Newsflash! I hate me and I wish I were dead!
I felt really alone today. I was ignored a lot, and it hurts to be ignored when you're surrounded by people who are supposed to be your friends. I don't fit in anywhere. I'm always so lonely and I can't seem to get away from it... I always feel like crying, but everyone knows I don't usually cry. Probably because I'm such an idiot.
1. What's your name? Meg Graham
2. What color pants are you wearing? Black. More like grey, but....
3. What are you listening to right now? The humming sound the fridge makes.
4. What are the last four digits of your phone number? 9859
5. What was the last thing you ate? Ummm, teen burger combo from A&W.
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? probably grey, or a blueish purple.
7. Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon? Japan.
9. Last person you talked to on the phone? Mom.
10. First thing you notice about the opposite sex? Their hands
11. Do you like the person that sent you this? Yup (Hi, Chris!)
12.Do you like cheese? Indeed I do.
13. Your favorite drink? orange juice, Coke.
14. Do you like Cheddar Cheese? hell yes.
15. How do you eat an Oreo? I don't, they make me sick. ._.
16. Favorite sport? Hockey, honey. C'mon, I'm a canuck.
17. What's the next CD you're going to get? I dunno.
18. Hair color? Right nowi it's a washed out green. Naturally, dirty blonde.
19. Eye Color? Grey.
20. Do you wear contacts? Nope, contrary to popular belief.
21. Siblings and their ages? John, 37, Dani, 33.
22. Favorite month? April.
23. Favorite food? Tacos.
24. Last movie you watched? Cast Away.
25. Are you too shy to ask someone out? Not really.
26. Do you like scary or happy movies better? Scary. I like getting scared.
27. Summer or winter? Winter, as long as it's not really snowy.
28. Hugs or kisses? Depends from whom.
29. Relationship or one night stands?? Honestly, neither.
30. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, please.
31. Who is most likely to respond? whoever is bored and reads this.
32. Who is least likely to respond? whoever doesn't blog or doesn't read this.
33. Living arrangements??? Parents and older brother.
34. What books are you reading? Oh, god. Richard III, Hamlet, Lives of Girls and Women, Lord of the Flies.
35. Favorite smell? The lotion my mom wears (it's Shalimar, I think).
36. Least favorite smell? Grease.
37. Favorite sound? Silence.
38. Worst feeling in the world? Being alone despite being surrounded by people.
39. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the Morning? Medication is good.
40. Favorite color? Black.
41. How many rings before you answer the phone? Three.
42. Future child's names? Never gonna have kids, thanks.
43. Do you think the glass is half empty or half full? I spilled it.
45. Favorite movie?? Fight Club.
46. What's under your bed? Probably a few new species of plant life.
47. What is your Favorite number? 17!
48. One nice thing about the person that sent this to you? Pal since kindergarten!
49. Favorite TV shows? .....Furuba.
50. Who do you have a crush on right now? I don't.
51. Who is your richest friend? Probably Matt. Or Megan.
52. Describe the person that sent this to u in one word? SPECIAL.
53. Who's your best friend? Deanna or Tony.
54. If u had a choice to pick anyone to hang out with right now who would it be? Tony and Deanna and Jamie and Lisa.
55. Who's the prettiest person u know? Hana's really pretty.
56. What is your fav pet? Alistair used to be my favourite. ;o;
Morning Blog!

God, I slept so heavy last night. o_O I want to go back to bed in the worst kinda way, I swear to god.

SotM: Dark Angel, by VNV Nation.

Been trying to get some writing done, and I think with some work tonight I may pass 30k in words. Mweee, it's possible, but that doesn't mean it's actually gonna happen. XP NaNoWriMo officially ends on saturday night, so a seriously doubt I'll get done before then. *lol* I blame all my school work for my pauses in consistant writing. Either way, as long as I get the story done someday, maybe I'll get it published. ^_^ That would be cool, eh?
Speaking of the story, if you read you will notice that there is a new rock band mentioned. Thank you to Lydia for ideas on the band name (Murder of Crows). Also to mention, there will be two characters in the band that are rather special. Their names are Feather and Jello, and they are yet to be introduced. But they're SPECIAL.

RRRRRG It's time to get ready to go ALREADY. Yeesh. Damn time that flies.
Morning Blog

Really not much to say lately. I've sunk into a pit of depression, but that can probably be chalked up to hormones. I saw Dr. Handleman last night, and we had a rather interesting session. It was "special" and involved me discussing how I would rule Canada and have many rabid squirrel minions of destruction.

Mom got me a new pillow the other day! It's so lovely. It's sooooft and goooshy without being too gooshy. I actually managed to sleep last night, and quite heavily. It's amazing what a pillow can do for you.

Writer's block is a pain in the ass. I know now that I won't get my novel done by the end of the month, but hopefully by mid-December I'll be finished (or close to) so I can try to get it published. Printed in size 12 Times New Roman, it's 43 pages long so far.

Handed in yet ANOTHER application for Wal-Mart. I am so not looking forward to getting a job, but I do need one. Badly. >_o Le sigh. And the community service idea is scaring the hell out of me because going to school with people I don't know is traumatic enough, thank you very much. And I hate kids, adults, churches, and hospitals, and animal shelters break my heart and make me depressed. ;o; I gotta talk to Mr. Lesko about that.

