Cya is REALLY sexy with his hair down. *__*
I'm very bored and have no one to talk to, so I'm sitting here typing randomly and listening to DM remixes. I've found some REALLY good ones (Heidi, listen up!).... the following are VERY MUCH reccommended:
Barrel of a Gun (Underworld soft mix)
Walking In My Shoes (Anandamidic mix)
Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro mix)
It's No Good (Oakenfold mix)
In Your Room (Favourite Innocence mix)
Dream On (Dave Clarke Club mix)
Home (Grantby mix)
Dead of Night (Ultra Rip mix)
Personal Jesus (Kazan Cathedral mix)

Well, I've finished reading A Clockwork Orange. I am VERY satisfied with the ending of the book (more than I was with the end of the movie, the movie left a whole chapter out), as the story turns out to be about Alex's teenage years and how they END. Yes, he grows up. It's rather a sad ending, though it's also verra' positive. I *heart* Alex. He's so interesting.
So, now that I've done reading that book, I have started the second latest Repairman Jack book, All the Rage, which makes reference to my favourite of the three I've read so far, Legacies. ALICIA CLAYTON! XD *cheers wildly* I've also got mom hooked on Jack, she's just finishing up Conspiracies.
Next on my list of books to read is Brave New World. I read about half of it one morning, so I really should read it from start to finish since I'm basing some stuff on the theories in it.

I've been hanging around here a lot, thanks to Deanna, and have recruited Firefly and Alex-chan to join too. It's fun. I'm getting a little better at the whole oekaki thing. Slowly, very slowly... but I'm getting there.

My lungs are aching again. I HATE that. It happens suddenly and very much randomly, and it makes breathing verra' difficult. >__<;

*finds another remix of In Your Room, goes to download it*

I got to sit with my droogies today (droog = nadsat for "friend")! Since, y'know, I didn't go to any classes. Anyway, it was amusing, having conversations about Matt and his relationship with the tail end of a car *koff*, Mike and his flexibility complex *koffkoff*, and me drawing porn. *rolls eyes* It was funny, tho, as Mike pulled me onto his back and ran around the stairwell area with me hitched onto his shoulders, kicking and squeaking away. It's odd being lifted up... I'm usually too heavy for people to lift. ^.^;; then again, I HAVE lost a good 15 pounds, so what am I complaining about?

George Harrisson is dead.... respects to his family and friends. Two Beatles remain. Now I wish the media would shut up about it, I'm sick of hearing it. Yeeesh.

DMode: Only When I Lose Myself. It's Marcus' theme song, and I really want to write him right now. ^.^;

I sent Cherry-chan something to cheer her up, but I dunno if she'll get it... sympatico hates me, I swear to god. u_u;

*yawns* I spent all morning sleeping in the school library. Yes, I LITERALLY SLEPT in the back of the independant study area. I'm so surprised I didn't get caught... I got a good hour of sleep, off and on.

I could SO kick ass on Jeopardy. I swear, I know all the stupid answers/questions.

I'm out of things to say. What should I say? Umm...

Shmoo. */Danism*
I forgot to blog this morning! o_@
Stolen from Gerrad (aka J.T):

1.Full Name: Meg Graham. That's ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!
2.Nicknames: Bitch.... ho... Megarina... Meggie....Meg-chan.... G...
3.Eyes: Grey
4.Height: 5'7
5.Hair: Blonde, but it's purple right now.
6.Siblings: Brother John, and sister whose name I forget 'cause I haven't seen her in so long 'cause she can't be bothered to contact us. *ahem*
7.shoe size: men's 9
8.Age: 16
9.Birthday: May 1st, '85
10.Sign: Taurus, and I REALLY live up to it.
11.Where you live: the Korova Milkbar.
12.Sex: no thanks, I'll pass. I'm taken.
13.Righty or lefty: Riiighty.

for girls to fill out on guys:

14.Boxers or briefs: ... doesn't matter, as long as he's COVERED!
15.Long or short hair: Mmm, long if it's kept clean and trimmed.
16.Tall or short: short. ^__^
17. 6 pac or bisceps?: BICEPS. *_*
18.Good or bad guy: a mix of both. He can be bad to everyone with me and get away with it.
19.Hat or no hat? No hat. Hats are for me.
20.Ears pierced or not: Sure!
21.Tan or fair: Hnnn, either is good.
22.Freckles or none: freckles are cute. ^.^
23. Stubble or neatly shaved: stubble is fun.
24.Rugged or sportsy: rugged, man!
25. Studly or cutie: cutie.
26.Accent or not: ACCENT! XD~~~

ON GIRLS FOR GUYS TO FILL OUT- ... I have the right to fill this section out too. ^__^ (best of both worlds, like BLADE!! [this observance was made byChris])

27. regular underwear or thong: thongs are okay if needed (like, when wearing tight clothes that are best without a pantyline ^_^; )
28.Painted nails or not: naw.
29.Bra or sports bra: who cares?! As long as it's not one of those string thingers, it looks good.
30.Cute n'mysterious or wild n'sexy: I prefer the first.
31.Dressy or casual: Casual.
32.Dark or blonde: hmmm. Well, I don't really care, but apparently I have a thing for adorable blondes. *winks at someone*
33.Long or short hair: honestly? I prefer short hair on women
34.Dark or light eyes: doesn't matter, as long as they have an intelligent spark to them.
35.eyes or no eyes: WHAT? *looks worried* find me a person lacking eyes and I'll see what it does for me. o_O;
36.Hat or no hat: girls look cute in hats. ^_^
37.Good or bad girl: Good.
38.Fat or thin: I don't care, it's all in the personality.
39. Hair up or down: don't really care.
40.Jewelery or none: small stuff is okay. Gold is a turn off.
41.Tall or short: short. I like short people.
42.Curly or straight hair: straight.
43.Pants or dress: Both are niiice.
44.Tan or fair: don't care.
45.Freckles or none: don't care.
46.Preppy indoor chick or party chick: I'd rather go with the prep. ^_^;
47.Prissy or grunge: Prissy? I don't LIKE prissy people... grunge is good, tho. Grunge is verra' good.
48.Accent or canadian: Accents are nice. ^__^
49.Shy or outgoing: I can deal with either.


