I keep dropping the S on the end of Anotolios....

Ben: *cough* That's because the S was a term of honor, m'dear. You didnae see it fit for you. Such low self esteem....
And again...

Cam's Art Corner!
I was asked to draw. So I did. And the result is Raylrn and Brother Anotolio Benedictus... it's not happy...
Querida, actually, I DO have an obsession with filming. I'm quite good at it, too. In the summer, dad has to PRY the camcorder away from me....
Cam's Art Corner!
(Cam: KIIH! Dammit, you're rubbing off on me, too, you blue haired bastard!! <--- said with upmost affection, mind)

Te presento a Anotolios Bendictus . *snickers* Guapo, verdad? *snickersnicker*

Meg: I should shoot you.
Cadence: *attached to Meg's back again* Remind me never to leave.
Meg: Oh geat, you're gonna live on my back?
Cadence: You bet, babe. -_-;
Cam: I saw her first! MINE!
Ben: Actually.......I saw her first.
*argument breaks out*
Meg-chan here, rapping at'cha from the Chinguacousy Communications Technology Lab!

*insert trumpet fanfare* I, Meg Graham, have managed to swindle a name out of Simon McKinnley!! *bows* The person in the blue robes whom I dreamt I was now has a name (and a title).... and it's DAMN freaky. *looks from Simon to Cam*
Imouto, Poe-niichan.... does the name Brother Anotolios Benedictus of the Blue Order Kiahlen mean anything to you? 'Cause that's him..... *points at the dood in blue robes w/ the orange braid*... aside from the Benedictus thing, anyway?
Anyway, Ben kindly told me that in this Priesthood, there wasn't the title of "Father", all were "Brother"s... kinda like in Freemasonry. Kinda.

And since I have time, here is my dream from last night no da. I remember it SCARILY well.

Again, I was this priest, whom I mentioned above to be Brother Anotolios Benedictus. All was dark as it was in the dream I had before, signalling that I was blind again and could not see. I felt my wrists to find shackles on them, and heavy chains leading from the shackles to goodness only knew where. I was obviously on a stone floor (it was really cold, and I could feel the different cobble-like stones). I sat up and pulled off my glasses (shaded ones that hid my eyes for the most part), and drew my knees up to my chest. My head hurt.
With a slight clanking of my chains, I suppose, someone scooted up next to me and ask in what I at the time identified as a holy and native language if I was the Blue Order's Prophet. I said yes. The dood next to me whistled. "You're not in a good place then, Brother," he told me, "What possessed you to come here?"
I kinda shook my head and told him that I was simply following the orders of the higher Arc of the Priesthood and I was sent to find someone.
The guy's voice (which, imnsho, was mighty drooly) kinda lowered. "You were led here, then, I imagine. You were set up, Brother. This is nothing but a perpetual deathtrap for someone of your rank."
But, I responded, set up or not, something was here and I knew when I entered the red church, for my eyesight only returned to me when I was about to have a vision or if something powerful was nearby. Something of influence.
The dood clicked his tongue. "That is an understatement, Brother."
I sighed, and rested my chin on my up-drawn knees. It was no vision, for had it been such, my sight would have been clouded with a cerulean tint (sound familiar? -_-; ), I said.
The dood was quiet for a moment, and then he moved away, saying "Brother, I wish you luck. You're in for a very unpleasent session with those who rule."

...and then I woke up!!

Morning blog!

*hysterical laughter* My hair is POOFY! Let's see if I can get a picture of this.... check it ouuuut. *snickers*

I just downloaded LoveQuest 7. Let's go see how it is no da! (Querida, this is a file you might want.... remind me this afternoon and I shall send it to you, okay?)...*reads it*.... ABBA?!.... *falls over*

Ohhh, my Cordy, how I have missed you! *glomped to a guitar* My beautiful classical spanish accoustic 12-string guitar!! How sad that I locked you in the basement with Misty... Misty in her soft case, and you lacking. *petpets* No need to be jealous of the electric guitar, my dear. All will be well. *peeets the guitar*

Simon: I do believe she's lost her mind.
Cam: Well, not exactly... you gotta' have a mind in the first place...
Simon: Ah, how true!.... *takes this opportunity to wave to Sebbi*

La dee da, who needs to buy CDs when you can collect the tracks offa Napster and make 'em yourself??? 9.9 *burning her own copy of Boa's Twilight CD*

Ugh, I have to eat. I don't want to. I hate eating in the morning... it makes me feel sick. *grumbles and goes to take her antibiotics*

HEY, DANI!!! Where ARE you??? You didn't show yesterday... what's up???

Oh, HERE'S a shocker. When I took the art movement test, my number one was Renaissance/Baroque. Yes, we all know Meg is a huge fan of the artistic expression from the Baroque era....

I dreamt funny last night. Like, funny weird not funny ha-ha.... Ugh, I'll explain later. Dad's up.

O'er and out!
*tackleglomps Poe-niichan* ^__^
When Simon draws, I have questions... what is up with THIS? Imouto? Ideas?
Meg's poetry to ponder.... behold, one of my old poems that I just refound. ^___^;

I have this little problem

It's nothing big, you see

It's just a tiny problem

I'm sure you will agree

So many people have it

I believe that is the case

I can't be the only person

In the intire human race

That has this teensie problem

An itsy-bitsy quirk

It's nothing very big, I say

It just takes a little work

To overcome this problem

It's slight but it's still there

Small and quiet, nothing huge

Like a mouse inside it's lair

But this problem, oh it bugs me so

So here's my mental wall;

Oh dear, I forgot what it was!

Now don't that just beat all?

Cam, Cadence, Simon, and Lucas: *golf clap*
Meg: *bows*

Ribby, I'm going as Tomoyo. Firefly is going as Sakura-chan. And as for the pattern? I'm just gonna wing it... that's how the Bell-chan costume got done... *piku* Anyway, there's really not much to it, you make the collar and the tails for it, get a white skirt, alter a black longsleeved shirt or blouse, and slap on the Tomoeda school crest on it.

*evil laughter* I'm gonna get mom to make me my Cadence battle uniform so I can wear THAT to Anime North, too! OHOHOHOHO!

Finished another pinup. To be posted shortly.

*evil laughter* I am finished pinup number 5!! Mark-niichan (should I even call him niichan anymore? He likes to hit on me!) now has a pinup added to the banner.

Now, in the spirit of mi querida, some random poetry!
An Ode to Mark-chan
There once was an Angel named Mark
Who liked to wear clothes that were dark
He's built like a stick
He's dumb as a brick
But that's just his way; he is Mark!

Cam: He is NOT dumb as a brick!! *smacks Meg around*

Song of the moment: Deeply, by Boa. Boaaaa..... *heartheartheart*

Birthday is on tuesday... I fear for my life! *hides*
D-chan, you know what's really really weird? I'm going to Anime North, too, but with Riot Ink. So I'm gonna be in the Artist's Alley the whole time; all weekend. *heehee* That's gonna be so funky. I'll be there with Quinn-chan, Drenn-san, Chris-san (not to be confused with our german pal, Chris-kun *waves to chris-kun*), the Dragon Lady, aaaaaand *drumroll* querida-Firefly! Yep. Her and I will be the ones dressed as Sakura and Tomoyo in Tomoeda uniforms....

I'm counting the days 'til that convention.... it's gonna be a blast!! (Dealer's room.... anime CDs.... SWEEEEEEEET....)

