*steals the Wolf plushie from Dora* MINE!!!!! *grrrr*

Quote of the moment:

"Until today, it really pissed me off that I'd become this totally centered Zen Master and nobody had noticed. Still, I'm doing the little FAX thing. I write little HAIKU things and FAX them around to everyone. When I pass people in the hall at work, I get totally ZEN right in everyone's hostile little FACE."
--Jack (actually, Joe in the book), Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

That quote amuses me to NO end.
Meg reads books via osmosis!
Late afternoon blog!

Meg's LAZY. She doesn't wanna blog today! She's also stressed. Yep. She is. But her mommie let her stay home today due to lack of teachers at school! WHIHAI!

Ummm, I've not drawn anything worth noting today. I am a bad girl. -_-;
Behold, gansta' Cam (for lack of better words....)!
'Tis morning blog time, as you all might have guessed!

Tonight I start official work on Twilight version 6, the inferiority complex. The image for it is NICE, so all you Lucas fans will have something to look forward to (I'm looking at YOU Meagen...). ^_~

Tech class is BORING now. We are working with notepad. To make web pages. Not only is that annoying, but I KNOW HTML, DAMMIT!! I know the code, and I know perfectly well how to use a wysiwyg editor. -_-;;; *grumbles* I dunno why I'm taking that class... I already know everything they're teaching. Well, save for video editing. I'm looking forward to that.

I'm SO tempted to write something H with Carter and Ez... I like them as a couple. Perhaps too much. Ez is just SO cute. And Carter is a rather interesting seme. ^__^;;;

Queriiiida! How much have you written on mark5???? I wanna read it no da! Pweeeease? *puppydog eyes*

*smacks the scanner* WORK, DAMN YOU! *grrr* Fine, stupid thing... I'll just post that pic later.

I'm outta things to say! ^_^;

This template is temporary while I work on the inferiority complex layout.
Morning Blog!

Wow, last night was SPECIAL in the wonderful world of AH. I like evil Lucas. He's a freak, and he can be miiiighty scary. Sad thing is, I was planning normal Lucas to go something like his anyway (he's too nice). Evil Lucas is akin to c3, only... freakier. And want in on a little secret? *psssst* Lucas is closer to being evil than he is being "good".... he just does a nice job of hiding this fact. 9.9

Anyhoo, I am SORE. I have this headache that refuses to leave me alone. It's one of those all-consuming ones, too, where your whole head wants to explode into a mess of tissue, broken bone, blood, and grey matter. Yeah. That's my head right now.

The order I put in to Coles Bookstore came in! ^.^ I shall pick up my books on Thursday! Books I ordered are Fight Club (which the movie is based on), and Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliott (which the musical Cats is based on). Oh joy, oh bliss! And I'm currently finishing Hannibal. See, I lost my copy of the book... so I'm picking it up again. Hannibal didn't have a happy childhood. Poor Mischa. ;_;

Something really funny happened to me yesterday.... like, weird kinda funny. I was listening to my Ricky Martin cd (oh, so sue me, he's an okay singer and I'm a sucker for latin pop music) and I could actually sing the songs in spanish! I found this amusing.... I took spanish for 5 months and I have completely forgotten my 7 years of french classes. I can only remember how to sing O Canada in french. That's it. And spanish sounds somehow sneak in there when I sing it. @_@

Cam: *petpets Meg* Sorry about that.
Meg: Well, you're forgiven for warping my mind to the ways of espanol. You sound like Antonio Banderas, so I can't really complain. *drool*
Cam: Ack, girl slobber. @_@
Meg: .... *slobbers on Cadence (1) then* Cute dood with cuuuute mannerisms and a philosophical outlook on the world..... *glomps Cadence*
Cadence: I'm for Lexiel, not you, y'know. -_-;

Okay, I gotta phone mom. Jaaaa, people! *waves* Maybe I'll blog from the tech lab again, who knows?
My comm tech teacher isn't here today, so yet again I get to do nothing. But I'm gonna make this fast since lunch is in less than 10 minutes.

Meg's Art Corner!
I got bored so I added wings to the CG of Candra I did a few days ago. The wings come from a pic of chibi-Cam. The final product can be found here. Pretty, ne? I get so bored in tech class. -_-;

Song of the moment: Ojos Asi by Shakira. The title roughly translates to "Eyes Like Yours" or "Eyes Like You". It's a REALLY cool song, and if you wanna hear the kinda music Loreena taught Carter to dance to, this would be the song to listen to. ^.^
It's morning blog time!!

Carter: Rifle... I need a rifle...
Ezra: *petpet Carter*

Carter doesn't like me since the jello incident last night....

Anyhoo, I'm not feeling at all well today. I'm cramping like crazy, and I have a headache. Dammit, I hope Mr. Wells doesn't give us a ton of work in math today. Somehow, I doubt I could concentrate on alegbra much today.

Oye, Dani! You should get Yahoo Messenger or something so that way I know when you're online. 'Cause I didn't get to go to your ftp site since Dad was yelling at me and making me do work. -_-;
Also, you told me last time I stayed over at yer' house that if Jamie needed a place to stay, she could stay with you. Can I call you up on that?? Pleeeease? I'd e-mail you, but Outlook Express doesn't like me as of lately.

Querida! I e-mailed Quinn, and she said she'd talk to the Dragon Lady about you staying over there for part of the summer. I'm gonna talk to dad tonight, hopefully, but this depends on what kinda mood he's in. *sigh*

Does no one understand the concepts of visual chaos? -_-;

Anyhoo, votes for my keenspace manga have been narrowed down as follows. * = 1 vote

LotM - ****
Allegro - **

Looks like it might be LotM that wins. @_@ I'm gonna have some of my friends vote, too.

I have this really bad habit of losing my watch before school on Mondays. This is why I have a spare watch.

I have a TON of catch-up work to do for civics class.... this means my net time tonight will be prolly after 5.

Maybe more to be posted from the computer lab! Ja!
A happy (or not) quote from an unfinished Lucas dream sequence. 'Tis c4...

"Do you require a name? Something to call me by? A title of sorts by which you can relate my personality traits to as so you may define me from your best friend, who, coincidentally, looks and sounds the same as I do?" He sloshes his foot around in the gore, still looking me in the eyes. "I am the same entity, and the same mind. The same soul, the same being. Why define a non-existant difference? I am the sum of the parts; all pieces together as a whole."

I like that quote. ^.^
Meg's Art Corner!

