Morning Blog!

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That'll screw up the frames, but I found the last line to be REALLY funny.

Anyway, I spent a grand total of *drumroll* ten hours on homework last night. My dad got mad at me for being up so late to finish my essays and screamed at me saying that I didn't do my homework earlier (even tho I did) because he knows me. And I'm like "first off, you weren't here. Secondly, apparently you DON'T know me, then." and he got mad and gave me ten minutes to finish my essay or he'd unplug the computer and hit me. -_-; So I rushed it. It's without quotes from the book. I did get it done, but not well. And all the other stuff is done too, I hope. Unless I forgot something. o_o;

Haven't drawn ANYTHING lately. -__-;;; Why? Too much homework. And I'm seriously considering canning LotM because it's hard to keep up when you're drugged up and doing mountains of homework. Blaurrrhgh. Maybe I'll just change the update schedule. I dunno.

Okay, enough from me.


Which Famous Homosexual are you?

How spiffing! You're Alexander the Great!

Yeah, baby. You were the King of Macedonia, and conqueror of much of the world; you're responsible for the spread of Christianity, as well as Hellenistic society and even the Roman Empire. Your power was feared for thousands of miles around.

And how gay were you. When you'd conquered Persia, you fell in love with a male courtier from that court - scandalous in those days, because the Persians were believed to be uncivilised barbarians.

You were always really in love with your boyhood friend, Hephaestion, and when he died you were grief-stricken to a legendary degree: convinced that he would live on after death, you passed away soon afterwards.

Movies I'd Watch Over and Over:
01. Fight Club
02. Army of Darkness
03. Lilo and Stitch
04. Run Lola Run
05. Mononoke-Hime
06. Harry Potter
07. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
08. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
09. Aliens
10. Hellraiser

Nine People I Enjoy The Company Of:
01. Jamie
02. Deanna
03. Brittany
04. Lisa
05. Matt
06. Mike Manson
07. Mike Jenson
08. Mom
09. John

Eight Things I'm Wearing:
01. Union Jack shirt
02. funky looking bra
03. black jeans
04. grey underwear
05. white socks
06. three earrings
07. glasses
08. my harry potter watch

Seven Things On My Mind:
01. How yummy these tacos are
02. How much I want to draw
03. Whether or not I'll finish my essays
04. How good orange juice is
05. Why my rabbit's going psycho
06. My fingertips really hurt
07. I feel really really really really really tense

Six Items I Touch Every Day:
01. tablet
02. mouse
03. keyboard
04. bunny
05. sketchbook
06. kitty

Five Things I Do Everyday:
01. take medication
02. draw
03. sleep
04. listen to music
05. want to sleep

Four Bands/Musical Artists That I Couldn't Live Without:
01. Depeche Mode
02. Iron Maiden
03. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
04. Megadeth

Three Of My Favorite Songs Of The Moment:
01. "Ballad of Maxwell Demon" by Shudder To Think
02. "Wicked Little Town Reprise" by Tommy Gnosis
03. "Poison" by Alice Cooper

Two People Who Influenced My Life The Most:
01. Jamie
02. Lisa

One Person I Love More Than Any Other:
01. Jamie

Meg go to movehs. With friends yo. Gonna see the Four Feathers yo. Meg go now yo.
Anyone know of any anime or manga characters that wear a decent amount of the colour grey? I have some niiiiiice grey material and I want to use it. *lol* Comment with ideas; characters and the show/manga they're from, tay? PLEASE?
Same goes for royal blue. XD
Heidi, I'm scared. o_o The layout is really cute, but..... man, school spirit. SCARY. o_____O;;;; *secretly burns a Ching banner*
I'm painfully bored and I'm in a creative slump. I feel more depressed now than I have in a few weeks. It's annoying. And two pills a day sucks my energy so much that I can't even get up and walk it off or anything. I'm physically exausted, but my brain is working in overtime.

I made myself a burger with onions and cheese and ketchup. It tastes really good. I like onions.

Man, I feel like I'm in greyscale right now. And everything else is in colour.

B and I might go to the movies this weekend. I don't know what we're gonna see tho, since Spirited Away is playing in the downtown area and that seems like a long way to go just to see a movie. I actually want to see Lilo and Stitch again. I love Stitch. Bright animated movies make me happy. So do toys. Nice friends make me happy too. Like B and Hana. They're nice. They give me hugs. So does Matt. I love Matt.

