I am a Five.
Still sick, people. ^_^; I swear, I can't go a month without getting really sick.

Well, I HAVE found something to do. See, I got the OtakuMascot program. It's FUN! I've made two Journeys Down kyara mascots so far. One being Candra, and one being Orion. Candra's just so cute. And Orion looks mighty pissed off if you click on him. It's amusing. ^__^ Next up? Either Carter or Lucas. Dunno yet.
I've not blogged in a while. I'M NOT DEAD, PEOPLE!
I am, however, very sick. x.x;

Saw Shrek last night! DOOOOOOD, is that a FUNNY movie. And it's verra' hard to keep in mind that it's computer animation. *glomps the dragon from the movie*

I *heart* my Querida. ^__^
Oh, how he has EVOLVED in one year's time....
My lack of blogginess has been due to the fact that I've been away since Thursday. I was at Anime North with *drumroll* Querida-Firefly! Here is an update.

Riot Ink had 2 tables in the artist's alley (the Takahashi Tribe area, to be precise). There we set up for the weekend; one table for myself and Firefly, and one for the prez and VP (Quinn and Drenn), along with the Chief Slave (the Dragon Lady). There we sold artwork, with Quinn making a total of $280 some-odd amounts, myself making $168, and Firefly making $5. We ate some chinese food, and a lot of junk food, drank a lot of water and juice, and a HELLUVA lot of caffine. ^__^;

Thursday was spent partially at Quinn's place, then it was to my hosue to pick up my stuff so I could stay over for the night. Firefly met mom and dad and John, and Pat and Gerrad and Alex. We wandered around, went to Quinn's place again, and talked almost all night.

On friday, there was a big whole stupid problem with the artshow setup, and all was like 6 hours LATE for setup. That was fun (sarcastic). Not much really to say there... I sold about $45 in a few hours on the first day. Things were slow, and we got SOME sleep.

Saturday was hectic, but fun. I gained a fanboy (hi, Luis!), and sold a lot more stuff. This was also the day that Firefly and I dressed as Sakura and Tomoyo in our Tomoeda uniforms. T'was really funny getting reactions due to our coupleness. It was also amusing walking across the busy intersection in RAIN with a SHORT WHITE MINISKIRT on to get to a restaurant wearing a SAILOR UNIFORM! Yes. Firefly and I got honked at by passing cars 3 times. And Drenn decided that we are her prostitutes and she is our pimp. Rather amusing indeed. The masquerade was also on, but that really actually sucked. Met up with Lisa, D, Lianu (Jenn), and Brittany. *waves to them* NICE COSTUMES! ^__^

Sunday (today) was the day that I spent the most money in the Dealers' Room. My haul is as follows.
a Tomoyo keychain
CCS manga artbook I
CCS Kyara Songbook
Lain OST 3 ("Bootleg")
Evangelion "Vox"
Mononoke Hime OST
Hayashibara Megumi's "Enfleurage"
Slayers Try Soundbible II
4 Lain posters
Sakura and Tomoyo wallscroll

Today was pretty slow. I hung around with my fancorner (Luis and his friends ^_^), and sold a lot more stuff. Took some photos, ladeeda.

Also been decided. For this year's Toronto Trek Sci-Fi Convention, I shall be Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. ^__^


Ohhh, it's really funky to be online and not eagerly wait for querida to come on. x.x;

A work soon to be in progress! The new version of AH, and a complete set of RPing kyara plushies for personal use. ^.^

Okay, enough from me. *waves to all*

Meg's Art Corner!...special illness-inducing edition...

Okay, a warning on this sketch. It is utterly disgusting. Like, not terribly violent or anything, and surely not H, but it makes me physically sick to look at it. And I drew it. It's of a 8 year old Carter.... beat up and sad. Let's all play count the bruises, everyone... *twitch*
Past Life Analysis says the following. It just SCREAMS Anotolios to me.... o_O

Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern France around the year 950.
Your profession was that of a banker, usurer, moneylender or judge.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient books. With a magician's abilities, you could have been a servant of dark forces.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
Your task is to learn, to love and to trust the universe. You are bound to think, study, reflect, and to develop inner wisdom.

Apparently, Blog*Spot is screwy.

I am skipping the rest of my classes today. My arm is ouchy. Verra' ouchy. So I came home!

Querida's arriving tonight! *spaz dance of happiness* I getta seeeee myyyyy quuuueeeerrriiiiiiidaaaaaa! ^____^

*runs in circles*

Tsuaaaa-sma, if you look like Candra, you are a lucky girl. And my arm? The horrors of carpal tunnel syndrome. *siiiiiighs*
under protest... get well soon, Kyle!!!
Nothing to saaaaaaaaay.

Kyle is being a pest.

Morning Blog!

*wide grin* Journeys Down is well into the Orion story arc. I *heart* Orion. He's a f*cked up weirdo! *waves to Orion* HEY, DOOD, I'M YOUR OFFICIAL FANGIRL!!!!

Just thought I'd share.

Random thought.... querida, how're we gonna RP when you're here? Face-to-face role playing? 'Cause that's just FUN. ^__^ I can just see myself acting like Carter.... *burts out laughing*

I've verra' little to say this morning.... u_u;;
Ugggh, my arm is killing meeee! Yesterday it hurt pretty bad (it's rather pathetic when it causes a great deal of pain to press down on the nozzle of a can of spray adhesive), but it has gone to neeeew and unhappy levels. My arm aches and it hurts to write and draw and stuff. School shall be hell tomorrow.

Two days of school this week (for me)! Tomorrow and WEDNESDAY!!! Thursday is spruce-up-your-art-day, and Friday is start-of-convention-season-day.

Meg's Art Corner! ...are belong to Kiih. ^__^;

Carter has pretty new wings!!

Carter in leather.... looking kinda dom. Can I gnaw on him?

You don't know Jack....

The statement below was actually a rant by one of my "sprities". A past life to be more precise... we don't question these things. ^__^; Anotolios (the dood who that is about) isn't exactly an Angel, but he's pretty close to it.
Okay, this is not to be read by anyone who is opposed to religious debunking or anything depressing. This is 'Tolios ranting through me. Highlight the text below to read.

After so long of watching your own race die a slow death around you, not knowing any of the truth behind it or the reasons creation was based on.... you feel numb. A colony of my kind-- the elite of the Brotherhood-- once numbered around one hundred. Slowly, slowly, they are dying or being killed off and now number less than thirty. Illness, bounty hunters, the other various rivals we have do this. Everything to contend with. Allow me to pin bitter blame on the alchemists who put us here.

I know more than my fellow Brothers do. I am curious. When others talk, I listen with my ears and my mind. I am not known for speaking, I am known for being quiet and often for singing with the choir. The only simple joy I have now is my voice--- there is little one can do in this age when sight is no longer an asset to you. The blind often suffer from good hearing.

Because of my rank and because of my condition, I am rarely allowed outside of the inner cloister of our church. It's a melancholy existence, but it is better than nothing. I am often accompanied by the scribes and the younger priests who associate with them. They make for pleasant company, but there is no true companionship. We are without true family. We have each other, but only as part of the convent. We are family only by race and by duty.