Candra, as drawn and CGed during my comm tech class. I got bored, okay? And my airbrushing is getting better since I learned some nice new tricks. ^___^
Good news! My AH poster is complete! Blood is red, Mark's eyes are purple, s'all good, dood!

I went shopping today! My booty of stuff includes some new picture frames, 6 new prismacolour pens, a mini-sketchbook, and 2 Depeche Mode cds (Violator, and Catching Up With Depeche Mode). They had those two cds on sale for $10 each, so I got 'em both. Too bad the singles cd I want is $40. -_-; .... next time I think I shall get Ultra, for it has "Home" on it. *droooooools listening to Master and Servant* Depeche-y goodness...

Poe-chan, I plan to help you with your crusade against OW. I shall recruit people to our evil (thought correct) cause! *cheers*

song of the moment: "Master and Servant", of course. Need I say more? ^______^ *drooooooools*
Ohmigod, I just had the most amazing experiance. I am in shock, and I am so close to tears (happy ones) that it's weird. Allow me to explain.

I went to see The Mexican with Matt and Dan. 'Tis a very good movie.... funny, with a good story! Lots of nifty plot twists, and lots of Brad Pitt-ish goodness. Anyway, that's neither here nor there...
After the movie was over and Matt called his dad to pick us up from the theatre, this cute blond dood walks by. I thought I recognized him... I did a double take. It was my pal-since-kindergarten, Kevin! See, we were good friends up until the end of 8th Grade. He goes to a different (rival) school. Anyway, I miss him a lot. And I kinda squealed and yelled his name, and he whirled around, saying "oh, god, it IS you! You look different!" and then it was a nice big hug fest, and his friends were teasing him for my being so bubbly and happy to see him. We talked for about 15 minutes. Oh, I'm so happy I saw him... I missed him so much. And no, I've never crushed on him... he's just like my little brother. We would always tell people we were cousins, and we often got in trouble in drawing class. *sniffles* And band....
Anyhoo, that was my freaky experiance. Weird thing is, I dreamt about 2 weeks ago that I ran into him.

Mark: Maybe you really are my sister. @_@
Cam: Amado, that's not too likely. ^__^;

The end, no da! *runs off to cry happily*
Meg-chan here, blogging at you from the Ching tech lab!

I finished my photoshop project, leaving me with another two classes to do absolutely nothing. So, here I am, blogging. Thus is my life.

I thought that for fun I'd intorduce y'all to the Coyne brothers! They are a (mainly) nice family of 5 biological brothers, all turned vamp by a vampiress named Athena. The oldest is Zeke (Ezekiel), who is the more reserved and mature of the 5, being 25 when he was turned. Then is Ryan, a kinda preppy-looking dood who is the resident snobbish loudmouth, age 21 when turned. Lennon is next, a kinda scary dood in the sense that he's a damn good liar and you can never tell what he's thinking. Turned at age 18. Then Jack, the most obnoxious, troublesome one.... covered in scars and sporting his hair in frosted spikes. 16 when turned. And then, my personal fave... Ezra-- or, "Railer" as Jack has named him. Ez was 12 when he was turned, and is the only one of the 5 to hold a steady and successful job. He currently resides in Los Angeles, doing a daily chart radio show, but since he's refound the love of his life (*koffcarterkoff*) I imagine he'll be moving to NYC. ^__^;;;;;

And now you know.

Dammit, this class is painfully boring when you're outta things to do. I'm actually listening to my walkman and typing like crazy, so I'm getting funny looks since we're not even supposed to be typing. 'Tis all supposed to be point and click. Ah well. Screw that, I'm finished. Project looks pretty spiffy, too. See, I took a picture of myself and my nephew sitting on the couch in Dani's old house. I'm holding the pet cat, so I edited the cat out and put a picture of myself as a baby in there. So I'm holing... well, a younger me. Sitting next to my nephew. On the couch in my sister's house. Yeah. I'll upload it and post it tonight, okie day?

song of the moment: Blue, from the Cowboy Bebop OST of the same name. Man, this makes me think of sad stuff about Cam and Mark. Mainly Mark. But hey. I love my niichan, I do I do.

Cam: He's mine, dammit. T_T;
Meg: Okay! Chill!! u_u;;;;;

Anyhoo, so what do I write now? Oh, I know! *singsong* Me amo mi queeeeeriiiiida!!! Querida es muy bonitaaaaa y mucho carinosa!!!!!!! *heartheart* I am a lucky, lucky chica. Yo tengo mi querida en mi viva!! <--- dunno if that's right, but don't correct me please.

School blows. I have, what, half an hour to waste? Ahhh, y'all getta live with this for now, you poor suckers.

This is what Meg is like when she's bored and has nothing to saaay!

OH! Dani!! Dani-oneechan!!! Are you still coming over this weekend? If that's the case, on Saturday or Sunday? 'Cause if it's on Saturday, I'll have to cancel for the Riot Ink meeting. Quinn won't mind, but I need to know. Okie day? E-mail me please? I'd e-mail you myself, but the school has all the e-mail servers blocked out.

Okay, enough out of me.
O'er and out!
Morning blog!

Nothing to say, no da. Maybe I'll post something from the tech lab at school around noon... ^____^;
I think I'm gonna work on the next layout for "Twilight". I already have a pretty good idea of how I want it to look, as it's gonna be of Lucas. 'Tis gonna be called inferiority complex.

I'm going to see Snatch on friday with Matt. YAY! I wanna see that movie so bad.
Morning Blog

*wails in agony* I didn't getta' talk to mi querida yesterday! *sobsobsob* Querida-Firefly.... ;__;

Anyway. For now, I shall blog typical morning-blogish stuff no da.

Meg is slow working on AH. Why? Because she is. She is going to try to get at least four pages done this weekend, but it prolly won't happen. Meg is uninspired. Heavy sigh.

Last night, I had a ton of homework. Like, a TON. and I actually did it all. Well, all but the reading on WW1, 'cause I didn't feel like it by the end of the night. Civics class blows more than History, mind, but still.

I am almost 60% done mt AH poster. The unfinished, upper half of it can be seen here. It's gonna take me forever to fix up and layer with ink, but hey. It'll be worth it. And I'm not sure if I should add Mark's glasses. Querida, what do you think?

Apparently, Amy has been bugging Dan to know why I am mad at her. How retarded.... couldn't she ask me herself? Why drag other people into this? And Dan says she "forgot" why I am mad. That just seems a tad stupid to me. Go figure.

