I want a pork chop.
SotM: Onaji Hoshi, by Jungle Smile.
Wow, Alex-chan's comics sure have a lot of fanart. o_o And I have 1. 1 fanart. *sobs* Oh well. It's from Firefly, so s'all good. anyone but Rikki, Firefly, and Frecks reading LotM? u_u;;
I'm bored. But that's okay because I got to watch Biography! about Tim Burton!!! *heartheartheart* That man is an artistic and gothic genius. I would LOVE to meet him. *heartheart*

Anyway, in my boredom, I sat down and drew a poster of Carter. Carter and many hands. It's inked, but needs to be coloured. Anyone wanna buy it offa me? ^_~
See, John brought me home 200 pounds of bristol sheets to use. So I tested it. Man, it's nice. Anyway, I also have about 300 pounds of ink paper in mile-long rolls in the basement. Anyone wanna order posters of my kyara from me? (that's semi serious ^_~)

Mm mm mm mm. Dami is a cool kyara.

I wanna do a poster of Rukura. ^____^

I'm babbling.
*lightbulb goes on over Meg's head*
...OH! I should link to AABish on LotM!!!

Carter: Ohhh, good plan, braintrust.
Meg: So sue me. I'm dense and naturally blonde. T_T;
How? Oh, I didn't explain, huh? Well, see, I went for a shower and when I came downstairs, dad told me to clean out his van and wash the windows. So I went out with the nessicary supplies in my arms (paper towel, cds for the stereo, keys, squeegee, and bottle of windex). I put the bottle of windex between my knees so I could unlock the passenger's side door and the top leaked and lots of wonderful stinging blue stuff splashed down my legs in a painful stream of... um, pain. *nods sagely* And now you know.
A new feature on Twilight is...

Meg's Advice Corner!

This is where I shall post advice where I deem fit.

Today's advice:
NEVER spill Windex on your legs after you shaved them.

*bows, putters off*


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*eating Kraft Dinner* Healthy, orange food. ^.^

Johhhhn, PLEASE come home soon... dad wants me to clean out the van. I hate cleaning out the van. It's not MY van! I'm rarely IN it! If I go anywhere by car, it's in John's or Amy's dad's car! u_u;;;

Tsua, the funny thing about Matt is that he is the nicest and one of the most reserved and well mannered guys I know. Isn't that amusing? I'm tempted to e-mail him with the what happened that night? subject and see what he tells me. ^__~

Oh yes. Helloooo Matt, mah' dood! I wasn't talking about your or nothin'. 9.9
Carter is cute. Oliver is cute. And as Orion has said in the past of them... incest is best. ^__^

Kiran, the way I figure is that the Eva movie's ending can be taken a few ways. Shinji and Asuka could have been left as the next Adam and Eve to recreate humanity from it's roots. That seems a tad wrong to me for some reason.
However, MY theory is that Shinji and Asuka are left outside of the Earth plane in Sheol (what, that's limbo, ne?) as sacrafice to spare the human race. You know, 'cause really? They're the reason everything went third impact-y and if the world were to be spared, they would have to NOT be on it (IMNSO). I think Shinji was given the choice of the world or himself, and when he chose himself, he was given the one person who gave him strength and was already not on Earth. Thus, they are on the outside when the world is restarted.

That's my theory. Oh, gosh, I sound like Mulder. ^.^

Accourding to this CCS quiz, I am:

# 1 Tsukishiro Yukito
# 2 Kinomoto Sakura
# 3 Kinomoto Touya
# 4 Kinomoto Fujitaka
# 5 Li Syaoran
# 6 Yue
# 7 Cerebus/Kero-chan
# 8 Daidouji Sonomi
# 9 Mizuki Kaho
# 10 Clow Reed

Not much is happening today in the way of excitement. John was supposed to take me to Dairy Queen, but he seems to have disappeared. *blinks*

Damien's all grown up and pretty. XD

Meg's Art Corner!... in a rush since she's prolly gonna get busted for still being online.

A doodle of Kaworu I did completely by accident in MS Paint. I was just playing with the line tool and this is what happened.

Carter looking semi Bennie-ish on a bed. You can see the scars on his back.

Koneko Josh says mrrrrrow. That means Jeremy tastes goooood.

This is Toni. She's pretty, isn't she? Now, guess what? She's a he. ^___^

I haven't blogged much in the serious sense lately. Allow me to make up for this.

Yesterday, John took me to the Ontario Renissiance Fair. It was really fun! There were knights in real armor (none of that pressed tin crap), vendors who had the old english dialect going, places that sold medival style musical instruments and toys, jewellery vendors that dealt in pewter, gold, and silver, and many, MANY weaponsmiths. I was in heaven. There were mainly sword dealers, and I was surprised that almost ALL the weapons there were of combat crafting and not just showpieces of compressed tin. There were claymores, broadswords, stilletos, bastard swords, sabres, daggers, boot blades, claws, the works. I, however, fell completely and totally in love with a small stilleto boot blade. It was gorgeous, with a nice french-rennissiance style hilt, chain grip, tapered blade, and some beautiful etchings. It was one hell of a piece of art. John and I spent our entire time drooling over the merchandise.
After the fair, we booked it down to CDPlus, and then to Long and McQuade. The latter resulted in much slobbering from me, and also much scaring of the employees due to my excessive droolage over the Fenders. It was wonderful indeed--- they had replica James Hetfield guitars. They were NIIICE. And while goofing around and drooling on syth equipment, I found *drumroll* Carter's guitar. That's right; an aquamarine Fender 6-string electric. It was wwweeeeeeeird. But PRETTY. John had to drag me out of the store.

Last night, Amy and Firefly slept over. I was being a little antisocial (okay, a LOT antisocial)_because one of my spirities was trying to get my attention by turning the CD player off when we were listening to the Eva Vox CD. It was strange. At first I thought it was Bennett protesting my taste in music, but when it happened again--- twice--- and I didn't feel anything or anyone in the room but myself and Amy and Firefly, I figured something was up. I slept with silver on last night. And the only spiritie to allow me to feel his presence was Lian, who crawled up on top of me and slept somewhat restlessly.

Also last night, the three of us watched the Esca movie on my computer. I've seen it before and I liked it well enough, but Firefly's debunking of it kinda put me off. Well, she didn't put me off Dilandau. That's impossible. But allow me to sum the movie up in a short, nonsense paragraph.

The annoying girl Hitomi told her scary friend that she hated her. Cut to the dramatic bottle. She meets David Bowie and goes to Gaea where they sing the "We welcome you to Gaaeeeeeeeaaaaa!" song. The kitty girl Merle sings her "Van-sama, la la la, Van-sama, blahblahblah" song. Hitomi just wants water when she meets Presea, and Presea says to Hitomi that she doesn't look much like a goddess but then again Presea doesn't look much like Marlena, either. Van the chicken boy who's brother is David Bowie and his mother is his uncle tells Hitomi that he pretty much hates her guts and wants to kill her, then she gets kidnapped and it's all with the falling in love. Allen is jailbait. He has hair so healthy it shines. And he drops the soap a lot, but not when Van tries to give him a haircut. Anyway, Van chases the monkeyman to get Hitomi back. Enter many pretty boys on horses and we just KNOW Dilandau is coming. Dilandau shows up in his red vinyl and pretty armor, laughing like a psychopath. Van tells Hitomi to stay behind him, even though he's doing a damn joob job of making that difficult since he spends half the time moving AWAY from her. They all pull a DBZ and fight with retarded magic powers. Hitomi can't help but think that this never would have happened if she hadn't gone to get her water. Van sprouts his wings and Hitomi falls in love with him all of a sudden, thinking that he's a chicken boy with albatross wings! Lots of choiry music. Van runs funny. WHOO! And then she does the "I'll stay with you, blah blah" thing. Van takes Hitomi to a strip club in which the strippers are singing a song his mom used to sing to him, which is a SCARY song about how the Escaflowne has no soul and heart and will kill you when you sleep (nice mom he had, she was a singing stripper, was his uncle, was part chicken/albatross, and she liked to scare the crap out of her son. Charming indeed, eh?). Much stock footage of Allen's hair, and David Bowie being all eeevil. Dilandau goes crazy. Chickenboy goes into the Esca. Big fight. Hitomi "rescues" Van. Dilandau rides off into the sunset with his harem of pretty men. Hitomi proves to be a bitch and leaves without saying goodbye and proving that she is part albatross too. The Van goes back to his happy world of Merleness and much sadblah. The end.

