SotM: Letting the Cables Sleep (Cafe Del Mar remix), by Bush. I like this song. It's one of the ones I have to burn for John U.
Gerrad, Amy, Mike, Dan, and myself all went trick-or-treating tonight. It was great fun! Mike was in the Tomoeda uniform (well, save for the black shirt, he provided his own shirt to wear) and a purple wig that was in pigtails, Dan wore a long black dress with my elbow gloves, a blossom-esque hat, high-heeled boots, and a purple feather boa, Amy wore my mom's black witch robe and my faerie wings on her head, Gerrad was Zell (*coughlookedmorelikeashcough*), and I wore my mononoke hime costume. We cruised the complex and the streets past it for about an hour and a half, with Dan and Mike fighting over whom I was escort for, many people laughing at (and propositioning) the two doods, Gerrad and Amy running up ahead, and cute little kids. We also went and visited Pat, who gave us coke (which I spilled on myself; twice in one day with coke! Damn stuff is cursed). Jacqui said I have serious issues for dressing as San. Dan, touch my ass again and I kill you. Mike, you do that girly voice quite well...! And all is good.

I'm verra tired, tho. The religions trip tomorrow is gonna be a killer. x_x Going to a synagogue and then the Holocaust Centre. Whee!

Falling asleeeep...

The Halloween pic is up on LotM. Finally.

Three more songs to get for Johnny U., and then I can go to bed. YAY FOR BED!

Crap. I have a cramp in my fooooot! *whines*

Ribby, thanks for the neogreeting!!!!

Lots of one line comments. Why? Because I SUCK. But I have candy. CANDY!! And lots of chips. XD S'all good.
Yes, all your Timmy is belong to me! OHOHOHOHOHO!

Rafe: Lay off the crack, woman!!!
Here I am at home, cleaning coke out of my San headdress fur. Stupid fucking son of a bitch Gary dumped pop off the top of the stairwell and splashed like 4 of us people. Mike (Manson)'s gonna kill him. Yeah.

Anyone who is willing to come Trick Or Treating with myself, Amy, Dan, Mike (J), Gerrad, and possibly Matt, meet at my house around 6. There is a 6:35 waiting period. If you are NOT THERE BY 6:35, WE GO WITHOUT YOU!! Also, if you need to contact me to get my address, my messenger/chat program info is on the side there *points at the Guy With the Gun section* Also, you MUST have a costume! One person can mess it up for everyone if they don't dress up!!

Everyone likes my hair. See, my hair is why I am happy! I got it cuuuut! I'll post pics later.

Morning Blog

Oooh, this just in! My dad is an obnoxious bastard! Whooo! I bet we didn't know that yet!

Anyway, I'm sitting here in my costume contemplating whether or not I should brace myself and face the cold, or just let him drive me to school. *thinks*

*thinks some more*

F*ck it, I'm walking.

*cries* Sam the Record Man is out of business! That's so sad! ;_;

Oh, the halloween LotM page will be up later today. I can't seem to get it uploaded. ^_^;; So I'll have to do it when I get home from school (around 1ish). Whoo.

People who go to school with me! I want you to take pictures of me for... me, today. *holds up camera*

I go. *wanders off*

A few of you know why.
My new word is beeing, btw.
beeing = to bug or bother, as in talk and not shut up (buzzing).

I'm home! And I went to the mall with Dan. We went to Comic World, and I bought Animerica (Firefly-chan! There's a special on Fruits Basket in the issue I got!), and we got lunch. *sagely nod* And spoons. Blue spoons.

I started reading a really good book today, I shall have to actually sign it out of the library... it's a book I've been wanting to read, too. The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan. It's good. I read 46 pages of it in library while skipping period 1.
Morning Blog!

shhh, everyone, Meg's gonna skip all her classes and come home at 10 today.

Haven't you learned that insulting yourself gets people to dislike you more than like you? u_u;

Anyone have the Sonic State Drum 'n' Bass remix of Opticon by Orgy? ^_^;; I can't find it...

All the people I go to school with will get to see me in a COOL costume tomorrow, plus there's gonna be something else to show off! (Be nice.) I'm skipping 2nd and 3rd periods so I may chill with you people, btw.

Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom. Boredom.


I'll prolly blog when I get home. I have a few thingies to make for my costume before tomorrow, sooo....

Oh! To all who are trick-or-treating wi' me! Let's go to the central park complex, 'cause they give out LOTS of candy (lots of little kids live there no da). My dad also says he will drive anyone home if they need it to be done. Tay? Amy, Dan? Anyone else wanna come? Kat? Anyone? Mike, you better come with. I've got a camera that's beeing me to take pictures of you with it. ^_~

Enough of that. Schooool in a feeew. Not like I really care about being late today, since I'm not going to class....maybe I'll just go scrounge up some change and go to the mall. Maybe I'll find Dan and pull him along with me.

O'er and out!

Woah... two people getting me mononoke hime? Huh. Oh well. I'll pay you both back and/or give you CDs for it.
Blood? You can gimme that? Oh yeah! XDD Would you please? I can bring a blank CD to school tomorrow!!!!

In leu of the fun everyone had at the mall over the weekend, I propose a gathering this coming weekend too. Anyone up for it? Since Amy and I didn't go and all. ^_^

Matt and I WON!

Megan, you have Angel Sanctuary?!!!! CAN I HAVE?!!! PLEASE?? Loddoss is one I've never been terribly interested in, but maybe I've not seen enough of it... how many CDs would you need to copy all the stuff you mentioned?

To all with anime I want, if you can get me copies, I will also pay you in artwork!!! *waves around paper* Since I'm broke... ^_^;

WHOO! *spaz dance* Home early 'cause I finished the run...

Anyways, THANK YOU MIKE! I LOVE YOU!!! *glomps Mike J.* You realize that I'll be bugging you to download lots of stuff for me now.... I can provide CDs and stuff too, tho. But look what you've gotten yourself into! OHOHOHOHO!

Oi oi oi oi, John's getting me photoshop 6. SIX I SAY!!!! *dance*

All with the goodness here no da. I'm hyper. Yup.
CRAP! I left the songlist for John U.'s cd at school! I hope he doesn't hate me. ;_;

Note to all who are online off and on during the day, I shall be on around noon since we get out of school about then. I may leave earlier... Religions class doesn't interest me much right now. (Stupid study on christianity. I find that religion very boring. Judaism was much more fun.)

Morning Blog!

*slobbers on Cya*

The Wolfie Girl, eh? That will be me! Ah, such a spiffy costume, you won't be disappointed. XD

I have new kyara to play with. They're kids, and kids are fun! Bradley and Phillip Thatcher. ^.^ Brad is really fun to play with, since he's a bit uptight about everything. And little Phillip has brain cancer. I'm so cruel.

I have a biiiig favour to ask of those of you who have cable or DSL (Megan? Heidi? Katarina?). Could someone PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE get me the 133 minute Princess Mononoke DVD rip offa morpheus? It would take me years to get. Actually, it took me about 12 hours to get 14 minutes of it (I gave up). I really wanna play with it to music. PLEASE? I pay you for the cd! I'll pay you for labour! PLEEEEASE? Actually, any new anime you can give me would be good too, I have many blank CDs.... just heeeeeeelp!! Damn slow 56k connection. ;_; I started downloading the

I need new anime in the worst kinda way. u_u;

I have a really weird week ahead of me. Today is the Terry Fox run, tomorrow I get out of class at noon, wednesday is halloween, thursday I have a class trip to a synagog and the Holocaust centre, and friday is.... well, friday.

I think today, I shall wear my tux shirt. No, wait. If I do, I can't wear my gloves. Hmmm. And I need my faerie wings, too. *sagely nod*

Let's hope I have some artistic skill for today... yesterday, I couldn't draw. I'm just gonna be SO BORED in my classes otherwise.... oh, crap, I have a test today, don't I?? o_o


Comfort!! WHOO! God, I feel good. I'm wearing my black UK punk shirt, black jeans, elbow length black gloves, silver bangles, a chain around my neck, and black faerie wings.

I feel goooood. And long gloves make me feel all sexeh! Don't ask, I have this thing for hands in tight gloves.

Amy's heeeere! YAY!
Imouto, you're invited too! You can be.... *cackles* You can be the Maid of Honor!

