I go to the hospital tomorrow at 4 to sign in and stay at GAD. I will not be home much for the next undetermined length of time. If you want to contact me, mail me at my Saint address. Just remove the nospam.
My blog is being annoying.
This is my life and it's ending one minute at a time. -_-;

So, my heartbeat is abnormal and I'm getting palpatations. So I'm sitting here, WIRED UP TO A DAMN HEART MONITOR. It's annoying and it makes my chest itch like crazy, the adhesive doesn't agree with me.

Ribby, 1 yen is equivalent to 1 cent canadian, so the math is sooooo easy. *lol* And man, those gashapon figures are tempting. o__o Could I give you 10 bucks canadian for you to try for some for me? Like, the Pita Ten ones, anyway. Doubles are fine. o_o;;; THEY ARE SO CUTE. And the contest sounds good. O_O Give it a shot? Man, I wanna go to japan. o_0

In other news, I've been getting commissions. Joy! Money!
Duh nuh nuh! Blogging again!

They have Hoshi no Koe at Kikiwai. I keep wanting to get it, but I never do. Maybe next time I have money and go there, I shall snatch it up. :D And the Hamasaki CD is "A Ballads", ne? SHE'S GONNA KISS HERSELF. XDDD It's pretty. I love Ayu. So, so much. I want the Ayupan figures that they give out at concerts. *__* Okay, I'm rambling.

ZYPREXA IS A TOOL OF THE DEVIL. *is on that, too, along with a million other medications*

Hmmm. Lesseeeeee. I have nothing to say! I'm going to the doctor today because I keep getting this fluttering feeling in my chest that makes it hard for me to breathe. And I dunno what it is. And my chest hurts. And GAD still hasn't called. I swear, we need another hospital in Brampton. >_T;;

I am taking commissions! PEOPLE COMMISSION MEEEEEEEEEEEE! E-mail me and we can talk something out. I will draw things for relatively cheap and prices are negotiable! I need the money. >_< I gotta move out. Yes. >_<

The end!
Hey, look. I'm blogging! I kept forgetting to.... bad bad Meg. Bad.

Not much to say, really. I'm bored, lonely, and haven't slept in a week. Yes, a week. I am not lying here. Oh well. Have been watching Saishu-Heiki Kanojo, Wolf's Rain, and Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. Am bored. Social blogging now.

Ribby, thank you, but I'm content with my stuff as is (I'm only lacking one volume of fruits basket and I already have one of the AS artbooks!). :D Are you having fun? Are things looking up?

Chris, you HAVE to read Battle Royale. It's been released here in english (the novel!), and it's soooo good. It explains everything that wasn't explained in the movie and it's like a million times more brutal and you get to learn a lot more about the characters. Get it!

Rikki, you were thinking about me? Weirdness. o_O Now I'm curious. Send me a scan of that sketch! *lol*

Other than that, I am done. I haven't been talking too much lately.... sleep deprivation? Perhaps.

There. Crappy new layout. JOY.

Visit NOW.
Okay, so I've been bad at updating lately. So I'm gonna make it up with a new layout. Then I'll blog more.

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