Oh, GOD am I freaked out. o_o Lisa has animation class with my old best friend, Brittany Wilson. I've been trying to hunt that girl down for so long! I miss her so much! This is great, she remembers me and still draws. I feel so bad for losing touch with her, I haven't had a friend like her since (she had like ALL the same interests as me). That's so weird!!!!!!

Take the Pokémon character selection test here!
Test made by Aylawuff! ^_^

...pick a bar.
*sings the GayAllDay song*
ET misses you. XDDDD AUTODOME! Or Autodo. Or Autodo-me. XDDDDD
You are Spaceman Spiff!
Zounds! You are the intrepid Spaceman Spiff, the engaging explorer ensconsed in an unending universe of exotic and evil extraterrestrials! You're brave, but you should give that dictionary a rest.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz by!

Stole the quiz from Chris. I'm SPIFF!!!!! *dances* I love Calvin and Hobbes. XD

Happy Easter to all! I like chocolate and bunnies. Heidi, I'll bring my new plush bunny to school on tuesday for you to see! I named him Frodo 'cause he has huge eyes.

ANYWAY! Last night D and I went to see LotR (my 3rd time, her 10th @_@), and it was sooooo fun. XD Cost a f*cking fortune, tho, as admission is pricey. And 'cause I hadn't eaten all day and needed food. We got there at 7 (tho the show was at 8:30), and stood in line for half an hour to get tickets. We were dressed oddly and stood out amongst the great amount of old people there, and the girl at the ticket counter seemed amused. After we gotted our tickets, we walked around Trinity Commons, and came back and played video games. Then went to see the movie, and we didn't want to sit with many people so we could make running commentary and not get kicked by angry movie goers..... SO we sat in the FRONT ROW. In the MIDDLE of the FRONT ROW. My neck and back hurt so much.... anyway, it was funny. XD I have dibs on Frodo's chin, Deanna and I both wanna wield Aragorn's sword (^__^), Sam and Frodo played Army, Legolas should have a 1-900 number and just say "Gandalf" all fruity like, Saruman is a Digimon, Gandalf and Saruman have battles in Depends, Boromir has no nuts and just a horn, and it's ALL ABOUT THE GYRATING HIP ACTION!!!!


That's a little less painful. Kudos.

I figured you'd like the Buffy reference. XDD And I can forgive you for not knowing who Freddy Mercury was. But someone Ms. Langford's age should know--- he was the lead singer for Queen. He died in '91 of AIDS.

I got Veronica really mad at me today. I told her she was full of shit and that she's lame. She didn't quite get it until after about 8 minutes had passed from the time I said it.
Really uncreative parents. Tara is about 8, Thomas is around 6, and Tristen's prolly about 4.
Morning Blog!

test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?


Today is our second day of jazz improv. Jazz improv is so damn fun! FUN I SAY! At least there's no set form to stick to as long as you keep the beat and use the given scales. Today is also the last day of the school week, and then it's four day weekend! I woke up feeling sick, and it's still not gone away so I think I'll end up coming home early. x_X;;

'Tis what my imouto called me on oekaki. She says I'm a pervie hobbit fancier.... as in I'm perverted and like hobbits. XD *huggles Samwise and Peregrin plushies* Nothin' wrong with that no da!

My cat is perched across my back and it feels funny 'cause she's warm and lumpy. *laughs*

You're not the only one that doesn't get Easter. I didn't learn what it was really about until I took religions in school last semester.... whenever I asked my parents, they just confused me with a strange answer. But free chocolate is good.

You looooove Aimee. You want to kiiiiiiiss her. And BY GOLLY, DANIEL, CHANGE THE BACKGROUND OF YOUR BLOG! It's making my eyes bleed!!!! x_x

....I'm doing my art project on Johnny Rotten. XDDDDD Yes, Ms. Langford will not be impressed. Would you believe that she didn't know who Freddy Mercury was? Has she been living under a ROCK???