Momiji and Buffy were fighting for my affection today. I would play with Momiji and Buffy would come over meowing and being annoying, then roll around on the floor. So I would pet her. Then Momiji would jump on the cat or tickle my back with her whiskers. Then I would pet her. It went on like this until Momiji got annoyed, pounced on the cat, and chased her into the hallway. Bunnies are soft, and their noses are warm. And their whiskers tickle a lot.

Finished reading The Great Gatsby. I like it now, because of the ending. It kinda annoyed me how it was boring until the last 20 pages tho. And I still don't like Jordan.
Morning Blog!

Wheeeeeeeeeeee I'm tired. And I slept a lot last night. Maybe it's stress, I dunno.

Nothin' to say. ._.;

Whee, went to the doctor today. He doubled my celexa dosage and informed me that I have a type of social phobia. -.-;
Oh, before I retire.... at Hana's request, less posts visible at a time.
Man, I'm okay during the day regarding depression and anxiety, and then around 8:00, I start getting violently sick if something makes me upset or embarassed. I get this feeling like just under my skin is hot in a fevery way, and the top is cold, and then my stomach flops over and I end up puking. This is not a good habit. Also, physical contact is making me more anxious than normal.

I felt artistic today, but I fell below my normal art quota. Couldn't manage to draw tomorrow's strip. Late update will ensue.

I hate people and right now I want to curl up and die. I wish someone would hug me and tell me it's okay (and not you, dan, I don't want hugs from you). No one does that for me. I wish someone would. ;o;

My stomach hurts and I feel headachy and sick. I'm going to bed.
Morning Blog.

I have a headachheeeeeee.

Dood, I want photos of you anyway, and if everyone's hitting on you, I WANT THEM NOW. *stamps feet like a rabid elephant (?)* I take photos to send to you, so take photos for me. *cracks a whip*
And regarding that tribute to Harryhausen, it's scary, but I know what cartoon the animations are from and I KNOW THAT SONG. It's the "Isildur McBain" version of YMCA in chinese. XDDD I listened to it at D and B's house a few days ago! If you listen, in the last verse, I think, he says "Isildur, Isildur McBain". It's SO FUNNEH. XD Oh, the things I learn from Deanna and Britt.

My interest is renewed! I feel an appearence by Agent Double Oh Sexy coming on. XDD

My entries for the Iron Maiden christmas card contest are already driving me nuts. I'm trying to convince Matt to enter, but he insists he can't draw faces and can't draw Eddie. I say "ppfpfffffffft" to that, because I know he could if he tried. He's a talented boy he is.

I've been doing colour strips on LotM. No one seems to have noticed. ._.;

I think I'm gonna make a whole bunch of stupid smilies. Just for fun. To use here. YES. SMILIES.

400kb? You're kidding. That's just lame beyond words. o_O; Man, we're never gonna get a website at this rate, are we? Myuuuuh.

I go now. I have to get dressed. Tho I don't want to, 'cause these trackpants are soooooo comfy. *whine*

>_o My faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is only minutely restored. Spike has managed to get sexier in his weakness, tho. And Xander seems lighter and more Xander-ish, which is also sexy. And the new principle is hella handsome.
I've been wearing the same pants for three days. You know WHY? THE WASHER DIED. T_T
Morning Blog!

HOORAY! We got a new keyboard, which is good news since the other one was slowly going to hell. Oh well, it's taking forever to get used to tho, since the shift keys are smaller and there's a TURBO button. O_o

Anyway, I've been totally loaded down with work. Last night, I worked for 5 hours (yes, 5 hours) on english homework, and I'm -still- not done. Oh well. There goes my marks. *sighs* It's not even midterm yet, tho, so I should be okay. I also have to swing by guidance and see if I can drop a course. Mr. Vining wants me to drop the repitoir class. Fine and good, I'm yet to go. XD

I keep meaning to do another page of Monochromatic, but I always run out of time. -_-; Oh well, LotM is going good now, I'm a few days ahead in strips. And they're in COLOUR. That's right. In the way of art, tho, I haven't done too much. I did start my entry for the Iron Maiden christmas card contest. It's like.... 1/6th done, and I worked on it for like two hours. -.-; This is it so far. Yes, that is marker.