Heidi, expect me at the Christmas party. Unless Dan is going.

I drew the most dorky self portrait yesterday. XD

I read as Hamlet in class! Hamlet is fun because he's a sarcastic, indecisive prick! And it was the player scene, too, so there was a lot of sex jokes towards Ophelia. Poor Megan, she was my Ophelia. *laughs* I got a little over-enthusiastic though. I tend to do that with Shakespeare.

Ummm... my ear is itchy. Yes, I had to share.

Morning Blog

I'm tired. I want to go to bed.


That is all.
Worked on it. Still way behind, but eh.
I hate everything. HATE HATE HATE. Goddammit, I hate it all, my life is fucking worthless. I want to sleep forever, or BETTER YET I'D LIKE TO DROWN AND DIE.

The end. T_T
Morning Blog!

It's friday. Friday is good. It means weekend. God, I'm tired and I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

I still haven't done my Little Prince rough essay. I think I'm probably in trouble. Oh well. I'm having a bad week, now ask me if I care.

You know what's REALLY sad? When you get all excited about getting something in the mail. It's so sad. I used to get letters and stuff like CRAZY but now no one phones me let alone writes to me. *lol* I don't even get e-mail anymore. But anyway, thank you Alex-chan! I got my prize! It's so adorable! Can I keep Cookie-chan??? She's adoooorable!

Mrrrr, I only got like a thousand words done on my story last night. I don't think I'll be able to make it to 50 000 by the end of the month. Ehh, I can dream. Either way, I will get this thing done and published. I will. YES. T_T

I really badly need to redye my hair. It's this washed out greeny yellow colour. Maybe I'll do that tonight. I need to do laundry in a bad way as well. I'm just so lazy and tired.... yesterday after I got home from the newspaper meet, I went up to bed and slept until 6:00 at night. I think stress is getting to me.

My face wants to explode with gross mucas-y goodness.

What have I gotten myself into?!! XDDDD

Ummmm.... what else to say? Nothing really.

OH! YES! I'm working on a pinup of Kyoh! It looks REALLY good so far, I'm surprised. It looks like Kyoh! And he's shirtless. And dripping wet. And it's niiiiice. I may do a whole Furuba set of pinups. Who should I draw next? First to respond gets their choice.

Whee. I go now.
Re: this

Meg: *LOOOOL*!!!!
Meg: Quick, Al Quida! PLANE ATTACK!
Gerrad:Take 10 damage per energy on bin laden
O_o Characters write themselves and it SCARES ME. I did not plan that.
Morning Blog

I definately have a cold or something. My head hurts like hell and I'm all gross and snotty.

I had a dream that somehow involved Dami, William Shatner, Spock (not leonard nemoy, but SPOCK), Jamie, Lisa, a big wolfy dog, some random murderers, and a lot of gore. I don't know. I only remember bits and pieces.

Half day. I want to go to bed in the worst kinda' way. My head is going to explode.

My story is over 21000 words. I'm getting there. Gotta hit 30 000 by saturday. O_O;

Dad's up.

B manhandled me!

Tony's a sexy Caine. XD~
Blair: Hey.
Meg: mmphphpphhhghhh?
Blair: I'm sorry, I don't speak Klingon?
Ripped from the Toneh:

my father thinks i am: stupid and worthless
my mother thinks i am: weird and a child
my siblings think i am: one has seemingly disowned me, the other thinks I'm strange and somewhat annoying.

+your three best qualities: creative, a decent listener, abstract thinker
+three worst qualities: self-centred, depressive, easily angered
+a compliment you got that made you blush: I can't think of anything, actually.
+you get embarrassed when: I don't really get embarrassed.
+makes you happy: I dunno. Food? Drawing? Writing?
+upsets you: Pretty much everything that shouldn't.

yes or no..
+you keep a diary: yes.
+you like to cook: sometimes.
+you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: Yes.
+fold underwear: nope.
+you talk in your sleep: nope.
+you bite your fingernails: yes. *fingers bleed*

x. movie you saw: the Mummy (on satellite)
x. movie you bought: ummm.... Spiderman?
x. song you listened to: Green Onions
x. person you've called: John
x. person that's called you: uhhh.... Gerrad, I think.
x. TV show you've watched: Powerpuff Girls!
x. time you laughed: a few minutes ago, playing with stupid Dragon Naturally Speaking.

x. you wish you could live somewhere else: YESSSSSS. Anywhere but HERE.
x. others find you attractive: Yeah... apparently, I'm 'cute'.
x. you want more piercing: yup. I'd like to get more on my ears done. Maybe my eyebrow and labret, too.
x. you want more tattoos: I want a few, yes.
x. you like cleaning: when I'm stressed.
x. you like roller coasters: As long as they're not stand-up.
x. you write in cursive or print: artist scrawl that's a combination of the two.

have you..
x. ever cried over a boy/girl: not really.
x. ever lied to someone: too much.
x. ever been in a fist fight: Yes. I won.
x. ever been arrested: No. Almost, but no.

x. shampoo do you use: Pantiene Pro V Clarifying.
x. perfume do you use: I don't. Soap.
x. are you scared of: Spiders, clowns, heights, crowds, small spaces, large department stores, closets, myself.
x. favorite food: TACOS.
x. color: black. Or blue or purple or red or silver.

