AABish again, lacking Flash. I shall fix the e-mail link later.
I'm working on a set of adoptable bishounen. Meg's Adopt-a-Bish! My kyara, o'course, but heeey. So far I have Ben, Draco, Cam, and Lucas completed (aka Dora's Burly Ani-tachi), and Joshua (by Firefly's request, heheh). I'll prolly be making Carlos, Lance, Vil, Carter, Raphael, and Yuken. Anyone else that people would wanna adopt, praychance?
Cam-konekoki. Fear me on sugar.
Anime that I've seen.... let's go through what I own, firstly.
I own only two dubs. A copy of Princess Mononoke, and a copy of Ghost in the Shell.
Subbed videos are as follows.

~ Slayers, tape 1 (first season)
~ SM movies (all three)
~ Perfect Blue
~ X
~ eps 1-20 of Bakuretsu Hunter (fansubbed)
~ Miyuki-chan in Wonderland/Mirrorland
~ Rayearth (TV series) tape 1
~ Aa! Megami-sama OVAs (all of them)
~ You're Under Arrest! OVAs (all of them)
~ Dragon Half (the only 2 eps ever made)
~ Evangelion tv series (all except eps 1, 2, 17, and 18)
~ Lain, tapes 1 and 2

I will take anything, whether I've seen it or not. Trippy anime are preferred (examples: Perfect Blue, Evangelion). PWEEEEEASE??? *puppyeyes*
Next layout for my blog will be up hopefully in the next week. It will be a Joshua layout, 'cause Josh is PRETTY. And sleazy at the same time. Ah well.

I've not blogged much lately as I'm lazy. And it is VERY VERY hot here today! I'm boiling!!! But I'm happy because I'm wearing all black again (Meg did laundry).

I have added a link to Kiran's blog. *points at the sidebar* Kiran, I have this bad urge to do some CG fanart of Shinji for us to drool on. Shall I?? ^___^

Book Review: Demon In My View, by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
I am in LOVE.
DIMV centers on the villian of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' last book, Forests of the Night, Aubrey. Aubrey is a fascinating character; he carries the same kind of dark presence on paper as some of Anne Rice's famous vampires (Lestat, Louis, Marius, etc etc). In FotN, I fell in love with Aubrey as a villian; he seemed evil, powerful, and mysterious.... yet fatally flawed. So when I got DIMV, I was pleasently suprised and very much happy to find out that the book was mostly about him... and Jessica Allohora. Jessica Allohora is a young author in the story who wrote a book called Tiger, Tiger (which in fact is FotN... it's hard to explain how this works), and she is very dark and gothic. She is also surprisingly deep in character, with many quirks and a brooding personality-- a far cry from your usual vampire novel heroine.
The book itself was written beautifully, using many forms of my favourite type of description.... metaphors. The characters have depth and personality, and the plot is twisted and intense. Miss Rhodes' writing style took a turn for the better--- rather, the best---- after her first published book. It's extremely incredible that such work can be written by someone my age (or a year younger, I'm not sure). She surely has a talent for weaving a story, and her depiction of the vampiric world strikes me as almost believable. It's absorbing. If you like books with interesting characters and short but very sweet descriptions, pick this book up NOW. Reading FotN isn't necessicary, but it's reccommended if you would like a proper introduction to the vampire Aubrey of the Silver Line.
It was worth the wait to get this book.

I can only hope that the NEXT book I eagerly anticipate (which is Shattered Sky by Neal Shusterman, the final book in the Star Shard Trilogy) will be as wonderful as those that came before it. I believe that book is due out next year. I'm not sure. But I shall await it with patience I rarely possess.

However, waiting for the next Harry Potter book is PAINFUL. I want to read more, goddammit! I've heard so much on when it's going to be released, and I know not anymore which is truth. I tend to believe the story that it will be out in November, though, over the July release story. They WILL want to promote HP when the movie for the Sorcerer's Stone (I prefer the original title, Philosopher's Stone, better), so November release makes more sense to me.

Dani, if you even READ this anymore, I want my Fight Club book back... I wanna lend it to Drenn!

Enough from me. O'er and out!

Does ANYONE feel like swapping anime? I need to see something neeeeew. I have anime CDs I can make copies of to trade. I have videos I can copy (anyone want SM movies? Bakuretsu Hunter? Perfect Blue? X? OMG? Dragon Half? Miyuki-chan? You're Under Arrest?). I have money! I'll pay for tapes! I NEED NEW ANIME!! Actually, I WANT new anime. I NEEEEEED the Eva movies. Anyone have them and can copy them for me?? PLEASE??? I'm desperate!!!
Meg's Mini Art Corner!

Here we have a small sketch of Araziel-chan in her priestess form. Love the tats.

Morning Blog!!

First off, Cam and Mikhael should meet. Right now.

Lucas: Broody artist guys with muscular builds, lots of money, cute boyfriends, and a penchant for shopping at the Gap....
Cam: I'm not broody, I'm simply---
Meg: A stiff?
Cam: Not quite the word I was looking for, but yes, that works.
Meg: A stiff with nice hair.

This just in. Meg cannot draw Yue to save her life. But she will try regardless because she is stubborn.

Heidi's anime party is today! I've seen like half of the things she's showing, but that's cool.... gives me time to draw, ne? Meg goes nowhere without her sketchbook. Steal her sketchbook and her lifeforce go thhhpppppbbbt. I shall also bring with me the sketchbook I recently finished so no one steals the one I'm working on while I'm working on it. And I must also bring Shinji, my pens, the first Aa! Megami-sama video, and some CDs. I have such pretty CDs. And Heidi, I LOVE you, as you like Depeche Mode now. I shall bring my DM CDs for you to sample na no da.

I just realized I have few anime and jpop CDs. I have the following....
Cowboy Bebop OST 3 - Blue
Slayers Next Sound Bible II
Serial Experiments Lain OST
Serial Experiments Lain - Cyberia Mix
Serial Experiments Lain - Bootleg
3 "polling rank of animation theme song" compilations
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Vox
Mononoke Hime OST
Cardcaptor Sakura OST 1
Cardcaptor Sakura - Character Songbook
Two Mix - Baroque Best
Hayashibara Megumi - Enfleurage

... I think that's it, sadly. I can't recall if I have others 'cause my brain is dead.

Oi, does anyone want me to post my Josh story on here for public reading? It's kinda interesting (it's his little autobiography thing).

Ack! Must go was excess dye out of my hair lest I go the the party with a red scalp no da. o_O;;

Ja ne!

Frecks, here is a picture I drew with you in mind. Behold a very pretty CG of Lance!!
Here's a CG I did of Joshua and Jeremy.
AMY! AMY! For yoooou!

Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
Her name is Noelle
I have a dream about her
She rings my bell
I got gym class in half an hour
Oh how she rocks
In Keds and tube socks
But she doesn't know who I am
And she doesn't give a damn about me

Cuz I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Listen to Iron Maiden, baby, with me, ooh

Her boyfriend's a di**
He brings a gun to school
He'd simply kick
My a** if he knew the truth
He lives on my block
And he drives an IROC
But he doesn't know who I am
And he doesn't give a damn about me

Cuz I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Listen to Iron Maiden, baby, with me, ooh
Ooh yeah, dirtbag
No she doesn't know what she's missin'
Ooh yeah, dirtbag
No she doesn't know what she's missin'

Man I feel like mold
It's prom night and I am lonely
Lo and behold
She's walkin' over to me
This must be fake
My lip starts to shake
How does she know who I am?
And why does she give a damn about me?

