I haven't blogged today, I don't think... so lemme do that now.

Duct tape is god's finest creation. It is a wonderful invention and, as Red Green often says, the handyman's secret weapon. Almost anything can be fixed with duct tape. What else is it good for? Securing bandages. Yup, see, I've got the backs of my feet duct taped up 'cause bandages keep sliding off. This works better. ^_^;

I slept in reeeeally late today (1 o'clock in the afternoon!). Why? Because it's the last friday before school starts.... tuesday is hellday. SPEAKING of which, people who go to ching? Here's my schedual so you know where I'm gonna be. Let me know iffen anyone has the same classes, tay?

Semester 1
MBF3C0-A (Singh) - math
HRT3M0-B (Fotinos) - it's either religions, psych, or law. I don't know
HSP3M0-B (Fotinos) - it's either religions, psych, or law. I don't know
lunch (best class of the damn semester... 9.9)
ENG3U0-E (Lande) - english


Today was a "special". I did nothing all day. However, what I DID do was decorate my walls in my room some more artwork. I dug my three remaining Angel Hunter pinups from my basement (Cam, Lucas, and Mark) and hung them on my walls. Lucas sure fits the empty space above my bed nicely. Also up are a few little doodles I've done. My room is so VERY bright and colourful with all the art/posters/wallscrolls I have up. It's nice. I'm hoping John will take me to the movie poster warehouse on the weekend (next weekend that is) so I can get a poster from the Lion King, Mulan, and maybe one from Princess Mononoke, Perfect Blue, or X. Maybe they'll have anime posters for movies that haven't been released in theatres here? *crosses fingers*

Mom is taking me back-to-school shopping tomorrow. Know what that means? I get a discman of my own, since dad got the lighter adapter for his to work and I can't use it anymore. So, I get one. I hope. Plus, next week (if not this week), I should be getting new boots. I want new boots. I feel funky without boots on when I go out. I also need a new pair of Adidas sneakers--- mine have lasted me 4 years. Ah well, I can wait until spring.

SotM: the Trooper, by Iron Maiden. I LOVE the opening to this song. It's the most incredible guitar riff EVER!

I've been working on my Evangelion video again. I'm hoping to have it near completion for Tuesday, so I can make a copy on CD and give it to Heidi. ^_^

I also gotta make copies of the Eva movies and the Esca movie for Gerrad... that kid is cute, but awfully stupid. I've told him a million times that the movies will be WAY over his head if he hasn't seen the show, but all he wants to see is mecha and blood. So fine. Let him suffer with confusion. If it confuses fans, it will run circles around Gerrad.

Mom and dad are talking about going to the St. Lawrence Market on sunday. Question is, do I want to go and get a headache from the horrible air in Toronto? ^_^;
Hey, at least I have lunch with you second semester. And music. ^_^;

My schedual SUCKS.
Why rush love, dood? Spend all your time hoping for it and it won't come.
My brother likes PT Cruisers, and I think they're UGLEH AS SIN!! What dumbass, dumpy, crap cars.
Love is a weird thing. It's very weird. It's like... the great big emotional rollercoaster. It can be REALLY scary sometimes... but really nice others. ^_^
I am not having a good day.
Well, see, I went to registration today. I got my schedual and I HAVE ALL THE HARD CLASSES FIRST SEMESTER!!!! And lunch with no one! And Amy wouldn't be my locker partner. ;_; And I nearly fainted at school. And I feel sick. And I'm miserable! *cries*

I never lose sleep. I don't sleep long on average, but the fact that I had nightmares that kept me up was weird. Anyway, isn't that a PRETTY pic? And gee, what are you writing? ^_~
Hey, look! A morning blog!

Ribby made me do it!!!

I got like NO sleep last night.... I don't know why. Dad made me go to bed at 1, so I should have slept well... but I drew the above picture (took 20 minutes), and then doodled Repairman Jack. So I was awake until 2. Then I had nightmares and I woke up constantly. Anyway, I woke up to mom yelling for me from outside, which really confused me since Mom's at work. However, after I checked, it WAS mom who woke me up--- she came home early from work 'cause she's sick and she left her key inside the house.

Amy, call me when you get up if you read this before. If you don't call me by 10:30, I may end up going to reg on my own... I've got lots of stuff to do and I don't want to put it off.

I'm bordering on miserable today. I miss Firefly.
I'm such a pathetic loser.

O'er and out.

*gives you a Marron plushie* ^.^
You should make a comic, Lissa-chan! It'd be FUNKY! XDD And glad you like LotM. ^.^
Amy's blog upset me too. And I was there with her when she didn't cry. I wish I coulda' made her feel better... my blog about her *points down* made her cry last night (but good tears, I hope). ^_^;
Then again, Candra as Chocolate would be FUN... and Lucas can be Carrot... NO! Carter can be Carrot! XDDD
Hmm... and Sam-chan can be Tira....
And Mark can be Marron, with Cam as Gateau...

Okay, I'll just draw Candra. ^__^;;
Well, considering who I role play with, I end up with more gay and bi kyara than anything else. And I don't draw Candra unless I have to. 9.9
A mild rant ahead, based on role-playing styles.

Talking with one of my RP buddies (*winks at said chicarita*) led to talk about role playing styles. Both of us agreed that it's absolutely infuriating to role play with someone who has god-like kyara.

If you RP like we do, there is sometimes (more often than that, tho) combat involved between kyara. If one party is flawless in battle and un-woundable, it's no fun. It's one sided and there's no chance for a change in tactic or position. Allow me give you an example of the style I mean. Using Bob (the man with the God-Complex) and Frank (the average combatant kyara).

(the direct attack results in: )
Bob: *attacks Frank with his sword, lunges and runs him through*
(try to evade in a logical way?)
Frank: *ducks away just in time and rolls onto his back on the floor*
Bob: *vaults off the wall and uses his momentum to jump and hit Frank as he was trying to do before*
(not fair, is it folks?)

And so on. It's no fun, because you CAN'T evade an attacker who has no weakness and has reflexes of steel, ne?

Another problem that I often run into is what I refer to as the stereotypical badass complex. A kyara, usually defending "good" and with a brutal way of doing it, has no personality other than being sarcastic/cruel/spiteful/vengeful, and no matter how you try to coax some personality into the kyara, it doesn't come out. There's no chance for relationships to grow then, and there's no chemistry. Kyara can be bad-ass, sure, but they gotta have a humanish side to them if you wanna RP them as a main character (some villians don't apply).

Back to the God-Complex issue. I have only ONE god-like character, and that's Cam. Why is Cam the one with the complex? Well, it's taken me well over a year to make him like that, and there's a reason for it--- he won't stay that way forever. I'm gonna break him when the time is right, but since I don't actually make him fight, it doesn't matter if he has the complex, ne?

As far as badass kyara go, I have only one without a nice quality to him. And his name? Vil. ^__^;;;;;;;;;;

Role playing is something that's GREAT fun if you have people who are both reactive to suggestions and able to create situations on their own as seen fit. Other wise, it gets one-sided, repetitive, and boring.

My favourite people to RP with are Firefly, Lieko, and my best friend, Pat. Why? They know how to, and how to do it WELL! XD

Rant complete.
I get a LOT of Aki Ross hits too... a whole bunch of them for hentai. x_x
Alex-chan, here's my Sparkle Star design. ^_^
I wasn't feelin' good when my alarm went off at 7:30 this morning, so I went back to sleep.

Know what I dreamt of?


Can't remember the dream, but I dreamt it.

Amy phoned me and said she slept in too, 'cause she was feeling cruddy as well, so no reg for us until tomorrow.
Well, I was supposed to fall asleep again, but dad woke me up for lunch. So needless to say, I'm up now. u_u;;;;

Dood, that's SCARILY CLOSE to how he looks! o_o;;; Ahhh, Repairman Jack.... *siiiiiighs* Thank yoooou! For that AND the contest entry... ^.^ *makes that the new windows background*

Fiiiiiiiireflyyyy! I miss yooooooou! *sob*

SotM: Boogie Woogie No. 5, by Puffy Ami Yumi. Kawaiiiiiii song! ^.^

*reads Rebecca's blog* You know, I just realized now that you used some wonderfully scottish terminology that no one here would know. Crisps. *hee*

Alex-chan! I've done a Sparkle Star costume design, which I shall scan for you tonight and post up here! Why am I blogging that right now? So I don't forget, of course!