I'm gonna go do my hair now. Man, that sounds girly.... dammit all.
1. What time is it: 8:22 pm.
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Margret Elizabeth Graham
3. Nickname(s): Meg, Meggie, Megarina, Meggers, Egg, G
4. Parents names: and dad.
5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: I don't eat cake--- it makes me sick. But there would have been 16.
6. Date that you regularly blow them out?: May 1st.
7. Pets: Two cats and a brother. XD
8. Eye color: grey
9. Hair color: naturally.... it's blonde. Right now? A very faded magenta.
10. Piercing: two in my right ear, one in my left.
11. Tattoos: None yet, but I plan on getting at least one.
12. How much do you love your job?: Schoolness blows.
13. Birth town: Brampton. Whoo.
15. Current Residence: Brampton. Whoo-er.
16. Favorite food: ....hnnn, it changes so much.... hard-shell tacos, or possibly pomegranate.
17. Been to Africa?: .... *LOL* No, but would I like to go back? (don't ask)
18. Been toilet papering?: ....years ago. @_@;;; Stupid lack of rebellious friends. ^_~
19. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? .....*points accusingly*
20. Been in a car accident recently?: No, can't say I have been.
21. Croutons or bacon bits? Both are good, but croutons are nice. XD
22. Sprite or 7 UP? mmmm, 7-up.
23. Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Trainspotting, Requiem for a Dream, Pi, Silence of the Lambs, and the Lord of the Rings.
24. Favorite Holiday: Halloween 'cause it's so damn fun. XD
25. Favorite day of the week: Friday; end of the school week AND dad works so I can stay up.
26. Favorite word or phrase: "this is true", "I am Jack's [whatever]", "bite me", "f*ck off".
27. Favorite Color: Black, tho it's a non-colour. Blue and purple otherwise.
28. Favorite Restaurant: Eat-in type restaurant? St. Hubert's. Otherwise, A&W and Burger King.
29. Favorite Flowers: Lilacs.
30. Favorite Drink: Coke, hands down.
31. Favorite sport to watch: Hockey....or football (not AMERICAN football! I mean, soccer...)
32. Preferred type of ice cream: heavenly hash
33. Favorite Sesame Street Character: Cookie Monster. *heart*
34. Disney or Warner Bros: ....for movies, Disney. For cartoon shows, WB.
35. Favorite Fast Food: A&W, Burger King.
36. What color is your couch? Since my bed doubles as a couch and it belongs to me, it's black.
37. What color is your bed? Black and purple and green.
38. How many times did you fail your drivers test?: Never, 'cause I haven't taken it yet.
39. Who is the last person you got email from before this?: Ruby-chan, sending me fanart.
40. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: I'll leave that to your imagination.
41. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card? Comic World or HMV.
42. What do you do most often when you are bored? Draw or read.
43. Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest away?: Chris, who be in Germany.
44. Most annoying thing people ask me: "Did you draw that?" ..... no, I used the photocopier I keep stored in the pocket of my Levi jeans. T_T;;;
45. Bedtime: Whenever I get kicked off the computer.
46. Who will respond the quickest?: ......... the FBI.
47. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? Billy Joe Jim Bob Fred. It's always him.
48. Favorite all time TV show: Anime, Fruits Basket. Non-anime, Whose Line.
49. Last person you went out to dinner with? My brother (sad, isn't it, folks?).
50. Last Movie you saw: E.T.
51. What are you thinking about? Wishing Firefly would hurry up and get online, dammit.
52. How do you travel over H2O? Little space ship from Beltegeuse 5.
53. Last book you read, or are currently reading: Last read was the Fellowship of the Ring, currently reading the Two Towers.
55. People that you've ever felt feelings for that are getting this e-mail: ........the FBI.
56. Describe what a perfect person of the opposite sex should be: a combonation between Souma Yuki, Orion, Simon and Damien McKinnley, Lucas Hathaway, Saotome Ranma, and Ikari Shinji.
57. If you got three wishes, what would they be (keep it realistic, and no wishing more wishes):
1. to have a complete set of copic pens
2. to have enough money that I don't have to worry about not having money
3. to live closer to my girlfriend
58. Time when you finished: 8:40 pm.
Morning Blog!
Let's start on a cheerful note!

If i was a serial killer i would be Ted Bundy.

In the early to mid 1970s Ted Bundy would murder over 30 young women. Most were attacked while walking in parks, found later to have been raped and strangled to death, but sometimes Bundy would go as far as breaking into their houses as they slept and beating them to death with a crow bar.

After being caught and convicted of the murders, Bundy accepted prison, acquired a new name and started his killing spree all over again. Soon after, Bundy was caught, but not before taking the lives of 3 more women.