50.Chocolate or white milk: chocolate.
51.Rootbeer or dr. pepper: Dr. Pepper.
52.Sunshine or rain: Rain, as long as it's not the really cold stuff (like there is right now)
53.Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate.
54.skiing or boarding: Skiing, even if I spend my time screaming and latched onto the instructor who ends up zooming backwards down the hill with me attached.
55.Day or night: I'm a night person.
56.Summer or winter: winter.
57.Cake or pie: ....I don't like either, really.
58.Love or lust: Love is best, but lust is natural too... ^.^;
59.Silver or gold: SILVER.
60.Diamond or pearl: neither, I hate both.
61. sunset or sunrise?: Sunset. I haven't seen a sunrise since I took pictures of one in 9th grade.
62.Have you ever gone skinny dipping: I PLEAD THE FIFTH!
63.Do you sleep with stuffed animals: many of them. MANY MANY.
64.Have you ever broke/sprained/fractured a bone: Yes, my ankle.
65.Do you have any piercing: one ear, since the other closed up.
66.Do you sing in the shower: yes, I do. I sing like Britney Spears. p33r me.
67.Whats your favourite colour: blue or purple.
68.Whats your favorite band: Depeche Mode, or Iron Maiden. Can't decide between the two.
69.Who do you dream about: this one gorgeous girl... 9.9
70.Who are your friends: anyone whom my blog is linked to. ^_~
71. who outa all of you is the loudest?: DAN!!!
72.Who do you tell your dreams to: Jamie!
73.Do you want your friends to do this survey: Sure, it's great fun to read other people's answers.

Morning Blog! This time in both Nadsat AND english.

I'm running late (agaaain), but at this point in time, I really don't care. I seriously doubt I'll be going to math this morning. Hell, I'm beginning to debate going to ANY classes today, my stomach hurts since I'm all nervous and worried about mom.

Firefly, you're so wonderfully confused as to what I say when I speak nadsat, huh? *petpets you* Poor dear...

I hate it when comics don't load. *hits internet explorer* Stupid program. Yeeeesh.

Heidi, I feel your pain. My book is written in a made up language that's a combo between english and russian/slavic. It's only 150 pages long, tho I've read 50 pages and have about 80 post-its of notes in total.. no, wait... 3 post-its a page, and I've taken notes on 28 pages... yup, 84. o_O; And it's all on diction!!!

I go.

Nadsat translation:

There was me, that is Meg, and I'm running late (agaaain), but at this point in raz, I really don't care. I seriously doubt I'll be ittying to math this morning. Hell, I'm nachinatovat to debate ittying to ANY classes today, my brooko hurts since I'm all nervous and worried about mom.

Firefly, you're so wonderfully confused as to what I govoreet when I govoreet nadsat, huh? *petpets you* Poor dorogoy, O my brothers. ..

I hate it when comics don't load. *tolchocks internet explorer* Gloopy programme. Yeeeesh.

Heidi, I feel your pain. My book is written in a made up language that's a combo between english and russian/slavic. It's only 150 pages long, tho I've read 50 pages and have about 80 post-its of notes in total.. no, wait... 3 post-its a page, and I've taken notes on 28 pages... yup, 84. o_O; And it's all on diction!!!

I itty.

Of course I love you! *pinches your cheeks* You're so cute and nice!
*still in nadsat (I will not translate. Look up a nadsat dictionary if you wish to have a translation)*

There was me, that is Meg, and I am the best and most experienced in the process of worshipping Firefly, for she is Bog-like and choodessny and perfect and she vons lovely. ^___~
This blog will be completely in the language of the ordinary nadsat, as govoreeted by the book "A Clockwork Orange".

I am currently bored and fagged, with very malenky to do. I really want to draw, but I'm oozhassny at it lately. I got this very interessovatting malenky program for the computer which I am currently writing this in.
Firefly-ai-chan, Self-Insert is linked to you. Did you know that?

*gurgles and drools on Johnny Depp*
*CACKLES I am SO amused! XD
Morning Blog!

Here I am, running late once again, and I am verra' sleepy and groggy. Methinks if Ms. Fotinos isn't here today, then I will not go to her classes and just come home. But I'll actually go to math today! *GASP*

Awwwwwwwww. Candra looks so cute. @_@

If anyone can figure out the very obscure joke in the title of chapter 3, I will give them a cookie. Here's a hint: figure out the literal meaning of the phrase then flip it around to sound somewhat H.

I can understand where you're coming from on everything but having greasy hair. o_O I HATE the feeling of my hair being greasy, and I swear that it always is. I wash it obsessively.... which I haven't done yet this morning! *freaks out*

Mom is still sick.

I updated the LotM adoptables. There is now a set of Lucifer, Rafe, Yuken, Angel Lucifer, and Lian. More to come.

I'm out of things to say, so I shall go.

*sticks that gold star on her forehead so EVERYONE can see it* Waiwai!

I'll be there, and I'll be payin' mah' own way, duh nuh nun (sounded like a song, so thus the musical "duh nuh nun"ing).

I have a song to sing for everyone! *ahem*
My name is Frances
Frances DeLayhoya
Because I am French and...

*hysterical gigglefits*

You wouldn't believe how many people I've had to tell that Oliver Wood was scottish. EVERYONE seems to think he's Irish! u_u;

I got payed $4 to do Paul's work for him! It was funny. I had to colour his Macbeth title thing. I did it 'cause I was bored, plus he sat and talked to me most of the time. It was weird, I was making him laugh. He's proud of me for accepting the fact that I'm a white girl (never mind, everyone, it's a random thing).

Chapter 3 starts tomorrow, and the title page for it is pretty. Also to note, before I forget, is there is a new adoptions page on the LotM site. I'll be updating it later too.

I'm bored.
Morning Blog!

ACK! No being Jermy-ish! Nonononono! Bad. >_<; *tackleglomps*
Josh: I forgive Jeremy for what he's angsting over. Tho w covered this angle last night, I thought I'd say it again.

My mom is sick, so I'll prolly be coming home at lunch to visit and make sure all is well. She's really sick... doctors running lots of tests. ;_;

My condolences to my buddy John. *super hugs* And someone got here by searching for your name again, so if it's you, you may end up reading this.

Next blog layout will be one of two things. It's either gonna be Lance and Ferrin or Simon and Dami (possibly an optional Sebbi in there). *ponders* Hmm.

I think I'm gonna get off the computer and go see mum. Ja!
Sounds kinda like MY sister. *pets* I sympathize.

Morning Blog!

Hey, I actually forced myself up at a reasonable time. Everyone, be proud of me!