Now who wants to be the human sacrafice? eh? eh?
Spellers an usher with BOOZE!
I'm marrying Amy, Mike's gonna throw me a bachelorette party, Firefly's the stripper and the priest...
Wow. I didn't know I had such abandonment issues until now.
Amy loves herself and makes a big mess in the hallway. Then she pulls me and Firefly in on it. She's a LID STEALER! And I eat monkeys who sit on stools. Amy wants me to get raped outside the art store.

There's this movie that's gonna be made. Here's what it's about.

Leonardo DiCaprio and The Caravan in...
Salvation Army (duh-nuh-nuh!)

Leonardo Dicaprio finds out one day that his mom sold his g-string to the salvation army. His boyfriend (played by Matt Damon) wants him to get it back, so Leo goes to the salvation army. There, all the soldiers hold him at gunpoint and tell him that they gave it to a needy family. Leo steals the salvation army caravan and drives across the country to where some needy people are using his g-string as a tent in ghettoville. He runs them all over, killing them, only to find out that.... it was his mom's g-string all along!!!

The End.
Morning Blog!

I just got a thingie from CrushLink. WHY CAN I NOT FIGURE IT OUT?!!!! It's infuriating. *beats head against the wall* If someone has a crush on me, couldn't they just tell me? I'm not evil. I don't bite.... okay, I'm evil, but not with things like this! u_u;
8 letter (or more) first name and 7 letter last name? DAMMIT ALL! I can't think! I'm adding like everyone I know! JESUS MURPHY!!! *beats computer* If the stupid thing would, y'know, give me a gender to work off of, maybe I could figure it out! *beats*
So, is anyone gets an e-mail from crushlink, it's just me trying to figure this out. I'm adding EVERY E-MAIL I KNOW.

*throws hands up in the air* I quit!!

Well, that ate up all my time.... ^_^;;

What's going on in my life:
Tonight, Amarino and I are going to Value Village for the halloween costume sale. I wanna get some wigs or something. Or really wild pants or something. And Amy wants a top hat. So a top hat we shall get!
I also primed my mask and ears for painting. Costume is hopefully gonna be done come sunday. ^_^;
Umm, reeeeedoing the LotM halloween page so I can try something else. I think I'm gonna do like 4 of them instead of just one, so I can pair couples off instead.
*looks at Harry Potter watch, squeals* Time! ACK! I gotta wash my hair yet!!
Okay, what else? Ummm, Amy's staying over tomorrow night! Know what that means? I gotta clean my room first thing tomorrow morning. FUN AND A BARREL OF MONKEYS!!! u_u; Oh well.
Hey, I actually know who she's dressed as. o_O And somehow, Cya as Cesar Chavez is SCARY.

Okay, I really gotta go now or I'll be late.
OH! Querida! I was working on the Lance/Ferrin story last night out of boredom! Power to me!

O'er and out!

Morning Blog!
Look! A morning blog! Yeeeeah, fancy that!

I'm wearing my tuxedo shirt today. I love this shirt, even if dad says it makes me look like a priest. Hell, more the reason to love it. Yes, I'm psychotic.

Last night, I was bitten by the writing bug (his name is Joshua), so I started writing something. This is a scene I drew based on what's happening in the little story right now. Mind you, they aren't SD in the story, but that's how the pic came out. *shrug* It's cute. Dan, look! Lucas is wearing the pants you want! If only I could actually buy the clothes I draw... I want those pants too.

I wonder if John is gonna be at school today? I miss him. And I had to do our presentation on hasidism on my own.... on a day where I had a terrible stutter...

Amy and I are such whores. We figured this out last night... see, I was telling her about how Dan made a comment that I slept with his girlfriend first (slept in the literal sense of the word), and Amy and I were joking that we've slept with everyone in our families, our friends, etc. But no one can sleep with Speller. She's a CHALLENGE, I SAY! ^_~

......I forgot how cute Cam and Lucas act together. *sniffle* It's so sweet!

SotM: Kiseki no Umi, by Sakamoto Maaya. I love this song. ^_^ Makes me think of someone. *looooooks at Anu-chan*

Speaking of Anu-chan, I shall have to draw him, huh, Rach?

And also speaking of Rach.... BLOG, RACHEL, OR FEEL MY WRATH!!!!! (It's a good wrath.)

It's Thursday. Know what that means? Three eps of Whose Line tonight. WAI!

Enough from me. I must finish drinking my breakfast and comb my hair. *insane giggle, looks at amy* Won't have to worry about that too long, eh?

O'er and out!
GUESS WHAT EVERYONE?!!! I have something to show you! It's called..

Meg's Art Corner!!! IT'S ALIVE!!! ALIVE!!!!!! (aka, I can still draw! GASP!)

Dami looking like he's been pushed over. It's a really cute sketch... even if he looks about to cry.

Otay, THIS is one freaking sexeh boy. Cam, you look different again. AND I LIKE IT, BABY! *glomps him* You are now a sexy bitch.

This was drawn while I was talking to Amy on the phone. It's so cute! I want Rafe's galoshes.
There was no morning blog this morning. ^_^;; Sorry, IE died.

All and all, today was a very boring, uneventful day. Until english class... that was funny. See, I've been doing some personal study on the teachings of Freud. I know, it's all a bunch of bullsh*t, but he is so often referred to, it's good to know what his studies were. Anyway, in class we had to do different analyses of a poem--- we had to go through it as historical, literary, or freudian. When we hit the freudian reading, Ms. Lande started going on about Freud's thing for supressed sexual desires, and no one in the class knew anything about Freud. Until I put up my hand and pointed to the big thick book of case study on my desk. Everyone looked at me like I'm some sorta perv. 9.9;;;;;

So that was my english class. I'm now the Freud chick.

Amy's gonna sleep over on Saturday night!!! You know how great that is? Amy and I haven't spent any time together since summer ended... it's sad. I miss Amy. Anyway, no one but us will be here, so we can make a racket and laugh about her demon child and my being a teenager.

I drew Cam yesterday! I totally forgot! So you people might get a small art corner later on. ^_^

Really? My dad got called for Jury duty too! Maybe it's the same trial. Duh-nuh-nuh!
My dad is bothering me to "go to bed and have a good sleep". I'm actually very tempted do as such. My head hurts and my stomach is trying to kill me.

The mask is done being shaped. I just gotta wait about a day for it to dry, then it's time to prime it. Then paint.

yay, Brendon and Orlando finally got it on!!
That is what I was aiming for.... is that a good thing? u_u;
Morning Blog!

I didn't blog much yesterday, did I? ^_^;;;

Yesterday was a GOOOOD day! Only one of my teachers (I have three) was there, so I had supplies in three of my classes. And this once lady (Mrs. Spence. She's psychotic) was from MANCHESTER! I *heart* that accent. It's such an odd accent, but it's mighty pretty. I have a few kyara from Manchester just because I love the accent. Right, boys?
Lance, Ferrin, and Jesse: Right.
Anyway, when I got home it got BETTER! I worked on my mask, which looks awesome so far (it look so much like the wolf mask), and my dad wants to borrow it 'cause he likes it so much. Then I went to the store and got lots of fruit Mentos. Yummy! Me and John can eat them in class, then. Wow, I carry around two packs of mentos and two different flavours of gum everywhere I go. ^_^;
When I got home I won a seven year battle! And I talked to Amy! And it was really funny because I was hyper and going crazy on the phone, and she couldn't stop laughing! I'm a teenager. *sagely nod*
And I RPed! (duh) Speaking of which, querida, you better have saved that session!!
Amy and I talked on the phone some more! About demon children and really bad movies. XD

Hoookay, I'm whacked, I know.

I finally got to download Toni's Art of Doing a Truly Bad Kami (thanks to Alex). I was VASTLY amused. ^_^ I started laughing whenever Toni popped up looking evil with ominous music....

I finished my calendar thingie last night. Ribby, did you get it?

Gerrad, you honestly think anyone cares who you like? Come on. Don't give yourself so much credit. And for you information, Mike and Matt don't LIKE YOU! Are you STUPID?!!!


The Rafe mascot is on Otakuworld! People, please go vote as to whether or not you liked it! Thank you!

