Hey, baby, when'd you start blogging again?? I checked it on a whim, and mah' lamb is blogging!! I'm so proud! *wipes away a tear*
Monkeh-Woman has schriddyen.

I watched a movie today. It was a BAD movie. See, this was the plot.

A dood and his wife and her three kids move into a house that possesses eyes and fangs. And there was this black cat! What a comedian! Anyway, dood goes wonky, prances around in his tightie whities, wears a bomberjacket, drives a badass Yamaha, bitchslaps his best friend, then gives him this look that just screams "shut up and kiss me". *talks like SNL's Mr. Robinson* The priest gets shot in the head and now he is blind. */SNL*

Aka, Meg watched the Amityville Horror.
This is Orlando. Isn't he pretty? He's taken.
Ripped from imouto...

Real Name: Meg
Nickname: Lucifer, ai-chan, spud, Lizard Queen, Megarina...
Birthday: May 1
Brothers or sisters: John, Dani (tho feh on her), imouto, niichan.
Zodiac sign: taurus
Color of hair: reddish-purple-brown-black.
Color of eyes: greeeeeeeey.
Height: 5'7" ish
Shoe Size: men's 9...? ^_^;;;
Do you care about the way you look?: Very rarely, though I really only worry about whether or not my hair is clean. Like right now it is greasy and I wanna tear it out.
Do you get tanned?: Never. EVER. It took me a whole summer to go from paper white to almost cream coloured. T_T;;;;
Do you have big ears?: No, but they're bendy. Right, Amy?
Do you have contacts or glasses?: Glasses. I love my glasses. The idea of putting something on my eyeball is scary.

Kissed someone: Yes.
Been in love: Yes.
Been so drunk you blacked out: Not that I recall.
Kept a secret from everyone: 24/7/12/365
Set a body part on fire: on fire? No. But I burn myself a lot.
Had an imaginary friend: Yes, a whole slew of them.
Called or seen a psychic: No, 'cause I have many people who can read cards for me or figure stuff out without me having to spend a whole ton of cash on stupid fakes.
Ever cried at a chick flick: not that I recall.
Found a cartoon character attractive: *looks at her many drawings/posters/books/manga/comics/images/etc* .....nope. 9.9;;; <---liar
Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the block tape: No, and thank god for that.
Had sex: No. No. No.
Been on stage: MANY times.
Been in a car accident: Several. And it's not cuz I was driving, either.

Wear eye shadow: only on halloween.
Have a dog: No, I don't care much for dogs.
Want a tattoo, and where: I want something done on the small of my back. It want it to say "Made in Canada". 9.9;
Have any regrets: I regret not keeping in touch with a few of my older friends.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yep.
Have a crush: Um helloooo? Did you READ my previous answer?
Do you have a best friend: HAI!
Do you have a best online friend: HAAAAAAAAAI! 'Cause they are also my RL friend.
Who do you go to for advice: Mom, John, Firefly, imouto, and sometimes Dan. Sometimes.
Who knows all your secrets?: Firefly. And only her.
Who do you cry with: No one. I don't cry.

God/Devil: I don't believe in an all-loving chirstian-ish God, but I do think there's something else. The devil is just an excuse and something to blame, so that I don't believe in.
Yourself: Rarely.
Your friends: Most of the time.
Love: Yes.
Destiny: No.
Signs: Huh? Road signs. They keep us all from killing padestrians. And since I'm often a padestrian....
The Closet Monster: I own ONE dress. It's BLACK.
One person for everyone?: that like equal rights for everyone?

AM I A...
Wuss: Only when you tickle me. ^_^;
Class Clown: Rarely, rarely.....
Goodie 2 Shoes: Um, no.
Dreamer: 24/7.
Drunk: nope.
Slut: No, but I'm a flirt. ^_^;
Freak: HELL YES.
Bitch: since day 1.
Angel: NOPE.

Paper or Plastic: Paper.
Deaf or Blind: Deaf. Anime comes with subtitles.
Truth or Dare: Dare.
Night or Day: Night.
Beavis or Butthead: Both are stupid.
Ocean or Pool: Poo.
Cake or Pie: Ice cream.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate!!
Cats or Dogs: Cats.
Love or Lust: Love. Lust is ew.
Pancakes or French toast?: French toast.
Bitter or Sweet: Sweet.
Silver or Gold: Silver.
Smoker or Nonsmoker: Nonsmoker.
Diamonds or Pearls: amethyst.
Hugs or Kisses: Hugs, please. I like hugs.
Bacon Bits or Croutons: Both are nice.
Shaken or Stirred: Stirred.
Taco or Burrito: Taco.
Complex or Simple: Simple, unless it's a kyara I'm making up.
Armageddon or Independence Day: Independance Day.
Batman or Superman?: BATMAN! Bruce Wayne was nutso man, that's why I liked him!
Nacho Cheese or Cooler Ranch: Ranch. XD~
Sun or Moon: Moon.
X's or O's: X's. It's more fun to draw an X.
Ice crushed or cubed: Cubed.
Showers or Baths: Showers, unless I'm really sore.
Lyrics for Master of Puppets. Why? Makes me think of the past situation with Dami and the dood with no face. ^_^;;

End of passion play, crumbling away
I'm your source of self-destruction
Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear
Leading on your death's construction

Taste me you will see
more is all you need
you're dedicated to
how I'm killing you

Come crawling faster
obey your Master
your life burns faster
obey your Master

Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings
twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can't see a thing
Just call my name, `cause I'll hear you scream
Just call my name, `cause I'll hear you scream

Needlework the way, never you betray
life of death becoming clearer
Pain monopoly, ritual misery
chop your breakfast on a mirror

Taste me you will see
more is all you need
you're dedicated to
how I'm killing you

Come crawling faster
obey your Master
your life burns faster
obey your Master

Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings
twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can't see a thing
Just call my name, `cause I'll hear you scream
Just call my name, `cause I'll hear you scream

Master, Master, Where's the dreams that I've been after?
Master, Master, You promised only lies
Laughter, Laughter, All I hear and see is laughter
Laughter, Laughter, laughing at my cries

Hell is worth all that, natural habitat
just a rhyme without a reason
Neverending maze, drift on numbered days
now your life is out of season

Chris-kun, you're quite the cutie in this picture!
I am currently at home. Why? Because I didn't get a project done last night and I have to have it in last period. Thus, I'm at home for lunch finishing it.

Hi, Dan!

Oi, RACHEL! Why don't you have LotM linked on your blog???? ;_;

My work is done, so I am bored.

Rukura: Maybe, just MAYBE you should draw some strips.
Meg: No way in hell. I'm not gonna do that right now! I'm doing that tonight!
Rukura: Procrastinator... -___-;

Okay, I shut up now no da.
Morning Blog!

I'm lazy and did only a tiny bit of homework. I'm ashamed. Oh well.

What to say? I'm out of things to say. Lucas makes a SCARY fae, and Oli makes a cute human slave. *nods all sagely like*

We call that mime a GUN! The guy never leaves home without his Semmerling (which is a .35, if I'm correct,), and he kills things. There's a joke in that hand posture... 'cause that's how he'd hold a gun!! I'm not always perverted, y'know. -_-'

I go. *poofs away*
Today was Amy, Adam, and John's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
Yes, it is carpal tunnel and/or other nerve damage. We know this because I had a million x-rays done on my arms to make sure it wasn't bone disfiguration.
His other book is called Survivor (and NOT the show ^_^; ), and it's toooooo expensive for me to wanna buy it. Yes, you should read the Repairman Jack books. They're excellent. Another cute Jack is Jack Sawyer from the Talisman, foo'!! ^_~

*sips Irn Bru* I have a pic of Kolabati Bhakti (from the Tomb) to CG. It's quite nice.

Everyone loves Sebbi.... everyone who looks through my sketchbooks LOVES Sebbi. o_O;;; I'm scared. Simon is also mighty popular. And so is Lucas (and Jacqueline wants to steal the pic of him as Ash).
Morning Blog!