Almost all of Bundy's victims were young white girls with long dark hair parted down the middle, all were raped, beaten and sodomized.

kill count: 30+

Find what serial killer you would be, Take the Serial Killer Quiz now!

*giggles evilly* I'm Ted Bundy. That amuses me so much.

Today it's back to (somewhat) normal dressing habits, as most of my weird stuff isn't washed. Oh well.

I have a law test today that I don't doubt I'll flunk. So lunch will be devoted to study no da. >_<;;; I also need some pictures of Marc Gagnon, and at least one thing of information about Mexico. But.... I'm lazy, and it's the death of me...

Ask and ye shall recieve. XD I got two fanarts today from a girl who reads my comic and sent them to me 'cause I asked on monday's strip for fanart. *laughs* So there you go.

Nothing much else to say. I need to find that Mexico stuff now.

Well well well. It appears that I may get a babysitting gig with one of the people on my street. Wendy asked me iffen I'd be willing to babysit her three kids; Tara, Thomas, and Tristen. I haven't even seen those kids since after Britany moved away. @_@;;;;

School sucks. It's snowing a lot. Let's hope there's a ton of the white stuff on the ground come morning so's I don't hafta go in and do that fucking law test that the supply ass who is there for six more weeks is giving us.
Morning Blog!

Ahhh, I feel so nice and weird today. ^.^ My hair is up in... *counts* 7 chibi pigtails, and I'm gonna wear a skirt, pants, a weird shirt (not sure which one), opera gloves, my new blue mesh cape (which i madededed myself--- you can tell 'cause of the bad sewing job at the top!), some select accessories, and mah' clunkeh boots. XD Happy me no da. I love being strange.

*purrrrrs* Awww.

I actually DREW something yesterday, everyone! Go to my Side 7 page and check it out. ^_^ Here's hoping that I can keep up the artisticness from yesterday--- I have a few things I'd like to draw.

Out of things to say. Hnnph.

I Will Be Murdered!.
Getting shot in the back while getting a quick 20 out of the ATM, then being dragged to a strange mans apartment where he disembowels you and slowly eats you over the course of a year isn't the most glamorous way to die, but at least you were dressed to impress... bling bling
Find out how you will die, Take the Death Quiz now!

I haven't blogged in a while, so here we go. I shall try blogging now then.

Today, mom and I went and saw E.T in theaters. ^_^ I was so happy with it, the added scenes and slight enhancements in the movie were well done and fit with the movie. I love that movie so much, I remember watching it on my old beta VCR. Yes, that's right. We still HAVE it on beta. I am also reminded of an E.T plushie that they used to have in the kid's waiting room at my old dentist's. I loved that plushie. About five years after we stopped going to that dentist, I found one of those E.Ts at the Salvation Army, so I own one. I gotta find it again. I think it's in the attic. *pouts* Oh well. ANYWAY! The movie was wonderful. I forgot how good it really is. Mom cried through the last twenty minutes.
After we saw da' movie, we went to Wallyworld (Wal-Mart) and picked up the supplies for me to work on the Vash costume's accessories; spray paint (gold and silver), and kuroneko plushie fixings. Within the next few days, I should have Kuroneko done and the gloves for my Vash outfit completed (with metal rings and all). Yup. I'm gonna make for an interesting Vash.
When we arrived home, mom cut my hair. Again. We cut it last week, too, but now it's REALLY short. It's not even long enough to touch my neck (much) at the back, but it's long at the front. Know what this means, tho? Big ass spikes on my head sometime this week. I just need gel. Which reminds me, on tuesday, I'm gonna dress really oddly just for fun. Anyone wanna do that too? And perhaps go to a movie that night? I need something to do. I'm going stir-crazy.

My dad is now talking to me, I dunno if I mentioned that. I'm not grounded, and all be well. Tho dad be in the room I'm in now, since I'm at the computer and have a chair up against the back of my head, he's not yet noticed my haircut. Man, let's hope I don't get grounded again.

I finished the first part of the Lord of the Rings over the weekend, and have just started reading the second (the Two Towers). I'm proud of me.