Candra shot Lucas in the face with a gun last night. That was really beautiful. Poor Dami had to clean brains off the livingroom walls, Cam had to rewire Candra's mind, Oli and Lucas made out in the bathroom (not really, but they were pretty close), Candra went into labour, the Other fetched Jade....
Oh, it was all with the fun!

I'm not going to math class today. I have a *cough* doctor's appointment *cough*.
Meg's inner Amy: You lie like a cheap rug!!
Yes. Yes I do.

Megan, Amy told me you were quoting my comic. That's scary!!! And flattering!!!

I think I'll shut up... but remember kids...:

It's all for you, Damien, it's all for--- *choaksplutterdie*

o'er and out.

Morning Blog!

You know what I noticed this morning? Firefly STILL hasn't signed the LotM guestbook. *glareness*

I'm writing. It's 6:57 and I'm BORED.

I finished the base for my calendar pic. I'm gonna CG it tonight. It's gonna be.... pretty.

I just realized that I have absolutely nothing of very much importance to say. See? That's what happens when you wake up early.

So in the meantime, let's do a study of Meg's kyara's relationship habits. (Yeah, Meagen, I hear you groaning and acting like you'd rather not know. ^_~; )

Cam = wants ooooonly Mark. Or so we think.
Lucas = has Candra, wants Candra, yet also wants Cam, Oliver, and Mark.
Simon = only wants Sebbi, and has that, so is content. Wow, McKinnley, that's such a big step for you. I'm so proud. My baby's growing up.
Damien = really, he only wants Oli. And has that.
the Other = he kinda wants Oli and Dami. Both of them. o_O;
Orlando = some really deep part of him wants Jensen. But he's way too head-over-heels for Brendon to acknowledge that urge.
Diego = I dunno, really. Prolly wants Orlando in a disgusting violent way....
Garrett = wants Orlando!
Carter = Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Hey, did I mention Sam? Oh, and he wants Lucas and Oliver too. And Sebbi. And--- oh, god, the list is too long.
Lance = the boy has no sex drive.
Carlos = wants Lance, and maybe Carter.
Jade = Hmmm. Jade #1 (AH universe) would prolly want Damien. Jade #2 (other universe) wants Irien.
Nicholas = wants Simon. Ew, that is so wrong. But no wronger than the one before it.
Rukura = has Lian, and wants no other.

Good enough for now. At least there's some text in this post now.

Wow! You're awesome with the colour, dood!! The Syaoran Li pic is coloured amazing. Do you just use coloured pencil? o.o;; (note, tho, if you want less stiff poses, don't copy existing pictures... use framework and guidelines. Man, I'm such a snob. o_O; )

Queriiiiidaaaaa, iffen you no have school today, YOU HAD BETTER BE ONLINE WHEN I GET HOME AT 3:15 (my time no da)!!!! ^_~

Mike (J.), here is a picture for you. clickies hereies.

Story time, everyone! I warn you, it's f*cked up! Highlight the below text if you wish to read it (Love, you've read it already).

He wished he could stop doing it, but it happened over and over again. He would slip, would fall backwards, lose his footing, and find himself on the the floor. Though he was on the floor, he would often look forward and see himself still standing.... solid, right as rain.
Right...? No. No, it was wrong. Very, very wrong.
At one point, he figured that he had it under control. That weird slipping, almost like an out of body experiance but not really. He never had control of it; he just wished he did. But damn, it felt so good to be pulled away from that other one. The one with the twisted mind and the cold heart. It drove him crazy being one with that. And it drove the other crazy too, he knew it.
It took a lot of effort, but he often pulled his way back up and into that person once more. Struggling and suffocating the whole way, crying, trying to tear his way back out again but only to hurt himself and the other as a whole once more. All this was always triggered by something, though he could never figure out what it really was.
The worst of it was when he was pushed out of himself and a good distance away from the other. It felt like cold burns when he was thrown out, slushy water all over and drilling into him like so many needles. Because when this happened, it wasn't slipping... it was being thrown out against his own will. But he would always crawl back and inside that warm inviting visage of self, and once enveloped, cower from that thing that always leered at him and hated him and wanted to hurt him. The thing with red eyes and flawless teeth.
He shivered.
The rest of him shivered too, though the whole was never aware of why. It was always confused. He pitied the whole, wanted to help it so badly... but it was out of his hands.
The other smiled at him and fingered its hair idly. "Want out again? I can let you out."
He shook his head, pulled back. "No, I don't want out... I have to stay here."
"You sure?" the other intoned with that liquid voice it possessed. "I can make it painless for you, and it would work out better for both of us."
"I have to stay here," he tried to keep his tone level, keep his voice from rising to that pitch it got to when he was scared. "I have to stay here for---"
"---for Oliver."
It sighed and lowered its eyes to look at its hands. Hands identical to his own, to that of the whole that harbored them. They were beautiful hands, really; delicate and yet very strong. It traced the fingers of one hand across the palm of the other, looked up again and smiled. "You and your love for that child. You're opposites, you know. You can never have him how you want to have him. Part of him belongs to me."
He shook his head. "Nothing of him belongs to you!"
The smile spread wider and the other reached forward and grasped his arms tightly with those hands. It leaned in to brush warm lips across his chin as it murmered quietly to him. "He loves the whole; the whole and not us. Making him equally mine."
He tried to draw away and found himself helpless. Instead, he shivered. "He may love the whole, but it's you he would hate."
The other snarled and pushed forward, sinking perfect teeth into his throat and tearing.
He screamed, or tried to, but it was drained away from him as the other took control again.

Damien woke up panting and upset, not sure why. Something inside him ached.
Strange, he thought to himself as he drew up next to the boy at his side, but prolly just a bad dream.

enough from me. O'er and out.

Amusing. XD

Gillian Anderson is a big fan of Miyazaki. WOW! POWER TO SCULLY!

I'm working on it... should have mine to you by friday.
The Rafe mascot is done and uploaded for those who are too impatient to wait for the OW release. ^_^;
Here it is.

Any feedback? Use the commenter thingie. NOW. T_T
I agree about that kami. I actually went and got it based on your rant, and I think you're right. It was far too fluffy and unrealistic. It drove me absolutely crazy.... and yeah, you fall 108 floors and chances ARE pretty good that you'll be either in several pieces, lacking a skull, or you'll be flat as week old roadkill.

In other news, I should have a Rukura OW Mascot done tonight. It's really cute, people! He blinks, smiles, coughs, and cries!

Rukura: u_u;

Rebecca-chan! Zombi Blood was GOOD!! Man, expect fanart. XD

I gotta get some work done today on my mask. *looooks at it* This thing is a bitch to make, but it's starting to look like what it's supposed to. I can't wait to wear the fur cloak, it's GORGEOUS! Mom made her halloween costume last night, too. It's a black dress with a cloak and hood, and she's gonna go as Morgan LeFey (sp? I never read those books). Dad's going as a Merlin type.... it shall be cool. I'm just gonna stick to my anime costumes. Mom also bought a long purple-y wig, too! Know what it's perfect for?? My Tomoyo costume! It has bangs and long slightly wavy hair. ^_^

Accourding to Chris P., I'm too old to be trick-or-treating. NEVER!!!!! Amy and I are SO going this year!

I actually wanna go to the Docks or something, but it's not gonna happen.

Ramble ramble.
Amy was on the computer earlier and she DIDN'T BLOG!!!
HEY! Wow, two of my kyara in one guest stint! I'm flattered. ^.^
It seems to be "Make Meg Say AWWWW Out Loud" week on BMB.


Courtesy of D...

My true name = Blinking Dumpling
Hockey name = Shane McGrahamdyk
Viking name = Meg Bloodaxe
Tough name = Drake Goretex


It's cool! Told you so. Glad you like. ^_^
Morning Blog!

I slept really badly last night, and for some reason, I dreamt I was stuck in a forest with lots of wolves. *sidelong look at her copy of Princess Mononoke* Then again, that could be a bad thing since wolfies are one of my spiritie dood's messenger forms. ^_^;

I've never seen the movie m'self, but I own the soundtrack. It's VERY good. It's all late-'70s and '80s metal and rock. Quite good. The movie itself is about some KISS fans trying to get to a concert.