You like Wendel too? Oh, I love you now! *glomps* Wendel was the BEST! He started so many wonderful fights.... *cries tears of joy in her reminicing*

I've been playing Neopets again, and in the last five or so days, I've brought my bank account up from 20 000 np to 45 000 np. Yeah, baby. And I'm also now a Cheat champion, and Cadence1 (my Wocky) is white. ^_^

Out of things to say...
Firefly made it home safely, and for that I am glad. ^_^

Tomorrow is registration at my school. I don't WANT to go in. I hate my school. Why? Because I don't fit in anywhere. But you know what? I wanna go to art class, because I wanna show that son of a bitch art teacher who DENIED me the class how good I CAN draw. Just because I like doing cartoons doesn't mean I suck at everything else. Yeah.

I think I'll go to bed early and draw. I gotta phone Amy at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
*clears her throat* I don't think I've been very clear on this matter to the general public. So here we go.


My best friend is named Amy. Amy and I have been friends since the seventh grade, where I met her. She was the new kid in my class, and only a few people would talk to her. So in drama, she had no one to work with... I asked her if she wanted to be my partner for the drama project. She said okay, and we've been friends since.

Amy is like my sister. She's older than me, but she acts younger. She is much like a little kid sometimes; trying to make people laugh and always one to be positive when everyone else is not. But when she needs to be, she can be serious. She is also honest, caring, and responsible, and I love her very much. We've had our fights and disagreements, but we're much like sisters because we always manage to pull through. Amy means a lot to me.

Today in the car, after dropping Firefly off at the airport, I was very worried for Amy. She was sad, and I knew it... and there was nothing I could really do. I hate that. Anyway, Amarino, I'm just blogging this to let you know that you're my best friend in the world and I love you as my sister, and I'd do anything for you.

*bows, walks away*

Meg's Art Corner!... not had one of those in a while... well, this one is BIG, folks!

Here is Damien with long hair and a longer sword. Be nice, or Dami bites.

Lucas and Carter decided to dress Lance up like a europunk. Sid Vicious, wherever you are, eat your heart out.

Lucas and his sons, Carter and Oliver. This took me an hour to colour. Why? So many limbs... x_x

Lucas poses with Oli, and one can only hope Lucas has colour blindness for an excuse. Those clothes CLASH!

Lucas looking SD and depressive. Dunno WHY exactly... maybe 'cause Candra broke up with him.

Mark is SO cute, and I haven't drawn him in a while. So here is Mark with Cam's panther form in the background.

Bakuretsu Hunter fans rejoice! MARRON GLACE!! XDD

This pic requires an explanation. See, last night, Firefly, Amy, and I were watching clip trip on MuchMoreMusic. They showed a video from China by a guy named Jacky Cheung, and in his song he sounded like he said "meow-meow". So, I drew him with nekomimi. 9.9;;

MAJOR YAOI WARNING HERE, PEOPLE! Do NOT look at the following picture if yaoi bothers you. This is Carter, Oliver, and Damien. *koffkoff*

Well, I got home today and ended up sleeping from 9 am to 6 pm. Can't complain I'm tired now.

Odd blog hits, I'm not even gonna comment on:

Ikari Shinji meets Blue mary ryan
Aki Ross hentai
blues clues hentai
cardcaptor sakura yuri
apocalyptica video download
incest mother son sex pic

Firefly has left... I'm sad. I miss her. But I bet she misses Amy more than she misses me! *sob*

Hooooooooooly mother of cheese!!! ABOUT TIME!!! XDDD
I am at Amy's house right now, as opposed to being here right later.

I drew a very pretty picture of Carter and Dami and Oliver getting it on. Amy was scared. Scared like a fox.

Anyway, there was a big tickle war and then everyone beat up on me and I did not appreciate it much and now Amy is poking my shoulder 'cause I think she wants to get my attention.
Nope, she just wanted to wave and smile at me.

After Firefly started a picture of Oliver, we decided it would be fun to commemorate her visit to Canada by shalacking her hair to her head with lots of GEL! We used 3/4 of a bottle in less than 10 minutes on her head. She looks like Astroboy on crack with a serious mental disorder. Yes, the crack has a serious mental disorder.

Now I am going to show off my neopets to Adam. And after I do that, we shall all talk to ALICE! ALICE is our friend, but she is a little stupid for an AI. Yup.

One of the Amy's is VIOLENT. She likes to give herself and the good Amy concussions at random and scream "SHUT UP!" and good Amy gets all funky and sings songs about happy and talks like Eric Cartman on a glue fix. That's Elmer's glue, btw.

Firefly was attracting attention to her chest because she thought she was showing too much clevage but no one would have noticed if she had kept her hands away from her boobs! And now she is petting a kitty who is really James Dean wearing fuzzy workout socks. We just call him Askem.

Mulder is HOT. But Amy has dibs on him, since i have dibs on Tyler and Jack. There are actually three Jacks I want... Jack from the Talisman, Jack from Fight Club, and REPAIRMAN JAAAAAAAAAAACK! 'Cause he is cooooool. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!

Amy: *laughingest laugh in laughsville*

Firefly is getting a little too into petting the cat. I have to WORRY FOR THE CAT!

Firefly wants to go to Europe if she doesn't have kids in two years, but that will only happen if she's not the next Virgin Mary. Wait, she's going to marry Jamie Oliver. I'm scared for the chef.

I'm going to marry Repairman JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Amy is going to marry Postman Pat and his black and white cat. I ph33r.

Everyone gets distracted by trailers for the Buffy show. I don't know WHY since Buffy is dead and certain people can't grasp that fact *LOOOOKS at Speller*.

Oh, there's a crappy movie on about children who are EVIL and so we shall watch it because it SUCKS.

Firefly's hair is talking. It says "shuuuullllpshlipsppppickbrsh". It's not very fluent in english, is it?

Amy entered my LotM contest with an entry of Yuken as a teddybear. It has many a symbolic value to it. Isn't that beautiful? Amy also drew Hagrid and Harry and Ron, and then the sorting hat with Scabbers under it. It looks like a lamp without a plug on the cord. And lastly she drew, inked, and coloured a picture of Ron and Harry kissing on the beach and Hermione at age 5 looking a little disgruntled and in a bikini. THEY ARE ALL IN BIKINIS. And Amy and Firefly are getting frisky while I type and I am missing out. DAMMIT!

It's all about the gel.


O'er and out.
SURE! I'll gladly take the episodes, too! I already have them on tape, but... *drumroll* I can make videos from the CDs... I'm going for registration with Amy tomorrow, most likely, so sure. ^_^
I didn't know until the day after that Aaliyah died. I wasn't really a big fan of hers, but I knew who she was and I have a certain respect for musical artists who can make it big at a young age without being thrown into a band made for commercialization (ie: N'Sync, Spice Girls, blah blah blah). I was shocked when I saw it on the news and I kinda stopped and thought about it... y'know, she was only 22. That's really freaking young for anyone, let alone a girl who's gotten settled in her career and was pursuing a new one (acting, namely). Jeez, can you imagine? You get what you want, what you dream about, and what you hope for... and then you're dead. It's sad, and scary. I'd really hate to think that when/if I make it big as an artist or a performer, I'd die in my career's prime. Seems almost like a waste of a life...
My best wishes to Aaliyah's family and fans.

Moving on.

Today is Firefly's last day in Canada. I'm sad... I'm really going to miss her. Tonight I'll be staying over at Amy's house so that I can come with them to the airport for when she leaves. It will prolly be tearful.

From Poe-niichan's blog:

Living Arrangement?
At home, with mom, dad, and older brother... and three cats.

What book are you reading now?
the Tomb, by F. Paul Wilson. *heartheart* Repairman Jack...

What's on your mouse pad?
It's blue, and has a gel cushion for your wrist...

Favorite Board Game?
Monopoly. Why? 'Cause I NEVER LOSE!

Favorite Magazine?
English? Animerica. Japanese? Newtype.

Favorite smells?
Lilacs, vanilla, and dark chocolate.

Favorite sounds?
Thunder! XD

Worst feeling in the world?
Knowing someone you love is hurt and there's nothing you can do about it.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
'I can sleep ten more minutes.....'

Future daughter's name?
Umm... *thinks*... Marla? ^_~

Favorite food?
A&W Teenburgers or BK Whoppers. Yeah, man. XD

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate. As long as it's not milk chocolate... hasta' be bittersweet stuff.

Do you like to drive fast?
Dunno, I don't drive yet!

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Very many... Harry, Ron, Runner, Hedwig, Amy, Maya, and Rocky to name a few.

What type was your first car?
Hotwheels, a VW Bug.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Either homemade iced tea, or Coke. It's a tossup. OH! Tim Horton's iced cappacino! XD

Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
Yup. I looooove broccoli. ^_^

If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?
A bounty hunter, man. I wanna be Repairman Jack.

