Oh, yes. Have now seen episodes 1-13 of Fruits Basket subbed. Akito scares me, and I'm all the more in love with Yuki. Tho I can't have him, I can still drool while clinging to Kyoh and Haru....
Also up to episode 4 in Kare Kano. Arima. ^,^

I sound like Ikari Shinji when I'm sorta' losing my voice. I dare not try screaming, tho. That would kill me. @_@;
Yesterday I started feeling sick, and it hasn't gone away. Stupid timing to feel bad, considering that the new semester starts tomorrow. Sucide sounds good (metaphorically speaking).

I'm Tyler, Amy's Jack. Why is that so not surprising?? Amy, I'm your evil, power hungry, weirdly dressing, swearing evil side! *high fives the screen*

I think I'm gonna go to bed once John gets out of the shower, lest Firefly wrestle the internet from her sister.... *curls up in a ball of sicknessa and fever*

I'm Tyler!

What FIGHT CLUB character are you?

I wanted to be Jack.


Take the What animal best portrays your sexual appetite?? Quiz

Now THAT is a rockin' layout!!!!!
Meg's I-Finally-Know-How-To-Airbrush Art Corner!
Yes. I did a CG. A nice one. *heehee*
For the not so faint of heart and stomach (but bonus for those of us who like cute crossdressing boys and/or PVC fetish gear *heehee*).
While cruising for ideas for a CG I'm doing, I came across a bunch of stuff I want.
I want.
I want.
I want.
I WANT. (Marcus: I want that too!)

This concludes today's episode of Meg Likes Shiny and Very Questionable Clothing....
I've not blogged, I know. So here we go.

I had two exams in a row yesterday. Did I pass? I dunno. But I DO know I passed psych class, and I've been told that I should be up to a 50% (pre-exam) in religions. Thank god.
DEANNAAAAAAAAAAA! This is for youuuuu!

My mom bought me a vest. She buys me vests and PVC pants. I have a special mom. My brother got me the CD single for Depeche Mode's song "Question of Time". I was very amused. He gotted it from Cash Converters for $4. *heehee*

Ugh, tomorrow I shall have nothing to do again. FEH.
SotM: Stray Cat Strut, by the Stray Cats. I've known the words to this song for as long as I can remember... ^.^
Just got back from seeing LotR again. I enjoyed it more this time around (maybe 'cause I could take it seriously, eh, D? ^_~), but it's still not that impressive. Good, but not worth the hype. Pippin and Aragorn remain my faves. Tho Frodo has the most adorable eyes and hands. And Sam's so devoted... and mom says that they were better off not kissing at the end. I WANTED SAM AND FRODO TO KISS!! Goddammit.



*cries more for Yuki and Kyoh*
OH DEAR GOD NO!!! You're joshing me! PLEASE SAY YOU'RE JOSHING ME!!!!! *commits suicide* My favourite show is as good as dead!!! *cries for Yuki and Kyoh* NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!! *dies in pain*

Which reminds me, I had a dream last night and Kyoh was in it. *giggles insanely* Needless to say there was a lot of me latched onto him and him going pop! into a cat.

I get to go see Lord of the Rings again today. Why? Mom and I decided to go to the movies, but there's only one showtime for Harry Potter and it's gone and pass. So Lord of the Rings it is. ^_^; Oh well. At least I'll get to giggle at Sam walking right behind Frodo at all times.

SotM: Hey Hey We're the Monkees, by the Monkees! *duhnuhnuh*

Two exams tomorrow. Will I survive? I sure hope so. x_x

I'm booored, so I may just finish my tl^2 fanart of Fancy....
SotM: Emerald, by the Tea Party. Guilty pleasure. ^.^ Lyrics.

Confess what you crave
a life without pain
you'd kill for the taste
But the hurt still remains

Still they don't know who you are

Just be still my emerald
I'll be waiting for you
Do exactly what your told
I'll be waiting for you

Ashamed by the threats
you pierce the embrace
afraid and alone
In a dark lonely place

did you alway want to be
did they try to steal your soul
did they hurt you with deceit
can't you come in from the cold
be still my emerald
I'll be waiting for you

Blogging 'cause I tend not to.

thank you for your words of encouragement. 'Tis muchly appreciated. ^_^ *hee* Rough girl, eh? Me wanna seeeeee. ^___^

You're one crazy and busy Canadian beaver, but that's how you like it. Some people may think your insane, but you're just on a differant level than them, which is why you'll save the Princess first. That and you do J-Walkin' and Comicollage

Which webcartoonist Are You?

Don't forget that crate of bubblegum!!! If he wants to take over the world, he wants bubblegum too!! ^_~

Everyone pop into LotM if you like yaoi. Today, anyway. It's cute. Yes, strips are going again. Whoo. Power to me.