Hello to anyone who might be cruising this way from the Repairman Jack forum. *waves to all* SUPER HELLO TO TONY who was nice enough to send me a kind e-mail. ^__^ *wavewave*

Anyway, moving along.....

My arm is a lot less pained, which is a welcome relief. Still hurts to move it certain ways, but I can bend it for the most part.

Behold my healthy breakfast. *points to a mug of mocha* Yeah. Healthy.

Out of things to say already.... I must be coming down with something. Then again, I rambled a LOT last night, didn't I? Ah well. I should get some more drawings done today since my arm is happy again, so expect an Art Corner entry some time soon. Mostly of Jack. Did you all know that I love Jack?

Firefly: Shut up, foo'!

O'er and out!
Today, I got to see Speller's project compiled of photos of me. It's really cool! She drew pictures of me on the borders of the postboard! I'm so flattered. Someone did a photography project on meeee! ^_^
......*hyperventilation much*

He liked my fanarts... O_O HE LIKED MY FANARTS!!!!!! *falls over and dies*

(he = F. Paul Wilson)
I got many hugs today. I got a ton from Matt, two from Mike, and one from Dan. People love me. I really miss Mike and Matt when I don't get to see them...

I got two lunch periods today! Why? Because I couldn't write anything since my right arm has died on me. So in religions, cutie-pie John Ugolini took notes for me while I slept. Yes. Then in psych, we had a test that I couldn't write! So Ms. Fotinos, being cool to me as usual, told me to go have my lunch then and come back on my usual lunch to dictate answers to the test questions to her for marks. Yup. So I had lunch with the gang, went into class for 15 minutes and did my test, and then had another lunch period.

My wrist feels a little bit better. That's because I fried it with a heating pad until the nerve settled a little.

Damn brother of mine isn't done the third Jack book yet. *glower* He better finish by this weekend or I'm gonna kill him.

WOAH! My screen just went all GREY and then WHITE and then GREY! It was FREAKY!
Meg's Really-Small-Due-To-A-Dead-Wrist Art Corner!

TADA! I like this one a lot. ^.^
Morning Blog!

Okay, my arm has NEVER hurt so much.... I can't move it at ALL without getting sharp pains that shoot up to my elbow... *sob*

*bursts out laughing at the first panel* Hoooooboy, that's FUNNY... great, now I'm tempted to draw what Lucas would look like as a Capcom guy. ^___^;

Well, I finished Legacies, and the ending was mucho satisfying. I love books that end goodly. *nodnods* Now, if only John would finish with Conspiracies, and go off and buy Hosts and All the Rage...

Wow, lookin' GOOD!! Shoulda' used a lens flare for the sun, tho. I'm nitpicking. o_O; Like I have any right...

You should fear Jack. Jack is God. And not a terribly merciful God. But he's DAMN sexy!! XD~

I gotta go to school in about 5 minutes, whoopdeedoo. Won't my teachers LOVE me when I tell them that I can't write? ;_; Well, Ms. Fotinos knows I have arm problems, so I don't think she'll get too mad at me. Mrs. Singh on the other hand..... ;___;

It's really annyoing.... half the people on the kami forum REALLY annoy me.... four people.... Well, okay, four people. But hey.

Lucas and Oli have a very "special" father/son relationship. Yup. Male bonding taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! *shudder*

That is all. *bows*
Got a problem? Need it fixed? Don't look back.... just call Jack!
BEHOLD! The love of my life!!!
Morning Blog!

I have a BAGEL! *holds up the bagel* All bow before the bagel!... Begl... Begl was a guy in Bakurestu Hunter. I think the episode was "The Labyrinth Opera House". Hmmm. *looks at the Bagel* You won't turn me into a cat, will you??

*insane cackle* Would you believe that I didn't know how to draw guys until last year?

In case no one noticed, it's like yaoi fanservice week on LotM. Why? I dunno. Keep in mind that I draw all these in class (and religion class too... am I the only one who finds that ironic?).

I've done 67 strips for LotM in total. I'm catching up... those two extra days make a difference.

I wrote to F. Paul Wilson again yesterday, thanking him for writing me back so quickly. I think that was really nice of him--- I've written to a lot of authors, and none of them have ever written back. I was very flattered. ^_^ I just hope he doesn't think I'm a psycho stalker.... ^___^;;;;;

I just realized how much I miss writing about the original Orion kyara (the one I drew a picture of yesterday and posted here). He's like, Tiirak's alternate self, and I love him to death. Three eyes and all. ^.^ Perhaps I'll write something about him soon.

Anyway, school soon. Ja!

*buries herself in her copy of Legacies*
My first brainchild, Orion--- 1st of the Trioc Patriarchy and the 2nd Child of the Sisters of Ara! XD~

Morning Blog!

I drew another picture last night, my tummy hurts, I'm eating soup and getting ready for school, and I'm writing a long and pointless e-mail to Firefly. *nodnod*

D-chan, glad you like today's strip. XD

That is all.
Meg's not blogged much today, has she? Bad Meg. So, a wonderful story for you all.

Today mom and I went out. We went to the mall, and after eating lunch at the usual haunt (A&W), we went to Music World to look around. In the store, there was this guy in a green sweater there, and mom made note of him (she's got person radar. I swear she takes mental pictures of her surroundings, like Cam Jansen. Anyone remember those books?). We then went to Sunrise Records. The guy was there too, all of a sudden. Then we went to HMV. And he was THERE too. So we bailed as soon as we could. x_x

Next part of the story, is thus. I was waiting for mom to get groceries in my favourite (sarcastic) gorcery store; Price Chopper. I don't like walking around in there 'cause it's so cold, so while mom shopped, I waited on the bench by the vending machines.
After abour 30 minutes, a jamacian dood sat down next to me and was quiet for a bit. I was acting asleep, btw, but when I act asleep I rarely am. I'm like a cat. Anyway... he started talking to me, driving me nuts. I made a point out of stating that I was in high school (this does usually fend guys off, actually) and he resumed bugging me by asking my name, what school I go to, etc. I gave him a whole sh*tload of fake info, and when he started hitting on me, I left. End of story.

I blame all this on my new black tuxedo shirt. It looks too damn good.

Another story worth blogging about!
John and I are conspiracy theory fanatics. We LOVE making up wild ideas as to why things happen and who's behind it. A few hours after I got home from shopping, John and I were watching a documentary thing on the Discovery Channel about the ten most deadly sharks. About half way though, commercials came on (as usual), and didn't end! The channel was turned to nothing but infomercials! We tried changing the channel, but found that out of the 59 channels we get, 42 were black-screen and lots of static noise, CNN was DEAD, and the remaining channels were the SAME INFOMERICAL IN EXACT SYNCH. This resumed until after 6 (news time no da), all the channels with infomercials switched to Buffalo (NY) news about people who are trying to help victims of the attacks in the USA. John and I came to the conclusion that they (whoever "they" are) were preventing all outgoing satellite information from reaching anywhere before the US government attacked or made solid plans. That was our theory. Channels were still out at 7:30, and I was on the computer. Then all of a sudden--- total blackout! Every light in the district went poof out. This lasted for over an hour.

Conspiracy? Perhaps. ^_^;;

Okay, I'm done.

Meg's Art Corner!

Meagen, here's a profile of Lucas with his dragon tattoo done properly...

Rukura takes a nap. Nekkid. Pretty no da! XD~
I'm SCARED. Simon and Candra discuss girlish stuff. Like the old "if you could date any celebrity, who would it be" thing. o_O;;;;;;; SCARY.
SotM: Green Onions, by Booker T and the MGs. ^.^.^.^.^.^

I have such problems.
I feel: headachey and very tired since I've been on the computer for hours and I'm sleep and food deprived.

I see: Vogon space ships. They're yellow.

I need: a life outside of art and school?

I find: people to be very annoying in general.

I want: chewable morphine.

I have: purple hair.

I wish: I could fly!

I love: Firefly-chan.

I hate: s.e.b.a.s.t.i.a.n.....o.i.s.e.l.l.e.!.!.!.!.!.!