DAN! The link titled "Guide to the Stars"? That's my friend Anita's blog! *facefaults*
Okay, I'm not in the best health, but it's not a deadly thing. ^_^ I have hypoglycemia; aka freakishly low blood sugar. I found this interesting... see, this is how it works. When I eat something, anything in any amount, my brain tells the rest of my body that I've had too much sugar when I actually haven't had much or any at all, and it produces extra doses of insulin. My blood sugar count is 3, when the average is 4.5 (I think.... or it's 5, I'm not sure). That's really low. ^_^; However, there's no medication for it *coughthankgodcough*, so I just have to make sure I don't eat much sugary things all at once or insulin levels go really high and I get sick.
The second thing wrong with me is I have a serious bladder infection that's bad enough that they cannot yet determine how bad it is. More testing to be done na no da. x.x;; And strong antibiotics.... they make my head hurt. x.x

Also, I updated the poster banner with the one poster I did today at lunch in school. It looks quite spiffy. ^_^

Cadence: *still in chibi mode and on Meg's back piggyback style, GLARES in Tsua's direction and buries his face in Meg's hair*
Meg: Tsua-sama, don't be worried about scaring him. I don't think you scared him so much as just irked him. He'll get over it. ^_^;

song of the moment: Jaded, by Aerosmith. This is one of only... what, 3 Aerosmith songs I really like. ^_^;

Mmmm, maybe I should try to do the pull the trigger/pull the thread scene as a poster for AH... that would be really trippy looking.

And now, Meg's current look! I dunno, mom was playing with the Cool-iCam...

Querida: Guys tend to talk to my chest a lot too.... it's quite annoying when you walk to the store and have grown men whistling at you from car windows. Or doods coming up and kissing you for no reason on the street (yes, THAT was a freaky incident...). Guys my age don't hit on me much.... I'm actually pretty damn well known, and people who aren't already my friends avoid me at all costs. However, grown men seem to like tall girls with long hair, light coloured eyes, and pale skin. I should prostitute myself in Japan! I'd make a killing! (I'm kidding, btw...)

Poe is cool. I like Poe a lot. He's really nice, and VERY smart. This is a rare combo to come across! I can also relate to a lot of what he's said to me, and that too is pretty funky. He's also a damn good writer. There's a weird kinda feeling that I know him from somewhere, too, which is why it took such a small amount of time to warm up to him in conversation... weird, ne? But there you have it. Poe is cool because he just is

This ends my happy blog for now.

And to those wondering, here is a photo banner of my completed pinups. Imouto gave me a really nice compliment on the Sailormoon one... she says it looks almost like series art. ^.^

Now I must go to school. -___-;
Oh! Afore I forget!
Quote of the Day
"Quick! Everything is fuzzy and green!"
--Dan, said outta the blue and it really made me laugh...

In respose to querida's poem (YAY!), my own limerick.

An Ode to Firefly
Firefly's from Spokaloo
She lives far away it is true
But dispite all the distance
I'd prove no resistance
To glomping her on the compu!

Cam and Simon: *golf clap*

I'm goooood. *V sign*
Morning blog!!

I feeeeeel siiiiiick. It's really just a combo of nerves and hormones, though. See, the doctor's office phoned last night to say that my doctor wants to discuss my test results with me, as they are abnormal. >_<


School is gonna be mighty long and frustrating today. I won't be able to concintrate on much of anything... so I'll just bring my Lucas pinup to work on no da. It's cute... Lucas has green hair and he's wearing a LEASH! I dunno, I find it funny.

Had another funky dream last night. Like, REALLY weird.... I'll post it later.

*glomps Tsua-sama* Thank you for all your help! Thank you muuuuucho!

Enough from me for now. Ja matta ne!
Morning Blog!

*wails* Imouto, I couldn't find him! He was there but I coulding find him!! ;___; What now?!
Tsua-sama, can you give me any ideas? I'm lost.... and if there's any info you need, I'm sure imouto will give it to you.



Not really much to say. I'm gonna be in school today, and hopefully I've not missed too much.
Querida.... suuuugoi picture of Lucas! I feel violent, too, but I cannot scan my proof of this. *GLARES at the scanner* But that Lucas pic is mighty pretty... I really like his hands. ^.^ <--- has problems, can we tell?

So far, I'm working on my 2nd pinup for Anime North. I hafta draw a few more AH ones (I'm doing a Cam pinup currently... it's cuuute, but it bugs me that he always wears my clothes [as in ones I own]...). I think I'll draw Lucas. Lucas is very fun to draw. Especially with his funky blue glasses and spikey hair no da. Right now I'm sticking to kyara posters for advertising purposes; later on I'll do scene takes. And when I go to school today, I shall have to go use the paper cutter to cut down the Super Sailormoon pinup I did.

Later on I shall post my dream from last night na no da. But for now, I must go. I have been summoned.

*waves and runs off*
Oooh, I must blog what I remember of my dream from last night.

I was in the parking lot of some plaza type place, and there was no one there but me as far as I could tell. So I walked up the sidewalk by the store there and wandered around a bit, then I ran into my dad. Dad started yelling at me saying that we were lost and it was my fault. I argued with him for a rather long amount of time, and I stormed off. I turned the corner and saw a little blond kid (about, I dunno, 4 years old?) sitting against the big picture window of the store, his knees drawn up and his arms around his legs. I crouched down next to him and asked what was wrong and he looked up--- and tada! It was Cadence. Not Cam... Cadence. Then I realized that he was wearing his trademark battle shirt. He wiped his eyes (was crying), and told me that he was in trouble and didn't know what to do. I said "Oh, but you're good at getting out of trouble, dood... it's like your aim in life..." and he burst into tears again and hugged me and told me that he loved me and loved me a lot. So I picked him up and carried him back around the corner. He nestled his face into my neck and was quiet. When I got around the corner, still carrying Cadence, I looked around for a payphone somewhere. I couldn't find one, so I kept walking. I ran into my dad again, and he questioned who the kid was. I told him that he was my friend and that he was upset. Dad looked him over and started scrutinizing him, saying he was a freak and I shouldn't be associating with freak kids. Cadence shuddered and wrapped his arms around my neck in such a way that he hid his face. I told my dad to go away, and I walked off carrying the boy. Cadence whispered in my ear that he hurt a lot, and that he didn't want me hurt too, and I should put him down. I refused, and sat down in a little alcove by a large building with him and cradled him until he fell asleep. Then I woke up.

...weird thing is, I never dream about Cadence.... x.x Insight, anyone??
Bad day is ending slightly better. Mom has said she'll get me a new scanner for my birthday (hopefully). Fingers are crossed here. *hoping*
I am not having a very good day. T_T
I was off from school today because I didn't get to fecking sleep due to how goddamn miserable I felt, my arms are KILLING me, my head hurts, and I can't walk straight. Now, to top all this off, my fecking scanner is fried. That's right. My scanner is dead. I am VERY VERY angry. I'm going to kill something, I swear it. Let's hope I can fix it, or I'm going to end up losing it totally. I'm not having a good week at all. It's bad enough I have to go back to the doctor's on friday. Yeah. Now, if I can't even scan my art, what the hell am I going to do?! My dad lost his job a few weeks ago. We're fecking broke. My birthday is next week. And querida is coming over in a little under a month. What the hell am I gonna do??