What else to say? OH! Time for something special, kids! It's time for...

Meg's Art Corner! That's right, people! I can still draw! ... though a lot of this is oekaki. ^.^;

Ish is really pretty. I stand by that. Like, really really pretty. He's fun to draw. Did that on oekaki. This was for Allison.
Marcus lookin' cat-like, also done on oekaki.That's the expression Marcus usually has on his face, and I'm surprised at how well it came out. That was for Firefly. ^_^
Playing around on a black background on oekaki resulted in a cute pic of Carter.
Evangeline in a dress. ^.^
This is Isaac. He's cute, ne? NE?
Doodles I did after I finished my performance task on... tuesday? Yeah, tuesday. Ish looking sad, Isaac with his glasses on, and Quoik before he ran away from his fae family to join the Demon army.

There. ^.^;


Are you sick of online personality tests?

Sorry, I found that amusing.

You are Spike Spiegel
A laid back bounty hunter with a
mysteriously tragic past. You have a cool sense of humor and would do much for people you love.
Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?

Yeah, baby. I know you all want me now!! I'm SPIKE! XD~
I took the McDonalds test, and guess what I got?

You can take the
McDonalds Product Test
by Matio64


I am a hip critter. I showed up fasionably late with Super Mario World and have started launching your own career since then. In maybe 10-15 years, my
popularity will rival Mario's. Not that I'm competing with him. He's my bud. I'm good at getting and keeping friends, and they value me for that. After all,
who else would carry them on their back through ice, fire, and rain? Sometimes I think I'm taken for granted, but I know that my friends have my back. Of
course they do. Who would screw over Yoshi?

What Super Mario Bros character are you?


See what Care Bear you are.
I've not blogged much lately, so I'll try to make up for it now since Dad's not home and I'm bored and have nothing to do.

I finished my classes officially today. I handed in 6 hours worth of work for reigions, and wrote out my cheat sheet for my math exam that is tomorrow at 8:30 am. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail, but the math summer school program is only two weeks long, so if I fail it won't put a HUGE damper on my plans. It's not too bad. Anyway, Miss Lande shocked me by giving me my presentation rubric... and I got a 98% on my ISU presentation. o_0; T'was a huge shock. I totally winged my presentation.

I can't seem to draw. That's very annoying. But that's prolly just due to stress, as I am...y'know... stressed. Yes. And intelligent. *rolls eyes* I feel better than I did, though, as today I went to bed at 1 in the afternoon and woke up at 6:30. The sleep was really badly needed. If I sleep well tonight, I should be in good working order for my exam tomorrow. Doesn't mean I'll pass, but it does mean I have a better chance at it.

My eyelids are oily. Know how gross that is? Right up there with greasy hair. GROSS.

Got Fruits Basket 12, and god it's so good! It's the Valentine's Day episode, and Kyoh blushed a lot at the end. XD I love Kyoh. But I love Yuki more. I want Yuki. NOW. Anyway, I'm trying to get episode 12... the version I downloaded last night wasn't working, so I'm hoping for better luck this time around. I need more!!! I also need episode 2 of Karekano, but it seems to be the only ep I can't find. I have 1 and 3.... ugh. Annoying, I say.

SotM: Dust in the Wind, by Kansas. It's so mellow, it makes me feel nice. As sad a song as it is...

Two things in the newspaper that I noticed today made me physically sick. Number one, this trial gets more and more disturbing as it goes on. God, I feel so bad for Randal's brother. Those sick fucks of parents should be killed slowly and hung by their insides off a lamp-post in some town square for everyone to throw things at. Second story of note is this one. This sick son of a bitch should die, too. DIE DIE DIE. I'm not bitter. He should die a slow painful death. NOW. Sick bastard. He's right up there with the guy in the paper a while back who was busted for having nasty pictures of six month old girls. T__T;

Dad's so gonna kill me when he gets home... I'm still up and on the computer. *laughs crazy like*
I'm passing psych!!! Thank GOD for Sigmund Freud! If he didn't amuse me so much, I wouldn't know -anything-!!!

a disturbing pic of Ishmael. Don't ask me, I was goofing around in opencanvas and that's what happened.
Morning blog!!

I'm so paranoid about failing math. If I don't bump my grade up 4 percent in the next two days, I'm not gonna pass. @_@ I couldn't sleep last night, I had a sick feeling in my stomach from all the worry. Looks like there may just be summer school for me... either that or I stay in school for an extra year.... god, I can't see me going to college. I won't be able to do it. I'll end up like everyone else in my family; get done high school, start work. Fuck. ;_; All I want for this semester is a 50% in my three bad courses. 50%, so I may pass the grade. That's all I want... I'm gonna end up begging Miss Fotinos for mercy and passing grades.