Okay, I lied when I said it would be a short paragraph, but it WAS nonsense.
I'm done. JA!
Oooh, Dan, whine whine whine. I'm sorry I haven't MENTIONED you, since I never SEE you. You know, in order to be mentioned on my BLOG, you have to be in immidiate CONTACT WITH ME YOU PUTZ! T_T;
Heidi? I'm prolly not going to CN Anime. Remember? Kicked outta Riot Ink and all. Next year. If I go, it'll be with my brother.
Matt'shomeMatt'shome! DOOD! You as tarzan... *gigglefits* And dammit, I better still be the one for you! Ple! ^_~ I can't STAND competition!!! Damn your Jane.

Rukura: I have a fangirl?! o_o
Poya: Me too! YAAAY! *glomps onto Rikki's legs*
My smurf name is Man-Eating Smurf. *laughs evilly*
Why do you love Lucas? Aside from the fact that he's cute and stupid? ^_~

I am Jack's Raging Annoyance. I should get my book back soon, Firefly, but not sure when. Dani phoned today, so we know she's aware of our existance. Mind you, I answered the phone and she didn't talk to me other than to say "hi Meg, is mom there?". u_u;
YAY! You're the FIRST person to link to my comic! THANK YOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!! XD
OH! I forgot about this!

Yesterday, Amy and Firefly were at my house and we were playing the Sims. We played with a house I had made previously that was home to sims of myself, Firefly, Amy, Dan, Mike, and Matt. Amy took over the game, and we starved the Dan sim in a little box of fenced in yard with a TV and a whole bunch of stereos that he just couldn't turn off. After that, we locked the Amy sim in there with a barbeque and she died in a blazing inferno! We soon did this to everyone, allowing them to die in flaming glory (punpunpun). It was amusing. It's now one of two Death Houses in my Sims game... it now is home to the Hubabababa family. The other I made today and am on the second family to live there. That house comes complete with a graveyard for aaaaaaall the tombstones of the people I've killed. ^.^

*manical laughter*

.....Lissa-chan? I'm SCARED. O_O
Oh, Dani's alive. I was beginning to wonder.
....*looks down at the post below*...



My best friend is playing branford, everyone. BRANFORD, I SAY!!!
Heeeeey! Megarina-chan! Somebody forgot to mention the CD you got along with Iron Maiden.....The LION KING SOUNDTRACK!!! Whooo and a hardy hooo!!!! Everyone body say S-I-M! B-A! Put it all together, S-I-M-B-A! *dances*
This blog has been intercepted by the lovely, darling, Amy (capital A!)!!!
Hey, I'm blogging from Amy (WITH A CAPITAL 'A'!!)'s house, where I am currently sleeping over (mind you I'm not sleeping right at this moment in time).

Today, Firefly and Amy (CAPITAL!) and I went to the mall and saw Drenn. I got my two movies back (Fight Club and Elvira Mistress of the Dark), so I was very happy. We puttered around the mall a bit, and went into the new pet store by the bank I go to. A sheltie puppy went all psycho in his little pen thing when I walked by and started jumpinh up and down and trying to bite the plexiglass like it was evil. Then I realized, HEY! He wants to kill my pikablu (merral?) backpack, so I "accidentally" stumbled back and had to walk in front of him again. It was amusing. I think that dog has been trained to capture and kill all pokémon lifeforms.

RIBBY!! OhmiGOD! CARTER IS SO CUTE! *screams happily and glomps the pic* and I am VERY glad that you hate Derkshaw as much as I do. I'm proud to have invoked such feelings of HATE towards him. He must be destroyed. Can I have those put on the Journeys Down site and the new AH site (when we get it up someday)? XDDD

We had to bus it back from the art store on the trusty 1A to the City Centre. It was scary, 'cause the bus was SO full that we got stuck standing at the very front of the bus where we got on! STANDING! You know how hard it is not to fall on people when you're tired and sore from leg cramps and you're on a really rickety bus that hasn't been updated or fixed for at least 20 years????!

John thought I was cheating him today. Why? Because I was nice and bought him two CDs. See, we went to HMV at the mall and they're having a sale on most of the CDs in stock that they have a hard time selling. I was looking through the (mostly) old-school metal and punk CDs, and I found one of an 80's metal band called the Killer Dwarfs. I remembered that John was having a hell of a time finding that particular album, so I bought it for him (it was only $7). Later on we went to the local pawn shop and I bough him Iron Maiden's "A Real Live One" because he needs it for his collection (and it's one of the few Maiden recordings he doesn't own) since it was only $8. When I gave them to him, he looooooooooooooked at me and said "These are for me? No strings attached??"

I'm listing to the Evangelion Vox cd as Amy showers. She's gonna want the computer back when she comes out, but that's okay since I'm drawing. I've drawn a fair bit today, but I'm kicking myself for not bringing my AH sketchbook with me to Amy's place to get some new pages done (we're only about a 6th of the way though the first issue... it's taking forever).

My 01 pigment pen blew up alllllll over my face. It was very amusing. After the fact, of course.

I find it mildly disturbing that Amy's mom used to listen to Iron Maiden when she was younger, and she was dancing to all my punkish music while I took over the stereo. Ah well, my second mom is cool. I love her. ^_^

Amy's out of the shower. I prolly could go. Ah well. Oyasumi nasaii!

That video kicks ASS, D-chan! The videos for Schism and Sober are some of my fave videos out there. You, my friend, have excellent taste in music videos (and music). XD
Ribby, I'm VERY glad you like it. ^.^
My comic is UP! I know it's still wonky, but Keenspace isn't letting me uploadf what I want. Go back a few days to get to the first comic, and so on and so forth. Feedback (not on the site, but the strip)?
You know who I miss?


It's so pathetic. u_u; He's in Cuba, that bastard. I miss him... and Mike was more than a little grrr at me when I talked to him on MSN yesterday. I'm quite miffed. Matt, come home soon. >_<
Ribby, here is your Touga... keep in mind that I SUCK at the Utena art style....
Holy hell and mother of cheese. KEENSPACE FTP IS FAST TONIGHT! O_O
Reeally now? Sounds fair. Should I do a CG of Touga or a prismacolor sketch? *thoughtful*
*hee* And the feeling is mutual, dear.
Wow, Keenspace hasn't updated the strip again. What's wrong with that thing? u_u;

Feelin' the urge to mention that due to a request from a little while ago, I'm gonna try my hand at drawing Touga from Utena. He's pretty, so it should be fun. ^_^

I am SO getting MSN tonight. Mike has it, from what Heidi has told me, and ye gods I miss him. I must get that program. *stops foot like a little kid*

I have a headache and I know not why. Huh. Ah well. I'm gonna wait for Firefly to phone me, and then I shall see what's happening today. It's very hot.... perhaps after I return from the mall, we can swing back over to Amarino's and go swimming. I don't really wanna GO to the mall today, but I want my movies back from Quinn and Drenn (they have Fight Club and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark since I lent them to 'em in late May u_u;). Drenn's supposed to leave them at the store for me. Huh. And I wanna get a circle template and a new size 10 calligraphy pigment pen.

Last night I just about killed myself pencilling a particularly annoying page for Angel Hunter. 'Tis a scene with Cam and Lucas on a rooftop, and Cam pulls out a crossbow and shoots an Angel. So many straight lines in that fecking crossbow. And the layout was tricky in itself.... Firefly is gonna have MUCH fun inking THAT puppy.

My arm is still dead. Someone get me a new one.

Mom phoned this morning, about a half hour ago, to see if Dad went to work. I didn't know ('cause I was in bed, thank goodness she alarm didn't go off!), so I checked to see if the van was still in the driveway. I told her it was, then asked what's up. Apparently, dad's having a real problem today. Mom said he zonked out on the couch this morning and was having a hard time breathing. Probably his heart condition acting up. But you know what my theory is?
It's called KARMA!!!

I'm happy to have Mark home with me. He's all giggley and happy to be here.... we went a long time without him. It's actually nice to have him sleep against my stomach again, with Cam at my back. Comfort/security things. I dunno. I'm just glad Mark-chan's okay... he kinda disappeared and got lost for a while.