As a side note, NO ONE SEEMS TO BLOG ANYMORE!! Well, on a regular basis, anyway. At least I try to. -.-;;; D is like the only one who updates frequently. Also, THERE IS A TAGBOARD HERE. RIGHT THERE. *points under the links on the sidebar* USE IT. T_T Or at least use the commenting system. I put them there because not too many people blog much, and that way you don't have to blog to comment on what I say.

Okay, I'm out of things to say.

Man, homework is evil. I swear to god it is. O__O

what sort of weirdo are you?

this quiz by belle

Gerrad, get over it.
According to this site, my names are as follows. XD (ripped from Ribby.)
King Junior Grade of The Reformed Order of Random Acts of Violence, Meg Graham
Chairwoman of Belligerent Psychiatrists, Meg Graham
Marquise of The Love Which Dare Not Speaketh Its Name, M. E. Graham


Fixing something.... *publishes*

Anyway, while I'm here, I'll blog! This is my weekend.

Yesterday, John and I went to Curry's. I got...... SAKURA MICRON PENS! They were on sale for half price, so I got 6 of them since they're normally REALLY expensive. Also got a protractor. Whooo. Anyway, came home, drew stuff. Go to my DA gallery to look. There's a girl with big boobs. Yes.

Today, John and I went to !ndigo, HMV, and CD Plus. I wanted to get the Hedwig and the Angry Inch movie soundtrack, but alas, could only find the stage show one. So instead, I managed to get me the Run Lola Run soundtrack for $10! HAPPPPYYYY! And the guy in CD Plus was so impressed because I was talking about metal and was buying a dance/trance CD. *lol*

Anyway, that's my weekend.
Okay, this is as good as the layout gets. Sorry, guys.
SotM: Wicked Little Town (Reprise by Tommy Gnosis), from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack. It's so sad. ;o;
A-Age: 17
B-Best Friend(s): Brittany and Deanna!
C-Choice of Meat: Pork. *.*
D-Dream Date: ummmm.... sitting and watching movies and drawing.
E-Exciting Adventure: Anime conventions. XD
F-Favorite Food: TACOS.
G-Greatest Accomplishment: nothing to speak of, really.
H-Happiest Day Of Your Life: I honestly couldn't tell you.
I-Interests: anime, manga, furuba, Kyoh, art, writing, reading.
L-Love: Jamiiiie.
M-Most Valued: creative expression.
N-Name: Meg. Which is my initials.
O-Outfit You Love: Hmmm. My orange pants with my boyscout shirt and my US Army shirt over top, with either my docs or my favourite sandals.
P-Pizza Toppings: green peppers, pineapple, and chicken!
Q-Question Asked To You the Most: Where I got my hair done, and whether or not I traced what I drew. T__T;
R-Radio Station: 97.7 htz fm.
S-Sport: Soccer and hockey!
T-Television Show: I don't really watch TV. >_>;
U-Umbrella in the rain?: Never!!!
V-Video: Fight Club all the way.
W-Winter: Love it. XD
X-X-rays: Get them done far too often.
Y-Year Born: 1985.
Z-Zodiac Sign: Taurus!
Just depressed myself greatly. I swear to god, do NOT read old blog posts when you're vulnerable to the powers of depression. Blogs from last summer seem so happy and fun, and Jamie was here.....

I think I'm going to throw up.
Back to a default. I'll fuck with this tomorrow. I'm not in the mood.

*reads Red Dragon and blocks out the rest of the world*
This thing is nothing but a giant crack addict.
I'm gonna kill blogger in a second.
Playing with the layout, bear with me.

What type of Bishounen are you? Find out at by Rin.

Well, the exam bit is right on the money.
SotM: The Ballad of Maxwell Demon, by Shudder To Think. I love this song. XD

Got tired of wasting gas living above the planet
Mister, show me the way to earth
The boys of Quadrant 44 with their vicious metal hounds
Never come around here no more
Sometimes I wonder if I'm still alive
Six feet down at age 25
Maxwell Leather Demon rock hand jive

I came down like water
For the age of solar
Hail to the father
Kiss your sons and daughters
Goodbye goodbye
Steam steady roller
Lady tongue controller
Ten feet tall, better walk it back down

Despite the great duress, always get off 'cause damn it!
It's the only sure-fire way to win
Your poison doesn't hurt me, no
Tender wine disguised in a milk-fat fair kiddie show
I'm here to celebrate the one below
At last I've heard from good God above
As the slap on my ass by a lipstick-kissed elbow glove

I came down like water
For the age of solar
Hail to the father
Kiss your sons and daughters
Goodbye goodbye
Steam steady roller
Lady tongue controller
Ten feet tall, better walk it back down
I came down like water
For the age of solar
I came down like water
Kiss your sons and daughters

Ten feet tall, better walk it back down

Morning Blog (*pays royalties to self--- wait.... shut up*)

Meeerrrrughghhhhhh, my head hurts. Oh well, it's not a terrible headache, probably just the result of eating so much last night. I'll more than likely be okay once I get going.