I fear: SPIDERS.

I hear: CNN in the background.

I crave: Chapman's dutch chocolate ice cream. Or Bryer's strawberry ice cream.

I regret: dropping science this year.

When was the last time you.........

Smiled?: when John was dancing in his new pointy shoes. He's a spaz.

Laughed? When John threatened to kick the cat with his pointy shoes.

Cried? When I finished watching the last part of Samurai X. ^_^;;

Bought something? I bought two pencils at the school library today!

Danced? ten minutes ago as my brother tried to moonwalk.

Were sarcastic? Gee, I dunno. <--- right now

Kissed someone? family... Mom a few minutes ago. Otherwise.... I'm not telling.

Talked to an ex? All the frickin' time. Yesterday, actually.

Watched your favorite movie? Three nights ago (Fight Club, baby!).

Had a nightmare? Last week. I don't remember it tho...

A Last time for everything...

Last book you read: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!!!

Last movie you saw: The Ten Commandments. Moses was a dork. Joshua was cool.

Last song you heard: Black Betty (thanks, D ^__^;; )

Last thing you had to drink: coke!!!

Last time you showered: this morning, and I got soaked in the rain on the way home from school.

Last thing you ate: I choked down some alphaghetti...

Do You...

Smoke? Goddamn bloody hell f*ck NO!

Do drugs? see above.

Sleep with stuffed animals? Many. Ron, Harry, Caramel, Amy, Maya, Hedwig, Shinji (I know he's not an animal.... unless he's with Kaworu. then he's a pony), and The Big Pink Bunny.

Live in the moment? if it suits me...

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? YUP! *heeeee* XD The BEST EVER!

Have a dream that keeps coming back? I used to have one, but it went away. It was about Yukiohs.

Play an instrument? Verra' many. Mainly clarinet, tho.

Believe there is life on other planets? I'm not sure, but it seems naieve to think we're the only ones.

Remember your first love? Yes. Astroboy.

Still love him/her? Hell yeah! He's COOL!

Read the newspaper? Daily! The Toronto Sun all the way.

Believe in miracles? Yes and no.

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Yes, if you're either really honest and devoted or if you're too stupid to stray from what you're faithful to (be it a person, religion, whatever).

Consider yourself tolerant of others? Not really.... a lot of people will tell you that I'm a BITCH.

Consider love a mistake? No.

Like the taste of alcohol? Not really, save for Bailey's. *slobber*

Have a favorite candy? Black Magic, and Fuzzy Peaches.

Believe in astrology? Depends who's telling it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

Believe in magic? Only with a k at the end.

Believe in God? I don't DISbelieve in God, really, but I don't believe in the concept of an "all loving" God.

Pray? On occassion.

Go to church? I get chased out of them. I don't think so.

Have any secrets? LOTS. Lots of VERY UNPLEASANT ones.

Have any pets? three cats and an older brother.

Do well in school? No... exams are my Messiah. Do good on those and I pass courses.

Go to or plan to go to college? Yes. I WANNA GO TO SHERIDAN!

Have a major? Art or language.

Talk to strangers who instant message you? Other than telling them to f*ck themselves, no.

Wear hats? I have all of three. I wear them quite often.

Have any piercings? Nope, but I want my tongue pierced.

Have any tattoos? Not yet. I want one.

Hate yourself? Sometimes...

Have an obsession? Fight Club, and Repairman JACK!

Collect anything? rocks, keychains, posters, movie passes, and business cards.

Have a best friend? I have four.

Wish on stars? Sometimes, if I'm by myself...

Like your handwriting? Dear god, no. It looks like insane scribble.

Have any bad habits? bite my nails, wave my arms around when I talk, talk too loud, pick fights, and correct people's speech.
Ohohohoho! Firefly downloaded a DM song! OHOHOHOHO!
Morning Blog!

I still can't eat.

Hot Damn, Mik is so CUTE today!

*goes blue in the face and twitches* Oh... my...god... Firefly! You got all the colours on everyone right!!! *GASPGASP* ^_~

John and Mom are going to the International Clothers place (John's going to a wedding tomorra', and he needs an outfit), so you know what that means?? I get to come along and GO TO THE ART STORE! I go there a LOT now. o_O;;; Usually once a week...
The prismacolors are $2!!! *heartheartheartheart*

I didn't do my math homework again. x_X

Isn't today's strip beautiful? Don't worry, tomorrow's is a full page and in colour with slight fanservice since you getta see Lucifer start getting undressed. And keenspace has gobbled up my two dropdowns.... (Shoujo and School). Crud.

Aw, D-chan, you've gone and got Black Betty stuck in my head! Oh well, 'tis a cool song at least.

I have a new Repairman Jack book to read. Repairman Jack is the love of my life! That man is amazing! He's the single most incredible kyara I've ever read about. He even outdoes Lestat DeLioncourt. And THAT takes skill. *sings* I love Jack, I love Jack, I'm gonna marry him and have his child, I love Jack!

*plays Meerca Chase a little* La la la. Mom didn't leave me lunch money. Dammit.... *plays more*

I'm outtie. Ja!
And thus making it invalid? u_u;
And I STILL can't eat even if my tummy is growling....
I can't eat....
Interesting story that confuses me.

At lunch, Dan and I were sitting in our usual spot by the side doors to the school, facing the field. I had just finished inking most of the LotM page for saturday, and it was resting on my lap to dry. Some dood walked by with a camera and asked if I drew that. "Yeah," I told him, and he asked my name. He repeated it twice, said he'd come back and talk to me sometime soon, and left.
Then he came back out with a camera (yearbook dood, I imagine, going to the field for today's Grade 9 olympics), and he asked if I was in Grade 9. I said no... and that I was in Grade 11. He blinked at me and said "you've been going here the whole time?" I told him yes... he said "huh.." and wandered off to the field.

What was THAT all about?

Ho-ly mother f*cking bloody hell (that's my new profanity, btw)!!! 31 people answered the poll on LotM. I HAVE 31 READERS?!!!

Power to Carlos!
Morning Blog!

I feel sick! Yippee fun. I'm not going to skip any classes, tho, since I'm not THAT sick. I kinda wish I could skip psych, but then I'd hafta' skip religion too. Feeeh.

I applied for a job at wallyworld/wal-mart. I don't really wanna work from 4 - 11 every weekday, but oh well... I need the cash for next summer. Christmas is gonna end up being mighty cheap, that's for sure. Everyone shall be getting handmade gifts. ^_^;

Firefly's back! Thank GOD! I was going crazy! I swear, I'm addicted to that woman.

I'm hungry, but I seriously doubt I'll have time to eat anything. At this rate, I'm gonna be late for school too. Why? I'm writing my analysis for psych. Goddamn psych class.

Some good news is, tho, that Saturday's LotM strip will be full-page. Yes, you all get to marvel at my terrible comic design technique! I'm not sure if it'll be in colour or no... it all depends on whether I'm bored enough or have enough time to colour it.

I have a test first period today. Oooh, math. Ooooh, fun. Oooooh, shoot me. And I'm so tired... x_x;;

Oh well. I have a hypothetical analysis to finish. Ja, everyone!
Thanks for posting that poem. XD It's SPECIAL!!! You're good, Dan. And you have a lot in your pants.

The poem of wonderfulness that Dan blogged, too, from the book Brave New World:

Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,
Kiss the girls and make them One.
Boys at one with girls at peace;
Orgy-porgy gives release.

My brother and I cracked up when a person on the news said "sleeping with babies can have disasterous results". We both got the same idea, evidently...
Quote of the week!
"She'd prolly be good looking if she didn't look like an over-used, drug addicted whore...."

John, re: the crossing guard a few blocks from my house

Ask Firefly about Lian. He's her kyara, after all. Actually, he's Rukura's boyfriend in a lot of RPs, so he's gay. 9.9;;;;
I wasn't gonna do this, but what the hell.

Meg's Art Corner!

Some doodles I did in math class, one page of Lucas and Carter, the other of Jade and Damien.