I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe
I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like you, ooh
Ooh yeah, dirtbag
No she doesn't know what she's missin'
Ooh yeah, dirtbag
No she doesn't know what she's missin', yeah

Lance is cute, I much agree. ^__^ I should draw something of him that involves a sparse amount of clothing. ^.^
LotM's gotten a huge makeover and is closer to the story it was originally (the version you have, Frecks, is like the 3rd edition... I was playing with it). I still can't decide whether or not to make it an online comic though....
Oh! And the siggy is kyoooot! I love yer' shoes. ^_~

The layout is nice!! It's actually much easier to read than the previous one. Yaaaay Rikki!

Today I spent the day at the park with Amy and Firefly-chan. It was fun! We had picnic lunches, wandered around, fed the goats (shhh, we weren't supposed to), patted the horses (and a mule), fed the ducks, "awww"ed over the new litter of piglets, and lay around in the grass by the oaks. It was nice. And I am insanely pale, despite being outside. T_T;;; Firefly, you thought YOU were pale?! I am the vampiric child....

Jer writes pretty. *heeheehee* Josh had purple glasses. (period) And blue eyes. (period)

Josh wants to write... o_O

Taken offa' Lissa-chan's blog, which she lifted offa someone else.... ^_~

7 things you fear
~emotional breakdown
~being replaced
~small places

7 things that make you laugh
~Whose Line Is It Anyway? ^_~
~when I do something stupid like walk into walls that I KNOW are there
~Amy makes me laugh an awful lot
~John's various accents, especially the Russian one when he talks about Bubbles the pink pony
~the song parodies on 97.7 HITS fm
~Mike Bullard
~putting music videos on mute and filling in words for the people on the screen....

7 things that make you cry
~being used or manipulated and finding out about it
~(physical) pain in large doses
~the end of the movie ET. I HEAR YOU LAUGHING!!!
~when someone I love is hurt and I can't do anything about it
~the end of the movie October Sky. Stop laughing at meeeee!!
~The Talisman, by Stephen King and Peter Straub.... imouto should know the part of the book that I cried at. *hugs her Wolf plushie*

7 things I hate
~Sebastian. I don't care WHAT incarnation he is, I HATE him. (not to be confused with resident school cutie, Sebastian Basualto, or the kyara of Sebbi)
~being put on a pedistal
~being asked "did you draw that?" while I'm drawing it
~being treated like a child and tattled on for something that's not BAD (*pointed glare at older sister*), or being blamed for stuff that's not my fault
~NIRVANA!!! *grins at Firefly*

7 things I love
~Firefly. ^.^
~my bestest best friend, Amy
~pomegranates (no relation to Pomegranate Ringo ^_~)
~RPing with Firefly; it helps me vent
~drawing.... goddamn, I'd be nothing if I couldn't draw
~music of all kinds!!!--- save for rap and country

7 things I don't understand
~people who are homophobic
~why I got stuck with my happy blue-o-vision T_T;
~why genius is rarely not disturbed
~how anyone can dislike karaoke XD
~media influences on what's considered perfect

7 things on my desk
~Lipsmackers lip gloss.... cranberry flavoured.
~my cd case that I got yesterday
~jar full of change that I've saved
~a Kenny McCormick keychain
~my Cool iCam
~17" computer monitor....?
~my cow print choker

Right now you are: listening to Depeche Mode's Ultra and kicking around in my way huge cargo pants. Also have this urge for a popsicle.

7 facts about you
~I think yaoi is cuuuuuuute!
~I stand by the fact that reincarnation may be neat to some people, but it's a BITCH to me!
~I have a girlfriend *waves to Firefly*
~I have a thing for redheads
~I'm half scottish, half german... but ALL CANADIAN!!!
~I have pyjamas in the family tartan
~I'm a professonal artist

7 things to do before I die
~start a band (I shall call it the Disgruntled Aliens!)
~go back to Scotland and revel in the beeeeauty that is the highlands (I also wanna visit Dunoon... I loved that little place)
~beat Sebastian to the point of death with a pool noodle. That will take a LONG time, but it will be FUN
~go to at least one DM concert
~marry Orion? ^_~
~visit Spain
~get a new fecking bicycle....
Everyone, behold Joshua!
A note to Matt: Dooood, BLOG MORE!!!! *shakes fist at you*
DMode: I Feel Loved.

I drew the base design for Carter's cousin today. It's not scanned 'cause I wanna ink it, but it's cute none the less. ^_^
SotM: Summertime in the Void by I Mother Earth. Lyrics are trippy... o_O;;;

I felt the break and the roll of the nexus
On a day when the whole world elected
To sell us out
These are the hands that grab my attention
When all is what I'm giving
They slow me down
Slower than southern muddy rivers

When you think there's salvation
When you don't want to leave
Your room with eyes open, undreaming
When it's summertime in the void

When it's summertime in the void
The sun is upside down
And facing the other way until days end
With a schizophrenic everjoy
And with a sense of doubt
You wait automatic and afraid

On ran the train through my solar plexus
On the day I made good connection
With love out loud, home, hate and sound
And who wrote the words to my death sentence
When life is what I'm living
And leaving now
While I trip 'till time is over

When it's summertime in the void
And the stars yell out your name
All together and insane
'Cause they're broken words they are a noise
There's no answer for
You wait automatic and afraid

Whoo! Happy Meg! I got a new CD case thinger for carrying around CDs with my discman, a new sketchbook, new eraser, and some 4H pencils. ^_^ Sketchy stuff!

For a good laugh, here's what I have in my CD case.

Detroit Rock City OST
Jesse Cook - "Vertigo" and "Free Fall"
Offspring - "Conspiracy of One"
Neon Genesis Evangelion - "Vox"
Depeche Mode - "Ultra", "Violator", "Exciter", and the 86-98 singles discs
Big Shiny Tunes 4
Prozzak - "Hot Show" and "Saturday People"
Shakira - "Donde Estan Los Ladrones?"
Hayashibara Megumi - "Enfleurage"
Barenaked Ladies - "Stunt"
Moby - "Play"
Santana - "Supernatural"
Boa - "Twilight"

Isn't that amusing?

Okay, that's it. I now shall define the Song of the Moment into two segments. There shall be the standard SotM, and there shall be a DMode (Depeche Mode songs only). Yeah.

DMode: Strangelove.'' Personality Test, as done for Josh, says the following:

(Dominant Introvert Abstract Thinker )

Like just 4% of the population you are an EXPERIMENTER (DIAT). Although you're slightly shy (admit it!), you love control. When a problem comes in your way, you stomp on it swiftly and decisively. You are bothered easily by failure in others and failure in yourself. You don't like people that you don't think are intelligent. Rather than arguing with them, however, you would just as soon ignore them altogether.

In relationships, you have a strong heart. And because you're introverted, people take you as someone they can trust. But the fact is that in addition to solving problems, you like to create them. So there's a decent chance that you'll cheat on a loved one. If you do, you'll likely get away with it.

SotM: Useless, by Depeche Mode.... it's a Josh-ish song.
Ahhhhh, I love shopping in cheap music stores. I love CDPlus. Nice nice nice selection of used CDs. I am a happy girl, and the proud owner of Depeche Mode's Ultra, and the Detroit Rock City soundtrack. Plus, I snagged me a SPIFFY Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK poster (Union Jack, baby!). XDDDD

Sadly, Chapters was sold out of all the Anita Blake books. I own Obsidian Butterfly, but I don't wanna read it without reading the others first. So instead, I got me a hardcover copy of Demon in my View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. I've wanted that book for AGES!!! AUBREY!!!!!! *fangirling*
Morning blog!