Last night, B and Johnny and myself aaaalll went to the Chinatown Centre on Spadina. Johnny shopped for a birthday present for Lori, and got away with some really good deals on Hello Kitty stuff. And since the kid has never been to chinatown before, I thought he was going to fall over and die of ecstasy from all the neat stuff there. I often told him to relax and breathe. Anyway, we toddled off to KikiWai (best. store. EVER), where I wanted to get a few volumes of Furuba for mah' girlfriend yo. But, they didn't have ANY. It was completely sold out. o_o;;; which is rare. Very rare. I was tempted to get Kare Kano volume 3, but I didn't, because I wanted to get Furuba stuff. I was also a little miffed that they had no Angel Sanctuary manga (AGAIN). Anyway, I got these cute furuba pencil boards; one of Yuki, one of Shigure, one of Momiji, and one of Tohru. They didn't have Kyoh. ;o; Why? BECAUSE MEGAN BOUGHT IT. *accusatory look, then gives Megan a cookie (don't worry, Megan, I still love you)* I just need Kyoh, Haru, and Kagura and I have them all. But I probably won't get Kagura. Because I hate her. ANYWAY, I also got a really cute Furuba fan with Yuki and Kyoh and Tohru on it! It's manga style! B got a MGS2 figure of Otacon (he looks defective, but we love him anyway), and some Furuba cards. She FINALLY got a good Haru-card! She also got a sexy one of Kyoh, which she gave to me and I love her for it. *lol* We also went to the basement food court and had the wonderful chinese food. I taught Johnny how to eat with chopsticks, and he was so proud of himself. It's really scary how fast I can shovel food into my mouth with those things. And all the asian people kept staring at us because B's hair is bright orange and mine is this obnoxious pink colour. And we're white people. Who were eating with chopsticks. *LOL* It was fun. Then we all went home, I goofed around on the computer for half an hour, and then went to bed because I was freakin' tired. Slept without the tranqs. The end.

I still have chopsticks. *lol* I think I'll take them to school and eat my lunch with them because I CAN.

Dad's up. Joy oh bliss. I need to feed Momiji, and I should probably get my stuff together. I can't find my Detroit Rock City soundtrack, which makes me sad because I have 20th Century Boy stuck in my head and it's driving me insane. I also plan on getting a few pages of Monochromatic done this weekend. AND KEENSPACE IS BEING A BITCH ABOUT UPDATING. Oh well. -_-; I'll do a manual update tonight.

I'm wearing my rainbow slinky. Don't ask me why. I just am. Gay pride? PERHAPS.

Morning Blog!

Well, I slept about two hours. Oh well. I did, however, watch Velvet Goldmine, and found it very enjoyable. Interesting cast of characters, boys in girls' clothing, and a lot of yaoi. It was good fun! And glamrock was good. Indeed.

Last night I came to the conclusion that Dami is really Darl Bundren in disguise, and Brendon is really Vardaman:

Dami: But, see, the difference is that I don't really exist. I'm just a lot of wishful thinking and personality with a mind, but no actual substance.
Brendon: But you're still something, aren't you?
Brendon: Maybe not in the physical sense. But Dami is Dami.
Dami: Dami's not Dami, though. Dami's something else, and something else is Dami.
Brendon: Then who am I talking to?
Dami: I don't know. We call it Dami, but it's nothing concrete. It changes, is not a consistant thing. It doesn't belong, doesn't fit in, isn't anything. We just call it Dami.
Brendon: My Dami belongs. And who cares about fitting in?
Dami: Everyone has their role and their niche. Dami doesn't. He just is.

Going to Toronto tonight with B and Johnny. Whoo!


That is all.
Morning Blog!

WE HAVE BACON. *cooks*

I slept the whole night and I didn't take the tranqs!!! WHOOOOO!!! Are you proud of me? PROUD OF ME I SAY??

I'm bringing a portfolio to school! And many shiny objects.