x. of times I have had my heart broken? Three times.
x. of hearts I have broken? I honestly don't know.
x. of people I've slept with? In the celebate sense? Lots. In the non celebate sense? None.
x. of people I consider my enemies? the whole human race save for a few.
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? uhh...never.
x. of things in my past that I regret? God, more than I can count.
Home sick today. Downloaded Dragon Naturally Speaking (which is really hard to get the hang of). Wrote some. Yes, if you want to read the updates, note that there is a link on the sidebar here. Click there. Leave me feedback on the tagboard. Yes.
Fair enough. *does that now*
Yup, tis a very good movie. Actually, the book is much better (as is usually the case). See if you can get a hold of it. The movie leaves out the whole finale of the story, as well as changing some of the ironic happenings.
Morning Blog O Mobile

how would you commit suicide?
YOU WOULD SLIT YOUR WRISTS. you are obsessed with morbidity, pain, and, most of all, death. you're a creative and intense person, but you often allow yourself to be consumed with giving voice to your suffering; this sets you apart from others and adds tension to the few relationships that you do have. you think of misery as poetic and regard your own unhappiness as the price of being intelligent and self-aware.

Yup. That sounds about right. If I had a quarter for every time I seriously considered that and then forced myself out of the vicinity of sharp objects, I'd be a rich man.

Mweeee, I was supposed to write my stupid essay for The Little Prince but I didn't. And my e-mails weren't working so I couldn't send Sarah the notes. o_o; Lycos had downtime and the home one is screwy since mom installed this new e-mail thing. o_<

It's tuesday. Tuesday is okay, I guess. I get to see the doctor tonight. I need to ask him a few things.

I feel really lonely. Not depressed, per se, just lonely. It's really strange to have that feeling stand alone. Ah well. I'm just weird, I guess.

I've been incredibly un-writtingly in the past two days. I need to get my act together and start writing some more. I'm almost at 20k, but I can't seem to muster enough creativity up to keep going. This is bad, because it's already past halfway through the month and I'm not even at the half way mark in my writing. Le sigh.

I should go get my stuff together.
kitch is the java daddy
kitch is professor of law at the university of virginia school of law
kitch is joseph m
kitch is destined to become a collector's item
kitch is more than a grandmaster; he is a muse and that is acknowledged by raf robertson in branches
kitch is the saviour of art and devotion
kitch is the joseph m
kitch is the perlman distinguished visiting professor of law at the university of nebraska college of law during september 2002
kitch is not very interesting
kitch is recruiting assistive
kitch is canon for christian formation at the cathedral church of the nativity in bethlehem
kitch is the author of
kitch is missing from the carnival
kitch is a grandmaster
kitch is a partner in the firm's business department
kitch is private
kitch is to have
kitch ist gestorben
kitch is an art group
kitch is his inspired album
kitch is ceo of homestead
kitch is a sophomore from yukon
kitch is certainly not 'bad art'; it forms its own closed
kitch is the director of the magazine sequence within temple's department of journalism
kitch is dead
kitch is a man of the people and the ordinary man must have the opportunity
kitch is also a member of the women's soccer team at barton
kitch is a former us air force public affairs officer
kitch is the pastor at brighton
kitch is fun
kitch is the wife of shepard's cousin
kitch is at her best in her vivid evocations of the individual correspondents
kitch is an episcopal priest who loves to minister with children
kitch is also a founding member of wsu’s center for women’s studies
kitch is having an informal discussion in the kansas room of the rsc from 12
kitch is assigned to 36th air base wing public affairs
kitch is a wichita native and the co
kitch is heading a group that will identify the requirements which need to be presented to cts
kitch is studying for an ma in osteoarchaeology she came to the department because this masters course is one of the most complete offered anywhere in
kitch is
kitch is also author of bless this day
kitch is made with serious intentions
kitch is here for those of you who like 'rainbow'
kitch is one of the best professors here
kitch is a huge man
kitch is the late aldwyn roberts
kitch is more than a t&t; hero
kitch is perfect for outdoor dining
kitch is a dream w/ oak cupboards & a wall of pantry area
kitch is on the national board of directors of teen militia
kitch is a widely known contra dance caller and choreographer
kitch is cool
kitch is an assistant professor in the magazine department at northwestern's medill school of journalism
kitch is reading this
kitch is a junior and a member of the alumni relations committee
kitch is owned and trained by david martin in south australia
kitch is a professor at the center for women's studies at the ohio state university
kitch is asking the commission to approve spending about $120
kitch is equipt with a large refrigerator and a gas stove for cooking
kitch is an associate editor at the oregonian
kitch is in good company playing in the league that was also graced at one time by
kitch is helping today
kitch is assistant pastor of st
kitch is also equipped with a viking range
kitch is a big family man and has been playing at the welsh since the good old days
kitch is kitch that's
kitch is so bizarre and so zany and
kitch is the word and fun is the game
kitch is not so terribly horribly bloody awful if it is set in a couple hectares of rolling verdure
kitch is typically modern linked to
kitch is a hillwood alumnus and an avid bicycler
kitch is released from the group effect that they do not divide qu
kitch is fully equipped with fridge
kitch is the book granny kept all these years after the
kitch is gourmet's delight w/custom cabinetry & top of the line appliances
kitch is a man of the people
kitch is founder and ceo of homestead
kitch is recruiting assistive technology vendors
kitch is the most expensive room in the house and you can look for ways to get a nice look in the kitchen without using the highest cost
kitch is the project's editorial advisor
kitch is joining the medill magazine faculty
Morning Blog!