If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?
I just dyed it my fave colour last night! PURPLE!

Ever been in love?
Yes. Am currently.

Is the glass half full or half empty?
Dunno, 'cause I just spilled the f*cking water all over the place...

Favorite movies?

Are you a lefty or a righty?
Righty, man.

Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?

What's under your bed?
*thinks* Boxes, clothes, paper, calendars, beaniebabies... handcuffs... don't ask. T_T;;

What is your favorite number?
17. Kaworu AND Wendel Clark!

Favorite sport to watch?
Scottish Premier and English Premier League soccer and NHL hockey.

What is your favorite holiday?

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I'd go back to Glasgow, Scotland and visit my family. Or I'd go to Spain and brush up on my spanish.

What era would you time travel to, just to visit?
Just to visit? The Medieval era.

What is your favorite color?
Blue, black, and purple.

What famous person would you trade places with for a day?
I'd rather switch places with fictional kyara than real people. Like, say, Repairman Jack. Or Harry Potter.

What is your favorite flower?
Umm..... *thinks* Thistle.

Favorite song?
Not sure, really, I have MANY.

Favorite memory?
Selling lots of stuff and chilling with Quinn, Drenn, and Firefly at Anime North 2001. ^_^

Worst fear?
Everything. I'm EXTREMELY paranoid.

Favorite car?
1958 T-Bird, hasta' be black.

Favorite thing about the year 2000?
Nothing sticks out...

Favorite quote:
I am Jack's Smirking Revenge.

My hair is purple again! Rejoice!!! I hate it when my roots show. They are soooooo fecking blonde. *dies* Shoot me, I was born blonde with grey eyes. I am a freak of nature!

Amy and Firefly are here right now, and they are watching Fight Club. I have not much to do na no da, so I am here typing. Actually, before, I was reading F. Paul Wilson's the Tomb, which is about *drumroll* REPAIRMAN JACK!!! Jack is a wonderful, wonderful character. He's PSYCHO but gorgeous and has a vaaaaast knowledge on how to hurt/maim/kill/destroy/torture/disable people. Oh, how wonderful. The man for me! *heartheart*

Isn't this blog layout ugly? Honestly, I like it 'cause it's so simple. I was getting sick of doing layouts with tons of images. So I did a layout with one. Yup.

Good to hear that today's fanservice strip is appreciated. ^__^

SotM: Rainbow In the Dark by Dio. I love Dio. He's got a PRETTY voice. He's the powermidget. *nodnod*
*beats blogspot*
Keenspace is really stupid and won't let me read any of my comics. My guess is that the server is down, so I'm not going to complain too much. *feh*

School starts a week from tuesday. I don't really want to go to school, but at the same time, I do. I miss hanging around with Mike, Matt, James, Heidi, and everyone else... I miss band class, and spanish, and I really miss drawing in math class. ^_~ Seriously, though, our next band teacher is a guy. I don't like male music teachers, they're not as good on average. Oh well.

Yesterday, I went to Toronto with Amy and Firefly, care of Amy's dad. ^_^ We drove around and showed Firefly the sights of the city, including a giant sign for Puppetry of the Penis and another reading Toronto's First FCUK. We also went to Clarke beach, where we skipped stones (okay, Amy and her dad did. Firefly and I suck). Then we droooove home, and went to Tim Horton's. I got an iced cap, and Amy poured some of her chocolate milk into it so I could have an iced mocha. ^_~
Then we went back to Amy's apartment, where her mom and brother decorated the place for our surprise birthday/going away party for Firefly. We ate bugers and cake (actually, I hate cake so I didn't eat any), and Firefly opened her presents. Querida, you better love me. That DVD cost me an arm and a leg. ^_~

Today, John took me to !ndigo, where I got myself another copy of the Fight Club book. I love that book, but I gave it to my petty bitch sister who's too f*cking cheap and selfish to give it back (so you can KEEP it, Dani, and to hell with you and your "I would have preferred a call instead" thing with mom because you're too much of a coward to phone HERE on the average occassion unless there's something in it for YOU), and so I had to buy it again for $20. I met Firefly and Amy there, because Firefly also went to get that book today. It was funny. Then John and I went to Chapters and snagged some Repairman Jack books. *heeeeart* I. Want. Repairman. Jack. For. My. Very. Own. *___*

Later on tonight, Firefly and Amy are coming over to spend the night. We're gonna make copies of CDs (mainly some for Firefly, I owe her a few, and one for Amy), prolly watch movies or something, and goof off. Yup yup. It'll be nice. I'm really gonna miss Firefly when she goes home. >_< I hope I can go to Spokaloo next summer to visit her....

Speller! Yes, I WILL come to your party! I promise! You can shoot me if I can't/don't come! Tay? Fair enough? Oooh, at !ndigo, they have Buffy script books for seasons 1 and 2. They're COOL!

My brother's name is John, but we call him Skippy around here. John is supposedly God, but that's according to him. Unlike most of the people in my family, I actually do things with him because we like each other's company and we are much the same in our personalities.... 'cept John has a bigger mouth. It weirds my friends out how he and I do random nice things for each other, like buying presents off and on (example: I buy him CDs on occassion, and he gets me books or movies or my happy HP watch). I'm glad he's around because Dani has disappeared la dee da dee da.

I'm done.
Yup, I have Enfleurage. ^_^
Keenspace has eaten my title image since the server is down, apparently.
That guy, Ribby, is Lucifer. Aka, Luci-kun. ^.^

Lucifer: You KNOW I hate it when you call me Luci. T_T;;;
Bear with me while I tinker with the layout...
To be playing with the template later. Believe me, this one is ONLY temp. x_x
Playing with a new layout, and it's simple. I'm not gonna have it totally functional 'til tomorrow.
I beat Cheat in less than 2 days...

SotM: Schism, by Tool. This is my mood now.
YOU HAVE THE OMG MOVIE?!?!?!! CAN I HAVE A COPY?!?! PLEEEEEASE?!?!?!!! I'll pay you back for the CD if you burn it for me! *begs*
Oh, don't worry about it. I can prolly get the Shamanic Princess tapes for nothing if I ask Quinn nicely.... she'll prolly let me borrow them and make copies. ^_^
I am guilty of:

Zzzzz... Wake up! You're guilty of SLOTH. Based on what your answers tell us, we're surprised you even managed to finish this test. Perhaps you only took it as a way to get out of other, more pressing tasks? We thought so. In fact, it looks like your life centers around avoiding work. Do your weekends consist of short excursions from the your warm, cozy bed? Do you think TV Guide qualifies as great literature? Remember, the remote control may very well be one of mankind's greatest achievements, but someone did have to do a little work to invent it. Why don't you try your luck and put a little effort into something, too? You might be surprised at what you can accomplish when you commit to something besides napping.

Why is sloth so bad? Well, according to early religious scholars, sloth destroys zeal. When we cut ourselves off from life's vitality, we'll eventually fall victim to complacency. We should fight the deadening of our spiritual senses by responding to the zeal and energy of our inner nature. It could be worse: Medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri thought sloth was only the fourth deadliest of the seven sins, behind pride, envy, and wrath. (Of course, that ranking was based on Dante's own love of sleeping...)

Meg's Last 20 Search Engine Hits

Last 20 Searchengine Queries Unique Visitors

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(I have never seen Utena, but I bet this was brought about by the talk of my Eva video and my Touga art for Ribby... ^_^; )
(you. are. here.)
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(*grins* Now THAT would be good. I want one of 2-D tho...)
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sailormoon karaoke files
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cardcaptor colouring pages
(I wish.)
(Hey, someone actually looking for the band and not Lain. Good job!)
.rm torture video download
(Oh, sure. Yeeees. I like painful things on my kyara, but that's too much. Well, wait--- my video is slow torture, and I have THAT in realmedia format... ^_~)

*laughs* Funny you should mention Mark-chan as Harry Potter, since it's a looooong running RP joke that Mark is a Harry Potter fanatic. Cam's not too fond of HP, but is known to read outloud for Mark on the odd occassion from the books, but Cam much prefers the Hitchhiker's Guide series by Douglas Adams. It's really sad when you have jokes in your kyara's reading material..... Mark and his Harry Potter, Cam and his HHG, Jesse and his Vampire Chronicles, Carter and his odd addiction to Stephen King (why? he likes to laugh at them), and Lucas who likes the Mary Stewart chronicles of King Arthur. Ahh, jokes.

I'm weird like that.