Awww, so cute. ^.^ Tho, LANCE HAS A HOUSE!!! CARLOS IS THE ONE WITH AN APARTMENT! *baps Firefly*

Rukura really amuses me in the first panel. Don't ask me why, he just does.

I think I've overloaded all my AH kyara. I find myself unable to write them lately... which has happened before, mind. I think they got really tired and need a break.

Happy birthday!

*getting annoyed with repeatedly throwing Buffy off her lap* TAKE A HINT AND GO AWAY, CAT!!!

Chapter 3 of LotM starts on wednesday. I still have to do the chapter title page. I'm working on it... also bringing in a new character. I think that will be it for new kyara, tho; there was supposed to be two others, but I plan on actually ENDING this plot sometime next year. That's right, people! That's why my keenspace account isn't named after LotM! There will be another comic after it.

Note to self:
Legacy Of The Messiah
June 16 - Jun 22
June 14

I'm Chthon! Take the 'What Quake monster am I?' test!

Interesting search engine hits:
gay male hentai and yaoi's the same thing. And I have LOTS of it.
'frecks feet' Frecks, someone's looking for your feeeet!
kodachi hentai Um... WHY? o_O;
Mark McGrath pics I wish.
where to download samurai x episodes Morpheus!
download cowboy bebop episdoes MORPHEUS!
ranma oav download MORPHEUS!!! M-o-r-p-h-e-u-s!

I think I'm done rambling for now.

Yes, I fell asleep on a pile of dirty laundry. ^_^; See, I had it all piled on my bed 'cause I was sorting it for washing.... and I leaned across the pile to grab a shirt from the other side and I just zonked out.
*gives you a Marcus plushie*

50% - 60% (Amateur Psycho)

That's the spirit!
Although time and / or personal experience have yet to make you exterminate an entire suburb, there's a good few bodies in *your* back garden.
Keep up the good work!

Take the DeathKiddy Test!

Just got back from Wallyworld. That was HELL. It gets really busy in there around noon. Mom and I got out just in time, I think.

Aside from helping mom christmas shop, I gotted two CCS keychains (pink koneko Sakura one and a Kero) and the McFarlane Akira figure thing with the funkeh throne.

It's really scary going into Wal Mart when everyone knows my mom. Even FREAKIER was when I hear a familiar voice say to mum "Hey, Maggie" (as that's my mom's name and all). We turn around and she's like, "Hi, Anthony!".... Anthony Stodonly. ODD. He was the OAC band guy who taught many a band lesson in my Grade 9 music class... and he knows mom on a first name basis. o_O;

My mom's boss is CUTE.

Hmm. Do I have anything else to say?


Amy never blogs anymore.
You know what's REALLY scary? I've actually had this happen to me. With that song. Only I was in a hardware store.

Last night I watched two movies. You know how odd that is? I rarely have the patience to watch movies. Anyway, we watched Gladiator (I like that movie, Maximus is cool), and later on I watched A Clockwork Orange. I haven't seen Clockwork in years, and now when I watched it, I was vastly amused. It's so ironic... all of it. When mom bought it for me yesterday, the guy at Rogers Video was like "Oh. A Clockwork Orange. That's... interesting..." And I got this funny look when I said it was me that was getting it. *heeheehee*

Anyway, mom and I are going to Wallyworld now. So I must go... stupid Wal-Mart. *coughIlovewalmartcough*

I flee.
Don't worry, Yuken will get his. *coughcoughIhatehimtoocoughcough*

Well, I fell asleep in a pile of dirty laundry with my glasses on this afternoon. Just woke up about an hour ago... that was fun.

I did five days worth of strips... and ummm... *thinks* A few pictures.

Morning Blog!


Oooh, that looks familiar. 9.9;

Man, everyone notice how my morning blogs get crappier and crappier as the week goes on? It's friday tho. FRIDAY IS GOOD. I also have a really serious disease. It's called Remixitus. I got it from someone... I'm now downloading a LOT of DM remixes...

SotM: Dream On (Dave Clarke Club Mix), by Depeche Mode.

Mah brother has a mustang. He's also got a '68 Mercury Cougar which he is restoring, so when that's done, I get da' mustang. Now, I just need my G1... *tries to scrounge up the nerve to get it* ... *can't*

Will Meg go to math today? *drumroll*
Heeeeellllll no. <--- Fresh Prince impression

YAY! You're actually gonna make a soundtrack? GO YOU! *props to Heidi* I'm sorry about upsetting you with the stabbingness of Luci-kun. Little thing on your window? Izzit da' Rafe mascot? 6.6; *is reminded of a Megane 6.7 MSTing* "Come to my window, Mina..."

If I weren't so in love with the main character of A Clockwork Orange, I think I'd give up on the book. Oh, and there's a contract binding me with obligation to finish reading it. On page 20 with 35 notes and counting....

Ne, ne, I had a stupid idea for something that can happen in the next week or two in LotM... I wanna have Araziel drag Rukura to a club. Wouldn't it be amusing if Journeys Down were playing there? *heeheehee*

Oscuro is a better name.

I should go wash my hair and what not so I can go to school at an unsuspicious time. (Last thing I need is dad catching me skip o_O)

Mom, do you still read my blog? *glomps mommie* I am curious. You never mention it. You never mentioned it until I asked in the first place, so... do you read my blog? *pokepokes*

Thank you, Cherryyyyyy! *waves* I have a Lucas layout too. I doubt you read my blog, tho, so I'll shut up.

Clock ticking. Rather, it's ding-donging the hour. Meg go now.

OH! WAIT! .... fuzzy green stuff!

O'er and out.

This is cool! XD
The accent was a nice bonus, but Oliver Wood is overall sexeh. XD~ I like men with accents. I like women with accents.... FIREFLY! GET AN ACCENT!! ^_~
You're the Iron Giant?!! KAWAAAAAII! *pinches you*
O my sister, I'm totally with the flip horrorshow nadsat language now. I'm typing like skorry, it's beautiful. *smeck*

For those who do not speak nadsat:

Yes, my friend, I'm totally with the cool/wicked/awesome teenage language* now. I'm typing really fast, it's beautiful. *laugh*

* teenage is used in the way it's used in the book; to describe Alex and his gang of friends and the language they speak ("nadsat").


I am istant. Aren't I so pretty? *spins around* The vulcan v ear god and the other guy with the woman will be so pleased with me!