Trying to get Lian's hair right. Still can't do it.

A still incomplete picture of Cam as a Roman soldier.
Morning Blog!

Toast for breakfast again, it's so wondeful. I'm just far too lazy to cook... actually, it's not even that, I just HATE doing dishes.

SotM: Mister Crowley, by Ozzy Osbourne. Yes, I have ODD taste in music. Especially in the morning.

My guts hurt. That's not a good thing... this feels like it did a couple of months ago when I had a happyhappy bladder infection. x_x Wheeha, I don't want one of those again!

It's so silly to be sad over the death of a television celebrity, but I'm still muchly upset about the death of Ernie Coombs (Mr. Dressup). I love that show to this day, I grew up on it. And now he's gone. ;_;

I have to chew like a cow because my jaw is grinding...

Again, I didn't do my homework. Okay, actually, I did my psych homework, but it's not done. I couldn't think straight last night. I did do my math, tho.

Josh: *GASP* Hell has frozen over!!!!

Shut up!


Moving along... Today marks two days of random colour strips on LotM, with a special appearence from the guest-kyara, Lian Kannel (copyright and courtesty of Firefly na no da).

And I'm gonna post something about Lance and Ferrin. It's not icky or anything, but it's implied, so highlight the below text to read.

There was always a low chorus of murmers from bystanders whenever the Rhodes brothers were seen together. They were often the favourite topic of gossip among townsfolk and the local minister's prime example of sin incarnate.
Today, the two young men walked together down one of the many dirt paths in town, oblivious to the hushed whispers of the people they passed. Both were pale and blond, with blue eyes, dressed in clothes of either cool or neutral colour. They were most definately brothers through bloodline... all the more for the people to talk about.
The shorter of the two walked with a strut that spoke of nothing but aggression and attitude, longish blond hair pulled back in a loose ponytail that brushed along his back and between his shoulders as he sauntered along. He wore wire spectacles, behind which were eyes that were very keenly aware of all surroundings. Against his hip rested a coiled bullwhip, tethered loosely to his belt for easy access if needed.
The taller, and elder, brother had long hair to his waist, bound back in a braid and tied off with some tight red string. He too wore wire-rimmed glasses, his expression that of someone who is at complete ease with the world around him. His gait was equally sedate, though his strides were longer, making up for all lost speed and matching with his sibling.
As the two men passed the church, they instinctively crossed themselves--- neglecting to do so was improper, whether you believed in the church's teachings or not. This rule was long instilled into them from the years when their parents were still living, and it was mostly out of respect for them that they continued this ritual. All things considered, they both stopped going to services once the priest rounded on them and condemned them for their... lifestyle.
From the great archway of the church door, a female voice called to them. "Why do you bless yourselves when you live the most sinful life of all the people in town, Ferrin?"
The elder brother looked up and slowed his pace, coming to a gentle stop a few yards from the church. "Fiona, do not lurk in dark archways. Leave that to the priests and gargoyles, hm?"
Fiona appeared from the murky shadow of the church; a girl of small stature, round face, and red hair. She laughed and held her skirts up above her ankles as she ran over to join them. "Good morrow, Dexter," she said to the younger brother.
Dexter frowned in distaste. "Good morrow, Fiona."

That's it so far.

I think I should finish eating and get dressed, huh? Ja!

ALL HAIL HAROLD!!! He's BACK! *does the Harold laugh and runs around in circles*

I think that's enough from me for tonight. Keep your stick on the ice. ^_~
Re: this
No! No! No! ;____; It's not truuuue! Stupid unfair world, why did he have to die from that? It's so sad... I loved him! NO! *cries* ;_________;
I get on MSN, AIM, and Y!M and I'm swamped with people who wanna chat with me! I'm popular... o_O;; It's scary.
SotM: Ecstasy, by Megadeth. It's a Lance song! Lance has a SONG! Lyrics? ^.^

You live in a world of fantasy
You live in a web of deceit
You want it all including me
You like it all to be neat

I come to you when shadows fall
I leave as the dawn arrives
Hide the truth to deceive them all
How my good intention lies

Try to silence the suspicions
Feeding the dark inhibitions
We can never let anyone see
The sin I bring called ecstasy
The sin I bring ecstasy

Secret meetings that we hide
Deeds of iniquity
The price of foolish pride
The cost of immorality

And we hide the truth to deceive them all
And the pain of what will never be

Try to silence the suspicions
Feeding the dark inhibitions
We can never let anyone see
The sin I bring called ecstasy
The sin I bring ecstasy

Morning Blog!

I feel like someone ran me over with a truck, then beat me with a @X$ that's studded with rusty nails. Dunno why...

I look like G.I Jane, only minus the big boobs! Here I am in a camo shirt and olive cargos. It's beeeeautiful, I tells ya.

*LOL* Thanks for the plug, Alex. *snicker*

Yuken: *preenpreenpreen*

Frecks! Read Journeys Down! NOW! *laughing*

I should prolly draw some more strips when I'm at school... the current ones run out on thursday. I'm just so lazy that I don't bother.

Meg's breakfast! Plain toast and orange juice. Oooh, that's healthy. It's 7-grain toast!

SotM: Pure Snow, by Sasaki Yuko. Simon song na no da!

I miss my Firefly.

That is all.

(that's Amy's mom, btw, not mine. ^_^; )
Sudden inspiration.... I could do a kami version of the story for Whiskey in the Jar for fun. XD~

Come to think of it, I could do a kami version of LotM for release on OW.
Lance and Ferrin. Lance is about 8 years old, which makes Ferrin 14. Lance was a sickly little child...
Sankyuu! ^.^
Y'know, I just now noticed upon reflection that you made an obscure reference to Prozzak. Good job! I commendeth thee!

deth. Megadeth. *grooves to Ecstasy*
Morning Blog!

I feel a headache coming on.

SotM: Angels, by Robbie Williams.

*laughs* I like Cya's sisters already.

My jeans are so long they cover my feet. It's amusing. They're bootcuts, I think, and they're four sizes too long in the leg. But I love them anyway.

You didn't phone me! *sob* So I stayed up til three and drew Cam as a Roman soldier which will take me six years to colour! *sob*

Good job messing up your layout, Speller! I'd offer to fix, but I dunno what you did... unless you wanna gimme your password and username, that is.

Orange juice is my friend. I'm drinking orange juice--- it's part of my not-so-balanced breakfast. I'm too lazy to cook myself food, so orange juice will be my breakfast for today.

*reads Rach's blog* Ohhh, dear. Moving problems BAD muchly. >_< Message to Firefly-chan not to worry and that I shall be patient. ^_^

My brain is somewhere in my room sleeping right now.

Oh! My phone (in my room) went crazy the day before and I couldn't figure out why. See, it started ringing on Saturday morning. Not individual rings, one big LOOOOONG ring that started and wouldn't stop. It was great fun... I turned the ringer off and I could still hear it from the mute speakers on the back. So what did I do? Unplug it of course. Yesterday when I was waiting for a call, I decided to try again. Plug in --- RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII--- unplug. Then I kicked the phone. Plug in----- silence.

Oh the power I wield in my feet.

I did my psych homework. But I didn't do my math. Why? I couldn't get the f*cking CD to work!!! (That's right. The take home things are not textbooks, but CD applications that run in Adobe Acrobat.) It's got sticky adhesive stuff all over it from production. I don't wanna scratch or wash it off lest I damage the disc and have to pay $50 for it, so school work can f*cking wait. I hate math. It just gives me pain.

I have learned that going to bed early makes me really sluggish in the morning. All of last week was early-bedtime week, and I had a really hard time getting up in the morning having slept 9 hours. However, I slept 4 hours last night, and I feel good and was able to get up. I'm such a freak.

Heidi, I want a Kenshin. I want to claim on of my own. Do you want Kenshin (tv show version), or the Battousai Kenshin (Samurai X)? That way we can each claim one no da. 9.9 I'll take either.