Mike and Matt are so cool! I am really getting to like hanging around with them. Both of them, though very sarcastic, are exremely intelligent, and they are very nice to me (Matt always was, really, but at one point, Mike and I were rivals). It's pretty cool when you can just sit and talk for an hour and be totally satisfied with that as opposed to actually doing something. They make for really good conversation/arguments. Just don't be dissin' Metallica, and you're okay (Matt and I hate it when Mike does that).

I have this urge to write a narrative on Carter and Ezra. They were a very interesting couple.... the italian gypsy and the irish loudmouth. And Ezra uses the funniest words....

Ezra: Bullocks I do.


I had a really funky dream last night. In it, I walked to school and when I got there, there was a whole bunch of weapons on the ground in the front busway. No one was around, so I went looking for someone. I found James, who proceeded to give me a ritual hug (I have a lot of doods who hug me @_@), and told me the school was evacuated because there was a terrorist group in there. I asked him why he was there, then, and his response was "It's better 'an watching tv". So, I went into the school. It was really quiet there, and I found a group of doods all huddled and discussing terrorist-stuff at the far stairwell. They all looked up and saw me, and then they greeted me nicely, and it was like I was friends with them. Figures, I would be friends with terrorists.... and then I woke up to Bennett poking me in the stomach since it was 7:04.

Speaking of which, something called my name last night when I was juuuust falling asleep. It wasn't any of mah' doods... the voice was kinda low and gritty and not at all nice. It freaked me out, and Bennett wasn't there (he went off to find Lucas).


Now, before I go, more whining.


O'er and out.

a stupid little interlude....

Ezra: I'm feelin' right peckish....
Meg: Dood, you've been out of Ireland for ages, and you're still baring a strong accent. o.o;
Ezra: Don't be an eejit. I do not have an accent.
Meg: Uh huh...
Ezra: Where be me Ben? *looks for Carter*
Carter: *glomps Ezra* Ez! ^.^
Ezra: Kiss me, laddy, I'm irish. ^_~
Carter: *heheheheh, kiiiiiiiiiiisses Ezra*
Meg: I'm right knackered. I'm halting this post right now.

Quotes of the Day

"The doctor tells me I have to stay away from sharp objects. Like spoons. And beachballs."
My friend Matt Harbin

Overheard in Civics:
Ms. Fotinos:"....and this is why most male reform schools cater to the spartian rules as oppsed to the athenian ones. More restrictions, more control..."
Kyle: "And no girls!"
Ms. Fotinos: "That's right. No girls."
Kyle: "That's so gay!"
Ms. Fotintos: "Err... exactly."

"Mankind is a weird animal."
-- Mr. Apostolou

"Why do girls talk like that, anyway? I mean, there's no Valley in Ontario."
-- Mike Manson, re: valleygirls in my school

The vote tally!

LotM - 2 votes
Eval - 0 votes
CoBC - 2 votes
Allegro - 3 votes

C'mon people, I'm not signing up for keenspace 'till this weekend. More votes, please!
Morning Blog!

....only querida may steal that. It's trademarked. ^_~

Ehhhh, I feel shakey. I hate that. Not that I feel bad or anything, but I'm shaking. That is just SO annoying. I'm not even cold.... just shakey. Ehhhh.

Today is tuesday. Yes. I dislike Tuesdays. They signify that you still have 4 &$&*ing days to go in the week. Mondays I don't mind, but Tuesdays bug the hell out of me. Ah, maybe dad will give me a drive to school today.

Candra, Candra, Candra... took you DAMN long enough to realize that Carter's not the dood for you. Especially now that he and his long time lover, Ezra Coyne, have been reunited. Later on, I'll post a summary of their history here. Somewhat disturbing, Carter looking about 13 (has he was turned at age 15, but looks younger), and Ezra who looks all of 12 (was turned at that age). Kinda sick.... and when Ezra learns of Orion, there's gonna be some trouble.
Also noted, I have no idea how Lucas feels about Candra. He's not a kyara I can easily figure out. He's actually a lot like Cam in mindset, only more complicated because he's so good at hiding what he wants to hide. He may act like a putz, but he's sure as hell not (bet he'd be the last person you'd expect to be a multi-millionaire, richer than Cam can ever hope to be). He might think of her as a close friend, and he might think of her other ways. I have NO idea. At least Cam and Carter I can figure out.... -__-;;;;

Cam and Mark are sex fiends, too. In a store, on the display bed... niichan, you have some funky fantasies. Ah, well, at least Cam made it worth your while (even if he was a tad mean).

*insert heavy sigh here* Damn kyara.

ACK! I forgot to do my history homework! I'm a dead woman! *thinks up an excuse FAST*

O'er and out!

Querida, you're reading FAR too into this.... @__@
Anyway, I feel like intoducing one of my favourite kyara to our RPing sessions. He's cool, he's hip, he's DAMN CUTE! And... I'm not telling you who he is. Let's just say he has a tie to Carter.

Carter: That's putting it lightly......
Actually, no, they're not gory. Only one of them is (Chronicles of Benjamin Carter, but it's about vampires for heaven's sake). How nice of you to have thrown me into a stereotype simply because the stories of mine you HAVE read are violent (all, what, 3 of them?). Evaluation has like, one scene of violence (someone gets knocked over the head, big whoop), Legacy of the Messiah has very little blood in it, and what is in there is actually metaphorical (as I altered the written story so that it WASN'T violent), and Allegro isn't yaoi, it's shounen-ai. It doesn't go any further than one dood crushing on the other, and it revolves more about the kyara's lives than their actual love interest. That's just a side-story.

UBT has been UPDATED! *dance*
Tally of Keenspace Manga Votes

Legacy of the Messiah - 1 vote
Evaluation - 0 votes
Chronicles of Benjamin Carter - 0 votes
Allegro - 1 vote

Morning Blog!

Rukura: How wonderful, we get subjected to this again now that spring break is over.
Cadence: Could be worse... she could be RPing us right now.
Rukura: Point taken.



Last night was "special" in the RP department. Cam and Mark have some serious problems; I swear, they're rabbits! Lian and Rukura are cute no da.... Carter and Candra are progressing.... and Alex (the kyara, not the author) sitting on Lucas' lap is just funny.
Sympathies to querida for learning what I like to collect (besides dust).
Mark's professions of love are.... interesting. Right up there with his little fantasy. Dood, they should stick to the kitchen counter.

Elsewhere in my life (of which is non-existant), I've finished a nice HP poster no da! 'Tis Harry in plain clothes, holding da' Golden Snitch. Mind, it's in black and white, so you can't TELL the Snitch's colour... ahh, I'm stupid.
I'm also working on a rather disturbing poster of Cam and Mark. It involves bood, wings, blood, crosses, blood, and of course, the doods themselves (and some more blood). Imouto, thanks for the help in coming up with a colour scheme (if you can call it that).