That is funny.

Firefly, you and I are linked here. And your comic has a big fat warning on it. *giggles insanely* Mine has a good plot! It has a plot at all? *amazed*

It's back!! Thank god, I was going CRAZY!!!! Jesus.

I think I'll just pop into religions, hand in my work, and leave. I'm so tired. Grand total of sleep within the past 4 days = 8 hours. NOT good.

Kevin Frankish is on tv. Yay for him! Yay, I doth say!

I'm done talking.... gotta get dressed and go to school for my performance task thing....
Interesting conversation I had with a friend. *heh*

Harry Potter says:
get us a job so we can drop out and buy a shack and travel the world

Meg (damn crack cat annoying me, I'll show you.) says:
*lol* Yeah, okay! Sounds like a plan to me. We can go to japan. And since I'm pale and have 'blue' eyes, I'd be in high demand as a porn star.

Harry Potter says:
lol , me too....i'll just dye my hair blonde and get contacts

Meg (damn crack cat annoying me, I'll show you.) says:
Good plan! Japanese porn industry, here we come! No pun intended.

Harry Potter says:
lol , no much pun intended , you know , for those who like it dirty

Well, I sure haven't blogged much lately. o_0; Stressed out muchly, I'm sorry everyone. I'm failing all but one class, exams start next week, and I'm sick. Doesn't make life much fun, but hey.

*glomps back* ^_^

My stupid comic still hasn't updated. I am infuriated. Oh well... I think I'll draw some strips in Opencanvas tonight before 9, as starting at 9, I do homework. >_<;; Homework is evil, I tell you.

Anyway, Amy slept over last night. T'was fun, we watched the last 6 episodes of Serial Experiments Lain, and the first three eps of Fruits Basket. We gotted pizza, pringles, pepsi, and didn't get to sleep until like 4:30 am. Then today, we got a drive from me brother to the mall (where I got another pack of comic boards), then dropped amy off at her place. Then John and I rented movies and got sub sandwiches from Mr. Sub.

I miss you. A lot. It's pathetic.... I'll stop being sappy now.

SotM: the Zoo, by the Scorpions. Fun song. ^.^

Ummm.... nothing else to say, really..... ummmm, yeah.
Fast blog. Am home. Waiting for kettle to boil, then I'm gonna go make mocha. Then it's to bed for me. Craaaamps..... >__<

I got complemented on my pants three times today! And I was only at school for two hours! *props to speller, dan, and mike*

I think when I go to my room, I'll draw and watch a movie.
Apparently, you can get to my blog by searching for Sid Vicious. *more amusement*
Wait. Interesting side note. My mom bought me red pleather pants on a whim. That's really funny somehow. My mom wants me to dress like a ho. *giggles* I'm amused. I'll wear them today. So I am Dora's Crimson Vinyl Niichan. *laughing*
Morning Blog!

Sickness... is.... bad.....

I think I might just come home after my math assessement today. I'll leave a note for my dad saying that I may be home early due to cramps and crap. I can't really see him arguing with me if I go straight to bed when I come in.

Finally started serious work on That Damn Story. What is That Damn Story? 'Tis the untitled tale of Marcus Huxley. And will be the next comic I do. If I ever get keenspace to UPDATE ME GODDAMMIT!

Hey, you're the one that came to my class and made me look like an idiot. *makes a face at you* Bite me.

AMY! You're gonna come over to my house tomorrow whether I feel better or not. I have decided that. We will eat pizza and watch Lain, and stay up all night. *sagely nod*

I am having a great deal of fun working out character development for an RP kyara. Well, he's a story kyara too, but I'm playing with him in RPland first. He's so cool. Ishmael is one very cool character. As depressive as he is right now.

*spit-take* 3000th in the queue to update? WHAT THE HELL?? O__O

Okay, 'cause I have little else to say, let's read the prologue of my story.