There's a dood on the RJ forum who talks in nothing but Fight Club quotes. *giggles*

I have a really big assignment due today on Hasidic Judaism. I'm only like half done.... I should prolly work on it for a bit. ^_^;

SotM: Tears of the Dragon, by Bruce Dickinson. *drools*

I'm also SCARED. Firefly and I had this weirdo thing happen last night.... I downloaded the Bruce Dickinson cover of Bohemian Rhapsody and was singing along, when Firefly says (rather, types... we were chatting online no da) that she has this sudden urge to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and she doesn't know why.
I was spooked.

That's because you're a f*cking idiot, Gerrad.


Know what song I find amusing? Anarchy in the UK. But I bet y'all knew that.

AW!!! And that, folks, is why I love Skids. *sniffles*

Enough from me. O'er and out.
No... on the Detroit Rock City OST he did a cover of Highway to Hell.
SotM: Tears of a Dragon, by Bruce Dickinson.... it's so Lucas. Title aside, even if it is very appropriate.
I don't like it, actually... I do like his cover of Highway to Hell, tho.
Morning Blog...

I don't have time to WRITE ONE! ^.^;;;;;;;;;

Keenspace didn't update. F*ck, now I gotta do it m'self! u_u;
SotM: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), by the Eurythmics. Of course. I love this song. And it's my mood currently. ^_^;

I have problems.

My dad is watching Mr. Vampire.
Before I forget, out of the two banners, I like the one with Marchelle best. ^.^
Morning Blog.

Still not feeling too good, but I have to go to school or dad will kill me. I mean that literally.

Tybalt looks so cute in the last panel!

And Candra does have to be colourblind if she and Lucas will ever be a couple... 9.9
Lucas: Just because I like clashing colours.... *grumblegrumble*

I really have nothing to say this morning. Aside from how fun it is to write Orlando. He's such a cutiepatootie. He's also amusing.

Brendon: You d-don't see what a wonderful person you are.
Orlando: That's because there's nothing to see, dood.
Brendon: I see lotsa nice things.
Orlando: Maybe you need to try taking my medication.

I dunno, he's fun.

SotM: Iron Man, by Black Sabbath. The version from the Detroit Rock City cd, not the weirdo fast version. Love, there are a few songs you should download. This is one of them. BUT MAKE SURE IT'S FROM DETROIT ROCK CITY!! Anyway, this is a Dami song. ^_^;

Know what song I REALLY like now? The Alien Ant Farm cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. And the video is fun, too.

I'm on KeenLosers! Why? 'Cause I have very few readers. I think. *checks poll* Okay, 31. o_o;

I have comics for LotM done up to the 29th. Know what that means? I'll be drawing a few more plus a Halloween page today.

I had a FUNKY dream last night. I dreamt that we got this thing in the mail and it had some deadly disease in it. Then DC (my old cat, she died like five years ago) ran out of the house and I had to catch her. And it was VERY odd.

Y'know, I'm still contemplating American Beauty. That movie is messed up. It's one I have to buy to add to my collection of f*cked up movies.

What school must you go to, D?

Speaking of school, I should go get ready to go there. T_T;; Damn Ching and it's damn stupid Chingness. I dislike Ching. Oh least it's not Mayfield or North Peel. u_u;

*runs off*
I once drew him, y'know. Amadeo and Marius... I drew them. I am repetative. Shall I find the sketch for you?
My throat hurts.
Playing with BlogBack.
Huruy is pimping my art to his friends. Should I be worried?
*waves to Huruy*

I slept all day, and I'm feeling a little better. I slept badly, but at least it was some rest no da. I'm still all feverish and ple, but I learned a valuable lesson! Go to sleep with your hair wet, and brush it through when you wake up. It looks nice!

So yeah. Thus was my day. ^_^;

SotM: Brave New World, by Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson has a really nice voice when he actually sings. And this is a really well done song. *_*

I think I'm gonna find something to eat.
Morning Blog....

Meg's sick and puked her guts out this morning, so is going back to bed (and is most likely to get yelled at by dad).

This is cute.

Candra is so cute on the first panel!

I think I'll go back to bed and sleep now. x_x
WAI! That is a cooooool book. Amadeo is wicked, and Marius is cooool!! Yes, there are many "pretty" scenes... but you know me, I like that stuff in good literature. ^_^;; It's one of the best Vampire Chronicles books, tho.
Y'know, I have a few pics with Shinji as the seme.
Really? John (brother) says he'll give you ten bucks for it. ^___^;;;

My day consisted of everyone sounding like charlie brown's teachers, sleeping in the computer lab, watching the rest of American Beauty (it's GOOD, people! Scary, but GOOD!), and doing dramatic readings of Green Eggs and Ham.

Don't ask.
Links for stuff I have to print ('cause I'm in class and have no access to a printer). Ignore this post.

Morning Blog. Lacking exlamation mark.

That's right, Meg still feels sick. It's lovely, really, she can't walk straight and is having weird muscle spasms in her tummy (worse than normal). Yeah. So dad says I have to get over it and go to school. Thanks for caring, you cold bastard. I swear to god, that man doesn't care about me in the slightest unless he can show me off for some reason.

I think when I get into class today, I'll be talking to Ms. Fotinos. If she doesn't let me leave early, she'll prolly let me not do work.

Anyway, last night I fell asleep watching Pi. Not that it's boring.... it's actually quite creepy. But I had to wait until I woke up to finish watching it and all. ^_^;

Ummm....what else to say...

You had better get photos developed sooner than April this time. T_T;; I'll be getting MINE done right after halloween no da. Oh... don't be surprised if you don't catch me online tonight. If I'm still sick, I may just be asleep.

Oh. I had a picture to scan. *goes to get sketchbook*

*returns and fires up the scanner*

Meg's Pint-Sized Art Corner featuring the one picture I've drawn. That's it.

Pretty. And I don't think that can be counted as yaoi or shounen-ai, huh, Firefly? ^_^;; My new black brush pen makes colouring black hair fun. I'm such a commercial.

I downloaded a Fight Club music video to Mr. Self Destruct. It's so beautiful. Not HALF as beautiful as the Lain vid to All About the Pentiums, tho. 9.9;;

Megan, I'm going dressed as a certain wolfgirl with a funky red mask. I'm working on convincing Katarina to go as Ashitaka... I'm weird. Who would you go as? Like, anime kyara wise?

If you want yaoi Kaworu/Shinji stuff, I can give it to you! I have LOTS of it. Some of it is pretty.... raunchy, too. Like the ones titled stuff like kaworu_seme.jpg *sagely nod*

Chapstick is the glue that holds society together. REALLY.

I think maybe I should try my hand at moving or something. Yeah.
Uploaded a few strips to LotM.... if I manage to get a few more done tonight, I can upload all the ones I have in back storage!

Ahhh, my new keenspace addiction is Mackenzie's Locker. It really amuses me, and the art is gorgeous. ^.^
Recent blog hit?:
"repairman jack"

Ugh. I'm sick. Pleeee.

I went out today with John (oniichan). We went to Blockbuster, where I found a copy of the Filth and the Fury for $6, so John was happy. We then went to Cash Converters.... see, John and I are on this quest to find a few movies: I Come In Peace, They Live, and Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster. We couldn't find any of them so we went to the art store. At the art store, I got some new prismacolors, a new pigment pen, and a black brush pen.
In the store, the first thing we got to see was a woman (about 25 years old) bending down in the front of the middle isle, her jeans riding down past her ass to show a purple thong. Uh, EW? And she spent a good 15 minutes like that, showing off her ass to the world.
John and I also went halves on a tub of expensive ice cream.
THEN we watched Mr. Vampire. XD

"Ah, you're very macho. I envy you."

Did someone say FIGHT CLUB?!!! Go, Chris-kun! XD Fight Club is godly if you're lucky enough to understand it. It's one of those movies people either love or HATE WITH A PASSION. I hope you fall into the former rather than the latter. ^_^; Enjoy, I reccommend it highly. And yes, Brad Pitt is very well put together, isn't he?
Gerrad, another blog? You're such a dork.
I dislike biology now. T_T
Next person to give me that pre-programmed "I'm sorry/at least she's not in pain anymore/she's in a better place" kinda stuff gets a punch in the nose.
*smacks head against the wall*
CC got put to sleep. She had cancer in her uteris. Her body temp was in the 30s, and she was riddled with toxins.... so she was put down. *sighs* First DC with breast cancer, and now CC with this.