Damn pinecones.

Morning Blog!

I'm gonna be late.

Huuuuuge updates on LotM. Check it out.

I've been ordered to go to bed. Oyasumi, minna!
You know you want some.
Frecks, I found it. It was on my video cd... no idea WHY, but it was...
Yuken: Oooooh, perfect! XD~ *glomps Alex*
I had some friends of mine download the episodes offa' morpheus for me. ^_^
Morning Blog!

My head is gonna explode... it hurts... and my stomach hurts.... and I'm really cold. ;_;

*cackles* I knew you'd like that! XD

SotM: Where Is My Mind?, Pixies cover by Ghoti Hook.

I have nothing to say....
Ah. 'Cause Megatokyo has never appealed to me, I was a little confused as to the reference....
I got the footage by getting the episodes in .avi format for the computer and put 'em together with Adobe Premier.
*smacks you* I know there's something wrong with it!! I TRIED FIXING IT!!! I CAN'T ACCESS THE POST SO HUSH!!!! Don't nag me.
You could send me a big version of the file and I could resize it nice... otherwise, if no one claims the next guest spot by friday, two days is good.
Morning Blog!

SotM: Where Is My Mind?, by the Pixies. FUN! XD Megan, thanks for the Fight Club DVD rip! 'Tis PERFECT!

WHOO! I love Kevin Frankish too! He's so cool. *_* He read your e-mail?!! KYAAAAAAA!! I envy yooou! *kyaaas some more*
And send that guest strip along, woman!

I still have one more guest spot availableeeee!

Ooooooh, with my feet on the air and my head on the ground, try this trick and spin it; YEAH!

My ears are guggling at me again. I hate it when my ears guggle.

OoooooOOOOooooHHHhhhh.... FERRIN-SAMA!! XD I love that guy! Pretty! PRETTY!

Some randomness that I find amusing:
"Let's all think logically. Is this really a situation in which you wanna be sober?... I didn't think so."
That's Marcus. ^.^;;

I found two REALLY GOOD covers of Where Is My Mind?! One by Ghoti Hook and the other by Nada Surf. I'm so proud. I like cover tunes.

Aw. Poor Flash...

Wow, Kiran, that was a truly beautiful Homerism. XD

It's tuesday. I want it to be friday. NOW.

Ah well... school is for me to get caught up on strips. We all know this. I know this because Tyler knows this. HELLO, I am so ZEN.

Yup. I'm done. JA!
Love, Peeves was left out on purpose. They shot scenes with him, but they left it out because they thought he was too obnoxious and didn't fit the movie's feel very well. It's been said that he may be in the next ones, tho.
It really puts you off eating when you, y'know, BLEED on your meal.


Marcus: Oooh, I like you already!
Meagen? Say what about kyara design?
*hysterical laughter*

Blog hits that amuse me. XD

"Oliver Wood"+"porn" ... *HEHEHEHEHEHEH*
sexy pics of James Marsters with no shirt mmmm. Part of a balanced meal! XD~
hentai, "perfect blue", pictures... you confuse me.

Can someone tell me what Serial Yuri Revenge is? I get a LOT of hits for that. o_O;
Hey, blogger killed my morning blog. Oh well.
EVERYONE! Guess what I did??! LOOKIEEEEEE!!!

Meg's Art Corner! Bet y'all missed that, eh?!!

First off, my tries at oekaki artwork. *clears throat*
Oekaki fanart for Kern.
More fanart for Kern.
And a newer kyara of mine, Marcus.

Now we move on to hand-drawn art.
Marcus poses like the sexeh bitch he is, while showing off the brand and silicon identification strips on his hand.
The kyara sketch for Evangeline Saul, Marcus' psuedo roommate. *koff* She's about 14 here.
Marcus and Evangeline, with Eva-chan sleeping. She's about 11. Think whateeeeever you want. It prolly looks wrong 'cause it IS.
It's ME! Yes, I own that outfit. Actually, I'm wearing it now.


LotM is also updated for today.
WAIT! WAIT! Good search engine hit!
james marsters porn

Oh, don't I just WISH!!! XD~~~
Morning Blog!

Okay, I must say this first.
ANYONE WHO HASN'T E-MAILED ME (yes, e-mailed me) ABOUT DOING A GUEST STRIP FOR LOTM BETTER DO IT NOW! I only have two spots left.... D-chan, didn't you want to do one? If so, just e-mail me and all will be well.

Great. I have grown attached to another psychotic kyara. His name is Marcus, and he's a complete freak.

Marcus: Yeah, so? Freak is good. Good I am. Whoooo, drugs. *goes off in search of narcotics*

.... u_u;

Note to self, add - posted by Meg-chan @ 7:52 AM
*draws her dreaded aluminium CCS hockey stick* WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT!?!
I agree, the first book isn't that great. They get better as the numbers go up, with the third book being my personal fave.... but the movie is plenty good. It's mostly all the neat action and CGI effects. It's good fun. ^_^ City of Angels IS good. I was ruined for the ending by someone I go to school with... they told me about it the day before I saw the movie. ;_;

Wheee, I had fun this weekend (so far)! I went shopping with mom, which we rarely do anymore. I bought the 3rd CCS graphic novel (english, since I'm too broke to get the bilingual), three new crusher hats, and mom got me a really gorgous red and black lace camisole that looks like a corset. XD~ I also managed to get my hands on a copy of the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird!! I'm happy for that!
And today, John (oniichan) and I went to the toy show at the International Centre, where I got the Todd McFarlane Vash the Stampede figure, and a mini Lain lunchbox (like the one I got for You, only like 1/3 of the size). And we got food.

I still have much homework to do....
I love you. You spell magick the right way. I love you.

I've always known that you're a prick. DUH. I don't like you, asshole or not. *biii*
I claimed him first! HE'S MINE, KIRAN! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!! *drags Oliver Wood off screen and laughs like Kodachi*
How would you know? Have you seen the movie? Huh? Huh?
The only thing I will allow myself to say about the Harry Potter movie is this.

Oliver Wood is a sexy, sexy boy.
Morning Blog!

School starts late today. Plus I doubt I'll feel like going to first period. Math blows.

I have absolutely nothing to say.


All bow before Joseph, John, Jess, Jeremy, and Joss. (Dont ask.)
My ISU is A Clockwork Orange.
Morning Blog!

Firefly, see Frecks.