I've been up since 3:30 and I'm annoyed about it, but not terribly so. Just below my ears hurt, I dunno. I think I might be getting sick again, as I'm getting really bad spells of overheating and my lungs ache. I don't wanna be sick again. I swear, I'm always sick.

In other news, I'm almost up to 18 000 words on my NaNo novel. Still way behind, I know, but still.... I haven't had a very inspirational day as of yet. With some luck, I'll have one of those days this week where I can sit and write like 5000 words without much problem. Who wants to me to continue posting updates? This isn't to say I'm not updating the story page, I'm just tired of announcing when I do if I don't think anyone's reading it.

Ow. My ears are popping.

Satellite is good. Almost good enough to make me watch a significant amount of television. But I doubt I will, I lack the attention span.

It's monday. Arugh.

As I mentioned yesterday, the chick from the Crawling video looks like Alesha. Jamie, here's the proof. O_O;

I wish I had a survey or sommat to do to pass time.
Watching MuchMusic (the USA channel, not our native Toronto one) I finally saw the video for myy favourite Linkin Park song, Crawling. And you know what I noticed about it that weirded me out? The girl in it looks EXACTLY how I imagine Alesha (Simon McKinnley's youngest child) to look. o__o;;;;
Fffft, my GOD we finally got the satellite system hooked up. Only took a year (I kid you not). But we have like 2000 channels! AND THE CARTOON NETWORK! *dance* But anyway, I was watching Death to Smoochy. I have not been that amused in a loooong time. That movie is sick and twisted and warped and WRONG.

In short, I love it. XD

In other news, I'm bored, tired, cold, and lazy!

I am no longer going to post updates to my story on this blog. No one is reading it, so screw it.
Oh my GOD. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is FANTASTIC. I LOVE IT. OH MY GOD.
Last person who.........

Talk on the phone with: ummm.... I can't remember.
Slept in your bed: B. ^__^;;
Saw you cry: Uhhh.... my mom.
Told you, you were pretty: I never get called pretty. Just cute. T_T;
You shared a drink with: Amy, t'was a can of Coke in writing class.
You went to the movies with: Mike, Mike, Chris, Amy, Megan, Kiran, Heidi, Gerrad, Sarah.....
You went to the mall with: ..... went to the chinatown centre with B, D, and their mommeh!
Yelled at you: Dad, of course.
Sent you an e-mail: ......spammers?

Have you ever......

Said "i love you," and not meant it: Never.
Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc.: All the time.
Danced naked: Can't say I ever have. o_O
Had a dream about something REALLY crazy?: All the time. Last night I dreamt that I bought the Simpsons versions of Mr Vampire 2 and 3. It made no sense.
Stalked someone: nope.
Had a mud bath: Does digging in the dirt at the end of the street after heavy rain count?
Wished u were the opposite sex: every goddamned day.

What time is it now: 4:06 pm

Been to....

New York: Well, Buffalo. So, yes.
California: no..
Hawaii: NO.
Mexico: I wish.
China: Nuh-uh.

Would you rather have......

Apples or banana's: Bananas!
Red or blue: BLUE
Spring or fall: Fall. Colours. XD
Santa or rudolph: SANTAAAAA!! *hugs Deanna*
Math or english: English all the way. Math is my mortal enemy.
High School or College: I dunno, since I'm still IN high school.

What time is it now: 4:07 pm

What are you going to do after this survey: Probably draw or play Metal Gear Solid. I dunno.
Do you have a boy/girlfriend: Yup
What was the last meal you ate: Bacon flavoured chips.
Are you bored: 24/7.
How many buddies do you have online?: 3 right now.
Last movie you saw: the Ring.
Last noise you heard: Mom cooking, and thus, cooking sounds. Cat meowing.


The most distinctive: Deanna, Lisa, and Toneh!
Is going to have the most kids: probably Amy. XD
Known the longest: Ummm.....Chris Praught.
Is the loudest: Britt. o_O
Is the Quietest: Megan or Heidi.
Funniest: Doob and Lisa and Toneh. XD
Do you have the most classes with: Uhhh.... *think* I have two with Amy and Two with Zalina and two with Fiona.
Will fill this out & send it back the soonest: Anyone who is really bored and reads my blog?
Is the smartest: Probably Jamie.
Do you miss the most: Jamie and Tony (weirdly enough)
Where was the last time you went outta state: I DON'T LIVE IN A STATE. I LIVE IN A PROVINCE.
What is your lucky number: 17! Wendel! Kaworu!
What time is it now: 4:11 pm

Have you ever...........