The way of out makers was to create the shell of a child and empower it with as much stable power as they could. It failed every time, leaving only a cold and lonely little being and not the divine creation they sought. These children were sent through an elimination process... release them on their own into the world and refuse them sanctuary. If they survived long enough to make it to their thirteenth year? Bring them back and make priests of them. If they died before then, it was the will of God; the child was not strong enough to serve Him. Many, many died. No one would take in a genderless, winged child from the streets.

SotM: Baracuda, by Heart. Yeeeah, baby. Love that guitar!! And an all-girl band too. XD
Meg's Art Corner!

This is what happens when you watch Sister Act and have access to really strong smelling markers. Behold, Sister Raphael Harrison. ^___^
Ribby; here we get both versions of Whose Line is it Anyway. I'm a bigger fan of the american version (what can I say? I like the doods on it... well, save for Drew). And yep, Robin Williams WAS on it. It was a verra' funny episode, too. Improv is one of the drama activities I'm good at. It's a very fun past time, if you can get people to do it with you. *highfives Amy and Speller* Three-headed Broadway Star, baby!
SotM: Lady Marmalade, cover by All Saints. This song is such a Carter song that it's funny. *snerks* And somehow, I can picture him dancing to it. House dancing, baby!

Ohhh, yes! Those of you with plushie links? Update your Meg one. For here is the new Meg-Plushie. More shall follow, eventually. ^.^;

Carter: *sings* Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?
harem-tachi: HELL YEAH!!!
Carter:..... *runs for it*
Queriiiida, I couldn't get back online last night!! The isp went all funky! *sobs*
SotM: Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen. I *heart* Freddy Mercury. Such a loss to the world of music when he died... *sniffles*

Ahhh, I found this to be both hurtful and amusing. See, I showed mom a picture of Lisa and I from last year's Anime North, and her comment was? "God, Meg, you were fat!".... now, all the insecurities I was having at the time must have proved true. I recall asking mom a million times, "mom, am I fat?" and she'd always say "no dear, of course not". Did she lie to me? I believe she did. I asked her about this, and she told me that at the time she didn't want to "contend with an eating disorder". Yeah, well, if I were a little less self confident now? I'd be developing an eating disorder this very moment in response to the fact that my mom doesn't tell me the truth about how I look. Isn't that funny? Well, darkly so....

Hey, Frecks? The spanish thing is why I call her querida... during spanish class one day, I was writing a letter to Querida, and I was giggling thinking "if I were to write this in spanish, it would be mighty funny if I wrote 'querida querida'...". I never finished the letter, but the joke stuck in my head. ^_~
Imouto, that is one SWEET layout. *slobber*
*floating in a state of bliiiiiiss* I just got the Depeche Mode CD Single Collection for '86-'98.... *swooooon* *in serious love with DM right now*

Newsflash! My brother is cooler than I thought he was. o_0

Another newsflash! A few days and mi querida is in town. XD

And yet another newsflash! Carter's officially of freak status. I learn more about him as I write and draw him.... o_o;
'Tolios: Willam! *waves like crazy*
Meg: o.o;;;;;
'Tolios: What is wrong? *blinks at Meg*
Meg: Willam's a player, and you're an overgrown, non-gendered thing.
'Tolios: So I am not of a gender. Your point is what? *blinks*
Meg: That you scare me sometimes.....that's my point...
'Tolios: Oh, all right. *glomps Willam more* Entindo Willam isanda ohendo! ^.^
Meg: *lost*

Lyric time... this song sounds SO much like Simon and Sebbi. x.x;;

I Am You by Depeche Mode
You have bound my heart with subtle chains
So much pleasure that it feels like pain
So entwined now we can't shake free
I am you and you are me

No escaping from the mess we're in
So much pleasure that it must be sin
I must live with this reality
I am yours enternally

There's no turning back
We're in this trap
No denying the facts
No, no, no
No excuses to give
I'm the one you're with
We've no alternative
No, no, no

Dark obsession in the name of love
This addiction that we're both part of
Leads us deeper into mystery
Keeps us craving endlessly
Strange compulsions I can't control
Pure possession of my heart and soul
I must live with this reality

I am you and you are me
I am you and you are me
I am you and you are me
I am you and you are me

There's no turning back
We're in this trap
No denying the facts
No, no, no
No excuses to give
I'm the one you're with
We've no alternative
No, no, no

Publish, damn you!
Morning bloooog!

Oi, querida, don't worry so much about making a good impression. I speak for not only myself, but Quinn and Drenn too when I say that we all love you here already. Speaking of such, I'll be going with Quinn and Drenn to pick you up from the airport (I'll be out late! -heehee- I have no life... but that doesn't matter, I'm skipping school on the 24th and 25th anyway). And you can marvel at the long-haired dark-clothed four-eyed tallish stocky weirdo that is me. *hee* And I bet your hands are just fine, love. Boney hands run in my family (mine are pretty close to it), so s'all good. I'm used to seeing as such. My mom and my brother are stick people, and my sister and I are rather.... full figured? *snorts*

....*wants to draw Orion and Carter getting it on ala last night's RP* o.o;; Those two have a weird relationship... I can't figure out if Carter loves Orion or not. x.x; <--- hates it when she can't figure out her own kyara

Ugh, I gotta do dishes. This should be illegal.

Heidi, my e-mail is being funky, so I'll just blog this. To get into Anime North, just go there and pay at the door. It's $25 for a one day pass, and I think it's $40 for the weekend.

SotM: Just Can't Get Enough, by Depeche Mode. Yes, it's the Gap song. Yes, it's annoying. And yes, it's stuck in my HEAD!!

ACK! I gotta baaaail! *runs off to do dishes and blares the Exciter cd in the background*

Alex, that is SO me. I'm Larou, Shitenshi, and Leo! *dances* All cute and tough!! *strikes a pose*
D-chan, you're getting a weekend pass?! YOU GO, GIRL!! You can chill with me for the whole con, then (Pscha, yeah, right, like you'd wanna hang out with me for that long ^_~). Ooooh, I'll bring a copy of Photoshop with me to give to you when I see ya', okay? Jus' look for the girl with the long purplish hair dressed in the Tomoeda uniform, with a cute Sakura-chan in tow. *teehee* Or, hanging around a short bald chick and another chica with short blond hair.

Yeah, I gots weird friends.
*sings* I miss my querida, I miss my querida, where is sheeeee? I miss my queriiiida, for she is special to meeeeee!!!!

Carter: Oww, my ears.... >_<;;
Oiii, I've not done an Anotolios layout... which one are you referring to? The Inferiority Complex? *pikupiku* The layout before the current one was of Simios/Simon, and the one before it was Lucas (the Inferiority Complex one)....
Meg's Art Corner!

Here we have a pretty CG of Orion and Carter. I've been playing with various effects... does it show? Anyway, I've not done a CG in a while, and when I saw querida's CUTE pic of these two, I thought "what the hell, I'll draw them too".
SotM: Dream On, by Depeche Mode. Exciter is one amazing CD. *___*
01. What was the first album you ever got: *thinks* .... mmmmmmm.... I think it was an Anthrax one. When I was 4?