I think I'll go lock myself in my room and swear for a while. *GLARES at Cam* And don't come near me, blondie, or you'll be one seriously mutilated spiritie. T_T
There is no imood for feeling like a heroin addict.... (actually, I wouldn't know what one feels like, but I sure look like one)
That was the most horrid 5 hours of my LIFE! ;___; Every hour they took two vials worth of blood outta my arm(s). I now have puncture wounds in my arms, and thus I look like a heroin addict.... only good thing about that was the glucose drink tasted like orange Crush.

My arms hurt and I'm so tired..... ;___;
Morning blog!

Grrrrr, I gotta go in half an hour for my testing. I am not happy about this. Somone kill me NOW! T_T

Tsua-sama, thank you for your concern. ^_^ I shall be okay, I'm just verra' pessimistic. Plus, if I'm not okay, Dora will freak and MAKE it okay. ^_~

D-chan!!! Thank yoooou for giving me the part of Mei Mei! *cheers* I AM THE HOLY HYPER CRAZY GODDESS OF FREAKISHNESS!! All hail my Mei Mei voice!!! Bow. BOW!

Okaaay, that's enough outta me.

Meg's Art Corner!

Here we have Simios, SD and cuuute. I dunno, I love his wings....

Sam-chan in a dress. He makes a VERY cute girl. Is this a surprise? No. He's one of querida's kyara. ^_~

BTW, to all my friends.... I shall not be in school tomorrow (duuuh). ^_^;
Dan, feel free to use that picture iffen you want. She's all yours, dood. ^_^
Wheeee, not a happy day today. And tomorrow shall be worse. Allow me to explain my crappy situation. T_T;

I went to the doctor's today. That's not unusual or anything (been there 7 times since new years).... however, relaying my recent headaches and my fainting spell to my doctor resulted in having to book blood glucose testing. And standard blood tests. And everything else tests. I am not happy.... this all points to me doc trying to eliminate the possibility of diabetes. *sobsobsob* Or something worse. ;_; This means that I hafta spend 6 or so hours in the medical building tomorrow, and I'm not allowed to eat after 9 pm tonight. I'm gonna diiiiiie! *sobsob* I would rather be in Mr. Wells' math class studying algebra! And I'm gonna miss the beginning of the history unit... ;_;

Someone shoot me.

Meg's Art Corner!... brought to you by a boring math class.

The dragon forms of Lucas, Jensen, and Dera.

Dera in her person form!
Morning blog!

Gotta love the feeling of dizzy in the morning. *makes a face* Mom's gonna try to get me a doctor's appointment for this afternoon, and if not then, tomorrow. And for those of you who dunno the reason (or asked for me to explain the fainting comment), allow me to summarize. On saturday, I woke up and came dowstairs feeling fine and dandy, talked to mom for a bit, and went to get a drink from the kitchen. I got the glass from the cupboard, put it down, and went to the fridge. At the end of the counter, beside the fridge, I felt dizzy and the world went static-y green, so I stopped to wait it out.... and it got worse and I realized I couldn't move my arms and next thing I know I'm on the floor. Mom had a panic attack. Now here's the really weird part... when I woke up, I don't recall looking up at mom; rather, I was looking down at myself. And since then, I've felt dizzy and more headachey than usual (even though I didn't hit my head), and I have bruises all over the place since I hit every possible obstical on the way down. There you have it.

Added a link to Tsua-sama (yes, you are sama material!)'s blog. Go me! I finally decided to update the links somewhat. Anyway, I've been reading your blog for a while... just never got around to linking... *is a laaazy Meg-chan*

Aaaanyway, I have learned some interesting things about Simon. He has low self-esteem! *insane giggling* Apparently, he hates his god form, and find it freakish. This is most likely just a feeling of displacement in this dimension no da..... yep, it's weird.

In HAPPY NEWS! Querida-Firefly's comic, Journeys Down, started today! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I've read waaay ahead, but I think that's 'cause Querida looooves me and 'cause most of the kyara in it are copyright me anyway.... *pokes Lucas, Carter, Lance, Vil, and Carlos*

Today is Dan-kun's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN! Due to my sicklyness, I didn't get to go buy you the present I wanted to getcha'. So, in compensation, I'll draw you three pictures of anything you want (as long as the people in it are clothed). Fair? Fair.

Tomorrow is the birthday of two of my bestest friends, Patrick and Kevin. I never SEE Kevin anymore, but heeey. Happy early birthday to you guys as well. ^_^

And my friends are all plotting to kill me on the first of May. They will beat me senseless and leave me for dead in the parking lot. Yes, that will be a nice 16th birthday... *is scared* Amy's gonna beat me up! o.O <--- kidding, btw

Go Harley!

Poe: Since I hadda' go so fast last night.... my comments on the relationships on Buffy. *ahem*
Willow and Tara are cute. I like Tara more than I like Willow, mind.... they're really building her up into a major kyara. I bet she's gonna get killed off in the next season or two. Xander and Anya.... that's just amusing.... ("it's about making life!")... and allow me to take this moment to shoot Dawn through the head with an uzi. *goes RamboMeg and mows down Dawn Summers*

This concludes Meg's bloggishness for today. Keep fit and have fun!

Cam: No more television for you, dammit! *hauls Meg away* School! Go to school! I can just SEE your brain rotting, you poor poor child!

Been playing with the layout, and it looks purdy spiffy. Everyone behold Simios (Simon) in all his Destruction Godliness. ^.^
Attention sports (and bishounen) fans...
Hey, cool.... *writes this down* Constant use of the airbrush tool is dubbed as being meggish! Funkyness! ^__^

Votes so far: Simon's got two votes. Everyone else is left in the dust so far....

I had a not nice fainting spell in the kitchen! My head hurts, and I feel like I'm gonna throw up...
Chris: Thank you for the kind words.... ^#^
*runs in circles cheering* I got a new set of 24 prismacolor pens! WAAAAAI! This brings my total number of pens up to 54. Yes yes, I know a few of you have a LOT more than that, but humour me here! I'm HAPPY!!

I realized today that I haven't done ANY kinda fanart for Freckle-chan. *smacks forehead* So in compensation...

*toddles off sipping Fruitopia*
Remember Tomorrow, by Iron Maiden

Unchain the colours before my eyes,
Yesterday's sorrows, tomorrow's white lies.
Scan the horizon, the clouds take me higher,
I shall return from out of fire.

Tears for rememberance, and tears for joy,
Tears for somebody and this lonely boy.
Out in the madness, the all seeing eye,
Flickers above us, to light up the sky.

Unchain the colours before my eyes,
Yesterday's sorrows, tomorrow's white lies.
Scan the horizon, the clouds take me higher,
I shall return from out of fire.

And the finished product of my airbrushingness in Adobe Photoshop 5 (mwahahahaha! I have 5.5 at home, you sucker of a school system! Mwahahahaha!). Gotta love Simios' expression... you just know that he loves his older sister, huh?

a few days ago:
Simios: Stupid bitch sister, won't lemme go back home...*grumblegrumbles profanities*

song of the moment: Marla by the Dust Brothers. Hooray for Marla Singer! She's a freak, but I like her! Yay Marla!

I have nothing to say.... o.o;;;;;

Ummmm... I have so much crappy math homework this weekend. Like, I mean, who CARES what 5X(267-9y)-1/125+190X equals?!? Goddamn. -_-;
And this class sucks so bad today because I'm DONE by website thinger for the most part and I have nothing to do now that I'm done filming for the week. Feh. After this class, I have lunch, though, so that's good. But after THAT is careers. A class the world can do without.... it's boring.
At least history is fun.