In less than twenty minutes, it'll be my birthday, and I almost wish I were back at home. Instead, I'm here with my brother John and my only remaining friend, Alice. We stare out the large picture window silently, observing what remains of the city before us. It's a nameless ruin now. Grey wisps of smoke curl up from the remains of a few military vehicles, and the water in the gutters runs a rusty orange. There's silence like I've never heard it before, and everything but the smoke and the running water is still. The sky threatens rain, it seems, as the moon disappears behind a thick wall of grey cloud.
How cheerful.
John nudges me in the side gently with his elbow. I look down at him, and he stares back at me with liquid brown eyes. He smiles faintly, reaches up to stroke my hair. "You won," he says to me, voice and hands trembling. "You won, and you got what you wanted."
"Yes, I got what I wanted." I respond cooly, feeling my back straighten and my shoulders square a bit. "I got what I wanted, and I have no reason to complain. Right?"
He smiles, then hesitates before he leans against me. Literally a head shorter than me, he nestles his face into the crook of my neck, loops his arms around my chest. I wrap my arms around him in response, kissing his chestnut hair as I do. John means so much to me, he's my brother. A criminal mastermind, a genius, and very much essential to my sanity. I may rule the world, but it's John who keeps me rooted on the Earth.
Alice tosses her long black hair over one lithe shoulder and turns on her heel to face me. Her clothes are the usual dark shades of blue and purple, and the neckline of her shirt plunges low to expose an ample amount of clevage. Her skin is a golden honey colour, and her eyes are narrow. "Marcus, don't you think you might be going a little far with this whole world domination thing?"
"Chill, Tig," I tell her.
"Don't call me Tig." The response is said jokingly. "Call me Tig again and I'll give you a new name, too."
"Really, Tig?"
"Really, asshole."
I laugh, and John traces patterns on my back with his fingertips. The silence takes over again, and we all stare out the window once more.
In less than twenty minutes, it'll be my birthday. I'll be twenty-two years old, and for my birthday, I get to rule the world.

Yeah. Wait, if I want to stay up late tonight, should I come home? Dunno yet. Dammit.

Morning Blog!

I did my presentation in english yesterday. Know what that means? After I hand in my storyboard and print ad (the print ad is done, mind), I'm finished until next year. I SO know why you're celebrating. XD

On a completely different note, I started downloading random videos. Among them were a few Hamasaki Ayumi ones. And I believe I have 1-3 of Trigun now too. So that brings my total of things to watch to.... uh, a lot. I've not yet watched my copies of 3-5 of Cowboy Bebop, 2-3 of Trigun, 1-4 of Inu Yasha, 1-2 of Vandread, and however many Lodoss things I have.... lots of junk to watch no da. o_0;

Keenspace should update my comic today. If it does, then strips will continue tomorrow. I think I've managed to work around the FTP problem.


okay, I go now.
Morning Blog!

Well, keenspace still isn't letting me update. I'm mad about this. Well, I guess that gives me time to get ahead on my strips, huh?

Dad was supposed to drive me to school this morning 'cause I have to bring my presentation crap, but it seems he doesn't want to get his ass out of bed. SO I'll leave it here and come home at lunch to get it, so's it don't get all busted up during storage.

girlstuff warning!
Ugghhh, yesterday was painful. In my third class, I started to get really uncomfortable. So, I went home for lunch. By the time I got home, I was in so much pain from cramps that I had to literally crawl up the stairs. I had to shower on my knees. Then I crawled back downstairs, curled up under the blankets on the couch with a heating pad on my gut, and zonked out. I think if it's that painful ever again, to the doctor I must go...

Well, I now own two complete shows: Eva and Lain. I'm trying to think of any more shows I can get in total that are under 20 episodes long, but I can't think of any. So I downloaded episode 1 of Trigun so I can see it again. I last saw that show at AN2000. Pity me. I am pathetic. I saw it when it premiered.
Also on the hunt for episode 4 of Shoujo Kakumei Utena...

Last night I was looking through what is completed on the final draft of AH. I figure once the semester is over, I have some time to chill out a bit, and I shall work on it again. I wanna have it done by summer, but... we'll see. S'not like it's gonna get printed, it's gonna cost a LOT for pony-tab printing. So, here's where you come in. Is the money I save gonna go towards plane tickets or printing?

I should go get dressed or something.... *sigh* I have a performance task AND my presentation today. Shoot me.
Total of shows that made me cry at the end: 3.
Evangelion, Samurai X, and Lain. Lain was so sad, but not at the same time. I'm very satisfied. ^_^
And I cried watching the Eva "Rebirth" movie 'cause IT WAS SO BAD!!! (kidding, I didn't cry. But it WAS bad.)

alt="Take the Rurouni Kenshin test" border="0">

Take the
Rurouni Kenshin Character Quiz
Morning Blog!

Okay, Keenspace updates my comic so LATE!! I uploaded a strip, really!!! I uploaded stuff yesterday, too... ugh.

Remember this, kids. It will help you through life...

I'm dressed uberfruity today. I could be a femme Carter. Yup, if Carter were a girl, he'd dress like me. See, I'm wearing black pants, a black skirt OVER the pants, fishnets on my arms, a blue camisole, a blue jacket thing, and my spikey bracelets. Am I a freak? I like to think so. ^.^

I actually drew two oekaki things last night. One being the brainfood joke. Anyway, yeah. My artisticism. It's an ism. FEAR THE ISM!!

worship the firehose. NOW.
Or, you could worship Orion, the patron saint of all things disturbed. XD He's a babe.

I'm out of things to say.