Back to school today. I got up really early this morning, having only 4 hours of sleep (this is a bad habit to get into, boys and girls. Meg is a crackhead in the metaphorical sense). I'm not really looking forward to it, except for the fact that I miss mah' doods, Mike and Matt.... and yes, even Dan in moderation. Mr. Apostolou was supposedly fired (I'm not sure if that was a joke, or serious, or what; I wouldn't doubt either option as a possibility), and I'm not gonna be happy if he really was. Then later on, I get to tell Mr. DeWitte that I didn't do my photoshop assignments, but excuses for that are plentiful. I am the #1 excuse-inventor. You need an excuse for missing an assignment or not showing up to class? I'm your man....errr, woman. Despite the male-ness of my voice and appearence.

Last night, I couldn't help but wonder.... who reads this besides my friends (and not-so-friends *koffamykoff*)? If you're from the outside of my social circle and you read this regularly, e-mail me. I'd like to say hi. ^.^

This is unhealthy. Drinking Pepsi (we're outta Coke) for breakfast. From a pint glass that my dad brought home from the GRSC. Yeeeeah, that's too much sugar in one shot to be safe. I'm going to die a diabetic.

Cold pizza! ^.^

Lucas: *envyenvyenvyenvy* I wanna eat too... ;_;
Meg: Oh... I'm sorry, dood. *hides the pizza*
Lucas: S'okay.... ;_;


song of the moment: Californication, by (of course) the RHCP (not to be confused with the RHPS, imouto). This is a really good song. It depicts the world behind mass-media really really well, and it's kinda scary.

cd of the moment: Fight Club, OST by the Dust Brothers. If you like funky funky funky funky techno music, get this. Or download the tracks "Medula Oblongatae", "Psycho Boy Jack", "Single Serving Jack", or "Jack's Smirking Revenge". Also to take note of is "This Is Your Life" featuring Tyler Durden.

I am freezing my patoot off. *hides her arms in the sleeves of her kimono* And I'm on my 2nd pint of Pepsi. I'm gonna be bouncing off the walls in History class.

Meg's Neopets Advice
Apples make the best food. They're good for two servings, the second serving (a Bitten Apple) is most filling.
To get your pet smarter, read them lots of books. I reccommend sharing books with friends (thanks, Rach.... Cadence1 is up to master genius level!).
To get lots of NP, play the Wheel of Excitement (located in Farieland). The 10 000 np jackpot is NOT hard to get if you make it a daily thing to play.
Scratch cards, if played often enough, will end up being a whole slew of Race to Riches.
Keep your pets fed well, and play with them to make them happy. If you do, they're less likely to get sick.

Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. This is a verra long post. @_@
O'er and out!

Oh, yes. I meant to ask. I'm going to get a Keenspace account in the next few weeks for fun. However, I'm not sure as to what story to turn into a comic. Here are my options.

Legacy of the Messiah - started a kami version, but it lacks the impact I want. The story basically follows Raphael "Rukura" Harrison (a boy with a heart condition) and his high school life... with a sick twist. He's the reincarnation of God's bastard child, the Messiah, and has his psycho half-brother from that past life tracking him down. He also gets chased by the high school fashion club on a regular basis, his best friend is Satan, and his other best friend is a 500-year-old messenger-angel-in-training that looks like a 6 year old kid. Lots of SD to be in this if I make it a manga.

Evaluation - a short story I wrote in 9th Grade, about a girl named Rachel Ferdinand who is diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia.... and really isn't crazy. Thanks to her witchy friend Natalie, they find out who or what is making her go schizo, and they plot to stop them.

The Chronicles of Benjamin Carter - a sidestory to Angel Hunter. Benjamin Carter is a boy growing up in Florence, Italy in the 1500s. His father forces him to do some pretty....sick.... things, and along comes a mysterious dood with long brown hair to get him away from it. The stranger is Lokistrant (later to be Lucas Walker Hathaway), a powerful vampire. The rest is a secret. ^_~

Allegro - a shounen-ai story about two young music students, Wolfgang and Amadeus. Wolfgang is the shy, quiet piano player in the school jazz club, and Amadeus is the popular alto sax soloist. Both have been friends since they were little--- orphaned at young ages. This is really a day-to-day thing on how, through music class, they kinda find each other. It's cute.

I need votes. Y'all post what you want me to make into an online comic on your blog, okay? Danke!
In response to Meagen-san....

*eheheheh* Carter and Orion are scary, so I'm not going to pursue that topic....

Why does Cam have to be the freaky Demon dood? Oh... it all ties into universal theories and stuff. I'm not going to explain the most of it. Anyway, Cam Bennett (double 't' at the end there) is the way he is because he's the embodiment of the forces between good and evil no da. He doesn't CARE about the human race, or the world. Only himself and his friends (all, what, 3 of them?), as either way --- end of the the world, or the preservation of it--- is beneficial to him. And, btw, he NEVER tries to destroy the world (only when he's in his 3rd incarnation, but I doubt that will happen in the manga version of AH); that job belongs to someone else. Anyway... Cam's reason for living is long gone, and he doesn't even remember how or why. In all honesty, all Cam wants is a way out of his immortality, and he wishes to die. It's long and complicated. And very based in theories on religion, the universe, and creation. Let's stop at that. ^__^;

back to your regularly schedualed bloggy-goodness.
song of the moment: Sympathy For the Devil by Guns N' Roses (original song by the Rolling Stones). This song is a Simon song. @_@ LYRICS!

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul and faith

And I was 'round when Jesus Christ
Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that Pilate
Washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change
Killed the czar and his ministers
Anastasia screamed in vain

I rode a tank
Held a general's rank
When the blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
Ah, what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

I watched with glee
While your kings and queens
Fought for ten decades
For the gods they made

I shouted out,
"Who killed the Kennedys?"
When after all
It was you and me

Let me please introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
And I laid traps for troubadours
Who get killed before they reached Bombay

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what's confusing you
Is just the nature of my game

Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me Lucifer
'Cause I'm in need of some restraint

So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I'll lay your soul to waste, um yeah

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, um yeah
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, um mean it, get down

Tell me baby, what's my name
Tell me honey, can ya guess my name
Tell me baby, what's my name
I tell you one time, you're to blame

What's me name
Tell me, baby, what's my name
Tell me, sweetie, what's my name

*laughs* My results on the "Your Hidden Talent" test on QuizBox says:

The Artist
You love freedom and want to follow your heart's desires. You might not be at your best when dealing with other people. Once you are given the opportunity to work your chosen way, your gift will shine. A tip for you is not to concentrate too much on your own work, but widen your focus and consider the opinions of other people.