ACK! Got my report card today. I'm failing this class and math. But somehow, I passed civics. @_@;; But my history mark is an 80!!!!!! ^_________^

*grooves to Space Monkeys* This song is like Carter... it starts out really strangely with a weeeeird techno-ish bass going on, and then it goes to childish with a heavy smackdown of bass and drums. It's weird.... just like my friend Carter!!!! ^.^

DANI! Where are ya? E-mail or somethin', would ya? Have you read Fight Club yet, lady? Ehhhhhh??

Today is friday. Friday is my friend.

*bops to the carnivalish part of Space Monkeys*

Me Dad should be taking me to da' art store tonight. Mind you, he's prolly just gonna pick me up from school and drag me there yelling the whole time (I forgot to do the dishes this morning.... x.x). Ah well, 'tis all good as long as I getta spend $50 on prismacolors. ^_^

Have I ever mentioned how fecking BORED this class makes me?!!

This is a long pointless entry, isn't it? I wonder if it's sunny outside. I hope so... I'm freeeeezing, and it's nice to eat lunch outside.

I really should shut up when I have nothing to say. I am rambling. FEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!!!!!!
Lycos still isn't letting me into my mail account and I'm using the school's computer.... -__-;;;;;

Currently, I am CGing that Simios and Kira sketch I did in pen last night. I'm bored to sue me. I also have learned that I type freakishly fast. This is funny.... everyone gives me funny looks because I type in a blur! Go me!!!! ^____^
Morning blog (aka Meg's up in time today)!!

What to write...?

I feel so damn pathetic. I went to bed early last night (par father's orders), and I swear that it was almost physically painful to not talk to querida. I had to pull the blankets over my head and convince myself that there's no internet capable computer in my room....
So, while trying to ignore the monitor's welcoming screen, I doodled with a pen! I doodled a happy picture of Simios (Simon) and his sister Kira! They look like SUCH freaks in their demi-god forms. Oh well, Simon has a funky tail.

Meg's Art Corner!

This is the result of my nighttime doodling. They have weird horns and even weirder wings. x.x;

In celebration of spring getting here, Sybandial has gone flower picking. ^_^

Now, here's the big question I must ask. I will be doing a new blog layout in the next few weeks. Who should it feature? Choices are so far consisting of the following people. Click their names for examples as to how they look.
Nate Crépuscule.... or his female persona.
Ben Carter, resident boy slutchild...
Simon McKinnley, demi-god of Destruction.

Ack! I'm gonna be late again anyway if I don't get dressed and stuff! o.O
Possibly more from the tech lab later!!!!

O'er and out!

Just-after-noontime Blog!!!

Man, what a day I'm having. I woke up at 8:06 (I have to leave my house at 8:10 on average if I wanna make it to school in time for the 8:30 bell), and managed to get washed, dressed, packed, and out the door by 8:13. I made it to class with 4 minutes to spare, and I was mondo tired. However, Mr. Apostolou brought in breakfast for the whole class; doughnuts, muffins, danishes, and cookies. So I got a doughnut anyway, so missing my daily breakfast of a glass of juice wasn't too bad. ^_^

Math sucked. Surprise.

And now I am in Comm Tech, with nothing to do after directing the interview video assignment. I must be the only person who's filmed seriously before. ^__^;; I had to teach the two other people I was working with how to work the camera, get good shots, and how to crop in on the person being interviewed. That was fun. I interviewed Speller, Amy, and Megan; all of whom were on their lunch break (damn my 4th period lunch...). Mr. Apostolou walked by and claimed to be a 23 year old student come back to high school to get one credit. I found that amusing. ^_^

It's nice out today, so I think I'll drag mah' male bitches (j/k, doods!) outside to eat and goof off.

I can only hope that careers class isn't a total bore today. I'm actually having a good day for a change. It's nice. ^_^ To make my day complete, I shall try drawing at lunch. If I can pull off a good picture, I'll be SO happy! And if dad's not bartending tonight, he's taking me to the art store.

Last night I started playing around with Dreamweaver. DAMN, that's a COOL program!! I had no idea how cool it was! Danke, Andreeeeew! ^.^

*heehee* I like my jeans!! <--- has problems
*waves to querida* Hiiiiiiiii!!! I wuv you no daaaaaaa!

Anyway, I best go. Class lets out in ten. Maybe more later, who knows?

CGed version of my alterna-Lucas sketch. This is what I do in tech class....

Sock fishing should become and Olympic event. Those of you who have to wash your laundry by hand in the bathtub know what I mean.
La dee da....
Morning bloggishness no da!

Meg feels violently ill, but must face the evils of school anyway. *siiigh* Evilness.

I am haaaaappy! I getta RP Simon-sama without the funky vampiness. He's a cool vamp, but the idea of him being able to go out in the sun makes situations a lot less limited. He's a neat dood, too.... and Sebbi, I'm impressed. Even I didn't know that he was that hung up on you! *claps*

Buffy was really sad last night. I felt bad for Tara, since Dawn kept saying "you don't understand, blahblahblah" when in fact, she did understand. And Spike was all cute and Billy Idol-ish and NICE! It was drooly. Edible Spike. ^,^

Meg's Art Corner
Evil Alterna-Lucas. He's hunky. In an evil way. ^.^

A doodle of Nathaniel that I did in history class during a lecture on the 1920s. This is how the boy dresses for work. ^_^

Nate again, only dressed up and bishounen-y.

Don't ask.
Morning blog!

This is really weird. Dad's home right now. See, my dad was laid off his job last week. Seems really funky to have him here.... at least I'm getting a drive to school then.

Oooh, last night's RP was really special. Nate, you must be the only girl to have a figure like THAT whom I refer to as "he". It's funny.

Dooood, I feel mighty bad for Elizabeth in LoM lately... she's lost, dood.

Not much to say, ladeeda!

Nate: Then END this goddamned segment, you moron!

Uhhh, good idea. O'er and out. ^_^;
RPing with querida is special. Yeah. Amongst the vast number of yaoi couples we command, we also now have a new yuri one!
And Simon is dead. Alterna-Lucas beheaded him. That was sad.... I feel bad for Sebbi.... but Sebbi, never fear! Simon's a psuedo God where he comes from, so he'll get himself reincarnated. He'll be back. ^.^

*adds Nate and Lauren to the list of non-straight couples*
Accourding to Querida's kyara test, I am the following. I am also amused.