Smoked marijuana: God no.
Played monopoly: I used to play it every day with my nephew and niece.
Jumped on a trampoline: yup! Way back a long time ago when we visited my aunt Cathy.
Visited another country: Ummm... went to Buffalo in the US, and toured Scotland a loooong time ago.
Found licence plates of all 50 states: I've seen license plates from Illinois and New York and.... I think that's it.
Tried the new pepsi: Pepsi blue? Yes, and it tastes like ASS.
Colored in a little kids coloring book: Hell yes. XD
Had a bubble bath: DUH. Bubblebaths are great.
Ridden on an airplane: Yup, twice.
Ridden on a train: yup, twice.
Ridden in a boat: yup, three times.
Ridden on a camel: nope.
Been in a car accident: nope.
Played with barbies: I mutilated them.
Eaten kraft Macaroni & cheese: *___* YES.
Stayed up all night on the internet: Lotsa' times.
Shoved stuff under your bed & in your closet to make it look clean: ALL THE TIME.
Had an operation or surgery: Never, thank goodness.
Broken a bone: Only my ankle.
Thought that u were pregnant: *LOL* I'M ALWAYS PREGNANT, REALLY.
Ordered somethin off an informercial: Never. Dr. Ho will be so disappointed.
Watched jerry springer: a few times.
Been in trouble for talkin in class: A lot last year.
Been afraid of the dark: Until I was like....13.
Been in the hospital: For myself? Every week. u_u;
Had stitches: nope.
Dumped someone and regretted it: ....that's questionable. Yes and no.
Went out with more than one person at once: Hell no. o_O
lied to your parents: of course. ^_^;
Saved someone's life: yes....
Fell asleep in class: LOTS OF TIMES.
What time is it now: 4:22 pm.
Ever kissed a rubber ducky on the nose, through a rubber garden hose?: Oh, yes. All the time.

Morning Blog

HARRY POTTER TONIGHT!!!! *spazdance* I am so excited that it's ridiculous. XD

Novel updated.

I am tired. I am gonna go get ready now.
I hate my father. I do. Goddamn. The end.

edit: this is added now.

You know who I also hate? My bitch sister. My bitch sister who hasn't contacted me in over a year because I'm fucking GAY, OOOOH that's SO THE END OF THE WORLD. She who probably doesn't give a flying fuck that I'm graduating this year, she who had written to me on birthday cards saying she would be my best friend forever. If I weren't so fucking phone paranoid, I would pick up the damn thing and phone her and tell her how much I want to wring her neck.

Now I'm done.
Morning Blog.

I am tired and cynical. I will be posting an update of my NaNoWriMo novel soon. I'm almost up to 14000 words. Whoo.

My life is too interesting. I want a boring life.
I am crazy.
I am questioning many things right now. I'm not in a bad mood, actually, I'm in quite a stable one and am no longer exausted and run down. I am, however, seriously considering the things that may occur in the future.

In other news, I'm writing again.
Morning Blog

I slept! Oh, god, I slept! SLEEEEP IS GOOOOD! I'm running myself down something awful with the socializing at school and the workload of three english courses. I didn't really write as much last night as I had hoped, but that's alright. Maybe I'll catch up tonight.

Jamie, regarding your story, I love to hate Ian. XDDD He is so much like....someone. XDDDDD

Josh: *grumbles*

Saw Dr. Handleman last night. ^_^ It went good, as usual. He's so nice. I actually look forward to talking to him, 'cause he listens to what I say and speaks to me like I'm an equal. Like, this week, he asked me about followups on what I told him the week before. It's really nice, since no one in my family really cares too much to know what I think. Mom's proud of my english marks, though. I don't think Dad really cares. Even John seemed impressed.

I'll be fixing up LotM this weekend, as I think I've figured out why IE is conflicting. Soooo, the question is, do I upload all the strips on their proper days, or start on saturday and go forward with them? I'm tempted to go forward so I don't have to draw anymore strips.

I want to write. All day. I want to stay home and write. But that's not gonna happen, so I'll grit my teeth and go to school. It's taking six years to print my story off. It's only 20 pages, and it takes forever. My printer is the epitome of slow.
AHHH!!! Friday's so cute! Can I have him?? PLEASE? PLEASE?
And I love the corny jokes. XDDD Sounds like the people from your story and the people from my story would get along splendidly.
Morning Blog
This sums up my mental state.

Meg: They are my minions.
Meg: AHHH!!! O_O My printer is out of ink!
Meg: I could print it at school. And then I think the library staff would kill me.
Tony: o_O
Meg: GO, MY LOYAL MINIONS!!!! *snot*
Tony: *ratmunkehs SWARM*
Meg: XDDDDD I have the POWAH--- ohhhhh, a shiny.
Tony: *ratmunkehs see shiny too* *SWARM*
Tony: EEKEEEEK! *ratmunkeh STEAL!!!*
Meg: *stabs them all with spoons*
Meg: *gathers the shiny, hoards*
Tony: *gutted rat monkey CRAAWWWLLLSSSS towards shiny*
Meg: *false leg pops off* Oh no! Now I will be known as One Legged Sam! *falls over and wriggles*
Meg: NOOOOOOO!!!! Now I will be not only One Leg Sam, but Legless Frankie One Shot!!! *SNOT*
Tony: BAAAAARRROOOOGHARHARHAR *ratmonkeyhs froth*
Meg: o_O *digs up withered and creepy corpse, bleeds on it, does satanic ritual, and sics pumpkinhead on them*
Meg: *kills self so pumpkinhead is dead, and then is the next
Meg: Not only will I eat brains, I'll also be 10 feet tall and lanky with scary huge hands and the ability to carve crosses into the foreheads of annoying girls with 80's hair.