I gotted new prismacolor pens yesterday, since they be on sale at my local art store for $2 each! I also got some bulldog clips (huge ones), and some rubber cement.

This is a long pointless blog. Why? 'Cause I got up early. Fear me on orange juice!

YASotM (Yet Another Song of the Moment): Whiskey in the Jar, cover of Thin Lizzy by Metallica. This is an excellent song... it has a great story. ^.^ Musha ring dum a doo dum a da!

I really badly want to finish my picture of a Roman Cameron. It's verra pretty, but it's gonna take a long time. Oh well. Perhaps I can take my pens to school...? Ugh, I'd rather not risk THAT one.

Whack for my daddy-o! There's whiskey in the jar-o!

I've noticed a happy thing about James Hetfield (whose voice I love so much). At the end of every sentence in a standard metallica song, he goes "uuah". It's amusing. Kinda like how Ozzy Osbourne throws a "YEAH!" into every song? Who knows. Trademarkness so it is.

It's been VERY cold here for a week or so now. It's annoying. I'm freezing my ass off. Hey, cool, a live version of the Trooper! *grooves*

I think I shall stop now for fear of permanently instilling damage in small children or feebleminded adults....

O'er and out.
Everyone, behold Lance's older brother/lover, Ferrin Rhodes.
Meg's Art Corner! aka hey look she actually drew something!

Candra and Carter pose cutely. Candra looks really nice. ^.^

*resumes drooling on Repairman Jack*
EWWWWW! Kusum is the Kaka-jii! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW!

Heidi, I suggest you not take band then. I can understand why you're so scared about it. I hate performing too (tho I do it anyway), and a new teacher with whom you're not comfortable with sure doesn't help much.

I just finished watching Samurai X (I've only watched the first 4 eps of the tv show so far, Heidi, so don't worry). That was the SADDEST ending EVER. I bust into tears when the ghost of Tomoe hugged Kenshin at the end. ;_;
I wanna do a Samurai X video to Angels by Robbie Williams now... ^_^;; The EVA vid is almost done with another 1:50 to make, but it's so daunting (7:11 is a LONG song). Next one I do with definately be much shorter. ^___^;;;;;;;;;;

Where are you?? I miss you... ;_;

Josh: Okay, that's it. I'm sick of this over-emotional stint! Dammit, so Kenshin had a miserable life! La dee da dee da! GET OVER IT!

Noooo... ;_;

Josh: That's it. I'm gonna kill you. PAINFULLY.





*bursts into tears (and I kid you not)*
*sobbing* Ohhh, Kenshin! WAAAAH! You poor guy! WAAAAAAH!!!! *sobsobsobsob*

Josh: *makes Meg close the window for Samurai X episode 3*
Apology accepted. ^_^
*SNERK* Yes. Yes, sometimes you do.
I didn't mean your views were bad, y'know, but you really should get down off your high-horse. There's no need to be snide about how a nation feels over a tragedy such as the attacks, whether you agree with them or not.
Another thing; just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm dumb or inexperienced. Quite the contrary. It's well garanteed I've been through some crap that most adults don't want to even hear about. I've been an adult since I was 10. My family is STRICT. We are very european. My parents don't protect me (unless you mean physically, then they prolly would). What I've learned, I learned mostly on my own, through experience or watching other people I love go through horrible things.
As far as community goes, I am part of none. I am an outsider and an observer of MANY. I don't belong to one, nor am I influenced by one.
I've been raised in a family without children. I am the only child. Yes, I have a brother and a sister, but they were adults when I was born. My parents are older than most of my friend's. I've never lived a life sheltered by the "usual" aspects of childish life, since I've been with none but adults.
Don't tell me what I understand and what I don't until you've walked in my shoes. T_T;

Rant complete.
Lissa-chan, I saw that picture too. Look, it's not the devil... it's bin Laden!!! o_O
Morning Blog!

Mmmm... *drooooool*

I got the most amusing e-mail from a guy named Chris Bish, asking me how to adopt-a-bish. *gigglefits* I was vastly amused.

Today is FRIDAY. You know what that means? It's the BEST DAY OF THE WEEK! Psych class is driving me up the wall... It's hard. Stupid thing. We don't even getta study Freud!!!

Today heralds one of my favourite strips. Luci-kun's expression in the first panel is cute. ^.^

Running out of things to say I am.

That shall be all for now. O'er and out.
SotM: Pure Snow again. Why? Dunno. Makes me think of Simon for some WEIRD reason.

Simon: Dear GOD, that is so not me. o_o;;
Meg: The world doesn't know what a sweetie you can be, Simios.
Simon: T_T;; Only with Sebastian am I nice.
Meg: You're a rather sweet mommie for Dami.
Simon: Oh, shut up.
Just watched the first TV ep of Rurouni Kenshin....


Thank you Heidi!! XDDDD
Tsua? Y'know I love you and all, but.... man, I could just bitchslap you for that lovely little spiel. T_T;
Random thoughts:

In the movie Titanic, Leo died when he could have saved himself. Aside from there being enough room on the headboard thing for two people, if the chick had got into the water, both would have lived. Why? Because the female body is a lot more tolerant of the elements because of it's body fat, water content, etc. Guys are much more prone to things like hypothermia.

My thoughts on this? Natural selection. 9.9 Men are easier to kill off for a reason, perhaps? ^_~

/random thoughts

Morning Blog!

SotM: Pure Snow, by Sasami Yuko. It's a pretty song.

I can do that. Here we go. Band instruments are listed with a * aside them....

Carter = vocals*, guitar, drums, piano, cello
Carlos = bass guitar*, vocals*, standard guitar, synth
Lance = guitar*, bass guitar, keyboards*
Lucas = standard guitar*, 12-string guitar*, bass, drums, piano, trumpet, synth, mixing
Vil = drums*, violin


Ahhh, two sexy babes in one strip. And I don't mean Candra. ^__^

Lucas and Simon: You're far too attached to us. o_O;;

I'm downloading a karaoke version of Vector! XDD

Ummm, what to say? I had something I wanted to say. I can't remember. OH! Everyone book it to LotM! Today is the chapter 2 title page!

I didn't do my math homework. AGAIN. Oh, Mrs. Singh is gonna love me for it. 9.9;;;; All I do in her class is draw.

DMode: Everything Counts.

Mik's expression on the last panel is SO CUTE!!! XDD

This just in: Dan's good and has a lot in his pants. (It's not what it sounds like, it's an inside joke. ^__^;; )

Blogger is so stupid.

I drew one picture today! It's just sketched, but it's drawn for the most part. I'm glad. I've not been drawing enough.
Morning Blog!

Ughhh, my head hurts. I think it's from watching the news all day yesterday. I totally forgot to do my homework... I hope my teachers don't kill me. >_<

Well, nothing else has happened (thank god). The US is trying to recover survivors --- there are actually a few!!! ---- from the rubble that was once the World Trade Centre.
School is gonna be rough today. I seriously doubt anyone will be paying much attention... being in Southern Ontario, a lot of people here have relatives in the New York area.

Anyway... on to other things.

The next layout is based on a movie. A movie I love DEARLY. A movie I have subjected both Amy and Firefly to. This movie is a work of the directing God, Sam Raimi.
I bet a few people already know what it is, ne? ^.^;

I've drawn nothing new. I'm headachy and stressed. And I gotta remember to bring my mom's copy of the Ten Commandments movie to school.

I recallmy first thought upon hearing the news of the attacks this morning. What was that thought was oh my god, what there are more attacks and someone I love gets hurt?!
So I'll do that now. I know it sounds all final and paranoidish, it's not really... upon reflection, I just think I need to say it.

to Sarah (Dora/imouto):
I loooove you to death. You're my little (older) sister, and you mean a lot to me. I would do anything in my power for you, and your wellbeing means a lot to me. You have helped me many times by giving me advice, letting me rant at you, helping me figure things out, and just being good conversation when I really really craved that. I love you.

to Rachel (Lieko/Lieral/Rach):
I really bet you know this already, but I love you TOO! You've also helped me out and let me vent when I was upset, and I'm glad we're good friends. You'd make a formidable enemy. ^_~ And besides, you're cool. I love you muchly.

to Jamie (Firefly/querida):
Like I need to tell you that I love you? I hope you know. ^_~ If not, lemme say it again. I LOOOOVE YOOOOOU A LOOOOT! MORE THAN AAAAANYTHING!!!!!!!

