I've been screamed at, yelled at, depressed, anxious, sick, dealing with people who are also all of the above, ignored, refused, etc. My mom freaked out on me for like a whole damn week, school has been hell, AND MY CAT DIED.

Screw the morning blog. I'm gonna rant.

This has been a bad week so far. I'm hating every second of it, and it all comes up to that goddamned day of supposed "love" that's really a bunch of commercialized, material garbage by which our pathetic society states its value. I mean..... okay, the concept is fine. I just hate how it's so damn commercialized. I mean, if someone bought me something stereotypical for valentines, I'd punch them. Yes, I've ranted about this before, so I'm moving along now.

Surprisingly, since cutting myself off from most of society, life has gotten easier. I have less people to worry about and I don't have to be depressed about certain ex best friends (there are three) who are total morons and selfish jerks. I just hate people so much, goddamn. I go anywhere and do anything, and people think I'm a freak. Which is fine, but I don't understand -why- exactly. Like, last night D and B and I were at the mall and people kept gawking at us. We were dressed pretty normal. It doesn't make sense. Anyway, in a nutshell, less people to deal with is good.

I have a comission art to do for tomorrow, and I'm wondering how exactly I'm gonna do it. It's realism (which I only do for people who either pay good or deserve it, and in this case, it's all with the deserving), so it's gonna take a bit longer than anime or charactures. I'll probably do it tonight in a few different styles and see what happens. I tend to do that with commissions. I do way more work than the person pays for.... it's probably a good thing I draw fast.

I've handed out 24 resumes now. I've lost count of job applications. I still have not got one stupid phone call. I am VERY annoyed. -__-; At least I get an extra opportunity to make money in May (thank you, Jaspreet!) by hosting a sales table at the art festival. That's promising. I hope. o__o;

This morning I've been pacing and retching like crazy. I went to bed at 10:40. Didn't fall asleep until 2 something. Woke up at four because of the dog and haven't slept since. And dad's bugging the hell out of me. Jesus christ.

I just want to go back to bed and sleep.
Morning Blog.

I am having a bad day. I feel like I'm gonna puke and I woke up with that feeling AND I was drenched in sweat (cold kind, it was so gross) and Buffy is sick and dying (that's my cat, for those of you who don't know).

So for the time being, I will rant. Rant rant. Because I can.

I hate valentines day. I hate it alot. It's overly commercialized and so petty, and it was fun in like second grade when everyone got valentines but once you hit like grade five it SUCKS because everyone is so selective and people hate me so I get shoved under the carpet. Well..... okay, so a few guys like me from what I've heard, but UGH and I have a girlfriend and she lives far far away and I haven't seen her in two years and VALENTINES DAY SUCKS WHEN YOU'RE ALONE ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DO HAVE A VALENTINE BUT YOU DON'T LIVE NEAR ENOUGH TO THEM TO DO ANYTHING. *flails arms* IN SHORT, THIS WEEK SUCKS. AND I BLAME IT ON VALENTINE'S DAY.

Alex, I like your stuff. I really do, I think it's unique and most often very sweet. Your stories are excellent and I'm always amazed at how much your art has improved since way back in the day. Please keep trying. You can do it. :D
Morning Blog

you should watch what you say. So, the possibility of being a lesbian makes you an "abnormal freak"? T_T;;

Yeah. Life sucks. Nothing to say.

-Not- You're...not girlfriend material. Not because
you'd be a bad girlfriend, but because you're
not in the mindset to be one. You're childish
and silly. Also, you might not necessarily be
attracted to guys. ~shrugs~ whatever.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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..... Yup. XD
Morning Blog

#6 Kiriyama
- #3 Kenai

Which Battle Royale Character are You?
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Unless, of course, you are my best pal and I tell you that I do want you to read it. Like Tony and Ju and Carla and Allison!
I feel useless and totally worthless. If I had a gun, I'd shoot myself between the eyes.
Oh, secondary to my posting, anyone willing to gimme a livejournal code?? I want a friends-only LJ so people from school can't read it.
Morning Blog

Find out which Pita Ten character you are!

I'm Ten-chan. XD I love Ten-chan.

I'm all snotty and gross this morning. And my head hurts. But my puppy loves me, so I'm okay.

I did a CG that took nine hours and it looks like hell compared to what I was hoping for. *cries*

Nothing else to say here.

Morning Blog

Well. Yesterday was interesting. I went to school in hopes of getting my schedule but they wouldn't give it to me because I had a library book and Hamlet still signed out, but here's the kicker--- that damn reading and writing for seniors book was noted as out and it was handed in ARUGHHH! Gerrad handed it in for me, and Mrs. Crawford TOLD me he did. So I was a little pissed off. But in order to find this out I went to the library, then to the guidance office, then to the conference room, then to the student office. I wanted to strangle someone. THEN I called my dad and let him know about all this, and he didn't believe me, so I went home and got the evil eye for most of the afternoon. Then when mom came home, he had her phone Mrs. Crawford..... ughhh. I have my two books here and ready to go back (I couldn't find them, and with good reason; they had fallen behind the bookshelf), but my classes depend on that textbook. I'll be RAGING if I don't get in.

John's been bidding a whole lot on ebay. And I'm jealous, because mom won't let me bid on anything. -__-;

Wicket's so cute. I love my puppy. She cuddles with me and plays with me and gives me kisses. She's such a sweetie.

I feel slimy, so I'm gonna go shower now.
I hereby swear not to speak with anyone in the collective school group other than Gerrad, B, Mike Jensen, Blair, and Hana ever again. So I'm cleaning off my blog links. Sorry, I'm sick of dealing with everyone. Don't speak to me. Not online, not at school, not anywhere else. I'm sorry, it's no personal offense, guys. I just can't hack it anymore.
Yesterday I went to chinatown with D and Lisa! It was so fun! We got these stylin' hats, and I got two grey fauxfur bags for cheap! And then we went to kikiwai, where I got two furuba fans and D got the Pita-Ten dvd, and Lisa got FLCL. Then we puttered around some more, got food, and D got TTT and Grave of the Fireflies on DVD. Theeeen we walked down Spadina to this little upstairs lounge that serves bubbletea and it was GOOD. Expensive, but good. THEEEN we went to the silver snail, where I got D this Alice Cooper legoman. XD And we all went on speaker's corner!

The end!

Oh, and a word to all--- I am a heartless bitch. Yes. The end for real.

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