Novel update. Comments? Other than ones based on spelling and grammar (since I don't care about that until the first draft is done)?
A word to the wise; don't spill bleach on your hands when you have fresh scratches on them. IT HURTS. Almost as much as spilling windex on your legs after shaving them.

I got the Angel Cage art book (the first Kaori Yuki Angel Santuary collection)!!! It's so wonderful! Thanks, Doob, for helping me get it! *huggles*

Umm, nothing new to tell, really. Been trying to write. Not getting far. Yeah. The end.
I'm listening to Eminem. Weird, eh?
I gave blood today! It took me from like 10:30 - 1:00 to get out of the clinic because it was packed! My arm is squirty! I'm feelin' spinneh! WHEEEEEEEEEE!
Morning Blog.

I'm STILL sick. Still. But I have to go to school this morning at least. I think I'm gonna make me a doctor's appointment, too. I'm out of ventalin, and that's NOT good since my lungs keep plugging up. While I'm there, I have to get a note for english class. I'm sure Mrs. Crawford isn't gonna be too happy that I've been away most of the week. Amy, could you let me know what's going on in university english? And Speller? Tell me what's up in literature? And y'all can both tell me what kinda slave driving Mr. Burgoyne's been up to. *lol*

Deanna, do you really have pink eye? o__o;;; I hate pink eye. I had it last when I was like....9.... I hate it so much. o_O

I think the people I go to school with are the only ones interested in my NaNoWriMo novel. That's a let down. All my mom has said to me is "it's interesting, dear". Which means "I don't like it". Le sigh.

I drew a picture of Alesha McKinnley last night. She's in her school uniform. And she's build like a supermodel. I want to molest her. I really really do. I also did a pinup thing of Dami the other day, but ehhh. It's been faved three times on DA. I'm tempted to do some photo manipulations, 'cause those seem to get a ton of comments. I'm just trying to pimp my work here. Either way, I'll stick to working on LotM and my novel right now. I think, since I like my novel so much, when I'm done I may try to get it published seriously. I doubt I'll get anywhere with that, but I can dream.

Already prepping for Anime North. How sad is that? u_u;

I go get ready now.
Updated again. Comments are GOOD HERE PEOPLE. T_T
I have updated my NaNoWriMo novel page. It's up with about 2000 words above what I had done before. Whee. Marvel at Kitch and how cute he is. And how messed up Theo is.
Whee. I feel a little better now. My nose isn't all plugged up, and I don't hurt all over. But my lungs are still being annoying.... I can live with that, I suppose. It's nice to sit and write at the computer wearing comfy PJs and slippersocks when you're not well. No one is home but me right now, so I'm currently listening to music very loudly. Mom will return from work in the next 45 minutes or so, but mom's good company when she wants to be.

My goal for tonight is to have 7000 words done in my story. It's not likely that I'll actually get that done since my note work for my ISU is due tomorrow and I haven't started. I'll probably zing through that so fast. @_@ Apparently, we really only need like 10 pages of notes, but I'm gonna aim for 20. I don't really see why we NEED all those notes, since you don't really use them.... you just read the book and you generally get an idea of what you want to write based on that. I think the notes are just there so the teachers know you've actually been doing work. It's not too bad I guess, but come exam time, I'm gonna be totally out of steam. I'm seriously considering dropping spanish next semester, but I dunno. We'll see how I do this semester.

Theo writes himself and it's scary how easy it is for me to crank out the pages. Normally, I have to deliberate for HOURS over one page, let alone write two in an hour. I write really slow because I'm a sadistic perfectionist when it comes to writing. It's a pain in the ass because everything has to be perfect (to me at the time) until I move on. Theo... well, his narration just kinda comes out of nowhere and requires very little editing on my part. It's really strange. But I have to write faster or I'm never gonna get this thing done. Everyone's way ahead of me.... Jamie's over 5000 words ahead. I just can't write fast. @_@;; I bet Tony's ahead of me too.... In my story, I've just kinda introduced the psuedo "bad guy", Jack, and I've started explaining some of Theo's past. He's a weird kid.

MMMMMMMMMMMMEGADEATH. *cranks up Angry Again*

I wanna get a tattoo on my 18th birthday, but I dunno what of. I'll design something some day. Probably a dragon. ^.^;

Oh! I updated the LotM page, since I wanted to put a tagboard on there. So go check it out.

Brr. Cold. *leaves to fetch harry potter blanket*
Morning Blog.

I am sick. I am dead. I go to bed again now.
YES! He ROCKS! What a good actor! I was so sad for him in a lot of parts, he's really good at portraying emotions. I cried at the end.... and I liked Kaurwaki (don't mind my bad spelling) too. She just kicked ASS. I mean, how many heroines in movies can honestly hold their own in battle with only a sword and very little armor? I also liked the music! I'm so weird. XD
Morning Blog.