02. What was the first concert you went to: I've not been to one! *sobsob*

03. What's your weirdest childhood memory: weirdest? All of them...?

04. Was your first sexual experience:
a) amazing
b) pretty good
c) not as horrible as expected
d) was alright, no big deal
e) was a nightmare, ick!
f) made you never want to have sex for as long as you live
g) I'm a virgin, thank you very much

G. Let's go with that. T_T;

05. Have you ever had an ex come out gay after dating you: Not that I know of, but I wonder about Tyler....

06. Admit it, who's your favorite boy group: .....*thinks really hard*.... METALLICA!

07. Ok, so who would you rather listen to for 24 straight hours... Britney Spears or Mandy Moore: I'd rather be deaf. If I wasn't, I'd stab a pen into my ear until my eardrum ruptured, then repeat this step with the other.

08. If you had a chance to have a one night stand with your favorite rock star, would you do it:... nope.

09. Assuming you have one, what's the ringtone on your cell phone: it plays "Cruel Angel's Thesis".

10. What currently "popular" music can you not stand: if I've heard it on Kiss92 FM I HATE IT!

11. What CD do you own that you're most embarrassed about: ...*small voice* Britney Spear's "Baby One More Time"... >_<

12. What's your favorite brand of cigarettes: That's just gross. *pointed look at Mom, Dad, John, and Dani* It'll kill you. T_T;

13. What's your favorite alcholic drink: Mike's Hard Lemonade, baby.

14. If you could live in any other place besides where you're living now, where would it be: ....Vancouver, BC. Or Spokane, WA. ^_~

15. What's the best beauty tip you can give someone: Go outside and observe a stick on the ground. See stick, lifeless and twisted sinews of dead plant matter. Today's media portrays "beautiful" as most sticks are found to look. "Think slick; don't be a stick".

16. Who's your favorite athlete: Wendel Clark. *big smile*

17. Confess a guilty pleasure: Hand fetish mucho.

18. Do you name your personal objects: Hell yeah. Meet my guitar, Chordelia....

19. Is there anything about you that freaks people out: That I can bend pretty much every joint in my body backwards and live to tell about it (and do it again on request).

20. Who would you want to be stuck on a desert island with: Gee, I dunno.... *coughjamiecough*

21. What's your favorite animal: Wolves.

22. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie... if so, what was the last one you saw: Never been.

23. Who do you think is the most revolting celebrity couple: ALL OF THEM!!!! T_T;

24. Do you look like any celebrity: I've been told I look like Drew Barrymore. x.x;

25. What's your favorite ice cream flavor: Dutch Chocolate. All the way. *drools*

26. Do you own fishnet tights, what color are they: Yes. And they are red.

27. Have you ever given money to a homeless person on the street: No, can't say I have...

28. Coke or Pepsi: Coke!! ^___^---v

29. What's your favorite & least favorite part of your face: Favourite? I like my lips. Least favourite.... I hate my stupid fecking eyebrows.

30. How do you behave when you're drunk: Giddy and stupid.

31. Describe yourself in three words: freakish, bitchy, and perverted

32. What type of guys do you like: Fictional ones.

33. What's your latest obsession: Prismacolor collecting.

34. Who do you most admire: I rather greatly admire Quinn and Drenn... they're just so cool. ^.^

35. What do you usually wear when you're home alone: Memphis Blues boxershorts and a ratty t-shirt.

36. Do you have a tattoo, if not, would you get one: the small of my back.

37. The world would be a better place without: politicians? ^_~

38. What's your greatest fear: everything. I've been a paranoid person since I was little... my kindergarten teacher even said so.

39. Are you an Elvis or a Beatles person: Neither... I'd sooner shoot myself.

40. What vampire would you want to make you into a vampire: Tricky... Lestat, or Simon. ^_^ *peeeeets Simon*

41. What's one thing you'd change about yourself: My arms. Stretchmarks from all the weight I lost. x.x;

42. What is your worst habit: biting my nails, and aruging to the point of danger.

43. What's the last thing that made you laugh: Mr. Apostolou scaring the hell out of the kids in the hallway by throwing Hardip out of class.

44. What's the last thing that made you cry: when Sam got shot to death and died in Carter's arms. Yes, I am AWARE that that was an RP.... -___-;

45. What was your first celebrity heartthrob: Jerry O'Connol ><-- sp?

46. What was your first real crush: Tim Harris, grade 3.

47. What are you thinking right now: Depeche Mode's new CD is stellar.... *__*

48. What's the last thing you consumed: cafeteria hamburgers. Aka, ratmeathockeypucks.

49. If you could understand any other language, what would it be: Gaelic.

50. How long did it take you to finish this questionnaire: 25 minutes!>

Blogger isn't letting anyone see my blooooog!
My mommie loooooves me! It's a nice surprise she gave me today. I got the new Depeche Mode cd!! *swwwwoooooooooon*
The computer lab computers suck ass. T_T;; *slooooow connection*
SotM: Anna-Maria by Boa.
In the computer lab now, as opposed to the tech lab. There's a slight difference-- this one is connected to the library.

This is boring too. This project that I'm supposed to be researching for is about my "dream career". Uhh, I already HAVE my dream career. I just gotta work on building a name for my self in the indie industry. -__-;;;;

Whee, I'm stuck sitting next to a fan. Fans are fun... they blow air! .... that sounded SO wrong....

I trimmed down alllll my pretty marker artwork in the library today using the paper guillotine thinger. What a special moment that was, when I nearly SLICED OFF MY FREAKIN' FINGERS!!!!!! T_T;;





Someone shoot me. *tells Kyle for the 6 millionth time this week that she will NOT draw a monkey's paw for him*
Tech class is painfully boring. See, we're doing a project in Adobe Premiere, but I have the program at home AND access to the scanner, digital camera, soundcard, and CD burner we need for the project, so I'm doing it all at home. I'm like 2/3 done already, and it's not due until next week.

It's already been quite established that I shall not be going to school on Thursday or Friday of next week. Reasons being, on the Thursday, I'm gonna be bustin' my ass to get all my art for Anime North together, and I'll prolly be wherever helping querida-Firefly with that too ('cause, you know, as I keep mentioning, she's coming over for the summer on the 23rd). Then the 25th is the first day of the convention, and I gotta be there early with the rest of Riot Ink so we can get our pre-reg all validated and get into the art room to set up before the convention opens to the general public. *siiigh* That's always verra' tense... 'cause the art is being auctioned, you feel so paranoid. So, I shall be panicking AND prolly helping out querida with her bit. Then it's off to the Artists' Alley with all us Riot Ink peeps, and then after THAT it's meeting time and sleepover at Quinn's place. Thus, you will not hear from me much next week.

Monday is a holiday? Man, people should tell me this stuff a TAD earlier. My brain is so fried from trying not to fail math class. I'm succeeding, though! I got a 31 out of 36 on my most recent unit test! All be proud of me! My mark should go up from a 63% to at least a 67%. *whew*

Querida, I shall be online from about noon your time. I spoke to Amy between classes, and I'll give you the divvy on that later. Speaking of which, I gotta bake a whole slew of cookies for (Amy's) Mom, 'cause it's payment for putting you up. Oh yeah, you owe me in cookiedough and chocolate chips, babe! ^_~

Current art in the works; the re-draw of an old old old old AH picture of Cam and Mark. The remake should be done by Sunday.... I'm really taking my time on it. So far, it's just Mark and the chair he's sitting on. He looks so cute. ^.^
Another image I'm working on is a group pic of the girls in Riot Ink, for the Pink Riot page on the company site. So far, I've got the pencilling for all of us (Quinn, Drenn, the Dragon Lady, querida, and myself) all finished. Now to ink... this is gonna take forever. x.x;;

I'm also seriously considering making a San-sama (from Mononoke Hime) costume. It would be so easy. Well, actually, the mask would be a bitch to make, but fun. ^.^ I might just do that this long weekend. The head-dress thing would look totally wild.... ^____^

SotM: One Day, by Boa. This sounds like Carter to Orion. o.O;;;;

Ugh, Netscape doesn't like the school computers. It's annoying. It's also scary that I've realized how buggy Netscape is compared to IE. I actually like IE more now, 'cause it's a hell of a lot faster. It also has less java problems....