I think I'll be smart today and take a pharmacy to school in my purse today. *packs tylenol, ibuprofen, and midol* Wheee. *also packs flovent and ventalin*

I slacked off.

Big favour to ask of my friends with high speed net access and morpheus... those of you who can help, that is. Can someone look for the movie Godzilla Vs. the Smog Monster for me? Pleeeeease? Man, do I sound lame. I'm gonna bug mom to get DSL. u_u;

I typed this up when I was bored a few days ago. It's a list of all the anime junk I have!:

On VHS (subtitled unless otherwise stated)

Lain - episodes 1-5
X (movie)
Perfect Blue
Slayers - episodes 1-3
Ranma 1/2 - OAV "Desperately Seeking Shampoo"
Aa! Megami Sama! - episodes 1-5
Dragon Half - episodes 1-2
You're Under Arrest - OAV episodes 1-5
Bakuretsu Hunter - episodes 1-20
Sailor Moon R Movie
Sailor Moon S Movie
Sailor Moon SuperS Movie
Magic Knight Rayearth - episdoes 1-2
Ghost in the Shell (dubbed)

On CD (subtitled unless otherwise stated)

Neon Genesis Evangelion - episodes 1-24 + two movies
Blood the Last Vampire
Rurouni Kenshin - episodes 1-15
Rurouni Kenshin OAV/Samurai X - episodes 1-4
Aa! Megami Sama! Movie
Inu Yasha - episodes 1-4
Angel Santuary - episodes 1-2
Record of Lodoss War - episodes 1-3
Vandread - episodes 1-2

CD Soundtracks

Neon Genesis Evangelion - VOX
Cardcaptor Sakura - OST 1, Character Songbook
Mononoke Hime
Cowboy Bebop - Blue
Lain - OSTs 1-3
Slayers Next - Sound Bible II

Bow down before my measley collection

Now I have a paper to finish, so I go. Ja!

Spokie dokie!
Kiiiiraaaan! *points at messages below* Did you get my message of not needing tickets for HP? Let me know so there's no mistakes...
Firefly-chan, be sure to check out Freck's blog.
I'm home for girl reasons. And it's days like this that scare me and make me almost want to go to the doctor... >_< I'm shocked that dad's not making me go to class, tho.


*hee* Thanks! Isn't today's page nice? I'm proud of it. D, I LIKE this one muchly. *__* I should try that oekaki thinger. Maybe someday....

I go. >_<
Morning Blog!

Ummm... I'm making a mug of tea! To bring with me to school! (It's a thermos mug thing.) Tea makes my tummy un-cramp. Stupid cramps. I have a paper to finish writing. I am lazy. I am comfortable with that. I am enlightened. Don't make me get all ZEN in your hostile little FACE. (obscure Fight Club reference.)

Pretty! PRETTY! XD~

Work... X_X Looks like I'll be skipping first period again...(I'd rather be absent than late.) Which is really funny, since yesterday I went to ALL my classes and the school system, Big Mouth, phoned here and said I was absent. Go figure. T_T;;

I should go and finish my work, ne?
Amy, Megan, and I are meeting at Trinity Commons at 5:15 (outside famous players). If anyone wishes to join us, feel free, and the HP screening we're attending is at 7:30.
*ahem*... no, considering I've never seen Utena. And Carter is a little stupid, but he's not spineless. T___T

(have I mentioned how little I like snide comments about my kyara, be they in good intention or not?)
Morning Blog!

I have such hard classes today. *rolls eyes* First period is boring boring math, second period I think we're finishing up our study on the Gospels, third period I get to study how Freudian Fight Club is, fourth is lunch, and fifth we get our ISU junk and we start Macbeth.

Dad's buying HP tickets for friday today so I am definately getting in (only makes sense that I get my ticket for sure if I have to wait in line for hours for everyone else, ne? ^_^; ). Kiran? Megan and Amy are also getting tickets from me... and the only place you can get advance tickets for the movie is Silvercity Brampton. They're $12.95 general admission, showtimes and stuff can be found here. I still dunno what show my dad is getting tickets for, but I'll keep you posted.

SotM: Rest In Peace, as performed by James Marsters as Spike. XD~~~~

Power to the sexeh boy! You show her!!

Hey, moron, you're too late. You told me that you're not going, so too bad. Get your own tickets.

*sob* Everyone better like my hard work. I've been busting my ass over this week's comics... tomorrow's is the real carpal-tunnel inducer. *dies*

Okay, as y'aaaaall might have noticed, I have absolutely nothing to say. So I'll just go and get ready for school. *wanders off*

Shut up, Candra!! Orions a cuuuutie patooootie! *huggles Orion* I *heart* him. Even if he is a sick freak.
Yes, I was well aware.
Note to people who read my blog and not the LotM one:

Three spots are secured for guest week. YOU MUST E-MAIL ME TO GET A SPOT. So far, it's tl^2, Firefly, and Alex-chan. I need 4 more. ^_^
Morning Blog!

I woke up at 6:50, and looked at my clock. I was verra' confused... the alarm is supposed to go off at 6:15. However, it did not. Then I realized that I forgot to set it back from saturday when I had it set to go off at 8:30. o_O I'm so glad that I didn't oversleep. But man, it's already 7:40, and I still need to get washed up and dressed and stuff...

I have come to the conclusion that the LotM gallery needs an update. I, however, only have about 3 pics that aren't already there, so I've resolved that I will draw only LotM kyara this week.
...Unless, of course, I get inspiration to draw Carter getting it on with someone. Speaking of which, I so wanna draw Simon wearing a pretty shirt that reads Porn Star in Training on it. *sulksulk* But I suck at drawing lately... *sulksulk* I like Simon. He's so easy to role play. And usually easy to draw, too. And he has such an... interesting wardrobe.

I found a Bruce Dickinson cover of Sin City, but the download died half way through 'cause I needed more sources. ;___;

SotM: The Three Pigs, by Green Jelly. This song is VERY amusing... it's a modernized version of the story of the Three Pigs, complete with a stoner pig, a Hollywood Hills mansion, Pig Nugent, and Rambo. Fiiiirefly, get this one. I know you hate metal, but this is too funny to pass up. XD

And the moral of the story is, bands with no talent can easily amuse idiots with a stupid puppet show.

Amy, my dad gave me a plush football. It made me recall the one that Kat roofed. Oh, those were the days...

I have this really really bad and evil urge to skip first period. I HATE that class. But I should go anyway, since I'm failing the class and all.