# 1
# 2
Gabriel Brinley
# 3
# 4
Wasureta Shinji
# 5
Kazeno Kita
# 6
Lian Kannel
# 7
# 8
Ophelia Sorise
# 9
Lee Mason
# 10
# 11
Setsuko Takarada
# 12
Lawrence "Laurie" Henley
# 13
# 14
Marcus Bennett
# 15
Scott Hastings
# 16
Candra Bennett
# 17
# 18
Soren Daly
# 19
# 20
# 21
# 22
Utada Nozomi
# 23
# 24
Hayashi Misaki
# 25
Meg's Art Corner!
Nate-kun, in a modern getup. ^.^
Yeah, D-chan! A fellow Cameron Bennett! ^__^ *high fives and does a funky dance*
Chris, actually... Mark isn't my character. He's Firefly's (I have to tell a lot of people this @_@).
But anyway, you got good results. Nathaniel is a really cool dood (actually, he is a she, but he dresses like a boy and acts like a boy, so he is also a he). He's based on a real person! And there's Cam, who you know some about. Lance is the resident nice guy in the band that Lucas plays in; he's like the guitar guru.
IMOUTO! Simon and Cam have insisted I post this fast! I have no idea what it is, but they say it requires Kiih's IMMEDIATE attention! CLICK!!!
My hair is now purple! Well, purple-ish. It's funky. ^.^
Everyone who knows my kyara well, please take my selector quiz! The link is on the side bar there. *points*
Heidi, you and I should host an anime party next time. I'll supply the tapes... lesse, what do I have... *thinks* All of Oh My Goddess!, You're Under Arrest, Dragon Half, all three Sailor Moon theatrical movies, X, Perfect Blue, Serial Experiments Lain tapes 1 and 2, Slayers tape 1, Ranma 1/2 OVA 1, Bakuretsu (Sorcerer) Hunter episodes 1-20, Miyuki-chan in Wonder/Mirrorland, Mahou no Kishi (Magic Knight) Rayearth tape 1, Ghost in the Shell (dubbed, sadly)... ummmm.... *thinks* I'm pretty sure I have some others, but I cannae recall what ones.... I'm hoping to get Shamanic Princess soon, too. Along with Cowboy Bebop. And I have a few anime soundtracks, too, like the first one for Card Captor Sakura, the third Cowboy Bebop cd, two of three Lain cds, and 3 compilations. Oh, and I have the whole series of Neon Genesis Evangelion for VCD (movies not included) to watch iffen your computer is fast enough.

Hooray! I just got the confirmation and such for my keenspace account! ^.^
song of the moment: Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden cover), by Anthrax. ^.^ Sweeeeeeet.
Chris: the search results are courtesy of my The Counter records, but the search engine people looked for that stuff on is Yahoo. You should see my new search hits... they're funnier. ^__^
It's time for Meg Shows Off Her Wonderful New Software Lineup!!! This happens so rarely.

Anyway, big big big thank yooooous to Andrew for getting me all the progs he did.... *sniff* Thanks forever!! *hughughughughug*

And to tick off all you people who don't like me and/or just want these programs, allow me to list them. ^__~

After Effects 4.1
Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Kai's Power Tools
Alienskin Eyecandy 4000
Adobe In Design
Adobe Illustrater 9
Adobe Premiere 6
Adobe Acrobat 4
Paint Shop Pro 7
Macromedia Dreamweaver
and a bunch of windows assisting progs. ^______^

*playing around with AdSubtract*
OH! Yeah!
Nate dressed how he did at one point, in which a job of his required him to go into the rich part of a large town.
Here we have Nate-kun. Isn't he a cutiepie? He's a bit cynical and rough around the edges, but he's cool. I like him. ^_^
I was a dood named Nathaniel!!!!!

quote of the day:
"Guns are for guys who carry their brains in their trigger fingers."
Nathaniel (he is so cool!)

Testing blogger, 1-2-3....
The last search engine hits to my blog were as follows, and I'm SCARED.

sailormoon in her underwe
digimon mimi hentai
Neon Genesis Evangelion I
hentai cg of kasumi
Shoujo Kakumei Utena pict
hentai sakura kinomoto
CCS Eriol pictures
foo fighter lyrics learn
twilight 57
digimon hentai kari

New blog links added! Amy's back up, and links to school chums Heidi and Megan (okay, I don't know Megan very well, but she seems cool ^_^).
Permission to copy querida's idea for kyara results? Granted.
Querida! I'm sorry I didn't blog this morning! *glomps*

I got up this morning feeling really sick, and I ended up hacking all my breakfast and last night's dinner up again. That was not happy.... I think this is nerves doing this to me. So anyway, I stayed home from school in favour of sleep 'cause I was all sicky.

I'm outta things to say! ^__^;;;

Meg's Art Corner!
A cuuuuute CG of Simon and Sebastian. Simon looks so gentle and nice and un-Simonish. @_@
blogging from the tech lab!!!

I'm so bored. I'm on the computers, tho, so I don't really care either way. Dan just came into the class to say hi, and I'm quite happy for it.... broke be away from my boredom. I'm getting sick of teaching people HTML tags. -_-;
Oh well, tomorrow I move on to video production. Let's just hope I don't totally suck at it... I love filming tho, and I also am a bit of a drama hog.... the camera loves me. ^.^

Lucas: Shades of Carter.....
Meg: Duh, where do you think that boy got his stage presence from? ^_^;

The Riot Ink AH page is looking pretty funky. It's all in black and red. LOTS of red. @_@ It looks gory without even having any blood on it. Oh well. Queeeerida, can you do me a favour? Fill out stats like this for each of the main kyara you think I should put on the page? Here's an example of Cam's stats...

Cameron G. Bennett
age by appearence: 27
hair: blond
eyes: blue
height: 5'9
status: Angel Hunter
current residence: New York City, New York
talents: music (violin, guitar, piano, cello, vocal), art (painting,
sketching, sculpting), weaponsmithing

oh, and I should have those bio blurbs to you tonight. Wordpad wasn't nice to me yesterday and wouldn't lemme do anything... ^___^;;;;;;

song of the moment: Denial, Revisited by the Offspring. Bet you never would have guessed that I bring my Conspiracy of One cd to class with me, huh?
Speaking of which! I was kinda daydreaming in math listening to a song on the said cd called Want You Bad, and somehow, it made me laugh to think "what if Carter were singing this about Sam?" Here be the lyrics.

If you could only read my mind
you would know that things between us
ain't right
I know your arms are open wide
But you're a little on the straight side
I can't lie

Your one vice
is you're too nice
come around, now, can't you see?

I want you
all tattooed
I want you bad

complete me
mistreat me
I want you to be bad

if only you could read my mind
you would know I've been waiting
so long
for someone almost like you
but with attitude, I'm waiting
come on

get out of clothestime
grow out those highlights
come around, now, can't you see?

I want you
in a vinyl suit
I want you bad

I want you bad

don't get me wrong,
I know you're only being good
but that's what's wrong
I guess I just misunderstood

I want you
all tattooed
I want you bad

I want you bad

I mean it
I need it
I want you bad!

Happy Birthday, Rachel!! ^.^

Back to your morning blog.

I AM SO LATE THIS MORNING! I gotta be outta the house in 10. Doood, I'll post mor from the tech lab iffen I have time!

Querida, if you're not gonna marry Captain Kirk after all, am I in the running? ^_~
Kiih should recognize this, says Simon when he finished airbrushing it through me.... imouto? What says Kiih-sama?
Amy and I are friends again. As long as there's no more guilt-trippingness. ^_^;
Today In History, hosted by Meg-chan
On April 9, 1917, Canada singlehandedly defeated German troops on Vimy Ridge (World War One). Go Canada! This movement earned us political independance from Britain.
Morning blog!

Whoooo, boy, my brain is fried. I am stuck with mind like Carter's. Yep, that's bad. H. Simon, Sebbi.... this is YOUR fault!!! Damn you and your freaky bondage thing last night! Damn you! (Okay, actually, that was fun to RP, but HEEEEEY)

Speaking of which, my computer guzzled that transcript.... Querida, if you saved it, could you send it to me please? That was definately a chat I wanted to keep. It was wrong, but amusing. ^__^

Simon: There's nothing wrong with handcuffs. 9.9
Meg: I'm sure Sebbi-kun agrees with you....

Mmm, Dad is home with chest pains. This does not bode well. I just hope that when I get home he's feeling better.