I'm disturbed, Meagen. o.o;;;;

Mmm, I should finish my design for Alex's Sparkle costume contest thinger... I have a nice one in mind, but the picture it's in is only like 1/8th done. ^_^;

SotM: Cat On Mars, from the Cowboy Bebop OST Vitaminless (sankyuuuuu, Firefly!) This is a fun song. ^.^

Mmm mm mm, I have some wonderful ideas for stupid artwork, but tonight will be devoted to drawing at least 14 strips for LotM, since school starts on the 4th of September and I won't have much time to work on them for that week or so. Oh well.

I'm considering doing a guest week on LotM. Would anyone be interested in contributing a strip for a guest week? If 7 people do, I can pull off a full week.

Keenspace is stupid.


By the way, people, don't forget to check the LotM blog for information on the contest and recent other things.

........ *STARES at Rebecca* You.... you... you're a CELTIC supporter?!?!!?! Are you out of your everlovin' mind, woman!?! I'm a bluenose, so the Rangers kick ASS! *sings "Follow Follow" and prances around in her favourite Rangers strip*

Time for me to blog something. I've not blogged much since Firefly spent two nights here. ^_^

Today I went to the zoo! Firefly, Amarino and her brother Adam came with my family. Here's my recap of the day's events, or what I remember right now that's worth noting.

Firefly and I woke up after a whole 4 hours of sleep (thank you, mental pictures of Wolverine in pink lingere, and Luigi in the gimpy princess dress), and got ourselves ready to go with my parental units to pick up the other two kiddies at 9. However, dad spent 25 minutes in the bathroom so we were 20 minutes late picking them up (and I was gritting my teeth the WHOLE time, LATE IS BAD!).
The drive into Toronto was fun, once I managed to wrestle radio controls off dad and set it to my fave station, 97.7 HITS fm, and mom and I grooved to AC/DC, Van Halen, and Aerosmith. Also worth noting is that I got to hear the radio edit of Tool's Schism, and that was yummalicious.
At the zoo, I was shocked to find out that dad was paying for EVERYONE'S admission fees (that's $15 per person, though Adam was only $4.50 since he be under 13). We then went around and saw many wonderful exhibits. I got to oggle all the BEAUTIFUL snakes (boas, pythons, rat-tailed tree snakes, sidewinders...). Animal encounters worth noting:

the Rhino enclosure-- Amy made friends with a rhino that she is convinced liked her. Every time she called it, it looked at her. It was funny.
the Lion enclosure-- while mom, dad, and Amy went to the outdoor area, Firefly, Adam, and myself stayed in the 'cave' area to play with the penny funnel. We all went to the window that shows the inside of the lion area, and lo and behold! Two huge lionesses peering through the small window at us!! Less than a foot away from the glass. It was REALLY cool.
the Frog exhibit-- at the poison arrow frog tank, I was peering in and a little one jumped up from in a mini ditch when I moved my hand. I kept moving my hand, and the froggie chased it to the surface of the tank, looked all tiny and cute, then went back down into the pit.
the Llama enclosure-- um, Firefly and I giggled over CUTE llamas and took pictures of one who was less than a foot away from us.
the gift shop-- I got a Ty beanie of a mink. It's CUTE!

We then drove to the Ranger's Club and had something to drink, and goofed off a while before going home.

All in all, a good day. ^_^

Also of note, I have about 6 pictures to colour in my sketchbook. o_O;;;;;;;;;

That is a cute song. It's the last track on the Stunt cd, and it's one worth karaoke-ing if you ever get a chance. ^_^
Seems the profiles have disappeared again, so in the meantime? Here.

Zoo time na no da. I had a post about it, but the Blog This! window went refreshy.

Amy's making me blog, be proud Amy! I'm doing what you say. La dee da dee da dee da!

Tomorrow, my mom, dad, Firefly, Amy, Adam, and I are all going to the Metro Toronto Zoo. It's a cool place to go, they have sooooo many exhibits and pretty animals. ^_^ Last time I was there was in I think 8th grade.

I saw the Others last night with the group of wonderful friends o' mine. Sadly, Mike and Matt went and saw American Pie 2, and come the fifteen minute mark of the movie I was seeing, I wished I had gone with them. This movie sucked, as Firefly had the ending figured out to the last detail around twenty minutes into it. The guy in front of us told us to shut up or else, and the girls behind us must have been VERY blonde 'cause they didn't understand half the movie (and when there's not much to understand? That's a skill). And I spent about ten minutes pondering how Nicole Kidman's boobs could look so... PERKY in a nightgownish full-body slip when she's not supposed to be wearing a bra. Well, I think she WAS wearing one! *GASP* Do we smell a scandal?!

SotM: Engel, by Rammstein. ^___________________________^

I got to see Mike in his Shopper's Drugmart uniform today 'cause he was working when I went into the store. He's so CUUUUUTE in it! Yeah, Mikey! You're CUTE in uniform! You should become a cop or something! UPS guy! YEAH! ^_~

Hmmm, what to say?

I made Firefly watch episodes 1-5 of Bakuretsu Hunter, and she liked it! So we shall watch 6-10 tonight, hopefully. I wish I still had tape 11-15, 'cause it was my fave... it had the God's a Big Fool! ep on it, where Carrot makes a whole town think he's god. u_u;;;; Oh well.
Marron is a hoooooottie. And he looks so cute in the one ep where they all get turned chibi (save for Carrot, since he was out of the way). Yup.

I wanna draw something, but last time I tried all I could rattle off was one pic of a euro-punk Lance and a depressive SD Lucas. *sigh*

Let's get this over with and end the damn post, ne?

Rukura: Revenge... *pulls the plug*
GOOD JOB! I bet that guy never bothers you again! Go, Tsua! *thumbs up*

*ahem* By request, I am going to blog the lyrics to the Teleflubbies song. The Teleflubbies are a Teletubby spoof I made up with (my best friend at the time) Brittany. Here are the lyrics.

We're the Teleflubbies, hurrah!
We're all gay but that's okay
We're the Teleflubbies, hurrah!
Come visit us today!

Kaka studies poo
Sticky-wicky feels like glue (alternate lines: sticky-wicky's doing glue/sticky-wicky's a prostitute)
Moe works in a bar
And Tipsy's just so far out!

We're the Teleflubbies, hurrah!
We're all gay but that's okay
We're the Teleflubbies, hurrah!
Come visit us today!

Thank you.
Meg's Art Corner! brought to you by lots of Dr. Pepper and even more happiness over this.

Here we have Dami in tighty whities. Why? Because in the actual picture, you can see his scars. The scan is always a lot lighter than the original, so you can't see them too well... but he's cute.

*sings* Excuse me while I kiss this guy... (yes, I know the song is actually "kiss the sky" but I like MY version better)

There are some things we Just. Don't. Question. This is one of them.


Have I mentioned how much I love this yet? 9.9
There are no words to describe how proud of my first attempt at drawing Ikari Shinji I am.

*reads her post* *laughs too* HEY! I do sound mighty desperate! *laughing* Check it out! Believe me, dood, s'not what I meant, but hey. It IS amusing. And do send that entry my way! ^_~
Mom says Matt has a very nice voice over the phone. I tend to agree. Matt! You should do those late-night chat line things. You could be the soft-hearted, sensitive guy. ^_~

Ahhh, the amusement.

I'm aware I've not been blogging seriously lately. Why? Dunno. I'm in a weird mood, and I'm bordering on a) depressive, b) manic, c) dizzy, and d) antisocial.

My cat keeps trying to drink my Dr. Pepper. It's very funny to watch, 'cause she gets the bubbles up her nose and shakes her head snorting for ages.

I'm currently working on a really pretty picture of Yuken from LotM. It's REALLY nice. I like it. It's a picture I've had in my mind for a while, I've just not been able to put it to paper until today. Yuken is one very pretty man, and his hair is SO fun to draw.

the LotM contest ends on the 31st (almost 11 days from now). Imouto, Chris-kun, Frecks, ANYONE! Enter. I'm only at 5 entries and I need at least 10 to pick runner ups. Also, recall you can enter MORE than once and up your chances of winning, tay?

Dr. Pepper is SOOOOO good. I forgot how good it is.... *_*

Don't you love it when you're talking to someone and they walk away talking to someone else before you've finished saying what you're saying?? u_u; *loooks at mom*


Amarino, querida, the plan for the movies is thus: meet at Gateway 6 at 6:30. Mike and Matt will meet us there, and we'll all decide on a movie at the gates. Okay? Good.
No, doesn't look like I'll be going to CN Anime. *shrugs*
DID YOU SAY APOCALYPTICA?!?!!!!!! I LOVE THEEEEEEEEEEM! *huggles her Apocalyptica CD*
Might I mention that starting tomorrow, there will be a three-day stint of colour strips on Legacy of the Messiah.
Well, Ken and Yuken are both freaks... mind you, Yuken's a lot prettier than Ken. And if LotM were a show, he'd most DEFINATELY have a BETTER voice actor. 9.9
SotM: Father Of Mine by Everclear. Sad sad sad sad song. Lyrics?