Ple. I go.
I'm not gonna be able to upload it or anything... it's HUGE. Maybe someone I know can spread it on Morpheus for me.
Okay! I'll get you a copy!
Gateway is good no da. Cheapness and all!
*clears throat* Special occassion...

Meg's Eva Video Satus Report..
THE STUPID THING IS DONE!!!!! 7:26 long, an Ikari Shinji tribute set to Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name!! All who want copies, supply me with a CD and all will be good. You won't be disappointed. XDDD
It's only taken all summer and an additional two months....
Meg's list of disturbing DJ found on ebay:

Sakura and Clow? o_O
Non-hentai Kenshin!!! O_O
Hentai Fruits Basket... @_@
And another one. @__@
This one's for Gerrad.
THIS TOO!!!! *__*

The S movie IS spiffy. Though I like the R movie better, but hey... I have this thing for Fiore. He's purdy. And the SuperS movie sucked, really, save for Peruru/Pelulu. XD I swear, that boy is the only reason I got the movie art book.
Note to self: Speaker's Corner is on tomorrow at 7:30 pm.

I had a very eventful day. It went like this.
I got up early (as y'all may have noticed) so mom, John, and myself could go downtown for the art show. We get there, only to find out it's been bumped up to the 22nd. u_u; So, to compensate, we went to the movie poster warehouse. I got myself the Offspring Conspiracy of One cover poster, and resumed looking around. John and I noticed a dood who was digging around in the posters, holding the posters for Evil Dead, and Evil Dead 2. I was really there to get the Army of Darkness one, and I knew where to look. So I grabbed it and said "oi, mom, this is the one I want... but I can't afford it." The dood LEERED and hovered nearby, waiting for me to put it back. John skipped over, gave me $25, and whispered to me "that guy's been looking for it. YOU get it." So I did. Pissed that dood off muchly.
Then it was down the 401 and Don Valley Parkway, where three cars directly behind us collided and the one in the middle was rendered into a cube.
Then mom bought us allllll Burger King food.

*quotes Amy* Good times, good times.


(Heidi Has To Take Friday the 16th Off Because She Needs To Get Out And Watch The Much-Anticipated Harry Potter Movie With Her Friends Instead of Babysitting ALL The Time)

Okay, you ALL BETTER APPRECIATE all those stupid bold tags!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_~
Man, this is so stupid. And wrong. I'm up early on a saturday morning...! John and I are supposed to go out, but where the f*ck is he? Still in bed. Dork.

I've found something that greatly amuses me. In the song Tomorrow Comes Today by the Gorillaz, 2-D sounds like Simon McKinnley. *cackles* It's amusing for me, don't ask.

SotM: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles), by the Proclaimers. Stupid song... but I love it... ^__^;

Another song I got last night was Tsumi by Ogata Megumi. Such a pretty song. It took me forever to find it, though.... no one on Morpheus had it!

Last night I dreamt that I was friends with Shrek! (don't ask. Just smile and nod.)

I'm determined to get my Eva vid done this weekend. I have 50 seconds to go on it, people. Plus, mom wants to install windows XP, so I wanna finish this first and copy it to CD lest I lose it. ^_^;;;

Mel-sama! XDDD~~~

John's up finally.

People are just stupid. By the way, have I mentioned what a yummy layout that is? 'Cause your blog layout is yummy. ^.^
Jesus christ, I'd REALLY LIKE TO KNOW WHO IS STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT FOLLOW SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS! I'm taking down the LotM poll because some inconsiderate person keeps voting multiple times.
Robes? That's called a trenchcoat. u_u;
Morning Blog!

Is blogspot gonna let me publish yet? Lesse here...

Anyway, to D and Amy... I have to cancel weekend plans no da. Mom's sick, so here I shall stay and all that garbage. Tay?

I'm thirsty. AND COLD! It's freezing! @_@

Paranoid, eh? You're as bad as me. I got all tense last night 'cause it was really windy and the panels at the sides of the house were rattling. Sounded like someone was in the driveway. >_<
Will cute.... Kyoh is..... no one is cuter than Tira Misu! XDDDDDDD~~ She is by far the best looking redhead. Or maybe it's all that leather.

*purrs* You're welcome. I think my IE is screwy... I need to clean it out. It doesn't lemme see some things on the tracker. @_@;;;

Lookit Buffy go! *watches cat play with a hairband*

OH! happi news that I shall relay here for only those that read my blog...*whispers* in a few days, on LotM, we'll all get to marvel at Lucifer, Yuken, and Rafe in their Angel forms. ^.^
It's gonna take me two periods to draw it (I have a supply for two classes today), but it will be worth it.

Stupid Candra. Hurting my Orion. Stupid Candra.

Alrighty, everyone, it's that time again! The time for...

What Will Meg's Next Blog Layout Be???

I'll keep you all posted. When I find a picture I like well enough...

Which reminds me!! I actually drew something! It's a special occassion, so...

Meg's Art Corner!!!

Orlando-chan, dressed cute. I like drawing him! He's so pretty! I dress him fun, don't I? It's cool.

I go. *points at clock*
Note to self: when working on next layout, add Karth's blog to the links.
Morning Blog!
Yeah yeah, I was well aware of that (and I do remember tags, I'm just dyslexic and screw them up. You've seen me type. The backspace key is my friend). But in the time that I was online last night, I couldn't publish on blogger. Don't nag meeeeeee! ^_~;

Breakfast is gooood food today. We gots these huge soft poppy-seed bagels from Westen Produce, so I'm having one of those with cream cheese and smoked turkey. ^.^ And coca-cola, of course. *points at glass*

SotM: Don't Speak, by No Doubt. I love this song.... I always have. I'm such a weirdo. It was funny when it was playing in the drug store a few days ago and both myself and the cashier were singing it.

NOOOOO!!!!! ;_;

Wow, Lian's in the lead for the LotM poll. Luci-chan is catching up awfully fast, tho....

I love Bruce Dickinson. But I bet NO ONE knew that. 'Cause, y'know, I'm so non-vocal about my love for him. Did I mention that I love Bruce Dickinson? 'Cause I love Bruce Dickinson.

That works. ^_^ As long as I know I have devoted readers like yourself. ^_~

Check a few more blogs, then away I go to burn a CD....

Mmm, foood.