This is really sad. I wanna RP badly. *tears at her hair* And I gotta wait 'til tonight to RP, dammit! *swears*

I think..... I think I'll wear all black today. I'm in that kinda' mood. Yeah, baby. And I can no longer show anyone my sketchbook. @_@ Thank you, raunchy sketch of Simon and Sebbi.....

I should go get dressed or something. *piku*
Meg's Art Corner!
Carter is the world's cutest slutchild. ^__^;;;;;
Song of the moment: Diva Dance, from the Fifth Element soundtrack. *slobbers* This is one of the world's most amazing pieces of vocal music. @_@ *pokes Carter* Could you sing that??

Carter: I don't think so, babe. T_T;
All villians beware the newest superheroes! Floaterboy and the Xerox Kid!!!
...don't ask.
To all the people who are lost.... allow me to bring you up to speed on the recent RPs I've been having with querida. *ahem*

After Candra-chan was turned vamp by Vilheim, Simon decided to show up more often and make a name for himeself in the world of slaughter. He, to bother Carter and get him to come back to him, killed Lance (Dexter *heehee*) and Ferrin Rhodes, and Carlos Martinez. Somehow between all this, he faced off with Candra a few times. She amused him. He grew to like her. Carter faces Simon. Simon figures this is a big move for Carter, smiles, pats him on the head, and promises not to bother him anymore in reward for his bravery. Candra is well on her way up in the music biz, and her friend Alex is helping her along the way. Cam and Lucas are her managers. Orion refuses to kinda disappear, and takes to bothering Carter again. Orion starts nasty rumours that circulate the tabloids. Carter loses it and nearly kills him. Lets him go because, despite everything, he likes Orion. Orion bails. Gets into trouble. Carter puts him up for a bit. Candra gets kidnapped by Nils, drugged, and.... violated.... for the point of a video. *koff* Nils sets up a ransom of $3 million. Carter enlists the help of Orion and Rukura, goes and rescues Candra. In return for his help, Carter lets Orion room with him at his apartment and somehow manages to avoid having sex with him. Orion nearly gets him to buckle at one point, but he annoys Carter and Carter pushes him onto the table and storms off to the bedroom. Orion follows, ties him up, strips him off, and leaves him like that while he heads off to France. Carter gets loose, Candra comes over, angst angst angst. They all go to LA for the taping of Leno, and Carter meets up with Ezra "Railer" Coyne, his looooong time lover and such and so forth. Relationship kicks off from there. Candra feels bad and runs off to Japan, Lucas in close pursuit. Then they go to London, England, run into Zeke and Jack Coyne, Sebastian, and a few others. There's a hate group of sorts killing off non-humans, calling themselves the "Naturals". Carter and Ez visit. An Angel calling himself Sam (and baring the mark of the Sacred) tells Lucas and Sebastian of the Natural's plots to kill Cadence/Cam. Lucas, Sebbi, Carter, Candra, and Ez all run back to NY. The Naturals follow, using Sam as bait, attack Cam and Lucas, yadda yadda. Sam stays at the Bennett place. Tampering from myself and querida results in a threesome between Carter, Ez, and Sam. Yeah. Carter starts falling for Sam. Then.... Ez gets kidnapped by Malcolm, leader of the Naturals, tortured, and killed. Cam and Carter arrive there too late to save him. Carter breaks. Sam is there for him. Yadda yadda. Sam admits the workings of the Naturals as being Angel-vampire-ish hybrids.
All the stress on Lucas gets to be too much. Lucas loses it and goes evil, threatens to kill Carter, bites Sebastian something awful, and nearly kills Candra. Simon heals Sebbi up and allows him to stay in his apartment. Lucas locks himself up, but eventually makes up with Candra again.
Candra gets shot by Malcolm. Cam kills Malcolm. Sam starts dying, despite by this point being vampy thanks to Carter. Candra dies to save Sam. She resides in Carter's brain for a while until Cam can make her a new body (which he does).
Simon and Sebbi get a little closer as Simon has been shot in the head by a bounty hunter, and Sebbi is worried for him. This results in Simon living back in his old apartment with the kid. La de da, Simon breaks in the virgin and feeds offa him.
Carter decides to try going pro singer. Hires Orion as his manager.

This brings us up to now. *bows*

Simon and Kiih know eachother. That is shibby. And from what Simon's told me, they've had a few unhappy and violent run-ins with one another, which seems really weird since Kiih is a friend of mine from a past life, and Simon's been around forever. @_@

And speaking of such spirities, I have to wonder about the two Bennetts. They are VERY protective of me, and they're always on me/near me/beside me/sleeping with me (not like that!). *LOOOKS at them* Hey, doods, are you bi...?

A message I've been told would be good to tell Amy. I tend to agree:
Amy, stick your insecurities up your ass. Thank ya.
Also, Dan is NOT turning into someone else, he is the same old Daniel. He is my friend, and I think you're unfair to him. So *biiii* to you.

Now, in RPing rambles....
Lucas and Candra FINALLY got it on!! Jeeeeez, it only took long enough. Those two are so thoroughly hooked on one another. And Lucas is just really really insecure and scared to hell and back of relationships (Lucas: Thank you, Athena, you evil bitch...). I'm glad that they got that over with. Cam is also a very cool dad. Candra, you have a cool dad! I wish my dad were like Cam. Only, minus the gay thing. 'Cause that's just strange.
Simon and Sebastian are also proving to be a very interesting couple. Sebastian shocked Simon to wazoo yesterday by saying that he trusts the dood, which is something Simon has never been told 'afore. This resulted in a straaaaange feeding thing, 'cause since Simon's been shot in the head, he's have trouble seeing/walking/moving, and Sebbi-kun decided to let him snack on him..... that was kinky. @_@

Okay, I'll shut up.

I have some pathetic kyara.
I just mention this 'cause I did a small overview on the loooooong, miserable life of Simon (Simios) McKinnley.... he's had it rough, and is a bit of a sadist. But this is not a surprise. Simon, tho, unlike most of my kyara, was a sadist to begin with, and I don't think that will change. But he is also one of my only necromancer kyara. I only have, what, three of these doods? I've got a whole slew of sorcerers, a whole league of bounty hunters (all hail the Sisters of Ara and the Order of the Trioc!!!), and a zillion forms of angels. I also have a God count of... 5. I need mental help.
Simon likes Sebbi-kun!!!!!!

Simon: Would you shut UP!?
I don't think I mentioned anything about cliques, btw... nothing against them. *piku*
My opinions are being rallied against, apparently. What is this? Am I not allowed to rant without being ridiculed?

