". 'Tis about a dude whose best friend is murdered and he tries to cope with it; but he really can't figure out how to go on with everyday life anymore. (Sound familiar, CAM? *pointed look*)

Current Other Theme of the Moment: "Say It Again" by Precious. This reminds me very much of Cam and Mark.

Damn, I'm gonna miss my spanish test today! O_O CRAP!

Enough from me, yosh? *disappears in an explosion of red and orange (prozzak colours) pyrotechnics*
Before I post my morning blog, I must respond to Dora's dissection of the Lucas situation. Now, I warn you, I'm not philosopher, but I sure am a critic, so same difference.

Lucas had a few problems that were building to his death anyway. I agree with you the point that life is the ability and need to change. That's very true, and next time my teacher refuses to let us out early, I'll bring that up.
*ahem* Anyway, Lucas, Cam, and Lila DEFY the properties of life. They're not supposed to be here, considering their power and their immortality. Lila leading a race of no-good Angels (select few that I like are excluded from this comment), Cam and his race of assassin Demons, and Lucas and his race of blood-sucking Vamps. Now, none of these were supposed to be a civilitation, as it disrupts the workings of normal and orderly life by putting magic into a human environment where it could do some bad stuff. Thus, none of them really should be here. It was a fluke that they were given bodies, and one of the universe's huuuuge mistakes. So, the universe is more or less looking for a reason to kill them and hold them back for their respective places in the more ethereal plain.
For example-- Cam's constant suffering. There's a reason for that. He's not supposed to exist on earth, and as an attempt to throw him off track so he may be terminated, fate throws some cruel obsticles at him. Lucas had the same problem, actually, but we won't delve into that.
Now we come to the problem as to why Lucas just can't come back.
Number 1, he has no form strong enough to come back to--- he destroyed his own by going into the sunlight. No physical form can handle the amounts of power that a polarity carries (if one of them were made human, they'd probably die within a week because they'd wear out the brain capacity of the body in no time because their psyche alone is so powerful).
Number 2, Lucas has no life force to come back WITH. Because the universe has a nice grudge against the polarities, he's not granted that option as, say, humans are with reincarnation.
Number 3, he has no will to come back. Enough said. I won't get into the background for that one.
Number 4, in order for Lila to truely be defeated, Cam has to do it, but Cam can't if he's neutral because she can just kill him, and accomplish nothing. Lucas is took weak and human in mind frame to kill Lila because he loves her. He wouldn't kill a person he loves, ne? Not to mention, the only chance Cam has to come out of everything sane is that if he has enough strength to back it up. By kicking in the powershift, all Lucas' powers and roles (including such things as psyche, aura, yadda yadda) were shoved on Cam, doubling his strength in almost every way possible.
Number 5, it actually came down to a choice for Lucas---- die, or everything else can because he didn't have the nerve to kill what he had to.
Number 6, in order to kill Lila anyway, he'd have to kill Cam first; if he didn't, Cam would get swamped into being the evil polarity and Cadence 3 would have full reign and all the connections he'd ever want. But if he killed himself, Cam gets the role of good (his sanity is safe[er]), and Lila can be defeated.

There's more that has to do with Cam's part in all this (he knew what Lucas was gonna do, but didn't quite believe it), but let's not start with Cam. He's too strange for me.... even if he is me. ^_~

So, no hard feelings, Dora-chan. ^_^ It's fun to see universal perspectives dissected. ^_^
Dora, feel the wrath of the addictiveness of Prozzak! ^__^

yet more of my favourite Poor Boy. ^_~ Simon, why search for true love? I'm right here! *waves her arms in the air*
In celebration of my beloved Simon's new CD release, I offer my humble drawing of how Simon looks in his new duds. New look, same cutie. ^_^
Behold the object of my Prozzak obsession!

Soy amo mi Simon! ^____^
*drooling excessively* Prozzak's new cd, Saturday People, is better than the first one (Hotshow)! OHMIGOD! The guitar in it is stellar, and Simon is as brit as ever! And the boppy-techno-dance sound holds true, with the cute songs about true love! Not to mention there's one song on it that's VERY sad dispite the dancey beat. I nearly choked when I heard the lyrics. I was also cheering about a song on it called "Be As" which has a very good, strong message of be whatever the hell you wanna be! (The lyrics even include: "be as straight as you want/be as gay as you want". Now that's a very cool band that writes that up!) Simon is God. I swear that he is. *glomps Simon plushie (how it's head stays on without a neck is beyond me)*

*squeals and runs around, fangirling*

Morning blog time, everybody!

