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Morning blog!

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I can't get away from that elf!!!!! So I like pretty men. So what? *poutpout*

You answered all questions in a gay way. You must be gay. If not, you are extremely okay with gay people.

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Like I needed a quiz to tell me that.

Last night, all the magnets on the fridge fell off at the exact same time. Weird stuff doth happen in my house yes.

I exist too! Shouldn't I be happy? ^_~

I have nothing to saaaaaaaaaay.


You're a hobbit gone bad. Apparently you can

redeemed of the corruption of the Ring, but considering
you murdered your best friend to get the Ring
in the first place, one has to wonder.
Advice: Try Sam's taters. They're not bad.

Morning Blog!

Don't expect to see me online for the next couple of days. LotM is also on hold until the weekend.

Firefly wins the cookie! (Ribby, where'd you get Lucas from? *blinks*)

I go.
Oh yes. Funny (weird) things to blog about before I forget.

Yesterday, while waiting for noon to roll around so I could go home, Matt and Mike were carrying me around. That was scary. @_@;; Mike likes to carry me a lot...

Something was at the top of the stairs in my house yesterday, crying. Which is really funny since my cats were near me and no on else was home. Later on, someone was stomping around upstairs (again, mom and I were in the living room with the cats and there was no one else in the house). Methinks we upset someone by mistake.
Morning Blog!
Firefly-chaaaaaaan! Lack of time to write you an e-mail today, sadly. Meceo bugged me again.

*le sigh* Last night my dad was home and awake, so I didn't get to use the computer. Let's hope he goes away tonight and I can get on here for a decent amount of time. I drew some pretty pictures of Lazarus, and I think I'll draw Jax today. Such funny brothers they are.

Now, inspired by boredom. Let's play name that kyara.

Again, I'm surrounded by wires and generators and screens. Never a person in sight when I get lonely and pained in this dark closet of a place that my father calls a room. The only light comes from the buzzing screens and the flickering status bars. My hands ache and my head hurts, but it doesn't matter. I'm stuck in here until he lets me out.
For the first few weeks, I cried and yelled for him to let me out, that it was dark and cold and I was afraid. New to the human world, I didn't understand the concept of space (or lack thereof). I didn't understand how to feel physical sensations. Everything was too loud, too cold, too hot, too much. It nearly drove me crazy, but I got used to it.
So now I sit here, staring at a screen littered with code that I've been ordered to decipher. I've seen this code a million times before, and it makes less sense every time I look at it. Meaningless numbers that string on to eternity, with no common root and nothing between the digits to even suggest a pattern. Meaningless gibberish. But if I don't figure it out...
I shift my position on the cold floor and bury my face in my hands. I hate it here.

First person to tell me what kyara that is gets a COOKIE! *looooooks at Firefly*

Me go now. ;_;
Uh, what does that matter? The olympics are about sports.... and you know, nationalistic pride and world goodness and all that. Besides, no one's cuter that Curtis Joseph or Mark Gangon. XD

Which tarot card are you?


What Ayumi Hamasaki song are you?

Quiz by Mika Tsukino

*cheering wildly* We won! Team Canada kicked the United States' ASSES in men's hockey! 5-2!! Sweet mother of cheese, that was one wild game! More men kissing the ice than skating on it, and the boards almost seemed to be the braking devices for the guys. XD That was amazing! Eat our ice, America! *cackles insanely*
Still banned from the computer, but since dad would rather go out in the afternoons on the weekend to get drunk, here I am.

Project Humaniod Typhoon is underway. Oh yes. I will be Vash. I will be Vash. Got the vinyl for the coat, an alterable pattern, a pair of backup black gloves so I can ruin my older ones, gotted my ears pierced (again), and am plotting. I will be Vash. And all you anime-loving chicas will throw yourselves at my feet in worship! *cackles*.... okay, maybe not. So I'll just sit around and scarf donuts. Hn, I should also try my hand at making me a kuroneko-sama plushie this weekend.

I did two oekaki drawings last night! One of Lucas, the other of Marcus and Elliot (not Kynder... but his son, named after said dood). I'm proud of me, so I am.