I am 72.4% Cruel and Unusual corrupt.
12:46 AM
Meg's Art Corner!

Dedicated to Orion....Carter, in tight black leather. Can we say "yummy", boys and girls? I knew we could.
WOOHOO! I just found out the title for the last book in the Star Shard Trilogy!! 'Tis called Shattered Sky! I can't WAIT! *swoon* Ahhhhhh, Dillon, Deanna, Lourdes, Michael, Tory, and Winston.... all such old friends now....
Blogger hates me.
Meg's Role Playing Drinking Game
Only for the daring, be warned. It might be best to play this with water...

1 drink = an english speaking kyara says something lengthy in japanese
2 drinks = it's Firefly's kyara that says it
1 drink = Cam and Mark get sappy
2 drinks = they end up in bed together
3 drinks = they get disturbed half way though
1 drink = Rukura gets chased by the fashion club
2 drinks = it's Araziel who's chasing him
1 drink = Carter is being drooled on
2 drinks = by a girl
3 drinks = by a guy
4 drinks = by Simon
knock it back = if Carter ends up running away from something
1 drink = Carter and Orion make out
2 drinks = Orion asks to have sex
3 drinks = Carter obliges
4 drinks = Carter declines
knock it back = Carter stands up for himself
1 drink = Cain and Yuken start groping
2 drinks = Yuken sprouts neko-mimi
3 drinks = Cain gives Yuken oral sex
knock it back = Meg and Alex turn the hose on them
knock it back = Meg nosebleeds
1 drink = Lucas makes a stupid pun
2 drinks = no one gets it
3 drinks = no one but Cam gets it
4 drinks = Cam and Lucas yammer in spanish
knock it back = Meg yammers in spanish
1 drink = Lian pets Rukura's hair
2 drinks = Rukura purrs
3 drinks = Rukura licks Lian (where ever)
knock it back = Rukura licks Lian (think south)
1 drink = Meg glomps one of her niichans
2 drinks = they glomp back
3 drinks = Meg glomps Cam
4 drinks = Cam lets her
1 drink = Carter sings something Offspring
2 drinks = Candra sings it with him
1 drink = Meg brings a kyara back from the dead
2 drinks = Meg kills a kyara off
3 drinks = a kyara tries to commit suicide
4 drinks = they fail
knock it back = they succeed
1 drink = Rukura stops Gabby from beating up Lian
2 drinks = Rukura wins
3 drinks = Gabby wins
knock it back = this turns into a threesome
1 drink = Sy smiles
2 drinks = Lucas smiles
3 drinks = Cam smiles
4 drinks = Carter smiles
5 drinks = Jesse smiles
knock it back = Rukura smiles
knock it back = Simon DOESN'T smile
1 drink = a kyara has a horrible past
2 drinks = it comes back to haunt them
3 drinks = it doesn't
4 drinks = it makes them go crazy with guilt/anger/etc
knock it back = they have a happy-genki past
1 drink = Rach glomps a dood kyara
2 drinks = they glomp back
3 drinks = they call her "chica" or "hermana"
1 drink = Meg glomps Firefly
1 drink = Firefly glomps Meg
1 drink = Cadence reads a book
2 drinks = Cadence writes a book
3 drinks = Cadence sketches
4 drinks = Cadence gets angry
5 drinks = because of Xan Soo
knock it back = Cadence cries
1 drink = a kyara is multi-talented
2 drinks = if this kyara is Cam
3 drinks = if this kyara is Lucas
1 drink = Yuken shows his sadistic side
2 drinks = using Rukura as the victim
3 drinks = Kanson intervenes
1 drink = someone tries to destroy the world
2 drinks = they're stopped by their love interest
3 drinks = they're stopped by someone other than that
knock it back = they do something stupid and kill themselves
1 drink = there's a yaoi relationship
2 drinks = there's a yuri relationship
3 drinks = there's a threesome
4 drinks = the threesome consists of all doods
knock it back = there's a straight couple
Yahoo voice-chatting with Alex... dood, this is funky! Don't I sound like a guy, Alex??
Conversation overheard in my room last night. Not sure who it was no da.

"...somehow, I can't say how sorry I am. I didn't mean to."
"Yeah, well, you have a lot to be sorry for."
"I know."
"Start making up for it, dood."
"But how do you make up for something like that? I don't know where to begin..."

No idea who it was. I kinda faded out of reality after the last bit.
I. Want. Mik. NOW.
Imouto.... dammit, you're RIGHT! Those AREN'T her hands in that pic! I never even noticed! o.O

In other news... got some work done on AH. Redoing it again. I've found a template I think looks good, so that's it and I'm sticking to it. Working my way well into page 3, which is half done. Pages 1 and 2 are inked and coloured and ready to go no da.

Ha ha on Orion! Carter ("Benji") tricked you good, you slick bastard! *points and laughs*
Meg's Art Corner!
Airbrush pictures, crazy crazy stuff no da. Don't ask about them. Just look at them. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Song of the moment: Rearranged by Limp Bizkit... it's Carter's current mindframe. LYRICS!

Just think about it
Just think about it

Lately I've been skeptical.
Silent when I would used to speak.
Distant from all around me
Who witness me fail and become weak.
Life is overwhelming. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I don't fall down.

But you don't understand when I'm attempting to explain
Because you know it all and I guess things will never change,
But you might need my hand when falling in your whole.
Your disposition ill remember when im letting go of...

You and me we're through and rearranged.

It seems that your not satisfied.
There's too much on your mind.
So you leave and I cant believe all the bullshit that I find.
Life is overwhelming.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I don't fall down

But you don't understand when I'm attempting to explain
Because you know it all and I guess things will never change,
But you might need my hand when falling in your whole.
Your disposition ill remember when im letting go of...

You and me we're through and rearranged.
You and me we're through and rearranged.