From now on, I get male cats. Alistair lived a long time.

*huggles buffy*
Here I am by myself in the house again, sans sick kitty.
Mom and Dad just took CC to the animal hospital on main and william's parkway, and we're all pretty sure that she won't be coming back.
John just went to the Air Canada Centre to see tonight's hockey game (lucky bastard).

I'm stuck here, by myself, sick and upset.

I want my Jamie. >_<
from here (link from Freck's blog):

You answered "yes" to 74 of 150 questions, making you 50.7% bishoujo senshi sailormoon-atic pure (49.3% bishoujo senshi sailormoon-atic corrupt).

Be afraid.
My kitty is really sick.... ;_; *pets CC* Mom doesn't know if she's gonna live or not. Well, at least that's what she said last night. I'm a tad annoyed because I'm the only one HERE, and no one seems to have taken the kitty to the vet... not even John's here. Where is everyone? If the cat dies, I'm gonna freak. Last time... >_<
I like this doodle.
Morning Blog!

*writhes on the floor* I'm in pain. PAIN! Goddammit all to hell, being a girl sucks... I was like this last month! I HATE IT! More pain than I should be in... I should drag my sorry ass to the doctor's someday soon.... I keep meaning to, but always forget..

If you like Hamasaki Ayumi, you should talk to Firefly-ai-chan. She's the Hamasaki fangirl extrordinare. She's got over 100 Hamasaki mp3s on her computer... mostly remixes. x_x You know what I like? The Yuta's Prayer Mix of Never Ever. That's good fun.

Once I draw a few filler strips between the ones I did last week and the week Firefly's finished, I won't have to update LotM for a while... I've got about two or three weeks drawn. Beware, people, we're nearing the heavy plot. YES, THERE IS A PLOT! It's just slow coming because I'm a) lazy, b) trying to get the main characters a little developed first, and c) having fun making stupid jokes about who Rukura should have a crush on. *sagely nod* Well, in the future, there will be three new characters, a central plot, and probably a fight scene. And a special guest appearence by everyone's favourite FBI agent and his partner--- and no, I don't mean Mulder and Scully!
(I don't mean Clarice and Hannibal either.)

Ahhh, I watched a really amusing movie last night. One of the movies that John (Ugolini) lent me is called Mr. Vampire. It's an 80's horror movie from Hong Kong. AND YE GODS IS IT FUNNY!! I was laughing through the whole thing.... that movie is in no way serious. Everyone has names in the proper language (Chinese, I would imagine), but the two main idiots in the movie are named Simon and Malcolm. I was very amused. *gigglefits* There's something very wrong about a guy having rough sex with a female ghost.

I'm wearing blue camo. I'm dressed like *GASP* Orlando. It's amusing. Black pants, stupid shoes, and a camo-wifebeater shirt. *giggles insanely* If I dye my shirt black, I could be Sebbi! *insane giggle some more*

Yesterday was the day for mean teachers. First period class is math for me, with Mrs. Singh. She's weird.... she's nice enough, but she talks really fast and has a strong indian accent. And sometimes she just blows up at random people for no reason, then moves on with her lesson. Yesterday, she picked on me for the whole class. Why? I dunno. I didn't do the homework, so that might be why. Or maybe it's because I got mad right back when she growled at me for not understanding the work even if I did it right and I rolled my eyes at her twice.
Ms. Fotinos made my two classes in her room write about 12 pages of notes. x_x
Ms. Lande wasn't there, but the supply teacher ignored everyone.

Thank god it's friday. I'm going crazy.
Dammit, and I have a CPR class tomorrow. T_T;;; Oh well... it's 8 hours of my community service thinger, so I might as well get it done. Power to me and my first 8 hours. Damn, I'm lazy.

Random conversation from a story I started writing in class:
Orlando: I don't believe this. You gonna let me go or what??
Diego: What.
Orlando: Oooh, you're clever. Let me go, you jerk.
Diego: After you just killed a few dozen of my men? Think about it, Joseph.
Orlando: Alrighty... your alternative is let me kick your ass, and I get away regarless and make you look like an idiot.
Diego: You're not gonna kill me?
Orlando: No.
Diego: C'mon, baby, you know you want to. ^_~
Orlando: You.... you're scary. o_o;

Orlando really amuses me. I don't know why, he just does. Diego's a tad loopy tho. He's a weirdo. if any of my kyara are normal...

Michelle: I'm normal! ^.^
Meg: That's what you think.

Clock is chiming. Know what that means? Time for me pry myself away from the computer and go to school. Dammit.

But before I forget! Heidi, Megan, Dan, anyone? I'm dressing up for Halloween at school as an anime kyara (I'm not telling ya' who I'm going as)....and I was thinking, wouldn't it be coooool if we all dressed up as anime people? Perhaps so I don't look like a total idiot? ^_~; Maybe... like.... Kenshin or something.... or maybe Sailor Moon. Wait, Kat did that last year... if not, I have a CCS costume and an OMG costume someone can borrow if they so wish. I wanna find my Ranma outfit.... I lost it. I made the red shirt with the gold clasps and the black pants with ribbons once. Dunno where it is.... anyway, someone dress up with meeeee!!!!! *loooooooks at Dan* Like you, for instance.

Now I go. *waves, tackleglomps Firefly, purrs, and limps off to school*
Oh... and he's NEVER called Luke. It's always Lucas. Never ever Luke.
Alrighty! Here I shall be.
Side note: Kiran, I made Amy's blog layout. ^_^;
Morning Blog!

I really have to pick up a habit of eating breakfast instead of drinking it. Apple juice is all I am having. u_u;

YAY! *waves Ariel-chan banners* The Illharess called her daughter! I was worried that would never happen.

*smacks Vil*

Oi, Alex, I meant to ask you yesterday... have you picked out the winning costume for your little Sparkle Star contest yet?

In other news, Dan and I are talking and stuff again. All fine and good, but dood? I don't really trust you anymore. ^_^;

SotM: Inna Gadda Da Vida, the Iron Maiden cover. I hate Blaze Bailey, but this isn't too bad.

WHOO! Did someone say Mark McGrath??? The boy with the SEXY BACK???? *drools*

*watches CC try to jump on the kitchen counter and miss* *snickers*

Meg's Weird Search Engine Queries!

cardcaptor sakura fucking (........uh, no.)
The pictures of Li and sakura kissing (Okay, at least that can be innocent.)
Ron and Scabbers the Rat pic (*giggles* AMYYYY!)
10 year old slut incest (Sorry, I don't know any 10-year-old sluts, you sicko. T_T; )
cowboy bebop tank song wav (no, but I have the MP3!!!)
crack serial yuri revenge (.... huh?)
hentai comic sister sex (brothers I can give you.)
Japanese Gorillaz yaoi (I only wish. Since, you know, they're not japanese.)
puffy amy yumi (I like them! I have three songs they've done. I'm so proud.)
cardcaptors Guy Hentai pictures (Again, I only wish.)
+tickle +video +gay +clips +download (I'm so confused.)
mother/son incest hentai (can't think of any examples of that for you, but father/son I can do! *leers at Lucas and Oli*)
cardcaptors hentai (again, NO!)
wolverine yaoi pictures (*heheheheheh* With Scottie Summers! *cackles*)
neopets brain tree answers (You realize that the tree gives you quests that you're supposed to find answers to on the SITE, I hope.)
cardcaptor hentai (no.)
incest meg pic (*LOOKS at this hit* I write it and draw it. I am in NO WAY involved in it. O_O; )
CCS hentai pages (NO!)
trailer spiderman twin towers download (I have it somewhere.)

Okay, I'm gonna end up late. ^_^;; Firefly-chan, you gonna be able to get those strips to me by tonight? Since, y'know, that last one was put up today....

*waves and runs off singing Inna Gadda Da Vida*
I have it done, and on one of my CDs. I totally forgot to send it to you, didn't I? O_O;; I'll find it.