I better bail before I get caught. O_O;;
Morning blog!!

Shall be a short post this morning; I have a ton of dishes to do 'afore I go to school x.x;

Today is a shibbyday (as Harley would put it)! Becaaaause, today marks exactly ONE WEEK until mi querida Jamie comes to happy happy Brampton. YAAAAY!!! *dances* And Anime North is on the 25th! YAAAAAAAY! *more dancing*

Ugh, not much to say. I might blog from the tech lab, since the project we're doing in class I'm doing at home (gotta love it when you have better versions of all the programs you use at school).

Freckle-- I like this layout better, too. The other one was mighty rushed. I'm gonna be tweaking this one over the next few days. ^_^

*runs off to read Journeys Down -plugplugplugplug- and get ready for school*
Blogging lyrics!

Africa, by Toto

I hear the drums echoin' tonight
She hears only whispers of some quiet conversation
She's coming in, twelve-thirty flight.
Moonlight wings reflect the stars
That guide me toward salvation.
I stopped an old man along the way,
Hoping to find some old forgotten words,
Or ancient melodies.
He turn to me as if to say,
"Hurry, boy, it's waiting there for you."

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you,
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
I bless the rains down in Africa,
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

The wild dogs cry out in the night.
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company.
I know that I must do what's right,
Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.
I seem to cure what's deep inside,
Frightened of this thing that I've become.

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you,
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
I bless the rains down in Africa,
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you
It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.,
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
I bless the rains down in Africa,
I bless the rains down in Africa,
I bless the rains down in Africa,
I bless the rains down in Africa,
I bless the rains down in Africa,
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

Alex-chan's kyara test heeded these results. ^__^ I like them, dood!! CHECK IT OUT!!!

#1 Larou
# 2 Leo
# 3 Shitenshi
# 4 Kenji
# 5 Rossy
# 6 Sincerity
# 7 Megan
# 8 Fisher
# 9 Pomegranate
# 10 Marchelle
# 11 Shawn
# 12 Arisa
# 13 Adam

Let's talk about Carter. 'Cause I don't think I've ever actually TOLD Carter's story to anyone in full. Lesse if I can sum it up in less than 10 pages. ^_~


Carter was born in Florence, Italy in the year 1485 on May 7th. His mommie Emilia was a gypsy, and his daddy was a pigheaded Englishman named Derkshaw. He had a little sister named Catrina who was 3 years younger than him. Anyway, Carter (Benjamin) was a REALLY pretty kid as he was growing up. Being the time period and in Europe, child prostitution was a really big thing, when Benjamin was 6 Derkshaw saw a nice opportunity to make cash on the kid's looks. Emilia refused, wouldn't let him touch little Benjamin. So in a rather vicious fight with her (in front of little Bennie), Derkshaw killed Emilia by strangling her to death. Yeah. Anyway, Derkshaw began not only selling his son for nights or days on end to the highest bidders, but he also.... *koff* used Bennie himself. When Bennie turned 9, he rebelled, refusing to do it anymore. Derkshaw couldn't force him, as the kid had a mean tendancy to bite what he could when he could if need be *think about that, people*. He gave Bennie an ultimatum... behave or you'll live to regret it. Bennie ended up regretting it; Derkshaw killed Cartrina by kicking her down the stairs and breaking her neck. She died in little Bennie's arms. Bennie blamed himself, gave in, and didn't rebel much from then on (actually, he tried to run away on a few occassions, only to get caught and beaten within an inch of his life). This went on until Bennie was 15. One night while Derkshaw was pimping him out in a local pub, a long-haired stranger paid Derkshaw a hefty amount of money for the boy. Derkshaw told the man he could have him for a week. The stranger pulled Bennie outside. Bennie was terrified, but the stranger introduced himself as Lokistrant and told Bennie that he only bought him off so the boy could be free of his burden for now. He was welcome to stay at Lokistrant's palazzo, and nothing was asked of him. Bennie and Loki became pretty good friends; Bennie (whom Loki called Carter) developing a mad crush on him.

...WAH! CT! CT! *clutches her arm and decides to finish this later*

Feel free to become a member. Just link the button to my blog. ^_~

I officially quit screwing with the layout for now. I'll tweak it tomorrow....

Querida, where ARE you? ;____;
...I dunno if this qualifies, but Matt said to me "I don't care if he's gay, he's cool!" about Carter, so... *adds Matt too*
*adds another name to the list of Carter's various harem persons* Fiona Collie.... *writewrite*
Morning Blog, even if it's most likely a waste of time because Blogger don't wanna publish....

SotM: Africa, by Toto. ^________^

I had a weeeeeird dream last night, which I don't remember! Ha ha! I also got to learn the joys of spontanious bleeding. I had an open cut on my face and it bled a lot. Funny thing is, I was chatting with querida, and I didn't even touch my face... then I felt the blood drip offa my chin. It bled for a good half hour, and now... well, now the cut's not THERE and I have the bloody kleenexes to prove it was!!! O_O;

Not much to say... I got mom to watch Mononoke Hime yesterday. She LOVED it, and admitted it to be a zillion times better than Disney. ^.^

I am feeling so artistically uninspired. Maybe I'll skip tech class today so I can chill with Amy and Speller and co., 'cause usually they inspire me (the banter is funny). We shall see, we shall see...

I am SO glad that this year I've learned how to keep my notes organized. We have notebook collection in History today, and it's worth 75 marks. All I need to do is change the dividers.

Woo! Querida, Journeys Down is finally at strips I have not seen. ^_~

For my next blog layout, I shall prolly do Carter and Candra. Now, I just gotta think of a theme colour. Wait, I know that one. I just gotta think of a THEME now. -___-;

Chicken nuggets for breakfast!

Dan, you LIKED Tattoon Master?! Oh, DAMN, is the dubbing TERRIBLE. The main character's voice makes the North American choice for the voice of Dilandau (Esca) look phenominal!! Geeez, if you want the tape, I'll give it to you for $7. T_T;;

Querida, bring in Orion! Carter's angsting something horrible, and he has that weird liking of Orion. Might break him out of it a bit, if not prove interesting. I imagine word through the vampire community would have reached him by now (you'd be verra' surprised as to just how many people know Carter....he's been around [yes, that way, too]). I've been contemplating this, can you tell? And if Carter's not gonna kill Jack, at least he got a hell of a lotta' good punches in. ^__^;

My Sexy-Spike poster has a capton that I only just noticed! It says "I'm a Bad, Rude Man" on it. *teehee* Spike is a verra' sexy vamp. I *heart* him. ^.^

Benedictus' (mouse drawn) Art Corner, though all your art corner are belong to Kiih.

Anotolios, with some freaky power thing happenin'.