You're no good for me.
Thank God its over.
You make believe that nothing is wrong until you're cryin'.
You make believe life is so long until you're dyin'.
You make believe that nothing is wrong until you're cryin', cryin' on me.
You make believe that life is so long until you're dyin' (dyin'), dyin' on me!!
You think everybody is the same.
I don't think that anybody is like you.
You ruin everything and you kept f***ing' with me
Until (you think that everybody is the same) its over and I wont be the same
You ruin everything and you kept f***ing' with me
Until (I don't think that anybody is like you) its over and I wont be the same

Just think about it
You'll get it

*points* The Bitch banner is a warning, btw....
AIM hates me as much as ICQ and won't let me on.... *siiiighs*
Ahhh, this seemed to be a must after all the RPing. Read on.

a brief study on the relationship between Benjamin Carter and Simon McKinnley
Background on Simon?: a sorcerer, necromancer, and down right bad dood. The second vamp ever, and prolly the only person to ever considering biting back when a vamp gnaws on them. ^__^; Sired 6 other vampires, 5 of which went on to sire more and spread the joy that is being a bloodsucking fiend of the night. 1 remained fledglingless.

Background on Carter?: a child prostitute from the 1500s, abused, raped, and pimped by his father Derkshaw from the time he was 6. When he was 15, he befriended Lokistrant, the first and only pureblood vampire (sire to Simon). Simon had also been watching this boy from a distance, and stormed Derkshaw's house to steal him. Carter was tortured and used, and turned; then trained to become a lethal killer. He escaped Simon when Lokistrant reappeared and "killed" him, taking Carter and fleeing.

Why does Simon obsess over Carter?: Simon's obsession isn't really an obsession. He sees a great deal of himself in that boy, and knows that if Carter doesn't harden up and learn to fight, he's a goner. He's more interested and curious about him than obsessed, but he does find Carter extremely cute (who doesn't?). So, he hunts the boy, and plans to finish his work of breaking him in before the power he holds goes to waste.

Carter's release is...?: By standing up to Simon and facing his biggest fear, he passes his final test. Simon will leave him alone, his job finished. The boy has learned how to fight, and how to be a killer. But, he's also still human. Simon is content, as Carter is damn near invincible if he's confident enough. In a sick way, Simon's done Carter a favour.... Carter would have been dead long ago if he hadn't been taught how to at LEAST get away from a fight.
Poe-sama, I've got AIM. Name be WiredMegChan.
WAAH! Poe-sama! ICQ crashed and it won't lemme back on! *cries*
*laughing* A little imagination riff, copyright Dora-chan....

"Meg's Line is it Anyway?" Starring: The Shepardiest pie around, Cameron Bennett! The cutest boy out of Britain since Bowie, Marcus Caine! He's buff, he's handsome, and he's pretty silent, Benedictus! And finally, "I don't know about you, but I'm straight..." Tim!"
Early Afternoon Blog!

Okay, this is funky. Kiih showed Dora-chan a nice exerpt from one of my past lives... isn't that fun??

Tally of Spiritie Doods in Company: 4.... Cam, Mark, Ben, and Tim.

This just in! Orion and Carter have a STRANGE friendship!
Special Delivery by the Offspring sounds like Simon to Carter. O_O;;;;;
Song of the moment: Living In Chaos by (you guessed it) the Offspring. LYRICS!

Somewhere the time was right
Could have been gone in ten
This world is hard to fight,
Hitting you once,
Hit it again
To know the way it feels,
Everyone gets knocked down
When you get up it's real,
By taking it back,
Turn it around

Get on it, up on it
Get on it -- wouldn't wanna be you
Get on it, out on it
Get on it -- no one's gonna free you
You know, when you're keeping it slow
No matter where you wanna go --
Wouldn't wanna be you
Get on it, up on it
It's on -- we're living in chaos

Somewhere along the line,
Things get chipped away
This place keeps going down,
Gets a little worse every day
I see hate and greed,
This world's a messed up town
Embrace the pain and see,
By taking it back,
You turn it around

*in gaping AWE*

Holy sh*t!!! The Conspiracy of One cd has the most incredible multimedia portion! I put it into my cd rom, and this is what came up on the program.

-4 complete music videos, high quality... videos for "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)", "She's Got Issues", "The Kids Aren't Alright", and "Why Don't You Get a Job"
-two karaoke videos, in which you can toggle the vocals on or off. Songs are "Original Prankster" and "One Fine Day"
-Huck it (an Offspring Home Video trailer)
-Offspring fanclub access

I am in awe. *___*
*worships the Offspring* All hail Dexter, Greg, Noodles, and Ron!
Somehow, Tripod thinks I violated the terms of sevice. Let's hope Spree likes me. T_T;
Ahhh, therapy through shopping. I need help, I swear I do. Today mom and I went to the mall, and I got two new books; Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King, as well as the new Offspring cd, Conspiracy of One. I love the Offspring.... they're so funny. And every song of theirs is a social commentary. Gotta love it. ^__^

Currently reading: Obsidian Butterfly (an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novel). Not too bad... I'm liking Edward.

song of the moment: Want You Bad, by the Offspring. I cannot reccommend this cd enough. Everything on it is Carter-ish music. The next cd I buy will definately be Americana...

Ribby... I do like that song. I like it immensely. I find The Bad Touch to be a very funny song. I'm a sick girl. ^__^;

*sighs* I'm being forced by my parents to enter the local Art Society contest. It's CG art.... but I've no idea what the hell to draw for it. Okay, that's not the total truth... out of 3 entries, I want at least 2 to be AH. Of course. Advertising no da.

I'm on a writing kick. I'm starting another re-write of the Chronicles of Benjamin Carter... I'm putting my recent depression on paper, I think. I'm such a terrible angster.


Carter: *singing* Until the break of dawn/Life life/Cannot go by the letter/Time time/Prozac can make it better....
Meg: OFFSPRING! ^___^
Carter: You betcher' patootie, chica. *grins*
Meg: *snags Carter and hops around with him* WAI! WAI! WAI!


*sniff* Sadly, last night I announced the untimely death of a really cool RPing kyara. Rach is gonna kill me. But anyway, let's all have a moment of silence for vampire boy Carlos Miguel Martinez. *bows head*
Now, the question is.... is Lance D. Rhodes gonna die next? *duh-nuh-nuh!*

I'll shut up now. Over an' out.
Since I haven't been online at all today until now, allow me to post some art I scanned yesterday. ^_^;

Meg's Art Corner!
An angsty sketch of Carter I did right after my fight with Amy began. Mom says it's disturbing 'cause you can't see his face.

Carter again, hanging upside down with his wrists slashed. Let's all give a round of applause to Simon for his inventive 'punishment' methods.

Meg's Grocery Store Art!
See, I had a pen and some blank business cards. I was waiting for mom to get the groceries, so I drew on the bench by the door leading to the parking lot. This is some of what I drew. ^_^;

Dien is a jerk, and one of Cadence's assassins.
Mik, my fave dood from BMB. I'm a Mik Chick. What can I say?
Vilheim gives Carter a look that just screams 'dood, stop singing or die!'.