You know what bugs me? Yesterday when I went out with mom, I had like three guys leer at me. I hate that soooo much! Mom says I should be flattered.... but I'm not. I hate being stared at by people for that kinda reason! Ugh. Like, the other day when I went to get something from the store for dad, this dood started hitting on me at the cash register. I was VERRA annoyed. I hate that so much.
Brampton is like.... pervertville.

Okay, I think I'm done for now.


D-chan.... *thinks* We could go piss off people at the mall... or find some random street corner, and point and laugh at people for no reason. I have no idea... just something. ^.^' <--- creative thinker, huh?

Bidi bidi bom bom!

So, that's three different people in for possible guest stints on LotM. Any other takers? I need four more for a full week.

Lyrics to Haunted, by Poe.

Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa...
Come here
Pretty please
Can you tell me where I am
You won't you say something
I need to get my bearings
I'm lost
And the shadows keep on changing

And I'm haunted
By the lives that I have loved
And actions I have hated
I'm haunted
By the lives that wove the web
Inside my haunted head

Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa...

Don't cry,
There's always a way
Here in November in this house of leaves
We'll pray
Please, I know it's hard to believe
To see a perfect forest
Through so many splintered trees
You and me
And these shadows keep on changing

And I'm haunted
By the lives that I have loved
And actions I have hated
I'm haunted
By the promises I've made
And others I have broken
I'm haunted
By the lives that wove the web
Inside my haunted head

Hallways... always

I'll always love you
I'll always need you
I'll always want you

And I will always miss you

Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa...

Come here
No I won't say please
One more look at the ghost
Before I'm gonna make it leave
Come here
I've got the pieces here
Time to gather up the splinters
Build a casket for my tears

I'm haunted
(By the lives that I have loved)
I'm haunted
(By the promises I've made)
I'm haunted
By the hallways in this tiny room
The echos there of me and you
The voices that are carrying this tune

Ba da pa pa...

Father :
What is it Annie?

Daughter :
You think I'll cry? I won't cry!
My heart will break before I cry!
I will go mad.

Precious, precious drugs... *huggles her new ventalin inhaler*

I've lost 15 pounds since I was last at the doctor's in april or something.

Why do people message you, and when you try to start conversation they only give you one word responses like "cool" "spiffy" "okay" "oooh" or "ah"? I really hate that. And repeat use of the word "cool" ticks me off too.

A few quick comments:

Megan, don't worry. ^_^ Try zipping the zip file. Sometimes that works.
And I have eps 1-10 of Kenshin.... *pikupiku* So don't worry about that either. ^_^
Morning Blog!

I've really got nothing to say.... I'm skipping first period so I can be here when mom makes doctor's appointments. Maybe I'll finally GO to the doctor... I keep putting it off.

Oi, D-chan! I just realized where your street is! You like like five minutes away from me. o_O *thinks* .... wanna do something on Sunday? XD Would you believe that I can't find your poster? o_O; If I can't find it, I'll give you the Lucifer one I did a while ago.

THERE'S my sexy vampy beeyatch! XD~ *tackleglomps Orion*

Welp, I think my e-mail address is about to change. If I get any more porn spam, I change it. I'll keep everyone posted.

There is a new poll on LotM. VOTE ON IT! Also, is anyone interested in doing a guest week? Omake? Something? I'm just curious. If I can get 7 people to do omake guest pages, then that's a whole week, ne? Anyone up for it...? I should post this on the LotM blog while I'm at it.

SotM: Haunted, by Poe. *hearthearts this song*

Rach. Blog. NOW.

Oi, Firefly-chaaaan! I do have a phone card no da. We should discuss when I should call you.... since I don't have your current phone number and all....

Okay, Meg get toast. *putters off*
I went on a trip with mine and Amy's anthropology/psychology classes. Because we were supposed to have two buses and only one showed up, we were REALLY late for the lectures being held at the place we were going to. We were 45 minutes late, had to sit at the very back of the seminar room where we couldn't hear a word being said. The woman leading the lectures told everyone to take a five minue break. Our classes went outside, and Mr. Casement pretty much said "f*ck it, it's 11:30, everyone! Get lost and meet here for the bus at 1:45!!"
So Amy, Christine, Dan, Sabrina, and myself walked through chinatown and to Queen Street, where we went to the Chumcity building and bugged the people there by waving through the windows. And Amy, Dan, and I went on Speaker's Corner. I also went into the BIIIIIG Curry's Art Supplies store It was really fun. And I might be on tv come saturday. XD I've always wanted to go on Speaker's Corner...

All that is actually copied from a chat with Firefly. I was too lazy to explain it again.
*wallows in a puddle of her own drool* Spike sang.... kinda like Billy Idol.... and it was sexeh.... and... *burble*

Morning Blog!

EWWW! Not Nils! I hate that guy! *beats him* That's why I made Carter kill him! *beatbeat Nils*

Wow, wearing fishnets on your arms is mighty fun. I forgot just HOW fun. XD
Amy and I are trying an experiment.... I'm gonna dress the closest to goth that I can and we'll see what teacher/student/doctor yells at me. So as far as I can tell, I'll be wearing fishnets (on my arms), one of my many black shirts, black pants, my denim trenchcoat, and black faerie wings. *sagely nod*

Well, I just wasted a whole bunch of time. Stupid dad.


Man, I burn in your dreams, I turn into a guy in Dan's, I'm mean in Amy's, I'm a dead person in Heidi's, I'm either a raving psychotic or a substance abuser in my own... wow, I'm such a healthy person to know! ^_~;;
Kaaat-chaaan! Thank you for copying Blood for me! That was frickin' AMAZING! @___@ I wanna marry Saya-sama. She is sooooo cool.... *____*

...Violence..... *_______*
Morning Blog!

Man, I am so hungry, but I don't think we have anything I can actually eat without getting sick.

I'm stuck in a very strange mindframe. I think Lucas and Oliver screwed up my mind last night... it was really disturbing. Lucas is the incest poster boy!!! Doing that with his own son...? *shudder* As wrong as it is, though, at least they're cute together. ^___^;

*beats the hell out of Orlando* The problem with writing this guy is I get stuck in his thought patterns and it's ANNOYING! I love him to death, but... Ugh.

SotM: Smoke, by Natalie Imbruglia. I makes me think of Lucas for some reason. @_@

Anyway... I have another school trip tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it, actually, since it's crowded and two classes going to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. *ple*

I should haul something out of the kitchen to eat. My stomach is protesting the lack of food...