Expect a new layout soon. And some comics on LotM.
Lisa's survey. XD

You are? : Gay. XD
What's your age? : 17.
What age do you want to be? : SOMETHING NOT 17! I'd like to be 8.
What age do you feel? : old.
What is your fantasy magic power? : Pyrokenesis.
Would you use this for good or evil? : Evil, of course! EVIL IS FUN!
If you were given this power right now, what would you do first? : BURN DOWN THE ZEEMAN HOUSE.
What dance move best describes you? : Funky chicken. XD
You have a solid gold baby..... what now? : Eat with with fava beans and a nice chianti?
Your crappy job is : crappy and school like.
Your face is like a : molded wad of SHUT THE HELL UP.
Your butt is like a : beanbag chair from hell.
Your head is shaped like a : goldfish cracker.
Right now you want a : big glass of coke.
You will die in a : room full of rabid monkeys with giant novelty combs.
Raiden is : homo but cute.
Snake often : dreams of molesting Otacon.
Otacon likes : Snake often dreaming of molesting him.
Olga can often be a : bitch with units.
One time, Olga came to my house and asked for a cup of : SOUP THAT SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE ATE.
You will die in (place) : I told you already!
Internet exlorer : is a spawn of Lobstersoft.
Life would be so much better without : preps.
I stole my money from my : collection plate!
When I noticed I had oreos in my pocket, I: dressed in drag and did the hula.

(replaced the blank with the words in quotes)

Right now "Bob Dole" has a restraining order against you
Right now, the "Brampton Mafia" is after you
Not everyone knows it, but "RAINE MAIDA" is a convicted sex offender

Right now, your pretty close to finding out that a "chipmunk bent on world domination" is lodged in your brain
A clown once "threw meat at" you.
I "kill kittens" a lot.
Don't tell anyone, but I "shot" Emma and "did the polka about" it.
Don't tell Meg, but when she's gone, I "stole the money" "from the collection plate".
If Raiden is so "straight", why does he always "act so dolphin like"?
Why does everything have to be so "gayallday"?
Man, my "jumping beans" is/are everywhere.
"listening to Our Lady Peace" is rumoured to warp the face of an unborn child.
"Our Lady Peace" Is the CRAPPIEST band in the entire world.
"Raine Maida" Is a major sket and has STDs
"des skelletes" Wants my money BAD
"B" Owes me a giant "drawing, NOW!"
I like to feed old "donuts" to the next door "neighbor's french frog from Liverpool"
The McDonalds veggieburger smells like "burned hunk of roadkill" covered "with a bad tartar sauce".
It "amuses" me that A&W calls their mayonaise 'teensauce'.
Olga ruined my "stag party". I sent the "stripper" after her to get my "sweet sweet" revenge!
When I have change in my wallet, I look at "my bongo issue of Jugz" and get very "upset" and "spastic" it at them.
When people stare at me, I "laugh and stare back" and then I tell them to "roast" my "baked" potato.
When running, I often "gasp" and "choke" at pedestrians.
When crossing the street, always watch out for wild "reigndeer"
"Bob Dole" is often smelly when "left in direct sunlight"
Matlock stole my last "packet of cream cheese" and then he "kicked my dog"
I just know that when "Dan" grows up, he's/she's going to be in the porn industry.
I saw "Clayton" riding a DOLPHIN!
I sleep in a "whorehouse".
I'm ready to/for/more "GYRATING HIP ACTION"!!!!!
I once cooked a "log cabin", but no one ate it.
I once cooked (a) "Gandalf", and "Deanna" ate it. Little did they know it was actually made out of "Elrond"!!!
When I was at "James"'s house, I saw an issue of "Jugz" under their BED!!!
Why buy a "house" when you can just buy a "live sized figure of Space Ghost"?
That's the way the "atlantic ocean" crumbles.
I can't describe how "poisonous" "Dad"'s cooking is!
Personally, I think Lisa is a "giant flying nun" in disguise.
This quiz was "insane", isn't Lisa just so amazingly "strange"?


Morning Blarughghagshgeajkladgjli.... x_x

Man, oneshot luck apparently. I was EXAUSTED last night, and I go to bed, don't take the imovane, all confidant that I can sleep wtihout it. And what happens? I lay there for 6 hours thinking "I should have taken the damn imovane". SO I AM TIRED AND GROUCHY. And I feel really, really sick. But I'm gonna go to school. Hafta' go to school. >_< Must get work done and get good attendance!!!