My brain is in hyperedrive, I think, from going into Josh-mode last night. As much as a badmouth the guy, I do like him.... he had a really sad life. And last night, a certain thing about having a house, a family, and a dog reeeeally bothered me. And I can't for the life of me figure him out unless I'm in his mindframe. o_O;;
Otherwise, best I can guess is...

Josh: Sex, drugs, and Jer! WHOOO!


Cy and Skids!!! XD

John is taking me to Chapters todaaaay! Bookstoooooore. *slobber* And the CD Warehouse. *slooooooobber* Used cds are nice and cheap, and yeeeeeah man, I am the ultimate con-artist (as mom has said).

OhmiGOD! Tuck Everlasting is gonna be made into a MOVIE!!!

*swooooons and dies*

Okay, that's enough from me. Stuff to do before me an me brother bail. *waves to all*
*works on the Josh/Jer story*

.... this is strange to write. o_O;
My little weather-o-meter on the sidebar there says that the temperature at Pearson is N/A degrees! *GASP* Wow, I didn't know there was a N/A degrees!

I am kidding, btw, I'm not THAT stupid.... hey, you, the one saying "yeah right"? I heard you.
Pointless exchange between myself and dad.

Dad: Goodnight, Meg. And don't forget to lock the door on the chicken coop.
Meg: Of course. Can't have those chickens out. Wild chicken parties and booze.
Dad: Precisely. You know where the flashlights are.
Meg: Yup.
Dad: And the spare batteries?
Meg: On the roof, man.
Dad: No, in the kitchen. Get the extension cord and you'll find one in the driveway.
Meg: Gotcha'. G'night.
Dad: You're daft. *goes to bed*
Sure, I'll arrange talk time with you... what chat program's best for ya? I can get MSN sometime, too iffen you'd like....
And yes, Matt is cocky. He's my buddy though, and one of my best pals. *waves to Matt* He's my lamb. ^_^

Speaking of that, I should explain the lamb joke to everyone since I refer to it a lot. ^_^;

One day at lunch, Mike and Matt decided to go off and play football. I said something like "hey, don't leave me!" and Matt said "Oh, don't worry, we always come back, right? Like the little lambs to Mary." So now he baas whenever he leaves my presence for a short period of time. Mike and Matt are my lambs, and I am Mary. ^.^

Yahoo Messenger's new edition is driving me nuts and I cannot connect to the service! FECK! x.x;;;

I failed my exam. I know I did. ;____;
TSUA!!! *flyingtackleglomps* Tsua! Tsua! You're back! *glompglompglompglomp*
Matt has a BLOG!!!!

I shall link it on the sidebar, along with a perminant link to BCW. ^__^
Morning Blog!!!

I have a math exam today. *whimper* Ah well.

I learned last night that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sing a Queen song and not mess up. As high a vocal range as you may have, it doesn't work at all... x_x;

Imouto, would you be able to help me put archives on this stupid blog? Every time I try, I fail miserably. u_u; Ooooh, lookie! Mini-'Mouto! *clicks on her Dora-chan windowsitter*

I get to film for Jamie and Amy's movie about David Hubababababa. Or whatever his name is. This means what? Setting up a straightcut editing suite! Whoo! Fun indeedie doo. Editing is best when it's nonlinear... *writes down on christmas wishlist "need Firewire port for computer"*

The meaning of life, according to Lian Kannel:
"Green kool-aid."

I am NOT kidding. He said that.
the Legacy of the Messiah selector! Whoo! EVERYONE TAKE IT OR ELSE!!!
My results... AMUUUUUUSING!

# 1 Raphael "Rukura" Harrison/the Messiah
# 2 Araziel Brennen/the Priestess
# 3 Adam/the Priest
# 4 Lucifer/the Accuser
# 5 Gabriel/the Servant

All hail the BCW!!!
Kiran, even though you prolly don't read my blog.... there are two Boa bands. One is a chinese girl group (and NOT on the Lain OST, btw), and the other is Boa; a quasi-rock group from Britain who sung Lain's theme, Duvet. Boa is my fave band (the english one). Their songs include Duvet, Twilight, Elephant, Welcome, And Then She Kissed Her, Fool, Drinking, Anna Maria, Deeply, Little Miss, For Jasmine, and One Day. I am a rabid Boa fan. ^_^ (My blog is named after one of their songs, no da!)
It's REALLY scary when your cat knows where to poke to tickle you.... *getting poked by Buffy* STOPPIT, CAT!!! XDDDD
Found two new online comics that amuse me greatly.... Yvette, and 8-Bit Theater. 8-Bit cracks me up... ^___^


This is disgusting. I feel like crying.

*latches onto imouto*
Ever feel stupid because you feel left out? That's me right now. I've been feeling this nagging little doubt in the back of my head that just pesters me over and over. I feel like I'm being left out of a lot of things, but I refuse to say what to save people from bugging me about it and saying that I'm just being stupid.

....maybe I'm paranoid...

I'm also feeling excessively violent lately. It's not unusual for me to be into drawing blood from my own hands or arms as a form of venting, but it exceeds that lately. I'm not gonna do anything stupid, mind you, but it's frustrating. However, I have kyara to take it out on. Simon, I shall torture you brutally until Sebbi decides to fix you! OHOHOHOHO! Then it's kill the Angels and make Carter a star, have Cam find Candra, hurt Lucas a little, and possibly kill off a kyara whom shall remain nameless.

Simon: *still female and all beat up* *sobbing* IT WAS MY FAULT!!!! *sobsobsobsob*
Meg:.... I am SO not used to you acting like a wuss when I write you, man. o_o;; SEBBI! Fix him!!

Blood is fun, it's fun to draw blood... sharp objects are my friends. *pricks her fingers with a needle*
Frecks, I didn't tell my mom. I didn't expect her to have read my mind, either, since I wasn't going to tell her until I felt it was a good opportunity (since this is one very stressed out household currently). And I have no idea how long my sister had me figured, because she reads my blog (funny since she never e-mails me or phones or anything...). And Ira and Harry were SO a couple!! *heehee* They shared a car, thus implying that they shared a house... and they were verra' hinty. Ira would have been the seme, I think....
Speller, have fun at the concert tonight! Throw that underwear at JC! ^_~
Morning blog!

School is over. And I'm not that thrilled with this concept anymore. Yesterday it seemed good, and then it reminded me of the fact that I despise my father. Have I rambled about how much I hate that guy yet? 'Cause I'm working on it now, I think. See, John offered to take me to the art store today, but I declined because I'm broke. John offered to buy me what I need (new sketchbook and a decent ruler), but I declined that too since dad was in the room because if I didn't, I'd never heard the end of it. Then since dad didn't get to bitch at me for taking John's money, he offered. I declined that too. Yeah, sure, I'm really gonna take money from dad when I supposedly owe him $100 already of which I was supposed to be allowed to spend without worry? Uh-huh. So I passed up a RARE opportunity to go to the art store because if I didn't, I'd get my ass kicked for borrowing money when I have no way of getting any back since daddy doesn't want Meg to work because she'll be gone out of the house and have no mode of transportation to get anywhere other than the bus and it's not safe to take the bus by yourself when you're only 16 etc etc etc and she'll possibly not have to depend on handouts from daddy so daddy doesn't weild as much control boohoohoohoo. So the second John leaves the room, dad says "go to Canadian Tire and Curry's with your brother."
"No thank you," I say.
"So you're going to sit around and be lazy all day?"
Fun, I think, I thought I was AVOIDING conflict by not going... "No thanks, I don't really feel like going to Canadian Tire. Last time I checked, I don't have any desperate need for patio furnature." (yes, Amy, Firefly, I did say that.)
He gets mad. "Why aren't you going to the art store then?"
"Because if I use money that's not mine, you'll never let me hear the end of it."
Snort. "Well, if you're not going anywhere, then you can vacuum the house, clean the living room, do the dishes, and---"
I inturrupt. "Excuse me, but did I say I was staying home? 'Cause I don't recall saying I was staying home."
"You are now."
"Actually, no, I'm not. I'm going out after noon because I sure as hell don't wanna stay here."
Snortsnort bearing of teeth here. "You're not going anywhere. You're out of the house too much as it is, missy."
"Yeah, okay, whatever. Leave me alone."
Dad storms off to work in the backyard.