Father of mine tell me where have you been?
You know I just closed my eyes and my whole world disappeared.
Father of mine take me back to the day when I was still your golden boy,
Back before you went away.
I remember blue skies, walking the block.
I loved it when you held me high, I loved to hear you talk.
You would take me to a movie, you would take me to the beach,
You would take me to the place inside that is so hard to reach.
Father of mine tell me where did you go?
You had the world inside your hand, and you did not seem to know.
Father of mine, tell me what do you see,
When you look back at your wasted life and you don't see me.
I was ten years old, doing all that I could.
It wasn't easy for me to be a scared white boy in a black neighbourhood.
Sometimes you would send me a birthday card with a five dollar bill.
I never understood you then, and I guess I never will.
Daddy gave me a name, my dad he gave me a name then he walked away.
Daddy gave me a name then he walked away.
My dad me gave me a name.
Father of mine, tell me where have you been?
I just closed my eyes and the world disappeared.
Father of mine, tell me how do you sleep?
With all the children you abandoned and the wife I saw you beat.
I will never be safe, I will never be sane,
I will always be weird inside, I will always be lame.
Now I'm a grown man with a child of my own.
And I swear that I will never let her know all the pain I have known.
Then he walked away.
Daddy gave me a name then he walked away.
My dad he gave me a name then he walked away.
Daddy gave me a name then he walked away.
My dad he gave me a name.
Then he walked away.

My Carter mascot has recieved 90% approval. Wow. o_o; Who downloaded it, anyway? Anyone I know?? I have two more mascots which Stephen wouldn't accept so I'm too lazy to fix them, but if you want 'em lemme know...
You too feel the wrath of Lucas' cuteness!

Lucas: *blushblushblushblush* *pulls his jacket over his head*
*grumbles* It's wonderful when everyone acts annoyed with you for reasons that aren't your fault, huh? Well, okay, Amy's prolly mad at me for not wanting anything to do with Dan (I don't like being touched unless it's on my terms, and Dan's pushy. YES DAN, YOU'RE PUSHY. I have VERY good reason for this paranoia of being touched when I don't wanna be. Let's leave it at that). But my mom is ignoring me, dad apparently wants to throw me out of the house, Mike says I freak him out and he won't talk to me, and it sucks. I swear, the only people who aren't mad at me for reasons unknown right now are Firefly and John.

s'cuse me while I go write something angsty. *putters off*
Bite me. If I'm busy doing something, I'm not going to jump up, drop what I'm doing, and scream "ooh, Dan's phoning! La dee da!" and answer the phone when I don't really have anything to talk to you about, dood. u_u;;;;
Glad to see someone likes my closer-to-how-he-looks-than-I-usually-draw-him picture of Lucas... ^_^

Lucas: *blushing profusely and hiding under a chair*
Meg's Art Corner! as promised.

LUCAS IS SOOOO CUTE! I loooove drawing him. Doesn't he have a nice smile?

Carter, being depressive. And wearing yellow.

Imouto, you are NOT allowed to steal this coat design. *grrrr, protective girl* I want it.
Heidi, I'll change the blog link when I update the layout with my next one. ^_^ I MISS YOU TOO!!!
Brennen means "burning" in german.

Dami: Oli! I looooove yoooou tooooo! ^___^
Simon: *shakes his head* My poor son, committed to a serious relationship so young.... no chance to get it on with anyone else. Other than that DOOD. T___T
Dami: Daddy, relax... ^_^;;;;
That IS a good song! I like it. My fried Heidi also found a music video for it using clips from Serial Experiments Lain. Really suits the mood, too. o_O;
Here I am, eating alphaghetti for breakfast before John and I head off to Renfair. Yup. And I'm WEARING MY JESTER HAT! I have problems.

Anyway, Amy, iffen you don't get my y!m message, I'm okay to stay at your place tonight. Mom and dad are both bordering on being mad at me anyway.

Big ol' art corner to be posted when I get home, including a MONDO cute pic of Lucas. ^__^

Simon, I want your shirt. This is the McKinnley family, btw... Simon, Sebbi, and Dami.
I am also from:

# 1 The X-Files
# 2 ER
# 3 Law and Order
# 4 Muder in Small Town X
# 5 Jeopardy
# 6 Sabrina the Teenaged Witch
# 7 7th Heaven
# 8 Fear Factor

I am:

#1 Meg
#2 Megan
#3 Heidi
#4 Dan
#5 Jamie
#6 Speller
#7 Sary
My past life selector, for a laugh. Imouto, Tsua, Poe-niichan, querida, Amy... play with this one. ^__^ My results:

# 1 Jacob "Krield " Greggor
# 2 Joshua Larron
# 3 Yzer Ivancov
# 4 Anotolios Benedictus
# 5 Maria Beth Tane
# 6 Nathaniel Jean Crépuscule

Krield: I live on in the child! WHOO!
Josh: I'm disturbed... and scared.



*steps up to the podium, taps the mic* this thing on? Test, test... okay... wait...





*drinks some water*

Amy is a superduper cutie patootie.

Thank you.
SotM: (I Wanna Be) Sedated, Ramones cover by the Offspring. This song greatly amuses me. Makes me think of rockstar Carter. ^___^ Lyrics!

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated
Nothing to do Nowhere to go I wanna be sedated

Just get me to the airport And put me in a plane
Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane I can't control my fingers
I can't control my brain Oh no oh ho

Just put me in a wheelchair And get me to the show
Hurry hurry hurry before I go loco I can't control my fingers
I can't control my toes Oh no oh ho

Meg's Winamp Playlist: prepare for funkiness. This is funny.

1. Ayanami/Misato/Asuka remix - Cruel Angel's Thesis
2. Eminem - the Real Slim Shady
3. Hamasaki Ayumi - Never Ever
4. Hayashibara Megumi - Tamashii no Rufuran
5. Anthrax - Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden cover)
6. Foo Fighters - Carry On My Wayward Son (Live)
7. Goddess Family Club - Congratulations!
8. Hamasaki Ayumi - Kanariya (HAL's mix)
9. Chris DeBurgh - Patricia the Stripper
10. Aa Megami-Sama OST2 - Mind Complication
11. Jungle Smile - Randosel
12. Hamasaki Ayumi - Never Ever (Yuta's Prayer mix)
13. Hayashibara Megumi - Fly Me To The Moon (Techno)
14. Iron Maiden - Hallowed By Thy Name
15. Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5
16. Tool - Schism
17. BeeGees - Staying Alive
18. Escaflowne OST2 - Hitomi's Theme
19. Helix - Heavy Metal Love
20. Hamasaki Ayumi - Unite!
21. End of Evangelion - II Air
22. Iron Maiden - Cross-Eyed Mary (B-Side)
23. Shakira - Ojos Asi (Mirage Mix)
24. Hayashibara Megumi - Until Strawberry Sherbet
25. Hamasaki Ayumi - Never Ever (Tears of Aquarius mix)
26. Cibo Matto - Sci-Fi Wasabi
27. Tool - Sober
29. Hayashibara Megumi - A House Cat

SotM: Staying Alive, by the Bee Gees. Yes, I LIKE THE BEE GEES! SO FECKING SUE ME! I'M A FREAK!
*SQUEALS* Now THAT is a boy band I would fangirl over. *drools on Kiih* I have a thing for guys who can handle their strings, baby. ^_~ (I jest, Kiih. You know I love you in a totally platonic way)
*hyperventilates* I found an Offspring over of Sedated (that's an old Ramones tune, fyi)! *in loooooooove*


I'm RPing. It's fun. I've been RPing since 1 this afternoon. It's now 10 pm.
Yes, I intended her legs to be like that. And Lucas looks dorky on PURPOSE, Lance is just a natural born dork. ^_~
Meg's Art Corner!

This morning I drew this picture of Candra, Dami, and Oli, aka the three children of the polarities.

Look! Comparison! Nice Dami, and naughty Dami. ^___^

A doodle I did on the bus going to the art store yesterday; it's Lucas in yellow suspenders.
In the spirit of getting odd blog hits, allow me to post some random words that may get me more of the same.