*loooooks at Amy's blog*
Pardon my french, but..... bullshit. T_T; I believe you wouldn't have said you took down my stuff if you hadn't wanted to hurt me. How foolish. *sighs* Yep, you did THAT with pure intentions.
Vindictive, Amy. Vindictive. Saying things you don't mean will only screw you over in the end. I don't go back on a word I said, but I did like you. I just got insanely sick of your.... inferiority complex (this is what makes you shallow, really, as you are NOT inferior in anyway, but seem to think likewise). Besides, I think our friendship's been going downhill for a while.... say, since my Jamie came along. 'Cause you always seemed so jealous that it drove me nuts, and when you started quizzing her about me, and started pressing me that I was playing favourites and guilt tripping me. Sorry, that's what pushed it to it's limit. Seems like the trademark of a manipulator.
Querida, try coming to my school. All the girls there are shallow save for the social outcasts. Yes, guys can be just as dumb, but gernerally, guys are actually a lot more open minded than girls (remember, I'm talking high school ages, not men and women). I have discovered this. Guys are generally a lot more loyal to their friends, and will stick up for them. Girls on the other hand, if the exchange rate is right, will ditch you for the opposition.
I've also come to notice that the girls who are tolerable are the goths, punks, the outcast artists, and the loners. The goths being really nice in most cases (you know that, tho, as you've told me stories). And the punks are usually in the same catagory. Artist types... well, okay, there are three or so that I've come across in my age group. The repressed artist type (tm), who is too afraid/shy to showcase their talents, even to themselves. The mediocre artist type (tm), of which I fall under the catagory of, who is proud of their art to a medium extent and will show off their skills if they see fit, but doesn't care much either way. And the pigheaded artist type (tm) who thinks they are above and beyond most (if not all) artists.... anyway, how did I get into this?
I prefer guys for friends. They are open and will speak their minds more easily than girls will. I do not fit in with girls. I never have, really. I've tried, and it never works.... ^__^;; Maybe I'm just bitter? Eh.

I too have taken down that link. And she was all weird like how? I only know the little examples you've given me.

I get all the hand-me-downs. From John, Dani, Mom, Dad, sometimes Andrew.... I am the child of the free clothing. ^__^ Free stuff is GOOOOOOD STUFF!! ^.^

*hee* I'll prolly be going to see Tomcats tonight. I *heart* Jerry O'Connal. (sp?) ^___^ *mops up drool*

I must also draw the way I fell asleep last night. It was funny.
Oh! Before I forget!
Meg's Art Corner!
Bennie Carter, aka Carter at age 6. Wasn't he a cutiepatootie? Now, who can tell me the sick joke in the diguise of an apple? ^.^

One of my oldest kyara, Orion, the Trioc Architect. Querida, your Orion and my Orion should get the hook up. Just for a laugh. ^__~

Cam, Mark, Soren, and Jesse's AH bio pics. They look like bloody paintings. @_@
Morning Blogity Goodness! (Part of a Balanced Net Addiction)

Please don't ask, I'm high on sugar and caffine.

*hysterical gigglefits at querida's YN guest strip* That's SO CUTE!!!!!!! *giggle* Kyaaaaa! ^.^

Ooooooh, Meg's list of yaoi couples that she RPs (seme's name comes first)!
Cam and Mark
Rukura and Lian (w/ and optional Gabby in there for threesome fun)
Carter and Sam (used to include Ez at one point)
Carter and Vogel
Cadence and Lexiel
Cain and Yuken (actually, the roles in the relationship are NOT defined, I just put it in random order...)
Simon and Sebastian (the newest couple, and that's a STRANGE combo... a sex/everything violent fiend and a 5000 year old virgin...)

*writes a note* Must. Get. Straight. Kyara.

I apologize for my rantingishness yesterday. I was not happy. A certain someone should consider giving all taken-down artwork back if she doesn't like it so much. But that's just me.

Quote of the day!

"Someone please tell me this is a dream. 'Cause, personally, I would rather not die in a school field. It's so tacky. Anyway, they can't do chalk outlines of my body if I'm on the grass. Let's kill me later--- I'll pencil you in for Tuesday!"
--Raphael (Rukura) Harrison again.... the dood gets some odd lines.
re: about to get beat up by the school bully squad


Quote of the Day!
"When you wake up at 3 in the morning with the blade of a broadsword run though the pillow just an inch shy of your head, you just know that it's going to be a bad day."
--- Raphael (Rukura) Harrison, Legacy of the Messiah

Deanna, glad you agree! You and I are such freaks, dood! All hail us weirdos, D and Meg! YEAAAAH! We hate people.
Ribby, this is something I won't get over. I have never gotten along with girls. I am strictly a guy's girl (in the friendship sense). I don't understand girls at all, and all my closest female friends are women, not girls. There's a difference, in my opinion. Quinn, Drenn, the Dragon Lady, my sister, querida, Rachel... all women. Not girls. I find most girls to be shallow, and vying for the attention of a (mainly) male dominated world. It is the way girls have been brought up... to please men. I know there are many more independant women out there now, but that's because for the most part, they're not like that until they're old enough to be. High school is dominated by media brainwashing. CK, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, the Gap, la dee da I could go on, so many places and corperations that decided the rubric for supposed attractiveness in the female gender. Another thing is the little fact that most girls seem to think they should be perfect and please everyone by being so submissive. I hate it. I often get mistaken for a guy because (aside from how I sound and dress and who I hang around with) I am NOT submissive.
You know one thing I really hate? There are a few people I've known in my life that have done this, and it really gets on my nerves.... people who apologize for everything they do (or don't) do. Even when it's not nessicary.... I think that's the act of a soon-to-be victim. A person who feels that everything they do is wrong will be taken advantage of. Yep.

I'm ranting again....

Meg's Art Corner!
Here we have my only CGed pic of the hunky vampire known as Simon McKinnley. Actually, his real name is Simios. But I didn't tell you that. 9.9
Meg has made a new resolution.
Meg will no longer make best friends with any girls. Girls are vicious bitches (at least most of the ones I know from school, save for Sarah, Heidi, Speller, Ashley, and Fiona). I do not like them. They make lousy friends. Girls tend to follow trends, and friendships flow along in that catagory. There are also some girls whom have serious issues with what I like to call a female inferiority complex (*points at the blog title*). These girls are spineless, media-brainwashed, wannabe's who feel that the only people who have valid opinions on them are other people. Yeah. I don't like people with no self-esteem, or the lack the backbone it takes to develope one. Yep. These people are hopeless, in most cases, if they take everything the wrong way.... *snorts* if you wanna be a doormat, the world will step on you.
Rant complete.

Anyway.... back to the normalness that is my blog.

Alex, think of it this way. If God DOESN'T exist, and we have given Him/Her/It a name, it dominates the life of a lot of people because it has identity. People fear/look up to an all-mighty "God". God has not been proven to exist. God may not exist. But by giving the CONCEPT of God a name, it becomes an influence in life whether you believe in it or not. Same goes with evil things. It's not so much the name giving, it's the use and context of the name. Like, giving the name "Satan" to the 'central' evils of the world makes it whole, full, one-bodied thing to fear/loath/whatever. Thus, if you feel that way about something so abstract and unproven, it has power over you.
In my humble opinion, all the evil in the world is nothing more than what humans create. Humans are sick, twisted creatures. There was no absolute evil in this world until man came along. Carnivores kill to survive and as par instinct. Humans (not all, but some) kill just because they can. Evil can be summed up in whatever name you can give the human race.... not Satan or the Devil or any central evil.

My 2 cents.... *stretches and falls asleep*
Morning blog!

Querida, we gotta stop beating up my kyara. They try to kill me for it.... last night I dreamt Carter smacked me around and had fun doing it. O.o

Not much to say! I getta go to school. I am not happy. I'll prolly come home or some such thing. Or skip. Yeah baby.

I'm BORED and it's a late start day... all the classes start on the hour as of 10. One hour of class! WHOO! That fatal last 15 minutes of math is GONE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Writing my final test for History's WWI unit. Joy, bliss. Yippee.

I'm outtie! Jaaa!