And here I am. And chances that I'm going to be allowed to see Atlantis with Amy and Firefly tonight look slim, since last time when we went to see Evolution, I was out too late with people dad didn't know and he didn't know where I was! Oh sob sob sob. Bullshiiiiit.



or not.

I swear to GOD that I fucking hate my bastard of a father! I'm so fucking sick of him being such a prick to me because I'm not the so called Perfect Daughter (it's one thing to fight with him, but when he starts introducing you to his friends as the "retarded one", that's too much). So for all I care now, he can go jump off a fucking bridge.

NOW it's /rant.

Lucky people who read my blog. You all get a nice look at how much Meg's relationship with her father sucks.
And if I get ONE fucking response from anyone on this other than niichan, imouto, Amy, or Firefly? I swear to god I'll flip out. I sure as hell don't need sagely advice from people who don't know me.

Wow, I never blog this much swearing.

Anyway... *siiiiiiiighs, paws at her soccer jersey*

Amy, piece of news I picked up this morning: David Duchovney says he would gladly accept the role of Fox Mulder in a second X-Files movie. There you go. ^_~

Uck, enough of this crap for now. I'm not in a good mood.

*bursts out laughing*

Cue the blue skies, white clouds, and heavenly chorus — your family is most like everyone's favorite Springfield residents, The Simpsons! Your clan may not have spiky yellow (or blue) hair or only four fingers per hand, but Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and even Grandpa are still your family's TV soulmates. Sure, they squabble with the best of them (remember the time Bart burned Lisa's centerpiece? or when Homer ended up living in Bart's tree house after Marge got mad and threw him out?) but they always come through for each other when it counts. Look past the clever one-liners and surreal adventures, and you'll see a family with as much dysfunction — and as much love — as you and your nearest and dearest have in real life. So, to celebrate your Simpsonness, pull up a couch, grab a Duff beer, plop down in front of the TV, veg out, and thank your lucky stars that you don't have the Flanders family living next door!
SotM: Clint Eastwood, by the Gorillaz.... ^____^
This pic of myself and Firefly was taken at AN2001 by the person who cosplayed Yue (that was the most amazing set of wings... well, okay, next to the pretty Kamui).
Found my emode Party Animal result amusing.

You're an Owl — a laid-back, alternative-minded chick with your own style. You have a unique way of looking at the world, social occasions included. And when it comes to parties, you take them at your own speed. Rather than swing with the rockin' robins, you sit on your own branch. You're more likely to observe the action from the sidelines than to be right in the thick of it, which suits you just fine. You'd rather listen to the running commentary in your head than jump out on the dance floor and shake your tail feathers, anyway. It wouldn't hurt for you to circulate every once in a while, but you're happiest doing your own thing.
Morning blog!

It's the last day of school, really. Classes end at noon, so I shall be home early. Plus, I'm skipping a LOT of classes today. ^_^;

Querida, have you finished Thief of Souls yet? *heeeeeeeart Michael, heeeeeeeeeart Drew*

....eeenyway, more when I get home no da. ^_^
Everyone lookit' Amy's pretty new blog layout. Gee, I wonder who helped her with it? 9.9
I am the following...

Your distinct personality, The Shepherd is to tend to your human flock. You understand the needs of those for whom you are responsible. Shepherds are vigilant and reliable. You realize your obligation and commitment to the well being of those entrusted to your care. Shepherds are very dependable. You engender a feeling of comfort and stability to those within your charge. On the positive side, Shepherds can be empathic, caring, understanding, practical and realistic. On the negative side, you may be manipulative, close-minded and sentimentally rigid. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

....*laughs* My sheep would be pleased. *glomps Mike and Matt*
I've not blogged all weekend... why? Here we go...

Spent the weekend at Amy's house with her and Firefly. It was FUN! We did a bunch of drawings, too. We also watched Billy Elliot which is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. His gay, crossdressing friend Michael is SO CUTE! XD
Apparently, I talked in my sleep, too. That's funny. I slept verra little last night, and woke up SQUARELY on the tenth minute of every hour. It was trippy. o_O
Anyway... Friday night, walking to Amy's place, my sandals decided to HATE me, and I tore open my left foot on one. I couldn't walk in them anymore, so Amy gave me her shoes and walked the last 6 minutes of the walk in her socks (white ones... I felt really bad). She's such a rebel... it says in the elevator of her apartment, "SHOES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES!". *heeheeheehee*
Thank you AMYYYYYY! *glomps Amarino*
Firefly thought I was her cat, and she petted me (while we were both asleep, I nudged her shoulder with my head and she thought that it was her cat wanting attention, so she petted me). I found this really funny.

Meg's Art Corner!

Simon(e) is a slut. Well, she looks like one, anyway.

the Carter family... the tall blond is Carter's dad, Derkshaw... and the dark haired woman is Emilia (his mom). In her arms is his little sister, Catrina. Derkshaw scares me.

Ezra Coyne, a cute little guy with pretty red hair... ^.^

Ah, Carlos, forever hitting on Dexter (Lance).

Lucas is either colourblind or pretending to be.

Cadence is CUTE with all that leather.
Took Firefly's kyara test again 'cause it's funny... check out these results, they're DISTURBING!! XD

# 1 Gabriel Brinley
# 2 Kazeno Kita
# 3 Lian Kannel
# 4 Mithras
# 5 Orion

Amy's deep.
Check it out!
Hi, Lissa-chan! I've heard a LOT about you. Firefly talks about you alot. *heehee* Glad you like my blooog! (At least someone does! Kidding, kidding...)
Really freakin' fast Morning Blog!

I don't have too much to say... I've got a HUGE project due today, and two exams. I'm gonna die come the end of the day. x.x

I'm so not gonna pass Tech... I know it. >_< Let's all hope my Premiere project saves my ass from a fail.
Are we surprised that I'm 88% insane?
One of the funniest commercials ever aired on Canadian television.... someone point this out to Frank for me?

Many more to follow. (I love the Molson Canadian commercials..)
Blogger doesnae wanna seem to publish....
I feel all sticky and gross.... goddamn hot weather makes Meg all ewwie. *makes a face*
I have this great idea for a CG... it would take me a while, though. See, I wanna draw Simon (I love drawing him) decked out in a jeans and a Union Jack shirt with a London street scene ahind him, only mildly ruined... and what shall I call it? Anarchy in the UK... ^___^
Might even make that my next blog layout, keeping in the pattern of song based themes. *points at the current layout* For those of you who don't know, the line reach out and touch faith comes from a Depeche Mode song called Personal Jesus...