Incest, bondage, zoophile, cantalope, bug bug bug, sex, yo-yo, smock, evangelion, trigun, depeche mode, funky chicken, billy joe jim bob fred, backstreet boys, nsync, britney spears (is a little whore la la la), anime, manga, cute redheads, lian kannel, lucas hathaway, spike, buffy, giles, willow, xander, oz, twilight, boa, lain, serial experiments, fish, corn on the cob, korn, slipknot, metallica, iron maiden, anthrax, chicken pox, rubella, mumps, gumps, bumps, frumps, plumps, plumps, i am canadian, blues clues, x-files, yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi, yuri yuri yuri yuri yuri, hentai hentai hentai hentai hentai, seme seme seme seme seme, uke uke uke uke uke uke, SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS ANTIDISISTABLISHMENTARIANISM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.
Poor dear... hey, I can't complain, really. My search hits are funny. Ryan Stiles visits my blog, people looking for Kinomoto Sakura having sex visit my blog, and so do a LOT of stupid people who don't know the title of the song Personal Jesus....
VC kyara test says I am:

# 1 Louis de Pointe du Lac
# 2 Nicolas de Lenfent
# 3 David Talbot
# 4 Lestat de Lioncourt
# 5 Armand [Amadeo, Andrei]
# 6 Daniel Molloy
# 7 Gabrielle de Lioncourt
# 8 Marius de Romanus
# 9 Akasha
# 10 Claudia
# 11 Khayman
# 12 Maharet/Mekare
# 13 Santino
# 14 Merrick Mayfair
# 15 Santiago

How... amusing. XD
Firefly comes from the rainforest, but she got kicked out. Yes.

My hair is up. Recycle.

SotM: Anthem For the Year 2000, by Silverchair. Sweeeeet.

I feel violent, yes I do.
Poya has been zapped and not killed. Hey, she's practically supporting my fanbase, I can't kill her (yet).

SotM: Sober, by Tool. ^______^ <---- violent no da
Oi, Rikki, what songs do you want? I can almost definately find them for you. Let me know and I'll try to get them, and I'll upload them to my keenspace account until you can download them.

Ayu is COOL. XD I reccommend HAL's mix of Appears, and HAL's mix of Boys and Girls. I love HAL's mixes. Does it show?
Okay, THIS tops my list of strange search engine hits.

depeche mode and evangelion

Whoever looked for this, message me now. I want to marry you. ^_~
Fear me on Tool and fig newtons.
SotM: Schism, by Tool. Lyyyyrics!

I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them fall away
mildewed and smoldering, fundamental differing,
pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion
disintegrating as it goes testing our communication
the light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so
we cannot see to reach an end crippling our communication.

I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them tumble down
no fault, none to blame it doesn't mean I don't desire to
point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over.
To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication.

The poetry that comes from the squaring off between,
And the circling is worth it.
Finding beauty in the dissonance.

There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away.
Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting
I've done the the math enough to know the dangers of a second guessing
Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication

cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion

between supposed lovers
between supposed brothers.

And I know the pieces fit.

I drew this while listening to Yuko Sasaki's Pure Snow. Tis Simon and Dami.
Oi, at Ching, you're welcome to hang out with me at lunch if you want (and if we have the same lunch period..), and whenever else. ^_^
John just came home, and handed me a box with a $50 Harry Potter watch in it for no reason. o_o *in shock*
Lance is a dork. Let's face it.
I am SO tempted to write some Fight Club slash of my own.
*sings* so much pleasure that it feels like paaaain...

We call that site "the love of Meg's life.
Poor Dami.... Rach is the only one so far to notice what's so "special" about this picture. I'm proud of her.
Raphael's Storehouse is up! What is it? A blog run by Rukura, of course. ^_~ Soon to be linked on the LotM site, when Keenspace likes me again.
BMB is funny today. But, as much as I like Blink 182, I adamently denounce them from the catagory of "punk". No, Blink is NOT punk. Punk is... really early Iron Maiden, the Sex Pistols, the Anti-Nowhere League... yeah. NOT Blink. I'm sorry, but true punk is dead. Long long long ago. *sob*
A blog for fans of Murder in Small Town X.... Amarino, Firefly, this caught my attention on the blogs of note, so I figured I'd point it out.

Well, Meg downloaded Morpheus. It's WONDERFUL to be able to get Iron Maiden tunes again! And I'm actually downloading a Hamasaki Ayumi song right now (Unite!). Ayu is cool, man. XD And my username on Morpheus amuses me greatly. Bow to me! I am known as benjamin_carter! ^_~

SotM: Fade to Black, Metallica cover by Apocalyptica. Thank you, John, for letting me burn a copy of this CD! *melts*


Now, Meg's ponderings on the RP universe of Angel Hunter and company.
Poor Damien. He's being screwed around something awful; the dood with no face (tm) is out to kill Oliver, and is beating Dami up to get to him. Now Oli's on a "I hate everyone because if I hate them, they won't get hurt" binge. Yeeeees. So Dami, who really only understands words over conventional emotions since EVERYTHING overwhelms you when you're a year and a half old and living the life of someone who's 17, is really really confused and hurt. And he's GREAT fun to angst. But anyway. I think Oliver's yet to realize, though, that Dami's in a lose-lose situation.... ^_^;; if the dood doesn't hurt him, he's gonna end up hurting himself. Not nessicarily on purpose, but it will happen.
Vicious ponderings; Dami seems to be very loyal, but is very scared of *drumroll* what Aaron did to him (aka, rape). Firefly! Mean idea! Make the dood use Dami lotses and the boy will become totally jaded and easy to control, and quite possibly a nice bout of stokholm syndrome happening. And then we have PSYCHO Dami! XD
I'm mean.

SotM (again): Nothing Else Matters, again a Metallica cover by Apocalyptica.

For a lot of my American friends, school started today. That is SO funky. Weird weird weird. School doesn't start until September for pretty much everyone here... speaking of which: anyone who goes to Ching and knows the date of the registration thing, please let me know!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

*glomps Morpheus* I love yoooou!

*boots Napster* You suck!


This blog brought to you by purple kool-aid. It's not the meaning of life, but it's pretty close.

Lucas and those darn FBI duds. I swear, does EVERY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING have to have the fed deal about it?? This pic is for Amy. ^_~
....hey, I have one with little dragons on it too. *laughs at imouto* You're in my shirt, too!
Isn't it ironic that my bra has many little fireflies printed on it? *gigglefits*
*sniffles, wipes away a tear* Wasn't the vengance demon a beautiful little thing? With those cute fangs and wonderful clawed hands? That huge, oddly shaped head? *sobs into a hanky, blows nose*

AdSubtract is a good program, but I tend to forget it's on. ^_^;
S'okay, no big deal. ^_^
LotM Contest Status
2 entries by two artists, 19 days until the deadline.
Meg's Art Corner! is brought to you by the letter H. ^.^--v

FBI gear Lucas, lookin' all cute and sexy like he does normally. But hey.

Fear me while watching Pumpkinhead. This is Lance. He is a dork. Dorky, dorky Lance.

I still don't think you get it, dood. But regardless, it's over, so feh.
I. Am. In. LOVE. Mik.... punk...drool...SWOOOOON.... *dies*

Meagen, thank you for seeing what I mean. ^_^ I really hate relaying emotional garbage... *points down at past posts* but I kinda forced myself to do it. Oi, at least I didn't elaborate on the situation that I was in when developing Lucas. ^__^;;; And the reason I didn't really say anything is... well, it's fanart, right? So I had a hard time convincing myself it was my place to complain. Old metaphor of "don't look a gift horse in the mouth".
Anyway, I'll e-mail you tonight in conference with Firefly (who be staying over for the night), and let you know what's up. No need to stop writing, chicarita, I have some better ideas. ^_^ I'll write to you later.

LotM Contest Deadline is August 31!! Enter now. 9.9

Whoohoo! Heidi dreams of me being a homicidal maniac! GO ME! *is proud* And no, Carter and Candra and Lucas and co aren't it LotM. ^___^;;;;;;

My cat is meowing at the wall. o_O;


entertaining search engine queries

(must have been from my rant about Steve.)

mother told her son to put some clothes on incest story
(okay, who ever searched for THAT is one f*cked up weirdo.)

Cow print shoes
(Ryan Stiles visits my blog!!!)

Out of Reach Gabriel
(*LOOOOKS at Gabby*)
Firefly pointed out a valid point to me, and said it best... our kyara are like our babies. They are, for the most part, not really just people on paper (or computer screens). They're created as outlets or personifications of parts of ourselves, and it's not really a copyright issue. It's more a moral and emotional issue, so it bothers me to see Lucas (ESPECIALLY him) portrayed as mean when he's in fact, very sweet. Why? Allow me to explain what Lucas is.