Willam and Anotolios. Prophet-sama, this picture still bothers me.... >_<

*in fangirl mode over Dexter Holland (lead singer for the Offspring)*

Chicken all gone now... *pokes the empty plate and remaining blotch of plumb sauce*

Enough from me. Possibly more from the tech lab later, if I don't skip class. Not like it matters, since blogger is a bitch (to quote Poe-niichan)... -___-;;

I am far to attached to Carter lately. Last night I actually CRIED (and hard, too) when Jack shot Sam in the head. That was sad... Sam-chan died happy, though. ;_; It was so so sad....

Carter: *locked in his (and once Sam's) bedroom, curled up on Sam's side of the bed, and refusing to move*

In other news, for $6, I actually bought a dubbed anime. So sue me... I was curious. 'Tis Tattoon Master, which I have not yet seen. I also rented October Sky (goooood movie), and I'm gonna make mom watch Mononoke Hime today. ^.^

Dan, you better be bringing me Perfect Blue back tomorrow.

SotM: Fade to Black, by Metallica. It's Carter right now, I'm afraid....
Oh nononononononononononono.... *sobsobsob*

Cam: ;___________; <---- rabid HHGttG fan
Blogger hates me blogger hates me blogger haaaaaates meeeee!

Is it ever gonna let me publish?!
Carter's Notebook of Creative Venting! Heaven forbid... songs by Carter...

Nothing seems too real
To be completely solid, existant
But this heavy regret I feel...
Please take it away?

I know so little of you
Don't know what to think
All those strange things you do...
I'm so lost on all of this

What you've been doing is confusing
It used to be you pushing me away
Now it's me who is refusing
Explain it to me?

Tsua-sama, permission to glomp Carter granted. Welcome to his harem. ^_~
Carter has a harem!!!!!
Top row is Amy (yelling "GOOSH!"), angel-Ezra, Vogel Damien, and the blond is Derkshaw Carter.... bottom row is Candra, Sam, Carter, Orion, Vil, and Simon.

Orion looks evil o.o;
Meg's Art Corner!... even though all your art corner are belong to Kiih.

Candra, non anime style. 5 minute sketch.
A random chica, in the same style as above.
For Orion's viewing pleasure. Carter in TIGHT clothing. Looking vulnerable.
Is blogger EVER gonna work? T_T;
Morning blog!
Wow, I actually got on the computer this morning!!

Ohimigod! CUTE CUTE CUUUTE! *fangirlish squealing*

I've not much to say... well, actually, I think I should mention that I woke up to my inner Nathaniel. In other words, I dreamt about him but don't remember it, and I woke up calling for Laurie. x.x

Happy announcement for all the RPing world! *grins* Lucas and Candra are getting hitched!! ^___^

Lucas: *biiiiig smile*

*munching on a potato scone* I feel cruddy currently... so if I'm still feeling like this come 5th period, home I come. As we're just gonna end up watching Good Will Hunting today. 'Tis a really good movie, but not the kinda one I have the patience to sit through in class.

*runs around* 13 days! 13 days!!! And then a tearful meeting, I bet.... but s'all good, baby! *waves to querida*

I prolly should get dressed or something... o'er and out!
We. Lost. To. The. Devils. I. Am. Sad. My. Pride. Is. GONE!
Attention all Toronto Maple Leafs or New Jersey Devils Fans! Kindly click HERE!

...this image brought to you by Benedictus and Meg.
I woulda' blogged this morning, but I was lazy and didn't get moving until 8. And Mr. DeWitte caught me not doing work in tech class. ^__^;;


Meg's Art Corner! seems like everyone is stealing that Art Corner thing offa me lately....

Here we have a fast colour pen sketch of Carter with a guitar on his back.

And for fun, I doodled pen sketches of Simon's family. Here's his sister, Kira. She's psycho. This be Jade, his mommie, whom he looks a scary amount like ('cept Simon has blue eyes like his dad). And speaking of his dad, here he is; the sadistic Wren-baka.

Imouto! You drew 'Tolios nicely. ^.^ He's all purdy-like! No wonder he and Ben had a thing for each other, eh? *heeheeheehee*

Ben: *sweatdrops*
Huh, I posted more from school today than from home.

I can play a new song on the guitar! *learning slowly but surely*

On the count of three, everyone... disturbed!
Ugh, in the computer lab now. See, I'm in careers class, and we have to research the career we want. Um..... I kinda HAVE that down pat.... I'm working on building something larger out of it, but what can I possibly SAY? -___-;

So instead, I'm looking for Perfect Blue images.
Also meant to add this.... writing randomly on my notes in math in a red, longhanded scrawl that is NOT mine, this is what came out.

Araderon sinkae darlaie. Raen, serdias perios delain ser canalon.

...Ben is refusing me the option of a translation because he just says he can't bring himself to say it. What does it mean? *confused*
From the tech lab!!!

I'm so bored. We're doing a project on non-linear video editing using Adobe Premiere. *makes a face* Ah well, I guess it could be worse. We COULD be using Corel. *burns all possible Corel products in reach*

SotM: Rhythm Emotion, by Two-Mix (Baroque Best orchestral version). Kyaaaaaaaa....! *_* This CD is AMAZING.

Ohhhh, I had FUN colouring that picture I did yesterday of Tsua's husband-y dood and Anotolios. It's.... violent.... very very violent.... but at least Ben has filled me in on some things. Read on for weird stuff.

Ben has told me that Anotolios' race of people were created by alchemists of sorts, looking for an embodiment to power so that they could control it. Because they wanted complete control, the beings they crafted (sort of; more like forged) were made to have no gender, and thus couldn't reproduce on their own. They made about 300 or so of these creatures, trying to find the one that was the most successful result. This turned out to be good ol' Anotolios. He was very powerful, but had no will of his own. Since he had no will of his own, he would conform to whomever acted first on the job of being his master, and he was nothing more than a puppet with a LOT of magick. Whoever pulled the strings controlled the powers he had. Now, his creators (the alchemists who formed the Blue Order to give purpose to the lives of the creatures they created afterwards) decided that this wasn't a good idea, but they couldn't bring themselves to kill off this winged creature they had forged from carnal power. So, instead, they bound away the magick in him and pushed it as far back into his being as they could, and sealed the bind with a brand of an eye (the symbol they honored) in his right palm; the result of such a bind was that the person bearing it would be blind in normal right, but eye on the hand would be the opening to the soul and the creature inside, and this eye would only react when in any danger by allowing the blind one to see the immediate threat in the physical sense. Because he was no longer being weighed down by the magicks he couldn't control on his own and only harboured as a weapon, Anotolios gained a mind and personality. To keep him close to the inner workings of the Order, his creators made him of high ranking.... which was a good thing anyway, as his power seeped out in small amounts regardless and made a prophet out of him.

....Imouto? Tsua-sama? Poe-niichan? Does this sound at all familiar?

Happy 516th birthday to mister Benjamin Aaron Carter. ^____^ Querida, that's an occassion we must hold an RP celebration for.

Carter: T__T
Morning blog!

Yes, that was disturbing, wasn't it? What's MORE disturbing is that I actually got really upset on Simon's behalf. By the end of that I was a sobbing mess. o.o Simon's really weird like that... when he's openly emotional, he's powerfully so. And as of late, he's so very confused.... and he's got a nice nice nice little bout of guilt that's going to tear him to pieces; someone died because of his devotion to Sebbi, and he doesn't even know who.