You saw the trailer too, eh?? I saw it today! Being the rabid spiderman fangirl I am, I told mom before we went into the theater "if I see the Spiderman trailer, I'm going to scream". Lo and behold, the second Spidey trailer came on, and I managed not to scream.... until it was over. *laughs* The guys in front of us turned and stared at me like I'm nuts.
On a different note, Chris, yes, it's true that tobacco prices have gone up a fortune. My parents and brother smoke (grosses me out, but hey), and it's costing them. Here's hoping they'll give it up and save their money for something else. And that is one pretty girlxgirl picture you posted. ^,^

Hey, Deanna! Next time you see me online, message me if I don't message you first. I wanna plan another night of going out dressed like freaks, and since this is a long weekend coming up, ideal for me being in school and all most of the time. ^.^

I never did get it... maybe someday it will show up. It once took a package Firefly sent me MONTHS to get here. God only knows why. And I demand more yaoi on HnK. ^______^

Megan! Here's that link to the horror movie site with hilarious reviews that I was telling you about! Go here, and read the one for the movie called the Pit. XDDDD

01. Fallen for your best friend?: yes
02. Been rejected?: yes
03. been in love?: yes
04. been in lust?: yup!
05. used someone?: One or twice. 6_6
06. been used?: Once. T_T (hypocrite? Maybe.)
07. done something you regret?: On a daily basis.


08. you touched?: My mom ('cause she's tired and worn down, so I gave her a hug)
09. you talked to?: John. I told him about hindu Stan and his brother hindu Bob.
10. you hugged?: Mommie.
11. you instant messaged?: Fishie. ^.^
6. you yelled at?: My cat. She's loud and annoying.
7. you laughed with?: My mom and my brother while watching Whose Line.
8. you had a crush on?: Before someone special came along? .... man, I'm never gonna tell. >_<
9. who broke your heart?: Ben S. See, he died, and I hurt.


10. colour your hair?: Yup, it's purple-ish on average. Nutrisse (sp?) colour #42, black currant.
11. have tattoos?: not yet, but expect a dragon.
12. have piercings?: two holes in my right ear and one in my left.
13. have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: Gots the best girlfriend in the world.
14. floss daily?: I tend to forget. ^_^;;
15. own a webcam?: Uh-huh.
16. ever get off the damn computer?: When I'm forced to. *pouts*
17. sprechen sie deutsche?: No, but my mom does. And so does my imouto.
18. habla espanol?: Si, si, yo hablo espanol...
19. quack?: .....Meow.


31. split personalities?: So I've been told, yes I do.
32. schizophrenic?: I've had a counsellor ask me if I was, but I'm not sure.
33. obsessive?: YES. O_@
34. compulsive?: Yes. @_@
35. obsessive compulsive?: yes and no; only on some days am I psycho obsessive-compulsive.
36. panic?: I rarely panic.
37. anxiety?: You bet.... I'm anxious 99.9% of the time.
38. depressed?: Not constantly (anymore), but sometimes.
39. suicidal?: Have been on a few occassions, but I'm mostly over it.
40. obsessed with hate?: Only in one case....
41. dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore?: often.
42. dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them?: in what sense of the word "doing"? o_O


43. if you could be anywhere, where would you be?: Spokane, Washinton.
44. who would you be with?: Duh.
45. what would you be doing?: Glomping the above person.
46. what are you listening to?: Now? The news on CFTO.
47. can you do anything freakish with your body?: I'm extremely flexible and have the power to gross out my music teacher when he tries to move my fingers on the clarinet keys to "get a better sound". Yes, he'll never touch my hands again. *laughs*
48. chicken or fish? None?: Chicken, 'cause fish smells funny and is often icky.
49. do you have a favourite animal, no matter how lame it may be?: either a cat or a snake. Snakes. ^.^
50. is ice cream the best thing in the world?: Ice cream is good, but anime is better. ^_______~

YAY! My December! Love that song. ^.^

Rest assured that you won't be the only one tested tomorrow. Mr Vining decided we didn't have enough time after listening to the Lord of the Rings symphony, so we all go tomorrow. As for my video card? I've no clue. I don't feel like checking, either, 'cause the start menu is making things mess up for some reason. My computer's stupid.

Morning blog!

Man, last night I woke up so much because of my dreams. It was strange, because sounds in my dreams woke me up, not like... REAL sounds incorperated into my dreams.