Speaking of which, D-chan, I've had your poster done for a while, and I tried e-mailing you to figure out what you wanna do to get it, but got no response. Shall I mail it to you? Meet somewhere and give it to you? Hmmmm? ^_^

Dad doesn't seem to understand how much time it took me to do the hand coloured version of the Journeys Down band picture. He wants me to "redraw" the kyara with soccer strips on because it would look good says he. Uh, NO. I'm not putting them in anything but their own clothing, and I'm sure as hell not spending another 6 hours getting relative figures right for some stupid soccer obssession. I'm sorry, but NO. Now he says I'm selfish and tells me that it wouldn't take that much effort. My response? Really, then you draw it yourself and see how long it takes.
files_x_2000: I promise everytime I go on the computer I'll blog.

Just so I don't forget that one. I'm holding you to it!
Woah, LotM is screwed up... it's showing the comic from the 4th! O_O;
Morning Blog!
Um... woke up late and barely have time to read comics this morning. I'm fast tho!

Dammit. I've got Torn by Natalie Imbruglia stuck in my head since I downloaded the Aluminium Studios video to it. ^_^;;;

*packs videos and manga for John*

You poor people who are starting in Premier. I pity you. It's a messy program. But it's what I use too.... mind you, I've had formal classes on it. ^_^;

Mike Jensen signed my guestbook. Thanks, Mike! ^.^ *waves to you*

Wow, I sure am saying a whole lot of nothing.

Listinging to the Prime Minister's address last night was funny. John and mom and I were sitting and laughing every time Jean Cretien spoke.... he was like "we must elim-anat de tret. Dis iss our wake up call. We must elim-anat de adver-sary." We really gotta get a PM that speaks english and does more than nothing. ^_^;

I had to write a 55-word long story for english class. The criteria were 55 words (no more, no less), it needed at least one character, a setting, a conflict, a resolution, and a twist ending. Here is my story.

Perry was in love. The girl was Jessica; a secretary at work. He gathered the nerve to pick some roses from his garden, and left them on her desk overnight. He arrived at work in the morning, only to hear that Jessica died from the sting of a bee from the flowers on her desk.

Why did I choose the name Perry? I was watching E! Now. *shakes head*

I gotta go to school and do nothing for two classes. Ja!

Click here to find out what robot you really are
Blogger is a stupid bitch. I've figured this out. It was giving me some BIG BAD PROBLEMS with Amy's layout. It's mostly fixed, tho.

It's really sad that I can't stand walking around my house without slippers or shoes on. Why? I dunno. My feet get enough abuse as it is anyway (I tore them open about 5 times each over the summer... my heels and soles are all scarred now). Anyway, my old magenta hippie-flower slippers have torn through, so mom got me a new pair. They're bright blue with white clouds on them, and they're fuzzy with rubber soles. Thank god... I was going crazy.

Thank you for apologizing at least. I'm still not very happy with you, but at least you had the smarts to say you're sorry. Sad to say, tho, dood, I'm never going to trust you again.

Today I had the pleasure of walking home at lunch. That's not a sarcastic comment, actually.... I love the walk to and from school. Anyway, it was so much better today because while I was radio station surfing, I landed on Q107 and they were playing Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas, NOT the Foo Fighters ^_~). I was singing the song loudly all the way home, and scared the kids at the catholic school I pass daily. It was fun.

Tomorrow, one of my teachers won't be at school because she's going on a field trip with her law classes. Now, this is the teacher I have two classes with in a row. Know what that means? Only two periods of work for me. The rest shall be Meg's Art Fun Time. And talking with John Ugolini. I love that guy. He's so cute, and he and I have a lot of common interests. ^_^ Like cult movies and cute panda bears. And Godzilla. I've known OF John for a while, but I only just started talking to him since school started this year. He's the living embodiment of Orlando. It's scary.

SPEAKING of kyara and real people... there's a cute dood with brownish hair and brown eyes in my math class. His name is Oliver. *snickers* He's too tall, tho. But he is pale. Conspiracy? Perhaps. Sadly, he doesn't look all that much like the Lucas look alike I saw on the bus a few months ago and DROOLED over, but he's still pretty cute. I just found it amusing.

Today, in my immense boredom during classes, I managed to sketch and ink 6 days worth of strips for LotM. *laughs like a crazy person* I just drew the precursor to the start of the first major story arc! Bow before me. I am godly.

SotM: Space Oddity, by David Bowie. David Bowie is one sexy man. He's SEXEH!

Meg's Small Art Corner! ...hey, it's something.

Lucas, in SD, as a pinup.
Dami as a girl. This isn't too farfetched, since he WAS supposed to be a girl... ^__^;;

John (as in oniichan John) and I are in a nasty little competition. Iron Maiden dot com is holding it's annual christmas card contest. We're both entering, in hopes of getting that Bruce Dickenson bomber. I WANT THAT BOMBER. NOW. I love Bruce. He's got such a PRETTY voice.... IMNSHO.

[Note to self; bring videos and manga for John Ugolini.]

I went to the art store today! I got new pens and some Prismacolor paper (it was on sale for $6 a pad, that's pretty good). The pens I got were dark purple, canary yellow (my other two were dead), crimson red (they got all their stock in!), and another colour that I cannot recall because I'm stupid. But yes. That's my haul. Spent $15 in total. Oniichan payed the difference on tax since he got some pens too.

*plays with her sketch manniquin*

I'm bored. No one is online. Firefly, Ribby wants you to go to her blog and consider the kamishibai calendar project. I'm in for december, so... *shrugs*

Morning Blog!

I'm so tired and ple. I feel like I wanna be sick. I don't wanna go into school.... but guess what? I have to because Dad wouldn't let me stay home if I were dying of the plague. I had the worst time falling asleep last night, too. I lay in bed for two hours, despite how tired I was, and couldn't sleep. It was miserable.

Amy, I can try fixing later. Blogger isn't letting me into the template editor... I think I know what I did wrong, it's just a matter of being able to go in and fix the code.... ^_^;;;;

Lesse, what to say? Um... I haven't drawn anything new... someone backstabbed me... I found out that I have some really true friends elsewhere... I might be going to the art store tonight with John.... I am reminded why I dislike Stephen King's books.... the LotM guest strips by Firefly are so cuuuuuute!.... I forgot to read BMB.... I have an essay due third period and I've not even started ears hurt.... my cat's making a racket....

And such is my life.

Enough from me
Psst, Frecks? If you keep posting your referrals, you'll keep getting them for the same thing.
EH? What brought on the defensiveness? *petpets the blog pic* It's still Lucas, just dressed up like a kyara from one of my favourite cult "horror" movies.
You know, I actually have the sheet music for Catch You Catch Me, among other various anime songs I can't recall.... I can play them on the clarinet and on piano.... and glad you like the layout. ^_^
Speaking of which, Matt, I'm sorry. I let slip to Dan a few weeks ago... I'm really really really sorry, y'know? I thought maybe I could trust him to shut up for once, and apparently I was blind and stupid to think so. I'm sorry. >_<
Actually, NO. Matt is my FRIEND. Unlike you, apparently. I trust him a goddamn hell of a lot more than I trust you now, buster. So you can just go to hell. Don't phone me, don't talk to me, don't look at me. I was this close >< to phoning you and apologzing for being a bitch, and you know how RARE that is? Well, yeah. But you just fucked it up, you ass. Burn in hell. You've just seriously betrayed my trust, you know that? I told you something in confidence, and you write it out to stab me in the back. Thanks a lot. I may be a bitch, but I would never, EVER do that to you, or anyone. I tell you something in confidence and that means I trust you enough to let you in on something... what you just did violated the trust I did have in you. I really hope you're happy, Daniel. You've just upset me, and that's a very hard thing to do. Congratulations, take a bow, you should get a medal. Such a noble, valliant man you are. You'll make an excellent polititian.

Also, for the record, there is NOTHING about love. Love is something completely different, believe me. I KNOW.

I swear off people. I don't like people. Goddamn people.
Thank you people for complimenting the layout. ^_^

Kiran, I do read your blog... I just keep forgetting to change the title! ^__^;;; <--- stupid
Oh, and that dood is Lucas. *points at him* He's in Journeys Down.
WHOO! It appears to be UP!
Power to me. I am your goddess.
New layout should be up... if the images don't work, wait for the full page to load, then right click on the dead image and selece "view image". Should work then.
Random blogging.

*clears throat* A note to all that Matt is just my friend and not my boyfriend!!!! He's just one of those few people I feel comfortable with enough to hug. ^_^;;

Hush up. u_u; It IS the pokerap no da! And THAT'S WHAT IT'S CALLED.
Meg's Art Corner!