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

Adding to the wonderfulness of this is the fact that my dad isn't home. Isn't that great? I so dislike my dad's presence.
oh yeah! The performance task I had today was so very easy... ^___^
DMode: Condemnation...

I got kicked out of psych class! No, I'm not proud per se, I'm just amused. I got kicked out. It was funny. Stupid supply teacher. Here's what happened:

I have two classes in the same room (with the same teacher). My teacher was away today, and my pal John wasn't there today either 'cause he's sick (*hugs to him* Get better!), so I did my work for the first class. Know how shocking that is? I DID WORK. Anyway, my arm was so cramped by the end, I didn't work through the next class. So I talked to Stuart, who was making suprisingly good conversation. About fifteen minutes into the class, the supply teacher guy (he's really annoying, I've had him before... white haired dood who always talks about the books on "world issues" that he's reading currently) told us that if we weren't going to work, we should leave. And I told him that if we get marked absent, Mrs. Golich (vice principle) will kill us. So he's like "fine, I won't mark you absent. Just go." and Stuart and I looked at each other, grinned and were like "OKAY!". So we left. It was funny.

So if I get a phonecall home saying I skipped, I'm gonna get really medival on their asses.

That's my day so far... home 45 minutes early for lunch... ^.^
Morning Blog!

Weeeeell, here I am and I'm not yet ready for school.... I SO don't want to go. >_< Performance tasks start today (that's a nice way of saying in-class exams for math).

...........*LOOOOOOKS at keenspace* 6872 in the queue to update? F*ck. o_o

Speller, here you go... pics one and two.

.....nothing to say no da.
Most recent search engine queries:

neon genesis evangelion theme song download
(I have that many a times over.)
two boys 12 14 years old skinny dipping started to get stiff
(*hysterical laughter* OKAY NOW!!)
yaoi batman gay gallery
(oh, come on. Like we need a gallery? We all know that Bruce and Dick were into each other. Literally.)
Oekaki Board English
(....well, don't know of one... ^_^; )
Fruits Basket EPisode 24 translation
(I so wish. I have up to episode 10!)
megs cartoon soccer
(....I don't draw soccer. Unless dad bugs me to.)
incest 69 gallery
buckled gothic boots
(I want a pair of those. You mean those ones that have silver buckles all up the front? *drool*)
candy raver clothes online sore
magic knight rayearth ost download
(uh, no. Rayearth BAD.)
hint,harry potter,game boy colour
(can't help you there.)
you're under arrest hentai pics
(That would be so fun. Natsumi. Miyuki. Handcuffs. XD)
half decent hentai pics
(I have many of those. Hell, I draw those. At least I think they're half decent. I just don't scan them.)
water closet download hentai
(you DO know what a water closet is, ne? Are you british?)
tira misu hentai
(I wiiiish!)
the sims sex pistols theme skins
(I WISH!!!!!)
eva hentai comic download
(Yeah, baby. KaworuxShinji ALL THE WAY!)
incest sister/brother pictures
(I get too much of this. Am I like the incest resource? u_u; )
Dan is supposed to be getting internet access today. Let's place bets. Will he? I say.... no.
Wow, that's a nice template, dood!! And many good thoughts your way for you to get stuff printed. Something will come to you. ^_^
Ribby, yes, I only just started. Keep in mind that I am 16 years old, flat broke, and only just got a high speed net connection. And I seriously doubt I'm missing all that much.... ^_^;
I've not blogged much, I am aware. I really have nothing to say, but I'll try to think of something right now.

Last night I dreamt that I had a puppy that turned into a horse when I wanted it to. So, I would take the puppy to school with me, though I would ride the horse on the way there.
Then I had another dream where myself and a robot boy were trying to get away from these police-ish people. I was driving a red Mercury Cougar (a '67, I think). Dan was with us, and he got on my nerves so I stapled him to the hood of the car.

Last night, dad got really mad at me for laughing at him when he spilled his tea. It was so funny, like something out of a cartoon. I was killing myself laughing.

Elvis Stoikjo's last competitive skate was last night. He's an excellent skater, but I am relieved I don't have to hear about him anymore. Him and his stupid injuries and damn martial arts. u_u;

I'm up to episode 3 of Utena. I don't like Touga. I really don't see why everyone likes him so much. And Anthy is stupid, and I can understand why she gets smacked around so damn much. Utena is COOL, tho. I *heart* her. She's got such a cool attitude. XD

Oekaki has a bad case of clique commenting. u_u

Okay, I'm out of things to say.


Psych-Ward do you belong to?

Morning Blog!

Whee. I'm so tired. I worked my ass off last night doing my final ACO essay... it's not very good, either. ;_; Oh well. It's finished, and that's all I care about. I need to have someone edit it, and then I will be completely and totally finished with the rough draft.