And that is all I felt compelled to say.
Canada is sitting-duck country, our armies dunno how to fight, they can just TALK... our only hope in combat strats lie with the RCMP.

Judging by President Bush's latest speech, the US is muchly prepared for war if push comes to shove. I really hope it doesn't come to that, but well.... it may have to happen.

This is one SCARY ordeal. It's really weird. See, I live directly south from Pearson International Airport (THE IAP of Toronto). Usually, planes are really low and really loud here, since we're in the airline strip. But it's so quiet tonight...

I think tonight requires sleeping with many spirities. I doubt my dreams will be nice. Let's all pray for a lack of blue-o-vision.
*finishes CG for next layout*
Dear god, World War Three is nigh. o_o

For those who are deaf or blind and have NOT been informed, America has been attacked by terrorists. The world trade centre is DEMOLISHED, the twin towers are GONE. Two hijacked passenger airplanes crashed into the buildings; the first went down at 8:45 this morning, the second was demolished 25 minutes later. Within two hours, the Pentagon was also crashed into by a plane, and there was a car bomb at the states department. One more plane crashed in Pennsylvania; a 747. The FIFTH has been confirmed, and John just told me that they may have grounded it in Whitehorse. There were reports of another plane going down at Camp David in Maryland, but I dunno if that's been confirmed...
Tens of thousands of people are thought to be dead.
The United States of America is in some SERIOUS trouble, and Canada has promised to stand by and help them as their allies. Everything in the Toronto downtown core has been shut down, and the CN tower was shut and evacuated because it's an EASY target. The borders are shut, the armed forces are out for both our countries, and this is definately an act of war. All that remains is to find out who did it, and wait and see if anyone else is attacked.
We were informed by the school principal over the PA this morning around 10:15 that America has been subject to highly organized terrorist attacks. I was in religion class when this was announced, and we were one of the only classes to have access to a television. So, all through religion and psych, I watched CNN, and at lunch and through english I was glued to my radio. Yeah.
Dear lord.

Needless to say, my movie date for tonight has been cancelled...
Heidi, that's okay. ^_^ I've got CDs 'aplenty.
Morning Blog!

*laughing* Oh, the picture I drew last night amuses me. But no one is allowed to see it! Ohohohoho! Why? 'Cause it's the header for the next layout!!!

Awww, Lucas looks so CUTE today! *_*

Tonight I shall be going to see Jay and Silent Bob. Querida, I won't be online until later, then, so try to get the 'net after dinner? ^___^;

Harley, you amuse me.

Good messenger-chan. ^_~ Sounds good to me.

Out of things to say already.....


I had a strange day at school. Dan is a special, special boy... he filled out my survey on reading (for psych class) with the most amazing answers...
Regardless, after school, mom, dad, and myself drove to Mississauga to get me a new health card. That was fun. I had a whole TON of ID, and they wouldn't accept me for the longest time!! I had a passport, hospital card, student card, health card, birth certificate, notification, AND my mom and dad there! *swearing*

Then we went to Curry's and I got a new sketchbook.

Thus is my day.

*contemplating a new blog layout* Oi, querida, since you be doing a movie theme, I'm very seriously considering doing one for either Army of Darkness or one for Spiderman. *cackle* You'd LOVE that, eh??? Too bad you thought of doing one to my fave first... *feeeh* I could do one and bite offa you. But NO, BECAUSE I'M NOT A BITER LIKE YOU! OHOHOHOHO! ^_~

Dear god and holy sh*t, you're gorgeous, imouto!!! Jeeeeesus!!!! o_o
Morning Blog!

Last night was Speller's birthday party. She got many things! It was at Pizza Hut. At the party, there was myself, Speller (of course), Amy, Dan, Heidi, Megan, Sarah, and Katarina. We made lots of noise, I had one eye, we made a plate with JUST toppings on it (and one with cake too), and there was much mirth and merriment. WAI! XD

This seems to be the weekend of pizza. I had pizza on saturday, last night, and I'm eating it for breakfast now.

I had a HUGE homework load this weekend, and I put it all off until last night. But you know what? I GOT IT ALL DONE!!! *cackles insanely* ALL of it! Now Ms. Fotinos can't call me a slug. (Yes, she called me a slug. I find that vastly amusing.)

I'm wearing a pretty new camisole today! I swear, I'm collecting them now. They're dirt cheap at Old Navy, and comfortable to sleep in. ^__^;; they also add a nice splash of colour to an outfit with a button up shirt. I'm also wearing a white chinese-ish shirt. I *heart* it! Mom got it for me from Goodwill, I think. All hail thrift!

Mah' baby, Matt, signed the Legacy of the Messiah guestbook!! WAI! Thanks, dood! XD We still on for Jay and Silent Bob this tuesday?

Damn right that imou--- err, otouto's layout should be worshipped! I did the art! OHOHOHOHOHO!

Lucas: Dear god, she's lost it.
Cam: Just now? Wow. I'm shocked. I coulda sworn she lost it a LONG time ago.
Simon: Think of it this way; at least she's not picking on us, so don't complain.
Cam: Point taken.
Lucas: *glares at Simon*


*GRIN* Aw, the second panel's so CUTE! Finally into strips I've not read yet!!! WAI!
Y'know, querida, I didn't much like the pic I drew for you, so I have yet to get it from the car. Sooo, I drew this one of Oli and Carter as Jack and Tyler for you. It's pretty. I like it. Carter looks EVIL. o_O I watched Fight Club in my room last night. XD And Tyler and Jack looked down upon me with LOVE from my ceiling. OHOHOHO!

Anyway, I hafta go to SCHOOL. *ple* Ja matta ne!
Okay, Lance it is. 9.9 Passed the message on to Firefly, expect her to blog a response sometime soon. Kaze can make sprites for me if he wishes, but I'd rather not have them in his game... ^____^;;;; <--- overprotective of kyara muchly
DMode: Everything Counts. I love the harmony in this.
Wow, I got a NICE e-mail today!!! (Actually, it's from the 3rd, but I never check my Excite mail on a regular basis...)

Your artwork is awesome, Meg-Chan! You should be a kiss artist, or open your own adoption center! U R great!

Thanks, Mizumi! ^.^
Uploaded another week's worth of strips for LotM. Chapter 2 officially begins on the 13th. I like the title page for it, even if it is VERY half-assed.... I swear to god, you can't tell I've been using Photoshop for 3 years. -_-;; Why? 'Cause I'm too lazy to do detailed work.
For the CG, just pic a kyara and a situation or something first off... if you want to wait two or three weeks, there's gonna be at LEAST three new kyara added to the plot. Or you can think of a situation or something. Or I can draw you a picture of Lance and call it even. 9.9
AWWW! Tell Kaze-kun for me that the Candra sprite is CUTE! Firefly, dear, lookit it! It's SO cute!!!!!

I've seen a fair amount of SuperS. Raw, that is. I was turned TOTALLY off the dub after S started, so I don't even watch it anymore. EVER. Worst dubbing job I've ever seen though is still Tattoon Master. *chokegaggaggag*


Firefly's off getting drunk tonight because it's her birthday. ^_^ FIREFLY! I SENT YOU A CAAARD! I forgot to do your present picture. *falls over and dies*
Why does blogger hate me so much?? T___T;
Aaah, I am both saddened and amused.
I rented the dub of Perfect Blue for my mom to watch today. It is really really funny if you know the japanese version inside-out and backwards like I do. The dubbing was h.o.r.r.i.d. Worse than most Manga Video dubs. Mima's voice only seemed to have three modes: scream, monotone, and valley-girl. It was annoying. Mimania's voice was REALLY close, though, I was impressed with that, and Rumi wasn't too bad. But everyone else SUCKED. One line in the movie made me burst out laughing... for those who have seen the movie, remember when Mima's talking to the Mimarin (CHAM mima) on the computer monitor, and CHAM Mimarin calls real Mima "dirty" and "tarnished"? The english line was:
"That's right, you're a dirty woman now. Like a SLUT!!"
*hysterical laughter*

Anyway, sadly, mom didn't understand the plot. She liked the animation tho... but she didn't get what a twisted plot it has. Maybe something gets lost in the translation that's vital to the story... I dunno since I know how it's SUPPOSED to be...