ARUGHHHH!!! *dies by suffocation due to disgusting yellow goo from nose*

Um...anyway. I got photos yesterday!!!! Many photos! I so happeh! Look, pictures of Toneh and Allison and Kumo 'n' Lisa! EEEEE. XD Toneh's so precious. *pinches his cheeks*

I'm sick. But I'm going to school anyway. I have to. Presentation today. RRRG. Oh well. I'm almost done reading my novel! With some luck, I'll be able to finish with it by fifth period today. >_o

*LOL* I'm glad you like my retarded narration. XDDD Your story is freaky. o_O I like Devon. XDDDD I would, wouldn't I? You know WHY? Because I'm "SPECIAL". In quotes. Yes.

I'm going nowhere with this entry.

I've only written maybe 200 words in the past two days for CVaFw8EV, but.... oh well. I'll work on it some more tonight. I get to introduce Jack, who I'm pretty sure everyone will hate. At least, I'm hoping everyone will hate him. Then I can bring in Rudy. I love Rudy.

You dye your hair blue and I'll consider it. ARUGHGHH!!! *stabs Kingdom Hearts*

We finished watching Asoka in history class! I LOVE THAT MOVIE MY GOD IT'S SO GOOD. o_o For some reason, people find it really funny that I like an indian movie so much. ._.; But it's GOOD! Verra good! I enjoyed it! I want a copy of it!!!

I'm on a 60 dosage of celexa now. Wheeee. I go take said medication now. u_u;
Ripped from Imouto's LJ

1. Have you written/are you writing any original stories at this time ('stories' includes written work and comics, and it can extend to fanfics where the cast is mostly original characters anyway)?
Heeeeelllllll yes.

2. What are their titles, and what are they about?
Angel Hunter - dood named Cam lacking memories goes about looking for them. Hunts angels because he's a demon. Shounen ai.
Legacy of the Messiah - it's about God being a prick. And shounen ai.
Monochromatic - Kids made in military lab to be perfect soldiers, project goes haywire. Aliens, big guns, hybrids, robots, supercomputers, shounen ai, incest.
Certified, Verified, and Fortified With Eight Essential Vitamins (or Utensils Make the Man) - teenage angst with a twist.

3. Who are the main characters?
AH - Cam, Lucas, Mark, Lila, Soren, Jen, Simon, Angelique
LotM -- Rafe, Yuken, Lian, Lucifer, Gabriel
Monochromatic - Marcus, Evangeline, John, Vince, Matthew, Ishmael
CVaFw8EV - Theodore, Morrow, Kitch, Rudy

4. Why did you want to write the story(ies)? What inspired you to do so, etc.
AH - My twisted mind
LotM - Same.
Monochromatic - Josh did it.
CVaFw8EV - um.... me?

5. What are the themes of your stories?
AH - I honestly couldn't tell you. Uhh... religion is moot.
LotM - religion is once again moot.
Monochromatic - power corrupts
CVaFw8EV - parents shouldn't name their kids after household items.

6. Which is the hardest part to write--the beginning, the middle, or the end?
The beginning. o_O

7. If you have more than one story, which is your favorite to work on?
Personally? CVaFw8EV because it's STRANGE.

8. Are any of these online anywhere, and if so, where?
LotM is here, Monochromatic can be found in small amounts here, and CVaFw8EV can be found here.

9. Do you actually like writing?
Sometimes I love it, sometimes I loath it and want to burn.

10. ....where do you get your ideas? :B
From my muse. Usually.


Once upon a time there has a young COUNTER OF CHICKENS named HALDIR. He was AWAY PONDERING in the POWERFUL forest when he met FAST BOB DOLE, a run-away COORDINATOR OF DEAD from the STRONG Queen BUGGERBOOB.

HALDIR could see that FAST BOB DOLE was hungry so he reached into his JUG and give him his SHINING CRAP ON A STICK WITH CRAP. FAST BOB DOLE was thankful for HALDIR's CRAP ON A STICK WITH CRAP, so he told HALDIR a very LEANING story about Queen BUGGERBOOB's daughter ROSIE O'DONNEL. How her mother, the STRONG Queen BUGGERBOOB, kept her locked away in a AUTODOME protected by a gigantic GONAD PIGEON, because ROSIE O'DONNEL was so GLITTERING.

HALDIR BELCHED. He vowed to FAST BOB DOLE the COORDINATOR OF DEAD that he would save the GLITTERING ROSIE O'DONNEL. He would POUR the GONAD PIGEON, and take ROSIE O'DONNEL far away from her eveil mother, the STRONG Queen BUGGERBOOB, and RUN her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a GLOWING TSUNAMI and FAST BOB DOLE the COORDINATOR OF DEAD began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic GONAD PIGEON from his story. STRONG Queen BUGGERBOOB FED out from behind a CUP 'O' CHING and struck HALDIR dead. In the far off AUTODOME you could hear a GLORP.


Make your own Fairy Tale at

Morning Blog.

I'm sick, I'm stressed, I'm depressed, I'm anxious, I'm terrified, I'm lonely, and I want to die right now.

Now, since I'm in such a non-lovely mood, I will convey the only bad part of my day yesterday. It was a wonderful day, it really was, but the only problem was that seeing everyone but myself and D coupled off was really depressing. I don't think I've ever felt so lonely in my life. I envied Tony and Allison something fierce. I wish my Jamie were here.

I have two seperate ISU things due today, and are either of them done? No.