My mouth huuuurts!!!!!!

I might be getting a set of 5 Fruits Basket ufo catcher dolls. I'm so happy! They're gonna cost me like... $60, but that's okay. I WANT THOSE DOLLS.

I dreamt weird things last night, but I don't remember what exactly.

Got episode two of Utena, but it's not working. Dammit. That figures. u_u;

I need to go get changed now...
No morning blog today since I couldn't get netscape to work..

Anyway, I watched episode one of Utena today. And I must say, it sure is gorgeous eyecandy. And the plot seems solid, even for a first episode. My interest is well past piqued. I must get more. ^.^

I spend lunch messaging people back and forth on my cell phone. John Ugolini and I kept sending messages to each other; he was in class at the time.

The best picture I've seen of Dan has to be this one. Why? He looks like he's saying "shoot me..." or trying not to cry as he tries on one of my many pairs of highheeled boots.
I'm gonna keep blogging all kinds of pointless crap until it lets me publish. Let's see how long I can go for!!

SotM: Baby One More Time, the Dweezil Zappa version. Oh, so KICK ASS. Britney Spears can blow it out her f*cking ear.

Next blog layout: Chemical Wedding. Or something pertaining to said song.


Out of things to say.
I tore my mouth open on the inside a few days ago and it hurts like all bloody f*cking hell right now. You know that really gross hot feeling your gums get when you have a tooth pulled/fall out? It's like that. AND REALLY F*CKING PAINFUL. Did I mention that it's REALLY F*CKING PAINFUL!?!!
Blogger, you blow bankers. (don't ask)

Peace and love to y'aaaaall!

Fruits Basket just gets better and better and better... *___* All those PRETTY MEN. *____*
In episode ten, Haru-san is introduced. And Yuki gets sick. And Haru nearly kisses Yuki. And Tohru-chan calls Yuki by his name. And Shigure sings his "high school girls" song. And Kyoh makes a total ass out of himself outside the grocery store.

Also watched episode one of Cowboy Bebop. Spike makes the CUTEST faces during gunfights. And Jet is cool. XDDD

ALSO watched the episode one (short little thing it is) of Digi Charat. Oh, GOD, that is SO disgustingly cute (-nyo).

Episode nine of Lain is f*cked up.. o_0;

Morning Blog!

Update on my many downloads is that I now have Cowboy Bebop 1-5, Angel Sanctuary 3, and Fruits Basket 10!!! GO ME! It's subbed, too! Firefly, next time I send you stuff, you shall get Fruits Basket 1-4, and 10. That's what you need, ne?

Speaking of sending sutff, I am angry. I sent Firefly an evelope thing with CDs I burned for her in it as well as some artwork... well, she got the artwork okay, but the thing was CDless. T__T Stupid thieving post office bastards!!

Lycos is giving me issues.

Working on much art for Anime North already. I've done one poster so far, and the next one is in the preliminary sketch stage. It's either Marcus or Ishmael, I'm not sure yet. We shall see what happens. It looks like Ish 'cause of the funky gothic-y clothes, tho.

Dad's driving me to school 'cause there's ice rain. Dad's driving me to school. I'm scared.

FIREFLY! I'm being attacked by a fanboy!! ;_; You KNOW the fanboy I mean.

Exams are in two weeks. I'm going to die. Will I die? I will die. I have to get like 80% on the performance tasks in math or I fail.

Shit, man. Beat James with a f*cking metal rebar!!

I gotta go now....
Wait... quick note to self: wash coat and polish boots tonight.

Everyone should visit here and be amused.
Morning Blog (done really quick)

Finally, Netscape let me into blogger. I swear, Netscape hates my guts. And I can't get onto Firefly's blog 'cause it crashes the browser..

Holy f*ck!!! My download is going at like 80 kb a SECOND! O_O That's a NEW F*CKING RECORD!!! I'm getting Cowboy Bebop episode 2. I got episode 1 last night. Woah. Download finished in 15 minutes. o_0

I have nothing to say. WAIT! I have batteries for my discman. Makes me happy, so it does.

I go now.
I just realized why I truly hate Jennifer Valentyne (the live eye chick).
She's a Seinfeld fan.
That explains it all.
Morning Blog. Yes, that's with a period. Not an exclamation mark.

Why do I use a period? 'Cause It's 7 am and I'm up and dressed already. Why? I gotta be at school in 45 minutes for my stupid english conference about my ISU essay and thesis paper thing. Goddamn. u_u;

Aww. That's one of many reasons why I want to marry Mik.