Ahh, Heidi, I'm glad you like my video so far. ^__^ At this rate, it should be finished in a week or two. It's a VERY long song, you know. Like, 7 minutes long? Anyway, when I'm done it, I'll put it on a cd for you and make sure you get it. Then I shall do a video all about Asuka, utilizing clips from the End of Evangelion/Rebirth movie to the song Come Out Swinging by the Offspring. That will be lovely. ^.^ Imouto and I decided on that. Perhaps I'll do a DM song for Esca. Dunno what to do for a CCS video, though...*thinks* something cute.... ah well.

This is turning into a mucho long post.

Notice how no one other than my friends link to me? It's weird. Firefly gets all this funky linkage, and I don't get linked at all. One of these days, I'm gonna ICQ Frank and introduce m'self so I may let him know that I linked to him. A long time ago.

I've done about 12 strips for a comic. I'll probably post them on keenspace in the next week. It shall be a daily comic. Of LotM. Mostly SD and amusing. And I'm the teacher in it. I'm gonna end up goofing off with Rukura and Poya for the first couple weeks, introducing Zachariah, Michael, Araziel, Adam, and Lucifer before I go for anything remotely serious. I don't want this to get boring to make. I think after I do a few AH pages today (if my arm gets a jumpstart), then I'll ink my strips. Still debating whether or not I should go for colour dailies, though. Maybe the weekend strips will be in colour.

Ragabash, though you don't read my blog and probably never will, I LOVE the layout. A little hooked on Black and White, I see. I knew it was gonna happen. ^__^;

I've been blogging for a good half hour now. Waiting for my querida to phone me, la la la. Let's hope Pikachu wakes her up at the right time today.

Man, do I wanna crawl back into bed.

Dad's awake.

OH! I had funky dreams last night. Two of them. One I don't remember much, and it was me and Firefly and Amy walking to some car dealership for some reason. I was being REALLY mean to them, and I don't know why (is that a hint? I dunno. Am I mean?). The second dream I remember as well, 'cause it WASN'T A DREAM!...

...okay, that came out really cliché. What I mean to say is that it wasn't a dream, it was a memory. Of Josh's. Do not RP past lives and expect them to stay in line. Here's what I remember:

Josh was with Jermy (of course), at school. Musta' been before he got expelled. Anyway, they were trooping down the main hall together, heading for the cafeteria and talking away. It was really just a conversation between the two. But yeeeesh, Jermy was dense. Josh kept hitting on him and it was funny because Jermy was too dumb to realize it. It was amusing. Example:
Jermy: ....Steve was in the room and he was all "the-girls-love-me-when-I-wear-tight-jeans-'cause-I'm-a-big-stupid-jock". I swear that he's got an obsession with his own ass.
Josh: Oh, you look much better in tight jeans than he does, so don't worry too much.
Jermy:.... *resumes conversation*

Hey, I found it funny.

Feck, just got that call and I missed it 'cause I was talking to Dad. -_-;;;; *sends mental message to Firefly* Phone back or come online! Phone back or come online!

Aurgh. This is a very long, pointless post. Notice?

If I were to put up my little LotM comic, would anyone even READ it? I know Firefly would, and imouto would, but would anyone else? I'm curious.

IMOUTO! BLOG MORE OR FEEL MY WRATH (it's a good wrath)!!!

*randomhugs Lissa*

I'm gonna work on my video until Firefly calls back. Which she prolly will. I hope.

Hey, she called back! *yammers to her on the phone*
OH! MARK! *tackleglomps said spiritie* Mark! Mark! Mark! HI! ^.^

Mark: Hello. ^_^
Cam: AMADO! *flying tackleglomps*
Mark: Cam! ^__^
La la la, texting last strips...

*attempts to gnaw her arm off while she works, fails*
*SCREAMS* Someone cut off my fecking arm! It HURTS!
Still not out of my depression phase. I don't know what exactly brought it on, either, and sympathy is driving me nuts. Plus, I had a nice scare were Premier decided to eat my temp AVIs. Oh well. I finished the sketches for the last two Journeys Down strips. Feeeh.

I wanna do an online comic, but what to do? I think Legacy of the Messiah or Child of the First Soldier. I am aware that no one knows of the latter. It's roughly about a 14 year old bioengineered soldier named Kaya the Thirteenth, and her psuedo brother Malach the Twenty-Sixth. It's a post-Apocolyptic story. Serious. I may favour LotM because I can do SD with that one.

I hate geocities. T___T;;;;;;;;
Try going to the video download page and see iffen it works. It should....

I wanna do another Eva video after I'm done this one. The one I'm working on currently is all about Ikari Shinji. The next? Shoryu Asuka Langely--- cause she ROCKS! XDD *props to Heidi* ^___~
D-chan, do you have GetRight?? Try entering the url in that. Should work.... ugh. u_u; Imouto downloaded it alright....oh well. I'll see if I can upload it elsewhere tonight.
I really wish MY family would do something cool like that. We never do anything... last time I went anywhere with my parents for an extended period of time was like three years ago. The only person that seems to want to spend ANY time with me EVER is my brother; he takes me out of town and stuff sometimes. My parents never do anything with me. Mom and I sometimes go to the mall together. Well, we used to every week, but we don't even do that anymore, and when we do get to do something it's usually stuff like going to the park. Which is fine and good, 'cause the park is nice, but it's not exactly fun.

I've kinda given up hope on doing anything remotely family-ish. Every year it's been "we'll go to the Ex/zoo/St. Lawrence Market/wonderland/blah blah blah this year/next week/sometime soon" and it NEVER happens. It's really sad when you get excited about going to a CD store with your older brother because your mom and dad don't take you anywhere to do anything. u_u;;

I'm depressive tonight. Does it show?
Due to wrist problems, I am currently restricted on how I draw for the evening. This is what I've done. A stupid CG of myself. It actually looks like me, and that's scary.
Preview of Meg's Eva Video!
I made a 7 meg preview of what I've completed so far in my video. Anyone interested can download the .rm file for RealPlayer here. It's only just under the 2 minute mark. Lemme know iffen you like. ^__^ (Heidi, this means YOU!)
Must close that bold tag.
Megan, there's another chica named Meagen. S'not you. ^_^; She's an online friend of mine and does a kamishibai fanfic of Angel Hunter (my soon-to-be-out-hopefully-I-procrastinate-too-damn-much comic).

I have an Art Corner to do today. May you all feel priviliged. And excuse my terrible spelling. ^_^;

SotM: Everything Counts (live) by Depeche Mode. How I love DM. May they live on for eternity.

John has disappeared to his room to play his Playstation, so I'm downstairs blasting my music (DM, Boa, and some random stuff) loudly and drawing. Once it hits 9 o'clock, I'm gonna get to work on AH. I just don't have the knack for doing anything but SD currently, so I'm breaking from my sketchbook for a while.

Amarino, I dunno if we'll be killing Candra off (people who are confused, this has nothing to do with Journeys Down, this is for RP land). However, there's less we can do with her than without her... *ponders* I dunno. I don't really fancy making Lucas go depressive. *sighs* Ah well. Torturing Carter is great fun, tho. Let's torture Carter come the next night you get the computer, okay?

SotM (2): For Jasmine, by Boa. This makes me think of Cam and Candra. u_u;; You know, daddy talking about his little girl.... *sighs* I miss RPing Cam seriously. He's so fun. And he's my outlet. >_<

Jeez, Spree is slow tonight. UPLOAD, DAMN YOU!

Ah, HERE we go. Finally.

Meg's Art Corner! is sponsered by Poot. Poot that poot or you don't get no Toop! (yes, I'm confused too.)

Randomness and lack of artistic abilities yesterday forced me to come up with this. Behold Sam in a catgirl outfit. ^__^; No wonder Carter's engaged to her, eh?

I got really bored earlier and started doodling SDs. I came up with this cute little Journeys Down groupshot. Yes, it's Journeys Down and not Oscuro... why? Because Candra and Vil were never in the original band at the same time. And aren't Lance and Carlos cute? Huh, and Carlos says he isn't gay. 9.9

And here we have the picture I mentioned earlier--- a disturbing looking shot of Carter and Lexiel. Why is it disturbing? That's hard to explain. So is the shadowed "person" in front of them. I think only Firefly will get the significance of this picture. 6_6;;;;

There we go. Behold an art corner. ^.^;

You know, I'm yet to get sick of seeing Rafe at the top of this page. He's so pretty with his purple (or in some cases, red ^_~) hair.