The modern pen-and-paper incarnation of Lucas Walker Hathaway is the creation of me on a serious depression binge. Lucas toyed at the corners of my mind, a soft gentle soul who, though he may not look it, would be there for anyone who needed him. That's what I longed for at the time, and what I wanted to be. He was the very embodiment of compassion, but had strength and was in control of his life and every situation that was thrown at him. I wasn't Lucas. I'm not nice, I'm not in control, I'm not compassionate. I've been a social misfit and a loser my whole life, and been thrown into more terrible home situations than I've ever wanted (everyone in my family has been painfully close to death, and I've dealt with some serious issues of my own). Lucas and his relationship with Cam was a nice anchor and escape.

I'm melodramatic, I bet, but it's true. That's why it bothers me so much to see my kyara portrayed wrongly. Lucas and meaness don't mix... he stands for the opposite.
um, that's not the problem yo ne. ^_^;;; *points at Dora's blog* She said it better than I can. It's not that we think she's gonna get famous offa' it, or that she's STEALING, per say (hey, I gave her permission for the project), we'd would just like to see Lucas a bit closer to the character since the comic isn't out yet and people have no other reference.
Just to clarify, the "good cop bad cop" reference below is made regarding a history class project from 8th grade in which I was an evil person in the military and would never be a "good cop". Not calling Firefly mean, believe me. ^_^;
700th IN THE UPDATE QUEUE!?!?!???!!!!! F*CK!!!! *batters Keenspace*
Here we have Sebbi San-san and Simon McKinnley on Prozzak.
Finally Keenspace let me fix the site. T_T;
I wouldn't have been so mean about it, but for the most part, I agree with Firefly ('cause we discussed it at Amy's aunt Tina's house on the weekend). See, it's not so much the parody problem as the fact that since AH hasn't been released yet, you're depicting a false personality for kyara you don't know about in full. ^_^; *thinks* How to put it... you're marketing them wrong for us, and people who read your kami will think that since you're using the kyara, you know what they're like and are depicting them how they are, whereas you're not. S'almost like false advertising. I do really appreciate the fact that you're doing a sort of fan work for me, but... as I said... if people look into the possibility of getting our manga (when it's finally released, I'm a slacker all of a sudden 9.9) based on your versions of Lucas and/or Cam and Mark, and it's not the same, they may not be interested. Y'know?
As for the finalization for removal and discontinuation of the series, I'm gonna leave that decision to Firefly.

Wow, this is like playing Good Cop, Bad Cop. And I'm the Good Cop. That's a first. o_o;

Moving on.

No, the fanart you gave me is technically Journeys Down universe art. Completely different world. Fanart of kyara in LotM only, I'm afraid. That way I can post them on the site, ne?
And why does everyone like Poya so much? I, in all honesty, really really dislike her. She's such an annoying dork. u_u; Rafe on the other hand... I LIKE him. And Yuken. XD But, my liking for Yuken isn't surprising since I have a weakness for bad guys. I love villians.

For clarifications, I'll post a list of rules for the LotM contest now *koffbeforeIforgetkoff*.

1) submissions must be of characters from the online comic hosted at
2) art from any medium will be accepted--- CG, coloured pencil, pen, marker, etc.
3) all submissions will be displayed on the LotM site on Keenspace. Two runner-ups will also be chosen if more than 10 total entries are recieved. There is no limit to the amount of entries one person may contribute.
4) prizes are as follows: winner will recieve by conventional mail a posterboard (18" X 23") of a LotM character of their choice. First runner-up will recieve a custom CG of any character from LotM, with all details to be specified by the runner up and recieved via e-mail. Second runner-up will get a cameo in the strip as a student, teacher, or bully at Sifton Academy.

Contest deadline is yet to be announced.

That should clear some stuff up, ne? ^_^;
Meg's Art Corner! brought to you by Robbie Williams. We don't ask. We just smile and nod.

Lately, one of my most frequently drawn subjects is Damien McKinnley. Why? Dunno, really. He's very pretty, that may be why. And here's my favourite pic of him to date.

The image for my next blog layout (work in progress) Starshine, Yuken from LotM.

Lately, I've been practicing how I draw Lokistrant/Lucas-ryuu. Here's my recent style, in a nice pencil sketch. Here we have the design sheet for the new style.


For a good laugh, here's how I drew at age ten. That was 6 years ago, people. Lookit this.
This is a girl from a really BAD manga I did back then. Laughable.

D-chan, I like you.... hey, I always have. Even when I was in 4th Grade, ne? ^_^ Anyway, e-mail me if there's anything I can do to cheer you up.... *glomps*
Ugh, it appears that Keenspace is having some major issues again. I'll have to update manually. T_T;

....crap, I'm 497th in the queue for the update. Bloody hell, this is gonna take all year. o_o

Okay, I have officially gotten sick of this blog layout. It only took long enough, didn't it?? I dunno what to do next. When in doubt, I'll do an Eddie (Iron Maiden) layout.

For those of you who think that it doesn't get hot in Canada, think again. Lately, our temperaturs have been up in the 40 degree range... which is like the 90s in ferinheit. Yeah. It's flipping HOT and it's been like this for two weeks. *sobsob* I hate the heat, I much prefer winter. Because in the winter, if you're cold, you can put on more clothes to keep warm. When it's hot, there's only so much you can take off, and even THAT doesn't help much. ^_^;

I too got a hit based on the query of "Lian Kannel".
And one that REALLY disturbs me: "Cardcaptor Sakura Having Sex". Man, I gotta worry... o_O

I am rambling.

Here's a plan I've come up with, and I'll announce it NOW ahead of time! I'm gonna have a contest on the LotM site for a pin-up posterboard. Send me your fanart, and I'll pick the best one. The person who wins gets a pinup of a kyara of their choice (and I'll even pay for shipping and handling--- feel proud, I'm not that cheap as to make a contest winner pay for it). So take note, people. If that's even worth entering. ^__^;

Hey! Since I have nothing to do today because I'm in a vast amount of pain and I'm also CRAMPING (I got really lucky in the sense that it held off until today so I could swim)... I'm gonna work on my video. I've been busy so I've not worked on it much. I just wanna get it done before school starts next month. It's such a LONG video! I'm in the 4 minute range, and the song is about 7 minutes long. I have about another week's worth of work to do on it.

John's home. Yay! I'm not alone in the house now!
I pity the foo' who marries Mr. T.
Meagen (not you, Megan. ^_^; ): please read Firefly's blog. I've tried to tell you the same only in a MUCH less blunt way. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;
1| Open up your CD player, what's inside?:
~Depeche Mode Singles Collection '86-98 disc 2. Yeah baby. XD

2| Look in your VCR/DVD player, is there a movie?:
~yes, in my VCR there is a copy of the Crow.

3| If there happens to be music playing right now, what is it?:
~Depeche Mode's Ultra cd, song being Sister of Night.

4| What are you wearing?:
~grubby blue BOCA shorts and a sleeveless, tiedyed shirt. And a pink towel on my head. And a friendship bracelet Heidi made for me and I'm yet to take off.

5| Look down, what's the first thing that catches your eye?:
~my big size 9 1/2 feet. Flipperfoot. That's me.

6| Turn on your TV if it's not on already, what network is it?:
~CTV. Ugh.

7| Look out the window, what's the weather like?:
~*looks* It's dark and clear save for a few clouds. It looks somewhat HOT out...

8| If you were to hit redial on your phone right now, where would it call?:
~I have NO idea. Oh. Wait. Wal-Mart, where mom works.

9| Say "hello?" out loud, did anyone answer?:
~only Lian, I'm afraid.

10| What are you planning on doing next as soon as you get offline?:
~go to bed and suffer the pain of sunburn. x_X

11| What are you thinking about?
~how much pain I'm gonna be in tomorrow and whether I should finish inking my recent LotM strips so I can CG them.

12| Are you eating or drinking anything?
~drinkin' me a nice cold pint of ginger ale. XD

13| Does being online suck a lot?
~SUCK?? F*ck no! I like being online because I can talk to all my friends at once. Phones annoy the hell out of me.

14| If you could have anything right now, what would it be?
~ a black '58 T-Bird with red leather upholstry and a kick ass sound system?

15| Are you singing right now?
~Nope. But I usually am.

16| If you could have one person with you right now, who would it be?
~Cammy. ;_; (that's my nephew, people.)