Speaking of which, I must express my next pride after managing to sleep without drugs the night before last. School has gotten so blissfully easy for me! The work, I can do it and not get upset or fidgety! I can write pages and pages of responses and not feel like I'll procrastinate and do it tomorrow! I do my work, and I do it good, and it all seems so much easier even if I have three extremely heavy classes this semester. I get my reading and my assignments done--- on time! I hand things in, I go to class, I contribute and get good participation marks! *claps hands* School hasn't been easy for me since fourth grade!!! I CAN ACTUALLY DO THE WORK!!!!! *is happy about that* The celexa must be working. Everyone is saying I'm easier to get along with, and I'm not as withdrawn. I can speak to people I don't know! ^_^ I have to go see the doctor soon too, tho. See if he can give me some lighter drugs for my insomnia.

Last night, B and I went to the mall to DDR. I haven't DDRed in a few weeks, so I REALLY SUCKED. I fell off the platform on the fourth mix and screamed and then laughed because the place was full of people and I thought it was SO FUNNY that I shrieked and then I jumped up and resumed dancing. I think I bruised my knee. Oh well. The mall has 4th mix and DDR Max 2 (7th mix). I want my 5th mix back. *sob* Anyway, I bought a whole crapload of cheap manga (Miyu, Inuyasha, Alita, and Lodoss) just 'cause I could. *lol* And B and I did our usual ritual of wasting money at photobooths. I also bought D and B's mom this little plush doggie because she's always so nice to me, and I feel bad for never doing anything for her.

I have the power. Bob's bacon on a bun! ^.^

I really want to go to chinatown. I WANT THE FOOD. The dimsum noodles rock my world. And it's cheap. And kikiwai is there. *.*

I've learned how to boost my neopets bank account to retarded levels of richness. I don't look after my pets, just play the games to get money. XD

I really want a dog. HA! I WROTE 'GOD' and then I CORRECTED myself! See, me has always been incredibly dislexic, and despite my efforts to get rid of the problem, it remains and I'm 17 years old and still writing crap backwards.

I want bacon. Damnation, we're all out. Hey, I haven't had grilled cheese sandwiches in a year~! I'll make those!!!!

I seriously love you, man. You're like the sister I never had. ^_^ (Yeah, Dani, you don't exist T___T) You and B and Lisa are my bestest pals in the wooooorld! I loooove y'aaaall! *glomps*

This is long and pointless again.

Oh! Last night, I was telling dad about how all the people I go to school with are mostly valleygirls or gangstas. I was immitating the people, and he found it so funny, he was laughing like crazy when I was doing my gangsta impression. XD

Didn't get to talk to Jamie last night. ;o; Sadness. ;o; But Tony added me to his collection of cute people and I sat there on the shelf for a while, swinging my feet as he fed me cookies.
Morning Blog!

I'm tired! But I slept 6 hours last night.... WITHOUT DRUGS!!!!! *cheers* I'm so proud of me! I slept without needing the drugs!!!! *dance* TAKE THAT, YOU STUPID IMOVANE!

Other than that, I really have nothing to say.

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

I'm working on an entry, but it's music so it's gonna take a while. 6.6;;
*sobs at the book* Poor Darl, poor poor Darl. ;o; His whole family betrayed him and the poor guy was driven to insanity by it. ;o;
Oh, Tony..... >_< I love you, man. Lots and lots. I'm sending you many good wishes, and especially some for your brother. Oh, god. >_< *hugs*
Today's journal entry for my writing class. It really amuses me now that I read it again, so I'm putting it here. XD

OH NO! THE ALBATROSS! Damn that albatross, it's always the one to pick fights in the yard. I remember once back in 'Nam, the albatross beat up the raven and all hell broke loose. The raven broke his leg and was in a wheelchair for a week.
Zalina's birthday is today, and she has a blue monkey. She claims it's a girl monkey, but I know that it's really a crossdressing boy monkey with angsty gender issues. She's livin' the lie, man. Livin' the lie.
I have a bad habit of falling in love with fictional characters. Darl, Alex, Jack, Tyler, the list does on.
Did you know that I'm really a gay watermelon on a quest for intergalactic freedom? Zany, but TRUE. Indeed. Don't look at me like that. Stop. CUT IT OUT! DON'T LOOK AT ME! DON'T LOOOOK AT MEEEEEE!!
I have a jelly donut crawling down my pands. The pumpkin lives in France with the green pigs.
The end.