Meg's Art Corner!

Simon is such a hottie-pashmottie. (Only those of you who hang around with myself and Firefly in RL know what that phrase is spawned from...)

Cam and Ben... kinky like. Imouto, eat your heart out. ^_~
Sweeeeet, I am 82.7% FREAK! My rank: One of a Kind Freak. And I answered HONESTLY to all the questions, people!
Morning blog!

Meg feels crappy, la dee da dee da. She's depressive and doesn't know why, la dee da dee da. So she fell asleep last night at 6 and slept through till 2 am, then she went to sleep again and woke up at 6:30. Meg may be skipping 3rd and 5th period today, la dee da dee da.

Enough of that.
Morning Blog!

Wheehai, mom's been tipped off (*waves to Dani*), even though she prolly already figured. I was gonna tell her anyway, but heeey. Now she wants to have A Talk. AND DANI, I'VE BEEN LIKE THIS FOR A DAMN LONG TIME, Y'KNOW!!! I can't believe no one noticed that Meg likes both girls and guys. *facefaults*

Evolution was a cooool movie! Maybe it was just Firefly and myself, but there was a LOT of hints towards yaoi. Like, a great deal of them. o_o; It was rather funny...

I think I aced my History exam. I shall find out today, hopefully. And I'm debating whether or not to skip tech.

My dad is such a dork. Dork!!!! I swear, he's alwats saying "you need to get out of the house/don't you have any friends?/go find something to do" and when I'm out with like 8 other people at a MOVIE he flips out!!! Geeeez. T_T;;;

Anyway, I better go. Big project due today. O_o;

*glomps minna*

Morning Blog!

As y'all might have noticed, I've been acting all frustrated since last night. I know not why, it's just this feeling. I'm not really angsting at anything in particular, I don't think, but I'm angsting anyway.

This shall be a fast post.

I have an exam at 8:30 this morning. It's on History-- Confederation, 1900s, WWI, 1920s, the Depression, WWII, the Cold War, and Vietnam.
....well, my teacher is way behind in teaching us. We only just began (barely) the Cold War on Friday. He said he would give up a cram session yesterday on Cold War and Vietnam (woah, I nearly typed that V as a B... I'm turning into Cam), but he didn't show up. Half the class is gonna fail. RRRRG!

Anyway, I'm gonna go see Evolution tonight. WHOOHOO! I'm going with Amy, Firefly, Matt, and Dan so far. Maybe Meagen and Heidi too. ^__^ YAAAAY!

D-chan, I can have that wav to you tomorrow, okay? ^_^

Must find my copy of FF (the NES one)... Dan wants to borrow it....

ACK! Dishes to do! Ja matta neeeee~!
SotM: Barrel of a Gun, by Depeche Mode. I swear, I'm like the only person other than Mr. Debartolo that likes DM around here!!!

Currently Feeling: Gradually approaching "manic".
I'm on a rant mode. I did it through really messed up poetry, so if you read on and dislike, don't say I didn't warn you....

I am flawed
I am nothing but a speck of unimportant cells and other matter
In a world of nothing but more cells and other matter
I am not unique in all my differences,
Someone somewhere has my eye colour,
My hair colour,
My height,
My build
I am blind as most bats are blind
Astigmatism is my middle name
I'm not beautiful,
Not popular,
Not above average
People around me are chained to their lives
Shackled by media influences on
That loathed thing called
Millions of advertisments screaming silently
(or loudly, if it's on the radio or television)
That to be the best you can be
You have to shop at the Gap
Eat at Joe's
Work out at Bally's
Drink Pepsi
Be thin
Become a slave to the corperate powers
Give in
Give in
Give in
Slosh my brains around with a hook up my nose
Dribble out my ears and call me a Pharoh
It has the same effect, really
Lose that weight,
Squeeze into this,
Put out,
Suck it in,
Tuck it under,
Pin it up,
Throw it up,
Take it all with spoonful of sugar, har-dee-har-har
We live in a lens culture, and the camera is our God
The camera tells us what we percieve as reality
A million fashion magazines on newspaper stands
Showing that "perfect" model
In that three-thousand-dollar Versace dress
You think
You're not perfect because you don't look like that
Don't own that dress
Because you're flawed
How wrong.
The reality of it is that only
About one person in ten thousand has that
"perfect" body
Being one of such a small number,
Doesn't that make them freaks?
Screw the media.
You're perfect how you are.

Speller, a poem for your site; dedicated to Amy. ^_~

The Mighty Electric GooGooBug

Once a upon some time ago
In years? It numbered three
I saw this little light
Gleaming from the tree

I went and clambered up up up
I felt no need to flee
I climbed to where the light was bright
And the thing that I did see!

It was as big as my brother
And han half a dozen knees
(that went along with legs, of course)
And wings the colour of the sea

It looked much like a human girl
Save for the oddities
She wore glasses on her nose
And her hair fluttered in the breeze

She looked up at me with grey eyes
I felt my body freeze
She tapped her chin with a pencil
Then spoke sullenly to me

"What's your problem, dood?"
She said with a voice that lacked much glee
"I'm trying to draw a picture here!
Goddammit, leave me be!"

I peered over her shoulder once
To look and see what she
Was drawing in that sketchbook
So very carefully

"Hey," I said to the bug girl,
"Can you draw one for me?"
She glowered and smacked my head quite hard
"Do you think I work for free??"

When she smacked my head
I fell many a storey
And her glare made me get a shock
T'was electricity!

I hit the ground with a splat
And looked into the tree
"What are you, then?" I called
And she did answer me:

"You're a pest, and I'm a bug,
It's really plain to see
A Mighty Electric GooGooBug!
... I buzz quite like a bee."

And with that the Bug got to her feet
She hopped out of the tree
She flew away into the night
Swearing profusely down at me

I never saw that bug again
But that's okay, you see
'Cause the doctors say they believe my story
And that I'm only temporarily crazy.

Speller, thanks for pointing out my mistake in the link tag for the pic... jeez, when were you online? I go on and you're never there. *sniff*
Meg's Art Corner! ... second one today!

Hey, Rukura, Carter, Cam? Karaoke your little hearts out!

Simios led a sad childhood, really... it was listening to Black Hole Sun that I came up with this. It strikes me as very sad.
Blogger is stupid.
Meg's Art Corner! belong to Kiih
I've been a little creative lately. Not much, but a little.

BMB Fanart! Behold Harley! Or, rather, my crappy rendition of Harley...

Here we have Simon and Sebbi's future children... Jade, and here's Kyle (no, Amy, I will NOT name him Dimitri!).

And here is Simon(e). He makes a cuuuute she, huh?

Why Sebbi doesn't talk much.... gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "oral ministration".

This brings the end of the Art Corner for today. ^_^

Whoo! Glad you liked it! I love that book to bits. It's very sad if you think about it... I felt worst for Angus Tuck. But I *heartheart* Miles. What a sweet guy.

Lots of art to scan, including pictures of Simon's yet unnamed twin children. 9.9 (Firefly and myself turned Simon into a girl and Sebbi had sex with "her", so now "she" is pregnant with twins... *teehee*)
Morning blog!!!

Sleep is my friend. I like sleep. See, I didn't get much sleep over the weekend 'cause on Friday night, Amy and Firefly slept over. Then on Saturday, Firefly stayed over again (though Amy didn't). We drew pictures and talked and played Sega all night. x.x;

ACK! I have stuff to print for Dan..... but I don't think the colour cartrage is working! O_O;

Okay, convention photos (a few of them... I have a couple more, and my camera needs to be taken in to have the photos I took developed).

