Harr, look, I'm blogging. Secretly, it's because I have nothing to do other than to colour with my new box of crayons that I got. Mmmmmbirthdaycrayons. Tony's sending me the RO client right now, so maybe (just maybe) he and Kumo and Lisa and Allichan and I will all play and be psycho and scare novices.

Uh, thank you?

So far, it's been an interesting day. Mom left me a card, some fuzzy peaches, crayons, and new sharpies. Dad went out and bought me an easel (o_O), and John's not home yet. So I chew on crayons and ponder.

HEY GERRAD, LIFE'S A BITCH IF YOU ARE! Gee, I wonder where you've heard THAT before, eh? Eh? Idiot.

I'm legal age to see restricted movies and buy porn. XDDD HAR HAR.

Still prepping for anime north, and it's turning into QUITE the task. o_O I'm compiling a reference book for commissions, and I've got pinups and prints to do. I'm prolly gonna run around half the weekend in my Kyoh outfit, and the other half as Dejiko. WHEEEEE DEJIKO. That costume is really fun, and it's comfy too.

It's the story of my life.

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