You know what's really sad? When the highlight of your week is getting to have a hot bath and not a fast shower. That's really sad. See, living in this house? It's hard to snag the bathroom for longer than 15 minutes without someone whining that they need it.

*bursts out laughing* OH! I just remembered. Here's a happy little story I must tell.
My dad works sometimes as a bartender at the Ranger's Supporter's Club (the Rangers being a soccer team from Glasgow, Scotland) branch #609. He was alllllll puffed up about how he lifted two beer kegs on his own and moved them up to the cooler last week. A beer keg weighs about 200 lbs easily. He was relaying this to my mom and brother and I (even though I heard about it the day after he did it, and I'm pretty sure everyone else did too) when my mom mentioned how heavy the boxes on a skid where she works are. Mom said that she could lift a keg, and dad scoffed at her. John and I agreed--- my mom may be about 5'8 and 120 lbs, but she's tough as nails. We thought she could do it. Dad bet mom $100 that she couldn't lift a keg 1/4 of an inch off the ground. Then they went to the BRSC for the night's events.
Soon after they left, the phone rang and I answered it. It was mom, calling to tell me (with much cheering from friends and much swearing from dad in the background) that she lifted the keg up and managed to even straighten her knees with no problem. Dad's pride is wounded, his friends are prolly laughing at him, and he owes my mom $100. XDDDD

Ahhhh, that's sweet.

Oi, oi! I'm GONNA get them done! u_u;; First you're on my case about AH and how you want stuff to ink, and then it's bug about the guest strips.... they're in the works! Yeeeeesh. T_T;;;

And yes, Canadian cartoons generally SUCK (save for the awesomeness that is Prozzak music videos). All hail american cartoons. u_u;;;

Meg's Music Video Update
Evangelion video to Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden = 1:17 completed. Only another 6 minutes and 11 seconds to go. u___u;;; It's all about Shinji, though, so it's gooood. And nicely in sync with the music. Heidi, you'll love me for this video. XD

I coulda' swore I had something to say........ oh, yeah. I drew a scary picture of Carter and Lexiel. It's special, since those two have some very special similarities. ^.^;

Iyaaaaaaaa! I don't wanna be with John all fecking night! *sobsob*


Sorry about that, everyone.
Megan? Nice layout. ^.^--v *huggles her Shinji plushie*
La la la, I have nothing to do for a whole flippin' weekend. And I really really miss my mini-harem of men (Mike and Matt). Matt's in Cuba for a week, and I'm yet to get a hold of Mike. *sighs* Plus Firefly and Amy are going to Niagra. *sulk* And mom and dad are gonna be out tomorrow night, so I'll be stuck with John all night with no one to talk to or anything to do. I'm gonna end up locking myself in my room, blasting music, and working obsessively on Angel Hunter. Whoo hoo, an evening with my good friends, Depeche Mode. *huggles her DM cd collection*

Onto other things, I'm glad Amy liked the HGttG book. ^_^ I'm planning on getting the other 4 books sometime soon (when I can get my hands on them). I've read up to Life, the Universe, and Everything, and then the school year ended. No more library. ^_^;;; And the public library would chew me into little mini meglet pieces and eat me. Last time I racked up $60 in fines. o_O;

Next big art project = a life sized pinup of my beeeeeeaaauuuuutiful boy, Benjamin Carter. ^.^

Does anyone want me to post a preview of my Eva video so far? It's quite good for a first try. I think I could make it into a RealPlayer file.

Really, it's innocent. They're asleep. Oliver sleeps in Lucas' bed as a comfort thing. u_u;; I'm getting to like how I use my trusty prismacolors to do skintones now, though. It's fun, it's more like painting than colouring with pens.

Ugh, the Jaded layout is at a standstill. I may do another one to compensate. I dunno. u_u; Not sure if I wanna do Anarchy in the UK yet, though. Hmmm.... anyone got any kyara suggestions? I'm stuck.

This is a very long entry, isn't it?


... I'm out of things to say.

Cam: *sniffles, wipes away a tear* I'm SO glad that my taste in reading material is appreciated and not made fun of! *happy crying*

Meg: Okay there, mister I'm-in-love-with-the-trilogy-of-four-plus-one. u_u;;;

Cam: All bow before the holy number 42.
Do a CCS LAYOUT!!! With Touya! Or Yukito! Or any OTHER hot guy from that show! OR YUE!

That wasn't, like, big font or anything. 9.9

Status on video:
23.5 seconds of meshed video complete.

All hail the poot, but remember; first you must show us your toop. *salutes Lissa-chan*
Rebo's got a blog...eeerrrr, Pita.
I forgot to mention my new project. ^.^ Heidi, get a load of this.

I'm trying my hand at making an Evangelion music video to Hallowed Be Thy Name.

It's very pretty so far. ^__^ All, what, 9 seconds of it....
Tsua, the song in question is Toki Ni Ai Wa from Utena. And I'm glad you liked my rant. See, that's what happens when Meg sits through a long movie with many cliché moments and drinks too much 7-Up. ^_~

Hmmm, I have a small Art Corner to pull today, but I have to upload the pic yet.


Meg's Art Corner!

Lucas, in a bed with bandages on. Hey, he IS an FBI agent. He gets shot a lot. ^__^;;;

The reason behind me drawing Lucas is a strange one. I don't draw him much, I know, but I love him to bits. He's a sweetie and a cutie patootie. I love him soooo much. *huggles Lucas* Trust me, no one loves my kyara more than me. (Not even you, Meagen!)
Lucas has a really complicated backstory, really. I don't even tell half of it because it's not really necessary to any plot... heck, Firefly doesn't even know half of it. ^__^;; The only way I'd really be able to write it down is if I rewrote Carter's story since it's really as much about Lucas as it is about Carter. ^__^;;

SPEAKING of Carter, is anyone reading my Journeys Down guest strips? u_u;;;

I might have the karaoke version on my computer somewhere. I know I USED to have it....
The Spiderman trailer is AWESOME. Dear lord, I love Sam Raimi's stuff. The costume is flawless, the cinematography is correct, the movie looks spectacular. I. Love. Spidey. I always have. So sue me. It comes out in May of next year, so all you people who I know can take me to see it on a different tuesday for that month (not counting you, dear, since you'll be back in Spokaloo).
Meg's NSHO and review on Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within
spoiler warning! read at your own RISK!

I liked it. For the eyecandy.
FF proved to be an interesting first. I fell totally in love with Dr. Aki Ross' kyara design (and that HAIR!), but I got sick of seeing the psuedo-love-interest Captain guy on the screen. Fast. He was there all the flippin' time!
Anyway, before I rant more... the plot started out promising. Earth is fried to a cindercrispie, and supposedly evil creatures known only as Phantoms skulk around the un-barrier-protected lands. They swallow and steal human souls (pretty blue souls, pretty pretty, shiney shiney things distract Meggie...) and leave the bodies as empty, lifeless shells--- okay, why did I say that? The people DIE, okay? Die in physical ways before spititual. As the Phantom snags the soul and devours it, it is not uncommon in the movie to see the blue essense of the person try to claw its way back to its body. Yes, how very... cliché.
But back on track... the Phantoms infect living beings with microbiotic organisms that grow, spread, and kill from the inside out. Contact with a Phantom will infect you, and the cure has to be used within an hour or else you're a goner. The people in the Barrier City of NY have a fleet of soldiers and many big-ass guns (tm) out to fight the semi-transparent, insectile Phantoms in their physical forms while hi-tech scanners and lasers are used to detect and eliminate the microbiotic organisms in peope who have ventured outside of the city. Blah blah blah, they come from a crater that was caused by a meteor crashing to earth 35 years ago. Blah blah blah, techno mumbojumbo inserted here (can you tell that this is where I got a little annoyed?).
Enter Dr. Aki "I'm-a-CGI-Babe-in-an-Outfit-That-Resembles-a-Plug-Suit" Ross, second in command of a major research slash salvation project. She's gorgeous, she's got freckles and hazel eyes, and the most pretty hair on any CGI kyara I've ever seen. But she's flat. That will keep her from hitting the Lara Croft fanbase with too much of an impact. AAAAAAANYway, she is working with a Dr. Sid to collect living entities that contain matching "Spirits" to combat the alien microbiotic disease. She has one in her and it is barely being contained. She has funky visions of the reasons WHY the Phantoms are how they are. Insert many a bad joke by the side kyara, gun fights, ship wrecks, cut-off swear words, and undeveloped love stories.
In the end, Aki and Sid win out, of course, but not all is well. She's cured, but her Captain-hunka-hunka-burning-love-looks-dorky-in-zero-Gs is dead. Izzn't that always the way?