It's Journeys Down!

Orlando wearing my denim jacket. ^.^
KAAAAATARIIIIINAAAA! *waves all spazzy like*
Gerrad has a blog.
Yes, actually, I had good reason to get mad. Since the day before (or some such time) I waited for you when you were late. Yeah. So you can be as obnoxious as you want, I don't really care. And according to one person whom I have never been mad at in my life (yes, I'm rubbing that in, I'm a bitch), you're not getting along with anyone. So to use your profane language, fuck you too. *biiii*
Morning Blog time again!

SotM: Pokemon Ieru Ka Na, aka the japanese Pokerap. ^__^

I dreamt up a whooooole animated sequence to the song Introduction to a Broken Heart last night. I don't know why. I didn't fall asleep listening to Prozzak or anything.... and I woke up before it was done. Simon was a cutie in it, what with his cutiecutie british accent and his baggy pants and his purple shirt and lack of neck. It was beautiful.

But I love my Simon more. *glomps Simon McKinnley*

I'm having leftover pizza for breakfast. I'm really trying to get into the habit of eating three meals a day to prevent me from binge eating at night. Does that make any sense? Well, it better. Or else.

John came home with a migrane. That's not good.... if John comes home or doesn't go to work, you KNOW he's not well. *worryworry*
Speaking of John, he was a big help yesterday. See, my dad decided to lug all three of the dead appliances that are in the basement upstairs and outside for pick up. Anyone ever tried to pull a washer up a narrow flight of stairs? Anyway, mom and I just couldn't do it since we don't exactly have the upperbody strength. Dad bitched at us for being lazy, refused to ask anyone else for help (it would hurt his pride the poor dear T_T; ), or hire someone for $50 to do it. I suggested asking John, since he lifts like 400 lbs at a time on average at work. Dad had a fit since he doesn't like my brother too much. Anyway, I ignored dad and went and got John. John came down and helped dad sans argument and got the appliances out no problem.

Dami got his tongue pierced. Let's all contemplate why for a moment.

Dami: *laughs like Dilandau*

*dances like a total spaz* It's FRIDAY!!! And the first weekend in October!!! Know what THAT means?! TURKEY WEEKEND, BABY!!! Thanksgiving in all it's (early) canadian goodness. No school for me on Monday, and a huge dinner for me on Sunday. *sighs happily* I love occassions in which we eat turkey...and cranberry sauce... and potatos....and stuffing.... and gravy (I LOVE gravy).... hmmm, I wonder if I can wrestle mom into letting me eat the turkey heart this year? *licks lips* Nummy. ^.^

The mystery of why Curry's is running out of Prismacolors has been solved (thanks, Quinn-chan!). Duh, they can't ship anything from the US. ^_^;;; Just when I need a new crimson red... oh well, scarlet lake will do for now I guess, even if it is too orange-y.

I wonder if Ms. Lande will ever give me my Pit and the Pendulum assignment back? I know I got perfect on it, but she hasn't handed it back.... I asked her and she said "oh, I know you don't have it. Don't worry." I'm all confused...

It's been over a month... this is not good. >_< *figure that out for yourself*

D! D-CHAN! Lookit this search engine hit! *insane laughter*
2-D gorillaz yaoi
*rolls around on the floor laughing*

Look, it's Oscuro! Left to right, Carlos, Lance, Carter, Lucas, and Candra. Still debating if I'm bored enough to put Vil in there to make it Journeys Down.

A really nice HP fanart gallery. It's in japanese, but a lot of it is quite nice. And in colour.

I better go get my hair combed. I gotta walk to school in the RAIN! I love that. ^.^

Tsugi wa naki-nagara utatte miru no wa, dou?
it's scary what mom brings home from work. behold the barbie pin of doom.

SotM: New Orleans is Sinking, by the Tragically Hip. And it's not the KWT mix. But it's got a hell of a groove.

I was gonna write up something profound, but I've no idea what it is.

QUESTION! Why do guys like me so much?! Stewart is into the habit of asking for hugs now too, and he's always talking to me. I really don't get it. ;_;

Oh, that's GOOD, Daniel. Good. I didn't say a word to you to avoid screaming at you, so don't you go making a bad guy out of me. I have problems too, you know, and you could have perhaps simmered down enough to wait for me, then tell me something was wrong and go off on your own. Right? It would take sooooo much effort, wouldn't it? And I didn't storm off, I just got up and left. To constitute STORMING one must get into a conflict FIRST, you moron. T_T;
Morning Blog!

Ugghhh, my stomach is so sore. x_x;; Maybe that's because I've not eaten yet, but I'm gonna eat at school. S'what I do.

Oh, sadness.... yesterday I finished reading Conspiracies. I have no more Jack books to read!! I gotta get the last two soon or I'll DIE! It was a good book. I liked Legacies better, tho. Legacies was gooooooooooooooood. I did a report on that.

Pretty hair, pretty hair! *.*

SotM: Sleepy Hollow, by the god-like Danny Elfman. Thta man is a genius. So is James Horner.

we lost 5-4? Crap. Damn Sens. *sulks* And they used to be the really BAD team that everyone laughed at because they were always at the bottom of the league.... *smacks Cujo* I think you're hot, but goddammit, guard the net a little better, boyo! T_T;

Firefly's gonna hate saturday's LotM strip. *heehee*

Speaking of strips, I should prolly draw some more at school today. If I'm not, y'know, doing work or anything stupid like that.

DMode: Only When I Lose Myself. Heidi! It has pretty dingie things at the beginning of the song! ^_~

Dan, I am mad at you. You could have waited a little longer that FIVE FECKING MINUTES since I waited about ten the day before when you showed up late. I'm so glad to know that you're so eager to avoid my company. Looks to me like I'll be coming home for lunch for a while. T_T;;

Clock just chimed, so I best go. School starts in half an hour. Jaaa!

*disappears in purple smoke*

That sounds truly beautiful. ^_^;
Morning Blog!

Lesse here, can Meg finish her english essay before 8 am?



Sorry, no bloggies.... ^__^;;; *counting the seconds to the long weekend*
Speller, YOU put the chapstick in my hand? Aw, and here I was thinking it was chapstick gnomes. Unless... YOU'RE A CHAPSTICK GNOME! *duhnuhnuuuuh!*
To all that I chat with:
The Buffy season premier is tonight, and it's two hours long. I won't be online until about 10 (my time).
I am very, VERY annoyed.
At my house, I have a huge stack of posterboard that John got for me. The stack is protected by plastic. Nothing can happen to it. On this stack of posterboard, I had one sheet of it that I used to make a black and white poster of Carter... I killed like 4 black pens on it. I liked it. It was almost done, and I had it there because if I rolled it up, it would curl. So what happened, you ask?
Well, my DAD decided he needed a piece to cut UP. What does he take? My POSTER WITHOUT EVEN BOTHERING TO LOOK ON BOTH SIDES TO SEE IF THERE'S ANYTHING THERE. "I'm sorry, love," he says when he explains it... "it wasn't anything important was it?"

Yeah, dad, say you're sorry all you want. I don't care. I'm still mad at you for being such an idiot about it and NOT looking at both sides. T_T;
It's that time again...

Lucas: Oh no, she's gonna ramble. I'd run, but.... *braindead* x_x;

Time for the Morning Blog!

Tybalt is really pretty. Mik is prettier, but Tybalt is pretty.

Everyone should be very proud of me! I actually cooked breakfast for m'self. I COOKED. Be proud, be proud!

Just for fun, I feel like posting an update on RPlandness. Why? Dunno, I feel like rambling and I can't think of anything else to ramble about.
Lesse here.... Lucas' happy brain dysfunction has gone wonky and he can't even walk! Isn't that wonderful? So many people who don't know that Lucas has something wrong with his brain. WELL, HE DOES! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Moving along, hmmm... Orlando and Brendon are a couple. Sorta'. They've not done anything yet, but they're cute and Brendon can easily make Orlando blush. Oliver's trying to be monogomous. That in itself is very amusing. Sebbi is spending lots of time with Carter, as Carter's a stickboy and slowly starving himself to death because he's lost his appetite for reasons I will not go into. Candra's been kidnapped by the Dood (w/o a face). Dami's... well, Firefly doesn't know about what I've done to Dami yet, so I'll be quiet about that one. What else? Hm....

okay then.