Myself and Firefly (I have the long hair) drawing at our table.
Here we smile for the camera....
Firefly shakes me by my shoulders, and Drenn gives Quinn a hug (it was really cold outside).



I'm gonna end up late, I swear it. u_u;

Blogger doesn't like to publish what I want it to.
That's pretty trippy. Rukura is a "special" Rafe, tho... since he's like... God and all.

Rukura: *mutters profanities*
Lian: Wha? God? I thought... o_0
Rukura: *blinks* You thought what?
Lian: You? God? o_o Wierd.
Rukura: Yeah, you sure can pick 'em, eh?
Lian: *noddles* ....... does that mean I can get the llama I've always wanted?
Rukura: Yes, the llama race shall bow before you so you may pick one for a pet. *kidding*
Lian: They don't hafta bow. But if they'd let me pet them, it would be good.
Rukura: ....... *pets Lian* I'll get you a llama, okay?
Lian: Yay!
Gabby: *glomps rukura* do I get a llama tooooooo?
Rukura: Is this a trick question? Do I get a lifeline?
Gabby: No. But if you kill Lian, I won't hurt you.
Lian: o_o Not again.
Rukura: .... *turns Gabby into a llama*
Lian: Yay!
Gabby: Baaaaaa.
Rukura: Problem solved.


Crazy things happen when Meg and Firefly are both at the computer at the same time. o_O

Cam: *pets Meg*
SotM: Orion, by Metallica. *heeheeheehee* Oriiiiion....
....*glomps Kelsen and peeeeets him*

All hail villians! Evil kyara ROCK!
Publish, damn you!
*grins* Rafe is a hottie, isn't he? Want him? *holds him out to Tsua*

Rukura: ACK! I'm taken! I belong to Lian Kannel! *flails*
Meg: Noooo, now you belong to Tsua. ^.^

Morning blooog!

Woooo, running mondo LATE! FAST FAST READING OF COMICS!!! o.o;;

*grabs her stuff and runs out the door*
Still haven't cleaned my room... ah well. Amy? Querida? You guys won't be able to come over until 7ish anyway. Dad doesn't leave to work until 6. (And I need valuable cleaning time... I may skip 5th period for this.)

Behold my new layout! It's.... purple. Lian, you should be drooling. ^__^

Imouto.... *___* Kanoe is such a pretty (look-like-a) skank! *________*
Tweaking... is this working?
working on the new layout. Please excuse any quirks, this will be done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Last night I fell asleep with my head in my binder. I found it funny. But I didn't get online 'cause of it. ;__; *glomps querida* 'M sorrrrryyyy! ;_;

Today is Thursday. Damn, You know what that means? I have to clean my room today, otherwise Amy and Querida can't sleep over on Friday night. x.x;

Yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day. For those of you who are not informed on the wonderfulness (sarcasm much) that was World War II: D-Day was the day that Allied troops invaded France and liberated it from Nazi power. To comemorate this is school, Mr. Apostolou showed us a grotesque video of the Holocaust. It was so harsh that people were actually getting physically sick in my class. And all looooooooking at me. Hey, can I help it if my great uncle was an SS officer??? I'm the only one of (Nazi) German desent in the class. x.x;

I've gained a new dislike. People who critisize work when not asked to. T__T; *glares at a few people*

Anyway, dishes are clanking in the sink to be washed...

O'er and out--- ACK!

*kyara take over*

Rukura: WAAAH! Lian! I miss yooou! ;__;
Cam: *patpat Rukura*
Carter: *mind made up* I'm gonna kill Orion.
Lucas: Candra's still missing... ;____;
Meg: *locks them all in a closet*



NOW it's ..

o'er and out.

Next blog layout confirmed! Twilight version 9; Reach Out and Touch Faith shall feature the one and only Raphael "Rukura" Harrison! *applause*

Araziel: (to Rukura) Rafe, dood, you said you weren't popular...
Rukura: u___u;;;
Thanks! And we are having fun! Mucho funo. ^__^ Love my spanish skills.

Amy talks to her RADIO!

Carter: Ooooh can you hear me? Can you hear my radio?
Meg: o_o YOU singing THAT song? THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!!!
-Last book you read: Thief of Souls by Neil Shusterman
-Last movie you saw: Field of Dreams
-Last movie you saw on the big screen: Shrek
-Last phone number you called: ummm.... Wal-Mart.
-Last show you watched on TV: The Drew Carey Show
-Last song you heard: When the Body Speaks by Depeche Mode
-Last thing you had to drink: gingerale.
-Last time you showered: last night....
-Last thing you ate: fries!! Of which Firefly stole many.

Do You....
1. Smoke? Heeeeeell no. My whole fecking family does, and it's SICK!
2. Do drugs? Halls cough drops, baby.
3. Have sex? Not quite...*thinks*
4. Sleep with stuffed animals? Harry, Ron, Hedwig, Shinji, and Maya. ^_^
5. Have a crush? HELL YEAH!!
6. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? See previous.
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes, I do...
8. Play an instrument? *clears throat* Clarinet, piano, drums, alto sax, piccalo, guitar, synth, aaaand the kazoo.
9. Believe there is life on other planets? Duhh! We can't be ALL that's out there...
10. Remember your first love? *thinks* Yes. (Nate: *waves to Laurie*)
11. Still love him/her? Yes. ^__^
12. Read the newspaper? Daily. Go Toronto Sun!
13. Have any gay or lesbian friends? Hoards of them.
14. Believe in miracles? Not usually.
15. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Yes.
16. Consider yourself tolerant of others? Not usually! I'm a bitch!
17. Consider police a friend or foe? Friend. And the people at the sexual assault bureau are really nice.
18. Like the taste of alcohol? Depends.... irish cream... ^.^
19. Have a favorite Stooge? Curly. XD
20. Believe in Astrology? For the most part.
21. Believe in magick? Yes.
22. Believe in God? Yes and no.
23. Pray? Yes, quite regularly (is anyone shocked yet?).
24. Go to church? No way! I get chased out of churches!
25. Have any secrets? Too many of them.
26. Have any pets? Three cats. ^_^
27. Do well in school? No, I'm too abstract and lazy.
28. Go to or plan to go to college? Yes! Art major, dood!
29. Have a degree? Nope.
30. Talk to strangers who instant message you? I insult them.
31. Wear hats? In the summer, it's a ritual.
32. Have any piercings? Yes, one ear. I want my tongue pierced, though.
33. Have any tattoos? No, but I plan on getting one. But don't tell dad.
34. Hate yourself? Not much anymore.
35. Have a horny spot? ...sorta.
36. Have a box inside your house that you sleep in because its too damn hot inside that bag of chips? Hwaaa? o.o;
37. Have a best friend? Yep! AMYYYYY!
38. Wish on stars? yes. ^_^
39. Like your handwriting? When my arm doesn't die, it's not too bad...
40. Have any bad habits? I bite my nails and I'm annoying.
41. Care about looks? Almost never.
42. Believe in witches? Yeah, 'cause I AM one!
43. Believe in Satan? No. Evil is a human creation.
44. Believe in ghosts? *nods* Many reside in my home.
45. Believe in Santa? ...Yes.... ^###^;
46. Believe in the Easter Bunny? no.
47. Believe in the Tooth Fairy? Ditto the above.
48. Have a second family? *noddles, glomps all the people at the Clarke residence*
49. Trust others easily? Hell no.
50. Like sarcasm? Sarcasm? Me? NEVER! Because I'm so happy and chipper and non sarcastic! (Sarcasm-o-meter: *breaks*)
51. Take walks in the rain? Loooove doing that. *_*
52. Kiss with your eyes closed? Yup.
53. Sing in the shower? YEP!
54. Own handcuffs? *grins* YES! Two pairs! ^___^

Ragabash, I know you prolly have NEVER visited my blog, but... my condolences on the loss of Tina. ;_;
This guy is deranged. But I find it funny.
Morning blog!