Anyone ever seen that animated "There's a Much Music VJ That's Right For You?" commercial? 'Cause I find the animated Rick the Temp to be DAMN cute. If there were any justice I would be a cartoon.

Dan-chaaan! Can I borrow your tape of Princess Mononoke tomorrow, please? 'Cause I'll prolly forget to ask you. I wanna try copying tapes, and if it works with my special VCR, then I'll copy it.

*waves a Tabitha flag*

I hope Mr. DeWitte is there for tech. If he is, then I can FINALLY hand in my project. *dunts head*

Arrrgh, must. draw. Simon..... *wanders off*
Some random statements on Cam, just because I love the dood and he's fun to talk about. ^_^

Cam-kun is a "special" kinda guy. He's the ideal humanoid form of a God, really; gorgeous, muscled, intelligent, well-liked, famous (I don't think Mark and co really know just HOW well known he is as an artist, musician, and businessman), powerful, and damn rich (though Lucas is richer, but shhhh). Too bad he's gay. Anyway, he likes kids (has two, one adopted and one biological), and is painfully devoted to Mark-chan. He's also extremely talented in pretty much anything. Except math. He really really sucks at math.
Now, Cam's biggest thing lately is that he's a damn FORTRESS and can't be broken. Actually, he can be, and there's only one way. But I can't say. Because he will hang me from the ceiling by my wrists. Not even Mark can break him in the usual way anymore.... he's immune! o.O
I haven't blogged much this weekend, huh? Well, here we go then.

Songs of the Moment: Save Tonight, by Eagle Eye Cherry, and Sympathy for the Devil, as done by Guns 'n' Roses....these songs are.... weirdly fitting to my mood. Considering what I'm gonna have to do to a certain kyara who shall remain nameless. 9.9

Simon: *sneezes*

*sings* Save tonight, fight the break of dawn, come tomorrow and tomorrow I'll be gone....

*wild hysterics* When I flex now, there are muscles to poke! It's cool and vastly amusing!

I can't draw. It's verra' annoying. I have no idea what to draw! Actually, I kinda wanna sketch Simon and Sebbi for a bit, since they're fun with the bondage and stuff. *heh* Simon likes using handcuffs, rope, and blindfolds. *snickersnicker* But seriously, though, they're fun to draw because they have similar colouring so it makes it interesting to see how confusing you can make the tangle of limbs. ^___^

*bops around to her Two-Mix Baroque Best CD* WAI! WAI! WAI!

Hmmm, next layout for this blog has 4 options. And all can be potentially fun to make... and yes, Amy, they shall focus mainly on Carter! But I wanna go a bit more complex than one kyara, so it shall be one of the other choices you may vote for.

Lance: *blushing profusely at Freckle's comment*
Carlos: *venomous glare at Freckle from behind Meg*
Meg: *heheheheheheh*
Oscuro's publicity photo. I could just SEE this as the cover of a CD. From left to right is Lucas, Candra, Carter, Carlos, and Lance. LCCCL. *snickers* But anyway, I did that mainly over math, lunch, and careers. Coloured in prismacolor during careers.. it was really funny, as everyone was playing the Game of Life, and I didn't wanna play so I coloured. The OTHER people who weren't playing were forced to by Mr. Debartolo, but not me. He just kept walking over to watch me work in silence.

AMY! Spike's all covered in sexy wounds! And Cam is Hitler's gentler side. And I SUCK AT AIRHOCKEY! And you are grounded!
writing up that list of dysfuctional father figures just brought to mind an exchange from Carter's story thingie.

Lokistrant: Your father sure is charming. *sarcastic*
Benjamin (Carter): He's not very nice, but he's all I have.
Lokistrant: He'll kill you one day, you know.
Benjamin: I know.
Lokistrant: Then why don't you leave?
Benjamin: Because... well, as wrong as it sounds, it's all I know. And I'm all he has left, too.
Lokistrant: *shakes his head*
Ode to a Tech Class Without a Teacher That Goes On Forever
There once was a school called Ching
And students wished for the bell to ring
To signal period four
So they could run out the door
But alas, class is TOO FECKING LONG!!!

Lian:'re scary.
Simon: Besides, only half the school has 4th period lunch... the other half has 3rd. *matter of fact*
Lian: You're scary too.....
Monday is Carter's birthday, people!!!! <--- thought she'd share just to make his life miserable

Carter: I hate you.
*pokes Blogger with a sharp stick*
Blogging from the tech lab! With Lian Kannel sitting on my lap. -_-;

Lian: Hey, there's no where else to sit....

Anyway... it figures, the one time I bust my ass to get a project done, the teacher isn't even there. I don't have to hand it in until tomorrow. *siiiighs*

SotM: For Jasmine, by Boa. This... this sounds like Cam to Candra. o.O LYRICS!

I am watching you
Watching the way you watch people do
The things that they do
As you grow older - learning
Child understanding
About the way that a soul on a soul on a soul can be born
Can be beautiful

Child, understanding
I see the smile that lights your face
When you understand and realise,
Oh child, in this world
Strange how we forget the things that made us first smile

Ho hey, never stop learning
Ho hey, never stop wandering
Baby's growing older
Oh my child never stop learning

And I'm learning too
About the way that people do
The things that they do
Never meaning to hurt anyone
But we all do things we regret
And wish we'd never done
Oh child, and there you are
Wandering through the garden of life
Picking up flowers and eating them
And the world will smile when you smile
And we all have smiles inside of us

Ho hey, never stop learning
Ho hey, never stop wandering
Baby's growing older
Oh my child never stop learning
Now baby, baby, yeah- don't you ever stop learning
Baby, baby, yeah- don't you ever stop learning

I like Boa. I like Boa a hell of a lot. And this song makes me think of Simon. O.o;;

Deeply, by Boa
Darling, I've gotta talk to you
About the things you've been putting me through
I've gotta talk to you
I've gotta be explained to

Feelings, they're really burning now
They're burning higher than they've ever done before
I need to talk to you, I need to feel it deeply
You're actions now, they're really driving me
Driving me into a deep bed of insanity
You need to talk to me
You need to feel it deeply

Don't be afraid to say it
Don't be afraid to say it
The words that you might tell me
Could never hurt me oh no

I've gotta feel it, I've gotta feel it
I've gotta feel it deeply, deeply now
I've gotta feel it, I've gotta feel it
And the words come tumbling from me

Feelings, they're really burning now
They're burning higher than they've ever done before
I need to talk to you, I need to feel it deeply
Sometime now you gotta come round
To the way that I been feeling about you now
I gotta talk to you, I gotta be explained to

Don't be afraid to say it
Don't be afraid to say it
The words that you might tell me
Could never hurt me oh no

I've gotta feel it, I've gotta feel it
I've gotta feel it deeply, deeply boy
I've gotta feel it, I've gotta feel it
And the words come tumbling from me

Don't be afraid to say it
Don't be afraid to say it
The words that you might tell me
Could never hurt me oh no

I've gotta feel it, I've gotta feel it
I've gotta feel it deeply, deeply now
I've gotta feel it, I've gotta feel it
And the words come tumbling from me

I have a nice collection of Boa lyrics. ^.^

*draws* |'m working on a "publicity photo"ish picture of Oscuro (aka Journeys Down, if you have read any of querida-Firefly's comic). So far, I've done Carter and Candra, and Carter looks so cute that I just wanna gnaw on him. He's so damn short, too. Lance and Carlos are both tall (Lance being around 6'1 and Carlos about 6'2), Vil's around 5'7, Candra's about 5'8ish, and Lucas is also 5'8. So Carter's the midget. He looks about 12 years old, too, but is verra' pretty for a kid vampire. ^.^
... you know, I have a hard time thinking of them as Journey's Down. They're still Oscuro in my mind. x.x;;

I'm not sure if I should colour the publicity shot of the band with pen or on the computer..... I imagine if I finish the actual inking and stuff at lunch, I'll colour it. If not, then I'll finish it when I get home tonight (querida, I won't be online until about 4 or 5 your time, will prolly only be on for a bit, back around 6, and then from there I can stay up all night).