Whee! I'm so glad You like lotm!! Luficer is verra popular... and starting uh.. two days ago?... he gets more screentime. Why? He's special and carries important plot points. You are one of the first Lucifer fans, actually, but the VERY first is Firefly's sister Rachel. ^.^ Rachel gets Luci-kun first. ^_~

I'm wearing my blue corderoy (sp?) skirt today. It's odd wearing a skirt when you would normally rather shoot yourself than wear one. You know why I buckled into skirtness? There are so many options with them. Wearing them over pants or really odd nylons is why I'm into it now. Go fig.

SotM: Accident of Birth, by Bruce Dickinson. I'm angry 'cause I'm out of batteries for my discman, so taking it to school with my new CDs to listen to would be pointless. u_u Over the break, I got a lot of CDs... Big Shiny Tunes 6 and the Best of Bruce for christmas, and I got Ashley MacIsaac's Hi (tm) How Are You Today?, DM's Songs of Faith and Devotion (bringing my total of DM cds to 9), and the Gorillaz CD. Go me. That's a lot of music. o_0;

Last night when I went to bed, I looked over my San headdress which I ripped off the wall. Must have pulled it out fast and hard, 'cause the hanger was still on it. o_0;;;;

Firefly! I did a tarot reading (using the fan spread, that's a lot of cards) for the blond kid's S/O! It's.... weird. I'm still deciphering it. Remind me and I might have it done by tonight, okay? If you want to do a reading for him yersel', the s/o's card is the knight of pentacles.

Ugh, I gotta go in like twenty minutes.

Kevin Frankish is on TV. ^.^

These rings are making my fingers itch, godammit!!!!!!!

That's it. I quit now.
Well, because I didn't blog yesterday... (actually, I tried, but Netscape crashed on me)... here's the lowdown of my weekend. ^_^;

On friday afternoon, Lisa, Deanna, Britt, and myself all went to Square One. We were dressed like total freaks, and EVERYONE was staring. We went into a toystore and D and I bought hats (she gotted a police helmet with a green visor, and I got a fireman helment), and Lisa got a Dick Tracy lunchbox. As we went around, we all chipped in and got a disposable camera and took pictures of us on the little kiddie rides and by the FIRE HOSE! Duhnuhnuh! Then we went into Spencer's, where we got B a giant foam novelty santa claus hat. After that, we proceeded to the theater to see Lord of the Rings. Lisa asked if we could get a freaks-only discount on admission, but the girl there said no. Deanna and I were making stupid comments through the whole thing (like how we wanted to poke the eye and weild his sword), and I kept asking about the (non-existant) sex scene. There was a guy in like... stupid hiphop clothes who kept walking in front of us (which is odd, since we were in like the second or third row at the front), and he jangled when he walked 'cause he was wearing chains or something. D and I would look at each other and laugh, and Lisa would say "SHHH!". *heehee* Then we left the theater, we walked to the front and waited for Lisa's mom to come pick us up. Guess what? B has a hat!!

Yesterday was the day of shopping. I dunno why, it just was. Mom and I went shopping, and I got two skirts. *cries* You have corrupted meee! You look so cute in skirts, so maybe I subconciously want to be as cute and pretty as you. Anyway, I got a blue skirt, a blue sweater, and a blue pair of pants. And a black lace skirt. Go figure. And black nylons to go with the lace skirt. Then mom and I wandered around, I got a nice book on form drawings, and bought the Gorillaz CD. I *heart* 2-D, but Simon is better. Then, when I gotted home, John and I went to !ndigo, then to Chapters, where I couldn't find a single book I wanted to read.

Last night I did the weirdest thing. I was asleep, but I can remember doing it. I woke up, sat up on my bed, and ripped my Mononoke-hime mask off my wall and threw it onto the bed. Then I fell back asleep. I can't remember why I did it, but I remember doing it. 'Cause when I woke up, I was using the fur headdress for a blanket.

Guess what, kids?? It's time for.... *drumroll*

Meg's Art Corner! Bet you thought I quit with that, eh? EH? You suck.

Let's start with some oekaki doodles. 2-D, from the Gorillaz. I was bored, and I like him, so it all fell into place.
Candra stole my clothes. That's what I was wearing yesterday, until Candra stole my outfit.
Now, away from oekaki. Dami all CGed like, which I did with my tablet in photoshop. I had SO much fun with that hair. ^.^
Kynder also has nifty hair. Drawn with a tablet, in photoshop. I want hair like that. XD
And last but not least, for you, a rather realistic sketch of Josh in profile as he leans against a wall. He was so cute. But such an idiot.

Okay! I'm done! Wow, that was a long blog. o_0
I am dressed like SUCH a fruitcake. It's funny. I'm wearing my ripped up jeans, fishnets on my arms, my two spikey bracelets, two watches, my denim trenchcoat, docs, tons of safety pins, lots of rings, a ton of necklaces, my purple feather boa.... XD
Morning blog!!! Duhnuhnuhnuh!!