Which Animaniacs Character are You?

You are quick to anger. It's not that you're a jerk, it's just that everyone else is always wrong! Additionally, you often feel like people are picking on you, especially when they say things that you don't understand. You are stronger than many, and fighting is sometimes the only solution that works for you. When you're not fighting, you are fairly calm, however. You tend to act coo.

Click here to see my Livejournal.

I am so amused. XD
*just made like 3000 np playing jubjub blackjack*
Morning Blog!
Blogger's not been letting me in lately. ^.^;;

Anyway, yesterday was a short day at school, so I managed another page of Monochromatic, updated the LotM site, and did some other random crap that's boring and not worth mentioning. Tony put the oekaki boards back up, I drew on the vet board, and right now I'm cooking bacon. Stupid Deanna made me want bacon. It's not SPALDING bacon, it's BOB'S bacon, but it'll do. Tho it kinda scares me that it smells like fish..... pork should NOT smell like fish. Then again, pork hocks smell like mildew, so I guess the pig is just a funky animal.

Been fighting my way through Frankenstein, and am not enjoying it. It's easy enough to read, but it really pisses me off the the paragraphs go on forever before they stop and you see that blessed indentation of the next. I'd rather get back to reading As I Lay Dying, because I love Darl. In my university english class, we're doing readings of the Glass Menagerie, and I always end up being Amanda. I swear, no one out of a class of 30 kids other than myself, Sandeep, Fiona, and sometimes Amy, are willing to read outloud. It's kinda sad.

Ow. Grease burns. Stupid popping grease. *cooks BOB'S BACON*

My hair is still pink, but the front is blondish and it looks neat. X3 I hafta touch it up soon, tho. Then I can go back to my usual dark for a bit so my hair can recover from the bleaching and then I shall go blue or something.

You know what's really strange, is that when I was growing up, I only ever heard of people being depressive, or homosexual, or bisexual, or whatnot. This went on until I was in grade 8, and then BANG! It's like I know the whole gay and depressed population of Ontario. It's really strange. 'Cause you grow up thinking that it's someone else, and never someone in your inner circle, right?

John said he saw someone that looked suspiciously like Dani last week (I think). I can't help but wonder.

Murggh. The imovane tranqs help me sleep and stuff, but they have three really bad side-effects. For one, they give you a hangover. Two, they dry out your mouth and throat leaving only this glue-like gummy gunk there in place of spit. And three, they give you really fucked up dreams. And when I say "really fucked up" I MEAN IT. I swear. Two nights ago, I dreamt of my friend Bradley. Night before last, I dreamt that I was gonna marry Bruce Dickinson. Last night, I dreamt that I went downtown with Julian and we found a friend of his dying and for some reason I lived in a warehouse thing as a squatter because I was poor and sick. o_O;

Let's play a game. It's called "watch Meg burn the house down while she tries to cook bacon".

You know what really amuses me? The litle power-o-meter on the Duracell batteries. I could just sit here ALL DAY making that little yellow band come up. Whee! LOOKIT IT GO! RIDE THAT SPOON!


I'm really starting to lose it.

Tomorrow is September 11th. I'm not looking forward to the stupid hype. YES, IT WAS TRAGIC AND SAD AND AWFUL AND THE GUYS THAT DID IT SHOULD DIE FOR IT, BUT IT'S OVER AND DONE WITH AND THE MEDIA DWELLING ON IT FOR A YEAR AFTERWARD WILL JUST MAKE THOSE RETARDED TERRORISTS WANT TO DO IT AGAIN FOR CHRISSAKE! Mughgh. I hate people so much. I can't help but wonder if Mr. Rozario (being american and from new york and all) will call a memorial assembly. If he does, I'm gonna leave.

Mmm, Bob's Bacon on a Bun.

I just keep adding to this post. It's gonna go on forever.

D: i love meat
Meg: I'm gay.
Meg: I'm a gay watermelon on a quest for intergalactic freedom.

Dora: Oooh, gay watermelon! *sticks a straw in you and slurps out your watery insides*
Meg: *giggles* TICKLES!

I could reeeeeally go for some red right now. I love that red. It's SOOOOO GOOOOD. So is blue. But the red tastes better. I dunno if they sell it at school or not, tho. If they do, I'll be gettin' me some RED yo.