I'm printing pictures to tape onto my binder 'cause I'm a big fat loser. *laughs* Actually, I want to show someone that I -do- do computer artwork. No one but my friends seems to be believe me, 'tis annoying.

updated again. This weekend I'll be updating the LotM site, too, hopefully, and maybe getting the Monochromatic site online. Whee! Go me and my many stupid projects.

Hey! Alex! I LOVE the little yaoi omake. XDDDDDDDD

Heidiiiii! I can't get RO to work! It always tells me it can't 'initiate 3d3' or something.

Okay, Meg go now.
Morning Blog!

Man, I had a really weird dream last night. For some reason I was on one of those weird accordian buses with a whole bunch of people. And when the bus crashed and the people hit the walls/windows of the bus, they exploded into green slime. o_o

You know, upon reading through RPs and stories, I've come to the conclusion that Carter can get sex 24/7.

Beep beep, Ritchie! Beep beep!

Eeeenyway. I'm nearly done LorR book 1. Nearly. About two hundred pages to go, so it should take me another two or three days depending on how much time I devote to reading. Sadly, I will have no time to spare at lunch today, as my mannerism protrait is due today and I've not yet coloured the frame. Everyone best notice that my comic updated today. I drew strips yesterday (two strips), and maybe I'll getta' draw more today.

I've also decided that along with my Fight Club crossover CG, I'm gonna draw the three Marcuses, the two Matthews, and the two Ishmaels. ^.^ Ishmael II is cooooool. XDDD I like him muchly. I like Ish muchly. I draw him way too much.

Updated my Side 7 gallery last night. Whoo. Go me.

Otay, enough of that.
Remy LeBeau
I'm Remy LeBeau
What X-Men Character are You?

Ahhh, the perfect quiz for me. XDDD

which Shakira are you?

by divachop and phantomx86

Morning Blog!
Yes, I actually have time this morning. ph33r.

Well, march break in total was good. I actually did stuff! I went to the mall with Amy for most of the day on monday, tuesday I saw Queen of the Damned again (*lol* and yes, I think something ate half his face) with John U., and wednesday/thursday I had a great time at Heidi's house! Friday I sat around and did nothing but read Lord of the Rings. *laughs* Lots of stuff I've done for a change. It's unsual for me. But the scary part? I've been drawing very little. I'm in an awful art funk. However, I'm determined to get LotM off the ground again now that dad has submitted and called truce (thus meaning soon I can prolly get on the computer at regular, non-sneaky intervals once more).

Now, stolen from Tsua-Tsua-Sam-chan:

* being a bitch
* skipping meals
* biting my nails
* being a bitch (again)

* Luis
* Veronica
* Dan (ha ha, Daniel!)
* that damn law class supply teacher

* Iron Maiden - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
* Depeche Mode - "Only When I Lose Myself"
* The Tea Party - "Emerald"
* Bruce Dickinson - "Chemical Wedding"


* Iron Maiden
* Depeche Mode
* Prozzak
* Bruce Dickinson

* spiders
* spiders
* spiders
* .....spiders

* lilacs
* mom's cooking
* fresh bread
* Prismacolor pens! (no, not 'cause they make you high... it's just something I associate with being artistic now)

* a dress
* a thong (yeek)
* anything more revealing than a one-piece swimsuit in public
* spandex

* kitties!
* snakes
* rats
* sea lions ^.^

* Whose Line Is It Anyway?
* the Drew Carey Show
* Fruits Basket
* Buffy (seasons 1-3)

* Marshall Mathers the whatever (III?)
* anyone on day time television
* Steve (from Blues Clues)
* Lars Ulrich (sp?)

* Coke
* orange juice
* apple juice (has to be Allen's brand, tho, otherwise I get sick)
* ...Coke.

* dutch chocolate
* heavenly hash
* raspberry ripple
* rocky road!!!!!

* I have a tendancy to walk into walls in my house
* I play many, many musical instruments
* I'm one of Canada's most notorious Prozzak fanpeople
* Fight Club is my bible.

* My brother is 20 years older than me
* My great uncle was an SS officer
* My sister likes to disappear and show up at random intervals 'cause she's a fickle bitch *bitter*
* My dad's scottish and my mom is german (weird combo, eh?)

Gee. I have nothing to say, are we surprised?