Can y'all believe I'm actually in psuedo-mouring because Lucas is dead? I don't believe it! I'm that attached to a kyara! Heaven forbid whatever might happen if CAM dies... o.o
My greatest condolences to Sempai and Lieko-chan. 'M sorry! ;_;
*takes a momentary time-out from daily life to huggle Cam a bit and feel guilty*

This morning, the sunrise was GORGOUS! The sky was all pink and violet and blue... so what did I do? I ran ouside with a camera, of course! I snapped about 3 pictures. And I'll send my film in to the photo lab tomorra'. I imagine I scared the neighbors; I ran outside in my pjs with my camera and just took pictures, cheered for a bit, and walked back inside. ^_^;

I feel really sick this morning for some reason. If I'm not feeling better by third period at school, I'm coming back home. You ever get that sick feeling in your stomach that feels like it's thick and you could reach down your throat and pull it out? ....well, that's me.

Sempai, I got picked as a chihuahua (so'd Amy-chan) as well. ^_^; Dunno what my colour is, tho... lemme check....

Oh, lookie! My colour is brown. ^_^; It says that makes me an emotionally stable person with a level way of thinking. Pscha, yeah, okay there. <---- very abstract thinker (just ask Cam, he's the damn same!)

*looks at pic* Oh, Mark-niichan IS sad. ;_; Wait 'til you see what I'm gonna draw of Cam (rambocam is on hold for a bit). Can we say "emotional agony"? I thought so.

Dan says he reads my blog. So, in that case, HI DAN! *waves like crazy* Your hair is RED today!

Okay that's all from me. I'm out of things to say.

And remember folks, that when Meg-chan kills off a kyara, they usually crop up again reardless. Don't lose hope!

May the RPing world mourn, for Lucas Hathaway is no more. ;_;
Hi, all! Guess what? James bruised my back. And my finger is STILL bleeding heavily--- but the dinosaur bandaid helped a lot. ^_^
Morning blog time again!

Well now. I didn't get ANY homework done, so I'm right dead (and talking like I'm from London, accent and all. Jesse, are you rubbing off on me? O_o). I started my spanish homework, but didn't get it done, so Ms. Rach is going to kill me. And I also didn't even start on my review and critque if act 4 of the Taming if the Shrew. I swear, I've already read it, so the idiotic questions we have to write up and answer bore the HELL out of me.
I think I stayed up far to late last night. I only got 2 hours of sleep. And I have a music test today! I just remembered that! O_O

I'm gonna re-draw my picture of Cam and Lucas. I liked it last night, but now that I look at it, I don't. I shall try to re-do it. Let's just hope it works.

Speaking of Cam, I'm itching to write something gory about him. I even know what I want to write, but HOW I'm going to write it is the problem. I can't think of a way to start. My plans are that of a nice little shared dream sequence, in which Lucas is being killed by Lila, and because Cam has to maintain a balance between polarities, he can't take sides by helping him. Isn't that lovely?

I never thought I'd live to see the day when Lucas and Lila have a civil conversation. Perhaps it's a good thing. Perhaps it's not because Lucas could be easily manipulated by her if she knew the right buttons to hit, and that he does love her (regardless that he does a good job of keeping that fact hidden). And Mark is so stupid sometimes. And Cam is doing a whole role-reversal right in front of me, and I don't know WHY! Why is he demanding to be drawn/written/RPed so... differently? I'm worried.

Yes, Dora, toturing Cam and Lucas is fun. ^__^

Got left out of a group viewing of "Pay it Forward" on Saturday. I felt very left out. Thanks a lot, guys.

It's very cold in my house at the moment. I've got goosebumps. *shiver* I'm going to shoot dad for turning off the heating before he went to work. He does a rather nice job of forgetting I'm here. As a matter of fact, so does my mom. Seems that I'm getting left out and forgotten all over the place lately. ;_;

*cheers as she finally manages to empty her inbox of thousands of past messages*

Well, enough from me for now. I'm off to another thrilling day at Ching Secondary. I hate that school with a passion.

Accourding to, I'm the following. This way, all of you have a good idea how strange I am! Don't say I didn't warn you.

for the "Are You Evil?" test

Well, you're kinda evil. They haven't reserved a place for you in Hell yet, but the
leasing agents are starting their calls. (Sorry, no air conditioning.) We're guessing
you find others' pain funny, your backstabbing knife is probably pretty sharp, and
your sexual wiles have likely brought you enjoyment at the expense of your
bunkmates a time or two. If more than one of those three things rings true,
consider yourself a card-carrying evil person. If you're interested in recanting the
evil thing, sensitivity counseling isn't a bad idea. Or else find a more sadistic
career, like a bouncer or a metermaid. But hey, to each his own, and if your
evilness fits, wear it.