Querida... you blog threw some posts away. o.o;
It did that to me, too! O_O;

Cam: Meg, school in less than 45 minutes! Keep it short, would you?

Yeah yeah... *grumbles*

There's two blogs I prolly should add to my sidebar, since I read them regularly (even though I don't know the people who write in them)....Spent Casings and Viva Hate. I think I'll do that tonight...

I'm going to fail school! My history teacher is gonna KILL ME! But I should at least pass careers class. I hope. >_<

Scared for my life. And I'm serious.

is blogger dead again? o.o
It's been practically FOREVER, but it's back... everyone hail to

Meg's Art CORNER!

Araziel is a pretty pretty angel girl from Legacy of the Messiah. I'm proud of this for some reason...

Benedictus! My DOOD! Aka, Raylrn.

Carter and Lance pose for the camera. For all those Journeys Downers out there.

Carter as a CHAM girl. So sue me... it was late, and I was with two hyper girls. Watching Perfect Blue

Legacy of the Messiah cast shot, in SD!

Lucas and Lokistrant-ryuu. I screwed up the colouring.

Simon's cute with specs.

Anotolios is PRETTY!!... thank goodness he's not really a "he".
Morning blog!

.... *heartbroken for her Mik* ;___;

Anyway, I woke up late. So you know what this means? I didn't get my homework done. I'm going to die a painful death at the hands of Mr. Apostolou. Yeaaah. May Mr. Debartolo have mercy on my soul, at least. x.x

Woah, last night, Simon and Sebbi were verra' and overly cute. It was quite disgusting. But, come the next time we getta' RP them? Simon's gonna get hisself dragged far away into the world from which he came. He will be in much trouble, since his daddy is gonna beat him silly, give him to his sister (who is a sick, perverted FREAK, btw), and bury him alive under ground in the family plot in the cemetary. Isn't that lovely? And if he doesn't bleed to death in his own grave, he'll starve or go crazy.

And then there's Carter. Well, not really CARTER, but Bennie. 'Cause Carter has reverted. Ahhh, it's so fun to write Bennie. He creeps me out. He's scared of Orion, too, which is pretty funky.

ACK! Must get ready for school. I am doomed to die...

Queriiida! I'll see you later!

O'er and out.
This struck me a FREAKY.
Querida, yeah, we know we have a LOT of beer commercials. There's even a reason for it! See, there is a big Canadian beer industry goin' in Toronto. It's a really huuuge seller, and Canada exports to all around the world. However, tariffs are wonderful things, so Canadian beer is also pushed quite a bit in the homeland no da. Mind you... Canadian beer generally tastes like crap. *makes a face* Canadians are also nationalists, so the maple leaf IS everywhere. Get used to it! It's better than stars and stripes. ^.^--v

And that was my poutin you were eating, damn you! And drinking all my 7-Up after we went to Dairy Queen (Daddy Queen! WHEEE!). Shame shame. (j/k)

Dan is annoying in his glompishness. He likes to grab onto me a lot (I am aware that sounds wrong, but heeey). *shakes head*

And who needs a car when there's public transit and you can WALK? Mwahahaha! You lazy american! .... *glomps querida* I love you anyway, though.

The X cast consists of:
Phooey (aka Fruity) --- Fuuma (well, the subtitles say "Fuma" *heh)
Goddy --- Kamui
Suzy --- Kotori
Sally --- I-can-never-remember-this-girl's-real-name, but she's the one with the dog spiritie named Inuki... something-areha?
Tintin --- Inuki
Loonie --- Subaru (?)
Toonie --- I cannae remember who... I think it was Yuuto?
Ballie (as in "Ball-ee") --- Hinoto
Canoe (Sometimes Just E!) --- Kanoe
Skanky --- well, duh, that's Karen

That's all I can remember. ^_^;

D-chan, glad you found it amusing. ^__^ See, this is what happens when three hyper girls have nothing to do at 2:30 in the morning.

*laughing* Dood, I seem to be the only person that sees that as the most AMUSING HP kyara coupling EVER! *applauds you* Post more!!... *snickers* ...his Voldy-poo... *snickersnickersnicker*

Imouto, if stomach pumping is bad, then let's hope you never dream of Joshua. *pokes him*

Josh: Oh, shut up.

...Orion's going bald, Carter is crazy, Sam is stuck looking after Carter, Candra is missing, Lucas is stressed and sick but won't let on, Oliver is scared, Simon is doomed to die at his dad's hands, Sebbi is becoming the seme, and Cam's also sick but won't let on.

Ahhh, the craziness.

I am rambling!

And now a special treat for all of you frequent visitors to my blog!

by Meg, Jamie, and Amy (starring as Jerry and Paul and Steve)

*theme music*

Jerry: Welcome to a very special edition of the show. Today we have with us Cameron Bennett, multi-millionaire artist and businessman. Please welcome Mr. Bennett to the show.


Cam: Hi, Jerry.

Jerry: Please, Mr. Bennett, tell the audience about yourself.

Cam: Well let's see here... Ummmm...I'm a demon lord from a bygone era, sometimes I'm known as Satan. I had a demon following, some 8000 years ago, but that all collapsed due to war with God. Cause you know, she's a bitch.

*understanding nod and aw from audience*

Jerry: Why are you with us today Mr. Bennett?

Cam: Well Jerry, it's actually concerning my daughter Candra, and my twin brother Lucas.

Jerry: Your twin brother and daughter? However do you mean?

Cam: See, my daughter Candra kinda fell in love with my brother and now they're engaged.


Jerry: How old is your daughter?

Cam: She's about a year old...but she's very mature.

*audience gasps*

Jerry: How old is Lucas?

Cam: Lucas is as old as I am. Twin brother...*coughcough*

Jerry: Ah.

Cam: Anyway, this engagement is causing some slight stresses in our family situation. Candra's mom is kinda.....Uhhh...submissive and has no opinion.

Jerry: Is she here today?

Cam: Uh...she?

Jerry: Let's bring her out. Let's hear a warm welcome for Mr. Bennett's spouse and young Candra's mom.


Mark: Hi Cam! Hi audience! Hi Jerry! *waves like a spaz*

Cam: *pulls Mark down to sit in the chair next to him*

*audience shocked gasp*

Mark: Hi Cam! I was really stressed out backstage, so they gave me a few drinks to calm me down. *insane giggle*

Cam: Oh dear lord. *buries his head in his hands*

Jerry: *is shocked*

Mark: *giggles* I'm on tv! *hiccup*

Cam: He's not usually like this...But he really doesn't have a head for booze.

Jerry: So *gulps* Mark, tell us about the situation with your daughter Candra, and Cam's brother Lucas.

Mark: Cam's really cute you know and he has a brother named Lucas. He's marrying my daughter. Candra's a really pretty girl, and if I wasn't married to Cam, I'd marry her myself. *insane giggles*

Jerry: Can someone get some more vodka out here?

Cam: Oh dear god! nononononononononononono!

Mark: Bring out a big one!