I woke up at 6 this morning 'cause I was so thirsty. Came downstairs, talked to dad a bit, downed three pints of coca-cola, then went back to my room and burrowed in blankets for 45 minutes. Took me forever to convince myself to get up and get dressed, tho I'm happily wearing one of my favourite shirts today (it looks like one of the Rock and Roll Swindle shirts from the '80s). And my ripped up black jeans that I've had since 7th grade. They're covered in safety pins at the bottom.... to hold them together. ^__^;

Monochromatic (aka That Damn Story) is longer than I thought. It's not long, but it's still about a page longer than I figured. Maybe now I can work on that some more, too, and get the website up this weekend. While compiling the image archive, I've learned that I draw Ishmael WAY too much. And I only have one picture of Matthew, and in it, he's with Marcus. o_O;

Congratulations!!! XD

You're such a dumbass, dood. u_u;

Okay, big stupid question. Can ANYONE transfer avi files to video tape? 'Cause I can't due to my computer being moderately sucky in that department. I would really like to enter the AN2002 music video contest....

You really need to blog, woman. NOW.

Hoookay, I go now. *sulks* Stupid school. I HATE school. I dread art class.... I didn't work on my project at all....
The Theif
There once was a man named Frodo Baggins. He lived in Bobville. He would always go the the store and steal a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy. He enjoyed doing this so much because the retarded storekeeper Harry Potter would not notice the frilly sideswipe in the head. This really distressed the storekeeper because he lost so much money from Frodo's antics.

One day Harry decided that he must do something about Frodo or else the store would loose all of it's money. So an assassin named Buffy Summers was hired to kill Frodo. Buffy was very good at snipering people and was told to wait in a building near the store and wait for Frodo. About half an hour later Frodo showed up carying a blue spork and a eggplant in his hand. He aimed his laser sniper rifle and accidently shot some poor old lady in the head and she fell over and a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy fell over and smacked her in the head. Buffy tried to sniper Frodo again. He missed and the laser hit some mirror, bounced off and went right through Frodo's eggplant. Frodo looked up and saw Buffy and quickly ran into shelter.

Buffy got angry because he failed so he quit his job and made the storekeeper pay him anyways. Frodo came in while Buffy was just leaving. Frodo gave Harry another frilly sideswipe in the head and stole another super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy. After the store keeper got up off his feet he thought about setting some traps for Frodo. The next day Frodo came into the store eating eggplant. He was just about to frilly sideswipe Harry but a button was pressed and a cage landed down on Frodo and he was trapped. Frodo banged on the bars for a while. Harry picked up the phone and called the Bobville police. All of a sudden Frodo pulled out a blue spork and used to to break free and then he quickly ran away to hide from the cops.

Frodo sucsessfully got away from the Bobville police. He stopped for a while to catch his breath and when night fell on Bobville he went to party city to buy a disguise. The store was closed so he broke in using a blue spork. blue spork was nice and easy to use, so Frodo had no problems getting inside. There was this clown costume in one of the displays. It had bright rainbows painted on. He thought that it would be very easy to steal a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy with it. He put it on and looked into a mirror. He looked a little like Harry except he was funny.

Moring rose in the city of Bobville. Birds were chirping, kids were playing with a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy and parents were watching a goofy looking clown take a dump in some bushes and then using a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy to wipe his bum. While he was doing this the parents kissed each others wives and husbands, got undressed and ran around putting a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy into each others anuses. Frodo thought this was pretty sick so he got the heck out of there. Frodo ran away crying until he got near his favorite Bobville variety store. He walked inside, gave Harry Potter a frilly sideswipe in the head. Grabbed a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy and ran like hell. A Police officer ran in, hit him in the head really hard with a blue spork knocking him out.

Later that day Frodo woke up in a jail cell next to a guy named Bubba. Bubba had with him a super duper rubber bouncy ball of joy and was caressing it in his hand while he rambled on about Frodo being his bitch. The End.

To write your own version of this, go here!
Well, I've really not blogged much, have I? Why? 'cause I've not been able to get on the computer at all lately. ^.^;;;;;;;

I have nothing to say, either.
Fast blog... because you told me not to, I will. DAN, YOU'RE STUPID!

That is all.