I'm going to die.
And my happy high just plummetted to uberpanic and depression.
God, I just had the most fun EVER. It was fantastic! Here's a rundown of my day.

Deanna and I went to Toronto's CN Tower district at 10:00ish to wait for Allison, Lisa (Aya), Kumo, and Tony to show up at 11 or so. However, they were late (as Tony warned me they would be). D and I wandered around and played with the pigeons. We sat on a bench outside the CN Tower, and there were four pigeons whom we named; there was Gonad, Strife, Pimp Mastah P, and Wannabe Pimp Mastah P. Deanna and I each had hotdogs, and we were feeding the buns to the birds. Gonad jumped up and sat on Deanna's arm for the longest time. @_@ And on me for a little while, then back to Deanna. Tourists took our pictures with the pigeons. It was really funny. And there was a group of like 5 unicyclists, and many scalpers outside of the Skydome because of the Argos game.
After we caught hypothermia eight times over, the crew showed up and I got the most resounding hello from Tony I've ever recieved from ANYONE. The boy jumped on me and squealed. *lol* I nearly fell over. Hugs went around and one handshake (since I dunno Kumo too well, I shook his hand), and we proceeded to go into the CN Tower. I gave Tony my Tako-sama (now Tako-chan). Lisa and Kumo decided they'd rather stay behind while we went up the tower, so they went and got food and stuff while Allison, Tony, D, and myself went up up up. I was terrified. I'm deathly afraid of heights. But, I was okay after a bit and even went on the glass floor a fair bit. There was much screaming and hyperactivity from Tony and myself, and then we went back and joined Kumo and Lisa in the little cafe. Tony and I jigged, and Tony chewed on shiny chairs and tables. Went to the gift shop area, where I bought Kumo a plush fox because it's nice to give visitors presents so they have things to take home.
Then we all merrily trekked down Spadina Avenue and to Chinatown, where we paused at a record store and McDonalds then proceeded to the chinatown centre.
Deanna and I led them all to KikiWai, where Allison got some Trigun stuff, and Lisa bought a LOT of Saiyuki stuff. And away we went to marvel at other things in the chinatown centre, then we went and got chinese food. D's mom and B came and stuck around a bit, then we shared a hug-y goodbye to the wonderful people and went home.

I had a wonderful day. ^__^
Going to meet Tony today! That makes me so retardedly happy! WHEEEE!
And when I come home, I'll be killing myself to get homework done.
*groans* Viddid? Why did I see that coming?
Novelness updated. Go look. Comment. Thank you.
Josh: I. Am. So. Amused. By. This. Dude, that's classic.
Meg: That's because you're vain and a jerk.
Josh: But the ending! *cackles*
Meg: Shut up. I'm gonna torture Marcus more just to keep you in check.
Josh: Yeah, okay, whatever babe.

(tried to post this before and blogger cut me off, and won't let me delete. *points at post below*)
Josh: I. Am. So. - posted by Meg-chan @ 11:04 AM
Morning Blog!

Last night I saw the Ring with the crew of people from school. Sat with the Mikes, Chris, and Candace throughout the movie. I enjoyed it more the second time around because I could actually HEAR what they were saying in the movie (as opposed to last time when the people next to me where talking loudly through the WHOLE THING).

Hmm, mom got this free t-shirt as part of Wal-Mart's spiderman promotion, and it's really nice. she won't give it to me either, since John and I were fighting over it. I got a nifty button tho! *holds up a spiderman button* He's so sexy. *nuzzles spidey plushie (YES I DO HAVE ONE....thank you, Amy XD )*

I got most of my homework done despite the lack of time I was home last night. I just need to take my copy of the Little Prince with me to school so I can do that assignment we got yesterday in literature class over my lunch hour. Should only take half an hour tops. Whee. Meg has a work ethic. Ph33r.

Yesterday I entered the costume contest at school over the lunch hour. What a rip off! People who didn't HAVE costumes and only had make up on got higher marks than the people who were all dressed up. What really pissed me off tho is that my costume was made by me (and mom), COMPLETELY, and shitty store bought costumes or pyjamas got better marks. Pissed me off greatly. Tho the winner was good. XDDD A guy named George who dressed as a woman and got up on stage and did the ass-jiggling thing that Wayne Brady does so much on WLiiA. XDDD the cheering and whistling was deafening.

I have to go for blood tests before monday. God, I don't want to. O_<;;; I hate blood tests.

Also hoping Allison e-mails me back in regards to a get together with herself, Lisa (Ayaran), Tony, Kumo, an' me (and I want you to come too, D, should she respond!). I want to see them all so badly. >_<;;

My Harry Potter watch's battery died. I was so sad. I'm gonna have a hard time functioning today without a watch. It's really pathetic how I run my life on time and that's about it.

I only got to talk to Jamie for like two minutes last night. ;o; Sadness.... at least dad is working tonight, so I should be able to hog the computer for a good six hours. I'm a junkie, what can I say?

Ummm, do I have anything else of importance to say?

YES! I just recalled! LotM will be updated a little late today. Keenspace is bitching at me. It didn't even update BMB. o__o;;; That's rare. Not like it's a big loss or anything; BMB has gotten really boring lately. So I'll stick to Arcana. *loves Arcana* I must draw Kelly some fanart.

Okay. NOW I'm done.

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