For the "What Breed of Dog Are You?" test

No bones about it, you're an energetic, devoted
Chihuahua. For your breed, size definitely
doesn't matter. After all, sometimes the best
things come in small packages. Honest and
straightforward, you're never afraid to speak up
for what you believe in. Having such a
passionate personality can come with a few
drawbacks, though. You can be moody at times,
and people often find it hard to meet your high
standards. But once you make a friend, it's for
life. Saucy and intense, your energy and unfailing
loyalty make you a great companion. Woof!

the "What's Your Flavour?" test

Mmm ... pink grapefruit! Sweet and tart at the same time, you're bursting with
sun-kissed goodness. If you were a song, you'd be "It's a Sunshine Day" by the
Brady Bunch — you're just that perky and refreshing. That's not to say that you don't
have an edge — quite the contrary. In fact, a little bit of sugar (aka gifts, praise, and
other goodies) can always bring out your naturally sweet flavor. But when it comes
down to it, you prefer folks who can match you in strength and independence.
Luckily, that kind of attitude is appealing, so you always have 'em wanting more.
Citrusy, tangy, and a little exotic, you're a truly tasty treat.

"Do You Have a Sixth Sense?" test

If you didn't have a sneaking suspicion that you'd get this result, then we're not
doing our job right. You're as intuitive as they come! Not only do you see dead
people, but you expect to see them — your sixth sense warns you of just about
everything before it happens. "Go with your gut" could be your mantra. You trust
your instincts; for you, it has to feel right to be right. Why? No particular reason —
you just know that it does. Intuition is often just a matter of keeping calm enough to
listen to your inner feelings. In this hectic world, sometimes it's hard to catch
anything besides "feed me" or "watch out for that car!" But you've got it all figured
out. Being this intuitive probably comes in awfully handy. It helps you avoid bad
situations (and people) and follow the course that makes you happy. Just make
sure your gut isn't the only body part doing the talking. Your heart and your mind
probably have a few good things to say, too. But then, you knew we were going to
bring that up, didn't you?

And now you all know.
Cam and Lucas are messed up.
CGed a nice piccie of Lucas!

The result of listening to "Rain" by Steve Conte TOO much.
Reverted the page to its standard scheme! ^__^
A message to Dora-chan:

IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou!!!!!!!!!!!! (But, not in THAT way)

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for tha GORGEOUS fanart! *promptly prints like 12 copies and slides one in each of her school notebooks and binders for decoration*
Meg: *laughing like crazy as she reviews her spanish notes*

Cam: What's so funny?

Meg: Cuanta gente hay? *falls over laughing*

Cam: Uh, Meg... you do know that means "how many people are there", right?

Meg: Oh, it's not the actual meaning... it's the pronunciation....

Cam: Something tells me it's best not to ask.

Meg: Well, let's put it this way. "Gente" is pronouned like (or close to) how "hentai" is pronounced. ^____^ *more laughter*

Cam: Okay, too much caffine... no more pop or coffee for you, missy.

Meg: Awwww, meanie. ;_;
*dances around singing "Fall at Your Feet"* Let it go, I'll be there when you call, whenever I fall at your feet you let your tears rain down on me..... *singsing*

Hey, all! I had a long day. It was... long. And everyone has come to the conclusion that I'm either really ticked off or depressed. I'm not! I'm just not talkative today. Don't feel like speaking. Got it? ^_^;

Sempai, sempai, sempai... *shakes head* It's not fair that you can write one of my favourite kyara better than I can. Tell you what. You have him. *hands over Cadence 1*

New pic of Amadeo and Marius of the Vamp Chronicles!
Guess what? It's morning blog time again!
Ahhh, no Prozzak song for today... I'm running very late. ^_^;

School is gonna really blow today. See, I have a spanish project due today (I'm yet to start it), and I have a band test on scales (including thirds and crap like that). I'm also feeling very oogy. Eeeeh.

Whose Line was SO funny last night!! Jeff is cute.... *drools* Not as cute as Brad, but he's damn cute. And Colin got in some very funny lines last night ("for as long as I can remember, I've had memories"). And gotta love Irish drinking songs. ^___^

Dora, I agree with you wholeheartedly! Wayne makes the best Jamaican Love God, and Jeff is a great Beegee! ^______^

Update on Meg's art situation!
New canvas, new sketchbook, new palate, new palate knife, and no time to use them! ^_~
Actually, the sketchbook is good 'cause I can draw in it during classes. I'm working on another 1/2 portrait painting, this one of Lokistrant. It's coming along slowly, but that's okay. Up next, a portrait of my beloved niichans! I'm really having fun doing Vampire Chronicles art in my sketchbook. Amadeo is fun to draw. He's got red hair! *has an obessive thing for guys with longish red hair*
Lesse here, what else? OH! Yeah! I'm kinda' hoping to get some yaoi pics done this weekend. See, my dreams have been very slashy lately *coughbenandmagnuscough*, and I gotta share the love with everyone!!! ^____~

Uhhh, scales.... ick. CAAAAAAAAAAAAM! Help! ;_;

Cam: *pops up SD on Meg's shoulder* Play the A flat concert scale. Arpeggio.

