Morning Blog

Oh boy. Super depression/anxiety morning. O__O There's no way I can go to school and face this, so I'm going to Deanna's house. o__O I can't deal with people today, there's no way I can deal with them.

Ummm.... wrote last night. Tony's server is back up, but I haven't bothered updating the HTML version of my story yet. I'll do that tonight.

Other than o__o Hana, if you read this, tell Zalina or Amy to explain to Mrs. Crawford that I stayed home because of psycho anxiety and depression, please? o_o Thank you.
Yo yo yo. It looks like I've been dead, when in fact---- wait. It feels like I have been dead. Yeah.

Anyway! Reading HP5, taking my sweet mofo time because I know what happens. =_= Yes. Also been doing a slew of HP fanart (mostly slash), and been spending a retarded amount of time causing unintentional injury to myself. I need a new blog layout, too. Hmm. Maybe that's what I'll do today. I don't really use this thing all that much anymore, mostly because my closer friends have got livejournals and use those a lot more.

Hmmm. I dunno what else to tell anyone. Got a ton of health issues, and the usual depression and blah blah blah. Prozac ain't doing me diddleh.

Oh! John and I are going to the Iron Maiden concert on the 3rd of August. This makes me happy. :3 I have something to look forward to! Actually, I'm kinda looking forward to going back to school, even if it's gonna be really hella hard to get along there. I need the mental stimulation, I suppose.]

Haven't heard from anyone in a while! Miss you guys. :3 *hugs to Heidi, Megan, Zalina, Katka, Matt, and the Mikes*

Anyway, to finish this up, contacting me is a matter of dropping an e-mail. Yarrrr. Okay, I go and figure out a new layout for this puppy. Jaaaaa~!

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