Riot Ink business meeting tomorrow! YEAAAAAAAH! *dances* Getta see Drenn and Quinn and Chris and the Dragon Lady! WOOOO HOOOO!!! <--- misses them all a little too much, notice?
It's really weird with the Riot Ink crew... because here, at school and even among my friends (whom I adore, don't get me wrong), I feel like such an outsider. You know, no one understands me, really, and I really do confuse people. But with Quinn and Drenn especially, I'm normal. They're such great friends to have, and they know what's what with me since they can relate to almost quirk about me. It's nice to belong. I don't mind being on the outside and looking in, but it is a very nice change to actually fit in somewhere and have people who have walked in your shoes and love you regardless. So cool. ^_^

Simon: You're turning into a sentimental dork too, eh?
Meg: You better believe it.

Querida and I have too many cruel father kyara. My list includes the fathers of Simon, Carter, Rukura, Tim, Pandora, Sybandial, Collingsworth (I don't RP him, but he's cool), Harlem (ditto him), Alan (aka Basualto), Carlos, and Jensen. What a list.... o.O The most vicious, though, was by far Carter's dad, Derkshaw. He was downright scary... one of those kyara that I didn't plan out or make up extensive background for--- he did it himself, it seemed. Scary, scary guy. I'm kinda amazed that Carter lived to 15... Derkshaw beat him within an inch of his life reguarly. And did some other things quite regularly, too. *makes a face* But we can all thank Simon for how Carter is now... Bennie was a softie, really. He was a really nice kid. Simon screwed him up something terrible....

It's only noon! Dammit, class isn't over for another half hour! I am SO bored!!!

I shall surf for a bit.

Morning blog!

*glomps the Saint Tail cosplay photos* You are just so cute! ^_____^ Can I keeep you? Pleeeeease?

This weekend I think I'll hafta' start putting together a Tomoeda uniform. And I wonder if I should cut my bangs to go as Tomoyo? Most anime kyara seem to have bangs anyway.... *ponders*

I CGed it. Go figure. I like 'Alto-sama. He's funny. ^.^

D-chan, of course I would. ^_^ I can burn that to another CD tonight, and maybe we can like... meet up or something sometime soon. If not, I'll just give it to you at Anime North. (Look for me in the Artist's Alley! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!)

...Speller. Is. An. Oho.

AMY AND I GOING TO THE MALL TONIGHT!! Going places with Amy is MUCHO fun. She's really funny. We end up screaming and laughing and skipping down isles and getting funny looks from people. ^.^--v

Wren: *boots Simon around* Stupid, stupid boy!
Simon: *wails*
Kira: *shakes her head and just doesn't get involved*

*random glomps querida, Rach, Poe-niichan, imouto, Tsua-sama, Amy, Speller, and Dan-chan*

Enough from me. I have dishes to do, long hair to brush through, and a lot of stuff to jam into my backpack.

Hasta luego, mis amigos! *waves and disappears in a puff of purple smoke*
D-chan, if you want Photoshop, I can give you version 4.6.....
Tsua-sama!!!! Glad you like them! ^.^
Meg's Art Corner!

Alan Basualto (I stole Sebastian Basualto's name! Sorry, dood, but you have a cool last name!) and Lucas Hathaway in FBI getup.

Lance (Dexter) and Carlos pose for a snapshot. And Querida, I agree that Carlos seems to have a thing for Lance and vise versa....
SWEET!!! It published!!! ^_____^
Morning blog!
Yesterday, blogger wouldn't let me publish. Let's hope it likes me today.

Breakfast is bad. I can't think of anything to eat, and I HAVE to eat or I'll end up passing out in tech. Anyway....

Meg's Art Corner!
Don't click here if yaoi bothers you. Picture involves Carter and Sam, in the back equipment room of some club. Yeeeah. It's.... special. But it was great fun to draw, and even more fun to colour. ^__^

Querida, I AM the Photoshop Mistress! OHOHOHOHOHO (Speller is an oho, btw)! I've learned some really neat tricks using that program... I'm just very lazy when I CG and end up doing basic airbrusing... but Candra is so pretttttttyyyy! I want that shirt.

Lucas: She's mine! ^.^ *glomps Candra*

song of the moment: Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, by U2. I'm so gonna draw a pic with that for a title. BTW, next layout is prolly gonna be Carter. I am being forced into it. Amy is holding a gun to my head on a regular basis and demanding I use Carter for my next layout. Yes. Okay. ^_~

I so badly wanna take my pens to school so I can colour at lunch, but I have so many that they're in a tacklebox.... x.x

Anyway, I go. *waves*

DAMN YOU, BLOGGER! You haven't let me publish all fecking DAY!
I just drew a FUN picture.... I shall scan it in the morning iffen I get a chance. 'Tis Carter and Sam making out amongst various band stuffs (drumset, guitars, amps, speakers...). I found it very amusing. blogger gonna let me publish yet??

Carter: ...... *sniffle* ;_;
GOT A NEW SCANNER! Soooo.... ^___^
Meg's Art Corner!

Pinup art!!!!!!!!!! Cam, Mark, Super Sailor Moon, Athena, Nate, and my personal favourite pinup! LUCAS!!!

The drawing that was mostly done by Cam.... Anotolios.

Candra thinks Lucas in plainclothes with normal hair is cute. Lucas is not happy about this look. And Oliver is in shock. It's funny.
Morning blog!

*squeals and runs around* LOTS OF BIRTHDAY FANART FOR MEEEE! *is verra happy about this* D-chan, that's just funny... *sinckers* Lucas was like that when not a vampire (he had a bad tendancy to drag Cam out drinking for a while). *gigglefits* THANK YOU! And the piccie of Cam is adorable, Rebecca-chan! And Alex! *droooools on the pic you gave her*

Fanart makes me a happy happy Meg-chan.

Cam: Kiih's AC? LAAAAAZY! ^_~ Iffen only Meg had a SCANNER to scan what I helped her draw (I signed it too)...
Meg: Uhhh... I don't think that pic should be distributed to the public at large anyway. It'll get me locked up in G-ward.
Cam: Doesn't help that you plan on skipping tech class today. *stern look*
Meg: 9.9

Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan! Dan-chan!
Dan-chan is a -chan and thus
Will never be a -san
Even if he steals my snitch
But I really doubt he can.