Neopets has gotten really stupid. Everything is SO EXPENSIVE, the prizes for the games are so much more lame, and it's riddled with hackers. It's so sad. I used to love playing neopets, and now I just can't be bothered.

Morning Blog
I'm tired and I have to do the dishes.

The end.
Well, I have my work cut out for me. Taking three english classes in one semester is good and all, but.... I'll be lucking if my brain doesn't explode before I hit ISU/exam time.

I have to read the Great Gatsby, Hamlet, the Glass Menagerie, Frankenstein, Brave New World (which I've read and based Monochromatic on), Little Prince, Slaughterhouse 5, Oedipus the King, the Old Man and the Sea, Stone Angel, the Edible Woman, and Heart of Darkness, and probably Othello. As well as some poetry, and probably stuff for my writing class. I also have to read at least 500 pages of any other books of my choice per month. And I'm working my way through three books at once right now.

I'm going to die a very bookish death.
Morning Blog

School was okay. I have two classes with my favourite teacher, and one with Mr. Bergoyne who REALLY seems to like me (he kept making me an example for his stories in class--- it's prolly the hair). Mr. Gill has a lovely accent.

And THEN there's the fact that I got stood up at the end of the day. Screwed it up totally.

Man, I can't even eat. I feel so sick. This is what having to socialize does to me. @_@; *buries self in her book and doesn't come out*
Morning blog. Ooh, they live.

Yes, today is the first day of school. I am SO unthrilled. Why? Because I have social anxiety and this is gonna be hell.

Not to mention all my chat programs just cut out and I can't seem to log onto keenspace to upload today's strip.

Oh well, such is life. *drinks breakfast*

My brother says I look like the long lost youngest Osbourne. I dunno if I should be annoyed or flattered by that.

Omae wa dochira juunishi no MEMBAA desu ka?

...... DUH.

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

SotM: I Am A Jelly Donut (Watch Me Dance) by Tony. XDDDD
Oh yeeaaah. On saturday I went shopping downtown with Lisa and her mom. It was so fun! We went through kenzington market and got clothes. I gotted me a US Army combat shirt (previously worn), a Boy Scouts of America one (new), and a Union Jack bandana type shirt (new). Lisa got a tutu for $25 that's PERFECT for her Rabi~en~Rose costume. ^.^ And we went to the Chinatown Centre where we had the delicious chinese food that's like $3 for a HUGE platefull. And then we went to Kikiwai, where I got volume 2 of Kare Kano. The end.
Ughhh, I feel like stabbing myself with something really freakin' sharp. I'm having another bout of depression, probably due to the upcoming schoolness (tomorrow T__T). I dunno. And last night I wasn't feeling very well and it upsets me that I can't bring myself to talk to anyone anymore because they've all proven at one point that they don't want to hear it. It took so much self control last night to not down the whole bottle of imovane.

Anyway.... yesterday mom and I went shopping for school crap. Got binders, pens, pencils, erasers, a fairy princess wand, some red (powerade), some blue (pepsi blue), and hair stuffs. My hair is currently a nasty white-orange blonde. Ugh. OH well. That shall change by this afternoon. I went to Doob's house and we laughed at all the people on pakichat (on Apparently deanna's father is some guy named Mr. Paki. And D and I didn't make this up, a bunch of guys in the chat said it and then they called US racist.

Yesterday while at the mall, I was waiting to have a quick game on the 4th Mix machine. Eventually I got up 'cause these two boys were hogging it, and the one boy wanted to know if I'd play two player with him. I'm like "okay", and he puts his money in. Then he promptly states that he's gonna beat me. And I just smile and tell him to pick any songs he wants. Long story short, I beat everything with a higher score on trick than he did playing on basic.

Drew crap in paintchat. sulked because I suck. The end.
I can understand where you're coming from. I live in a house where I'm the scapegoat and I get bitched at like crazy. At school, I'm generally an outcast (grand high queen of the outcasts, actually). I'm put off telling people how I feel because either they don't care, they don't listen, or they don't want to listen. There's only one person I really spout off to anymore, and it's cause he understands too. School sucks so much, because I hate people and I don't want to have to deal with them. I hate asking for favours because people hold them over my head for years or they just act like I owe them something. So I can understand what you're saying. You can talk to me about anything you want, I'm your friend and that's what real friends do. *pointed look at certain not-so-real friends*
And as for the oekaki, it's not permanent, it's just in hopes of scaring away the newbies who break rules.

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