Ps: What do y'all think of the layout?
The new layout kinda blows. I'm still tweaking it, tho, so eeeeeeh.
Playing with the layout.... lesse if it works.
My sympathies to you, imouto.... Ezra is a tad eccentric. And more than a little hyper. And irish. And he also likes to get drunk--- ye gods, keep him away from Ro-niichan! 0.o Two drunken redheads.... that'd be scary.
Meg-chan blogging at you from the tech lab!

My eyeballs hurt. This screen is making me sick 'cause my head hurts so much... and I dunno if I should go home or not... I'll ask around and see if Ms. Fotinos is here today, and if she is, I go home. I don't feel like getting hell for being so far behind in that class. I'm working on my catch up work (all, like, 20 pages of it).

I am no longer flunking math, thank god. I did so well on the unit test that it booted my mark from a 44% to a 63%. I may just pass yet. *whew*

Queriiiiida! Since I'm working on a mini site thing for the Riot Ink page, I need your (non-spoilerific) comments on AH's creation. AKA, how well you think it's gonna work out, how it came to be, yadda yaddda. By tomorrow, iffen you can... if not, then sometime this week. Also need your ideas as to what would be the AH theme song if it were a show or movie, preferably english songs (I am cruel), and the ending theme. And updated kyara themes. Whatever. Yep, I'm going overboard with this thing.

song of the moment: The Kids Aren't Alright by the Offspring. Somehow, this makes me think of ALL my kyara.... -_-;

Carter: I'm normal....
Rukura: For an ex-child-prostitute-gone-vampire-after-a-lengthy-torture-session.
Carter: You should talk, mister I-have-an-obsessive-half-brother-out-to-get-me!
Cam: I'm staying out of this.
Lucas: Good idea. They'd round on the fact that you have 4 distinct personalities.
Cam: Well, you're a dragon that works for the FBI.
Lucas: True.
Simon: I am very proud of my strangeness, so I'm not going to complain at all. ^.^
Tim: I have multiple personalities... *points at Orion (my Orion, not querida's), Oblivion, Mercy, Indifference, Spider, and a few others*
Orion (trioc Orion): *as par his obsessive-compulsive disorder, brushes the back of his left hand with the fingertips of his right before he speaks* I'm not strange.
Tim: Sure.
Meg: Someone shoot me.
Orion: *touches his hand again before speaking* I'll pass on that.
Ru: I'll shoot you! Revenge for turning me from a girl into a BOY! *chases Meg*
Meg: O.O *runs*
Morning blog!

I'm tired and feelin' all throwy-uppy. Yep. Lovely, huh? I'm gonna call mom and tell her that I'll prolly be coming home at either lunchtime or at 3rd period (who needs tech class anyway? it blows... but it's fun to show off my computer savvy 'cause everyone in that class are beginners ^.^). Heavy sigh.

Carter: *in a singsong voice* Put a gun to my head and paint the wall with my brains....
Meg: You are REALLY starting to scare me.
Carter: It was a random Fight Club quote.

Meg's Art Corner!
Here we have Carter as the Jack of Clubs. His expression turned out perfect. And I love the hat. ^_^

A study in SD of Simon McKinnley.

Maybe more later. Ja!
Also for fun, Carter's current theme song, Come Out Swinging by my heroes, the Offspring!!!

You brace and hold it all inside
It's more than you can stand
No one around even tries
Tries to understand

Don't turn away
Don't turn away
Come out swinging
Come out alone
They're in your way
But as long as you're swinging
Strong then you'll get by

Your pacing's wearing out a line
Right beside your bed
The scene replays a million times
Stuck inside your head
And though you stand in place
Your mind escapes
Read between the lies
Smile's on your face
You fake like you're ok

Don't turn away
Don't turn away
Come out swinging
Out on your own
They're in your way
You may be stinging
But you'll get by

Don't turn away
Don't turn away
Come out swinging
Never alone again
The pain inside can guide your way

Midnight, no sleep
Inside, you scream to
No one, hears you fall
Daylight, prove me today
One more try

Don't turn away, don't turn away
Come out swinging
Come out alone
They're in your way
You may be stinging
But you'll get by

Don't turn away
Don't turn away
Come out swinging
Never alone again
Pain inside
Leads you through so you'll get by

Song of the moment: Wonderful by Everclear. This song is so sad... ;_; LYRICS!

"Hey, ain't life wonderful? Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... Isn't it wonderful now?"

I close my eyes when I get too sad
I think thoughts that I know are bad
Close my eyes and I count to ten
Hope it's over when I open them

I want the things that I had before
Like a Star Wars poster on my bedroom door
I wish I could count to ten
Make everything be wonderful again

Hope my mom and I hope my dad
Will figure out why they get so mad
Hear them scream, I hear them fight
They say bad words that make me wanna cry

Close my eyes when I go to bed
And I dream of angels who make me smile
I feel better when I hear them say
Everything will be wonderful someday

Promises mean everything when you're little
And the world's so big
I just don't understand how
You can smile with all those tears in your eyes
Tell me everything is wonderful now

Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now

I go to school and I run and play
I tell the kids that it's all okay
I laugh aloud so my friends won't know
When the bell rings I just don't wanna go home

Go to my room and I close my eyes
I make believe that I have a new life
I don't believe you when you say
Everything will be wonderful someday

Promises mean everything when you're little
And the world is so big
I just don't understand how
You can smile with all those tears in your eyes
When you tell me everything is wonderful now

No, I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now
No, I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now

I don't wanna hear you say
That I will understand someday
No, no, no, no
I don't wanna hear you say
You both have grown in a different way
No, no, no, no
I don't wanna meet your friends
And I don't wanna start over again
I just want my life to be the same
Just like it used to be
Some days I hate everything
I hate everything
Everyone and everything
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now...

I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now

Here I am, bored out of my ever-lovin' mind, at the Ching tech lab. I'm listening to the Offspring on my discman (actually, it's Dad's discman, but shhhh), working on my HTML project (which is the AH page I wanna put on the Riot Ink site as the promo page), and feeling the angst from a certain someone(s). *pointed glare at Lucas and Carter*

Song of the moment: Come Out Swinging by the Offspring. This is the Carter-at-the-moment song. This is him as of last night. Wheeee. Lucky guy.

Back to work... -_-;
Morning Blog!

Carter: I want to kill something. Or have mindless sex with something. Either way is good.
Meg: Ehhhhh.... o.O
Lucas: *in his room, sobbing into his pillow*
Cam: *petpet Lucas*

And so is the breaking of Lucas Hathaway.
Not to mention, Carter's having a bad week.
The first rule of Project Mayhem is you don't ask questions.

*LOOOOOOKS at the Powerpunk Boys, by Sandra-sama* Oh dear lord. 0_o

Man, today I am overwhelmed with the feeling of total and upcoming doom. I swear, I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and admit that I was alive and had to go to school. Bad bad feeling. I'm either paranoid, or I'm going to fail something. Prolly civics. I have like 20 pages of catch up work to do for civics tonight. I was supposed to do it last night, but.... *looooooks at querida*

Finished reading Fight Club. The ending is mondo shibby. However, the book is pretty good in total, even if I do like the movie better. The movie gives you foundation to hold everything together. The book is like someone's acid trip or drug-induced dream put on paper. Only good if you've seen the movie.

Meg's Art Corner!
Here, ladies and gentlemen, is how I sketch. Messy. Anyway, that's Carter-fox, Loreena-bunny, and Lucas-puppy.
In memorium.... angel Ez.

Carter: *bursts into tears and runs off*


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