*audience cheer*

Jerry: Are there any questions so far?

Man in red hat: Yeah, this is for you, the blonde. Buddy, you gotta get rid of the drunk and get yourself a real man. *motions to self*

Mark: I'm drunk? Drunk? What are they talking about?

Cam: *wallows in embarassement*

Jerry: So back to the problem at hand...Aside from Mark's drinking problem that is.

*booooo hisssssss*

*Steve, securty guard, brings out a big glass of vodka, hands it to Mark*

Mark: *downs it all in one gulp and crawls into Cam's lap*

Cam: Uh...*looks down at Mark* Hi.

Jerry: Let's bring out the couple in question. Here's Candra and Lucas!


Lucas: *walks out screaming* You don't know me! Ya'll don't know me! *makes crude gestures towards audience*


Candra: *waves timidly at audience*


Candra: *sits down beside Cam* Hi Daddy. *shyly*

Lucas: *sits down next to Candra, stares at ceiling*

Cam: Hi honey. *trying to keep Mark from groping him*

Mark: Well aren't we a strong boy. *insane laughter*

Jerry: Please, Candra, Lucas, tell us about the situation.

Candra: Umm...Well I met this guy from a band and he was really cute, and I thought he was really cute, and we went on a date, and he was cute, and before I knew it, we were engaged, and then my dad told me that Lucas was my uncle.

Lucas: No comment. *still staring at ceiling*

Jerry: What do your friends think about this?

Candra: My best friend Carter seems to be okay with it..Except for the thing about the..ya.

Jerry: Let's bring out Carter!

*Carter skips out on stage and sit's next to Lucas*


Carter: Hi Jerry! I'm your biggest fan! Because you know I'm like a vampire and I have nothing else to do all day but watch television.

Jerry: *nods* Finally a man of good taste...

Cam: Excuse me?

Mark: *pats Cam's arm* You're a man that tastes good, Cam.

Cam: I...I'll leave that alone.

Jerry: *turns back to Carter ignoring Mark* So Carter, how do you feel about young Candra and Lucas' engagement?

Carter: Well..Lucas isn't a bad guy. He's a bit obnoxious sometimes, but he practically raised me after I escaped a life of child prostitution.

Jerry: *nods* I know how that is.

Carter: I'll leave that alone...

Cam: Hey! You're stealing my lines.

Mark: I can steal your lines! *giggles on Cam's lap*

Jerry: Do you have any problem with the age difference between young Candra and Lucas?

Carter: Kinda. He's quite a bit older than her.

Candra: *sniff sniff* What are you talking about? There is you and Orion too.

Orion in audience: That's not fair! *storms on stage, glaring at Candra*

Candra: Oh hi Orion...fancy seeing you here.

Carter: Hi dood!

Lucas: *stands up glares at Orion* Don't you be going near my woman.

Orion: What do you mean? Your bitch?

Carter: Hey that's my best friend dood!

Orion: Shut up or I'll slap you silly like the whore you are.

Carter: *bursts into tears*

Lucas: *grabs a chair and throws it at Orion* Feel my wrath!

Orion: *thud* That's the cheesiest line I've ever heard!

Carter: *sobbing, while being comforted by Candra*

Mark: *weaves his way over to Carter, hangs off of him* I can kiss all your ouchies better.

Cam: *shakes his head and prys Mark away*

Mark: I was just trying to help! I'm still thirsty. Where's my vodka?

Jerry: *motions for more vodka on stage*

Cam: Oh boy...*dragging Mark back to the chair*

*meanwhile, Orion and Lucas are fighting while bald Steve tries to stop the fight*

Orion: *bites Steve's on the neck and throws him into the audience* Party favours for all!

Lucas: *sits down* I give up.

Orion: *jumping around onstage, flexing* I'm da man!

Jerry: Steve!!!! *runs over to Steve's body, crying helplessly*

Man in red hat: *grabs microphone from Jerry* Hi, I'm Paul. So Cam, this relationship with Mark, serious or?

Cam: Uh...We're married.

Candra: *throws a tantrum* This is about my relationship! Mine!

Carter: *runs off stage sobbing* I'm gonna break up with Orion!

Orion: *follows Carter* Aw baby! You know I don't mean it like that! Honey! Love of my life!

*audience boooooos*

Carter: *offstage* Go to hell you sick bastard!

Paul: *slowly making his way down next to Cam*

Mark: *sitting on Cam's lap, slipping a hand down Cam's pants*

Cam: No! Not here man. *pulls Mark's hand out*

Mark: *pout*

Paul: Hit the road jack! *motions to Mark to leave*

Candra: Can we get back to me here?

Lucas: Hush dear, this is interesting.

Candra: You don't love me! You just want to do the horizontal polka with my dad!

Lucas: What?!?

Candra: Do I have to spell it out? S---E---X!

Lucas: No actually, I'm one of the only people who doesn't want to get it on with your dad.

Candra: So you're saying that I want to have sex with my dad? *Candra storms off*

Lucas: *sniffles and looks dejected*

*audience awwww*

Mark: *wanders over to Lucas* I can kiss all your ouchie's toooo *slurs*

Lucas: Uuuuuuhhhh...

Cam: You have to think about that?

Paul: Oh don't worry about them, so where abouts do you live again?

Cam: Go AWAY!

Paul: Don't play hard to get.

Mark: He's already hard....

Cam: *looks down* Oh God!

Paul: Whoohoo!

Mark: *big ole smoochies kisses Lucas*

Lucas: *startled*

Cam: HEY!! *gets up and storms over and prys them apart*

Mark: He made me do it!

Lucas: I DID NOT!

Mark: DID SO! *stomps, loses his balance and falls over*

Cam: *yells at Lucas* Keep your hands off of my Mark!

Lucas: *belts Cam across the face* Don't be a bitch, Bennett!

Cam: Owwie... *sniffle*

Jerry: *still with Steve, holding his head*

Paul: *thinking* Where'd that Carter go....*walks off stage*


Orion: Come on baby, forgive me already.

Carter: No Orion, I can't. Not now, I have something to tell you.

Orion: It better be good, I'm waiting.

Carter: Well you see, I met this really nice girl at my support group for battered spouses. Her name is Sam and and I kinda think I love her...

Orion: SAM! Just my luck you'd fall for a cross dresser.

Carter: Oh. So you kinda slept with her to eh?

Orion: *big sweat drop*


Mark: *twitching on floor*

Jerry: *walks over to the final thought corner* We all learned a lot today. Steve's dead, you shouldn't give booze to little British guys, avoid men in red hats and the most important lesson we all learned, don't get engaged to your uncle. Take care of yourself and each other.


*end credits*



Main typing done by Amy, because Meg is keyboard dyslexic. Thus she did the editing.
Post writing review and edit done by Meg, with emotion.
Alcohol provided by Jamie, the only one here of legal age to drink... *koff* For the kyara, she says, but we know she's lying.
Jerry Springer is TM... um, Jerry Springer (last time I checked, anyway).
Paul's red hat provided by the New Jersey Devils ('cause we all know what comes from NJ).
May Steve rest in pieces... errr, peace. Peace!

--June 2nd, 2001

Morning blog!

Really fast, too.

I am feeling a great deal better, but I'm still coughing pretty badly. *shrugs* Ah well, I'm sure I'll live.

Sleeping over at Amy's place tonight, too no da! HOORAY! That'll be fun! Fun fun!

Sick is bad. I'm sick too much. You and I should start a sickies club! YEAH! I can be prez! ^_~


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