It's so strange how life works.

Last night, I had my active spiritie pal (Bennett) hovering around me. He was being oddly nice... not throwing anything at all! So, I curled up around 5 am and went to sleep. Slept well (rare thing).
I woke up around 10, thinking "I have laundry and work to do... I should get up." But Bennett firmly stated that I needed my sleep and that I should get some more rest. I agreed, went back to sleep. Slept well. Woke up around noon. Put on my kimono to go downstairs. Bennett again protested, saying "don't go down there, not right now, it's not a good idea!". Did I listen to him? Nuh-uh.
I get downstairs. What do I find? My favourite kitty friend in the whole wide world is "asleep" under the dining room table. My Alistair. *sniffles* So, I had the nice job of saying good bye to the kitty we've had since I was, what, 2? Yeah.
Then WEIRDER things happened. The world suddenly realized my upset! John came home with the Prozzak poster I'd been oggling at's warehouse (it was a promo, so not for sale). This cheered me up a bit. And then, guess what? A dood hand-delivered the package from mi querida and Rach soon after! Is that freaky or what?
Ahh, strange world.
I have this overwhelming urge to watch RHPS. That's not healthy, folks...

Angel Hunter has become my latest thing to rant about. It's still not looking right! On to version 14 of issue one.... *putters off*
Yahoo is an evil program. -_-;
*heeheeheehee* Amy, you blogged nice things!
What. Is. With. The. Jokes. About. EYES?!!? I will get it someday.... someday... *whistful sigh*
Oooohhhhhhness, I vill go to de movies vith you! 'Cause I aahm Bartok!

GOLD IS THE NEW BLACK!!!--- money? *holds out hands to the digital people* Drat, back to playing pool....
Boy Meets Boy... damn, I love this comic. ^__^
I just installed the "blog this!" thing! How keen!
Morning (soon to be afternoon) blog!

Hola! I have an exam at 1. I am so thrilled about this that I could just, y'know, dance or something. *rolls eyes* I'm prolly gonna flunk, since it's spanish. *pokes Bennett* Dood, you better help me out or I fail....

Song of the moment: "Master and Servant" by Depeche Mode. Slashy. Very, VERY slashy... gotta love songs with lyrics like this one that make you think of yaoi. ^__^;;;

Speaking of sounds with profound lyrics, am I like the only person who knows "Where Is My Mind?" by the Pixies? Okay, Dani, maybe you know it... it's the song riiiight at the end of Fight Club where Tyler and Marla hold hands. It's a straaange song, but I love the guitar. But the TRIPPINESS! Such lyrics. "Where is my mind? Way out in the water, see it swimmin'?"

I really should change the quote... *points up* Naaah, I'm too lazy.

a mi querida: We really should get us some straight kyara.... and for some reason, the three main doods in AH having a threesome? That's stuck in my head. Looks like I'll have to draw something kinky.... not like I'm complaining, mind, but Dora will kill me iffen I don't. 9.9 <---- excuses excuses
Lian's a cutie!! He blushes too much. ^_^

*tries to decipher her doctor's handwriting* .... *tries harder*..... *head explodes*

You know what I REALLY miss about not really doing kami anymore? Getting the odd bit of fanart. How egotistical does THAT sound? Dood, I should just shut up.... naaah....

For fun, I'm going to assign a pretty list of Lian and Rukura's similarities. (post scriptum: Messiah Rukura, and not my RPing one, Rach. There's a hell of a difference....)
Both of them:
-have some serious parental issues, esp. regarding their dads.
-witnessed a murder in the family... 9.9
-have some strange friends in powerful positions
-have heart conditions
-have annoying mini-angels tagging along with them
-have connections as Messiah.
-have issues with excessively obsessive doods
-are, generally, miserable
-have short (if not cute) japanese friends (Luci-chan is japanese in background)
-go to private schools
-are suicidal

I could go on, too. It's almost scary.

Otay, I better get ready to go... *siiiiiighs*

For today, I thought I'd do a small art corner to start things off.