And somehow, my genetically altered monkey looks strangely like a kick-ass model of Ryoko with a Ry-oh-ki stand that lights up. ^_~

*sobs* Poe-niichan is cruel! He was teasing me about yesterday's Buffy ep since I didn't get. to. see. it. because. of. my. DAD! *GLARES*

*happily prints out her gorgeous present from querida* Happy happy happy happy happy. ^.^

Simon: *all proud*
Cam: Psst, I've had two people draw me so far since yesterday...
Lucas: And one person draw me...
Simon:..... Spoil my fun, would you? *ego deflates* ;___;

My prismacolour count is over 60 now. *smiles sweetly at John* I actually have a cool brother after all... he got me a $100 gift certificate for Curry's Fine Art Supplies. ^.^ I love that store.....

*pauses in blogging to take her medication* ICKY!

Poe-niichan, that is one seriously disturbing search engine hit. Almost beats the one I got that said "Achey Breakey Heart Lyrics". O.o blog got 111 hits YESTERDAY ALONE. Dood, is my life REALLY that interesting? o.O

Eeeeenyway, I must go and get ready for school. *grumbles* I swear, if my head still hurts come lunch, I'm just going home. T_T;

*tackleglomps querida, cuddles, and runs off to get ready for school*
Oohhh, before I forget. I must tell of the TRIPPY picture I drew in History.
'Tis Anotolio lying on the ground with his hands up to shield his face, and his wings are all broken and busted.... he's dripping blood (especially on his hands), and on his right hand, there's a weeeeeeird looking eye-ish thing carved into his palm (to those who I have shown the image too, refer to the silver embroidery on the blue cloak). It's.... disturbing.
And what's worse, the picture is signed "C. Bennett and Meg Graham"..... Cam has a funky signature.
......I never thought I'd live to see the day that Lance, Billy, and Bill sing happy birthday to me. o.o;;

(yes, I actually based two of the members of Oscuro on Lance and Bill.... Billy is just weird, and he reminds me of Lucas. Only more obnoxious.)
Dooood, you don't know how many really nice people there are kicking around until your birthday shows up. <--- loaded down with gifts from friends, and it's only noon

Big big big big big thank yous! In no particular order... notice my fluent-ishness in other languages as we go on.

AMY! I have a football! It is football-y. I like it. ^_^ And the CARD! That takes SKILL! And the sculpture and the rock-ball and the stickers! MERCI BEAUCOUP (mercy buckets)!!

Adam!! Keep drawing, dood! Keep it up! S'all good. Muchas gracias por el carro! *hee* Now I'm legal age to drive it.... ^__~

Heidi!!!! *runs around screaming "Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!" and glomping her kitty, her Snitch, and her pretty mini candles* I read the astrological book in math class. *hee* SO CUTE! I shall now dub my kitty.... MAYA! Doooomo arigatou! ^__^ *proudly sporting her Golden Snitch on her beltloop chain*

SPELLLLLLEEEERRRRRR (like STELLA! only it's SPELLER!)!!!! I now own Harry and Ron! IN A GLASS GLOBE! As Amy would say, WHOOPCHA!! And I have pretty HP stones! Danke danke danke danke!

.... I kinda dread finding out what Dan got me. He's been talking about it since Thursday. If it has fins or feathers or teeth that actually move on their OWN, I'm gonna scream and run far and fast.
Speaking of Dan....

A Non-Limerickal Ode to Dan(-chan)
Daniel is a weirdo
But he's cool enough I guess
But being a skinny chicken boy
He'd look good in a dress!

Cam, Simon, Ben, Cadence, Lucas, Lian: ....... *weak golf clapping*
Meg: Thank you, thank you! *bowbow*

Song of the moment: Deeply, by Boa. Can we all guess what CD I am listening to??
Yeesh, this too is a Simon song. x.x;

Break from typing.... fish in a tube disorder (aka Carpal Tunnel).

Song of the moment: Scoring, by Boa.... it's a Simon song. Dunno why, but it is... o.o; Lyrics!

Scoring, by Boa

Score the lines in a deepening order
Score them deep just to make sure you told her
Destructive rage, it's just easier to be that way
At least you never have to eat the words you say

I take pleasure in being all alone
I save passion in making it on my own

I will never be, taken by your humility
I will never fall on my knees

Bear the weight of the world as you told her
But it weighs heavy on a wounded shoulder
Sow the petals on a dying flower
At least you know that she will stay in your power

I take pity, on those who can't see clearly
You take pleasure, in making it hard to see

I will never be taken by your humility
I will never fall on my knees

Make sure she's breathing
Make sure she's feeling
Make sure she's responding to you now
So you can tell her the score
Make sure she's breathing
Make sure she's feeling
Make sure she's responding to you now
So you can hurt her all the more

I will never be beaten by your brutality
I will never be shaken by your stupidity

Morning blog!

*pokes Poe-niichan* Oi, where's my glomp? ^_~

Tsua-sama, Cam was being a stupid dork when drawing those because he didn't explain them to me. Ben's nice and went through most of it afterwards, though. *pets Ben* Artistic doods are good, but only in moderation. I have far too many of them in one room. *pointed look at Cam, Simon, and Lian* Yeaaah....
And that's puffy for me! My hair is long and heavy and straight as all getout. It's boooooring!
If I were a CLAMP poster girl, who would I be? *piku* I actually look more like a Takahashi Rumiko character. Kinda like.... Ucchan. Scary. Or Akane when her hair was long. Then again, I have abnormally long legs, so maybe I AM a CLAMP girl.... *staring down at her jeans* When I broke my ankle, the doctor who put a splint on my leg even told me that my legs are really long. I found that amusing....

Moving along....
There's nothing like waking up with a bed full of spiritie doods. Last night, my dood count was at 5. Cam, Lucas, Lian (he's still kicking around and has taken to curling up against me.... maybe I remind him of Rukura? *snerk*), Ben, and Cadence.

*GLARES at the envelope her birthday card from her parents came in* I must be the only kid who hates getting money for their birthday. Like, it's okay if you dunno the person your shopping for verra' well.... but it seems so damn thoughtless. And it's not half as fun. ;_; *hopes that mom's got something surprising stashed away*

Yes, as I have said, today is my birthday. -___-;

Cam: *snifflesniffle* Oh, my baby's growing up!! *glomps Meg*
Meg: Ch-chotto! o.o;
Ben: *patpatpat Cam*
Cam: *snifflesniffle* They stay little for such a short time.... *sobsobsob*
Lucas: I think he means to say "happy birthday"....
Meg: Uhhhhh, yeah. o.O
Lian: *giggling* Meg's wearing red....
Meg: What's so funny about that? -_-;
Lian: *gigglegiggle* Bright red... it's so out of character...
Meg: Okay, that's it, I'm jumping off the nearest tall building.
dood-tachi: NO WAY!
Meg: Dammit.


Oh! My dream thing from last night shall be recounted later no da. *bows*

Nyaaaaaaan! <--- random nekoishness.

Querida, you can't be a pirate! John is a pirate! *shakes head* I am very shocked. (Kidding, btw)

DAN-CHAN! Dan-chan! Danbatman-chan! I'm not mad.... I'm just.... "special". Yeeeah. "Special". Feel the wrath of my "special"ness.

*random waves to Speller* HI! HI! I'm Chip!

*random glomps to Amy* Hi! You're Mulder! Mulder like a FOX!

Cam: Okay, breakfast for you, lady.... we need to even out that blood sugar count.... *ushers Meg away* Good girl...
Meg: NYAAAAN! =^.^=

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