Meg: *fixes the ligature on her clarinet and plays*

Cam: Wrong scale! A flat! On a B flat instrument, that would mean you start on B flat! -_-;

Meg: Oh. That's right. *tries again*

Cam: *peeeeeers* Is your reed on right? You're rasping.

Meg: I think so...

Cam: *frowns* Bridge keys aren't fully alligned.

Meg: You're such a damn perfectionist! ;_; *fixes the keys so they're even*

Cam: Thanks. Now try your B flat concert. Thirds. Staccato.

Meg: *does so, squeeks going over the break*

Cam: *falls off Meg's shoulder*

Meg: -_-; What say I just quit now and flunk?
Morning blog time again, folks!
*cue little kids cheering* *no cheering sounds**Meg pokes the kids with a sharp stick**kids cry*
Ah, close enough.

Last night was a creative night for your friendly neighborhood Meg-chan! That's right! I actually did new pics!

New to the wonderful world of Meg's art:
A messy, though detailed, sketch of Claudia and Louis from Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire".

Hinkaro Rukura and a very reverted-to-angel-self Shinko Yuken. My first CG of either of them. Colours are nice, but Dora says that Yuken's too beefy for her liking (I kinda' second that... Cam and Ben are the idea amout of beefcake...)

Umm, what else can I say? OH! YEAH! Some quotes of things that people I know said yesterday.

"Breathing is NOT a necessity of life." -- Miss Todd, re: Sarah and I having asthma attacks while playing the clarinet part to "Pueblo".

"The Guy with Six Legs!" -- my dad, re: a Jeopardy question which somehow had NO relation to a guy with 6 legs.

"Oooh, thanks, Old Guy With a Camera!!!" -- my brother John, re: a guy on Inside Edition who took pictures of Ben Affleck and his new girl friend saying "it's okay for Ben to date more than one woman".

Okay, that's all for now! Off to school. *FEH*


Morining blog! LATE IN THE MORNING, TO BOOT! *wild cheering* Thank you, provincial school standards for 2003 grads! I LOVE you!
*cough* Anyway.

Halloween has come and gone. Since I didn't get candy due to the fact that I didn't go trick or treating, I'll just swipe some offa my friends who DID go. *puppy-eyes at Ashley*

There's nothing like blaring some classic Prozzak in the morning. God, I love Simon! *glomps a Simon plushie (which has no neck, so heaven only knows how it's head stays on)* Prozzak must be the only band I actually fangirl over, and they're cartoons! And Simon looks like an anime dude, so that's always a BIG plus. And he has the CUTEST english accent! Kyaaaaa! *glomps plushie more and sings along with the song she's listening to (namely, "Shag Tag/You're It")*
8 days 'til Saturday People comes out!

Oh, just for fun and the sake of my love for all things Prozzak, every day until the new CD comes out, I'm posting lyrics to a song off the Hot Show cd. So, here we go!

Hot Show track 6 on the first Prozzak cd of the same title (and my favourite song by them)

Hot Show
She's my techincolour disco
Yo, yo
Yeah, we're gonna make a video
She'll keep it on the down-low
Dig it
Hot Show
You look beautiful in slow-mo
'Cause she's my sexy queen of Soho
And the reason that I come and go
From Brooklyn to Manhattan
You're the one
Who makes me hum

Every time I see ya' girl
I get to feeling sorta' down
And kinda out
Like you'll never be mine
And you and I could be so crazy
Like a crazy rollercoaster ride
Let me in 'cause
I'm out of my mind

Hot Show
I didn't know that you go stere
Yo, yo
Meet me at the local Ho-Jo
Drop that good for nothing zero
And come into my life
Forever more, my little (one)

To Sempai: Books ABOUT Canada? Damn... I feel pity for you. I mean, I love my country, but it's REALLY boring to read about its geography, population, yadda yadda. And even the history sucks (despite the people who wanted to be indepentant and went off to form the happygenki US of A).
Oh, and I'll mail you that story pronto.

Okay. I shut up.

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