John and I went to the movie poster warehouse today... know what I got??! A FIGHT CLUB POSTER!!! They only had two styles, and one was a review poster. I got the theatrical one, but sadly it's not the same as the cover for the VHS (with the greenish hue to it). It's nice, tho. Going on my ceiling. XD John got the Spiderman movie promo poster (which I also wanted, but it was really expensive [$25]). I've also decided that next time I go, I shall get me the Army Of Darkness promo. It's the painting version of the original movie cover. It's NIIIICE. ^___^

Auto stores are full of potential weapons.... I was scaring everyone in the place John and I went into today. I was looking at all the tools and saying stuff like "wow, that could fit in my backpack!/that would be good for disposing of a body/you could drill someone's eyes out nice and clean with that/ooooh, that's like a home skingraft kit!". They should all be glad that we only went there to get an airbrush and a small sandblasting nozzle. 9.9

And that is all for now!
That's about right, too. God, you should hear the "inspirational" music that he plays over the PA system before class each morning. *rolls eyes* It all blows. I'm almost tempted to blackmail someone into switching the tape for one with, I dunno, the Anti-Nowhere League or the Sex Pistols or something....
Aaah, you don't know nothin' about Lance yet, chica. Which reminds me!

Yesterday, Lucas and Lance were named the official Incest Poster Boys. Why?

Lucas is second only to Lance, but let's discuss Hathaway first. Lucas has a thing for:
a) Cam, who is technically his brother
b) Lila, who is technically his sister
c) Candra, who is technically his niece
d) we really have to wonder about him and Oli, though they've never done anything....

Now we have a mister Dexter Lawerence Rhodes (aka, Lance). Who had a 200-year-long relationship with his own older brother, Ferrin. I mean, a full fledged, emotional/sexual/romantic relationship with his own flesh-and-blood sibling. It was a really disturbing relationship... started when Lance was 12 and Ferrin was 18. x_X

Ahhh, fun for all.

You've never seen Jeff on WLiiA before??? Where've you BEEN?! ^_~
Updated the LotM profiles. Now has Yuken, Lucifer, Kanson, and Europa up.
Thanks! I'm fond of this layout too, actually... it's nice and simple. ^.^
Morning Blog! brought to you by orange juice, the closest thing to breakfast I ever have.

Well, I actually have nothing to say this morning. My head hurts and I gotta go shopping tomorrow.

Speller, where do I have to be on sunday (as in... your house?) and what time do I have to be there???

Actually, the bugging isn't it. See, I was in a BAAAAD mood and thus my complaining. Seriously, tho, the next contest should be next month or so... not sure yet.

Ahhh, Rach m'dear... *grins* That second dream is mighty amusing. XD

Going through my images in my documents.... imouto makes a really really cute otouto. 9.9

D-chan, I prefer to call Rozario the Bastardly Big Bald Bad. He's like a rapper. *hoots* Can you imagine THAT rapping?! *cackle*

I'm wearing my happihappi south park shirt today. I have two, but this is my fave one. It's mucho comfortableo. (Firefly, I've noticed you've taken to doing the "mucho [whatever]o" thing too... good job! 'Slike Amy saying my phrases "anyhoo" and "this is true".)

Speaking of which, dear, when shall you next be online? If you're working, I mean. I can try to stay up late tonight, since it be friday. But... *sidelong glance at father*

SotM: Sunday Bloody Sunday, by U2. This stands in my mind as the best song they've EVER done. I only like... what, 4 songs of theirs? This one, Sweetest Thing (sometimes, others I just hate it), Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, and Beautiful Day...

HEY! I just realized that my wrist is better!!!! *dances for joy*

Joy: I told you not to dance for meeee EVER again! T_T;
Meg: Which reminds me, you have such a happy story I will have to write it someday.
Joy: Oh, god. Shoot me.

Speaking of stories, for your viewing pleasure, a narrative on Lance!!! I rarely post my writing, but hey. This is the only thing I've ever written from his POV. He's interesting, and he's very straight-forward.

Ugh! The homework for psychology is HARD! I swear, the class is cool, but the textbook work is killer. It's all concepts, and it's difficult to do textbook work on THAT. ^_^;;

Religions is a lot easier, actually, since those concepts are based more on personal beliefs than anything. Pretty much anything you say is right, as long as you don't state one religion as being better than another.

Math sucks.

English is COOL! My teacher is funny, her name is Miss Lande. She's amusing because she's a fabulous speaker (she speaks with her hands, and she's interesting to listen to because she ennunciates well and her voice changes pitch and stuff how it SHOULD). She's read like everything written on paper, and she's mildly sarcastic. She also lets us write analogies. Know how nice that is?? Teachers usually HATE analogies. Oh well. She gave me an A+ on my first assignment. ^____^

Dan and I talked ALLLLLL lunch period. Know how weird that is? As he said, you'd think we would have run out of things to say.

SotM: Loser, by Three Doors Down. Not the same song Firefly keeps singing, that's for sure.

This weekend, John says that if his car doesn't fall apart he shall take me to the movie poster warehouse. John is great, really. He's like superbrother sometimes. ^_^ I get along really good with him, and he understands where I'm coming from most of the time... we're a lot alike, only he's got a bigger mouth in bad situations.
However, I also HATE him because he draws a shitload better than me! (excuse my language) It's not fair, I tell you! He's almost 36, and he draws so good... prolly because he's had 20 more years of practice than me, huh? ^_^;;;;

I look like such a slut, it's funny. I'm sitting at the computer in my blue boxershorts, wearing a navy blue camisole and no bra. I'm a SLUT! It's funny. *looks down the front of her shirt* Dammit, I want clevage.

I've not drawn anything worth noting lately. I'm too stressed out. ^_^;; I'll prolly draw bunches this weekend if my arm heals itself (it died today... I took like 16 pages of notes).

I gotta do more strips too... they run out on saturday...

Ah well. I'm lazy. I think I should probably go to bed.

Oyasumi nasaaaaaii!

Morning Blog!

*cackles* Yuken and Lucifer are sexy bitches! BWAHAHAHAHA!


Last night I dreamt about being *drumroll* Yzer! That was great fun. What I remember was getting caught and executed!

Keenspace didn't update, so I went to do a manual update... but I'm 2369 in the queue! I KID YOU NOT!!! x_X Looks like no update 'til tomorrow. -___-;

I think I shall draw my wocky (behave, rachel!), Cadence1, as a kami kyara for that contest... *ponderponder*

Y'know, I have nothing to say... oh yeah! Firefly! I won't be online until about 6:30, so if you wrestle the net from Rach, I shall be on.

Enough of me. O'er and out!
Eva Video Status: 4:37. That leaves over 2:30 to go. Another week of work and it should be done. I'm VERY happy with it.

I'm gonna start bringing my pens to school, or at least some of them. I get so bored at lunch, there's nothing to do! I hate it. ;_;

Megan! Thank you for the OMG movie! It was so cool! The ending was nice with the singing... normally I don't go for that, but it was really pretty. ^.^ Thank you thank you thank you! XD

Mm mm mm.

I shall prolly post a morning blog tomorrow. Blogger wasn't working this morning, you see.

This is a long rambling entry. Amy, where are you? I haven't seen you online and I'm not allowed to make calls. *sulk*

Where is my mind? Waaaaay out in the water! See it swimmin'??

I'll shut up.

This just in! John actually told me a picture I drew is "really nice".
My day was slightly better today, but let's not elaborate.