Meg's Art Corner
-Jesse, looking cute and clueless. This one's for you, Rach.
-Chibi-Lexi, looking kinda lost. This is a very disturbing picture if you pick it apart...
-Sybandial, all grown up!
-Jensen (aka Jyrian), airbrushed. So sue me, Chris, I name kyara after my friends.... *rolls her eyes*

Now, a special feature!
A kamishibai by Lucas Walker Hathaway! (note: the files need to be sorted into their directories for it to work... my zip program is trippy.)

And ANOTHER special feature! I'm quite proud to present a composition of mine (using Finale 2000b), Cameron's Requiem. (Please don't steal this for other uses than to listen to without asking me first!)

*in hysterics remembering Kris stripping to Patricia the Stripper by Chris Deburgh for his poetry unit presentation in 8th Grade*

Song of the Moment: "Spanish Train" by Chris Deburgh. Somehow, this makes me think of Cam and Lila dealing over Mark's soul. Except Cam's God and Lila's the Devil....
*sniffles* Thank you, Chris-kun! That's so nice of you! Thank yooooou! *glomps*
Meg-chan in the morning, after washing her hair. This is why we don't mess with her that early!

Yeah, I know I've not blogged much lately. So, to compensate, here's the update on my life! (Get comfy, people)

I got very sick on tuesday, but managed to put it off a bit... enough for me to be in pain for a few days in return. Thus, I wasn't at school much. That didn't matter, really, since it was bird week and all the courses were pretty much over. I did have to go in for some in-class exams, but that was about all. Oh, and I missed my music exam yesterday.
Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday, too. He said that my hand problems are either nerve damage (CT), or bone disfigurement. So he lined me up to get 20 x-rays taken. That was fun. *sarcastic*

And last night. That was just wonderful. Something has taken to tearing my posters off my wall, and it ISN'T my Bennett doing it. He's not happy about this invasion of his territory, so he's being overly protective of me and swearing a bluestreak. And the words that came out of his mouth are uncanny. I should have washed his mouth out with ethreal soap.... *heheheh*

Also things to take note of, I confessed my "issues" to mi querida....

And....ummm, Cadence killed Keirn!! Bastard had it coming, too...

Cadence: *growls* Damn right he did, no one treats Lexiel like that!! *grrrrr*

...and that's all!

Imouto; Ravenwolf is the best for general information. She's easiest to read, and she makes it a bit easier to relate to. Breid FoxSong's writings are interesting and worth checking out, as are Scott Cunningham's. Another REALLY good source of random information that tends to be very useful is found in the annual Llewellyn's Magical Almanac.
Meg is sick in a serious way. Don't ask. I'm in a lot of pain right now.

Quote of the Moment: an exchange between Lokistrant and Cameron, from the original AH.

"...we are the pre-ordained gladiators of the paranormal world. We fight to survive against odds beyond our control. We fight to live, when in the end, the only possible victory is death. Is it really worth it?"

"It's not a matter of worth.It's a matter of perception. Do you think that you're strong enough to live? If so, you fight to prove it. If not, you die. But strength itself... it's all in your head."

I am having a weeeeeird day. My hand hurts a LOT today, too. More info later.
Morning blog!

Yeah, yeah, Meg-chan's not bloggy lately. We aaaaall know. So sue me.

Not much to say, really. I should be going to the doctor sometime this week concerning my hand... and, um... I have exams this week.... and.... ummm..... me amo mi querida.... *thinks of something to actually type*

Ohhh, forget it.

O'er and out.
Morning blog!

Yeeeah, I didnae post yesterday. I know, I know. So sue me. I'm sick and my hand is killing me (not in the literal sense, but it really hurts). Mom suspects carpal tunnel, but I'm in denial. That's right. I don't have carpal tunnel in my right hand. No way. *said while trying to get some feeling back into her thumb*

Anyway, I'm kinda down today. I'm at home due to a mondo bad headache and some vicious cramps, so lo and behold, I got bored. And here I am.

Yesterday my school nearly burned down. It was funny; or at least I thought so. See, I was having a nice, quiet class in the library resource centre and colouring a cute picture of Sybandial (for Sola-chan *heheheheheh*), and then ALL OF A SUDDEN the alarm goes off. Thank god I never leave anything in my locker. Anyhoo, I got outside into the minus-fifteen degrees celcius cold, found Candace, and stood around watching the firetrucks/ambulances/police come and go for forty-five minutes before the fire was put out and we could go back inside (and I was without my bomberjacket, as I lent it to Cadance 'cause she was colder than I was). Appearently, someone sparked a gasoline fire in the autoshop. Way to go, whoever you are... looking to get a Darwin award?? T_T;

Meg's Art Corner Special Edition: dedicated to my nephew, Cam (not the kyara...)!
Caaaaaaammer, here's a pic I did for you since I've successfully converted you to the ways of the Cult of Potterism and/or Harryholics Anonymous. Behold, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger!