My favourite teacher this semester told us today that he got fired. *cries* Mr. Apostolou is so cool, tho! ;_;
Song of the moment: "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang. The OFFICIAL Orion 'n' Carter song. LYRICS!

The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang

Ha-Ha! Well now we call this the act of mating
But there are several other very important differences
Between human beings and animals that you should know about

I'd appreciate your input

Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought
Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about
So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts
Yes I'm Siskel yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up
You've had enough of two-hand touch you want it rough you're out of bounds
I want you smothered want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns
Come quicker than FedEx never reach an apex like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined
To make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time

Do it now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Gettin' horny now

Love the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket
Like the lost catacombs of Egypt only God knows where we stuck it
Hieroglyphics? Let me be Pacific I wanna be down in your South Seas
But I got this notion that the motion of your ocean means "Small Craft Advisory"
So if I capsize on your thighs high tide B-5 you sunk my battleship
Please turn me on I'm Mister Coffee with an automatic drip
So show me yours I'll show you mine "Tool Time" you'll Lovett just like Lyle
And then we'll do it doggy style so we can both watch "X-Files"

Do it now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Gettin' horny now

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Gettin' horny now

Morning blog!

I think I stayed up too late last night... I'm half asleep. Ah well, I have the weekend to catch up on my snoozing. Actually, all things considered, I'll prolly get to sleep through my classes. ^__^;

Carter is so fun to mess around with. He and Vogel make a cute couple, and he also makes for good friends with Orion (even if it is a -koff- strange friendship). The dood has some serious problems, though, including his well hidden sadistic side. And having Simon after him doesn't help much.... Simon is quite literally after his blood. ^_^;
Speaking of which, I'm willing to bet that he'll let Orion snack on him now. If he's nice about it, that is.

I feel so special! I have graph paper! Wowie!

Actually, tho, I got blank cardstock so I can make the AH tarot deck querida and I have been planning. It's all a matter of getting started... it's gonna take me weeks to do. @__@

Last night, mom and I went to Coles (bookstore, fyi) and I got an Anita Blake book. It's quite good so far.... Edward is funky no da! Mom also placed two orders for books; a copy of the novel Fight Club is based on (of the same title), and a copy of T.S Eliot's Old Possum's Guide to Practical Cats. Both for me. My literature tastes are just as freaky as my music ones.

I'm running poor on Neopets...*gets a race to riches card and hopes she'll win somthing*

Otay, I gotta go to school. Ja, minna!
freak purity test results say I'm 77.1% freak.
Morning blog!

Not much to say. I'm soooo tired.... I dunno why. I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning. Ugggh.

Querida? I warn you that when I get online later tonight, chances are that I'll be in an unhappy mood. Just a warning....

I warn you all now, below is a rant intended for Amy. T_T

Amy; yes, that was my response. I didn't post it because I knew you didn't get it since you were offline when I hit the send button. So bite me. I never said that you never say anything nice... you just complain a lot. And people who complain a lot bug me (with some exceptions). And what am I supposed to say when you whine that people are mean to you in your other classes? "Gee wiz Amers, let's go pound the living s*ht out of them! Hi-diddly-ho!". Come ON. So instead of this pleasant alternative, I try to make you feel like you're not the ONLY one, but does it ever work? No. Boo hoo, Amy's forever alone, boo hoo, Amy's the world's only person who's ever treated mean! *sobsob* Cruel, unkind, vicious, spiteful world!
And for a change, I don't feel like making this fight better... I'm SO tired of this that I'm considering letting this friendship slide. It may not be worth it after all.

*best monty python-ish voice* And now for something completely different....

Simon: Goodness, Ben, everyone sure does like you. Such a popular boy you are!
Carter: Ehhhhhhhh.

I'm done. Over and out.
song of the moment: "Got the Time" by Anthrax. Makes me think back to when John used to blare this song for me when we would go out into town in the Z24.... I was only about 6....
You're going to HATE me for this, I bet, but here we go. I must rant this. A conversation between myself and my supposed "best friend". I had said that I give up on her (in referal to speaking with her as she's such a DOWNER half the time that it's aggravating). This is our exchange.

Friend: You give up on me? My god who do you think you are? No seriously, my life doesn't revolve around you Meg. Now that seems so mean, but you always seem to act as though you like it when I fail, or that my feelings aren't justified. And you can't give up on me, because you see it doesn't work that way. You can't give up on a friend, it doesn't work. I refuse to grovel and beg for your forgiveness because I do that oh so often. I realize that I've been mean lately but you don't ask me why I might be treating you not very nicely, no you just assume I'm being mean. Maybe you don't care. But no you can't give up on me, because I won't let you. *ahem* And I'm not good at getting angry, so I probably don't make sense.

Meg: Did I ever say that your world should revolve around me? I'm just very sick of your "waaah, waaah, I don't fit in with meg's other friends" deal. I'm sick of it. And, yes, I can give up on you because that's the way I am. My patience has long since worn thin, I don't feel much like taking up a permanent deal in which I must a) try to boost your ego b) put up with constant whining c) rally with "I don't fit in"s, "I'm not talented"s, or any such junk. I'm sick of it, so there. And I don't like it when you fail. I just find it so annoying that you whine so much when you do. T_T

I bet I just made myself look like a vile little bitch, but so be it. I ask that unless you know who I'm talking about, please don't get involved by giving me advice. This blog is strictly for rant purposes.

And to this friend of mine, maybe if you'd TELL me why you treat me the way you do as opposed to waiting for me to ask you why, I wouldn't get so fucking pissed off, huh???

*tone drips acid* Well excuuuuse my wording, your highness....
Question.... if your best friend you rarely see offered to let you come to the movies with her and two of her guy friends, wouldn't you go to spend time with her, even if you're not terribly close with the doods? I would think so....
This is so funny I just HAVE to share!

I rushed around this morning to get ready for school. I was paranoid about being late (I'm late-ophobic), so I ran half the way to school. Kim Tyson stopped me at the catwalk, and asked me, "Hey, have you seen anyone walking to school other than us?"
I said no.
She laughs and says "That's 'cause it's the late-start day! School at 10! I didn't remember until now... don't bother going in!"
We both found this SO funny, as I was being forced into going today. Not to mention, when I did get home, I was locked out of the house, and had to ring the doorbell to get mom to wake up (she's working nightshift this week) and let me in! *laughing*

Ahhh, I feel dizzy.
Morning blog...!

Running late, and I have nothing to saaaaay!!!