I went to the mall today with me mum. I got a Lord of the Rings poster (the one with the statues and the canal), Trainspotting (FINALLY!), and some material to make Kuroneko-sama. Oh, and pipe cleaners and feathers. Making chibi wings wear in my hair. *teehee*

You enclose your victims in a coffine lined with spikes, piercing choice places like the eyes, liver and kidneys.
Ouch. Ease up on people you're angry with a little. You can't kill them -all-.

What torture would you be?

*laughs* That's so funny!
Louis is cool, but his whole murder of Santiago seemed boring to me in the movie.... you should read the books.
Umm... Interview is the worst of the series. @_@;; You'd be better off starting from the second book, the Vampire Lestat....
I got a Side7 gallery. Not much there yet, but I'll be adding more daily. Go here.

What is your meaning of life?

Happy belated birthday, imouto!!! *tackleglompssnugglespurrrrs*
You're Caramilk!
Just stuffed full of surprises. No one ever knows what you're going to do next. The greatest mystery to you is, naturally, "how do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bars?"


You're Spike. An English badass. At least you were until they put that stupid chip in your head. And then you fell in love with the slayer... Snap out of it, man!

Find your inner vampire.

Fast blogging from the computer lab at school.
I'm bored. I'm in law class, and I'm supposed to be researching case studies. It's not like anyone's actually DOING that, tho, so.... Jessica's sitting next to me and colouring easter eggs in a java applet.

I miss you sooooooooooo much. ;____;

I'm skipping spanish. I don't particularly feel like dancing like an idiot in front of the class, thank you very much.

I'm done now.
Morning Blog!
Look. Blogness. I gotta make this FAST.

In the world of artness, I have started work on the base for a Fruits Basket fanart poster of Yuki and Kyoh. They look alllllmost like they're gonna kiss. And man, does Kyoh look embarassed. XD I also did a picture of Samwise Gamgee that's quite cute, despite it being Sam. Other than that.... my art sucks lately.
I'm planning to draw some poster art of Simon, Carter, Mariline, Perones, Quintin, Britannia, and Scott, too. That would be some very disturbing art. And i just realised no one knows who those last people are. *laughs all stupid like*

Now a random quote.
"Noise? There's music in everything, if you listen carefully enough. It's the silence that's painful."
Marcus and his weirdo pearls of wisdom.

It's Wednesday today. I get to go to music and be bored, have lunch at ten in the morning (T_T), go to art and work on my mannerism self portrait which is gonna look soooooooo weird (I'm lying on my back on the ground in it with my legs tucked behind me, my shoulders on the floor, and my arms arched over my head), be bored and angry at the law class supply man (asshole), and go watch Fools Rush In in spanish. u.u;

Last night's Buffy was a let down.

I'm gonna burn a new music cd, I need to listen to Angels. *.*

When I get a chance to upload the new additions to the site. I'm grounded.

kind of fangirl are you?

Your dad sounds like he should be related to MY dad. @_@;
*killing herself laughing and gasping for air* Ohmigod! That's rich!!! *laughing*
Wow. I just got smacked in the head by a very annoyed Ben. What'd I do? o_o;;;;;;;;

The neutral colors, range from gray to brown.. and also, every color that is in the middle. Neutral colors give people the personalities of being in the center of balance, and also that they will be unsure when facing decisions.

Want to take the test?
by livejournal user,


What LoTR Character Are You?

OH YEAH! Y'allllll want me now, huh? XD~ If I'm Aragorn, even -I- want me!

Man. Matthew's a f*cked up psycho.
A low throbbing pain in my back kept me from laying down on the white bunk that was my bed. The room was dark, the lights having been automatically turned off at 8:30 pm to initiate the subliminal thought of sleep, and my back hurt too much to allow me the luxury of slumber. So instead, I sat and sat and sat, all through the night. Sometimes if I moved the wrong way, I could feel the tight stitches pull the skin on my back, and there would be sharp pain and the dripping warmth of freshly drawn blood. I tried very hard not to move. Unlike most kids, I was accustomed to sitting still for long periods of time. This wasn't unusual at all. So, sitting in the dark with the pain in my back, thick, wire-framed glasses perched on my nose though it was too black to see, I sat. And sat. After a while, my mind shut itself off and allowed me a sort of sleepless escape from the lonely and painful blackness. A rustle at my side caused me to jump, painfully grazing my tender back against the wall. My glasses fell to the floor. There was a satisfied chortle in the dark beside me, an arm slid snakishly around my waist and lean fingers bit into my hip. Warm lips brushed against my ear and warmer breath tickled as he whispered to me.