That's it from me for now. Over and out.
Morning blog!

I didn't get to sleep until 2 this morning, and I woke up at 5. This is how we can all tell that Meg's going crazy.

Last night I had a very fun RPing session wi' my Sempai. Why was it fun? I dunno, it just was. T'was Cadence and Lexiel, as opposed to our normal Cam and Mark, and I stand by the fact that Lexiel is a helluva lot more screwed up than Mark. Poor Lexi...
Valuable info retrieved from the RP: Keirn has, on at least one occassion, made Lexi wear a dress. *whistles*
Perhaps maybe Cadence FINALLY got to convince Lexi that he's not going to hurt him, nor does he want anything from him...
Oh, that RP was just too fun. *vastly fond of Cadence 1*

I believe I have an oral exam in spanish today. Fiona told me that Ms. Rach asks you stuff like "where would you like to travel?".
What would I say to that? Maybe... un dia, yo voy a ir a Japan....

Eugh, my stomach hurrrrrts. *makes tea*

*crosses her fingers in hopes that the mail from Sempai makes it here today*

Over and out!
Accourding to these doods I (like my imouto) am a Dreamer-Minstrel. Huh.
Another random thought:
I'm going to fail my spanish speaking exam tomorrow. I know it. >.<

Random thought:
If Cam is currently all three polarities in one, doesn't that make him a sort of representation of the human race, too? I mean, no one is PURELY evil/good/neutral.....
I have this sudden, overwhelming urge to eat eggo waffles. o.o;
I have come to this conclusion about RPing kyara. There very few that I actually get attached to, my own not included. Here's a list of the ones I like to chum with the most.

From the mind of my imouto
Kiih, Ro, Red, and Rudy

From the mind of mi querida
Mark (my personal all-time fave 'cause I just love him to pieces), Lian, and Soren

From the mind of mi amiga Lieko
Marron and Yuriel
Seems that blogger dislikes letting me publish. Ah well.
Morning Blog!!

Ugghhhh. I feel sick. Everyone in my house is sick. Wonderful.

I would like to announce that I am offically scarred for life, as I watched EVERY EPISODE of the Neon Genesis Evangelion tv series yesterday. My mind is forever warped. And Unit 01 creeps me out. o.o; *shudders at the memory of Unit 01 eating the Angel*

On friday, my mom got a new computer (which I am currently using). Guess what this means? I got the old one put in my room; with net access! Wai! Wai!

I'm out of things to say. I couldn't sleep last night, and Cam and Mark are making me wonder. T_T;

To Chris:

No hard feelings. I'm not really mad at you, I'm just SO used to people taking my art and using it for their own reasons that it drives me nuts. Can you believe that my locker was broken into in 7th grade and nothing was stolen except for my (near-completed) WT manga and sketchbook?
I'm sorry if I came off as a raving bitch. I'm just very over-protective of Angel Hunter because I hold it very dear and because it's really not mine. Thanks for the apology... that's all I wanted. ^_^;;
Can we still be friends? ^__^;; <--- sounds mondo cheesy saying something like that

Since when am I a veteran Kami author? o.o;;
rather pointed rant.... I warn you now....

