Attention masses! Meg is asking for help with something!

Iffen y'all have any furuba items I do NOT have that you're willing to part with, please LET ME KNOW! I will trade you for commission art, or volumes of other manga. I will even buy certain items! Here's a list of what I have. If you have something not listed here, or little things like the can badges or pins (I want multiples of those), please e-mail me at meg@[nospam]! Take out the spam filter, of course.

What I have:
volumes 1-12 of the manga
volumes 1-3 of the Funimation release DVD
lucky rat/lucky cat fans
round hana to yume fan (anime style)
round hana to yume fan (manga style)
mini shitajiki/pencilboards of yuki, shigure, tohru, and momiji
can badge of kyoh
Hana to Yume fair badges of Yuki and Kyoh
CDs (the drama CD, Memory for You, Song for Ritsuko Okazaki, and the other image album)
Two normal semi-transparent matte shitajiki/pencilboards (red one with the whole group, green one with the gang in their school uniforms)
Hana to Yume special Furuba callingcard/memo set with frosted plastic case
2004 Hana to Yume special Fruits Basket postcard puzzle calendar
Character book
Dounjinshi: "Nekojitagokoro Mo Koi No Uti"
deck of playing cards

What I am looking for specifically (but anything else is good too!):
ANY of the hana to yume furoku items!
mini shitajiki/pencilboards of: Kyoh, Hatsuharu, Hatori
Can badges of any sort
Hana to Yume fair pins with fruits basket characters
Paper portraits (there's two--- one of yuki, one of kyoh)
ANY of the acrylic key chains
ANY of the hana to yume release Furuba swing pops
the two released Zen-in hana to yume bonus plush toys of nezumi-san and neko-san
the clear postcard set
Funimation DVD release #4
ANY of the celphone straps
The shinto wishplate
any dounjinshi
any of the three cutout postcards
any of the notebooks

Yes, I know I can get them on ebay, and I'm gonna try once I see what I can get without it. So if you have anything I don't and are willing to trade for it/sell it to me, PLEASE let me know ASAP! Thank you!

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