AMYYYY! Old Navy is selling skirts that are almost EXACLTY like Lain's school one for $4. Want me to pick one up for you? What size skirt do you wear? Get back to me ASAP, okay?
Duh-nuh-nuh! I'm grounded from the computer by dad, but as soon as he's in bed or out of the house, the computer is mine. Mom thinks he's being as stupid as I do, and I honestly don't feel like explaining the situation for the millioth time this week. ^_^;;

On a note of goodness, My status of posters for AN2002 are 2. Shinji is complete (and looks REALLY cute), and so is Rafe with Yuken. Working on a pinup of Marcus and Kynder, and next I may just do some detail work in a poster of Ish.

Which Buff Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

...*heheheheh* I'm a slut?

Social blogging time!

Sam-chan, I can so identify with that. I get that DAILY. Pisses me off, I do say, when people accuse you of stealing art that you worked hard on and created yourself. u_u;

Ribby, the font I use is called "comix", and it came with some program mom installed on the computer. However, a good place for comic fonts is Blambot.

Dan! Type like an intelligent person, don't use the stupid 'net abbreviations like "ur" and "?". Annoying, and they make you look dumb. */nitpick*

That is not the ultimate love material, Chris. My idea of a love machine is this baby. Or Elvira's Macabre Mobile. Sadly, I can't find a decent picture of that one. It's a modified black '58 Ford T-bird with the most amazing design.... *sighs* Oh yeah.

Don't 'dis the corner, woman.

Biter. ^_~;


Now, excuse me while I point at Belarousse (sp?) and LAUGH, as they lost against us in men's hockey 7-1 with 51 shots on net for us and 14 for them. *clears throat, then points and laughs*
Much expressive pride to the women of Team Canada. GOLD!!! XDDDDDDD
Hockey. The glue that holds canadian society together. That and beer. *sagely nod* Kraft dinner, pogos, and ketchup chips also get honourable mentions.

Deanna! That's frickin' HILARIOUS! *falls over laughing*
Banned from the computer. Fight with dad. Firefly, check your e-mail.
Oh! I finished my Mononoke Hime video! People, go on morpheus and search for "mononoke". If you see a vid come up to Ana's Song by silverchair, that's mine. Yes. I'm the only person that has it, and my username is benjamin_carter. *snerks*
I'm waiting for my story to print, la la la.
Oh... oh, oh my god. OH MY GOD!!! *bows down in worship*
Morning Blog!

*laughs* I look funny today! I'm wearing the outfit that scared my brother and made him yell "oh my god, she's not an urban commando!!". Yes. I look retro. And very red. And noticed something a few days ago! I actually have boobs! Go me! I bet you all REALLY wanted to hear that, eh?

I have homework. From the weekend. Did I do it? .... nuh-uh.

I have orange juice. Orange juice is the glue that holds our fragile society together. On a completely different note, I forgot to fill out my practice journal thing for music. Let's all whack marks off Meg's music grade. *whacks chibi Mark Bennett and Marcus Huxley offa' a giant 25%*

I'm not weird today. Oh no. Not at all.

Fanart gooood. XDDD Oh! tell B that I found the sketchbook with Aragorn in it! I shall scan tonight!

Speaking of fanart. I drew fanart last night! AMY! Lookit! It's Souma Yuki!

I'm out of things to say.
You know what's really scary? The fact that I can get away with wearing low riding hip hugger jeans. I'm amused.

Chris, can I marry that pic of Tyler?? Fuck, man, that's goddamned amazing! O___O

It's all Josh's fault.
I love you too. ^_^ Glad you liked the flower. ^.^

Who's your Fellowship fella?

I love to FROLIC with the elves

I can't escape it. I'm doomed to marry Legolas.
*laughs* I just found the Nine Inch Nails song Closer. This is also known as the Fuck You Like An Animal song. TT2000 is associated with this song in my mind. XD
Today in music, we studied Pachebel's Canon in D. I was SO amused, and sang along with the rap version from the Eva Vox. Quietly, to myself, mind. And while listening to it, I drew a doodle of Shinji. XD

I should be a member of Pierrot!