Enough summary. The movie itself was a beautiful spectical, and a faaaaar cry from the "revolutionary" CGI of shows like old-school Reboot (though I stand by the fact that I am a Bob fan, thank you very much). Well, all things considered, 20% of production time for FF was spent animating Aki's hair. Yeah. That's a lot of time.
The kyara designs were alright, Aki standing out. He loooove interest *coughalsoalosercough* was so freaking buff and wanna-be-badass that I got sick of him standing with his fists resting on his hips much like a baboon. He also had an ugly chin.
The kyara themSELVES weren't developed enough for my liking. Aki was cool but too flippin' calm. Her boytoy was just dumb and much like a really grumpy old dog. Sid was melodramatic and annoying, with very little background. Jane (was that her name?) was just a bitch. I think the only kyara I REALLY liked was Neil (Neal?), as he was sort of the annoying and sinewy little loud mouth with an attitude problem and a majorly aggravating voice. My qualm? He died first. I'm bitter. The bad dood was a dickhead, much in the traditional bad-guy style, right down to the black trenchcoat. What really bugged me about him, though, was the amount of leather he wore. God only hope that's pleather. Those poor cows. 20 of them woulda' been killed for his outfit. As I said to my friends before, he wore so much leather that I'm willing to bet his condoms were made of it too.

The movie carried itself for a while without too much annoying repetition, but come the last 45 minutes, I was getting ansty. It was a pattern. Aki makes revelation, Phantoms come to play, big gus go boom, crisis, Aki makes revelation, Phantoms come to play... you get the picture. But the actual solution to everything and the secret of the Phantoms was just too obvious. Couldn't they have been a BIT more creative? Like, say, made the Phantoms something like... spirits created by the fear of death in the world's remaining humans? Something like that? It would have been a lot more interesting.

We did, however, get hinted at us a kinky sex scene in zero-Gs. Whoo. Can you imagine the possibilities? In space, no one can hear you scream...and scream....and scream...and, what the hell, scream some more....

And for my final comment:

end spoilers.

Considering how much I hate Blue's Clues and my previous rant on such, the link above proves very appropriate. X-Files meets Blues Clues. Poor Mulder gets beat around an awful lot.
YOU LIEEEEEE!!! My art is NOT that GOOD, DAMMIT! u_u;

I'm going to see Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within tonight. But you know what? Since dad shall prolly be driving me, I will end up there ON TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!! *pointed look at Amy*

People think I'm crazy for my obsession with punctuality. ^_^; I hate being late for anything, and I live life by the clock. That is just me. Being late is a bad bad habit (despite the phrase fashionably late, being late is NEVER fashionable). It will get you into trouble with superiors in the course of life. I'd rather be painfully early than hoplessly late. u_u;

Josh and Jermy were cuuuute kids no da! XD
Meg's Art Corner!

Here be Lucas, smiling cutely. ^.^

Such a cute pose for Lance and Carlos. Too bad it's just SO suggestive.

Yawakura Lain-san, from Serial Experiments Lain. This is what I do with new pens. XD

Firefly wants to skin this one. It's a pic of Angel Carter. ^.^

Fear me on prismacolor fumes.
Okay, someone shoot me now.
I'm at Amy's house after having gone to the art store, and Amy, Adam, and Firefly are watching Blue's Clues. That show is so very f*cking stupid. Steve is frightening, he lives in a house with cut-and-paste animals and talking inanimate objects, and he never changes his stupid stripey outfit. He's also VERY shifty eyed, and he chums around with little kids. He sings about everything. And he talks to popsicle sticks which made me think of multi-coloured, talking dildos. Dear lord. Someone give me a GUN and shoot me. Please please please. I wanna die, I have no desire to live. I WANT TO DIIIIE!

Anyway, my loot from the aft store is as follows:
~6 new prismacolors (mainly neutral colours)
~1 new 01 pigment pen
~new sketchbook
~one brown brush pen

Yeah. I spent $43. And I still have $18 left. XDD

Back to being tortured by the retardedness that is Blue's Clues with zoophile-Steve.
Blogger. Is. A. BITCH!

WAI! Firefly and m'self are going to the art store today. We're gonna wander around BRAMPTON! ('cause, y'know, Brampton be so big and bad and ghetto and...yeah.) I'm gonna gets me a new sketchbook. XDDDD

Anyway, everyone today marks the beginning of my guest stint in Journeys Down! READ NOW! GO! GO! Be free! Run, Forrest, run!

Josh: You, my dear, are a nut case.

Why, thank you Joshie. Now back to your reguarly schedualed blog.
Ghost in the Shell is exactly that... frightening and beautiful. It creeped me out when I first saw it, but it really makes you think, doesn't it?
Meg's Portfolio Tallies

official portfolio
colour arts of original kyara - 54
black and white/greyscale - 10
fanarts - 5

giving us a very amusing number 69 as our grand total. *grins*

CD rom collection
unsorted files in gif and jpg format - 438

God, do I love my country.
Mom dangles tot from SUV on the 401 today. This woman should be SHOT. That's my opinion. I feel bad for the father of the child, he was in one hell of a tight spot. But at least that kid will have a neat story to tell classmates when she goes to school. ^_^;
Hm. Seems whenever we go to the movies, it's a HUUUGE group of people who follow. I don't get it. Anyway, I don't mind this so much save for the fact that though I am friends with most of the people, I'm not terribly close with them... and having so many people you don't really know around is suffocating for someone who is antisocial like me. I wanna go see Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within with Amy and Firefly, however, this means Amy wants to bring people with us. That's okay. Speller, Heidi, Megan, Kiran, all are welcome. And Dan usually is too, but not this time.
See, here's my problem. I miss MY dood friends, Mike and Matt. I've not seen either of them since school let out. Matt is welcome among us people since he's really nice and polite. ^_^
But this time, I want Mike to come too. Mike and Dan don't get along. And I'm pretty sure Amy wants Dan to come along. u_u;; Now that school is out, I have no way of making sure that Mike won't beat the crap out of Dan when he sees him, so I think it's best if Dan doesn't come this time. 'Cause I miss my doods. ;_; And I want them to come too.... ;___;

Ben: Yes, you say what you like. I'm in PAIN here... *writhing*
'Tolios: *pets Ben* I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.... >_<
Cam: Well, at least they didn't kill him. We're lacking one person now. *grumbling and rubbing the back of his head*
Ben: He'll come back. Ouuuucccch, someone get me morphine. ETHREAL MORPHINE, DAMMIT!! X_X
'Tolios: *wails and glomps Ben*
Hey, wait! Chuck Palanuick has another book out?!? *gets all starry eyed* Must go to Indigo.... *___*
I don't feel like going to see FF with more than 4 people. Tops. I'm thinking of inviting Matt and Mike, though... is that okay?

Everyone be sure to check out Journeys Down tomorrow! Tomorrow marks the start of two weeks of guest strips done by moi; all about Carter's past! Full colour and all pretty-like!

Hey, Frecks? Actually, it was friday the 13th all DAY, just not last night. ^_~ <--- couldn't resist pointing that out
Alice is creepy.
Meg's Art Corner!

Firefly and I had a joke going for AH that Lian and Rukura would make a cameo appearence as psuedo gothic ravers in the club scene. She drew raver Lian, and I drew raver Rafe. All hail him and his cute raverness!

Amy likes to bug me to draw her Harry Potter fanart. It was at 1 am on Thursday that I drew this little picture for her. Isn't Harry cute?

And last but not least, we have a pretty shot of Catrina in a yellow dress. I drew this for Oliver. Yes, Oli-kun. YOU. We all know you like her. ^__~
The gender test says I am a dood. *snerks* Are we surprised? Not at all.'s Death Test tells me that I will die on:

February 25, 2038
at the age of 52 years old.