I am exciiited. I'm going out today! Phooey to the hermitness! I'm going to Square One wit' D, B, and Lisa. XD We're gonna dress weird and scare people and stuff. And maybe see LotR. I dunno yet, we shall see. Hmmm, where'd my fishnets go? *looks for them*

Okiedokie! Be forewarned that I have no idea when I'll be online. I won't be home this afternoon, so... oh, and your blog crashes Netscape Communicator for some reason. Just your blog. o_0; And another weeeeeird thing be that my comic updated but yours didn't. *piku* That's never happened before...

Allison, a very talented chica on the oekaki boards, drew me the most amazing fanart. It's incredible. o_o I will be posting it up on the LotM page later today... but in the meantime, check it out here. *_*

Videos I have downloaded in the last two days:
Dragonball Z - Cell Sings the Meow Mix Song (I hate DBZ save for vegeta, but that's pretty damn funny. *heh*)
Escaflowne - Sweating Bullets (Megadeth) It's a Dilandau tribute, and it's verra' good.
Lain - layer 00: Sleep Now (Hughes Hall) Creepy video... it's damn creepy. o_0
Utena - Love Is Flowers: Baby One More Time (?) it's the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. The Utena guys singing to a heavy male version of a Britney Spears tune. It's also edited amazingly well.
Nadesico/Evangelion - Cruel Angel's Thesis Someone did an amazing Nadesico parody of the Eva opening song. It's rather startling how good it is.
Perfect Blue - Every Breath You Take (the Police) It's pretty good too... goes well with the music.
Sailor Moon - Dreams of Red: Desert Rose (Sting) it's a very emotional video, the editing is excellent, and the over all feel is very impressive. 'Tis a Sailor Mars tribute.
Sailor Moon - Angel Eyes (Ace of Base) I remember sitting in my friend Brittany's room and listening to Ace of Base when they were popular... woah. Long time ago. Anyway, this is a rather good video, sadly the quality is low and the window size is small. ;_;
Perfect Blue - The Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails) frantic pacing and amazing editing job. I've become a fan of Maboroshi Studios (they did this one, Sweating Bullets, and Sleep Now).
various shows - Alcohol (BNL) This video would be alright if it wasn't for the live action footage thrown in there. What of? A damn cabbit plushie being "drunk". Stupid.
Evangelion - I Think I'm a Clone Now (Weird Al) it's not a terribly good video, but it amuses me. It's about Rei, and the line "I could send myself for pizza" amuses me. Especially when we see an SD Ayanam throw herself at a pizza. *heh*
You're Beetlejuice!

You are Sailor Mercury!

You are very smart, and you're good with

computers. You're sweet, and soft-spoken

and you have a very good heart.

You're not the most powerful, but you're the

brains of the operation.

You fight with the element of water!

Take the Which Sailor Are You? Quiz!

...created by Kenzie.

Are you a Bitter Hermit?

I am a marvel of science. None has ever been discovered like me before, and for that, The Bitter Hermits are grateful. They will be taking membership requests later in the year. Cost is $1,000,000 per year membership and 3 years indentured slavery to each current member. I think it's more than worth it!

Chance I would leave my home voluntarily: ?
Chance I would leave my computer voluntarily: ?

Check it out, I'm linked there. ^.^;;
Morning Blog!! I'm up early enough to constitute morning bloggishness. P33r.

Orion, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... you're sexy, you're psycho, you've got red hair, you're psycho, you're messed up, you're psycho....

I downloaded many music videos yesterday. But my favourite by FAR is the Utena vid titled Love is Flowers. If you people with fast connections haven't seen it, get it NOW. You will NOT be disappointed. *grins* E'en if you're like me and haven't seen Utena. Another REALLLY REALLY good one is Lain, Sleep Now. XD

Random plugging of Firefly's art, go here. XDDDDD

Blah blah blah.

I've been working on a poster lately. It's a really cute poster of Rafe with a marionette of Yuken. I'm collecting art for AN2002 early this year... and so far this poster is rather nice.

I'm gonna go out with Lisa and D. XD And dress freaky and cause trouble. XDDD

If I were a
<br />             Slayers character, I'd be Lina Inverse! Who would you be?
Pa-rup-a-pum-pum. I am bored. And in a half decent mood. Tho I had a headache, it be gone now! Taking 5 ibuprofen pills does that. Usually.

Lisa gave me a fanart! I love fanart! XD

Marcus: I DO NOT LOOK LIKE DUO!!! *gags*
Ishmael: *petpet Marcus*
Matthew: *on a leash and tethered to a "beware of dog" sign* ;-;
Happy new year!! Guess what? It's another day outside.


I have nothing to say. Isn't that scary??? o_0;

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