I was meant to be a member of Pierrot! I'm not too wild, but not too bland, either -- just the right mix of both, and a well-kept secret.

Take the "Which J-Rock Band Should You Be a Member Of?" quiz by malloreigh

Morning Blog!
It's FRIDAY, everyone! Thank GOD!!!

Yesterday while RPing with Firefly, my internet died and I couldn't seem to fix it. This morning, though, it's magically working again. I swear my computer has an attitude problem. So, in my lack of internet last night, I worked on That Damn Story (tm) and added a good two or so pages. Marcus' narration is a little wander-y, but that's 'cause his mind is. @_@; Josh is having too much fun playing with these kyara, I swear. So I wrote, drew three pictures in my sketchbook, and downloaded Queen songs. ^.^ *listens to Radio Gaga and is happy*

Breakfast for me today: potato chips and orange juice. Healthy! *snerks*

I skipped band class yesterday so's I could do my spanish project. Now I gotta -go- to band this morning, I hate that class so much.... and we're gonna play stuff from the Lord of the Rings symphony (I don't think it's from the movie, people, it's just a score composed that was -inspired- by LotR). I think we're doing the first movement, Gandalf. I think. I dunno, 'cause I skipped and all.

KIRAN! Thank you for the valentine's card! Made my day. ^_^

Netscape is refusing to load blogs today. Pissing me off, I doth say.

Meg's Art Corner!!
Yes, here's what I drew yesterday. Well, two of the pics. One's not finished yet.
Here we have the Leason brothers, Vincent and Elliot. Or, Vince and Kynder. They're main characters in That Damn Story (tm). Doesn't Elliot have the -coolest- hair??
I'm out of practice using coloured pencils, so I sat down and drew chibi Dami. Dear lord, his eyes are HUGE. O_O;;;;
Okay, now some other art I've done recently.
A profile study of Marcus Huxley, complete with his labret piercing. I really like this picture for some reason.
Dami done really messy like with a very soft leaded pencil. Ahhhh, the joys of law class.

So there y'all go. Art no da.

SotM: Dust in the Wind, by Kansas. This song holds a fair amount of significance in That Damn Story, but I'm not quite that far yet....

I sent Amy a carnation for valentine's day. You'd think I gave her a million bucks. @_@;;

Bleh. I go now.
Morning Blog!

I can't find my damn sketchbook!!! *flails* And I have to scan Aragorn, but I dunno where he is...

Today is valentine's day (see LotM for a cute picture). This so doesn't thrill me, it's depressing.... my valentine lives far in the west and in America no less. ;___; *sigh* Long distance relationships suck, I tell you. Anyway, happy valentine's day to all my friends (like you, you, you, you, you, you, and especially YOU and you!!). That's a lot of html tags.
My mommie left me a cute stuffed bear that's holding a heart. It's so cute. I love my mommie. ^_^

UGH. I have -band class- today. Know what -that- means? Pain. I'm so considering skipping it. Besides, I have my spanish poster thing due today, and I've not even started it. I've got the song written, but the poster isn't even pencilled yet... I should call mom and ask her if I can skip first period.

Dad's not up, so carrying my sketchboard will be interesting.... *sulks*

I so don't like B. She's annoyingggggg! (Well, no, not so much that, but she bosses Rue-chan around!! GRRR!)
Dami's a loooooooove god.

Dami: I am not!!!!!! I'm not a god at all!!!! Stop with the god thing!!!!!


SotM: I Ran, by Flock of Seagulls. ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ 80's music!!!

I go get dressed now. u_u;

Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

Dan you would need to give me 15 cds. YES, 15! 'Cause I have the episodes on VCD, not as avi files. The movies are avi, tho.
i'm Jack!

What is YOUR Highschool label?

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. @_@; To those I chat with, that's where I am. Bed. Sorry, head hurts and my brain is whacked....
Morning Blog!