LotM contest entries are up, btw. I know there are two broken images, but I shall fix that tomorrow morning.

Green dragon no da? *blinkblink* Tay. 'Tis cute. ^_^ But the dragon should be red, with the head at his shoulder.

Lucas: Nitpick much?

Sadly, I can't draw animals worth sh--- butter. I can try entering that neopets contest, iffen you like.
EVERYONE STOP BUGGING ME! KEENSPACE WON'T LET ME UPLOAD, OKAY?! I'm having GREAT fun fighting with IE to even log IN!!!! CHILL!!!

And that's becasue the address isn't at betweenthelines, it's at
You know what also doesn't help? My family doesn't CARE how my day went. Mom asks, but she doesn't care. She gets mad at me when I say my day went bad. "Wasn't there ANYTHING positive about your day?" gee, if you didn't want to know, why'd you ask? And dad needles me. And John's obnoxious, but at least he can tell when I'm upset and doesn't get MAD at me for it.

*pushes her glasses up and covers her face with one hand* It's days like this that I wonder why I put up with this. I have no cheer in me at all. I can't even draw. I've been trying all day. I can't do anything. I'm miserable.
......*cringing* Will not cry. Will not cry. I will not cry. I don't cry. I will not cry.
Anger anger anger anger anger.

I had close to the _worst_ f*cking day at school EVER. I have classes with NO ONE, I have lunch with only Dan, and I'm gonna fail math.

See, first period is math, and my teacher is Mrs. Singh. She moves FAST in the work, and I don't understand aaanything involving numbers. Then is religions with Ms. Fotinos, which is okay, save for the fact that I have psych right after it in the same f*cking class with the same teacher and it's most of the same material. Then lunch, which, as I said, I have only with Dan. Whereas all my other friends have 3rd period lunch (Amy, Matt, Mike, Heidi, Megan, Speller, Gerrad, Pat, EVERYONE!!!). Then is english, which I'm happy for since I have a cool teacher. But other than that, this f*cking sucks! I HATE IT! I've never been so unhappy on the first day of school in my LIFE! No one but Dan and I have 4th period lunch and it's just not fair and I can't get my classes changed because I don't have a conflict.

I hate my f*cking school now. That's it. I hate it. I should just be a f*cking anti-social bitch and lock myself the the goddamn sucky ass library that has only about 7 shelves of books and a f*cking computer lab and STAY there. See, I don't make friends easy. I don't. I don't like people. I don't like talking to people. I f*cking hate this. F*ck it.
Note: *cackles* It updated!!!! Only two more to go... *sniff*

Note: My computer should be up and running by tomorrow. Net access from my room again! WAI!
Note: I do NOT draw like a superstar!
Morning Blog! Yes, we're back to doing those, people!

Today marks the start of the school year. I don't really want to go in, since the first day usually started at like 10, but today it's starting at the normal-day thing of 8:30. I'm annoyed... our new principal is a DORK and he's done such crap to our school over this past year and this one starting now. Goddammit. And I have MATH first f*cking period. Yeah.

But I'm wearing my new pants and my punk rock shirt.

Oh well. I'll blog when I get home, if I survive.

Good luck to all who also start their classes today! Heidi, Megan, Speller, Amy, Dan, Matt, Mike, Gerrad, Pat, Sarah... and Firefly-chaaaaan!

O'er and out.

PS: I'm gonna have the fanart results up on the LotM site tonight! I SWEAR!
So, here I am, on the day before school starts, twiddling my thumbs and praying that some natural disaster will strike and make it so school is cancelled for just one more day.
I don't really hate school, per se, but new situations aren't my thing. I hate going in without promise of being in a class with anyone I know. As far as I am aware, none of my friends have classes OR lunch with me (save for Dan; he and I have lunch together, which isn't a bad thing, really... saves both of us from being loners, ne?). I swear, if I don't have lunch with Mike or Matt, I'm gonna go crazy. ;_;

SotM: Never Let Me Down Again, Depeche Mode cover done by the Smashing Pumpkins. I like Billy's voice. ^.^ Maybe when this is done, I'll fetch my BST3 cd and listen to Ava Adore...

Currently Downloading: White Wedding, by Billy Idol. Hey, another Billy!

I get FAR TOO MANY HITS for pictures of that f*cking doctor from the FF movie. I will no longer say her name. She is simply known as AR. *nods sagely*

Blog*spot is being very slow to load today... my connection is normally pretty fast for a dial-up, but this is rediculous. I hope mom can get my computer fixed up today, so I can install morpheus on there and download video all night while I sleep no da.

Mom and I are discussing the sexiness of Spike (the vampire, not the bounty hunter).

The day is marked off on my calendar. ^_~ ....the woooorks!!!!! And... *thinks* ....crap, I can't even HAVE cake. *sulks* Too much sugar makes Meg pass out. And ice cream usually makes me sick. *poutpoutpout*

Oh, wow! Looks like I'll get to go to the laundromat. *makes a face* Damn me and my owning too many clothes.

I got to watch one of my favourite movies yesterday--- The Taming of the Shrew, with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. It cracks me up... and Liz Taylor is gorgeous in it. But ye gods, is it funny. ^__^

My funniest blog hit ever!


hate pokemon there is a funny pokemon killer rom get it kill the pokemon

thank you! *bows*
Ryuu-Lucas and ryuu-Oli, resting. Shows you how big Lucas' dragon form is considering Oli would be about the size of the average adult human. o_o;
I must be the only scottish girl to like england.... ^_^;
Whoooo! I am happy! Back-to-school shopping went really well.

First mom and I went to Wal-Mart (good old wallyworld). There I got a new discman and GOOD headphones. I also found a cuuuuute black shirt that says "punk rock-- rebel without a cause!" and lots of little bits of writing all over it (and a union jack 9.9), blue zipper pants with drawstrings, and a black vest with velcro and a clip. After that, we booked it to the mall, where I found a PLACE THAT SELLS THE DOC MARTINS I WANT!!! They're $178, but mom's gonna hit dad up for the cash for them. In a few weeks, they shall be mine. Anyway, we went to Old Navy, where I got two really cute little camisoles (one's blue, and the other is cute candy colours). The we puttered off to Bluenotes, where I got a belt. Whoo. Big purchase. ^_~ After THAT, we went to Bootlegger where mom found a niiiiiiiiiiiiiice Brody denim jacket that goes to my knees. It was marked at $70... but it was the only one in the store so it was reduced to $20. XDD How happy I am.

Thank yoooou mommie! XDDDDDD

Mm mm mm. Now I need to do laundry, wash my backpack, and scrub my shoes. ^_^; Oh, but those Docs.... *drools* Half way up my calves, lace-ups.... soft leather and thick soles without a clunky heel... Oh how I want those boots.... *drooling profusely*

Jade is Damien's twin sister. She likes leather.

Off to play neopets now.

"Do you need to make sure?" *laughing her head off*


This is technically a Morning Blog. I'm up before 10 am. Rejoice!

Mom and I are going out in about half an hour to get me binders, pens, a new pencil case, and I hopefully wanna get a discman. Two classes with Ms. Fotinos and no discman would be INSANE.

Meg's Art Corner! brought to you by last night's headache, which is still lingering.

This picture wasn't really meant to be gory. That isn't blood, so allow me to explain. I was going through the eva movie last night and decided it would be fun to incorperate the red liquid stuff that NERV uses to stop the eva in the test centre (I can't remember what it's called no da...). Y'know, the stuff that hardens? That's what that's supposed to be. ^_^;; I killed my red pens on that picture, including my one and only Copic.

And here we have a study of Simon and Sebastian. Sebbi turned out extrodinarally cute, bruises and all. Yes, Simon is a wife---errr, husbandbeater. Why? Sebbi gets off on it. ^__^;;

Firefly! I'll be online this afternoon, around three-ish (what's that... noon your time, ne?) or later. If you can't catch me then due to working on your apartment, I'll be on tonight around the usual time too.
Off to read blogs, then to go shopping.

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