"Marcus, what's it like to be in love?"

My god, blogger just killed my blog. i_i


....... freakeh.

Josh: Oh, shut up.
Uwaaaaa, my hips hurt. @_@; Damn hips. They're not only big, but damn sore.

I saw Queen of the Damned today with mum. It was entertaining, actually. I wasn't impressed, but I did like it. Stuart Townsend made an excellent Lestat, but his hair wasn't blond and he's not quite up to par with Tom Cruise in the role. But he was nummy none the less. Aaliyah was vastly entertaining to watch, not to mention that she was goddamned sexy. *__* But what really really bothered me about the movie is what they did to Marius. Marius wasn't Marius.... I was saddened. I love Marius. He's the most human of them all and the most gentlemanly (next to David Talbot, maybe), and they made him more like Lestat caught in a timewarp. So sad... AND! David was so not right. He wasn't old enough, nor regal enough. *tsks* But I maintain that Stuart Townsend was really cute. ^.^ And the chick that played Maharet was pretty close to how I imagined the character to look. Entertaining movie, though not that good, and there was a LOT of references that the un-educated (as in "hasn't read the book[s]") audience wouldn't get.
They also squashed two books into one movie. Ple.

SotM: Angels by the Tea Party. I'm really growing fond of this band. @_@; Much to my brother's horror.

Guess what time it is, folks? It's time for...

Meg's Art Corner!!
or maybe "art gallery" would be a better term. Lots of stuff to show today. Let's start with the oekaki stuff.
Ishmael all beat up, with a quote from Linkin Park's Crawling. This picture seemed to tick off Tony, the board's owner, since he hates Linkin Park. Too bad. The quote went with the picture. Get over it.
Jade, as in Simon McKinnley's mom and not his daughter. She was pretty, ne?
Jesse Obscurci, drawn for Rachel. He's hers. Well, no, he's my kyara, but she has dibs on him.
Lazarus Laerinsyth, my fae monk poet author boy. I know that made no sense. He's pretty, though, isn't he? this was my first serious shot at using tones.
Allison's birthday present! It's Lucas times two! Lucas-ryuu and Lucas-person. ^_^ I've been told many a time that people like that shirt he's wearing. May have to draw him wearing it again.
Marcus and his son, Elliot, in a battlefield. This was inspired by the Iron Maiden tune, The Trooper.
Me licking blood off Iren (from Separation Anxiety). This was a joke that only oekaki regulars would get.
Lestat de Lioncourt! Because I love him, and this is how I imagine him to look from the books.
ARMAND!!! Sexeh bitch he be. XD~
Now onto the hand done and CG stuff. ^.^;
Dami and Rue snuggling. Why? 'Cause Dami broke up with Oliver and has a new boyfriend. Rue's not slutty like Oli. *biii at Oli*
Dami, unfinished as I'm afraid I'll wreck it if I try to complete it. @_@;
Frodo Baggins! D-chan, eat your heart out. I gave the original to Megan's dad. ^_^
Larazus all punky like. Like the tattoos on his chest?
Lazarus... in drag. He's a call girl, y'know. XD
Inspired by the song "Release". It's Dami! I really like how this came out. Tea Party goood.

And that concludes today's MASSIVE art corner.
Morning Blog!

It's friday. It's gonna be a LONG friday. I'm afraid of going to spanish class...... if we're dancing today, I'm gonna shoot myself. I can't salsa for the life of me. @_@ The kick thing I can do, and that box steppy thing, but my hips hurt and salsaing without hip movement is impossible....
Anyway, I'm still grounded from the computer (when dad's here). I wish he would get over his childish snit and act like a man. u_u;; What a f*cking baby.

I think one of them (Anya or Xander) is gonna die first. Though I've completely given up on that show.... I want Giles back.

....aww.... ;__; *huggles you* I'm sorry. I can understand the stress... I'm pretty stressed out and I don't work (yet), so I can't really imagine what you're feeling right now. But the guy problems, there I can sympathize. And the parent problems. *hughug* Feel better. I'll draw you a picture if it'll help!

Uhhh.... nothing to say. Should I do an art corner? Lesse...

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