On that date you will most likely die from:

Cancer (25%)
Homicide (10%)
Suicide (9%)
Drowning (7%)
Confusion (7%)
Alcoholism (5%)
Heart Attack (5%)

My muse is a dork. He just keeps bugging me and won't leave me alone....

Josh: Hey, s'my job, babe.


Should I post the story he's making me write or no? Does anyone even READ my blog anymore? ^_____^;;;
DMode: Everything Counts
Working Style personality test says:

You use your thinking to find the principles underlying whatever ideas come into your awareness. You rely on thinking to develop these principles and to anticipate consequences. As a results, you are logical, analytical, and objectively critical. You are likely to focus more on the ideas than the person behind the ideas.
You organize ideas and knowledge rather than situations or people, unless you must for the sake of your work. In the field of ideas you are intensely curious. Socially, you tend to have a small circle of close friends, and like being with others who enjoy discussing ideas. You can become so absorbed with an idea that you can ignore or lose track of external circumstances.

You are somewhat quiet and reserved, although you can be quite talkative on a subject to which you have given a lot of thought. You are quite adaptable so long as your ruling principles are not violated, at which point you stop adapting. Your main interest lies in seeing possibilities beyond what is present, obvious, or unknown. You are quick to understand and your intuition heightens your insight, ingenuity, and intellectual curiosity.

Depending on your interests, you are good at pure science, research, mathematics, or engineering; you may become scholars, teachers, or abstract thinkers in fields such as economics, philosophy, or psychology. You are more interested in the challenge of reaching solutions to problems than of seeing the solutions put to practical use.

Unless you develop your perception, you are in danger of gaining too little knowledge and experience of the world. Then your thinking is done in a vacuum and nothing will come of your ideas. Lack of contact with the external world may also lead to problems in making yourself understood. You want to state the exact truth, but often make it so complicated that not everyone can follow you. If you can learn to simplify your arguments, your ideas will be more widely understood and accepted.

You may rely so much on logical thinking that you overlook what other people care about and what you yourself care about. You may decide that something is not important, just because it isn't logical to care about it. If you always let your logic suppress your feeling values, your feeling may build up pressure until it is expressed in inappropriate ways.

Although you excel at analyzing what is wrong with an idea, it is harder for you to express appreciation. But if you try, you will find it helpful on the job as well as in personal relationships.

House test results are...

You are sensitive and indecisive at times.

You are a freedom lover and a strong person.

You are a shy and reserved. If you've drawn your windows with a cross on each of them, you always want to live alone. (which I did do, btw)

Your life is always full of changes.

You always have plans on your mind. This might cause a lot of stress if things don't go the way you expect.

You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love.

You don't think much about yourself.

...amusing. XD Anyone agree?
The animal test states:

You have a strong character. You are aggressive, ambitious and a go-getter. You were born to lead.


My results are amusing. Anyone agree with these (imouto, querida, Amy)?

Artistic type

You love caring for others and this makes you a big sister/brother in other people's eyes. People will find it interesting and comfortable talking to you, and this enables you to gain their trust. This usually gives a good impression to those members of the opposite sex who are sentimental and younger than you.

Just got home from Amy's house. I slept over. It was special. We stayed up all night talking to a robot named ALICE. Alice is very nice, but she definately has a thing for her creator. *shakes head*

Ummmm, can't think of anything to say no da.... *ponders*

Who's all gonna see Final Fantasy on tuesday? Amy, Firefly? You guys still in?
Sympatico is being really funky and booting me. From now I, I dub thy ISP....*drumroll*....Swonky.

All hail Swonky, my ISP.
*takes a page out of her imouto's book on blogging*

See Meg.
See Meg in off mode.
See Meg in off mode, meaning her emotions are gone and she is blank as plain white computer paper.
See Meg shrug everything off and resume life.
Await Meg's emotional crash. It will either happen before sunday or not at all.


I wanna draw.
Speller, Buffonia looks WICKED!!! Takes forever to load, though. Might wanna work on that, dood. But it's COOL! *__* Hey, I want credit for the title! (just kidding...)
Ryuuen's blog is special. I must link her. XD
Well, our dealings with Riot Ink seem to be over. Apparently, we are to all walk away and forget everything ever happened. I dunno. It seems unfair. I love Quinn and Drenn a lot.... ;__;

Plus, they have my copy of Fight Club.


Ohhhh, I'm really and royally pissed off. T_T

Apparently, at Riot Ink, Firefly and I are bad news. 'Cause according to the e-mails we've gotten, we've said things that we HAVEN'T said, and we're being accused on terms that we have not been aware of. Uh, hello? We PAID our debts to yoooou! What the feck is the big deal?! Jeeesus. I don't feel like explaining this. Let's just say I am seriously considering dropping out of Riot Ink and forming my OWN company with Firefly. We don't need to take this shit from anyone (pardon my french).

Enter longer waiting period for AH here. T_T;;;;;;;
Ah well. I'll get started on the new edition today, just to get silent revenge.


Here we have a pretty picture I did last night after dad made me go to bed. It's Simon and his beloved midget Sebastian (kidding, Sebbi! Don't go psycho mononoke boy on meeee!). Simon's wearing orange. XD
Ahhhh, thank you for publishing.
Blogger, if you loved me, you'd PUBLISH NOW THAT THE DOWNTIME IS OVER!!!!!!!!!
I swear, Frische never looked so edible. XDDDDDDDDDDD
Meg's Art Corner

Here we have a punky Simon... a rare sight indeed nowadays.

Carter's sort of harem in this little doodle includes Catrina and Sam. It's hard to tell who Oliver is all flustered over (Cat or Carter? 9.9), and Orion is crying off in the corner. Why? Let's just say he's lacking the balls it takes to be a REAL man. 9.9 *coughcastrationcough*

I am veeeeery tired.
Meg's Art Corner! .... even Tsua is lifting that trademark offa me. ^_~

Simon says "look studly". XD

Here we have a picture of Josh. This shall be incorperated into the title banner of the next layout.

*fives back, stares adoringly at the spike poster on her bedroom wall* Such a sexy babe he is.... *hands Lissa-chan kleenex to mop up slobber*
My wand is a 7 inch Dragon Heartstring wand made of Ash wood. ^.^
*heehee* Bad Rude Man poster is a hot one. I love mine. ^_____^
The posters I listed are only the ones I have on my walls currently. I have about.... 20 others in a roll by my bed. ^___^;;;;;
*LOL* According to the's gay test, I am 81% gay. The average lesbian scores only 40%! *LOL*
Random and Profound Thought of the Day



Got catboy? XDDD~~

(all read Yunga Neko NOW!)
*bites lip until it bleeds* No fair.... I wanted to go to the DM concert when they were here, but noooo.... ;_;
New layout soon to be applied. My apologies in advance for a screwy blog; the tinkering may take a while. o_o;
I have this urge to draw an Evangelion poster. Hmmm.... *ponders drawing a big poster of Shinji and Kowaru* 9###9
Heidi!!!! Could you burn me a copy of the Esca movie if I give you a CD? *puppydog eyes* I LOVE that movie!!

Moderately over my depression since the pain in my abdomen has kinda subsided for now and I have realized that the picture I drew of Josh last night is really pretty. Doesn't change the fact that I can't go swimming, but heeey. Once mom gets home, I'll be able to go pin up a whole bunch of posters in my room. I'm working on having the walls mostly covered (since my walls are in desperate need of a new pain job, but I'm too lazy and broke to do it myself). My poster list so far:

CCS wallscroll 1 = Sakura from the opening credits with Kero
CCS wallscroll 2 = Sakura with Kero, jumping up with the moon in the background (outfit from the opening credits)
CCS wallscroll 3 = Sakura and Tomoyo in chinese dresses, from the movie (which one? I dunno)
CCS wallscroll 4 = manga Sakura in a pink, white, and yellow jester costume, flying on her Clow staff (with Kero in tow, of course)
Eva poster 1 = Ritsuko and Maya pinup
Eva poster 2 = Asuka and Unit-02! XDD
Pokemon poster 1 = all the pokemon from the first series
Pokemon poster 2 = Pokemon Stadium 2 promo thinger
Sailor Moon poster = a really pretty poster of Super Sailor Moon from SMS
Lain poster 1 = Lain with her head resting on her hand
Lain poster 2 = Lain in a coooool coat holding a book
Lain poster 3 = Lain on a stage at an abandoned Cyberia
Prozzak poster = The Saturday People promo (I won it!)
Slayers poster = group shot of Lina, Gourry, Ameria, Xellos, and Zelgadis
Sex Pistols poster = Anarchy in the UK promo XDDD
Fantasia poster = framed, with Mickey on the stone guiding the stars in the Sorcerer's Apprentace (sp?)
Sixth Sense poster = double sided promo poster from when the movie came out in theatres
Digimon poster = a cute one with Tai, Matt, and TK with their digimon. XD

....I'm done rambling. Really.