Okay, I don't know why this irked me so much, but it did. Okay, I DO know why it irked me. Allow me to tell you what's up.
Chris, a pal from the forum, is a fan of mine. Fine, good. I'm flattered. Because of this, I gave him the urls to my art directories on geocities.
A few days ago, I did my "Don't Mess With Me... I'm Having a BAD Day..." pic, for not only a representation of myself, but as a promotional thing for AH. That's right. It's for ME. Uh huh. Chris liked it. That's cool. Look, print, okay. But he wants to put it on a shirt, and didn't ask me first.
What's wrong with that? Allow me to state a few reasons.
=That's unfair to me, my writer (sempai), and the comic company I work for (Riot Ink). Angel Hunter is a PROFIT endevour, in which we hope to make MONEY. The only AH t-shirts that I can permit to be made are by me to distribute at a cost so AH can be paid for. It costs money to make comics. If this is not something that is gonna be respected, I have to call in authorities. AH kyara are COPYRIGHTED.
=I do NOT own these kyara! It's a joint thing! I just DRAW them!
=It's stealing. Period.
=It would have been nice if he'd asked first.
=This is tempting me to take down all my online file accounts.
=If people do this (which I have never done, other than use my OWN art for such reasons), I may just consider not posting anything on here or the forum either. It's really got me bothered.

Also worth noting, Meagen-san is allowed to use Lucas in C:SM because SHE drew him for it. It's fanart. That's fine and good! See, you're not using MY art then, as pretty much everything I draw belongs to Riot Ink or to Sempai. Also, she asked me first, and I approved and gave the go-ahead.

So, Chris, if you're reading this, don't use my art like that, please. It's bad enough that you've got my hackles up, but don't make me create a more serious matter out of this. Please?

....rant complete.

Okay, Amy, did I do something wrong? Why the mean comment on "I don't have all night"?
Whee! My ISP is eviller (I am fully aware that is NOT a word) than is normal tonight. Ah well.

Meg's Art Corner

Well, here we have my new personal logo which will eventually be put on a t-shirt.

and here, my friends is myself. How egotistical, eh? ^_^;
Heeeya, kiddies, and it's time for the ritual sacraf--- err, morning blog! *coughcoughs*

Sadly, I got booted of the net last night too early for me to get to talk to my Sempai. I was greeeeatly saddened by this. Damn parents and their instance to sleep. I hate sleep. With it brings bad dreams. Allow me to give you a sample of one of mine from last night:

I was in a school (which looked somewhat like Ching, but was FAR too big and everything was distorted somehow), and I was wandering around the halls looking for someone. I come to this doorway thing, and I walk past it, and I see myself walk past the door in the same fashion from the OTHER side of the doorway. Like a mirror. Only, the background behind the other me was that of the room she was in. I stopped and went back, standing in front of the door and facing this other me. I raised my hand, she raised hers to mirror me. I put my hand in my pocket to pull out my keys (they're on a chain, so sue me), and she reaches into her pocket and brings out a handful of black feathers. At this point, she looked over her glasses at me, turned on the heel of her boots, and went into the room and I couldn't see her anymore. I resumed my walk down the hall to find this person I was looking for, and I ran into a dood who looked suspiciously like Ben. Then I woke up.

I'm a total headcase, I think. ^_^;

Whatelse is there to say? I dunno... *thinks*
Okay, enough from me then.

Over and out.
Morning Blog!

Nyaaaan, Dani! Lycos doesn't let me send mail to your e-mail addy. It always gets sent back. What's up with that?

Anyhoo, I slept in late today. This means only one thing... Meg needs to go to bed early tonight or else. But I don't WANNA forfit talking to my Sempai at night... well, maybe I can talk to her when I get home.

I have a spanish test on ir/er/ar verbs. I'm SO gonna flunk.

So, on that note, I've not much more to say. ^_^;
Over and out.
Morning Blog!

Welcome back to the world of Meg's daily updates. Here I am, sitting at the computer with about 15 minutes before I run out the door to school screaming "I'm late!! (enter profanities here)" and falling on my face at the bottom of the driveway.


Today, I go to school. I despise school. School is jail now, whereas before I liked it. Since we've gotten this new principal, all's been downhill. Everyone blames the fact that he's american, but I disagree since some of my best pals live in the States. I think this dood is a total sexist dickhead, tho, if you'll pardon my french.

Re-reading the AH RP that I had with Sempai last night.... angsty. o.o;;;

I should really brush my hair. *points to the tangled mess on her head* Yeeah. I don't wanna go out today.... and that ice cream from last night gave me a stomach ache. (I am Jack's Painful Tussle with Lactose Intolerance....)

Over and out.
Today, Meg-chan made a big purchase! She bought Fight Club, which cost her a whopping 16 bucks!