I have apple juice. I love apple juice, even more than I love orange juice. Apple juice is nummy. It is it is.

It's been decided by the higher power that the Ferrin/Lance story will be somewhat if not very lemony. *sagely nod* But progress on it is verra' slow since there are usually parents in the room. ^_^;

Amy blogged a lot last night. And got all pleee at me because of what I do to my kyara. They're my kyara. So feh. But good job on the blogging!

I wanna be a starfish.

I look like a skank. Why? I dunno, camisoles on me look skanky. That's my opinion. But they're mucho comfortableo so I don't really care too much.... this one is purple. I like purple. It's the colour of hentai! ^.^--v

I'm reading Conspiracies (F. Paul Wilson no da).... Jack.... *siiiiiiiiiigh* I love Jack. He's so very very cool. Did I mention that I love Jack? Well, if not, I love Jack.

I'm also gonna marry Shiina Ringo. *grins at Firefly*

*posts a little at the RJ forum*

I am rambling. I feel like writing a poem. Here's a poem.

There once was a boy with brown hair
Who liked to sit in a chair
He twiddled his thumbs
And then played the drums
He ended up breaking the snare!

That was about Vil. <--- making it up as she goes along

I had a really funky bout of sleep last night. I spent the whole night tossing and turning, half awake, with all these questions running through my brain. Every time I was thinking clearly enough to ask questions, that is.... stuff like "where am I?", "What time is it?", "How'd I get here?", etc, etc. Then I drifted off into dark sleep, and woke up the same way again (not really awake), holding a tube of chapstick in one hand verra tightly. Weird thing is, I know I keep that chapstick in my backpack. And my backpack is downstairs. How'd I get it? o_O;


My math teacher is gonna be away todeh'. Know what that means? Valuable drawing time. I shall get some more strips done, I hope.... I've got two to CG tonight as it is before they run out (today was the last one I had uploaded). I'm a slacker.

I gotta be gone in 20, so I better go. My hair is soaking wet, and it takes an hour to brush through.... damn long hair. *glares at it*

O'er and out.
*tackleglomps* Love you too, kiddo. ^_^ No problem, I'm here for ya'. What're niichans for?
*beats you with a blue stick*
Keanu Reeves?? *splutter* Icky.
Home for lunch again because I forgot to print my assignment this morning no da. ^_^;;;;;; Such a braintrust am I.

I sat through psych listening to the Fight Club OST. It made me laugh because we're studying anthropology, and there was a line about Darwin's (many) theor(ies)y that read as this:
Darwin knew that not everything is static.
I laughed, because I was listening to the track Who is Tyler Durden?, and I thought immediately of "Nothing is static. Everything is falling apart."
Listening to the Fight Club OST while doing anthro work sure puts a whole new spin on the theories of evolution.
I wish Charles Darwin was more like Tyler Durden. 9.9;

Niichan that article is truly beautiful. *laughing* You know what I noticed first? Look at the picture of the kids that are "reciting an ancient satanic incantation". The pentagram they are using is right-side up (from their view), and is thus not the symbol of "satanism". How DROLE! *laughing* That's a sign of the Goddess, dammit! *laughing her head off* What a mistake.

Welpy-delpy-doo, I was this close >< to being late this morning. It was rather amusing, as I got in just as the national anthem started. Then the teacher told us that she's not going to be in tomorrow, and the whole class cheered. She was less than thrilled, lemme tell you.

*waves to Dan*

I'm eating food. Food is good. Orange juice rules.

Roughly half an hour to go until classes start... and I have two projects due next period. Yes I do. *ple*

I've written a lot here today. Wow. Be proud of me.

I go. *poofs away in a cloud of purple smoke*
Morning Blog!

It appears that keenspace didn't update anything this morning... LotM, Journeys Down, and BMB weren't updated. It's a conspiracy, I tells ya'.... *chokes* I'm 2036th in the queue it update???! O_O;;;

Rach, sorry I disappeared... Premier crashed and dad found that to be a good reason to send me off to bed. *sulks*

I have this stupid stupid urge to write something lemony. *loooks at her Lance/Ferrin story* Hello, opportunity.
Perhaps later I shall write something from Nate's POV, too, because he's driving me up the wall. I don't know WHY, but he's taken over from Josh. That takes a serious amount of skill.

Dmode: Strangelove, since that's the song I heard them playing in the background on the radio in the movie Selena. I was very amused, and my mom and brother were very afraid.

Buffy is running around like a retard. Wait! That's because she IS a retard! *pets the cat*

Welp (yes, that's one of my many idiotic typisms), I should have enough art today for another submission of...

Meg's Art Corner! *cues ominous music*

Nate used to have to dress pretty for church on Sundays. This is her outfit, in colour. I was gonna CG it, but I'm too lazy.

Orlando used to be calledJoey. That was way back when he was 10 and still had black hair.

Moving along.
I'd like to ask here... what would be worse? Sleeping with your brother? Or sleeping with your father? I'm stuck on this one. It's all a matter of who's sicker.... Lance and Ferrin (brothers), or Lucas and Oliver (father and son)? ^___^;;

I have a stupid f*cking presentation to do in english today. I love that class (the first time in ages, even if it is my major), but I do not want to present. u_u;

Orlando is so pretty. *pets him*

Orlando: ^.^

Eeeenyway, I'm running out of stuff to say. Does it show? *pokes self in the head* Braindead Meg-chan.

Which reminds me of something funny. Pat's dad got all mad a few weeks ago when Pat referred to me as "Meg-chan". He's been calling me that for YEARS, and his dad blew up at him (I was talking to Pat on the phone at the time). It was bizarre. Oh well. Pat's dad looks like the Highliner Fish Dood on really bad drugs. *sagely nod*

I downloaded a STUPID video offa' Morpheus last night... it's the Evangelion version of the "Wassup?!" commercial. It was truly beeeooooooottttiiiiiiiful. Really. Actually, I laughed at it for about ten minutes. I'm such a crackhead.

I *heart* Ringo Shiina! XD

....CRAP! I just remembered that I have a project due in english today, too! CRAP! I have to redo my stupid drawing of what I saw in my head while reading the Pit and the Pendulum. *screams and tears out her hair*

*sings* I'm a loser, sooner or later you'll know I'll be deeeeead!

Note to self; never fall asleep listening to a mix CD again. Oh, the pretty things I dreamt to go along with Master of Puppets... o_o;

Amusing Search Engine Hits

escaflowne flags okay... flags? *piku*
kero chan plush with red bow I want one too!!!! Lemme know if you get one!
aki ross height why don't you ask her?
sakura and li kissing and kissing and having sex thanks for the specifics... *gag*
neopets cheat of buying 1 NP stuff cheater cheater.
Spiderman twin towers trailer actually, that was a COOL trailer, but they can't use it anymore because of the attacks... *sulk*
blue mary hentai eheheheheh--NO.
Touga "yeah, baby" clip ........
Touga laugh clip WAV I'm sorry, person. I've only ever drawn the dood once and I've NEVER seen the show. ^_^;
Cardcaptor Sakura Hentai Pictures I get far too many hits for this stuff....
Cardcaptor hentai see what I mean?
Tsukishiro Yukito sound files *siiiiiigh* *heartheart*
trigun wav download Trigun music kicks ass. Sadly, I have none.
"Out of reach+lyrics" I get a lot of hits for this too.
happening back in the medival period Yeah, man, it was so hip and happinin' to be back in the medival period, man, yeah.... peace out, dood. (dear god, I sound like Joshua!! O_o; )
where can i get the song burn baby burn for my neopets shop I dunno.... *snickersnicker*
clint eastwood.wav hmmm...maybe mentioning the Gorillaz was a bad thing. I get hits for this constantly too...
ver videos de incest ...*looks at Oli and Lucas* Hey, you two didn't happen to make any spanish-language porn, did you?
ikari shinji sound clip download I only wish. I have but one.

And I think I should get ready for school sometime soon or I'm gonna end up late. Oh, geez, I should go late anyway. Mrs. Singh is gonna throttle me regardless...

O'er and out.

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