Okay, Kare Kano is fast becoming one of my favourite shows as I get more and more attatched to Arima... and Asaba amuses me to no end. Just downloaded episode 9, and am about to watch it.

God, I don't want to go to school today... have I mentioned how much I hate music class? 'Cause I really hate it. >_<;

I have nothing to say.... pathetic no da....
I made a selector for the That Damn Story kyara.

# 1 Marcus Huxley
# 2 Gustav Fraunen
# 3 Claudia DeRousse
# 4 Elliot Leason
# 5 Luke

Meaning I'm a psychopath who likes to chase people and sleep around, though I'm in a band and like fast cars. *laughs*
From the new and improved Three selector...!
# 1 Kelsen
# 2 Shula
# 3 Olivia
# 4 Corwyn
# 5 Kiih

I am SO amused. XD

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W3rd up dawg. I be da flyest Jesus of them all. Sure, I may sing pop music in a group with a bunch of sissy white boys, but it brings in the bling-bling. And like any good savior, I get all the virgins I want for eternity.

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*insane laughter*

Classic Black

Its only the classic black Doc Martens for me...
My soul is dark so why shouldn't my shoes be?

Which Doc Marten are you?
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Scary. I own that exact pair of boots. XD~

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Morning Blog!

Feel free to use Rafe for whatever. Just no abuse. ^_~

Okay, it took much self control to get out of bed this morning. At least I won't have to deal with Vining this morning. (He's going to RJ Lee with the senior band, I'm not going of course.)

Nothing else to SAY.
SotM (1): For Fruits Basket, by Okazaki Ritsuko. Mellow. ^.^

Ahhh, the update on my life is this.
My music teacher, Mr Vining, is out of his f*cking mind. This guy is so manic! I swear to god, he never stops fidgeting, he's chipper-obnoxious, he's pushy, and he's stupid! He's making us do theory we learned in like 7th grade, and we're working on a stupid technical and lyric study that PISSES US ALL OFF! He's also VERY anal with how everything is played, and it's aggravating. I'm sad to say, this is my -last- year in music. Tho I have music with good pals Sarah, Heidi, and Chris. Fred and Alex are there too.
My lunch period starts at 9:50. HOW STUPID IS THAT? Anyway, I do enjoy lunch, tho, as I'm in very good company. *waves to Heidi and Megan*
Art class isn't too bad so far, but the only major issue is that I have to put up with the stupid bitch Veronica. I -hate- Veronica. She's as smart as most glasses of water, and she talks like someone with a bug up their ass and a head cold to boot. She also has a clothing obsession like Cher in Clueless, and brags about how she's going to be a fashion designer. Listening to her supposed art expertise pisses me off, especially since she doesn't know how to use ink worth CRAP. But Sabrina keeps me sane.
Law is boring. What can I say? Boring. Tho Jessica and Ashley are there to amuse me if need be.
Spanish is still fun! I like spanish, it's a good class, and my teacher is really cool. I like Miss Rach, she's a personality and a half, and she tells interesting stories. Spanish is also great fun to speak and listen to. And I know almost everyone in the class!

My dad is carrying around an ample amount of my artwork in his van to whip out and show off when he get the chance. Actually, one of his friend's daughters draws anime and goes to Greenbriar, and he's waiting to see the dood in the BRSC so he can show him -my- stuff. Stupid, ne? Dad also wants me to do some CG stuff for the Teddy Bear club for him. See, my nephew is listed in the Teddy Bear Club (which are junoir Rangers Club members, btw), and all the Teddies are getting certificates with their pictures on them. So I gotta get a pic of Cam (nephew, not kyara) and put his head on a different body wearing a Rangers strip for the certificate since we've not seen my sister and the kids in a year (Dani, you are a bitch!! -grrrrr-). ALSO, he wants me to draw a bunch of kyara in Rangers strips. God, my dad needs a life outside of football fandom.

After being sick, I'm trying to get the hang of drawing again. I was really thrown out of whack over the last week. @_@ I'm slowly getting back into it, so maybe this weekend I can draw some new LotM strips.