17| What web page are you at right now?
~*looks* The Kami forum. ^_^;
Alterna-Lucas? Oh, he's not the Me See Me Disembowel type. He's got... a very interesting personality. He just has a thing for Lucas. Yes. That thing involves much bad and violent torture, but no kill. And forcable sex. *shakes head* Ugh.
Meg's Recent Blog Search Engine Queries
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Cardcaptor Fucking movies
(um... um... can we say "ICKY"?! Stupid perv, stay awaaaay!)

dilandau yaoi comics
(*heeheehee* How very fun. ^___^)

David Lucas Spike Spiegal

anime- sketchy drawings, girls
(okay, I can kinda get this one. Makes some sense.)

lyrics depeche mode reach out and touch faith
depeche mode reach out and touch me
depeche mode reach out and touch
(hey, morons! The song is called Personal Jesus!!!)

wheatus teenage dirtbag girl vocal
(Amy, be proud.)

crossdressing prom
(Yeeees. How'd you know I'm gonna crossdress for the prom in a few years??)

French cardcaptor theme
(Stop confusing meeeeee!!! I know NO french!!!!!!! And I KNOW NO CARDCAPTORS! LA LALALLALALALALAA!!!!!!! *covers ears and hums*)


anime gothic fanart
(Now THERE'S and idea. I'll consider that one. Thanks, person who searched for this!)

*sobs* I just realized that YOU don't have a link on your blog to my comic! *cries* I'm hurt...

I think there's a BNL live CD and an MTV Unplugged one. I think.

Dear, GOD! My pigment pens are ALL DEAD! All 5 sizes are dead... at once! o_O;; I can't finish my two really preeeeetty strips for LotM! *sobsob* And Yuken was all scary and psycho...

Poya: *rantrantrant* NO ONE TOUCHES MY RUKURA, DAMMIT! *jumps up and down stomping her feet and flailing her arms and clenched fists in the air*

Rukura: Poya, relax, would you? u_u; *said from under his table hiding space*

Yuken: Ohhhh, it's my pretty brother! *grins viciously at Rukura*

Rukura: *screams and runs for it*
*laughs at Ribby's entry on the LotM guestbook* Good one, Ribby... sure, he can give you some lovin'! He's quite well versed in THAT department. 9.9

Rukura: Oh my GOD, shut UP!!! *turns red and hides under a table*
Meg's Art Corner!

Here we have Damien McKinnley, son of Simon and Sebastian. I draw him a lot now, since his hair is great fun since it's all curvy and pretty. here he is again, and one last and really CUTE time.

This is what happened when Firefly and I got bored at Six Flags.

Bow before my holy jester hat.

Generally, my kyara do stay dead, but not in RPs. ^_^; Unless, of course, the plot is based on God theories and reincarnation (ie: LotM).
*frowns at the CSM Lucas death list* He is just too far from being Lucas for my liking.... I mean, I respect that you're doing a kinda' fanwork out of him for me, but it's just so far from the normal Lucas that it really bugs me... dunno why, really. Maybe because AH isn't out yet and it markets him wrong? *skritches head* See, Journeys Down Lucas is much closer to the real thing. Personality wise, y'know? Lucas is a nice guy, and one of my only nice guy kyara. It irks me that you make him so.... mean. Man, I feel like a dork for complaining. u_u;
Ribby, the best BNL cds IMNSO are the newest ones--- Stunt, and Maroon. They're much more up to date. But if you want songs like "Be My Yoko Ono" or "If I Had $1 000 000", get the Gordon cd. Another of note is Born on a Pirate Ship.

Anyway, I'm home safe and sound from Darien Lake, Buffalo (NY). How FUN! I had a great time, dispite the horrible lack of shade and seating at Six Flags. I spent a grand total of $200 (canadian) at the park, and I have a really spiffy jester's hat to prove it.

Ack. I gotta go for now. Bye, people! More later!

Huh, that's almost funny. Apparently, Speller and Amy went to a concert. I had no idea. *piku* Wow. I'm shocked.

For all those who care, I'm gonna be gone for the weekend. That's right! To Niagra and Darien Lake I go with Amy and Firefly. WAI! It's gonna be fun! XDDD I get to go to SIX FLAGS, PEOPLE!!!! XDDD Ahhh, Firefly and I will be like the only people out of the 6 of us going (Amy, Firefly, Amy's mom and dad and brother, and myself) that will go on rollercoasters. As long as I don't split my head open on one first thing, I'm good (re: Canada's Wonderland's Top Gun ride... last time I went I split my head open on it. it was my first ride of the day, too).

John gave me horsebites today. *rubs her knees* And he poked me muchly. Mom says it's 'cause he'll miss me. *pppphhhthbbbth* yeah right.

Ugh, if dad doesn't go to bed soon, I'm getting kicked off the net early. O_O;
*blushblush* Thank you!
I can't think of anything to blog.

Oh! Matt! I'm sorry I didn't go to the movies with you last night... you know I still love ya, right?
Cam and Mark! I've not drawn them in a LOOONG time! I like this picture! Props to whoever can tell me what photo it's based on. *pointed look at Speller*
SotM: Carry On My Wayward Son (live), really BAD cover by the Foo Fighters. Aaah, cheap entertainment.
Ahhh, the Soundhouse Tapes (oooooold Iron Maiden songs) really amuse me... ^__^

Not really, I just felt the need to be a sh*t disturber. 9.9
Not many people can RP and vacuum the house at the same time. Bow before me. I am the Multitask Queen.
Lance: *sob* my name is #3!
Dad got subs. I'm covered in mustard now. *looks down at her once white and now yellow Greenbriar Band shirt*
Sotm: Rei I, from Eva.
I'm blogging an awful lot this morning.
Taken from Nicko's jokes on Iron Maiden's site:

A guitarist, a drummer and a bassist are sitting in a bar and talking about their families.
The guitarist says "Here's a picture of my son. I named him George, because he was born on St. George's Day."
The drummer says "Really? Well, here's a picture of my son. I named him Andrew because he was born on St. Andrew's day, plus I'm part Scottish."
The bassist says "Here's a picture of my son. I named him Pancake....."

Today is Wednesday. That means that I have to have a ton of laundry done in the next 48 hours, by hand. Yes. See, I'm going to Niagra Falls and Darien Lake (Six Flags!!!) with Amy and Firefly. Amy's family wants me to come along! I'm verra happy. Amy's family is like a second family to me, y'kno? But anyway, that means I must pack much clothing. Yes. And none of my clothes are cleeean 'cause I'm too lazy to WASH all of them since the washer is dead. u_u;

SotM: Tamashii no Rufuran (Tabris Remix), from the End of Evangelion. I can actually sing this one. XD

Dad's bringing home lunch. I dunno whether to be happy or be scared. This prolly means KFC. ^__^;;; Oh well. Their gravy is REALLY good.

Oooh, Hallowed Be Thy Name! I'm still not sick of this song, despite listening to it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again while editing video. Speaking of which, my vid is over 4 minutes long now. XD 3 minutes or so to go and I'm done. Can I get that done in a week? *ponders*

Today is also the first day of august. That's BAD. It means reg is soon and I don't wanna go into the school at ALL. *sobsob* Oh well. At least I know I'm taking the classes I want for 11th Grade --- psych, law, religion, spanish, art, and music. ^.^---v
Music isn't gonna be the best anymore. Why? Ms. Todd won't be there. *sobs and glomps Heidi* Heidi, you and I will be so sad in september! *sobsobsobsob*

Lieko pointed out a lovely little problem to me. See, I showed her my picture of Carter and Oli (see below, "incest is best"), and she said I seem to have a thing for brothers getting it on (this becomes a nice little plot in LotM). Then she said she wonders about me and MY brother. *falls over* I'm scared! John's a SCRUFF! And my BROTHER! OLDER THAN ME BY A WHOLE TWENTY YEARS, PEOPLE!!!! *twiiiitch*

I have three choices for the next blog layout. Jaded is on hold for now. My other choices are:

I'll Have Sherbet featuring Nathaniel Crépuscule which shall be very pink.
Anarchy in the U.K featuring Simon McKinnley, and red white and blue.
Starshine featuring Yuken Weir (of LotM) in silvers and cool colours.

Anyone? u_u;
*flails her arms* IMOUTO! You knickered out on blogging! Damn youuuu!
*giggles insanely*

Anyway, yes, I shall be more careful next time, Tsua. *sagely nod* I shall never carelessly put things between my legs again. ^_~

Josh: ....I'm gonna leave that alone. It's just TOO easy...

My condolences on your loss, Amarino.

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