My D&D alignment is amusing. For I am:

Neutral Evil.

With 8 points towards Lawful
and 24 points towards Evil

Good 19
Evil 43
Lawful 33
Chaotic 25

Also of note, Quinn seems to have disappeared. My e-mails go unanswered. Huh, maybe she 's taking notes from my sister.

Meow, that was harsh.

*sets into worrying about John to top off her lovely mood* CAT scans are bad.

Don't have anything to say this morning (yes, it's still classified as MORNING, DAMMIT!!!!). Seeee, Amy don't wanna do anything today for she is swimming and that be something I cannot do at the moment, so I am not able to be with her today. Firefly is most likely in the same situation. Meg does not want to hang around with Dan today, so that is a gone possibility. And Meg feels miserably depressive, and is in a lot of pain as well as being bored out of her everloving mind. Yeah. So what shall she do all day? I dunno, lock herself in her bedroom and be antisocial, contemplating what a reject she is. Yeah. That works.

Perhaps she'll draw.... naaah. She sucks at that too. *throws her sketchbook across the room* T_T;

Josh: ....girls...hormones....bad bad combonation. o_o;
Meg: Shut the feck up, Larron. T_T
Josh: Yes'm. o_o
*tackleglomps Scott and his dorkishness* I loooove you, Scott-kun! I am your fangirl!! *hughughughughughug*
YAAAY! Someone other than me is soon to be using my artwork for their blog layout! I am so PROUD! *beams*
Cebo Name is fun, Lissa-chan! Since querida-Firefly already posted some of my people, I'm gonna try it like this. FULL NAMES! Bwahahahaha!

(enter Meg's full name here, ewwwie ewwwwie) - Pretty Dreamer (uhhh, no. I like what Firefly got for me before better [Drunken Rebel, baby! Hail my Canuckness and Scottishness!])
Nathaniel Jean Crépuscule - Unclean Pussy (how very amusing...)
Joshua Ian Larron - Teenage Prince (let's all join together in a FIT of laughter)
Cameron Gregory Bennett - Chaotic Star (disturbing, ne? o_O)
Benjamin Aaron Carter - Miniscule Dope (*heheheheheh*)
Cadence - Blue Trojan (that can be taken SO many ways.... but the blue part is pretty accurate)
Lucas Walker Hathaway - Soft Object (soft in the head, maybe)
Lokistrant - Ugly Chromosome (uhhh, yeah)
Simon McKinnley - Insane Valentine (say WHAT?)
Carlos Martinez - Bruised Lullaby (I was too lazy to type out Carlos' FULL name, so...)
Dexter Lawerence Rhodes - Miniscule Slacker (....o_o; )
Raphael Harrison - Ugly Monkey (*BWAHAHAHAHAHA*)
Uriel Weir - Hypnotic Weed (....okay, no comment for this)

I just got home from a trip to the art store, where I got a new batch of paper for AH, a grid ruler, and some skintone Prismacolor pens. On the bus ride back, I encountered the most gorgeous male specimen I have ever seen. This guy surpasses my friend Phil, and that's saying something.... why?
This dood looked exactly like Lucas.
I kid you not. It was kinda creepy at first, and then I watched him. He was gorgeous. He had a beautiful profile, and his mannerisms were fluid. His speech was very precise, and he wore Lucas-y clothes. He was slim, though very nicely muscled. The way he curled and used his fingers when he was gesturing is something I have learned to be trademark of either musicians or artists... and he was carrying a Sheridon bookbag. Lucky son of a bitch goes to Sheridon College for the Arts. *_*
I was completely thrown off my loop.

La la la, I have to return Firefly's phone call, but Mom's expecting a call herself and only the net has call waiting, ladeedaaaaaa....
Rei, SD and in black. Joke came about that she was going to Asuka's funeral, so...
This says I am of the following religious possibilities...

1. Neo-Paganism (100%)
2. Unitarian Universalism (95%)
3. Mahayana Buddhism (84%)
4. New Age (83%)
5. Jainism (76%)
6. Liberal Quaker (76%)
7. Theravada Buddhism (75%)
8. Hinduism (72%)
9. Reform Judaism (71%)
10. New Thought (65%)
11. Scientology (64%)
12. Liberal Protestant (61%)
13. Sikhism (60%)
14. Secular Humanism (59%)
15. Bahá'í (55%)
16. Orthodox Judaism (50%)
17. Atheism and Agnosticism (47%)
18. Taoism (46%)
19. Orthodox Quaker (43%)
20. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (42%)
21. Islam (41%)
22. Conservative Protestant (26%)
23. Seventh Day Adventist (24%)
24. Latter-day Saint (Mormon) (19%)
25. Eastern Orthodox (12%)
26. Roman Catholic (12%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (9%)

Now ain't THAT all a surprise??
This test says that I am the following. Scary thing is, it's pretty accurate. o_O

Paranoid: High
Schizoid: Very High
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: High
Borderline: Very High
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: High
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

Dani, if you're alive, get my Fight Club book to me somehow, please? I'd like it back soon, and since you seem to have dropped off the face of the earth... mail it back or something, please? T_T
okay, my blog is SCREWED.
Last night my dad made me go to bed at a "reasonable hour". This meant 11 pm. I wasn't thrilled with this, so I ended up listening to Eva Vox and drawing Ayanami Rei. *siiiigh* I hate going to bed early.

My neck barely hurts now! HOORAY!
This is what I now call Eglectic Evangelion Fanart. Behold my rendition of a freaky Ayanami Rei....
The yaoi lemons I HAVE written are usually about Cam and Mark. So, thus, experiance no da. No worries, really, and they're both well broken in (and get off on it). 8000 years does that.

When RPing, however, it makes life a lot easier when you don't get into the gory details.....
Blogger is a bitch.
from Freck's blog... this survey.

Would you rather...?
1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
~ Honestly, I do want my tongue pierced. Why? It would freak out my dad.

2. Be serious or be funny?
~Serious. I'm no good at being the comedy relief. ^_^;

3. Whole or skim milk?
~ Chocolate. XDDDD~

4. Single or Taken?

5. Simple or complicated?
~Verra verra complicated.

6. Law or anarchy?
~Anarchy.... in the UK. (coming someday to a blog near you!)

7. Flowers or angels
~Angels. Of the non-Lila kind.

8. Grey or gray?
~Grey, being canadian and speaking/writing proper english (aka British style english).

9. Read or write?
~I'd rather read. Unless I'm being pestered by Josh.

10. Color or black-and-white photos?
~Black and white is just so much more dramatic. ^.^

11. Sunrise or sunset?
~Sunset.... when vampires like myself wake up and move on to sucking the blood and life out of the living--- oh, wait. Never mind that last bit.

12. M&M's or Skittles?
~Skittles! GREEN ONES!

13. Rap or rock?
~Rock my world, baby. Rap blows.

14. Stay up late or wake up early?
~Stay. Up. LATE.

15. TV or Radio?
~Radio, thankie verra much.

16. Is it POP or SODA?
~Pop, goddammit!!

17. X or O in Tic-tac-toe?
~X. (Josh: XXX. *snickers*)

18. Name Brand or not?
~Never!!! *takes on the Fight Club mindframe* WE ARE SLAVES TO CORPERATE DOMINATION!!!!! AND--- Brad Pitt is hot....

19. Eat an apple or an orange?
~Oranges. Apples get stuck in my teeth and take forever to get out...

20. What came first the chicken or the egg?
~the Zamboni.

***added because blogger cut this post off***

21. Hot or Cold?

22. Butter or Margarine?
~Margarine.... butter leaves a coating of fat goo in your mouth and it's GROSS. >_<

23. Tall members of the opposite sex or short?
~short. I like shorties.

24. Sun or moon?
~Da moon. *hoothoot* I'm an owl.

25. Emerald or ruby?
~ Emerald, since it's my birthstone. ^.^---v

26. Shower or bath?
~mmm, shower. ^.^

27. Left or right?
~RIGHT! ...right?

28. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?
~quality over quantity... one best friend.

29. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
~chocolate. Preferably dutch.

30. High or drunk?
~high on sugar.
Josh: High on anything....
Druggie. T_T;

31. Green beans or carrots?

32. Love or Lust?
~ Love. ^_^

33. Fenced in yard or open?
~ooopen so I can release the hounds.

34. Kids or no kids?
~no thank you! Kids. ick.

35. Half empty or half full?
~particles of light and matter that create the illusion of a substance reaching the halfway point in the glass.

36. Cat or dog?
~ Kitties! Don't like dogs much.

37. Mustard or ketchup?
~Ketchup .

38. Hard covered books or paperbacks?
~hardcovers smell nicer. ^.^

39. Newspaper or magazine?
~newspaper, Toronto Sun style.

41. Sandals or sneakers?
~sneakers. Sandals tear open my feet. Right, Amy?

42. Wonder or amazement?
~amazement. ^.^

43. Red car or white car?
~red. White cars look tacky.

44. Happy and poor or sad and rich?
~sad and rich 'cause buying anime would make me very happy.

45. Singing or dancing?
~singing. I suck at it, but singing is better for me.

46. Hugging or Kissing?
~ no idea.

47. Corduroy or plaid?
~plaid. ^.^

48. Happy or sad?

49. Purple or green?
~purple for it is the colour of HENTAI!!!!

50. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friends? comment.
*sings* He's just a looove machine, and he don't work for nobody but the entire human race....
A pencil doodle of Lucas and his Evil Alterna self. They're pretty, aren't they? XDD
Random point of note is that I am going to be working on my new blog layout tonight (more than likely). 'Tis gonna be green, folks! Dad would kill me if he saw it was green...

Congratulations, Kiih-sama! XDDDD If Dora is your imouto, and she's my imouto, does that make me an aunt too? XDDDDDDD

*SCOWLS* And what's wrong with my banner? *grrrrrr* Do you WANT to die? *GRRRR*


My brain is drifting. I swear, my thought process is far more abstract than it should be.... I'm thinking in nothing but metaphors and images. It's frustrating and somewhat difficult to form a coherent sentence in my mind.

SotM: Jaded, by Aerosmith. The theme of the next layout, baby!

My neck is killing me... I popped it WAY out of alignment this morning and it hurts to move my head and my left arm. >__< So I've been sitting here playing the Sims all day. Amy, I do NOT see what you're so obsessed over. It's interesting and somewhat amusing, granted, but not that great... maybe that's 'cause I haven't killed anyone yet? Hm.

Meg has seen too many trippy movies in too shot a time period. Let's all recap.

Today I went and saw A.I. with Firefly, Amy, Dan, Heidi, Speller, and Sarah. That was one of the most frightening movies I have EVER seen, and I am an avid horror movie fanatic. I knew that A.I. was a Kubrick film for the most part, and I expected some twisted stuff, but I WAS NOT prepared for this movie. It was actually painful to watch and pulled emotional strings somewhere in my brain I didn't even know existed. It scared me, upset me, and really disturbed me. This is not a movie for kids in any possible way, this is like watching a weird combo of Pinnochio and Evangelion with some Clockwork Orange thrown in there for FUN. Leave. The. Kids. At. HOME. I can't figure out if I liked this movie or hated it. I won't get into plot details at ALL since imouto is seeing it tomorrow.

Now, the wonder that is the Evangelion movies. The first was nothing but a recap of the whole television series that lasted for one hour and a good 7 minutes. It's an eva overload if you've seen the TV series, and it's also a clever ploy by Gainax to get people who didn't follow the show into it. It highlighted the most disturbing parts of the series, sometimes edited for length (but leaving the lovely "Unit-01-goes-psycho-and-eats-an-Angel" scene perfectly intact, complete with Maya trying not to up-chuck her lunch all over the place). Overall, it was entertaining if not a little repetitive if you've seen the series.

The second Evangelion movie was just strange. There were some excellent moments in it that boosted my liking for some characters (okay, maybe just Asuka), but the character's personalities were much over-dramatized for "effect". Shinji came across as a wimp and a sullen crybaby on levels that he DIDN'T in the show; in the show, he was justified. In this movie, he struck me as downright slapable. Misato was overly slutty and too damn swift. Gendo was too talkative. Rei... I don't know, she just seemed un-Rei to me. Asuka, however, stole the SHOW and kicked some MAJOR, MAJOR ASS!! Go Asuka! All things considered, the movie was spiffy (mainly due to the high levels of Asuka and Kaworu), but not great. It also went on far too long with flashy transitions between still images and text. Ah well.

I liked the finale of the show better than the movies, come to think of it...
Heidi!!! I got the codec error too, but the CODEC CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE!! The movies are then able to run in Windows Media Player when it is installed!!!!!!!!!!!!

*goes about watching Evangelion; Death*

Dearest, you're playing Branford. T_T I'm NOT uber-talented!!! And yes, the harem shall rejoice, but not for the sake of my art. So THERE! The only redeeming qualities this guest thing has is that it's all in colour and it's about Carter....
Anyway, I've only got 4 more strips of that to go, right? I think.... it'll be interesting to sum up Simon in three strips and have reasons why Carter is a good snack on the last one.
AABish is updated AGAIN with 4 new guys; Nate, Simon, Tim, and Ez. Check it out no da!
Firefly stole this drawing from me at Anime North (about twenty minutes after I drew it ^_~), and with GOOD REASON! Carter is a pretty pyro...
AABish has been updated again, with 4 new guys to adopt. Next update some time before wednesday (aka, when Meg decides to stop procrastinating and actually do something with her great deal of spare time other than sit on her ass and play NES).

New slang term: Playing Branford --- being/getting high.


Josh often plays Branford.

Josh: .... blow me, you bitch. T_T;
Meg: Ewww, no! I dunno where you've been!
Jermy: Oh, but I do!
Josh: ^________________^
Meg: ..... *throws up in the nearest garbage can*
Instant ramen is God's gift to lazy people who can't cook. *slurps some noodles*

Yesterday I went with Firefly to the mall. It was an interesting trip, really... 'cause apparently, the Bank of Montreal doesn't like how she signs her name. The wouldn't cash a traveller's check for her!! The chick there was like "Oh, this signature *points at driver's license* doesn't match this one and doesn't match this one. *points at signatures on check*." And she said it with this tone that most people might say you stole the Hope Diamond and sold it to the Mafia to pay for your debt with the drug dealers in Harlem at midnight tomorrow. Yeah. It got Firefly QUITE angry. But the thing that really confused me is thus; when she was trying to get her check cashed, I was at the other desk beside her getting some change cashed in. I had 3 rolls of dimes (that's $15), and only one roll was a labelled, official one. The others were rolled up in white paper. The chick took my money without LOOKING to see if they were even dimes! And then they deny Firefly's check. Doesn't that make SO much sense?

It's really funky outside today. The temperature dropped from mid 30 (celcius, people) to 17 in like 5 hours. It's still holding out at 17, and it's quite nice. However, it's WINDY AS ALL HELL out there, and the air smells like rain still, despite two thunderstorms we've had already. Let's just hope it doesn't rain out tonight's fireworks.

on that note...

Today is Canada Day, the celebration of Confederation in our country. HOORAY!
I am patriotic. I am a nationalist. What can I say? I love my country.

Adopt-a-Bish is up and running nicely! Everyone adopt, and don't forget to sign the guestbook when you do! *pointed look at Firefly*

Enough of this. ^_^;

A rather sick though funny joke my dad let me read.... much warnings on this...

Twelve monks were about to be ordained. The final test was for them to line up in a straight row, totally nude, while a sexy and beautiful big breasted model danced nude before them. Each monk had a small bell attached to his penis and they were told that anyone whose bell rang when she danced in front of them would not be ordained because he had not reached a state of spiritual purity.

The model danced before the first monk, with no reaction.She proceeded down the line with the same response from all the monks until she got to the last one. As she danced, his bell began to ring so much that it flew off and fell to the ground. Embarrassed, he took a few steps forward and bent over to pick up the bell.

Then all the other bells started to ring.

*shakes head*

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