Canadian literature? Hey, I'll go for that! Especially if Miss Lande's teaching. ^_^

SotM (2): Crawling, by Linkin Park. Got a Trigun video to this, but it's nowhere near as good as the Kenshin one. Speaking of videos...

My latest music video project is a Princess Mononoke video to Ana's Song (openfire) by silverchair. The vid is more than half done, I've just started working on it again. I'm actually very happy with how it's coming out, it's good for my first attempt at a slower song. It's harder tho. @_@;

A video that really amuses me is the Sailormoon SuperS movie music video to Aqua's Lollipop (Candyman). It's VASTLY entertaining. *laughs*

Long blog.

Morning blog!

My ears hurt, I don't want to go to music class 'cause the teacher is PSYCHOTIC, and it's cold in here. *pouts*

I'm done.
mm mm mm. anime sheet music. YES, I HAVE ANIME SHEET MUSIC!
I have a stack of sheet music I stole too. *lol*

I found my spanish exercise book. o_O;
Okay, that's it. Waking dad up now. T_T;
counting the books I still have from band class since Grade 9, I have about $150 worth. I have 3 Standard of Excellence books (one for clairnet, one for bass clarinet, and one for alto sax), the Best in Class Showcase book, and the Trios For All! book. *LOL* I still have the Best in Class books from Grades 7 and 8 too. I steal music! I'm a music kleptomaniac! *very amused*
Now, since I'm bored and have nothing better to do, I'm going to tell a story. Yes, I'm WEIRD today, okay? It's 'cause of my Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

Once upon a time in a land far far away (we call it "England"), there were two boys who lived with their parents in a little house in a little town. Their daddy was a cart maker and their mommie was a seamstress. One day, though, the boys' parents got really sick and they died, and the boys were left on their own. The oldest one looked after his little brother, who was sick a lot, and did eeeeeeverything he could to make him happy. The youngest one grew into a badass jerk who liked booze, sex, and violence, and the eldest got turned into a vampire and left home. The younger one was very confused and upset that his brother would leave him, but he went on with his life until he go really sick and nearly died. Then, while the younger one was on his deathbed, his brother came back and turned him into a vampire too so he wouldn't die (forever). And when the younger one was used to living all vampy, his brother left again and the youngest went on his merry little way traveling around the world. Eventually he ended up in a band with a bunch of other vampires. The end!
i'm lemon flavoured!


Aw, come on, don't look so surprised!!
My elf name is Maikanaur.
My orc name is Grotzag the Squasher. (heehee)
My hobbit name is Poppy Gamwich from Grindwall.
My dwarf name is Ori Skyteeth.

To answer your questions:
1. Joe is the name of the narrator in the book for Fight Club, as opposed to the movie version which is Jack.
2. The Gr347 G4z00.
3. Because you secretly turned into afforementioned gr33n m4n.
4. Yes. *gives you a cookie*
Morning Blog!

I'm feeling better today for the most part! Only my lungs are bugging me, but I think I should be able to handle band. Let's hope. Dad's supposed to drive me to school, but apparently he'd rather sleep.... T_T;;; If I walk in the cold, chances are good I'll end up dead come the time I get there and I'll have to head home again. Mom also didn't leave me lunch money. YEESH. SPEAKING of lunch, this semester, my lunch period is 2nd. Know what that means? I have lunch at 9:50-11:11. Does that make ANY SENSE? No. Didn't think so.

Rants about lunch times aside...

Do I even have anything else to say?





you are elegant and you are a mohawk. take the quiz here.

Call me Blanaced
Are you seme or uke? Find out!

My brother's view on the town of Guelph:
"You almost expect to see weird little bald kids with banjos."
Morning Blog!

*hackhackhackcoughcoughchokehack* Shoot me, I'm STILL sick. Getting annoyed now... I can't concentrate on anything, having trouble walking and stuff. Oh well, I'm going to see the doctor tonight. I have an appointment for 4:40 this afternoon.