I love that movie. I love it's symbolism; the metaphors in the plot and camera work. The script is amazing, and the characters are great (especially "Jack", or Cornelius, or Robert, or whatever you wanna call him... but in the script, he's known as Jack).
However, Mom DESPISED the movie, claiming that it was a total waste of 2 hours. She didn't understand it. How sad. For this, I am Jack's Raging Disappointment.
To all those who actually read this, this is the first time in DAYS that blogger's let me on.

In other news, I slept over at Amy-neechan's house on Wednesday. It was FUN! We went onto Yahoo chats and annoyed some chica named Dreamslayeruk. It was amazingly amusing. Then Amy slept over here at my house last night, where we watched the first Lain tape and made up nicknames for people in X. We didn't get to sleep until 5:30 am, and I was awake by 10. Amy got up around 11.

Dani! Your quote in the e-mail (" I am Jack's overwhelming sense of confusion") reminded me.... I nearly bought Fight Club today. Went to Music World and had to battle the urge to snatch it offa' da' shelf and buy it. Mind you, I'm only holding off 'cause I wanna see if I can get it previously viewed at Roger's Video. I DID buy Elvira Mistress of the Dark, though, and nearly bought the MST3K movie too.

Watched Hollow Man last night. Not a bad movie, but not a terribly good one, either. Some really wild effects, and some serious gore, but acting wise? It wasn't very good.

To Sempai; I got a new phonecard. $10, or, about 125 minutes of talk. Sound good? Lemme know when to call ya'.

Happygenkisuperdupercool news! Come the next couple of weeks, the 'puter on which I type this very entry will be mine and mine alone! The BRSC is getting mom a new 'puter system, so I get the old one installed --- with net access-- in my room. Can we say "joyous occassion", boys and girls? I knew we could.

I'm almost done my 8th sketchbook, despite my lack of drawage lately. I can't draw, and Adobe is being moody. I have those Riot Ink things ALL done, but I can't convert them. >.<;;

All hail me, as I, Meg Graham, have officially hooked a total of 4 people on Harry Potter! Cam, you go, dood. Keep reading those books! I didn't give 'em to you for christmas for nothing, and I'm really glad you like them. Aren't they wonderful? All haaaail!

Current book being read by me: The Silence of the Lambs. Ohhh, damn, is this amazing.... *buries herself into blankets and reads about Hannibal and Special Agent Starling*

Mom's progress in VC: book V, Memnoch the Devil. I'm converting people to my taste in literature all over the place lately. o.O;;
Seems that blogger keeps guzzling my posts. What's up with that?? T_T;;
Meg's Art Corner!

My latest little artworks are as follows.
-pen and ink Cam and Mark
-what you might see if you walk in on Cam and Mark sometime in the early evening (yaoi warning on this one)
-chibi Lokistrant, inspired by watching "X"
-pen and ink Ni-kun
-pen and ink Hikari-chan
Hello, all you people out there in radioland---- uhhh, blogland!
Meg-chan's been slacking off in the blog department, as the past week has been a busy one. Regularly schedualed Morning Blogs (tm) will resume tomorrow, as well as more current entries due to the fact that I'll be by myself all day and bored out of my pretty little mind.

Everyone now thinks I'm crazy due to the fact that I insist on carrying around my Hedwig (whom is an owl, for those who are not informed) plushie at all times.Yes, I have a strong emotional attachment to this toy. Yes, I do sleep with it (be nice). And YES, someone very very very important to me gave me this plushie, so I will defend it from little kids to the bitter end!

Riot Ink meeting on Saturday night was... a riot. Absolutely no work was done, and we all sat around talking and drinking tea and watching Shamanic Princess.. Well, Drenn-san DID write a crossover hentai fic. And I drew a mildly sick picture of Cam and Mark. (see art corner)

I also got me the second CCS graphic novel! Man, the love triangles.... o.o;
So far, I have observed hints of these people having relationships:
Touya = Yukito (duh)
Sakura = Yukito (duh)
Tomoyo = Sakura
Syaoran = Yukito
Sonomi = Nadeshiko (cousins o.o;;)
Rika = Terada-sensei
Syaoran = Sakura
and, of course, the ultimate in obvious, Fujitaka = Nadeshiko

Ahhh, that's Clamp for you, tho.

Over and out.

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