Oh, Queirda, iffen you wanna know how to airbrush and keep lines, remind me later and I'll tell you how.

Over and out!
Just for comparison.... here's the letter I wrote on Saturday to OW.

>Since Otakuworld is going to be charging for access to the kamishibai
>stories, could you please remove my stories "WT Saga" and "Bishoujo
>Senshi Sailor...?" from the kami story index? Thank you very much.

and the response?

So noted.
--Stephen P. Lepisto

Funny how this works....

You're very welcome, querida! ^_____~
Okay, I've ranted about this to querida enough as it is, but I just feel like adding my 2 cents. Otakuworld, though a wonderful website, is like most others. It is just that. A website. Once it's gone or made a pay deal, people are going to find something else. In all honesty, who wants to pay just under $6 a month (american funds, people... that's like $8 canadian) so that three otaku webmasters can make a huge profit? Come on. Think about it. Anyway, what they ARE doing is illegal (at least here); they are making the kami and kiss viewers free, but other people's work (stories and dolls) available to only people who pay for site access. NOWHERE on the site does it say that submitted work will become property of the OW staff so they may use it for profit/gain/whatever. If OW goes under, we'll all survive. There will always be something else, as it's almost a guarantee that if it doesn't already exist, someone's gonna make a new anime and manga site in it's honor. Jennifer's e-mail to querida seemed a little bitchy and desperate to me. And as querida said... cry me a river. No sympathy for people who're trying to jyp us out of not only our hard work, but money, too.

Meg's Art Corner
This pic is gonna end up as a solid CG, too, but for now, here's the base sketch of Carter, airbrushed.
Morning blog!

Home, lalala.... T_T


I think role playing Carter so much is getting to my head. That kid has some serious problems, and he's triggering me to get upset over things which I am not usually. I get too involved in my kyara. Carter is fast becoming a good way to angst. I would be angsty too if I had Simon after me. @_@;;

Querida, redoing the AH quiz sounds like a good idea... I mean, the kyara list has grown. Good plan, good plan. Shall we do that tonight? I would also like to discuss with you.... who, my dear, is going to put together an AH site for the Riot Ink page? I will if you'd like....

*snickers at BMB*

okay enough from me. Over and out.
Sorry for my earlier, depressing entry. Now a word from my kyara.

Cam: *beats Meg over the head* I did NOT have sex with Mark on the kitchen counter!
Meg: Suuuure you didn't.
Lucas: I'm never ever eating at the Bennett house again.
Carlos: Psst, dood, you're a vamp, remember? No eat.
Lucas: Oh, yeeeaaah! Fergotted!
Lance: *sweatdrops*
Carter: *zo(u)nked out and dreaming* Mmmmm.... Voooogel.....

Lookie! I'm not going into school today. T_T;
I hate being me... goddammit, I'm ALWAYS sick. I'm always sore. I'm a klutz. I'm in no way pretty. I'm anti-social more by force than by choice. I'm dark, depressing, uncoodinated, a total bitch, and I'm forever busting my ass over artwork that will probably get me nowhere in life. I am Jack's loathed sense of worthlessness.

I am aware of this. I am enlightened.

Excuse me while I lock myself in my room and watch the end of Fight Club......
Quasi-Morning Blog!

This may be the first of two parts.... I might not be going into school again. See, I'm sick. As usual. T_T

The exchange between Cam and Mark that I posted last night prolly needs some explanation, so here we go. Mark, being a flirt, pulled Cam into bed and started getting freaky on him. Need I go on? Anyway, that exchage struck me as funny. Same with this one.... uh, consider this afterglow conversation.

Cam: Hello up there. ^_^ *has his chin resting on Mark's chest*
Mark: Hello down there.
Cam: ^_^
Mark: I still say you had bricks for breakfast.
Cam: well, no, technically I just had you for breakfast.
Mark: Breakfast of champions.

I thought it was just me... all this seemed funny last night. And the weird thing is, it still DOES seem funny.

I should go shower and get dressed, lest mom make me go to school... might blog in a bit.
Mark: *pokes cam in the stomach again* What did you eat for breakfast? Bricks?
Cam: No way! I'm strictly a cereal guy.
Mark: Brick cereal, eh?
Cam: It's part of a balanced breakfast.
Mark: *sticks his hands up cam's shirt* And I see you've had your daily six pack of coke.
Cam: And you must have been into them, 'cause your hands are cold!
*eheheheh* *falls over, blushing* I'm not that good, dood! But thank you anyway. I'm really really glad that you appreciate my work so much.... and thank you thank you thank you for the kind words. ^_^
Also, regarding what you said about querida, I'm working on her. Her and I have a frightening amount in common (especially regarding depression @_@), so I try to be there for her and I try to be understanding. It's not much, but I try. It's the best I can do for her, and I hope it's doing some good. So she's not alone. I'll get her fixed up yet. ^_~

Rikki: LOVE THE LAYOUT!! Sutekiiiii... *drools*

And the background to my blog works... *blinks*

I am a sick sick Meg-chan.... my ears are killing me, my throat hurts, I'm running a fever, and I'm freezing. Siiiiick.... *cries*
Meg's Art Corner!

Dedicated to Orion-sama, a nice drooly worth-obsessing-over pic of Carter!

And the sketches for the members of Oscuro!
Whose Line purity test.... I am Mochrie, with a 58.5%!

Mochrie - You know what you're doing, greatly so, even if you're quieter about it then some ;-) No wonder you're adored!
Meg's Art Corner!
Looks like I'm finally getting my drawing skills back.... jeez louise. Anyhoo...

SD Cam and Lucas take up flamenco dancing....with a twist.

How I would look if my results for the CCS kyara test were true.

Promised fanart for Meagen-san!
Morning blog!

Home sick. AGAIN. Damn, this is annoying. -_-;

Heeeeey, querida! When I read your e-mail, I didn't realize until after I replied that I was listening to Metallica's song Orion the whole time. O_O;

Duh-nuh! I've started working on images for a kami about Rukuraaaaa! It's just for fun, really, 'cause I like his story. It starts on a nice depressing note, but gets moderately funny later on thanks to Araziel-chan and Luci-chan. ^__^

song of the moment: "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden. *slobbers* Guitar.... really cool drum rhythms... *slooooobber*

song currently downloading: "One" by Metallica. Matt and I were listening to this at lunch yesterday, so now it's stuck in my head.

Ben-sama is home! Ben-sama is home! WAI WAI WAI! He's mighty run down, but he's okay, thank god.

Rukura: *sneezes*

I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 10:20 (am)... fun...

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