Harley's singing one of my favourite songs. XD

SotM: My December, by Linkin Park.
Dana died? Why am I always uninformed? ;_; Poor gerbil-chan....
Really, Heidi? o_o He sounds bad already.... god, I may just drop music. >_<; It would be a painful ordeal, but I may do it...
4 days feverish. Not good. I think I'm gonna end up at the doctor's tomorrow...

Dad is bartending for Super Bowl Sunday thingies at the BRSC, and mom's doing inventory at Wal-Mart (ha ha mom!), so 'tis me and me brother here on our lonesomenesses. He went out for an hour, but brought me food from A&W and insisted that I eat. Nice, eh? ^_^ Sad thing is, even double teen burgers don't taste too good to me right now... the fries went down good, tho. Dry food is good. Anyway, we also learned many things by watching the Discovery Channel. We learned that Jesus was a mammoth hunter from scotland, and all his buddies (the apostles) were from glasgow and threw pointy sticks. *bows*

SotM: the Perfect Drug, by Nine Inch Nails. Why didn't I like this band when they were popular? Oh yeah. Popular = bad to me. ^_^;
Back to lying down now.
I really love it when everyone up and leaves home and don't bother to even leave me a note to tell me where they are. ;_; I'm sick, can't walk right... what if I fall down the stairs and break my neck or something? *sob*

LotM's strip will be late. I can't get into keenspace FTP. T_T;

Now it's time for another edition of What Meg Downloaded Last Night. This time, I gotted Kare Kano 6, and the Making of Fruits Basket (which is raw no da).

Sick. @_@ Jello for breakfast....
I am getting REALLY annoyed with coughing so much.... *hasn't had more than five minute break between coughing fits all day*
To Ribby (and anyone else who wants a LotM guest spot): E-mail me. Don't just blog it.
*baps blogger*
Morning Blog!

This is really funny. I went to bed at like 9 pm last night and slept until 2 am, then fell asleep again from 3 to 7. *heeheehee* Anyway, what's amusing is that I sound REALLY funny this morning, and no matter how much I clear my throat, I can't shake it. Even mom was laughing at me when I phoned her at work to ask her to pick up throat spray for me.

Because of illness, I'll prolly pick up my timetable and go back home after I do. ^___^; Dad's gonna HATE me for being home so much, but tough luck. I'm sick. Bite me. (I say that a lot. Conversation with dad always ends in me saying "bite me". I'm afraid that one day, he just may...)

Last night I downloaded episode 5 of Kare Kano, and a fansub of Tonari no Totoro. However, Totoro has no audio (that almost rhymes! BWAHAHAHAHA!!).... ah well, can't win 'em all.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Power to us Owls, Ribby. ^__~

Will be pre-registering for Anime North within the next week, once they get back to me on tables. ^.^; YAY! I'm looking forward to that. What really surprises me is that mom is willing to come with me and table-sit. HOWEVER! I also found out that group registration is cheaper. If I can round up 10 people to pre-register with me for weekend passes, it only costs $25 and not the usual $30. Anyone up for it? Mail me pronto if you are.

Note to self; next layout, link to Selankat's livejournal.

Allison on oekaki wants me to draw a sexeh Lucas. Will I? Of course. ^.^ After I draw another batch of comic strips, probably this afternoon (or tonight if I sleep all afternoon).

M * A * S *
<br />H

You will marry LEGOLAS from Lord of the Rings, live in an ancient elven palace in the middle of the forest, and spend your days walking on top of snow and rowing ivory boats and just being beautiful.

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?

DEAR GOD, NO!!! Oh well, I guess I could staple his mouth shut and just stare at him.

My anthem is "Another Brick in the Wall Part 3", by Pink Floyd.
I don't need you, I don't need anything. So shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I'm the modern-day exemplary of stoicism, even if it hurts.
Find out what YOUR anthem is HERE!

*laughs like a loon*

You sir or madam are Irvine, you whore! O_O

Who In Final Fantasy VIII are you?

Made By ZellyBaby

Marcus: Okay, I think this blog has gone on long enough.
Dami: Here here.
Orlando: Let's pull the plug, shall we?
Cam: We shall.

--end transmission--

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