I'll burn a new CD too.

*toddles off*

I don't think Tsua reads my blog anymore.
It's beginning to look more and more to me like I wasted my time on this layout since that blog is NEVER used.... T_T;;;;;

I swear to god, I wanna crawl into some rancid little hole and shoot myself. Stick a 9 mm in my mouth, push to the roof, and pull the trigger. Brains splattering the wall. Oh, what a way to die. In a nice shower of dark red gore and greyish brain matter.

Excuse me, I think I'm going to go and hate life silently to myself.
Warning: rant with much swearing ahead

My dad is a useless mother fucker. Isn't it charming when your own father tells you that you're not important and that you're a liar when you are, in fact, telling the goddamned fucking truth?
Fuck you, you son of a bitch. I'm counting the days to when something keeps you from speaking to or being near me, no matter what the reason may be. You just make my fucking life a lot fucking worse. Go back to Glasgow and stay there, you bastard.
End Rant.

I don't want any comments on that, people. You comment, and I'll kill you. I'm just venting, this requires no sagely advice or sympathy from anyone.

I was in a good mood until about five minutes ago. Fuck that.

Doing my entry for the Maiden christmas card contest, and it's coming out a HELL of a lot better than I thought it would. @_o
Whoo! Whuped John's ASS in punch buggy! XD
See, whenever John and I go out somewhere, we play punch buggy. He usually wins because I don't pay attention to much of anything. However, I beat him 3-1 today. Go ME!

Also, I learned that I have Repairman Jack radar. We got All the Rage today, by sheer chance. XD So after I finish reading the Bonesetter's Daughter, I shall delve once again into the Godly world of Jack. XD~~~~~~

I also finally went and got a new sketchbook. Everyone in Curry's knows me and John now... ^___^;
D-chaaaaaaaaaan! Gotcher' addy. It's all a matter of, when will I haul my sorry ass to the post office? 9.9;;;

Heidi! Thanks for plugging my comic on that RO message board.... I got a referral for LotM because of it! XD
Wow, it's fun to take a bath when you have short hair. I didn't have to tie it back after I washed it!!!
SotM: The Doctor Is Calling, by Megadeth. It's an Orlando-chan song. XD Lyyyyrics.

[What's that sound...?]

The doctor is calling
Something's gone wrong
Nowhere do I belong
I listen to the voices in the dark room

Something's going down
But I can't make a sound
Looking past the bars of my mind

The coat of arms falling
I hear the doctor calling
The family crest is falling
I hear the doctor calling

Always sharing trips
Remove me from your lips
Sight and mind still and never go away

One too many tantrums
Deviated symptoms
Better lock the phantom away

The coat of arms falling
I hear the doctor calling
The family crest is falling
I hear the doctor calling

I see the chalkline crawling
I hear the doctor calling me away

This place is my home
My mind still runs free
The doctor's prescription
Less for you and more for me

The coat of arms falling
I hear the doctor calling
The family crest is falling
I hear the doctor calling

I see the chalkline crawling
I hear the doctor calling me away
A merciful embalming
I hear the doctor calling me away....

Peruru!! WAI! I love him. XD
D, send me your addy. ^_^
Morning Blog!

Man, I've got about 5 minutes to blog, then I gotta get dressed and go to school... I bet my english teacher will be mad at me; I haven't been to class since monday. @_@;;

What to say? Ummm... *thinks* Tomorrow's LotM comic will be full page and CG colour, introducing two new kyara. I also plan some more updates for this weekend.

My ears hurt!! X_X

Um, um, um... Dan, your pic thing didn't post. *points* And don't be to depressive.

FIREFLY! I thought up a wicked wicked evil thing to do to Lucas! *insane laughter* It'll be FUN! But it's gonna be more than a little angsty... and will involve him getting the tar beat out of him and a whole bunch of other people not being able to find him for a while.

*looks at watch* Iyeee! o_O;

Ummmmmmm.... lesse here... I talked on the phone with Pat last night, resulting in today's LotM strip. Those of you who don't follow the WT RPs dunno what it's about. Gerrad, you'll prolly get the joke.

Got my art back from the yearbook crew! YAY! I'm glad. I don't mind that they kept it so long, really, since they didn't damage it. All I did is went to the Closet (yearbook room) and asked for it back. ^_^

Short hair is great. ^_^

See that poster? It's for SALE! Go to the LotM page and go to the auctions section. If this doesn't get bid on, I'll sell it for a flat rate and the first person to place dibs gets it. The pictures do it no justice, it's a nice poster. (Almost wanna keep it myself....)

*packs Dan's sister's shoes* ^.^;

LotM Auctions.
This is soon to be for auction, tho not on ebay. I'll be putting up an LotM auction blog soon.
Morning Blog!

Ooooh, calories for breakfast. Good job, Meg. You're gonna end up looking like Roseanne Barr. Pfft. *eating cherry cheese cake for breakfast*

I'm actually able to part my hair at the side, it's so weird. @_@

Anyway, I'm going on a school trip today for my Religions class (no, that class is not nessicary, since I'm in public school--- it's an optional credit towards your History mark). Because we just finished the study on Judaism, we're going to a Synagogue and then to the Holocaust Centre. I have to make a lunch to bring with me, so I'm baking mini pizzas which I shall bring and eat cold. Sadly, mom didn't leave me ANY CHANGE AT ALL to get a pop at the school before I go. Oh well, I guess I'll raid my savings jar. T_T;;

Mik's expression in the third panel is priceless. XD

Mmm, tea. ^.^

Meg's packed lunch so far: 4 mini pizzas (two for when I get home, but hey), 3 clemintine oranges, and lots of candy and chips from last night.

Megan, I'll give you three or so CDs on Friday to copy that stuff, tay? Please and thank you?

*ominous music* THE WORLD HAS ENDED!!! I went to that kami forum and there were no new posts! EEEEEK!

Oliver is a dork. Why? 'Cause methinks the Other hasn't hurt him (save for the tree thing) because he hasn't really had a reason. However, if Oli keeps popping up, the guy WILL hurt him....

Dammit. I just noticed a song that I didn't put on the CD for John. o_O;

Oh well.... I gotta go get ready to go now. Aw, screw it. I'm just gonna show up late for attendance, I don't care. I'll just head straight to the front foyer instead of listening to Mrs. Singh ramble.

O'er and out!

PS: What did everyone think of my lame Halloween LotM pic?

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